The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APHIL 30, 1940 ira is ON HURT, KILL MM/IS 1 Johnson' Says "Trojan Horse"_ Won't Go Galloping Through Sweden By THOMAS Jl. .IOIIXSON NKA Horvice Military Writer No Trojan horse con hurdle, ro Fifth Column march over Sweden. Tlic Ins! Scandinavian democracy slill unscathed is ill far more danger of attack from without, than <if treachery fioin within. .Swedes of nil parties agree the few National Socialists within iheir Bales are not even potential Trojan tolls. Even so, Ihe Na/is are being rounded up by the Swedish secret service, which lias stopped their only newspaper ami urre.sted one parly member lor having joined with volunteers returning from Finland in bunilf.u a Communist newspaper plant. The charge is legalistic, for most .Swedes like Communists about as well as they do Nazis, and the Hitler-Stalin pact about ended German Influence In Sweden NAZIS NO CiOOD HERE Today the Naji party is ns popular in Sweden as tlie celebrated skunk at :i garden party. It always was weaker iti Sweden than in any oilier Scandinavian country. Although Sweden has proportional representation, the Nazis have never mustered votes enough to elect a single deputy to the Riksdag, nor even a dogctitcher for the province of Lapland, where there are said lo bu few dogs. Then leaders include nobody of ability or repute, but are said lo be backed by sundry wealthy young men who lauor mostly at clipping coupons and Inciting the Nazi parly against the real laborers of Sweden, the organized movement which is powerful. The only Swedes of consequence who have ever been called Nazis are generally considered to be really patriotic conservatives like the ex- .plorer Svcn Medin anil even Count Von Rosen, member of an old Swedish family to which the first wife of Hermann Goering belonged. Such families, with German connections or education, once believed tlie Versailles Treaty had dealt harshlv with Germany and justified her actions, but that feeling has almost completely disappeared NO SIfiN OF f.HMl TltKACHERY In the Swedish army there has been i-o evidence of such treachery «.s delivered some Norwegian defenses to the Nazis. rn the Swedish navy a very few officers, including an admiral or two, have been suspected'of Nazi sympathies, but all of them arc believed,to have been known and checkmated in the past week. In fact, they made no secret of iheir leanings, for until the invasion ol Norway there was no restriction on political utterances hi .Sweden. Sweden May Be Next JILYTHBVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS •The map shows how Germany reponcdly has concentrated troop? at convenient embarkation points for attack mi Sweden arc military factors thai would figure hi an Invasion. Off Hand Thoughts On European War From Our Friend Over London Way Mr. Graham Siidbury. Editor BJytlievllle Courier News Elytheville, Ark. Dear Mr. Sudbury: LONDON, April 30. — In Great, Britain, as in Germany, an army of youth is Irytng lo help win the war. But. in Oreat Britain there is no compulsion to join any kind of youth organization. Today Ihe proudest badge a British boy can wear is a small oblong red clolh bearing a gold crown in the center and the 'lel- tcs "N. S." showing he's in national service a Boy Seoul. Before Ihe boys arc accepted they I must have undergone special train- ling in the fitting of gas masks ami general air raid precaution work generally referred to as A.R.P. Their jobs are various: messengers, rilling sand bags, collecting waste paper for the Paper Control Committee, helping in kitchens in the reception areas for evacuated children, The lads show (heir ingenuity creating 'new jobs for themselves. Thus, inj. one district when heavy J?inS. fjobdpcl .the air raid shelters Pensioner on l.onclv Isle FREDEIUCTON. N. 13. (UP) New Brunswick's oldest old-age pensioner, a French-Acadian widow on lonely Shippegan Island, this month started her iOOIh year. Besides gelling t.lie monthly pension check from the government. Mis. Marie Savoie has a son and n daughter who receive similar compensation, * Asia has a mean elevation of 3000 leet, which is 1000 feet higher than that of North America. VORTEX PETROLEUM CO. IH.VTI1EV1LLE CITY LIMITS HIGHWAY fit NORTH Any 20c Cijarctlcs for IGe With I'lirclinse of 5 Oai. »r More of AUK. GAS AT MO. THICKS KEFINKUY TO YOUR CAH Miehic ISros., Denier they got out hand pumps and pumped out the water. In another village when the residents who work in London returned to find a blnckout, the Scouts led them safely lo their homes, torch-llghUiig their way. In still another town the Scouts put up the blackout curtains and shutters for the aged and inllrin. The Girl Guides arc equally busy; orderlies in hospitals, making hos- pllal and troop supplies, saving all sorts ol waste material, looking nfter evacuated children in (he small towns. Where the schools were closed temporarily due lo evacuation. Ih Ing In Hie German air force A number of his uncles are ilotni' likewise. H Is claimed 1'rinee Fiedily, as an officer, took parl In the. Nazi Binb of Uohemla and Moravia. the social butlerlly' art In London when the war broke out. llul Freddy wus noi even Inconvenienced, llv wus nnl on n eiwulsoii of (lie p.\-K<\lsiu' Wit- T) helm, Two ofjils brothers are sen'- ' l>Ct l(>l Tom- Will Ik Held Thursday others have done In .. „ will bi> Ihe aim ol the Heller Homes Tour to be snon- mred in North Mississippi Comity «nd Is free to clrc'idale" on"'this ml!!!!",';' ''*' ""' < i m "" y Com "'" l " »i win. HO is .stm mi,. ,r K , r,f M 111 ''! 1 , a "" s •" (ii) - 1 '- - - " .MH'iiHi' or }),>tler Homes Week -lioind fi-cp—fnmi one great conn- try house | 0 another AND ALSO TO Hi; A MAKQUKSS it safe in wartime In Bri.nln ! cd' ,„ I ""will ti n/iin- »„ ...... t ..... s. . v>uimi.\ \\iit '»*' (our is to bi'tili] ivJih iMriili- fnsl «1 Lcachvllle. at t) oviwlt, and aner u visit in numerous Hardens ! ' "" ' ^'''" Mlsslssl >"" ill-lies. One morning Tavlstoek astounded Uu 1 natives by annonnclni' Germany wanted pence anil | 0 have 11 WHS prejinrcd (o K lve a reconsli- luted Czechoslovak slate; «) give n reconstituted Poland her free-' dom. Tavlstoek said he i;ot these terms by establishing coniact with the German legation in Dublin. He look the lerins lo Lord Halifax Sly job bclni; to nsk t|iirsllons I put two ([iierles to thasc In authority. I—lly comimmlccitlnf! with tlie enemy did Tavisioek contravene any Urltish luws? 'J— if JK; had been plain Hill Tavlstoek, fishmonger, would he have been received at the Foreign Odicc or would he have landed in a less pleasant place? Heply 10 No. ! was that no law wns broken. Tavisioek did not. ulvc informntion to the enemy or Undo with him. Reply to No. 2 was the old run-around about "Well you know we consider Tavlstoek a son of crnnk.' Courier spondcnt. Hesl regards. MILTON HIJONNEll, News Europi'iin Corre- Half-Bushel Measure Goes to State Museum MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP)—Alabama's standard of measures for the past 87 years has become n muscum-plcce. temporarily due lo evacuation Ihe Agriculture Commissioner Hay- Girl Guides opened occupation' e ° ofl P(ltcreo " 'ins given tlic liiuid- ceiUcre in their dub rooms and in S01nc ' brnss ' ''""-''"shel meiisure - "• nv « t IM EJI l)]|j]l I V louse, now under construction, will Hi- viewed, in this community 1,1.,,, " ""'"'Hive proiiiam culls for In lei iloiK at ih,. fotitilry residences 01 MIS.. Jolin Sleirns un,| Mrs. K ,M woodurd (u view their uiirdens. Alllu.ii,.), ii,,, nij,,!,,,,,!)!,, ..„ .. have not been Hilly iirr'.mpod „ I'o'rm'dens 1 ,';""""'' C "" K "" "* H * Is county yard impim-ciiieni eluih- '»'<('. Mi.s, A. Conway m ,, t M,, S- ,;. •>• |J "I' 1 ; homes of Victor Mallory near \aibro mid two houses under TOnsimetlon on Clilekasawba iivr- inie, one or which Is sponsored l;v Ihe ArkMo Lumber Company, ' A lea at, tlie home ol Mrs Hpen- ccr Hunch, o( y, lf bro, at, ^'o'elwk lour"' nl(< '" ux '"' wl " concliiun Ihi! IJisl. year several Juindrcd women pnrticipateil In a similar imir. Don't Pet Too Much, College Girls Advised BOSTON (Ul')-siinmonsCol- Oi!e sludenls have bcej, (old (lint the lime to pet is nflor iimnlace. not before. I'raf Alexander Mayoun of Massncliusetls Itisliliile of Teeh- iMiigy spoke at the girls school mid iii- fi «l Hie,,) „„(. lo ]]( , t (ot) much, "Think of II." he suld. "you have sill your life („ p c |, after marriage mid you probably will he married •15 years. Thnfs when you should pet," centers in (heir dub rooms and in church halls. Here they taught the youngsters first aid. IJie way to air raid and first aid shelters, in some places they even opened kinder- gar lens. ° J ro - v!U to the state department, of archives and history. II will be placed in the slate museum. Tlie hnlf-biishel measure was one ol several standardized by Congress in June. 1 «:((>. On April, l»52, by authority of rn , i -l u« AIM-IJ, m,2, by authorily ol England-even If you ar, the treasurer of the United Sales German prince caught here i,:. the brass half-bushel measure was For Best Results In Baking — Use Shibley's Best FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER WHi-lline. Prince Frederick of Prussia is a son of ex-Crown Prince Willie iintl presented the slate of Alabama us u criterion. H measures within ,Q8 parts of a grain of correctness. YOUR MULE EATS WHETHER HE WORKS OR NOT And niiiny of (he expenses of owning land K» rijfhl on whether (he land is producing- or^ fallow. So if you have ;i lield thill you have neg- leclcd due lo Ihe expense of making a crop on it, or if some of your fields need replanting, why not secure (he necessary fundh IhrouRh a Crop Production l.o;in and put all your land to work? The loans are made at a reasonable rate of interest and you repay in the Fall when you sell your crops. We welcome applications. COMPLETE HANKING SERVICE 1. Crop Production Loans 2. Checking Accounts .'i. Savings Accounts •I. 1'er.soaal Loans 5. New Car Financing 0. F.H.A. Title 2 Loans 7. Commercial Loans 8. Small Real Kstatc Loans THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Shamlin To Speak At Joiner Thursday Mnliil'lii i-(HUr,,l )„ s,,,,!], Atls .|i|)l I'iMiiity mid siiwn).,. illsiiosiil lor llio town of JUIIUT will In- ills- i-tiwoil hy Cicorni> Kliiinillu. MIIII- liilkm (iicliii'cr (if in,. MKslsslllliI l-'oiiilly lioltli Hull, in „ niretlinj <il Mil' .Julni-r M.'ii'.s llii.sli,pv.s cliilis I Imrsduy ni^ui !lt ju),,,,,. <>">' »f Mic liisi ol)j, r lives uf Mils newly oivLinlyc<| dull h secur- llll! Wllti'l- stl|l||[y mill MWIIBC ills- liusiil Iw Jiilnn. wlili-li Is iilso ex- IK'i'led Ki Ir.'ul lo idirtlully snlvltiH Mu> miiliuln conirul. Nei;:,ll;itlo]is are now wirteiwny Ui .secure n WI'A projecl lor sileii " iiruimim vvlik'U winilil be spon- sciivd by the elulv Health Clinic For Negroes Established Tlml iii'iiiii clillilreii enli'ilni! M-lllllll In llljllu'VlH,. lnu y | 1IU .,, „„ I'Hiiiil »|i|«ir((inlty us whiu> tiliil- ilren lor |.(«,<] imiidi. Hie Mlwls- slpjil Cimnly lli-iilili Unit wlll.siiun- Mir n fn-e liculib clinic lur m-. mill's win) will enli'r M-hiuil next Si'iileinlier, This etlnlc will t«: lield ill tile lii'iillli mi!! dfilee in (in. court luiiise 'I'liiir.Mlny HllcriKiim, l:;i(| o'eliii-k when |i:ircnl.s me lo iiccoin- |)!iny Ilielr cliUillrn '1'liey will receive n iiliyslcul ex- lUiiiiintlon, ili'iiiul check-up mill .Miiiill|)o.v viiccliHiiliiiis and iii-riiiine- mnil.s «-||| be tiiiulc lo oljtnli, n lilrlli ivrtlllcate lor end) chilli. Dcfi'd:; round will lie illsciissed with niiitliois In mi eltiirt to icim'- (iy any 111 healih eiiinlliloiis lie- lore the children dike up Iheir scliool life. | She Wants lo Fly al 08 H!,AII(SV1I,U<;. a, (UP? -Mrs. Wary June llcmiett, wlio Just eele- 1)1 Hied her (Will blrlhriiiy here,him tliiw iiinbltlcMis she hopes (o ue- PAGE THREE compllsl, bofoi-o her death. Mrs . Bennett, -widow or ti civil Wat soldier, would like nothing better Intin to take an nlrpliinr r ide, O r visit Atlantic city aim Miami Will I revs KeineililieiTil 111 H'ill LONDON (UP)-Violi'l I'ralii-ll, n elly waitress whose ciislonu'r, Kd- wavd King, ot SpuldUnvsl, Kent nlwaj'.s snw Hint .slie luul a i;o«l Up, finds tlmt. In his will he his lelt her „ KmM (lf $ ,, it ww . k [m . Liquid CAPUDINE for HE AD ACHE jWott ®ljan a jttug Once a vicious, surly brute . . . Your Bull- dug h;is been transformed by selective breeding into one of tlic best loved of all dogs. Cruelty was eliminated from his nature, but courage and loyalty remain. To admirers, only fault is his snoring. No wanderer—this likeable, inquisitive "mug" is easily adaptable to small dwellings. To keep coat clean and odor free . . . Many authorities advise regular baths for the house dog—always in a warm spot. Wash carefully though . . . He doesn't like soap in the eye any, boiler than you would. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Unrnard Allrn, Mjr. "Wn(pr Is Vimr t)lii-ii|irsl Commodity" I'JW;,; l.iii. tly !.!„„, (,.]\ iS > (l l :liv 1 !ral in Detroit.* -_- '- n - "I »."•' .isnciimT, i-uiiur ankin siii:>, <li:livcn'il in Dctl Its the best Dodge ever built and the biggest car for your money! W lll'N you slip behind the wheel i)f the mngnificcnl J9IO J.u.vury Liner, you have ut yotir heck-iuul- cull Ihc finest cur Ihiil ever bore Die fc'rc.-il name (if Dodgct To millions of motorists no other name in the automobile industry means nil tliut the name Dod^e has conic lo mean. Dodge means ilc- tieutMn'lily. It nictins brilliant nninu- niclurin^ niiJ soiinil craftsmanship. It menus economy of operation. 'p Unit is why (here urc more Dodge Ttiat in on Major llmrts I),iginal Amateur cars on the highways of America (ban any other car in its price class. Dodge gives you (lie bin/lest car ut nnywhere ncur its price—a full 119!/ 2 inch wheclbascl Yon get the advantages of Dodge high trade-in value...mid the savings on gas nnd oil for which Dodge bus long been famous. And you talk price, you'll hear more good news! For (his big, luxurious Dodge costs just « few dollars more than smaller low-priced cars. //our, CI1X, nursJasi, 9 la 10 /'. M., F..S. T. DODGIi ENGINEERING COSTS YOU NOTHING EXTRA BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. LOUIS GBORGti MOT OR CO., Oseeola, Ark MARKED TREE MOTOR CO, Mirk*. .Tree, Ark. c . w . mim , MnQ Hi one ESS 117-119 East Stain S(.

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