Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 13, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1896
Page 8
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__.' •':•''. - : That comes'with each season's change of weather is very- apparent in the amount of activity displayed among t;hej various departments in our store. All are engaged in receiving their new full assortments. Goods were never- handsomer than this season, Prices were never so lorn ior new goods. ! . >' New Dress Goods Are perfectly charming, Such varieties in elegant Novelties both in black goods and colored effects have never be- lore been shown in any store at such popular prices. ! Double width plaids and cheviots at and 15 cents per yard. cheap and very desirable for' school drosses. Mohair bouche novelties and Vigor- oui Figures at 39 ccuts a yard. Beautiful color combinations SS and 40 Inches wide at 4S and 75 cents. New brocaded novelties, Crepons, French and English Serges, Cr,cpe and Vrllll novelties, heavy Sicilians, etc., worth much more. The Hon. Bourke Cockran Pleased a Thousand People IN A BRIEF SPEECH Black dress silks and colored fancy.;. colored silks are very pretty in design-; and coloring, and this season cap be> bought very cheap. . •' Drop in and take a look for yourself and see these and many more that are not mentioned. \ THE GOLDEN RULE. THE GLOBE. Is the money wiving institul.km.of Lopuisporh It lightens the expenses of living, by lessening the cost of necessities. New Ml Goods magnificent in volume, variety and beauty received bought direct from the manufacturers, paid fora!! discounts saved, and to be sold at price that credit houses can't match. The store jammed full o f clean, sparkling now goods, which will please everyone who sees them. We awn it your verdict. HEN'S SUITS iOO Men's plain anil fancy cheviots worth §0.00, our price S 3.50 7;; Men's black, blue fiuishcd worsted 1 , worth ?S.OO, our price •. 5.00 100 Men's plain and fancy cassimcre worth $10.00, our price 7,00 100 Me-n's block a.ud blue imported clay worsted worth .$15.00, our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. Republican Meetings.' 100 Boy's suits nil-colors, good flttcrsfronu 14 to'10 worth .$5.00, our price 3.5C 70 Boy's bhick, blue, and fancy chev.iots, well trimmed and made, worth $7.50, our price .5-00 185 Boy's black, blue, and fancy Imported worsted equal to custom- work, worth $10,00, our price ', : . _• "• SCHOOL SUITS. 100-Tweed suits, good fitters, well ma'de'at ?1, $1.50, worth $2.00 and..? 2.50 Boy's. Scotch Ten-cods, newest fall pat.-terns $2.50, $3,00 and ?3.DO,worth $4.00, $3.00, and .'•.'•• c __ Knee pants, ages 4 to 15, special lot.,, - 1 " All wool Scotch cheviots worth DOc.-.our prjce 33 Sorduroy, all colors, worth 75c, our pr ice 50 Remember oar stock is all new and we have all up-to-date.novelties nil our goods are marked in plain ngn'res, strictly one price. So Misrepre- lentation, come, see for yourself and'be convinced what we say are facts, THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. CORNER FOU-RTH AND il-ARKET STREETS. ] " • $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit -OF. W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor- He Has No Rival. The Ltader of German Comedy Chas. A. Gardner, "KARL" In His Grand Comedy "FATHERLAND" DEL. 5. SMITH, Sole Manager. Large luul Brilliant Company. All Special Sconery Carried. New Comedy Scenes. Boautiful and Catchy Music. Now Tyrolean Dances. Karl Gardner's -Latest Songs: "THEyLILY 1 . Son)?,' Knit's Invitation, Bacchus and IVIne. Soar, Bubhl*, Bobolink, German Swell, Spinning Wheel, Alpine Prices 75C/50C, 35c, and 23c! Seats on sale at Johnson's. Drug store 'School books -at Hanna's, 307 Fifth street. /Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. .-, 'Try Rothermel J. J. R. brand Mocha ; aud Java. Ic Is fresh Tuesday and 'Friday. //•Wanted.—A servant at 210 Eighth street. Must come well recommended. T^o washing or ironing. ..•'-Wilson, Humphreys & Co., headquarters -for campaign rally supplies. Plugs, Japanese lanterns, etc. Merit In medicine means the power to cure. The great cures by Hood's Bar-, saparlJla prove Its unequaled merit. High grades of clothing, gent's furnishings and hats ait lowest prices will -be the motto of the Hub Clotting Co., successors of Harry Frank, 2 B Sure. The Ea.ste.nd Pleasure club will give their second ball on Wednesday evening, SeptonVber 1C, it Dolan & McHale's hall. An enjoyable time promised to nil. How is Your Liver? All those who give Dr. Hobbs Little Liver Pills a trial will banish the use .of any others. For sale in Loga'nspor.t by Ben Fisher and John F. Coulsou, druggists. An unsuccessful aittempt was made Thursday'night to blow up wlth'dyna- nil-l-c the quart shop at Burrow:), conducted by Sim Burrior, -formerly of Lafayette. The feeling,-against the sliop •in-the little village is very bitter, and ilt is '•thouglit that the trouble has only (b'egun, . '/•Every road into Indianapolis will make a half rate'f or the'State 'fair, beginning Monday the 14ch, and return- Ing as late .as Monday the 21st. This, gives, a splendid week for a vacation,, aria-the State fair wlll-bc-a good place to spend it. Provisions ror storing bicycles under the grand stand at the 'fair grounds will make It convenient for those'- using wheels-to 'take them, and .liave .the benefit of'tiic smooth streets which reach almost to the fair grounds. ••':-. • • - ' • •• Republican spcakinyswlll .be,hchl at the following places in Cass couni.v.' Monday- evening; Sept. l-i, . Me tea,: 'Goo. W. Stecle, W. T. Wilson,-,I., G: Meek. • : • Tuesday evening. Sept. 15, Voung America, Geo. W. Stocle, W. 'T. Wilson, 3. B. Smith. . . Wednesday evening, Sept. 1G,' Galveston, Geo. W: Steelc, D. C. Justice, K. Tt. McCounoIl. . . Thursday evening, Sept. 17, Walton'/ Geo. W. Sleele, D. B. McCouuoll/Claud Bishop. ' Friday evening. Sept. ISth, Shady Nook sc-liool house, Clay township.- Q. A, Myers. Friday evening, Sept. IS, Center, school house, Washington township, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice,; Geo. Walters. ' ' Saturday evening, Sept 10, Twelve; Mile, Geo, W. Steele, Geo. Funk, Mayor McKee. ' Saturday evening, Sept. li1Ui,iHay.ei: Patch school house, Be.thlehem town-ship. Harry Whistler. ', Monday evening, Sept. 21st, Wa.ver- •ly, .Senator Boyd of Noblesvillc.' Monday evening, Sept :.'!, Waverly, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McDonnell, Mayor McKee. Tuesday evening, Sept. 22d, Young America, Senator Boyd. ' ". ! "Tuesday evening, Sept. 22d, Fox-Den' school house, Jefferson township, Q. A, Myers. Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, Clymers, Geo. W. Steclo, D. C. Justice, W. Ti Wilson. '.Wednesday evening, .Sept. 23d, Walton, Senator Boyd. : .Wednesday evening, Sept 23,' West Sand Ridge school bouse, Noble : township, Geo. W, Stecle, Col. Cromer; Frank Swlgart. : Thursday evening, Sept. 24,--Calves- tou, Senator Boyd. ' ; Thursday evening, Sept, 24, LuQernep Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myers,: .Geo. Funk. | . •Thursday even-tag, September 2-lth, Pleasant .Valley school house,; Deer Creek township, D. C. Justice. ; Friday'afternoon, Sept. 25tb; Broad-, way rink, Roswell G."Horr. ; Friday evening, Sept 25, •'Callojray.-, school house, Jefferson township, Goo. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Frank Swlgart. - ''''I'*!, .Saturday evening, Sept. 20, Royal: Center, Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myers, P.'B.'McDonnell. " '••'•• MONDAY NIGHT. McKlnley.Blcycle Club WlH.Orfcanize —E. B. McConnelrto Talk. The MeKinley Bicycle club \yift.-oc-i ganize Monday at the North"' court room. All those who have 'sighed-^the": call and those wishing-to Join are ; "urged, to bo present. The club -wnnjs ! to niake a run Wednesday uilght ifcxt In the monster parade and also to'make a run, as many as can go, to Royal. Couitcr to the picnic on the 10th.; Meni-; bens arc requested - to niee.t : .,Mbnday evening at 7 o'clock with their wh'eels for a run. At S o'clock' tlie''clfiinrtir organize, after which E'. B. Mc'C'orinell will make an address. The public gen- ora-Uy welcome to this meeting. ,| Monday evening At the North court room. -' : TiEE MAINE ELECTION. '.Maine 1 will vote 'on' a State ticket to'-' morrow. "As Maine goes, so goes the Union.", The Journal will receive.re;, turns from Maine tomorrow nlg&t, :but it Is not likely that-any report.will be 1 received before Itf p. in. ' " ,>.'.' .'ITaaua' has"' school books. • He "Sat Upon" the Hon. Joseph Grey~Neatly. The Bradford train w;is..ten minutes .lai,e -j-eHterd-ay.iioou and a, crowd of a thuujsand or. more waJted iu the hot tmu-.'l'or'its arrival. -They hud-assem- bled to.hear the mjujit.distlngiiis'lied of Eiisturn orators, the Hou. Bourke Coc-knui, who was ou his way to Chi- •(.•ago'lo a-ddriws the Sound Money Dem- oei-a-tle ehi-b. Wheu the train stopped 'E. F. Kearney, Prcsideut of the Railroad Men's 'Sound Money club, appeared on the platform -of tue rear coa-d) and introduced the distinguished Democra-tic orator. Mr. Cockran said: /^•••i prcsiunu that every intm with! tin: lieariiig of my voice wa.nts a goo dollar, and I ask c.-m we h.-ive it undo Tree coinage'.' I iralte it that most o those 'before me 'are wage-workers Tliey. sire then interested iu tlio dolln .wortli 100 cents." ... Here the Hon. Joseph Gray, badly in l-o.vicali'd, interrupted the spealcei ilioul.ing-lli.!i,t he would'give ?uOO.if h would reiul aloud tln-> -speech of David B. Hill, Dec. 4th. JSO.l. wlieii lie spok for the Sitn-te of New York. The crowc .shouted, "Put him out." But Mr Coftkiwi, with a.u ainusfd expressioi on his face silenced the crowd with wave of his 'hand and asked: '•How do you know he spoke for the State of'New York?" ' " 'Cause he said so." shouted Mr Gray. 'Oho gentleman on the car plat form simply, said. ''Oh,-" with a.u accent Hint was full of meaning, and mov'e forcible than lo-ug argument and the crowd cheered. "I have no doubt Mr. David Bennett DJill hus. In his life, said many thiugs besides .his prayers." continued the great sound money Democrat. "ft is not a. question of what some one said, or wher.luu- they are consistent or not. T't is nhe question of cheapening -the dollar we now have or leaving iil: worth 100 cents." "I'm an Indiana farmer," shouted the warlike Popocrat enthusiast, and he waved his -arms as he demanded a c'hance to eou.sumi? the time of the speaker aud of the people. "My fanner friend," softly said Mr. Cockrim. "as a" farmer, you'would, of course, like to have two apples; -two punches, two acres of land, two bush els of wheat., where, you h.ive one now." , • ' Mr. Gray yelled, "I want two dollars where I Juivo .one." Following you, 1 would rather have nyo dollars vhaii one. I am a silver iiian, bu-t I want.the silver dollar to contain, till the silver It is worth, want a silver dollar containing 700 ...grains-if .we are to have free coinage. If my farmer -friend prefers to -take STl'/i -gi'aiu.s ot -another man's product ,1'or his crop when he can get 700 gra.ius, hft must follow Bryan. I am for. a dollar -that will buy as -much as -,i gold dollar. -G-old has been the standard for many years. There can be no bimetallism with two standards of value. The dollar is measured from the gold dollar. . • ."Are wo -to believe, as the silver!tes assert, that the legislation of. the last quarter of a century has been 'corrupt? Must- we believe that the statesmen of-the-last thirty years-sold themselves to the money lenders'/ If that be so, flian I am prepared to say the republic .f,a failure. N .A11 the time'Joseph Gray had been raving more or less, and again interrupted, to say that he was willing to follow DavJd B. -Hill 'anywhere. ."My 'farmer friend," said the bland Bonrko, '.'If you follow David Bennett •Hill, you will stay out of any convention' that indorses the Chicago candidate and"plutform. /.Bryan said to the worklngmau, we will, give you cheaper dollars, and you take the chance of securing an increase "oii wages. This would simply mean strl'kes. Those who believe Iu cheaper money and more strikes, rm^ follow the lead of our farmer frleu™ Woul'd •it not be .bettor to -let the other fellows strike.for a while?. Would not even an appreciated dollar: bo better? "The election ot/a man-on the Chl- ''cago platform means the robbery of • the-workingme'n of half the value of their dollars; True, it'would hot, be •for long. . 1'he American worklhgman x^vouid, not submit. .' . -. ..'•"-. "I have ; bepn a voter for twenty years, and In.all that'-tlme, until now, I have "never found Jt necessary to scratchy Democratic ^ticket orj repudiate its platform to uphold a. principle. • "•' ' ; . . >-"This country -of vast r'esoui-ces, of greait 'population and enterprise, may coin silver free, but its capacity'Is limited'. We have 450,000,000 silver dollars, and certificates onongh to make the' total $000,000,^00; but there _ : 19- a. limit.-The -silver 'dollar has been .kept, at'a'pirrfty with : th'Vgold dollar simply A Public Invitation. You are Cordially Invited to Attend the Openfngof the ... Hub Clothing Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THURSDAY EVENING, SEPT. tfTH. From 7 tog o'clock. The Military Band will discourse music during the evening. A Souvenir given to everybody. Messrs. George Lucy and D. C. Climar our salesmen will assist us in ushering and would be pleased to see their friends. Very Respectfully, •i . • Berwangcr Bros & Co., 314 Fourth Street. because we li.ivp not had free and unlimited coinage pi: silver. It can only bo kept at a jmi.ry with gold by limiting the coi.un.ge. "1 might offer this gentleman ?100 for his ncdctie. Ho would certainly not rake loss for ll from some cue else. Suppose, however, that all the ties iu the world would be brought in. if I bought them at the rate oC ?100 each, I would soon become bankrupt. "The government "might turn out some 53-cent dollars at 100 cents, it might receive them at 100 cents, «n<l pay them out ait 100 cents, but suppose the silver of the world is brought in at that rate. The government would soon become" bankrupt." "I do not believe this government wiMi Hs most patriotic citizens and its most virtuous ot women is a. failure. / The people wore enthusiastic. Three cheers were given'for the speaker as he was drawn away. His address was many times interrupted by loud applause. ANOTHER BIG SPEAKER. Roswell G. Horr to Address the People Friday, Sept. ?s. Another speaker of national reputation te promised to address the people of. Cass county before the end of the inoulih. Roswell G. Horr of Michigan, has been secured to make aii address at the rink on Friday afternoon, September 25th. Ex-Congressman Horr is well known as an eloquent speaker uuU his service in Congress covered a period when the greater part of the financial legislation now on the statute Iwoks was passed, and he is thoroughly informed on the question. AT GALLOWAY SCHOOL HOUSE. •,Tho RepoMiea-u Sound Money meet•UK last night at Cailowoy. school house s well attended. There were more n one hundred present, and the address o£ Q. A. Myers was heard with :-lose attention, .all the people remaln- :ng to the close, though standing room was at a premium. The cause is gain- ng day by day.in the neighborhood of Galloway. " A NUISANCE. A Former Representative From Cass County Makes Trouble. PERSONAL. Jfe. Willard Keiser left this week lor 'urdue university where Ire will study .his winter. . N. O. R'oss, Jr.,. will leav-e^today for New York state, where he\will enter Columbia law college. ,.';•>; Miss M. Nichols has returned from Anderson to take charge of .the kindergarten work of'Logansport Miss Carrie nnd Mr. Albert Patterson loft this week for Greeucastle to -esume their studies in DePauw uni- •ersiity. Judge D. T. Baldwin left yesterday fpr a trip through Southern Indiana, o fill appointments made' by the Republican State committee. Miss Evelyn Warner of Wheeling, W. Va./ond Mrs. Sarah McCoslin, of lauesvllle, Ohio, are visiting Mrs. E. W. Cockburn, of this. city. ,,MIss Nellie Cooke 'teacher of Htera- nre In the high school^ has returned torn Greencais.tle, Ind., where she has been spending the summer vacation. . Mr. and Mrs. J. T. "Spied, of Louls- iile, Ky., are visitjng Mr. and Mrs. B. f. Kcesllng. The arc enroute from heir home , to Lake Maxlnkuckoe, where' they will spend a few days. : Subscribe for The Journal. The Hon. Joseph Gray'made himself . conspicuous yesterday by the large Jag lie had taken on board. He usually gets drunk when he comes to Logansport but yesterday he was thoroughly inebriated. He interrupted the Hon. Bourke Cockran in a drunken way, and later used some of his vilo'lah- guagc on Frank 'Porter of Clinton township. ' Mr. Porter promptly placed a list on the Hon. Joseph Gray's lips and closed them. Mr. Gray will be run jn by the police the next time lie comes to town and gets full. They are •''laying for him. and regret that they "missed him yesterday. A Democrat has handed in the following: ."Joseph Gray is not on the average ratio of one to three thousand.' "The Hon. Joseph Gray. • "The Hon. Joseph Gray had a Joint discussion with Bourke Cockran. "The gentleman from Cass. '•The crime of '02—voting for Joe Gray. "The still greater crime of '92—electing Joe Gray to represent Cass county in the Legislature of Indiana. "We plead guilty, but beg pardon. "Hon. Joe Gray. ' "My farmer friend of Indiana. "Call again. "Horn Joseph Gray'.- Chester and George Hadley have purchased the Campbell laundry on Market street. J. J. Campbell, who has conducted the business successfully for some time, will take a similar p'lant at Columbus, Ohio. The Ha'dley Bros, take charge of their acquisition tomorrow. They are. well known, and deserving of success.., The bazaar for the hospital will open next Wednesday night, Sept. ICffi, at the rink, and continue until tlfe 22d. The Sisters will call at the stores Monday and Tuesday for the donations promised. All donations of fancy work" are to be ser.t to the rink Tuesday or Wednesday. Prof. Louis D. Eichhorn will sing morning and evening at the Broadway Presbyterian church. CAN'T BE BEAT. When Quality and Perfect Shaped Shoes Are Considered, Firs t_Our new dark brown genuine vlci kid, patent calf, trimmed lace, hand welt, ..................... S 4 - 00 . Second— Our new No. 13 Savoy toe, heavy sole, kid, lace and button, school shoes, equal to many ' ?3.50 shoes, for Third— Our new coin toe, calf, vamp, kid top, button or lace, a nice dressy shoe for school, only ..... ...... ?3.00 Fourth— Our new style welt shoes, excellent value, warranted, only.$2.23 Fifth— Our genuine vicl kid button, new style, patent, calf, trimmed, only ........ „ ..... • — -::.'" 51 ' 50 Sixth— Our women's rubber sandals, which we will sell for . . . ..... . . -19c Seventh— Our women's storm rubbers we will sell at ,.'..,.. ---- • ---- 23c Eighth— Men's rubbers we will sell *" • *^0f* at ............. ...... ........ , ..-Jc Filling's shoe house, 412 Broadway, Loganaport. Ind. .-•-.'

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