Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1939
Page 5
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Friday, September 15. HOPE STAfc, HOPE, ARKANSAS i Crackers and Vols to Meet in Finals Chattanooga, Mem p Ii i s Lose Third Straight Games ATLANTA. OH. U'l'i- The Allnn- la Crackers completed their rout of the ClmlttiitooKM Lookouts. la'kinij the third straight i;amc (if the Southern Association Shaiifjhnessy playoff, 1(1 to 1. Tho victory curried the Crackers into the playoff finals and elimi- jnntcd tho Lookouts, who won the pen-' 1 mint in a hair-line decision. ^ Chattanooga (100 000 010— 1 9 4 Atlanta . 170 000 20x—10 14 0 liass. Williams, Lucas. Lanhan and y Cinnelli; Miller and Sinihl. Veils 1(1, Chicks ;! i MEMPHIS, Tc'iin.—i/l'i—Combining a terrific batting ii.shiiult against throe Memphis pitchers with an effective' Iiurlin/' job by Ace Adams, the Nashville Vol.s marched into the Southern Association playoff finals Thursday ' nitjhl by defeat im; the Chicks It) to i*lH> Vols, who wound up the season in Ihird place, heal the Chick;, three straight. They will meet Atlanta * Crackers, who di the same hting for th<- first place Chatlanncjt Lookouts. Nashville 212 TOO 004—10 l(i 0 Memphis .. 000 000 021- \\ 13 2 Adams and George. 1 . Stout. Veverkn, Doyle and Cimil remix. STANDINGS National League Split Fishing Doubleheader Clubs C'incirmali St. Louis Chicago Brooklyn Nt:w York Pittsburgh Boston Phila'phia W. !*: 7!) 7(i . 70 ffli 02 57 41 1-,. 50 C3 «5 73 74 91 Pel. .IB! ..11)0 .551 .520 .504 .450 .435 .311 Thursday's Results Cincinnati 8-!l, New York 5- Pittsburgh 4-4. Brooklyn 3- Chicago 13-5. Philadelphia 1-2. St. LIIULS (i, Boston li. (lames I'riday Philadelphia at Chicago. New York at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at Pil.sbtirnh. Boston at St. Louis. relatives here this week. Mrs. Jimmie Reaves am) children of Florida arc here for a visit with relatives. Dexter Reese and Van Hamilton left this week for Magnolia A. & M. College where they will attend school (his winter. Mrs. Gruydon Athony and daughter Bonnie Marie visited relatives in El Dorado this week-end. < Mrs. Chester McCnskill and daughter. Janelle visited relatives in Little Hock la.'i week. Graydon Anthony returned Sunday from a few days stay in Hot Springs. Miss Evelyn Rhodes ,-im? La Verne Harper left Sunday for Arkadclphia where they will attend Henderson Stall' Teachers college. Vc-lma Lee Hamilton left Wednesday for D;'rmolt where .she is a member of the high school faculty. Texas law authorizes h teacher lo use "lawful violence" if necessary in disciplining students. But it adds: "Only that di.'Kree of force must be used which is nccetiju ry lo effect such purpose." John Hagoman, left, of San Francisco, and E. L. Miller of Bur- lingamc, Calif., split doubleheadcr fishing oft Catalina Island. Hageman took first honors by catching 270-pound black-sea bass in 55 minutes. Miller came back in nightcap by pulling in 182- pounder in 50 minutes. Thursdays Results Detroit (>_ New York 1. Cleveland 8, Boston . Philadelphia 4, Chicago 2. Washington 5. St. Louis 1. » American League Clubs New York Boston Chicago Cleveland Detroit Washington Phila'phia St, Louis W. ill! SI 711 75 71 (JO •IS 37 L. 41 56 59 111 05 80 XH 118 Pet. .701 .591 .572 .551 .522 .429 .358 .274 Friday Detroit at New York. Chicago at Philadelphia. Cleveland at Boston. St. Louis at Washington. Development in recent years of five United Slates 'mineral industries, natural gas, helium, natural carbon (iioxide, potast and .sulphur is attributed largely to under-ground explorations for oil. A "census" of drinking water sources in Texas recently showed there were G40 city water systems 3,200 roadside supplies, 12,000 school supplies ana ilOO.OOO private sources. McCaskill Misses Earncstine Houser and Christine McDoimald of Blevins were Sunday dinner quests of Mrs. Bert Scott Jr. Mrs. Alvi.s Stokes •»/ Delight spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. If. ft. Eley. Misses Lola Wortham and Enrnes- tine Houser of Blevins spent Wednesday ii> Hope. Misses Lula Wardlaw and Essie Hampton cpenl this week visiting relatives in Texas. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Clioatc of Louisiana visited Mr. and Mrs. Claud Bradley this week-end. Walter Hirst and little niece, Rita Mae McCaskill of Proscott, were vis- i*ti'ng friends and relatives here Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Woodrow Gentry is visiting • SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT, 1B39, NEA SERVICE, INC,' Yf.iOnlayi In '1111 effort d> ri-- Kliiu NIIIIIC of Hie Klmiiur of IIIT niiirrfiiK*. n>iirl»li derides (u h:ivi> a \vrilcline luinlvor.sary imrly. Sliv Inviti'N it fi>iv I'rli'iiil.s, I'oliiilN mi Dolly f» lit'lp. llul rvi'n liiiikhiK- her prrl'iL-oi. llnrinci (ails In mir rvnn'u tlyinj;' tuvc. CHAPTER X T\AN turned to Dolly. Babyish ringlets, from ;i recent and hurried bath, flaltcnecl on her iH'ck. Ho smiled into her dancing eyes. "Gee, you look sweet," he said approvingly. The compliment was no spontaneous, so dill'erenl from his guarded, "Beautiful, Marian," that Marian looked into the mirror with sudden distaste. Certainly there was nothing Kvfeel about, her finished toilet. Well, who wanted to bo sweet? It was in the same category with "wholesome," .something to be avoided. Dolly laughed, "Thank you, Dan," and sped to the kitchen, slipping an apron over her dress. Putting fresh water on the potatoes, she placed the pan over a lighted burner. Then carrots. Then the cauliflower head in a steamer. With a capable hand, s/ie worked down a mass of Huffy dough and made little biscuits. "What shall T do, Dolly?" Marian asked, trailing her finery lo the kitchen door. "Just keep out of my way. You're ir.ueh too elegant to come into the kitchen. I have everything under control." Dolly was In her element and Marian felt a curious slab of envy. It crossed her mind that cooking was creative and as exciting as any other kind of work. She went back to the improvised dining room and Dan took her place in the kitchen. Marian could hear him getting ice cubes out of th* refrigerator, at the same time chatting easily with Dolly. The ready little perpendicular line pinched itself between Marian's brows. This was her 12th wedding anniversary, hers and Dan's, it should be a romantic: day, it should awaken memories. If Dan were impressed in the least he had not shown itjby word or sign. Had he ceased to love lier? It was a new thought. Not once, through all the years, had she doubted Dan's love. It came over her that she had always counted on that lo've, it had been a shelter and a refuge. 'PHK door bell buzzed and she •*• touched the release button. Queuing the ddbr, she smiled. Queer, she had the sensation of spreading the stnile across her iace. It did not seem to come from tasjrie. Carma appeared at the top o£ the stairs. - Marian's first impression was one of shock at Carma's supremely glossy hardness. She was a golden apparition. Marian thought: She looks as if she'd been dressed in the mint. Once her hair had been soft brown, now it glitU-.-ed like raw gold. Her gown was black, .shot witri gold, elaborate gold bracelets jingled at her wrists, a great lopax. hung around her neck on a gold chain. Over her dress she wore a short jacket, of red fox. She sparkled, but there was no warmth in the sparkle. "Hello, Carma. Am 1 in Chicago or Gay Paree? You look the world on fire, he would never be able to set a fira by which they could warm their hands, but he was her man. A woman needed a man. The people of this earth were meant to go in pairs. A lone woman—glancing at Carma, IVlaj-urn's eyes darkened witlupity. * * * AMY ELLEN and Bill Sands arrived and the apartment echoed with gay greetings. Amy Ellen was small and not too stylish, her hat was all wrong and her .shoes a bit on the sensible side. But her face—Marian coijd "That's right," Carma laughed j nut lake her eyes from Air.y too gaily. "Name it and you can have it." Her smile had been painted on like Marian's u\vn. Marian called, "Dolly—Dan— Carma is hero. Come see her. She's simply too divine." They trooped in from the kitch- i st en. Dan shook Carma's. hand, | Dolly kissed her, hei genuine. Marian took Carma to the bedroom, brave with tallVta and boudoir pillows. Caiuna turned oil' the smile. ''J .s;w Diem today—Pete and his wife." Her lips were scornful. "Did you, Carma? Where?" "In Huyler's. 1 dropped in for a cup of tea and there they were, sitting at our old table." She turned furious, glittering eyes on Ellen's face. There was a serer-.ity about it, a young happy sereri-ty, love shone in her eyes when she looked at Bill, lie wore an air oi success and prosperity. lie v;;.s noisy and genial and sure of himself. Marian remembered the last admiration |.time she had seen these two. V/'sat i miracle had wrought the chanj,".'? 'Money? Achievement? Success did something for a man and :'or his wife. Pride formed a tlnn basis for love. Without pride— Resolutely, she banished !he Marian, common 'She's common, little tramp. Cheap clothes, hair curling clown on her shoulders, a rotten paint job on her face." "Did Pete see you?" "I don't think so. He didn't look in my direction." After a moment, when naked pain gave expression to her face, she said, "I'm going to take him away from her. I won't be kicked around like this. I can't stand it." Marian put an arm around her. "Let's forget Pete for tonight, shall we? Let's have a good time. You know the old bromide about just as good fish being left in the sea —Dun and I asked Randy Menus especially for you." "He won't like me—no one likes me." It was plain to be seen that Carma's confidence in herself had departed with the loss of Pete. Like Dan, he had been a refuge and a shelter. Carma was buffeting the waves of loneliness and regret on an uncharted sea. She'd find herself, but it would lake time. Marian gave her a little affectionate hug and, for a moment, Carma leaned against her. "Hang on to Dan," she whispered huskily. "You've got something there." She straightened and the painted smile flashedfback. Marian said, "Yes, I've got something there." Dan would thought. She mustn't think of Dan's failure, she mustn't compare him with Bill. This was their wedding anniversary. She introduced Carma to Amy Ellen, unconsciously measuring one against the oilier. Carma wan at the top, she was a successful business woman. But where was her air of well being ar.d prosperity? Marian frowned, awai-3 c£ the great gulf between Carma anJ Amy Ellen, Were women only supposed to achieve along the lines of wlfehood and motherhood? V.V.s their place in life's background? * * # JDANDY MEANS arrived white Dan was passing cocktails. HJ had a wide, not too handsome face, a loosely jointed frame, sandy hair, and an agreeable,, natural manner. Dan said, "This is my wife, Randy. Marian, be nice to .'imi, he's a swell guy/' He had p. firm baiick-lasp, liis eyes neltr«M- vuproved nor Sis- approved. Accepting a co'vklail, ha carried it with acvui-omed ep.se as Marian introduced hl;r. to her guests. He knew none of them, but was at ones uari of the gathering. He sat down beside Carma, only to jump to his feet as Dolly, scarlet-cheeked and smiling, came from the kitchen. Gazing at her, his eyes held a startl*i gJeaM. "Dolly., may J pi-Men; Randy Means?" Marian said, explaining, "This is Dolly Harkness. She's o»Jr favorite sister." (To Be Continued) 1«H i« ( »,. ••""-,,1 .. <FO JE»*££?";i »>U Pi ; . w Sf'"S^ISS^ S0M? ^*,"*/* < '••',''''. *£»*"V ^E*»**« ~~'-**'s ,'*^t«v;?*'*w; ; „'. (> '„ ,^*«."> ><*V: '**« m 'M JOIN THE HOPE STAR 11 Dopesters Contest" Watch for the Details in Wednesday's ' HOPE STAR-Fun for Everybody CASH AWARDS for those who DOPE THE WINNERS

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