Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 16, 1939
Page 3
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jfotprda-y. September Iti, SOCIETY HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS jvirs. Sid Henry Telephone 321 Prophecy For I clipl into tin- future. Kiir us human eye could see. S:iw tin- vision of the world. And nil tin.' wonder thnt would he: Saw Ihe he;ivi.m filled with commerce. /Vi-fuisies of niitjiic sails. Pilot.', of HIP pui'ijle twilight, Dropping flown with costly bales: Heard tin- hciiven.s filled with shout- i"lf; And (hero rain'd ,-i (jhaslly dew From the nation's airy nnvies (irappling in tin., eenti-nl hlne; Kiir along the world-wide whipser. Of the soul-wind rushing warm. With the slumlai-els of the peoples Plunging through the thunder storm "I'll I the war drum throbbed no longei, And the battle-flaw, were furl'd In the Parliament of man, The Federation of the world. There l.he common sense of most Miiill bold a fretful realm in awe. And the kindly earth shall slumber! Lain in universal |-!w -Tennyson's Loeksley Hall In .-innum-icing the meeting of the different circles of the W. M. U. First Hapti:,!. we ommilled that Circle No. V would meet at the home of Mrs F. 1... Padgill. al three o'clock. Monday afternoon. -O^Mr;;. John Mi-Gill and little daughter. Pat who l«,ve been guests of Mr and Mrs. A. D. Mid.ilebrooks will re- H'ln to their ho,,,e in Pine Bluff Sunday. -O- Circle No. 1. W. M. S.. First Chiist- ian ('hiiri-h will i,leet Monday at'ter- !"»>n at :i : ;;il at the home of Mrs. Oliver Adams. South Main street wilh. Mr.,. Ada Swiei-guud as eu- Mi'-s Patriei:, Duffle left Thursday lor Foil Worth. Texas, where she will enter Texas Christian University —O- "•Ir.s. Franklin D. lioosevelt will S|>"ak tonight ; ,| s : ;;o over the major radio net woik.s. addressing Democratic women's d;, v rallies in .Jl .stotes- Ui'iiiember the time. S:.';tl tonight. .Mrs. M. M. McClouj'.han. Mrs. Tbm:is KIIIM-I. Mrs. .}. V. IVlerfield. Mrs. A (''isherman Saves a Life STAUNTON. Va.~<,IM_How a fisherman saved a fish's life will) a hook and line was reported by Game Warden Clemmer L. Miller. The Rev. A. ,1. Shumate. Lutheran minister, was fishing in a clear mountain stream when he saw a two-foot water snake with a hass in its mouth Hie minister expertly, snaked the snake, and killed it. The bass swam away to safety. SUNDAY - MONDAY SONJA HENIE RICHARD GREENE — in — LOOKY STAR" — Plus _OCCUPATIONS GOOSE FLIES HIGH Clearance Summer Dresses A real savings at LADIES Specialty Shop STANDINGS National League H. V. Herndon sr. Mrs. Tom McLarty, Mrs. R. D. Frunklin and Mrs. J. M. ie were Friday afler noon of- Mrws. C. C. Lewis al her new homy in Prcscott. Misses Marian Smith and Frances i Ynetim of Henderson Stale Teacher College Arkadelphia are spending th week end with home folks. Mrs. Jack Williams and little .son Jackie are guests of Mrs. Williams mother Mrs. Ida Martindale and olher relatives. Clubs Cincinnati St. Louis Chicago Brooklyn Ni-w York Pittsburgh'' Hoston 1'hilailclphia so 77 7] 57 •12 1,. Til 55 Headed for College CHURCH NEWS Saint Marks Episcopal Church Morning Prayer, Services conducted, by the lay reader at eleven o'clock. GARKETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Hullw A. Piirtlc. I'nsltir Dr. C, C. Winters, teacher in the Magnolia Bible School, will preach here Sunday at 11 a. in. and 8 p. m. His many friends in and near Hojx- ( are invited to hear hi'nv. Dr. Winters! promises lo answer the much asked j question, "What is the difference in' the Association und Convention Bap-! list." You who would really like to! know the differences ip these two' bodies are urged to hear Dr. Winters. we are lo have services Saturday. Devotional 7::il) p. m. preaching by pastor 8 p. m. Sunday school fl:45. For our in- eouragement and for your good we in- .sisl Ihal you be in Sunday .school Sunday. All classes of the E. Y. P. T. C. will meet al 7 p. in. Come and worship with us. t-'riduj.v's Results Cincinnati 10-3, New York 6-4. Philadelphia '.1-1. Chicago (i-fi. Brooklyn •!. Pittsburgh 2. St. Louis 1. Boston II. Games Saturady I-hil.1 jlphia at Chicago. New York at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at iPttsbiirgh. 1'ioMon at St. Louis. American League Clubs New York Bos I on . .. Chicago Cleveland ... Detroit . Washington Philadelphia St. Louis . 8I I... •n 57 (ill fil t;ii si 88 Friday's Kesults New York 10. Detroit ::. I hiliidelphia 3, Chicago 2. St. Louis !l, Washington f>. Cleveland 7. Boston 1. Games Saturady Cleveland at Boston. Detroit at New York. Chicago al Philadhelphia. '.I. Louis at. Washington. Congress is to (Continued From Page One) FIRST BAPTIST Rev. William R, Hamilton. Pastor A "Sensational Message" will be the pastor'.-) topic at !0:lS Sunday! morning service. Rain or shine, the auditorium should be well filled with expectant worshippers. Sunday school assembles by departments at 9M5. As this is tlie last Sunday before promotion day every pupil should try to be- present! ''Going Awny From Jesus" will be the topic at the S o'clock service Sunday night. "Will You Also Go Away." general assembly at 7 o'clock. Baptist Training Union meets for A cordial invitation is extended to all services at the First Baptist church SPRING HILL METHODIST Rev. C. V. Mashhuri), Pastor 10 a. in. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Sermon. T'.'M p. m. Sermon. BATTLEFIELD MTHOD1ST Rev. C. V. iUashhurii, Pastor 2:,'!0 p. m. Sermon. EPVVORTII LEAGUE CONVENTION istricl Sunday sclioo) me- i~. m. li. cnurch will be held at Mt. Zion church six miles north of Hope next Wednesday, September 20 tin- Rev. G. W. Young, presiding older, announced. FOOTBALL SCORES' Little Rock Catholic High 1!!. Balesville (i. Hope III. Haynesville iLa..i K. Beebe (i. Bcnton li die). Russellbille !>], Oxark li. Joneshoro 2(>, Newport I). Blytheville 58, Prexcotl (I. Hot Springs 21. Texarkana 0. Harrison 18, Casvllle (Mo.i (i. Fayetteville 2(i, Berryville 0. Searcy 54, Heber Springs II. McGehee 39, Carlisle I). Waldron 7, Horatio (i. Bentonville 14, Concord lOkla ) (I Pigeott 35, Clinton 0 Brinkley 27, Parkin (i. Caniden 20. Smackover 0. Mbmieello 13, Fordyce 0. Texarkana iTex.'i 22, Gurdon II. El Dorado 2li, Crossett fi. Stuttgart 12, Clarendon 0. Fort Smith 27. Van Bureir 7. Paris (j. Charleston 0. Malvern 13, Dierks 0. Nashville 25. Murfreesboro 7. «« DON'T IHSSS THE WIZARD OF OZ" STARTS PREVIEW SATURDAY NIGHT 11 p. m, SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY CONTINUOUS TUESDAY —2:15 to 9i30 which might entangle us in fore-inn, wais . . . We are not isolationists except in so far as we seek lo isolate ourselves completely from war . . . 1 hate war . . .1 have passed unnumbered hours, I .shall pass unnumbered hours, thinking and planning how war may be kept from this nation ... If we face the choice of profit.'; or peace, the nation will answer — must answer — 'We choose peace'." In the Madison Square Garden speech of the l!)3(i campaign. Roosevelt reili.-ratod this mood of isolation: "Today there is war and rumor of war, We want none of it . . '" Directly after that election. in November, he toured South America, and in a speech to the Braxilian congress he launched the campaign for Pan-American co-operation as apart from Europe: "If we are guided by wisdom, such comprehension will banish conflict from this part of the world." At Buenos Aires he reiterated this theme—let the Americans set up a scheme of permanent peace, and the results would show Ihe world the way. In mid-July, 1!):!7. war st.urck again. Ibis lime in China. The isolationist feeling was still strong and on Sept. (i Ihe President announced thai all Bui the Navy in China continued to protect Americans as best it could, and by fall the repeated irritations in China, and the rising strength of the Rome-Berlin axis in Europe had begun to induce another mood. Ronsevelt Preserihes Quarantine For War At a Chicago bridge-dedication on Oct. "). Roosevelt made his famous "qua ran line" speech: "It seems to he unfortunately true thai Ihe epidemic of world lawlessness is spreading. When an epidemic of physical disease starts, to spread, the community approves and joins in a quarantine . . . War is a coniagion. whether it he declared or imdeelaro. It can engulf states and peoples remote frum the original seem: of hostilities. We are deter- minded to keep out of war. yet we can- nol insure ourselves against the disastrous effects of war and the dangers of involvement . . America hates war. America hopes for peace, Therefore. America actively engages in the search lor peace." Thus far a year's sensational events had carried American poWcy from the Chaulauqua speech. Throughout lil.'iX. events piled on one another in Europe. Germany sei/.- ed Austria and the Sucletenland. The President set American rearmament in motion. The fleet was sent lo the Pacific. He made his plea to Hitler and the President Belies of the Czechs for peaceful .settlement. Munich, and the conquest of Czechoslovakia, the seizure of Mcmel. and I ho Italian conquest of Albania fol-| lowed. Exactly how much encouragement was lent by the United Stales to the effect to form a united front against further German aggression during IIKM is not clear, but the impression is definite Ihal Ihe L'nited Stales did support it. "Alethnds Stronger Than Mere Words" As l9;-i,'l opened. President Roosevelt | ad'.lre.sM.-d Congress Jan. -1 with this significant suggestion: "There are many methods short 1.1' war but stronger and mole effective I than mere words, of bringing home i to aggressor governments the ag-1 gregatt sentimenl.s of mir own peo-, pie . . . At the very lea.st, we can and ; should avoid any ;iclion. or any luck ' i t action, which will encourage, assist, or build up an aggressor." j The following month Ihe President ! culled Ihe Si-n.-ile Military Affairs, Committee to a While House cun-, ierc-nce. Some led wilh a definite 1 impression that he would go ti every ; I o.->-il.ile length, shori of war. to.' hack Ihe coalition which was Irving; li: hall GeniK.n expansion in its dis- i of ,- treaties and peaceful I A storm broke at ihi ; , and at a hint that European governments had been privately apprised L ,f this .stand. The President berated as "boobs" those who had spread the impression Ihal tin- American frontier was now Sui-tly dashing but at the same lime essentially practical are these lall hats, designed espl-cialy for college c;irls. The lilack mode left is trimmed with hands of patent leather, the larger one threaded through' miniature buckets. The other, right is olive green with soft, medium brim inul fairly high crown, both intricately .stitched. Ih Rhine. Ho clarified American loreiMn policy as being no more than. 1. No entangling alliances. 2. Broader world trade for all. , I!. Sympathy wilh all effort lo reduce armaments. •1. Pnocful maintenance of political. economic and social independence for all countries. Action in the present European war crisis has been confined largely to a general appeal lo the opposed parties. on humane grounds, and to an exact and literal application of existing neutrality laws denying arms alike to all belligerents, but permit- tint; shipment of other articles, many ut which have already been declared contraband. Whether Congress confirms the President's belief in the advisability of; repealing the present neutrality law. or whether Congress will fgiht against repeal as it: did bt.fore the regular HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Social Trails Not Hereditary "You and Heredity." by Am ram Scheinfeld (Stokes: S3), is the first comprehensive book for the layman detailing ail Ihal science has lear- ed about heredity in recent years. As shch, it is a startling "dosu- menti, overlhrning many well- founded beliefs about the inheritance of features, diseases, intel- ligenre. talents. Some new light is thrown on heredity in this session adjourned in August, or whether it will adopt still another policy, remains to be seen. 3,000 FansWitness (Continued from Page One) for Galento Wins Over !Timely Hits Give Lou Nova in 14th Atlanta 4-2 Win five as the quarter ended. The Second Quarter , Baker mafic another first down on two attempts. The Tornado squad stopped thrj attack and Taylor punt<. J d to the 20. Claunch made nine yards through the. line but WHS stopped. cold m his tracks on the next ,,hj. attempt when Taylor broke lhrou R lv , sn to make the tackle. A bad punl ; t New Jersey Fighter Given Southern League Playoff Decision After Bloody ', Will Be Resumed Sun- Battle ' ; day Afternoon gave Hope possession on the Haynes- i |j. t |,, r.,, f ',,. .., ville 30. Baker made' seven yards ^ ' rl ,n ,'u ' f around end. On the next play Hope was set. buck 15 yards for holding Taylor then punted to the HaynesI ville 15. The balance of the second period saw neither team making a sevier scoring threat. Baker intercepting a Haynesville pass ns Ihe half ended near midfield. The Third Quarter. the kiekoff on his yard line, raced down the east side] ec i Two Ton Tony MUNICIPAL STADIUM. Philadn-1-j f/P>— An as glory and bloody icle as any slaughterhouse ever < Galrjnfo. tin- was supposed ;r I.) minutes. cut young Lou Nova down in 14 rounds Friday night to qualify for another chance at Joe Louis heavyweight championship. With both fighters smeared with blood and his own shirt splattered ironi collar to waist. Refrec .... _ _> ,., F.UIOI, ( n.;i l !,-(.: Cjf_*O|'JJ(> ( •-»• Elakc slopped in and stopper! the fight! Tinsley took the" kiekoff o"n his lO-Cnd'of^' V^""'' of , } h " Mth ' 11 i iiounu ol left-hand .sltiKtfina nnri ".wai-H : raced down the east side U Tw,, T,,n T™,. . < fe ,!"l:'!."V '?.*, \ series to choose the Southern Asso- line and cut to his right near th c 511-yard line where he found an open field ahead to score the only Tornado touchdown, failed. Apparently Attempt to kick point the Haynesville score failed to "bother" the Bobcats Ellen took the kickoff, brought it back up to his 45 where on the next play he went around end for 30 yards. Baker. Taylor and Ellen alternated to carrying the hall to the one- technical knock - NASHVILLE. Tenn. — (/Pi — Timely hitting gave the Atlanta Crackers a •!-2 victory over Nashville Friday night ljf.'fore a crowd of about 5500 in the first of a seven game series in the Shciughnessy playoff finals. The defeat was doubly bitter for the Vols. George Jeffcoat. dependable righthander was hit on the knee in the first inning by a line drive off Lesti.-r Burges bat and it was feared .Jeffcoat would be lost for the series. The clubs have an off day Saturday Lit renew hostilities Sunday afternoon here in the second game of the out victory. Not in the wildest nightmare! any one expected what look j eialion's representative in a post- had i •;. ( ; UK011 match with the Texas League .Friday night same Gene Tunney dethorned Jack i Dempsey 13 years ago. The fight not supposed to last more than rounds, because either Galento's hand bomb or Nova's cutting would force a halt by then. Yet. for not quite 14 full place | Ehanghnessy playoff winners. in! Atlanta ill 000 010—4 11 0 Nashville . 010 000 010—2 10 1 ., , ,., no% . L , tj.m.1 i ii t » wi^n. I l.lol 1 — further credit of genetics ecl '» anc ' clinched but mostly watch- exlerpt: To the as a fear-alleviator, it can be said that a h9ost of conditions formerly through! hereditary have been proved otherwise. Few, if any. important conditions not formerly considered hereditary have been added to the list ... Turning to the social traits, of intelligence, behavior, character, personality, etc. limited as may yet be our genetic knowledge, it is sufficient aiso to allay a host of longstanding fears. Many of the under- sirable social traits in human beings have been indicated as due primarily ti enviroment, and there has been much to challenge prevalent beliefs and suspicions regarding the herditary "criminality," "immortality, 1 ' or general "undesirability'' of members of this group, class or race. These findings, too. may be of use in your own life. If you have had the uneasy feeling that one of the torememioned traits, or some crudity, unpleasant mannerism, inability to "get along." or other social deficiency in you was due to an inherited and incurable "streak," you may see by now that your suspicions were probably unfounded. Again, hi marriage,; employment friendship or any other relationship, if any individual you have in mind is personally desirable and of good character, you need not be greatly worried because he is of this or that race nationality, or be much concerned because a grandfather had a penchant for abducting borses, or a great-aunt was no been. better than she should have SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1930. NEA SERVICE, INC. - rivc fur (In- aiiiiiviTsnr.v iniriy — * < 7irn.. -i. Kiililt'n :iml liHtllc; Annum! Hill S.-imlM, liMppy in llu-i'i- MiffpKx; It n ml y MraiiK. hiiiiilsiuin-, liknlilc. U.-iiuly-s iiK.-n-M in f.-ir- 111:1 I'aiii-.s .-is Uoilj In iiiirodiiccd. CHAPTER XI rpHEY dined informally and with x imicli gaiety, Dan servii^, Dolly jumping up when occasion demanded, which was seldom. When .she cleared the table for dessert, Bill and Randy helped. Ovt/r cnlVee, when Mai-inn had admitted that it was an anniversary dinner, they culled upon 13aa for a speech. Ho arose, smiling upon them. ''Friends and follow citizens," he be«aii ceremoniously, and Marian Ha/i'd, at him wilh pride in her eyes, lie was so good-looking, so outstanding-looking. The old cry came back to torment her. \\'hy b.vid Dan not found his place? "We are galhered together—" ''Sounds like the wedding ceremony," Amy Ellen put in. "Well, listen to it, my good woman, and mend your ways." They all laughed. They wanted <o laugh and it came easily. Carma gave Randy a carefully 'prepared Mnile. He smiled Ileetingly and .veturned his gax.e to Dolly's' sweet profile. Slio looked at him, her eyes trusting and childish. Involuntarily, lie leaned toward her. He .said somothin/f aodl her dimples llickered. Dan tliunrfererj, "J.Tt,y your atlx-ntum'.' 1 ' AH eyes turned back to him. "We are gathered together in c«ilcl>i-fetiijii of an event, the greatest event of jny life." His eyes- caught RUu-ian'i and held them. "Twc-h'e years ago today two people entered upon an agreement, the- man to provide, the girl to keep his home. If the agreement has not been carried out to the letter, it is still there, waiting to be fullilled." There was an instant of silence anjund the table. Amy Ellen .ylaiiced ;u Bill and he nodded. The nud seemed to say thai their .-igi-eemcnt had been fullilled. Handy dropped his gaze from Dan's serious face, Carma twisted the stem of her water glass. Dolly's troubled eyes turned to Marian. Dan threw back his head. He laughed, his voice lightened.: "After 12 years of married life! 1 want lo go on record as saying that 1 like it, darned if I don't." '. something He sat down amidst hand clapping .'why, but So he was to provide, was lie Well, why hadn't he? And sh was to keep his house. She had And she had paid .for half o everything in that house. Because of her efforts, Dan had lived it luxury—well, semi-luxury. Shi bit back angry, condemning words They left the table and a gir appeared from somewhere to whisk the dishes into the kitchen Dan removed the extra leaves from the got cleg- table anc shoved it back against the wall Carma turned on the radio anc asked Randy to dance wilh hei in the uncarpeted hall. Dan took Dolly and there was much hilarity :;s the two couples tried to pass n the narrow corridor. Bill examined Marian's few books, Amy Ellen and Marian sat down on the davenport. ''It can't be 12 years since I saw you," Marian began. "1 hate to think of our last meeting," Amy Ellen laughed. "Gracious, weren't we in a mess?' "I don't mind telling you that it got a lot worse before it got better," Amy Ellen was saying. "We moved into one room, we scarcely had enough to eat. I can't remember that we minded much but wo must have. Unless you were crazy you'd mind being hungry, wouldn't you?" 'I don't know—I never was hungry." No, the only hunger Marian had ever known was 1'or imported gowns, soft silk next to her skin, hose like cobwebs. To justify herself, she said, "You cried that clay—you were frightened." "Only for the baby. He was ours, Bill's and mine, we had brought him into the world, we couldn't let him suffer. It was good for us to have him. We might lo the question. I want to understand your side." "I had to let Bill do it," Amy Ellen sakj. "My mother went out and go» a job when the going was was | £'moll Gabler and Smith; Jeffcoat, five iMartynik and George, left j jabs', the 224 1-2 pound barkeep from fornia Kid" slugged and mauled, rush- BARBS id the blood spurt. Twice both were on the floor al j c ''.'.' the same time. From the second! A round, on gore virtually pounded from Nova's slashed right eye. From midway of the battle, red dripped from Two-Ton Tony's gashed mouth -md chin. Then, in the l'4th. just when it seemed a steady body bombardment had worn away his vitality, Tony sucl- Rnilroads can be sure the government will help them keep running | no observation denly leaped ound house put with left. It one of caught those j Nova on the jaw and down he went. For the goon-it second time in the fight, Tony stumbl- I S26.000. i until after 3940, for as yet" there are platforms on busses can speak. ' writers' project reports there are several precious metals unde Manhattan's suface. Subway r.anhadlcrs will probably doubt this. Now Governor Dickinson tells us modern dancing is leading our youngej- generation to sin. We just knew there was something worse than war lo worry about these days. An Indiana man says he is looking for a wife who must be under 26, mi-looking, a good cook, and have ed over him and the same time, three and both appalrent Nova. fell to the canvas al The count went to got up but it was was done. Brother, who isn't! Another series of those barrel hoop lefts hit his chin, and down he went for the count of eight. He arose, helpless. Tony charged in and threw some more lefts. As Nova, game to finish, tried to gel out of the way. Blake stepped in and ended it. Slate officials who aren't getting much sleep these nights have nothing on us, what with the neighbor's radio blaring all night with bulletins on the European situation. There were only 1.612 deaths from thej mfluenza in Texas in 1938, compared i with 3.67.5 in 1937. Kadio Broadcast A radio program from Hot Spring.". ] Station KTHS will be presented Sunday morning from eight to eight thirty o'clock by Ouchila College. The opening enrollment at Ouchila is larger than ever before in the history of the college. i More than 100 schools in Texas will 'participate this autumn in six-man \ football. Kansas woodlands cover .1,238.000 acres or 3,242,000 acres less than the original woodlands before the are was settled. yard line only to bog down after a 54-ynrd march up the field. Haynesville took possession and punted out of danger. Taylor passed to Green for five yards, completing the only loss of the game. The third quarter ended a few moments later with Haynesville in possession about mid-field. I The Final Quarter I Haynesville was unable to gain on) line plays and punted out on Hope's! LOGS BOLTS and hard for Father. I saw what it did to him." 'Did Bill feel that way, too*'I""" When the money gave out didn't he want you to help him—for the baby?" and shoul.s of •hear—" tears burned behind have gone soft." , "Tell me about it," Marian said : urgently. She must find the intervening pictures, they must put her 'right with herself. "What happened—after you were hungry?' 1 "The worst day was when Bill sold my engagement ring. That was the last thing we had to sell. We bought oranges and cod liver oil and milk." "1 remember—-you spoke of oranges and cod liver oil." "The money got down to $5— then $2." "Why didn't you go to work, Amy Ellen? Girls can always get to do. 1 don't know Ihuy can. Why didn't ELLEN shook her head. "1 think he would have given up Men have pride, Marian. If you take pride away from them they're licked. Bill was never licked. He kept trying and trying and I kept waiting—he cheered me up and I tried to keep up his courage." She laughed with a little catch in her voice. "It seems funny now." "And them he got aVob?" "Just a little one at first. I'll never forget the first Saturday u'ght. He brought his pay check lome and put it in my lap—we lad steak and custard pie—there lever was such a meal." She smoothed hei dress, not looking at Marian. Marian said nothing. That was ichievement. She and Dan had no noments like that to remember. "Bill was so proud," Amy Ellen, vent rjjp, her pretty voice gentle. 'He hud done it himself—without lelp. When lie's an old man he •an always remember that he took •are of his family." Marian looked at,-Bill, his head bent over a book. -'And now he's uccessful," she said, half to her- elf. "He has to be," Amy Ellen laughed. "With a wife and four children—" "Four children—think of it." "They're cute, Marian." Her eyes shone, her smile was soft and | you gel someone to care for the jbrtby c.nri help out?" She had to I 11 *' nnt rni'-A'"Yr °' Ve ' S ' b , Ul ''I-' 1 ' J *P S dici j Amy Ellen moved uncomforta- nol lelax hen- .,„„!,,. Da ,,v ,oc- bly. -Oh, 1 don't know." ond, J.gh -hearted remark had not| Marian put an insistent hand on succeeded ia ^ip.ng the tirst from [ her arm. "Don't be afraid of luu°- ueijnmd. |ing lny j- ee i ingSi • 1 - iiC1 . c - s Uvo sides "When each baby came along, Bill had to do better. I suppose it is just a coincidence, but with every baby Bill went up another step." "Will he stop now—if there are no more babies?" "Goodness, no. He wants me to have more help, he's thinking about college and a house with six bedrooms." Marian clasped and unclasped her hands while her eyes looked into Amy Ellen's life. The joys it held—the richness-. She said, ''Thank you for telling me, Amy Ellen," and went lo the hall. Randy and Dolly were danc- 1 ing together. They weren't talk-' ing nor laughing, just dancing. 1 There was something in the way he held her. Dan and Carma' romped past and Marian ^caught at Carma's arm. "Cut, please," she said." "I want- to dance with my husband." (To Be CouliuuctU 8-yard line. Ellen made a first down on trips with the ball. Haynesville then stiffened and forced Taylor to Several fumbles, punts and penalties followed when finally uave Haynesville the hal on its own 20. The Tornado squad began difing passes, two going incomplete, a" third one into the arms of Jimmy Simms) who ran down the west side of the field ; to score Hope's second toudulwn. j Haynesville received, returned to the 35. On the next ph,y. Snyker recovered a fumble. It then seemed as thi'.ugh the Bobcats would score again as Taylor and Ellen ripped through Ihe line for consistent gains carrying the ball to Hnynesville's 13 where Smith intercepted a pass, broke through the Hope squad and was header! for n touchdown until simms caught up to haul him down on Hone's 30. Haynesville tried two passes, both falling incomplete. A third one was intercepted by Bill Tom Bundy who lateralled to Baker, bringing the hall back to near rnid-fied. Ellen and Baker made a first clown as the Ejamc ended. Many 1 Slurs in Game Boht teams fought hard throughout the battle wilh many stars on either side, however, te all-round playing nf Taylor, Ellen, Simms and Baker were some of the high lights. Substitutions for Hope: Murphy Cole-man. Simms, Snyker. Stuart' Breeding. For Haynesville: Odomi Tinsley. Lewis and Jones. ft. We are now in the market for Oak and Gum Jogs, White Oak Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, and Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 Outstanding Values Breakfast Suites and Suites for the Small Dinning Room Hope Hardware Company If yon should die tonight u-ill youi family be adequately protected. TALBOT FEILD, Sr. District Manager Reliance Life Insurance Co. Life, UcttUh and Avi-iileiU Box -14, Hope, Arkansas. Yoeir Home With A NEW BATHROOM! EASY FHA TERMS , HARRY W. SHIVER (PLUMBING PHONE 2591 Dr. J. D. Johnson :• Announces the opening of offices'* First National Bank Building J Practice Limited to «J Eye, Ear Nose and '• Throat. Your doctor knows better than anyone else what is best for your liaby. He has spent years in Jhe scientific study of child heulih. He is interested in your baby's health and in your health. Before any change is made in your baby's diet, or when any problem arises concerning his welfare, your physician is the first to be consulted, lie will help you to avoid (lie coiifiisiun and uncertainty resulting from advice offered on all sides. Sl'.K VOl'R DOCTOR When prescription-, are needed call .... The Leading Druggist "We've dot It" PHONE 62 _Miilairyule Delivery

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