Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1941
Page 1
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n\ fi^^^tiM^^ifasse!iamxia&&^ttiis&^u£i^l^i^iL^ W<H&,VVld« Given fmportfoffy by Press £ " t jM|^Bj|^^UU^^«^^^^^^^ Hope -i't «*!< WwjSSf* 'X^TOV-rnf i** 1 *oKi *?>• 73*"Fic^ ' '„ W^A.e^vJI-I^^^K^; ^WOTUtoWBEffiW r i>?<i ,->• n v * i. ' t* vf^if -j* f«V' 5'{,5'';.""r i WRITS' /r < ~ ' ^^''^^^f^^l Star Tha Weathe M "-re, ««H*N5A5, SATURDAY. DECEMBH 1^7^77 ^^^ ========= ====^= == _._ r _____ ' • " ^ • • +•[ ^^ =" ; '"^'"SgBB.^ PRICE fcort Japs Heavily Bomb Manila jMk «»^. 5 jMh • _ m m *••• M f ~™" n ""'" '"" ' i . ^^^* ^^^H ^^^^^^^^^1 ur Uar rea NlA C*m»nr*f«iw ViS.i' «Nails Begin lo Show Signs of Reds in Libyan War 476 Enemy Planes Said Shoi Down by RAF During Campaign Churchill Add vt|( R«^ Army f t* UN Artumd K«rtK « Crimea Th • rf * ' (Ijr,-. «, vh»! < <uU*. - '••'• •-*• '• f jw -vrrHf. £**• ^.jf f ]> j,,,., j * 5 ' «« «•* Jt Aft? Shore Your Books Average Mororisrs V/on'r Bo Able to Get Tires ,''",. > * ll " Tht- TTe»]a|j ( ,i«. , nvm « hd rwi.Jmu of „] ftlm 1( , ck]I h ^ _ wil , to 4,,,,,,,^ nrw »u)<»mobilr iir«. un- rlieibility c.Ubhkhcd to- f or 1 j fit &ai3f*t 1 * l'-*JJif1 V On Ja^ ilAT.Y With J *>TT V. lu*t (Hlftl CAm- ., . .. r , K 11 ji I** j 11 (f rationing boards winch ..„. >*l>ns • Jaintiti-y H. h iit U sllancc , tuirchjiivo.v rcrtifjewtrs c-xcrtu c <"• "I molur vehicle-!, which 'i*, rovcrmR csicntiaV'^rvicos j 50 Dead, Many Injured in Rail on Open City Enemy Forces Advance 30 Miles From Damortis Toward Capital - large area of nilas ancient wall city was a-roa mass of flames Saturday night at* Japanese airforce answered Ge Douglas MacArthur's proclamation Uiis capital as an open city'-ivk devastating rain of death and de' lon " While wcaves o£ bombei 4 m cally roared over the strickenfct? the reports reaching it thaf the anese advancing mire than 30 "it had dnven down the cdrrider leading! Trad} - -«- .. - 7,000 Workers Receive Checks for Week Employ^., of the W. K. Callahan tomlructiori Company will this week --' be en,MH-<! by .-, payroll of well •' quarter of a million d"" •"•••• will receivvc rc- , VacancyTn SPG Ordnance Depf. > Examination for Laborer Position to Be Held . ' rlll> SVrrrlary. H»au| of U. S. Civil DSuviri! Kxiui)iin.|.s. SoiitliweMcin I loving Ground, Hope, Arkim.sjis, hn« ndviM-tl that |,e will continue lo m- copl !ij.j.lu-ati(,i,s for ;,)i exn/iiiiintion bc'iiiK hd.l to fill ih,. po.siti, m of Classified laborer, $3.52 pc| . ,i i(lnl jn \Uw Onlninu-c Oej)»rtm P ,,i «t Soulh- Vjwstwn ProvuiB Ground, Hope, Ark- Jn;ismiifJi as a sufficient jiuinber of applu-alion.s havu not been received, ' ' H! IJCIMIIIS arc urged to im- rirj. in rvr.y 1«w» l MK(k , ha , ',,„„ | M ; f,, un(l u ,,. fu | D()n . ( « s iin opiv.riunitv to „„ . V)mr you j J Full further informntiun and ap IMication blanks may be secured froir Sccix-Uiry, Board of U. S. C'ivi -vice Examiners, at the Post Office. '" Hope, Arkansas, or at the Soulh- •jv WMtcrn Proving Ground, Hope, Ar|l% kansas. Such material may also bi. oblaiuuj from the Manager, Ninth U s - Civil Si-ivico District, New Federal Building, St. Louis, Missouri. Cotton By (lie Associated Press NEW ORLEANS Close January 1G.63 March 17.03 May nig July if 23 October 17.36 December 17.42 camp in Wash- I'ibrarict am M'lVp «,^ (|r|>»M anil rvrry ci«, sjw.ird will |. K , UM< this nn-icly l» i id of tfnali, hut hook* of Ihc kind that yon think nii|!lit likr to read youi.vclf jf WeU> II M.lf|ii.r win ihc war! Anniversary Mu.s.solini .Wiwird (mother M the other .lay. l t w .,j, j,, ( ,|,. st .| Vi iiu-,. of an anniversary, the sixth year since Ihc- day when the women of Italy KIIVO up llu-ir wedilinu riii(-s lo support (he conquest of Ethiopia You must Jw.ni lo hale the enemy he said, probably with all the che.si- beating and shouting that go with Mussolini langiiiiye. Well, Ethiopia is gone, and Libya |« K')ne, and Eritrea is gone, and fcrilrt-u is gone, find Itiilj;,,, j, Africa is gone, and Italy itself is scarcely more than a mere conquered territory in the hands of brutal Nazi overseers. Italian women shouldn't find it hard U) hate, nor to know who is the enemy. And we don't mean Churc- j <.'Hi-.iTn-7ri.il upci a!ion.?. j HnnKM'.on urgc<J the millions of j moto,-LM.H who will be unable to buy • Ilf'W iirr«t i.-, i*,... > . •* Onl. M ;.P" in driving to work .led rmipped „,. other *«l Hrrs. on whil .,, no rafi|)ni , s have been set, will be available lo I IK. Ill, which vxuxxis by some $20,000 mcnls m^k- List week. Officials'"at- liibul«l OR. mcrease | () m ,, re fnv ,, r . able weather for field operations. One employee on the project cx- l>n-s.se<l (ho opinion thnt this pay day would probably .set the all ti, ,e ht, for timelmess. ;iml slnlcd u t m eherk would just a l, ou t cover his pre-Uinsunas shopping .vprce. Rurol 'Subway' Traps Dog 5 Days CLARKSBURG, W. Va. -up>- i only a dog could talk, City Patrol-" man Dorscy Po!ing' s black and tan Walker fox hound could tell of beinc buried for five days in an underground drainage sewer. Poling, a former president of the Harrison County Fox Hunters association, and other hunters took their dogs out for a run on a nearby farm and when they returned, "Drive 1 was missing. i/i'f'% days * ate r John L^' 011 of near Wolf Summit, heard a whine from beneath a pasture field. He spoke to Uie dog and "Drive" answered with a joyous bark. Nearly 75 feet of the .'.ewer were torn up before the bad- y-scratchcd dog was rescued from the 10-inch pipe. __ _ Battle for Manila Rages n 1 ^rffrrf^nTtTi 1111 • '•••NiataB^ ^=-^~*^~*. —~ ^^ Cranium Crackers Brotherly Fame Romulus and Remus, twin found- eels ^ of Rome, arc two of history's most famous brothers. More recent brother teams who have won fame arc listed below, Can you give their first names and their fields? 1. The Wright brothers. 2. The Dorsey brothers. 3. The Beery and Barrymore brothers. 4. The Brothers Grimm. 5. The Cunningham brothers Answers on Comic Page - ; - -aiMMMP - • H is a' federal offense to remove lame or fur from 'AN H»MAM*0 • CAMP HAY ^^^ W ^^ Filipino Tough Japanese Find Which Is No Surprise ro Hie Army of the U.S. By WIIJUS THORNTON ^KA Service S<aff Corresixindent io here's lo you, Filipino, with !/uur skin of natural tan, 1 imVe a ward of Uncle Sam'l, and « first-class figlitin' man And here's TO you, Filipino, «>ir/ we do not mean perhaps, 1 ou ru already shown us what it takes to slap it to the Japs -ri i- ,, • -KIPLING,Jr. The little, silent, serious men, best known to Americans on Pullman clu curs m while coats Jim l blue uni i kha Fourth Violent Death of Week in Hempstead f de P. art ™nt announced fourth violent death in FW? earl !f '" a fiiht at Fulton d Groom was beaten a- With wo- ^Police were holding a negro M said * he investigation conUnutdT Meamyh,le the sheriff continued to »obe into the murder of Henry Adair wgro, who was stabbed to death here; whnstmas night. Four negro compan- ons were being held in jail for questioning, Tliose held are jress Listens ca as- game or ur ron D C., has lifted the limit of o another, or ou a emrel T- f ° r Pe ° Ple ° Ut aori ^«on from activiUes. oneprovinceh T wiS hi u provin e ui which Uw game was taken. That's no surprise to the America ?"">' of "early 100,000 men who fron WOO to 1902 spent months of the mo" arduous campaigning to subdue Ag umaldos guerilla forces. The littl tan-skinned men wliose military equipment was largely restricted to a shirt-tail and a bolo," fought dcs- peratel yagainst the American arm> of occupation, as they had againsi Oiat of Spain. General Arthur MacArthur the father of Lieutenant General Douglas MacArthur, was only one of many who could testify to the fighting quality of the Filipino He was with the "Army O f Pacification winch finally subdued them. The Yankee soldiei-s, plunged into a campaign in pathless tropical jungles, with languages and health problems of which they knew nothing M ^ r 1 ^ " ative help ' A hundred Macabebes. descendants of Aztec Indians brouglit to the Philippines from Mexico by the Spaniards, were hired as Quartermaster Scouts." This force grew, and gradually assumed more a,nd more military characteristics. Tagalogs, Visayans, Jloeanos, Cag(Continued, on page four) Peter McCoy, 22, year old negro was shot to death Christmas night Police were holding Louis Reed in connection with the shooting The fourth fatality was Jim Roberts whose body was found in a creek near Hope H-utoy, by a group of CCC boys. Funeral Service for Hope Man Jim Roberts, 50, Is Buried Saturday Morning Funeral services for Jim Roberts 50, well-known Hope man wliose body was recovered in a creek 6 miles southwest of Hope about noon Friday, were held at the Herndon-Corn- eiius funeral home at 10:30 Saturday morning. Burial followed in the Baldwin cemetery about 2 miles southeast of One report telephoned to ManllM a bullet! nsaid the Japanese '^ Moncada, about 83 miles nor Manila and other sources said t pushed another 5 miles further' captured Paniqui. ' Baguio Still Held by U. S. "? •Baguio, the commonwealth pine summer capital, still was American hands up to SaturdayjfitfS was said, and defended by AmerS regulars guarding roads into""' mountains from Lengayen '* v TV/ 11 ]? 5 , a «d bombs ruined many "j Manilas most ancient religious -,if" tutions but by sundown the confined 50 KUled, Many H Jrt Dead among Manila inhabi were estimated at about 50 and of others wounded— mostly , by hits on the roof of the treasury ing, ' i * \ Squadrons after squadrons t which lasted three hours and utes. All targets were in ti ]' radius around hotels where A can and British were sheltered. For the first 2% hours the attacked harbors arid piers came in groups of nine and' one target after another and back to it after they missed first time. After several attempts direct / 3,000 tons each, anchored off tne piers. These two ships sank within'an hour, one capsizing the other slowly settling. It was not known whether' anyone was aboard. Tp- The planes then attacked the piers themselves, causnig damage and S 5nk£ mg four of the Philippine govern^ ments coast guard cutters. , ?H Besides the churches' and the treasi NEA Service Telephoto British p rimc MJMistc VVilw(o Churchill » s | lc addressed a jo.it House-Senate session i,, the Senate Clwmbers. Behind him is SpciUicr Pro tcm William P. Cole Jr. «<• f. nines southeast of Hope. Ho is survived by his widow Roberts left home Christmas morn- cd to" i a etu^ lUn ^ U ' iP ' - When he fail " neighbors who began a searcli °IIis Dody was found by a group of'CCC BOJ s. Searchers expressed the opinion that he slipped and fell into the water and was unable to gain the once Theie W3S n ° evidence of vio- He had been employed at the Hope askPt Company for many years. hn-t bout fir U5uaUy Accounts for percent of the Yuletide de- fS r Cftristmas trees, accord- to the Department of Commerce One Prisoner Dies From Gas Three Others Overcome in Hot Springs Jail HOT SPRINGS-W-Qne prisoner died and three others were overcome by fumes Friday night in the new Garland county jail which was opened for use only Friday. i^l .?f. rland count ycoroner said the building was heated by (our gss stoves without Enemy Pours in \VASHINGTON-(*)-The War _ partment reported Saturday ait'V tleets of Japanese troop ships were'* pouring invasion reinforcements^ ashore north and southeast of. ManUa^ and very heavy fighting is jn pro-"^ gress southeast of the capital," ,' ' A communique said that n while fighting in the Lengayen area, north of Manila was of r character. Heavy enemy air activity, the com? munique said, continued over all battle fronts of the island. - , V Won't Recognize Open City " •= NEW YORS; _ (jtf^ They German, radio in a broadcast recorded by NBG * said Saturday "the Japanese military' does not recognize that Manila is to DC treated as an open city " . ^^bowting the German broadcast^ saia that because the decision was- 1 ^i^™ 1 , MacA .rOiur wit' ^' learned vents and said by gas. The man was not . .m t m,— He delivereth me from enemies: yea, thpu lifest me how those that ^ up »e: thou hast 4*v«wd fr toe ytolent wan.— Psa}nj$ 18:18, mine nft" Pie the Japanese caniiot recognize 1 any open city designs." ' Denounces Bombing WASHINGTON -(/P)-Secretary of State Hull declared Satuidaylhat thl ? P ^°^, hl bombin g the open crty of ManUa was practicing the sainj bai-baric methods of cruelty end in, humanity that Hitler has been using in European warfare. Brother of'locoI Woman Wr§ ck Victim Dewey Brooks, 44, brother of Mrs.' Louis Carleson, was killed in an au» tomobile accident near Houston, Tex, ms home, on December 24, relatives here announced Saturday. He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. A. A Brooks of Butterfield, Ark., and aiT- other sister Mrs. Ray Higgins of Little Krt(*lr First Airmail Pilot Earl L. Ovinf ton, first United States w i Sept. 83, 19U He transported mail from Nassau bpuieyard, Lone Island N. Y, to Mineola, Long Island . ~ - .-*'»•».' ' - — Principal export of British Malaya are rubber, tin, copra., nee nreca- and pre5eryj,d

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