Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1941
Page 2
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r'^^",rT«r~<" W*^ 1 * «R*/ ?1 '' , ', ~ J '™ i, •'f'' ' ' '"' ' % '** *Mii!Mt«*lW " I '. ' 1" v f Mfltlt Kwi tlU, tWt QUiCKlfr You con taJk to on** c ™ nw Wont Ads totk to ttU. MWT. Hit Ot SOIVH? introduction MUtt, V > *** WttLf and maufar other item* att in CO, •See -A. R. Strcud, Wa«hJ«Mtt<»\ 13-lmp t^SXI BKCROOM . Rocim Suite, ClMa». GAS RAK0B TABLE new. Bam^in far re otioet 0«c«mfc«r .' U. C, Shad!* 322 Nfetih. list'; s?-t»!p, ,. MOBS!, R implements, Run oniy <m« Cost H254 WUt > hay. cut «n*fy, r, Emmet* Rout* fc ^'GET Christmas - * • *, prices, and ready to go. - Jack Bel.Mar, Higgason Tva*J«BR.' 3 wiles E*st on St. Zl-3ti> sJeSiTat TOS W. Ttlv aftw 8 p. m. i*-d.>:., ' 24-8h> » ! COCKER SPAJTOL Heal Christmas gift tot :;d»iR Phone 86ft.J, Mr*. David "„• 1008 Bat 3rd. 19-«te Token Up NI> WHITE HOtSTEW : s VW0»t about 800 pcmnds. i Jones, 5H South Shover street B-tOtp Troil«rs For Sole E>R',*SALE~NEW ROYAL, HOT **—^''permanent bed, air connect* Also new American Stage Roy Craft used trailers, 1 on'^wo years, as low as $15.78 & Can or see, Theltna Stephens Camp, Highway 4, North. •.u " . M-til^fe. . DISPLAY — FULL LINE Bros;. Trailer Coaches. CsII , ( we have several models- to it from. Lwck's Tourist Court i 21-tfc For Rent FURNISHED COTTAGE, IN old Fulton road. For couple yjs R. E. Brown. 17-3te . BEDROOM. ADJOINING t' Two geattemen or worfcing Call 73 or come to 1101 W. eir 7 o'clock. 15-3tdh §!' JiOOM FURNISHID APART-" pt, $19 a month. Two miles on HUl road. W. H. Bryant. 20-3tp |i£3HE FARM, 9 MItES FROM on Spring Hill road. Apply 'ebropks Grocery. 23-3tc fgOOM FURNISHED'APARTMENT. rlva,te Bath. No children. Apply at £i. North Washwgton. 22-1 tp : BEDROOMS. NO chsi- , couples or gentlemen. yej)leDt to b4th. 322 South §hov- 23-3tc HOUSE CHEAP, i Mrrj: d of Hope off Fulton Highway. T, A. Price. 24-3tp 8v H<iy Ct A a*) " •«"•» it ^ * I*' tr> I • f •>»* ^** »W*>«*n tfttt, ^v«4*# . MW )*t, Ntjttisf w e. jc^iiiify, % M ifk f *^.««» : n^<^ww^"^ w ^'fwiw r *" ff ,, *• it **"** / , u^tfpC'Wthii. "V> * O. i. ^j^^iiK^jt^^guH^MysN!^^^^!^ Trimble TH«ot«f j» ' t^ »*V*.»'. ** \ X*" 1 ** fc* • ( - , »•*• t W ' / r « C*. *ifcf t ^J , » *j>' «**"M»»f ? 4> ^"V t . '-* " ,^-**t^* # * DONALD DU<:K ««WH«t, sousfe, Sw» T. //.''^l * S / *•* " ^ ^ \ * I* • .* % «^4f If W«H Oltnty «J«K, I*" fern* All wer Phwo* 343, t, Barbs t* BUY rwicis PAIO and boj» jwita. H, Sf J HUte k^ fei"t"* * *' * x ' '» * WJ& • i\'"**rr-J *' -»* ;*•' ! .' '' *."*,* »>•« s«»'^*«- SlONDiE lB4«uv/ *« 1«*f»Wi -^rtj*4 v r ntrTI * 8f Chic Young LARGR CUSAift NEW OS tions to anjp Charfos IWynwiswn At City Refrigeration REFRKOHATIOK repair anything E3«rt*fcat. W1rte« motors. K*Hy l*«*rii(i«raUon S»r»fc*. 112 Main. Phone M4, W-lm-c iilW CAItt. Legal Natk* iw-tia CKA»Me*»Y fiff ! Services Offered ^ERo^mrATE""' TORSE DE~ sires worfc. Spec»ili;tt'a in O 0 cas«»9 and care of eldwrfy peopte. References. Mrs. Delta Calbreath, Phone<H-W-1 24-«(j> trt th* Furniture For Solo IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture we us. 3-30te For Sole Miscl. PADG1TTS PERfGHEED PUPPEKS for Presents. Will hold lor Christmas delivery if desired. Cockers, Bostons, Chows and Pointers. Padgitts Kennel*. 20-lmp For Rent FRONT BEDROOM WITH BATH & shower. Beauty rest mattress. M, block from town. Phone 505-W . 3 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT with bath, 203 E. Ave. C. 28-3tp FRONT BEDROOM WITH PRIVATE bath. Men preferred, Mrs. Ruffin White. Phone 416 or 114-W. 2?-3tc y, Af . after »nrt .M»avr j>|j«itjff, C'art WitiKct the IPH) *h« han*i »3. *»«i Court » us 4dk >tj<y BYKR5 CWrk, WANTID CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Ccnti per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkaavui ( i I \^ ^•', .^> / »^v CT" , » " t Ml •*•* ff T ; ^*v i I Jv » cfth - i< 'hrtl* « BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A WANT-AD FIND IT / OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . ., Major Hoople I OVgR.r- TiPPEO /V\V 6UDSHT A BIT N QUTBUR^T QF VUUB FELLOW- BUT, TO PARDON ME IPX RESHM- BLE THB FIRH DEPART- BUT T COULDKl l T see YOU FARTHER THf^Ni CAN CHASE AN IRON CHRISTMAS PUT MV BANKBOOK UNDER AN O*YGEN TENT/ FROfW THE SLESSIMS IS GETTING PUT OF A ACROSS TO BORROW A THAN A BUCK= <f By Edgar Mortin RED RYDER f wv£SD,sUH71S' : AR£ THE t»JCH* __ ^ls_He a^ Pay ing Guest? ?SD' ' xxi" slAe^ttF^o^'c'ouSr'"*"* »iC£-'*iiN)C i eH.' •>i^£.fS "OU eets»r ALLEY OOP 6y Frod Harmon \ Shame, Dinny WHECE Elj3E BUT V IM HIS C/^Tl_E,MX>/] OKJ THE OTHER / SIDE OFTH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS <*$$&. { DOLLARS is CORRECT! RPUR DINMERS AT THIS TABLE" / BUT WE ONLY AMD FOUR. DINMERS AT ./ HAD ONE —, THAT ONE/ '•-"V TABLE/ Bowing to the Inevitable ByV,T,Homlm ..- . gyjjgA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. 8. PAT. Off. ' TfHE TWO COUPLES THAT LEFT TEN MINUTES AGO SAID TMEV YOUR. PART/, EVEN AMD THAT f KNOW THEY SAiptwey WERE IM TUp M£ GOOSEY PART/, / IF AMD IF YOUR / THEY PARTY, WE HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH By Merrill Blosser DON'T START ) I'M NOT GOMMA FIGHT/ I'M A FIGHT, LARD-— I JUST GETTING READV TO PLEASE / X WASH -THE oiSMes / f,

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