Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope © Star Star of Hope, 1839; Press, 1927. ConsolUfcttefl January 18, 1KB 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon T>y Star Publishing Co, Inc. C. B. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South >falimt street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publish*! (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprlse Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, p«r week 15c; per month S5c; one year $fl,50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFaytte counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated tress is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. . Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be mafle tor aO. tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or menforials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this polky in the news columns to protect their readers from a leluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or file tsfe-keeping or return of any unselicited manuscripts. Is Coffee a Munition of War? Perhaps — jVIan is an ingenious sort of cuss, espeervlly when he is fighting for his life. Now it wants to be remembered that men in war are not fighting for marbles or cigarette pictures. They are fighting for their lives. A nation at war is basically just a large number of people fighting for their lives. Under those circumstances they become very ingenious indeed. It may be fairly assumed that whatever restrictions ingenuity may contrive to prevent American goods reaching the fighting nations, equal in- aenuity will step in to frustrate the plan. No positive, airtight, foolproof. 100 percent safe and just neutrality plan can be made. The best that can be hoped for is an approximation. For instance: The New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange was startled the other day when a bid came in from the Russian government in Moscow for a huge but undisclosed amount of coffee. Transportation was to be in Russian .ships, to Leningrad. All perfectly legal. The odd part of this is that Russia has never boon a large coffee buyer in New York or even in South America. Russia is in general a tea-drinking country-. Why this sudden rush for coffee? The simplest explanation is that the coffee is going to Leningrad, and from there straight to Germany, a great coffee-drinking country which has beeiv restive under a shortage of it even before war was declared. One hears other stories, unverified but interesting: tales of great shipments of automobile parts, so ingeniously designed that when they are received a single, smple Inachine operation converts them into airplane parts. Thero are always small neutral countries in a position to trans-ship to belligerents without any way to cheek up on or prove their activities. Suppose Germany does get coffee through Russia. Is coffee a munition of war? Not directly. But certain veterans in muddy khaki, coming back from a tour m the lines around Thiaucourt on a September morning in 1918 could have told you that it helps. Are automobile parts, convertible or non-convertible, munitions? The Poles, with their transports all snarled up. and truck after truck out of action, could te!l you. Whatever arrangements are made on :• neutrality policy -might as well be made on the basis that practically anything helps a country at war. that practically anything may be at any memeiu declared contraband, and that no conveiVable law ean entirely prevent any kind of neutral Roods petting to fighting nations. Hence ft might be best not to concentrate too fully on means of security some sort of hypothetical balance called neutrality, with the needs of the fighting powers in mind, but on means of keeping the United States away from the sort of incident that Inflames opinion here. In the Jong run, it is public opinion that decides whether a democratic country goes to war. Unless and until events persuade most of the American people that it is in their interest to fight, no one would dare try to lead them to do so. © THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. REG. 0. S. PAT. OFF By DR. MORRIS F1SHBEBS Editor, Journal of Ihe American Medical AsseeUtfo*. u4 H Hygeia, the Health Magazine Football Squad May Suffer Defeats Because of Players' Skin Infections Yankees Win 4th l Straight Pennant .With Flag Clinched, New York Team Drops Two to Lowly Browns NEW YORK — i/P) -- The American league pennant farce c;\me to a sudden end Saturday with the New York Yankees lashing the Detroit Tigers 8 to ."> and clinching their fourth consecutive championship. Actually it made no difference, if they won or lost, because the second l place Boston Rod Sox were defeated | by Cleveland to automatically fade out of the race. But. the ankees wanted no repetition of l.isl year's vvincltip when they woiv handed the flag September 18 while a doubk'lu'ader to the hapless M on day, SopiowtiovJISjnSfl. • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousands SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone SL, Louis Browns. They look full advantage of 11 hits and three Detroit errors with Robert (Red) Rolfe hitting a triple behind loaded bases and a double with tw One Mim-y-',.' word, minimum 30c Three times— 3V>c word, minimum 50c Six times— cc word, minimum 90c One month— 18c word, minimum 82.70 _____ _____ Rntpg are for continuous insertions only. F«v Rent Services Offered KOR RK.NT ~ Five-room honso in i SERVICES OFFERED-Soo TIetnp JVTut>nii!ia ;uMifir>». Air-;. ,J. phone :;X-l''-ll. stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth. j for new and re-built. Phone Paul 6;,3.J. August 2C-lm ftiULscliiiinx l Alliance; Sii'. ft is the inside story of the Na/i movement hv a former leader of the Ni'lional Socialist Parly It; thesis is that Nazism is a form >f world revolution or "rler'Vil war" which .seek-to destroy Aviyrrn:! thai it cannot lake over or conve: ,. Ks - cerptod hricflv In if is a per. t'on of this thesis: It il only in i-t lon;;-rau".e aim hat the world ievi>!ution;ii.v chanic- ter of National So.-: :ii : .{ |I,.-IM.>U pci),,.'. is revealed . . Amom? editealed Na(;< nal ,S.H:UI- lisls such as thos >M ]!,'>,•<.'-: .•!,(•!!• i'->ere is an un-hakable conviction llu>. the cominb epoch of •viM di'VSophie,.• will wilnc:--". a Ciivn an ili.tnin.i'inn whereas the la-! f j • ^ii '.v.r, uiir ol' Kn;;lish domination. The ultimate aim is liie liriMimrn el power mid iliiitiniion. The means is general • uhver.Mon, the <|"M ructi. MI if thi'h i:\istiin: rodcr M> ;. , u, h.ive a fiee h,i:ul for the Imil.hv; of -., new and MISI'IT duminiiMi Bui !,,.•hind i hi.- i- the FOR Hiv.NT -Two room unfnrnis'hetl apartmen'. Newly decorated. Private runners in scorinf, position to sew up I Sm^pi,. o'si^'f''''' ''"'" ^ ^ the decision in the seventh and eighth i . 1 __ " J^-.itp inniiiHS. These were Rolfe's 20IJ and! I''OH liKN'T I! room mifiii nished VnnkePs Drop Two * T 1-1 I 1 , - , .., , - , , _ iM'.\V \ORh.--i,T>—i,ecur«- in theii fourth consecutive American League championship, ihc ;apartmem mis South Main. IB-Hip SEKV ICES -- dio Repair Service and replacement parts. All work guaranteed. Radi Service. Plume 800. Hay Allen. 28 -tf BKAUTV (.'UI/rUHK - The Kus.an . . offers this special price for limited Notice h np,on s mp. Ihe Yankees lost ,\ Wai-hins.on Gin Company « ginning ^tt 8t'''V 0 l'"' 1 : f't St -i L ° Ui;! i and ™' i "' ; u " tf> 5 ^ Pound S B, n,n, 8 to -I and „ t,, K ^ lm , l;iy j(1 5, .„ A|| ^^ ^ .,. Pile of i|, c prosonce of New York's! dilional le a pound. Also store your two aces. Rorl Ruffinf; and Lefty Goin f 7. . Previously thi.s season St. Louis had won only one of 18 games f,- om the Yankees. , Fn the first game. Rookie J;,ck Gramer. who hold the Browns' n;i,-licr decision against New York. se.nKwd 11 , Seed. A. N. Stroud will haul hales into Hope Ci impress for 2nc each. A. N. Stroud, Washington, Ark. vSopt 5-lm For Sale August 2G-lm i . , , ,, ' lo hi- cnuhiied lo iMirope. all thiv-e .lims in prefis" !erm-;. Thcv a;'c infhicti! ed hy ceti-'der;.! fi.tK u milit .1 > and ••IraUv.ic polic\. pud | hy (lie , ill.ii ev, il'iir; llr!;e !o i evolution- ai > de.. 1,'u. !ion; lim tli.'\- ;ire als^ : -v in ;t elam ctifie:iti('tn <vf frontif'rs ,-ind Ihc i lime. A new location with new ecini,i- jment. Complele course with private % ., v ,,,,, .,,, l .,,,. lessons $HS.fi() cash. Positions secured. I mary .-.t.indnr.l-; the poliucd eal,";or- Free literature. Terms. Ko.'an School j ie • of ;i-,.j ;i;.,i ;.,-,. ,,,, Ion.;, ,• re!-of Cipsmetoloiiy, tiir, Main, Pine Rluff, | v.-a t :o n. It i-. idle, irdivd. to t.-y Aug. ^.l-Se])l. Ti-lL' | 'o ric,- .1 i.iiional m'.eri.rotation to HORIZONTAL 1 Tictureil l!Hh century English queen. 8 Her consort or husband. 12 Instrumental duct. 13 Decorates. in Knijlish coin, iii Heaps. If) Gold qiiartz. 10 Tropical mammal. 51 To corrupt. 22 Oblivion. 2!) Crime. 20 Mystic syllable. 27 Black linw. 28 Serpent's noise. 31 Sound of :;orrow. 32 Delinite articlc. 34 t'onfiression.il .-lerk. 3fi Tale brown color. HP. Corroded. •1! 1''rivt of a grass stalk. r*. CONSERVATIVE QUEEN Answer to Previous Puzzle 17 Front hall. 19 Chest. •12 Wily. 43 Oil (suffix). 4-1 To do wrong. 47 Form of. "ii." 3 Worship. •18 L'.af;liko part. 50 Animal. 5! Cotton fabric. 5r> Untruth. 5l> Kovvuu; implements, fifl Aurora. !J9 Avenurv 01 She was of India. C2 She was a member of tho family. VERTICAL 37 Rc;im . 2 Characteristic ;;<) TO pass away, expression. . )0 Unit of force. 41 Sin- ccl or ruled over CO years. 4 Pedal difiit. T> Rii;ht, (i Kt'tono. 7 Irish tribal title. 8 Since. B To hoot, 10 AJJC.S. 11 Proportion. 14 Lace net. 45 Chamber. •Ifi To harvest, 48 Slovak. 49 Ollicor'3 helper. . r )2Thinf;. lli Her kingdom M Company. - . or !)•! Tri-o. thrived flur- 07Railro.it!. hoi- reicn. GO Hawaiian bird SKUVICES OrTKRED—A beautiful picture in oil colors 8 by HI for SI "ill. this week only. Shipley Studio. IS-liic I Wanted •• .-.v. iriii-vuvuiy mat tne champion-:! m< "' nt sl: ''' »;ed only in the second and third Su > J)>1 >' Co - . . | hits so effectively that the champion scored only in the second an innings. In the second. Howard Mii] s held them lo six safeties and would have had a shutout except for a home run by Babe Dahh;ren in the fifth Ruffing, seeking his l»nd victory in the opener. «ot instead his seventh" de- ' FOR KA1.K--A Bargain in an apart- Automotive FOR SALE-19:17 'model Elec. refrigerator, just like new. Payments as low as S.liiO mo. Automotive Supply FOR SALE-F,,,- ..-e on meat fount- ml. oil.. I. I l.'a M"i.-'l .'b.l.-'oll of (I,. ;:;, ,-(,/. S, , , it lea -I il '.-, envisaivd hv l!..- llel - i iv:i .Mini' •!•!• ii|' I'riipa'isnd.: Aed n i ••• no m--i e cii-.uce that n v. a.-. Cioi'h- | Ihe WANTED-Truck to haul pnlp \im- I ^ ^TIT^ ". tn'^L',. \ her h., vt , several cans to put out , hl . ,,..,,, i - ,,-, ,,. ^ni,,,,;,,,,- ..,i,,. ,,j,ii Will contract cultm.. and loadiiu;. ,,i,. , l: „ .... , ,, L . ,„„.,;,!, „. 'iie'-h .,,, -See Moyd Porterficld. lS-::ic l.o , .vi,,.il,..,- ,o !,.... i HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS U< " '' " ..... " Ailu '"' (.ermaiiy i •-. --*•"«"•;> --«..• v t/i i in t(O- ' -—---•'-* *v tJ i i n ([-(• ttii c(n.';tt t'Otiil t- ' /. teat and was driven from the l )O x by ' Pr <•" cold .stora-e l-Fri-.i.laire com- (-ermany U> three-rim rally in Iho ninth after he •'"' ? "' inl '<'fnsoiati(,n unit ', horse ,.-„,,, T1 r , K . ,•:"",""'.' ..,,-, ,, j had Given up 13 hits. One of these Automotive Supply Co. 15-ntel ' mcly Is " U ' I "' v wn.s ;, homo run by Jo Gallahi,,- ' U , ( T.^/.b-i^. ...1. ..... H ^'' the .season ..-in . Gomez r.llov^d nine hits in tlu- -ec- cmd game. Three of the Mows we o inked with two errors /or S t Louis' lirst two runs in the fifth and the other run was Catcher Joe Gen, v homer in the sixth " BOOTS AND HER~BUDDIES National League Clubs Cincinnati ... St. Louis . Chicago Erooklyn . New York .. Pittsburgh . Boston Fhildelphia . -L. p ct . fa .12 .020 S2 Si; .51),! 7H C5 .r,.|r, '•t K'. .540 (it* 08 .500 B3 78 .153 58 77 .4:50 First In a series of four articles on the medical side of football training. With college crowds jamming gi'and- stands to cheer their favorite teams to victory, the football season is officially underway. On vacant lots and on the playgrounds of schools and colleges thousands fit boys have begun to acquire the hardening, the endurance and the training which are necessary for excelling in this gnme. There are many funny supeiotition.5 about trainnig. Some people believe that soaking the skin in salt water will harden it and prevent rubbing and bruising. This belief has not been substantiated. In fact, such soaking hiay cau.<e changes which wouklj spread infections of the skin that are particularly serious for football play- ers. When ringworm and similar infections begin to spread among football players, they actually incapacitate a considerable number. If the same clothing and headgear is worn by various players, infections may be transferred. Bathing of the feet regularly in solutions containing '/i per cent of sodium hyposulfite will help control ringworm of the feet. Supporters and braces should be washed frequently. Leather headgear may be disinfected with sulfur furnes. Infections of the skin .should be s-hnwn promptly to a competent doctor for suitable treatment. The sooner the infection is brought under con; trol. the less likelihood is there that i ;xvne other player may be infected. I Fresh underclothnig should be worn under the braces and supporters to Sunday's Results Brooklyn 10-3, Chichga 4- 1 " New York 2-1, St. Louis 1-?' Phildelphia 7-1, Pittsburgh 3-10 Cincinnati fi-3, Boston fi-4. Games Monday Boston at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at Chicago. F-hildelphia at Pittsburgh. New Yirk ni St. Louis. American League Clubs New York Boston Chicago Cleveland Detroit Washington Fhiklelphia St. Louis W. L- Pct. 08 -13 .1195 S28 5!) .582 . 80 02 .5(V.J 7S 62 .557 72 157 .518 Bl 82 ,127 •10 '.Ml ,2S8 Sunday's (Jesuits St. Louis 8-3, New York 4-1. Chicago li-7, Boston 1-11. V FhildoJphia 4-5, Cleveland 2-1S. Detroit '.',. Washington 2. Games Mumhiy Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at New York. Cleveland at Phildolphia. , Detroit at Washington. By EDGAR MARTIN ALLEi POR. TEN LONG .•/.'••;. :**ia WHEN WE BUMPED O?P HECTOR WE M/M? 'KM CM TH£ / LAID SieGETO ) ROPES, BUT ALWAYS / THIS L;... t .... TROY...TO MOy/THEV COME UP WITH ( ohJ E IS THE N AVAIL! ..,r'"£M A NEW HKKO TO BEAT ) TOUGHESTy \' A Council of the Chieftians J V/HO IS Ti-'.lS u '\ By V. T. KAML1N WASH TUBES :".? .KisO'.'v i-\l[-A MOTj •• I WONDFR...!^ BV SOME V&ENTIEMEM'. THIS VVKF5. J',; Wfir-MCL HE v. OFF CHAUCF; HE COULD} HAS GONE ON LONG AJV.U, BUI H=; LOOKS;.. BE... ALLEY OOP? .,-( ENOUGH... WE MUST l^f, AIM APt AMD / "-... ,. . ,-' ^ EMTER TROV PIC-MI S LIKE A ' -'• \_ Go; The New York Aquarium reports a recent attendance boom. Lodge members, home from vacations, ;md probably familiarizing themselves with new types of fish about which to tell .stories. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER fmlileiti on I'ugc One Since the thermonictei- had (rare- led l',:"» dei-;i LM.:-: i.ip ;aid d(j\ i . i n. ;ind 5 de/- J rt:(-.s af thi.s hud be('n con- sinned iii the- i^.'.iin in lenirieraLure, v.'r ii.'ivc '•.'.") de(jree--'-:j decrees, <jr :il; dfCfrces. for the rise ;md full. 15 (lei-roes e.'a-ii v.'-'iy. As it .stood at Cij de^n.-es in the afternoon, and had been l.'i det'rees hi.tiiier, the ^ o'clock reading wouhl be (j") decrees plu.^ \:> du'^rees i,r HO decrees. To chec-k this, v.-e start \vilh the mor'iim: figure, which v.'u.s a rlc- greei l'--s.s than 65 degrees or 110 deifrees. Then we have a rise of 15 rlegiet.s to 80 degrees at 2 o'clock and a fall from tlii.s of 15 degrees to 65 decrees at 4 p. m.. or a total rise arid fall of 35 degrees-. THIS WAV ILLUSTRIOUS GEMTLEMEM 10 LET U6 SEE THE 6EAUTV RITES AWD EUEKVTHIkJu The Ur.maslcing HOL\i OKI, V-V!, V:O!f. i I V STUAVJ6E THAT : [HE'u'VTL' &UV HA-i THE -SAk'vE WH' 1 DLE AVJP IS THE -SVAL 1 •S17.E AS WA<iH ^. -~..' TUBES? / f-W FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS S L WAS JUST A SAP , THINKING YOU'D ELOPE WITH THAT GUY ' CAM I COMB OVER AND SQUARE THINGS ? "I ( MAY, \ HOMEY / \ 7 RED RYDER You CAL.I-IrD Me.- THAT BEFORE '•>fe;,.iv .., JUGT A OAY By ROY CRANE HA! I KUEW VT. THL L * WEPt LEAD- ) \ J j Ub IWTO A TRAr.'j-^ I '^V^^-s (I) gfe.'ik^tN :^f. 4^-^> •^^,m^ i «'/ l e,;pw !( - t t" 'r**iA ~\ v; By MERRILL BLOSSER \ AMD J. l-Tf!- ! >L-I \.j>c-.*- , | f5Pr.OIOr. '"i , .T. 3ME ? / VOICHT / A' .-.. * ., 1 COME \*} i. ~{ jC' .M. /' (3 EC-, L l MH i i \r /, \ IMF W5.ONI \ N UMf E / ^ ^\ * ^, 4 ! v ,/^ ^ / I V* f^f' .^lAV'B *^/,,>n i, 8- avoir! rubbing and infection. Special ' f.tibnlion should be given t« towel;.! used in the locker rooms. Towels. should never be put on the floor be- u.'-if they will pick up the infective ;ent v.-hich can only be destroyed by Rinyworm infeftion spreads particularly in the presence of moisture. Mrck" :.ure that the feet and socks are dry before the socks and shoes are put on. Nl:XT: Injuries ami Killing. RED I'll. ':,. \Ci<. -, .. .-• ~,-j -s , i '&VJ-C,V,^ ) i: c V-.^'..r.\..'- .) I An Exil Face "vlFoTTvDiJ.-'roxN" By FRED HARMAN v,'0& l.OMG' eivt: i.n-rut_ . \-Jl\EM HE Me. HELP "iu 11-3,

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