Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 26, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1941
Page 4
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?.- ^^xw'^?~ 1J , " *^ -ivy •/> •>'" '* '* llfflAtfl i Hope Star { IJIAMVSmM ** * *sk k m*ii M *—* : ^^m 1 ^^^*^^^* ^••^ r ^UMIHIII 5 '^••^ff *^^i^$ *m «^wv ^ » •''l*^»'i^K"»w>i'^<Mi»»iiiaiii^«,^<^i IIBMIUWJBM • t S<31 * R\» , 5f* tei wofce wi tat tne ^icicfii vou You eon tafk to c^ w« men Wbrlt AA tot^ ^> . v.' " i ^ "' miti if At* **.f|* AtiiAKsAt WAS* TUMI* Wft»yf*4f AjtC?ft ««*.,-. »4W K » SlU, tCNft* tUY 0* Ads emh r« cx*«j«e», N«>t { vi *te*» «l * *K? * na-j-o For S<iU aar Btrrofts itmm. and many oth*r it»m» alt , condition with rea»on»bt« Also htgh«it prims : CO., South Elm Street CORN. TSe POT IWSftKt How toafa, afl kind* » See A» R Stroud, Two barrels. 3K inch c •» aa 3««h f«a «fcok^ Peni«fCost. Phone 481 ta TRACTOR. SJO0RI* ft. HE imjjlejncnts. Run only on* •~m. Account o( w«t w«;>tht?r ve«y Ktile. Cost JEW. Witt kSsjK. Reyenger. EinmeS, Rout* I. GET REAL AEASKAK _ puppy. FOJT Cbrwtmaa gjift • anybody. We have seven, at reu- bler pric«» and ready to ao. , Jack BfeM&r. Kigsa.-«3n Twil- Sf»C«mp, 3 mites E*st on 67 Zt-3tp ".CHEVROLET. GOOD coiroSwioS' ! Jt at 709 W. 7th, after S p m. «! J S COCKER SPANIEL SPiippIes. Ideal Christmas gift foe "at chad. Phone 308-J. Mrs. David ! East 3rd. 19-Hte Token Up iCK ANI> WHITE HOLSTE1N eow. Weight about 880 pound* |^id Jones, 5lt South Sfeover street. 15-Wtp Trotters For Sole - SALE-NEW ROYAL. HOT oors, permanent bed, air ean- diticmecl. Also new Amartcim Stage ches. Roy Craft used traitors, on two., years, as law aa $18.TO , CaB or see, Thrfma Stephen* Darwina Cflmpi, Highway 4, North. 24-'«l Jan 6p 3W ON DISPLAY — FULL LINE tf Bros, TraHer Coaches. Call -we ba^a several models to fge&ct from. Lack's Tourist Court. For Rent FURNISHED COTTAGE, IN ty, on old Fulton road. For couple gpnly. R. E. Brown. 17-3tc 5NT BEDROOM, ADJOINING J. Two gentlemen or working j couple. Call 73 or come to 1101 W. |tth after T o'clock. 15-3tdh ROOM FURNISHED APART$19 a month. Two miles on g HQ1 road. W. H. Bryant. 2Q-3tp ."-ACRE FARM, 9 MILES FROM Hbpe on Spring Hill road. Apply BEddlebrooks Grocery. 23-3tc VI FURNISHED APARTMENT. Ivate bath. No children. Apply at ||0« ,North Washington. 22-ltp * LARGE BEDROOMS. NO chil- > For couples or gentlemen. |€ipnvenient to bath. 322 South Shov- ne825, 23-3tc jtROOM HOUSE CHEAP. 1 MILE of Hope off Fulton Highway. W, A. Price. 24-3tp Us* UBMON' JV»» WMff* Ttat«t j«no»'«if S»j(»s Aist R^w?ftr«J it 8*iiM 'tf»t «t twiitwcy f. tiBtf W I* Sof* of R*«t ClM .. ^ Wonted to Bwy RIGTCEST PRICIKS f\K and bow note, R. V Mind Yo«r LAROE not &rf Wonted »fiftl .i\ t, t» '* » <t»«*8 NEW OR tfons to Chaitw* at Ctty 2-tttt> Refrigeration REFRJGBRATTpW SERVICK ~ WE repair anythinst EtectrScal, Wlfinc f motor*. Kelly R«fr{gBration Servte*. j 112 Main, Phon* IW. tO-tm-« Services Offered sires work. Special UKS in O El eatim and care of elderly peoo!w. References. Mrs. Delia Galhrrnih. Phone 3-J-W-3. 3t-«tp Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Soenger Th«nler for better prices on furniture set us. 21-3Gtc For Sole Miscl. PADGITTS PEDIGREED PUPPIES for Presents. Will hold for Christmas delivery if desired. Cockers, Bostons, Chows and Pointers. Padgitts Kenneh. 20-Imp For Rent FRONT BEDROOM WITH BATH shower. Beauty rest mattress, block from town. Phone 505-W . 26-Stc' 3 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT with bath, 203 E. Ave. C. 26-3lp tat Talk it sriso Has » i.»h)»ne«'* 'h> W««io»v .,mir eh* sitJ* trf frttvin^ t :hi(»(v«i>? Am»w«r» £. Y«. 3. Not np>:«.s»nfy. but iratly .ptetwrs the pui^i-us t»n find a riKwinblaneR, 3. No. •I. No. 5. No. Better "What Would Y snlutiort— <b>. Or." Pparl ftitrhor. H-iwnii, tho worlit' largest naval UISP. was heitun in l9»Jt according to Uu? D*'pnrti!H-tit of Commerce. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams MOW DOMT 1-OOK FEE. A MIMUTH, WILL. y/\? X DIRTIED MV HI DIM' '6M, AM' I GOT TO 'EM AG1KJ KEEP OM AM 1 VOU'LL. TO LfcSE A FILE TO CLEAM 'EM/ YOUR. AS AS VOUR HIDIM'S / A^B E-MQT BORM !fc&* Toofhoeh** .{£*«,& *» r »!£ ^^^il i* A***, JMtfi ?'**«* 'A $*>, •,n,S»^<M( -~ V* "** -A <? Thimbf* TK««f«f 'WHV DIDMT WE SPINACH ??. \. t*~ •**,(/ » '" H, k *», : t?' v< it * M , ,J ^ LJU.. / j*«% -*» 4**"^ v 1 f..U / LAMU WO/. 1 \ •*"»»««r ), ^ JJ^-,0, •t^. 4% * " J M ^' * T* •*„!. »J I- ' f »' A « h» t » " f ' sfi x« - *.! / ft '(,' j * f SH i ~ -'.1 r< k *v >t ^' i i -* i » "tis^ rf*^ s . ,n/ N * . t\ ^ f . "X *s. \ H- 3^51- ^JS* »% r- ;gj»j£ PDpT % -^-wv-w^*.*-tA . •\ .>^* ,-».; *«%, j I DONA10 DUCK fh-e U;^*' ,|«s?^:** JW*?' .iS*" 1 ^ •-••> mw==^ ,,»"'"'™, -^> li«^ai____ . •A-'-,-<"-, ' "*- <* «»" --j;, \ -4s*' *fe" :'* vO Using Their "Pull" 12-26 BLONDIE Taming the Shrew! THE BABV'S )l CRVING / -<f (SHES SPOILEP/ .SHALL I 7> WE MUST WALK THE S{ BREAK WEP? PLOOf?WlTU J> OP THAT HER? r-' S WABIT/ By Chic Young SHE'S STOPPEP CRVING / ou'RE RIGHT. SMS WENT RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP WHEN SHE SAW WE WOULPM'T6IVE IN Writer's Cramp! ICAMTSTAKIO TO HEAR A MURRV,PEAR, VOU'LLMISS YOUR BUS WHERES MY FOUNTAIN- PEM? I LOAWEP <^ IT TO YOU LAST J ( GOOPWESS ^f^s*-^" NIGHTANP YOU ^"^LnVr WPWT "^ RETURN IT HERES YOUR FOUNTAIW-PEW ' -STICK IT IMYOUR POCKETANP] MURRV I COULPNTFINPTHE iUI i 111 CAPPDRIT.SO [STUCK LITTLE POTATO OM IT TO KEEP IT FROM LEAKING / / '£• If -»

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