The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1940 O'Brien Gets 25 Pounds, Gets Broken Nose To Play Rockne BY PAUL HARRISON | NF.A Service Slafl Coirespoiulenl ! HOLLYWOOD.-r-Tlic more I see, of tills Knute Rockne picture nnd ils people, the easier It is to understand the studio's enthusiasm for it and (he atmosphere of reverence that hovers nromicl the set. For one thing, this isn't a tool- ball picture, Rockne may be first remembered ns a great coach of Noire Dame, but lie was mostly a teacher—not only of chemistry but of character. And the story has much of the mood of "Mr. Chips." For another thing, tills probably Is the first accurate biography ever filmed. Not only are there none of the outrageous distortions of essential fact and ch;>rac;ici ballon which you have found in previous Llfc-of-So-niid-So Dickers; there is —according to Mrs. nockne, Noire Dame officials, Kockne friends, researchers mid writers—not a single incident in it that didn't actually happen. Only thing that worries Die Brothers Warner n little Is that about 90 per cent of the treasured anecdotes about Kockne have been omitted. Otherwise the feature would have become a scries. Hundreds of people have olferal material and dozen."; have tendered their personal services lo help in preparing the slory. O'BRIEN TAKES PART OF HOC'KNK The appearance of Pp.'. Q'Brion as Recline will be downright startling to everyone who remembers Manila Society—Personal Hie oflen-pliologrnphed, broken- ncsed pan of old Knute. As one who has Die holiest regard for .,,.,,,,,,,, „,,•,„ n{ <i, c Manila n this one. O'Brien is Hockiie. """»»'' term In ,/»l.v. II* He look off 25 pounds to 'it (lie "Wi school will continue for im- uthcr month.. A tola) of fony- Ihrcc pupils completed the eighth ! grade. SPEED SUIT: IN A RACING BUT I WANT MV CIGARETTE SLOW- BURNING. CAMELS BURN SLOWER- GIVE ME THE'EXTRAS' SMOKING PLEASURE ;N£> EXTRA SMOKING R MX /WON EX ' A Kienl number of urade school i slmleins. escorted by tholr patents j ! nnii iP.U'hm, attended Die county ) i Utiulc festival held at the I.nxom : I (Syniniishiii) KrWiiy, The Manila I rhythm bund entered and pluyrd •Tim Parade of the Wooden S»l- dlc'i.s" by Jessfl. Wlldii Duvis was I the loader mid Mrs, W. CMn Grain t aec-mupanied ill the piano. Oilier schools which entered were Bluck'i'.atrr. Oscrjola. Wilson and Kelser. i entire community Is expressing an I Interest in Ihls movement, * * * The W. M. U, of Die Bnpllsl Church met last Monday nlier- iioon In the home of Mrs, W. K. Cirwn with twenty-six members and lour visitors present. Mrs. Cicurge G'nrlwiluht. president, presided over the business meeting. Mrs, W. L. Whitley nave a report on (In; quni'tcrly W.M.U. meeting wliti-li was held April 10 at, tin- Fhsl liiiptist Church in Hlylhe- Vlllli. I Mrs. N. R. Fox was the leacler i of (he liible SUuly program which was based on Hie 10 to 20 chapters of (he book of Proverbs. The incctliMj was opened by a soiijj "1 Need Thee Every Hour," and was lollosvccl by prayer by Mrs. W. L. Ciilllin. Chapters ol the Bible text were ^K'en to - individual nieinber'i for comment!!. Miss Ivcrcna nfac Miehle sani; as a special solu, ".S.ivifi by Ornce.' The program wus closed with a prayer by Mrs. K, F. Alston. The next in<!Cllii|> will be at llic I church with Mrs.-W. E. Giti'n (IN I k'aclei of the Bible Study, The nurleullure classes of the Manila school have orkuniv.i'd an agriculture baseball team with Harold Fowler as captain and Novis Jolliir siilj-captain. They have chosen the name "AlUjie Hod liusl- eis" for tiielr title and expect to play teams composed "I stuUenls not Ktudylni; agriculture. Pal O'Hrlen ami Gale the life nl liwkllc. Members of the Manila Epwoiih League u'ero quests fit nu Ktnvorth l.caBiH! .social last Tuesday nlghi ivilli Mr. and Mrs. Jnnies Moon.' as sponsors. Othat Love had charge of Hie UDtcrlainmcnl which consisted of a variety of games. A liu'ue number of members were present at Ihc evcnl which was I held in the basement of ihe Methodist, church. Delicious refresh- Tlu; Adult Education class, con- |j| 1( . n ts were served, dueled each week night !>.!• 'he lo- | t * « <:al school under the direction ol J. C. Cliapiii, will hold a "Mock Trial" Monday night, Apr. 20, with several of the leading people on Manila taking part In the affair. E. P. Alston, justice of the peace for several years here, will serve as jiiUjje and the prosecuting attorney will be Chiy Walls, Manila- j attorney, of Manila and the etc- ] fcnsi: counsel will be composed ol Clip Wells and J. B. Kalison. Ncwl Moore, peace olllccr of Hit! Lake township, will be acting sheriff. The defendant will be Hill Davidson who will be charged with n fake crime and the trial will be conducted wllli cxnclly the same proceedings and manni'i' in which legal trinl.-i are held. The purpose of the trial will be Miss Martha Whitely, wlio Is a ! student at Quachita College In Arkadclpiiia, Ark., spent Ihe week end with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. P. A. Whitely. Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fox were visiting in Jonesboro Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tra Adams ol Equality, 111., is spending the week n Manila as tiie yucst of their rolc. The makeup people have filled up the chin cleft, built out his forehead along the eyebrow line, ami broadened and :illy broken his nose. BOB SWANSON Midgtt Anlo Racing Champion W HETHER you smoke a lot or a liitle, you'll find several definite "extras" in ihc slower- burning cigarcirc...Camel. Ybu'l, find freedom from the excess heat and drying, irritating qualities o too-fast burning... extra mililiies and extracoolness. You'll find a cig arctte that doesn't tire your tasi ... for slower burning preserves ihc full, rich flavor of Camel's match less blend of costlier tobaccos. A tbe same time, : you'll be gellin tbc equivalent of extra smokin from each pack! Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly n llfflT r., i u I,-IV, llu-K* it i. uliMilu r<»iii<. I,)- Ki •Itllk- ill lothiy. r. n,l,l 111,- ill-,,. . Nil I.'.ill.I.- m IHTl) llllh ~ I s :> iliiy. lllli'ii • <iln:ii I. tt !lii> [i; .1 if yini iln till cost you il.l I,)' y.nir iniini->-.|,:i,-k :,l is i«r s»l,. In. lii lliis slniiil,- ii K-ril'"' <'"" tll'"l-.'l!I'lv IBH-Wi' i>f Iln-Ks C It's nine t'umiNii ll L lemons. nil :n,.i |,1,.,-.,,ll. iiiti»i,iii>iii,r»i »™ villlill IS llllllTS'inliil rixulu Ins tin mil ijiLirUy mil fi'i-l 1,,'lliT. iKilliiiiK lo i ry as ilniKB"! IIT :"i i:u:iriinh-,-. Ku-F.x I r,.,-,,!,,,!,,,,,,!,-,! nil !!>' la recent laboratory tests, CAMEtS burned 25% slower than the average of the 15 other of tho largest-selling brands tested-slower than any of them. That means, on the average, a smoking plus equal to ii purl of the cducMIng plan suggested by Mr. Chopin, himself a former lawyer and school leachcr, and was begun to educate and cnleitaln the adulls who have enrolled in the Adull Student. Class. Purl of the course consists in These ellects nre ntlnlned by teaching English, Arithmelic, Cieo- lastic rubber inlays so perfcclly Brnl ,|,y ami Arkansas llislory. The olned that they're undcleclablc vcn by an Interviewer. Walch- iB tlieir removal Is a shuddcry xperlencc like a major but blood- ess operation. When I'nl's small on witnessed it, he kicked Perc Vcstmorc's shins und yelled. "Slop caring my diulcly's face!" Thoughtful precautions were aken lo prepare Mrs. Hockne for icr first glimpse of O'Ui'icti In iiakeup. The actor (weaiiiiB his o\\'n face) ivns introduced, at n liniH-r. party. Later, when they were acquainted, he; look her aside ind showed her a lot of photos ol Ihc step-by-slep makeup process nul u set of comparison slills of himself and Rockne. Even then she had finite " shock next day when she visited the set and saw O'Bvien making love lo Gale Page, who plays the wife in the picture. Miss Page, incidentally, lost plenty of pounds lo become as slim as the girl who married the youivj chemistry teacher. O'lIltlK.V T'KKI.S j m:t:n,Y AWMJT \\rn.v. O'Brien is full of Roc-kiic lore and likes So tell it. The depth ot his feeling about Ihe role gives an impression of u soil of mystic kinship; certainly it is a stronger tiling than I have ever encountered in Hollywood. Also he's Ihe fhsi star I've seen who so wholeheartedly welcomed .suygesticns on how to do his acl- ing. After a classroom scene lie told and showed me some of 'the ways in which Mrs. Uocknc has corrected his original interpretations—tricks of sjx'okins;. wisecracks, little mannerisms and attitudes which should mean a lol to nil the |>eople who knew or studied under her husband. Equally importan! is the confidence the actor gains from knowing that such details are viijb.1. parents, Mrs. A, P. Dale nnd Mrs. G. K. Snider. Miss Anita Cowfin, who Is attending Henderson-Drown College In Arkadelphia, Ark., spent Die week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 11. W. Cowan of Manila. Among those who attended the Ep'.voith League Council meeting in Osccola Tuesday night, were licv. and Mis. W. J. Luoy, John Morris and Miss lluby Uedwell. !!«!well lietl the honor of being nominated for the office of vice president by the council. The election will be held at ti later date. Little Roxie Hulli Smith of Os- f(ola is spending this week with her grandparents, Mr, iincl Mrs. Albert Hcoll. L. R. Graham of Memphis, dls- dict superintendent of the Pentecost Holt.R'ss Church, is in Manila Uiis week holding a .series of religious meetings. llcv. W. J. Lcioy, pastor of th* Methodist Church, .spent. 'Jlnirsdi«y in Williford, Ark., attending to business. v Mrs. J. U. lloleson of Manila is -•pending 11 few days as ihc guest of relatives in Arkiulelphia, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. .). II. Uarcrofi are guests (his week of their sister and brothel 1 , Mr. and Mrs. L. U. liarcrott ol Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence David, Mi. and Mrs. Jim David were in Memphis Monday where they took Mrs. Jim David for a medical examination. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Townsend were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Plceman. Clauourne Tiplon of MoneUe was in Manila on business Thursday. Mrs. Dill Drown, Mrs. Kip Moore and Walter Wright were visiting in Jonesboro Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor of San Diego, Calif,, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chapin for the past few days, have returned to their home. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Craig and daughter of Alamo, Tcmi., have relumed lo their home after spend a few days vislllng with friends and relatives in Manila. Mr. niid Mrs. Joe Rogers have moveu to Benton, Harbor, Mich., where he will be employed. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Gowcn have moved lo West Memphis, where Mr. Ciowen will be employed. Mrs. Sybil liallew enrolled this week in Arkansas Slate Teachers College In Jonesboro lor « course in education. William J. Turner of Laredo, Tex., was a business visitor hero Wednesday. Otis Go/a, Jr.. Delano Wiseman, .Joe mil Demon, Lee J. Hliu-kwood, and Mrs. Edgar Wright and children left Wednesday for Demon Harbor, Mich,, where ).hey are .spending it few weeks. Paul Downing, Lester Stutls ami J'ntil Wright me spending a lew weeks in Detroit. Mich. Mrs. Mae Biineli of Detroit, Midi., speni Wednesday with Mrs. Ada C.'trpc-mi.T. Clarence Sago, who has just couipleled a basic training with ' ihe Unik'cl States Navy, Norfolk, Va., is. home on leave witJi Jii.s niolhet, Mrs. Fern Lemiiions. Mr.s. Clara Honibert'iT ami I grandson. Jimmy, spent this week I in Hot Springs visiting Mre. Klizn- beth Miles. Mrs. W. C. Anclilia, who was visiting in Lake Village and be- rame .suddenly ill was operated on :i few clays ago and her husband, W. C. Anchliii of Manila, reports, she is improving rapidly. • Jack Tipton and Clarence Sngo were in Dell Thursday on business. Anr.iuncement has been made he-re this week by Mr. an-.i Mrs. Edward Reynolds of Manila, ana Lost Cane, of their secret marriage February 1. They were married in Cariithcrsvillc, Mo., willi their only attendants, Mr. 'and Mrs. A. J. Lewis of Lost Cane. Mrs. Reynolds, nee Wilma M. Uourlaml, is the daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Fred liourland of Lost Cane and Mr. Reynolds is a son ol Mr. and Mrs, Cevil Reynolds of Dollai'-a-Ycai: Government No More Days of cheap government in Ihc U. S. are over, as annual cost ot federal spending per person reaches its highest level in history. Manila. The young couple plan lo make their home in Manila where Mi 1 . Reynolds is employed with the Manila Radio Shop. Ous Arado, of the La Manila Brother's Anigo Co,, of Chicago, 111., who attended to business in Manila for a few days, has returned to his home in Chicago. Evangelists Prankie' Mae Skittle and Genera McKenxic of Jonesboro are in charge. Will Wright, who received a severe cut on his leg last week, is reported to be improving. Mr. Wright was cutting <wood and the ax« slipped, striking hinr-just above Miss Irene Bellinger is reported the ankle. The blow almost^Ecvered ill at this writing. A. R. Moore was in Blythcville Thursday on business. Robert Killian is visiting in Joiietboro at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Townsend. The Assembly of God Church, near Floodway, begins a series ol revival services Saturday morning which will continue for t\vo weeks. his foot. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES ;EM SEE" Over ,loe Isaacs' Store 'Phone 540 i • i /E Sign the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMKS TODAY Ifou want t/oru/i moweqa wovtfi -ifon want •the very longest of oil lowest-priced cars! Also Comrdy ,t Xcivs TUESDAY — PAL admitlcd for the price of Constipated? "For years I ln»l ocv^>ionnl consliprvtion, consliprvtion, stfatff.ic.ii.icic&aml back iritis. always liclrcd lifclil away. Now, T n«c. Iguanas, pic, ntiylliiim 1 want. ....... Malirl Schott. AiHwil cal s;u Never felt litllcr.' A OLE RIKA Kiruy Bros. Drug Co. Aiirt nobln.i:n's Drug Co. FOR EXTRA MILDNESS, EXTRA COOLNESS, EXTRA FLAVOR.. CAMELS SLOW- i BURNING COSTLIER TOBACCOS VORTKX PETROLKUM CO. 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