Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1941 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1941
Page 6
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*, , -v ,-" O '-' • MOM ItAft/HOM, ARKANSAS Y«-.*r, WARD & SON Ferry Ships Live Sea Epic British Destroyers Patrol Lifeline to Africa fTtiw *J»tj< trail uiriftrn by Litr* f(r B, MKHV AIJU-N A I* IVrttnrr S j-»t< l-j Srr- ftl I .1 (fio fill r-|«r vrfnl oftffoes In the harbor, twnlnft around uhltw within 90 minutes lo (wo hours. Tobruk *ns no place lo tarry. Nazi long ranfie gun* Rnve It frequent pasting*. Axis bombers made the harbor one of the hottest spot* mi the African continent trying desperately but falling to hull the flow of men nnd material!! lo Die bcslfged fortrMS. In the previous siege tlie Tobruk giirriiwm mostly WBB supplied by^ mine- ewtwjws, •schooner's, slow transports t*nd e&cort vesifls, but when the Nazi Uit?fs Intern* heavier (he destroy- prs hud to do n quick job. Ileiirhlng Tobruk, the destroyers movwd up the channel with oil *torw and «uin>lif« nboHit) In numerical unloading order to not a precious nm- men I might be lo*t. Ughlers twine | •iungSHle «n<J carried the cargoes «*J«»ns Only Un> dimmwil light? could \>r UDM| because * single brillliitit Nj.arti mij;):1 tx- sufficient to product* bombing «I tuck, Dt*titit»y*-r* hud to move through tlip «'twk«s<" of tZ Uilps in u harbor only thi ** (jn»( IPI » of « mile wide and u mill- siul u htdf lone. Boom in Alaska Days Klondike Days Re- Vivcd in Defense Preparations By SAM JACKSON AP Feature Service Writer JUNEAU, Alaska—The situation In the Pacific created a boom in Alaska which rivaled the great gold rush of the nineties even before war broke out. Tlip Army nnd Navy striving to tip lost lime in creation of itrntfglc bases, shipped men nnd mn- tprisls northward this year in n volume unequalled since the heydny of *,'* el «f J.vi iai <n»i m*i>**> .. n,,, uth l«.vc '. « ()i i ) Bm 1,,I in! 1? u»til fit*.!. T»«f «i»<«ii ,.4 tlw to onwa • op hwU»r. Althouglt *'"*' 11 » kr«j jsi-t sunk in Ow ships weiv were not last time 1 was in Tobnik a- a u nli!dl ueii&p.«-t curryins mM , u,,^ nujmllMi I »»w wrecks «: iwf.i*- lh«n S« tchifi*. TlMflte Includnd >j fit>n Olorgiu, thi*i- »nJ ll>e lin»-fs Seri* Mcwt «f lh«? tithei S,lKXi Ions uiwortl but Hope Builder' Supply Co. flfl VUiffJflSJ Call ii whin joti may—it's Mill the niot-t £,loiiou* 00- <««oii of thriii atl. May it* ?.)<»!» light )oui «•»)' thrtiugVi- «*ut the N'ctr Yr«r. J j DIAMOND CAFE Ralph ontof THE PLfflSORfS CHRisimas sim luminiG 10 FRIEIIDS HOPE AUTO (0. Your Ford Dealer IT IS OUR PRIVILEGE TO SAY TO YOU 311: it n v CHRISTMAS r7i rry roar n r look fonixird to thit ocfdiion became it gives us a j/»frnrfiW oi>iH>rtun>'ty to not only i< I'sA you all the good things /or the comiitR )r«r, iui to thank you jor your eouiifiia in the ;ia.U. WALKERS EASY-PAY TIRE STORE J. H. WALKER, Owner to You, and YOU AND YOU! We are truly thankful for the privilege of working with you in the past twelve months and we are hoping that you will call on us many times during the Year, GUNTER LUMBER co, Manufacturers of Yellow Pine Lumber ' 'I' Clubs Bruce Chapel Home Demonstration met December 3 at the home of Mrs. J. A. Folson. Fifteen old mem- >ers were present and one new mem- )dr, Mrs. Clara Self. Meeting was called to order by President, Mrs. . E. Cook, the devotional was given >y Mrs. J, A. Folson with prayer Mrs. W. L. Lent*. Both old and new business was attended to. New officers Were elected for the new year at the call meeting at Mrs. M. Cooks November 19. Every one planned to go to the December Council Meeting at Cenlerville December 12. The meeting was turned over to Vlisi Harris, Assistant Home Demonstration Agent, and she gave some very interesting demonslralions on hostess. The Devotional was" given by Mrs, Fred Caldwell. Christmafe carols led by Mrs. L. K.'Boyce were sung by the group. Twenty two members answered the roll call by teU ling what {heir poultry flock had meant to their family this yeflf, The best Story -was from Mrs. Frank Delaney who said that her flock had ed her family. Reports were given of the cookihg school held recently at Mrs. Boyce. Mrs. T. M. McCorkle announced her leaders for next year. At the conclusion of the business meeting the members were invited in- o the living room where a beautifully decorated tree held gifts for every one. During the social period that followed two contests were conducted by Mrs. Lee Hipp, Mrs, 3. O. the Klondike. The number of armed forces in Alaska is n military secret. But figures disclosed by the federal employment (service indicate that civil- IBI*. workmen, plus their families am! persons mnvlttjt in for collalera) business enterprises, nlmost equal Hit 18,000 nit'ii svlio went over Chilkooi 1'iis-i in th«- ijiciiti-Kl previous boom that of 1898. This does not suund big in thi? Ujiil- ed SlitUti pro)*-!-, but ii must IK j remembered that AlaUca's iJO|)ul:itkin in 19W vjhx only 71,911. The Inrgcs town in the territory, Juneau, hai wily 11,748 i""?O|ili". An <->jiin|)li- of tin; snowballing boom is UM- Jjuxlon fninjly of Ancliorzige Euxtun Jsetiiof Iwiilt n sknting rink T)tt*i }«- iWnl tor his wife. Five daugh \efs urn! a future son-in-law cmn i«u. KucJi migration os this <lo<*s not (how up in <an(>lo.vmcnt figures. RiX Order T>»r- navy Is builflinR tlinpe mnjor at Dutch Ilarlxir, Kodiak and) Tlip amiy hi»g wveral mnjor | mu-nU . including n base at •a«e and Fairbanks. In uddit- j ton t«i thi»»»> there HIX- many smaller i l»ojt«rtx, Inrgrly jiirfWds. Tlie Civil | AwoiiaulH-s Authorily 1-jn.s its hand iti on Mime of ihi*m. The lanti la bt» [«'oli?cli?d by these, i-ounttnK pcrninsul.tfc find istundB, '. t>i4 r uu'l« n«*ur!y ns far and wide as ' llii- V'nit«l Stnti*& itself. The ni-t aroa -: i* itH4.0(W ^quure miliM, tibout one-1 Tiftii of tin- mother country's, : M'nir.v lo Hurn ' W.'ufcs mi Ihiw projects h«ve )>ccn hijtli ti nn j«irpd with those fn tin- i t.(*(«. Rus>i conditions Imvc allowed i t<u)f h extra work at tim^-ond-n-half i nr liuufclf liino. An Hti-tricinn re- I wntly rxhibilccl a S2Q, r i check for ji • »•<><»>('»; work. : At tine remote nirfiold the mini-, 'mum wftfte lor eiRhl hours. At an-' ; ttlhw fir-Id a wi-lder wfts offered ! exactly double his current earnings ati Tht- jjn-at Alaska Junciiu golii mine . Mfltcd in its financial n-|>ort that a i dump in production w:is cause<l by i t workmen iK-lng lured away to high- j ]y |mid ili-fi-ns-e work. I TnjK-rlni Off ' i T)»<" territorial employment service i IK-V«M thfli»s Ins warned hoix»fu! worknu'ii not lo tus,h north. Distances b< tW4vn Oio »-uttvrod out|xists of civil tuition ttrc (iie:H and Ixith travel and liviiiK jiri' expensive. Furthennore, the MMA-ici? says, hours ae being slabil- j i/«l and tin- biy ovoi'IJme i«ij' is di- | miiiishiiig. Adili-d lo tho defense jacki^it of 1S41 hi)': biren anothi-r golden shower—a salmon fishing season in south-' O;I>UMTI Alaska of unprecedented rich' ness. Indirns with a puffing little > outboard motor have made $3.000 to i $5.000 in a few weeks work in some C.-IMSS. The Scandinavians who own I the larger boats have found themselv- ; es on. i-asy street. And the golden harvest has been shared by the rank ; and file of cannery workers. ! I A Change of View ! The average well-informed resident) wishes his countrymen "outside" would do just one thing—stop look- ! | ing at the globe sideways and look :at it from the top. Tlie school-taught j geography, it is contended, shows A- j j luska to be way up near the North i "Vile and shows Japan and potenlial nemk-s in Europe lo be far across] lie ocean. * \ Look «t the world from the top -with the North Pole in the middle ( if the picture and you'll see how lose "Uncle Sam's attic" is to both apan and the coast of occupied Norway. Russians have flown over the to make cotton Christmas gifts. Officers for 1942 are: President, Mrs. W. L. Lext/., vice-jfesidenl Mrs. Clara Self, Secretary Mrs. J. A. Folson, Reporter, Mrs. W. J. Kassinger, Food nnd nutrition Mrs, O. E. Foster, Oar- den Mrs. M. E. Cook, Food Preservation, Mrs. R. L. Tomlin, poultry Mrs. J. A. Cullins, Household arts, Mrs. R. L. Tomlin, Clothing Mrs. Grady Stone, Recreation leader Mrs M. E. Cook, Belter Babys Mrs. Clara Self. Delicious cake nnd coffee was serv ed by the hostess. Meeting closed to meet January 7 at Mrs, R. L. Tomlins Columbus Columbus Home Demonstration club met Tuesday with Mrs. Herbert Sipes Christmas Pole to Alaska and even con- inued non-stop to California. In act, some Alaskans refer to the Arc- ic ocean as the "Mediterranean of the uture." 50-Cent Payoff Clears This Conscience KENOSHA, Wis. -(/P)— Somrwhere in Kenosiia, n youthful conscience is at ease. Scribbled in childish handwriting and containing 50 one cent slumps, this letter was received at u locul market. "During the year 1 have pilfered some tilings from your counters and 1 think the enclosed will pay for it. I'm sorry I done it." it will be impossible to gel their names until they are raised. Rear Admiral Irvine Glennie, directing the operations of the destroyers attached to the Mediterranean fleet, described the "Tobruk ferry" as "just another navy job, but it was difficult because of the air attacks and shellings they faced; the destroyers had to work in pitch darkness." Admiral Glennie disclosed that from April 12 until December 10 destroyers landed 29,000 troops, evvacuated 33,000 from Tobruk and discharged 34,000 tons of stores. The destroyers frequently changed their courses, zig-zagging to and from Tobruk lo avoid submarine air attacks and "fox" enemy reconnaissance aircraft. Australian, South African and Greek units during the last several months greatly aided the work of keeping the Tobruk garrison supplied. Without the navy keeping open the route to Tobruk, however, there is no doubt the garrison soon would havev found itself in serious difficulties since with the axis forces blocjting all land routes there was no possibility of getting sup- lilies via the 4esert. rxrntssiNG OUR APPRECIATION Or tOUR MANY COURTESIES OF THC PAST AND EXTENDING THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON. WC WISH YOU A MERRV CHRIST UAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR Scott Stores Hope's .Leading 5c & lOc Johnson Jr* 6tt& Mr*, .' Corkle wefe th« WWrfterS. ess served delicious saftdwichfesL. and cookies wilh hot 'cf»e$l ana/ fe. The club will meet MK 3. O. Johnson, Jr. in Chicago Goes Weili CHICAGO -W- Modefft ftli of crime detection were almost. for a loss by this one. Mortis a junk dealer, reported thievevs drove away with black mare while he Was mai business call. The raven was the first sent out from the ark by Noah. it failed lo lelurn, he sent but a ' SEASON'S';! GREETINGS : | Employees of this cortpany join itt/^'f extending to our customers bestrVJ wishes for a ,4,?1 MERRY CHRISTMAS -'^| and a \ > k HAPPY NEW YEAR .\ty Oklahoma V^ Tire & Supply Co. •*_*]> Associate Store f/ Bob Elmore, Owner '»> Not from the standpoint of custom only do we send you this message of Christmas cheer, but with genii- ine appreciation of our pleasant associations in the past. We extend to you our. best wishes, and may happiness and prosperity be yours through all the year. Western Auto Associate Store TED JONES, Owner 'f- , v ,f, '£ <•<*! V «, THE SEASON OF GOOD CHEER IS HERE! As you gather with friends and loved ones for a fes- tive Christmastime, please be r..<ndful that our thoughts are for you and yours. We wish you a season of happiness/ mingled with the many blessings you so richly deserve. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Ramsey First National Bank HOPE '_- °;t* i -

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