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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, January 20, 1936
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Nothing more exollw to i >i ^ • ' if* ji >J' '' - r ' l T; 7F>ff 's if? ,w i •V'tfr"*" ' '. ) 1 _ - 1 ''f, » * . , 5,5f,,'«C^ i U ^•f^^.^^ ^^^^^^^j^ Hope VOLUME 37—NUMBER 85 HOPE. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 1936 ^••^•••"•i Here and There -Editorial By AL*X. H. W E American* still have a lot to learn about the f me , ai t of Bovornment Dedicating a memonui Sunday to the late Predent Theodore Roosevelt, Mayor n York City praised the fighting colonel' of the Scau-se vhln the fate of the Panama Canal. hung ance.hc 'consulted the the baU <i; applause. 1 Americans love action—and Colonel 1 Roosevelt certainly gave it to thorn. The Panama Canal was a vital need for the United' States, and »s president the earlier Roosevelt got it for us. But how he got it-ln other words, what is implied by that phrase ' consulted the engineers and not the constitutional lawyers"—is a shameful SUIUUUIIM1 MIV»J~».» .- . . .. story. Ajnerlcans areal proud of U. and don't let anybody* tell you that Panama Canal State Dispensary Plan Tried, Failed * : Says Timberlake Asserts South Carolina Experiment in 1893 Turned Out_Badly NOT PRESENT ISSUE! mam „,_ „ „ .. was blocked because of the price ask- Question Is "Legalized ed by ** *£****% ^^ Liduor or Prohibition i ™« —-«••• in/Mim revolution. Pan- He Asserts | IIIC I1WV 11 N.ivpvi ««;»•« .«,.». •" - '* . Editor The S^rTshall we have U «*• «he On.l Zone to the Umted legalized liquor or prohibition? , Thls . y clirs> later it developed that Ameris the question before the people ol ^ officcrs nnd industrialist;. Hempsteacl county, and not temper- n jrcd wjth thc natives to bring I Pulaski Is Barred in Using Surplus to PayOW Debt Can Not Use Present Funds to Pay Off Old Contractual Claims NO SURPRISE HERE Hempstead's $5,000 De- RELIEVED fimilly camc out wnc n son was prudent, years late,-. i V> * • • I'*-'*'***™ — r / ficit, However, Mostly Statutory Claims LITTLE ROCK.-(d 5 )-Th« Arkansas Supreme Court held Monday that contracts made by counties in excess of revenue for thc fiscal year in. w ' u< * hey were made, arc void and "if void when made can not thereafter be nncc. Nearly all good citizens claim they are for temperance. Some any the best u-ny to curb the liquor habit is to legnlizc its sale. While others claim the only Way is to prohibit it by law. We have tried nil plans and pro- conspired »»»>••• »..-. about that revolt—and under the presidency of Woodrow Wilson the United States filially made a humiliating confession of treachery against a neighbor nation and paid several millions' Indemnity to thc Republic of law. We have tried all plans ana pro- Colombja hibition is the only one that had had N(} won rf or that our South American The court's ruling outlaws more ban $30,000 in claims which P"'" 5 *,' county entered into in 1931 and 1932, and affirmed a Pulaski chancery court, ruling granting an injunction to John i D Shackelford to restrain County, Judge Cook from paying claims from j the surplus in the general revenue I fund. ! Of No Effect Here Monday's supreme court election is not, believed to effect Hcmpsleads financial situation, where between $4.500 and $5,000 clniifis were reported "outlawed" thc first of thc year. Contractual claims in this county were conceded to be lost, but there was, and still is. uncertainty over Ihc (ate of statutory claims—and thc bulk of Hcmpstead's debt is statutory, Bulletins WASHINGTON.- (/}'/ -The supreme court entered upon » two weeks' recess Monday without hnndhiR down the much-awaited decision oil the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Disappointing a. distinguished throng which had gathered In the expectation that this last Now Ocnl rase ready for action would be ruled «t, the court spoke Its mind on several Its; cr cases in an ll-mlmitc session mid (hen adjourned. WASHINGTON--^ -Virtually all causes except "the human ck-- , incut" were said )>y Department of Commerce officials Monday to have been eliminated as responsl- ble for the American Airline crash near Goodwin, Ark. County Thaws Out After Snow , Jrops to 18 Sun„,__ Monday~15Dead Throughout Nation This City Given Senior Basketball Tourney 2d Year Tournament Will Be Held in High School Gymnasium March 6-7 |P ISTRICFSCHEDU LE Girls Tourney Goes to Stamps—Literary Meeting to Lewisville I Dates,and places for .holding the District. 10 literary and athletic events 'were selected Saturday at a meeting of Southwest Arkansas school officials j >eld. in the Hope High School 1 build- ting. '"' ! • Hope whs awarded the senior boys ji basketball tournament for the second | straight 'year. The tourney will be March 6 and 7: • '• Stamps'was. selected as the site for the senior girls tournament, to be I played February 28 and 29. ' ; The junior boys tournament will be I played a,t Buckner. The date was set Con#>lldntwl January of HODO U99, t>r«os. British Council of State Duties of Geof His 25-Year Reign Nears End King Signs Over Autho ty as He Sinks . hc >' h ? vc have been engaged in thc same sort a plan (State Dispensary) that has I f campn jg n n a iy j s now engaged in *** >(•*»*It *I"h)K I .. ___..*_! ,.f T^tUinnln any measure of success. Our editor and Mr. Rockefeller claim they have a plan (State Dispensary) that has never been tried and will work. This like other statements our editor has made is not sustained by facts nor history. South Carolina In 189:1 The dispsnwy avstam. under-which neighbors distrust us. for at times we which comes claims. ahead of contractual A I iv u u»| TK » *» T» * •* f *>jM B"**^"• ' , t thc government is thc only denier or saloon kwpcr, originated in thc suite of South Carolina. Thc law was very Vlgid No liquor might be consumed within thc dispensaries which .were allowed to run only from sunrise to -unset. All liquor sold had to be certified by state chemists for its purity; no chairs were permitted in clispen- sarii-s and loitering in them was forbidden. Minors were not allowed U) buy nor lo sell, nor even to enter dispensaries. All dispensers or bar-keepers were appointed by the stale and all private profit removed. This law was passwl in 1893. Political corruption thc incivii.sc of drunkenness and other evils that «o with-the liquor truffle soon reached \1l V.M*ll|*M*U« t *'+**j "- -v ^f among the mountains of Ethiopia. Let ijs value our heroes, our Theodore Rposcvclts. for exactly what they were: Well-meaning, impetuous men, placing' action ahead of justice. Men of thati stamp' ftre eoiiqucrers but not rulers-for 'the 'first requirement of permanent government is that it both give and demand justice. H- 4- 4- Louisiana is going to the polls Tuesday on the broad question of whether or not it wants thc political heirs of thc late Huey P. Long to continue in control of the suite machine. * Tbat is strictly a question for the citizens of Louisiana to settle. Tlie opposition is reported to he ask- inp for the intervention of fcdera agents-members of thc Long machine, promise dire things if the agents do intervene. The federal government has no business interfering in a suite election Negroes Isaac Appeal LITTLE ROCK.-tVP)-Bubblc Clayon and Jim Cnrruthcrs, negroes, lost their fight in the state courts Monday gainst the death penalty assessed upon them in Mississippi county more Wllll l>»^- »«H""" " . T new and unbearable levels. It was then that an aroused people voted this system out and . prohibition in by nearly three to one. The prevalence of the drink habit has been a problem' thousands of years. Prophets, philosophers, ni'iral- i.sts economists, philnnthi-opists, lawmakers, have wrestled with its ravages in all civilized lands—yet it persists The black curse of it flows on from generation to gcwrntion. .Why this endless fishl against u persistent habit? Why prohibition? Because llu- experience of mankind condemns U It has been counted u curst- by the saints, sages mul prophets of the hu- miin race. It is dihtructive of life and P CHICAGO — (" v —Tornadoes swept for February 22. thwc soulhwcstcrn states while blU- i'The literary meet wont to.Lewis- las ed the northern tier of states ^llle. No date ™s a"". 0 .""^. ' 'Spring track and field events will feithcr be held at Nashville or Texarkana, thc date to be announced later by the board of directors of the association. . Approximately 30 representatives of southwest Arkansas schools attended thc meeting. Election of officers climaxed the conference. R. C. Browner, principal of Texarkana. (Ark.) High School was elevated to the presidency of the association, succeeding G. P. Boldmg o DcQuccn. . . j T. M. Stinnett of Stamps was elected vice-president. E. T. Moody of Nash villo was named secretary and bup .erinxendcnt Bums, of Magnolia .High tMi|.^H» ; J>*-*w'f»-.---•.,— -\ upon a young-white woman. Thc Arkansas Supremo Court de- iied their rehearing petition, leaving only the federal court of the United Suites Supreme Court open for fxirth- cr action in the case. Louisiana Defies U. S. Intervention Threats Heard on Both DUMIlv'nii 1111^.1 »»-• •••p -- -- - _ Tlie time and place for federal inter t'erencc arc in the due processes o the courts. A citizen of Louisiau might charge, and demand a hcann? on it that he had been deprived of constitutional rights guaranteed bun under the federal charter, and which no stale or county or city government ha*'any right to deny him. But that is a matter for the courts to decide. At the polls the people of Louisiana are supremo, and if they'happen to have •! crooked election machinery they will have to fid rid of it by the xamo moans that tne people have gotten rid of crooked machines through American history. from the Rocky Mountains to the At lanlic coast, as the nation Monday counted at least 115 dead, of which 58 •wore traffic accdients attriubted more or less to storm conditions. County Thaws Out Hcmpsicad county was thawing out rapidly Monday from a snow storm that struck this area Saturday and continued through most of the night. It was the second blanket of white this season. . Thc mercury in thc official thermometer at the Fruit and Truck Branch Experiment" station dropped to a minimum of 18 Sunday morning. The lowest reading Monday was 18. v ,,,, _ A bright .sun melted Oja biggest por, i School was selected- as -—--.- tion of s-now and ice »y and the f officials for the basketball Journa balance was rapidly disappearing Monday with rising temperatures. 17 Dead in Storm CH1PLEY. Fla.— (A>) — A week-end toll of 17 deaths was caused by a series of tornadoes which struck three Southern states, causing extensive ^ property damage and injuring many | rural residents. . Simultaneously with the arrival of bitter cold, the tornado winds dipped first into North Alabama killing four persons Saturday and shifted to thc southeast causing 13 deaths m the vicinity of Georgia-Alabama-Flonda state lines Saturday night. A family of six was wiped out by the terrific winds which hit Northern (Jlticiais ior wiu uuon^vv, ----- ments will be selected by the board o directors and announced later. Joe Sutton Joins The Star's Staff Is New Advertising Solicitor—Stanley White Goes to Lamar, Mo. Joe Sutton, who was born and reared in Hope, joined Thc Star Monday as Advertising solicitor. me ICITIJIK WI.III.T .>...- Y.I'I'J • He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. r. w. Florida near herc, two were killed in ho ]ived herc unt il 1927, near-by Alabama and five K-cs wore ^".^ -^ moved to Texarkana. ..!.„.. .. B,.,.ii«i,n«i r.onrea. YciunR Mr Sutton went to school in Hope and Texarkana, and is well known to local citizens. He has been in newspaper work for the last two Toward Death ",'y — ' i'" TROOPS ON MAR&Jf English PourMo Egy^pt^ *''| Italians Beat Ethiopia •** Decisively -,- ,; SANDR1NGHAM, Eng — (Cotiyrlgfe Associated'Press)-A physicians' " " etin announced at S:3d p, m. (Buww ,g me) Monday that the strength <J|1| King Georg ethe Fifth was "dimm-^; hing." . _- ' , ,T f \& Council Assumes Power% f M^> SANDR1NGHAM, fing. - (Cppxright^ Associated Press-)King George Hhfe Fifth, propped up in bed, signed a document Molnday setting up a council \ of state to assume most of th& -~—' duties during his majesty's The sovereign's privy council, sum-' il moned from London, met in an apart,- f ment adjoining the sick room and appointed members of the council Ot« state while .the 70-year-old king,,en- it' tered possibly the decisive stage of,1«s sickness. ' - J . 5^ Ethiopia Colls for Help "-, *' GENEVA, Switzerland.—^P)—Ethio-, •, pla, in a long communication to Of- neva late Monday, demanded nlfttj positive aid from the League 'tions "in its war with Italy.' Officials,. after a hurried e: tion of,the note, said it did : quest military sanctions against ^, w , but'did insist upon stronger sanctions to hasten the end of the conflict. ".Copyright Associated Press**' the pyramids, reliable . j^aA .e,-i;ir.ja^rf.^^kJ^l4liL r4*J niore' EHi^.^ h grave that '^•^^'^S^^S""^^^^^^^^-^^' I by ilie king on the occasiqn of his silver jubilee in 193S. years. [mil riivu. »*• •• 1 •*•'•»• .---•-- irospurily, peacu and order. A glunce all down nouKii *M»»V* .*-»-.. — . , I believe adult men and women meet with retribution-not correction at ilu- hands of other men, who are only ffi ±sni K.-SSK ±= ».==- Sides on Eve of Tuesday's Primary Vote BATON KOUGE. La.—(XP)-Govcr- nor O. K. Allen Sunday defied the federal government to send agents into the state for Tuesday's Democratic primary election and told commissioners they could "kick President Roosevelt out if you want to." As the battle for the political empire of the late Senator Hucy P. Long ii-ared a climax, Governor Alien said ut a political rally at Opclousas that "no federal officer can have anything to do" with tlu> primary. "Tliev arc not going to have com- »,.^.. •—• - : ----- Vn ,,.. ir. an d Mrs. wmie, wuu "»•- misMoners at the polls to vote these Evelyn, G; Willie. 4; and Kcllj. 1G j ^ IX , U . of fl . ien a s in this city. noor relief workers like cattle. You I months. cau kick them (federal agents) out | An imldcntlf ed child near Ash ord of the pariah (wunly) If you want to. "' * 1 """ r '"' ) «"»""« m '" You can kick President Roosevelt out will demonstrate this. to success. • i The Uushii'*s World i The smell of liquor •>" llle 1 "' cat ' 1 : ' will close many a <1"«'' " f opportxm- , M lo h-jvs and girls. U any employer had a choice between two young men of <.iual ability on<: « drain-ilnnkor, ,he «,thcr a teetotaler, which do you think hf would choose? If a father, rich or poor, had tv.o Sims one of whom dn.uk and onc^ of (Continued on pat'o three) SAYS: Oi Ull^ tirvv; ...-• I believe it is good for local or .slate government to get into a crisis, like ,| lal in Louisiana, and find its own out of thai i-risis. just as Louis- taken n Southwest Gcorga. After skipping from thc extreme northern part of Alabama to the extreme southern part, the winds ..cut a wide path near here and passed on into Georgia, where the victims included five negroes whose tenant homc.s were blown away. ears. • Stanley E. While, advertising manager o The Star for the last 16 months, leaving Hope to join the Lamar «t*.. «....... _..-.,. ,. i nnV fi»irf llOOt; u/ jwni v»~ dead in tho storm war hen.-,| lfc ' c «^ mocr ^ ti cdUc d by Arthur >an Dykes, 25, farmer. | ^o ^ onB , Iy . k comment^.-. m.». Dykes( 23. . The Star's good wishes go with Mr. .^ir ^.^"r^a: « S 5S. «, who leave a Iar 8 e Rate Cut Appealed by Telephone Co. Southwestern Bell to Be Given Hearing.on City of Hope's Order LITTLE ROCK-tVP)-Th° Southwestern Bell Telephone company filed an-appeal with the State• Department of Public Utilities Monday from the action of thc Hope city council m passing an ordinance directing the reduction of telephone rates in that concentrated .her most j^--.,-»»«-—•-- since the-World war. ^ ';*'', j The disclosure came as the" empires], new foreign secretary, Anthony;.Eden,j left, for Geneva to face a critical* League of Nations Council session^ Monday. . M ' > The Egyptian area, informed per- ' sons said, now holds nearly half. th,e> British regular combat army of 18,000 troops. They are supported, recent r$- ports indicate, by 157 warships and between 700 and 800 military planes." This is- the greatest naval and air force thc nation has ever massed along its eastern empire route to India and Australia. The Brtish forces are almost entirely concentrated along the Libyan border. It was reported a million sandbags had been sent to the frontier for breastworks With the troopjs living under virtual CI way ianans e ventually will. ills i.\ciiiu«",j ...... , believe it is bad for a superior government to step in. A father, if he U wise, does not interfere, in Hie affairs "of a grown son or daughter. When he does intcrfi-re he confesses to the public he has reared n fool. Human beings, and human governments profit by their mistakes. No power on earth can protect them from their .share of folly, nnd wise heads among the crowd will turn the le.s- s-ons of folly to good account. this F% f the late Senator Long--but'always main- 01 of the parish if you wnnt to." A congressional committee, appointed before Longc's dentil during the period in which the Louisiana senator was waging ;i bitter fight against President Roosevelt, i.s now investigatim? Louisiana's election machinery. Anti-Long candidates have warned Ala. An unidentified woman near ( Skippervilk!, Ala. i R L. Graves Dies |A.LBettsBuried of Heart Attack at 10 on Monday Ami-U-ong canaiuHiub n<iv<-- W.HHV.UI Iliiit federal .soldiers may he brought j gei'VlCGS IO1' LatP rlailiei :.,t^ *l»« L'l-itn tr\ r\rpvont tlir* clortioil l -^ -i TT 1 l TT^..^.^* ty Man Held Sunday ' Ozan Cemetery into the state to prevent the election from being "stolen," while Governor i Allen has threatened to call out the national guard to preserve pence and insure a "fair" primary. 57 Are Killed in Week-End Crashes and Banker Held From Family Residence R L Graves, 67, died late Friday at his homo on Nashville Route Two Howard county. Death was caused b> fm'A. L. Belts, 69,' heart disease. Funeral sen-ice . . pioneer Hempsteacl county citizen who died at his home, here early Salur- rlay morning, were held at 10 a. m. Monday from the family residence. I East Second .street. I The services were in charge of the I Rev. Thomas Brcwsli-r. pastor of First. Presbyterian church church, with ilvy, 57 deatlis In nuto accidents . • week-end were rc-poj ted in survived by his widow. Offer Memorial to Col. Roosevelt flic company asked the department to suspend the proposed rales and leave existing schedules in effect pending an investigation and hearing ""officials^ of the company contended ,hat the Hope Plant, *vcn tinder the old rates, had not shown a profit for ^Chairman'P. A. Lasley said a hear- inp on the appeal, would be held before the commission within tnc ncxi two weeks. Study Course of P.-T. AJo Begin Will Open at 2:30 o'Clock I Tuesday Afternoon m City Hall Mountcastle Is New County Agent Mountain View Man £ ceeds Frank Stanley as A A. *-f * 'i *^ . i w | Ui mv; t» wj»fc* ••« ---o ' ~ ' -..'.-. • , »«• . • wartime conditions, the area was said Walter E. Mountcastle of Mountain ^ be closed to civi i-, an s. Egyptian View, Stone county, has been appoint- i ^ w h o nv thc British consider ex- ed Hempstead county agent, it was citable havc tje en withdrawn from the announced here Monday. 1 ( r ontier as a precaution against in- Hc succeeds Frank Stanley, who left c ;d en t s . the county agent's post thc first of the ^ hc Br jtlsh transports taking rein- year to take a position with the Soil {orcemcnls to Egypt do not dock a' Conservation service with headquart- ^i exan arla, but send the troops ashore ers in Hope. , in tenders in small parties. Traini rs m nope. ij n tenaers in sinau immv-o. -.-..The appointment of Mr. Mountcastle then ^150 them immediately to U»« was made by L. C. Baber, district bor a e r area. agont of the Agricultural Extension p re micr Mussolini of Italy wa sen-ice in southwest Arkansas. known to have been 60,000 and 80,00 The announcement of thc .selection troops in her colony at Libya, ad was made Monday through Frank J. joining Egypt. . , Hill, assistant in cotton adjustment It is aga ,nst these troopsi that Grcq Here Britain has coupled militap- prepard Mr'. Mountcnstle attended .he final ness with her political efforts at Go session of a district meeting of county ucva. agents and home demonstration agents here Saturday. For the past two ami a half years he has served as Stone county agent. He will take up his work here Wednesday. Mississippi Gets a Rich Governor The Citv P.-T. A. Study Course will becin at 2:30 p. m. Tuesday and will KidI in Hope city hall. Mrs. Fmlcy j Ward announced Monday. > The course will consist of a scries of, seven meetings to be held on Tuesday', and Friday afternoons. Millionaire Hugh White to Take Oath of Office Tuesday JACKSON. Miss-(/Pi—Plans for inaugurating Mississippi's first million- President Rooseve . )Vl .,. d , 8 alaic 01 ii<-v, >«. ••• -• .!•.• him was James J. Walker. p.-ofh«ulc , t , ()UI mayor of the City of New York. Then- ' were those who said Governor^Hno.se- | ,„ volt should take Jimmy Walker by ; Umtod Slates Commerce Depart- ; the neck and throw liim into Hudson m( , nt nyures showed that such deaths j in Sli principal cities duriiii! the first two weeks of the year had declined lo HIS from tin: total of -124 for ih' 1 L-ompafiiblu 19M jjcriod. l)eatli.< by .states: Georgia. Massuchusc-tts and Peuii- svlvania. five each; California. New ;ei-M'.v. Indiana and New York, four ^iieh; Ai-kaiiKis. Nebraskn, Noil)) Car- The new hand phoiiod cimblo vm? to keep tclephoiio converse- well in huiul. They said (those cpoplc did' that Governor Housevell could do the poo- . ulo of Hie Ciiy of New York good by , (in-owing llu-ir mayor out of f>ffu-e. I 1 wrote at that time that, if Gov- j ernor Hoosevelt were wise he would I send (lie domestic problems of the! City of New York buck to the people of thc City of New York and loll them to "Root hog, or die!" I I called attention to the fuel that ! the New Y:>rk city controversy in- (Oontmucd on page three) F-AH1S— (A'i— An "organ pipe/'.neck•e is something new in acc-.-ssone^ i his winlor. H is ""«><-• «' f ;1 M -' )k ' s ,, I ,i,iv gilded pipes which vc.-cmhl.' £i! Famed Vanderbilt Coach Dies at E NEW i«»> „ ,. memorial to Theodore Roosevelt dedicated Sunday with ceremonies which President Roosevelt and oi ,peakers look their texts from ll < words of the "Rouuh Rider presideni. Tlu- proi-ideul. a distant cousln "l..)^' ,,„„. of WB or,,,,. ^ l^ p.i ^:;f'"his J^ g;^! McGugin K e p t^ Commo- UU | l.vinu in a f.inso.l --fleet ahum. '^"^ ^.^.^ interprded by :ome i«s ovid-.-nee that he was thmk- n<. of iho s»Ulior.s lumus bill u»w Dunlins beforo Ihe senate the P'.-.si- •lont emoted a Fourth of July speech :|ie throat. lie Know the Car K1NSTON. N. _. Mewbom recotni/ed his sisters ear ys iliiri New Hamp.shire and lexa-.. . •.«<-»•.•• •-• ,,. j: c-u-h: lHin,!i S . Oklahoma and ; it moved, slowly m *™y™» »»' Xansas. (Wo each; and Kentucky. Mis- 'jut didn't recount iho d, i\ei. S , lu loui'i, Ohio, one each. Miii-yliijid fuul Oregon. heat! lied oJ'f the machine. The drivel had stolen it from a parking place. IV.III Vlll-'l*- 1 * ,. - in which hi» \>.-edceessor had fiiici: " \ m.iu who is ijood enough to slieil his' blood for bis eouiHryjs^od en- on page tlirecl | MCVlUyill jv >-• l' " ^-" doves in Front Rank oi Nation for 31 Years NASHVILLE, Tenn.- i.-'l'i - D»>} l - MfGus'm. 56. alhltflic director at Vanderbilt University and lonu known as ,he "dean" of Southern football (Continued on page three) ficu at noon Tuesday and reveal his administration's plans for "balancing industry and agriculture" and for constructing a state-wide system of paved highways, principal plank in his platform. A feauu-e of the inaugural ceremony will 1)0 a parade in which 2.000 slate militiamen and hundreds of : school children, state officials and laymen will march. Tho inaugural mcswise. which will he delivered by tho new executive '• troiii a platform erected at Iho suuih : ..nti'iincc of tho ciipitol. will bo M; '• lowed by a .series of hrilliant soeoia! Livl official functiyns. iucludiiiB two I u-ccptions and a ball. I Joe Harwell, 27,. Dies in Texarkana ^ ^ - / Brother of Chester Hal Well Succumbs Monday to Pneumonia Joe Harwell. 27, died Monday in rexarkana hospital from pneumon t was learned here. ' Mr Harwell was a brother of Chq or Harwell, bookkeeper at First N ionul Bank of Hope. Funeral arrangements wure not a uouuced here. Coughlii?rO<fer of Money Refuse Senator Nye Says He H No Right to Accept Ter der of Private Aid \V \SHINGTON.—i'.-]*i—M"noy of d by iho Rev. Charles Coughlir Detroit lo keep thc munitions mv«i -ation from boius "killer by nxd naiit senate Domocn.ti \v..s flecll Monday by Scnati>r Nye. ••There is 'i'' 1 »">' eonst;uni.ia;ij 'csiil richt for Him to fiiuuu-e l .leiion'iif Iho investigation." sJid^ Sonator Nye i,nn»unced that 'ncs had been canccll«.l tempo

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