Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 5
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r M, H Cost Him $20 — But He Made Good CUNTON, O)<la.-- (/Pi— II cost one <lru«V;i:;t ?2l> tn comply with bid specifications distributed by :i Clinton hospital for "stoppcrless liol wider bof- tles." The druflKKis! won the contrncl and delivered hoi water I,,, ill,,., from w |,i,-|, he li;«l removed .-ill the .stoppers, inak- inu them <]iiile i'mprnclical, Then In- discovered llial tin piful icfoiied to a special, patented bnllle u-itli ;i rlamp-|tk,' tic vice attached instead of a stopper, It cost him the S20 to make I'ond on the hid. '•'if'V hndie:, the : -i/,- of the moon ould he re<|iiire(l to foiin one in;,..,., • laire a' the eai-th. HOPE STAH, norr,, AHKAHSAS Miss College Girl, 1939, Is Still Marching in Traditional "Uniform" PAGE wm mi SUSPECT in .iliue.nl Often Brim", I liippy-Ri'lief Kii- t .in - -...!,.d ini service across Aikan a- aj.d l(. ihe Snulhwesl. highway tiavel a cool, clean and delightful experience. No extra cost. Kxtra low money-saving fares: to all points. For instance— Hope to New York dark ., a » '"'V'"', 1 hcl<1V(; ' ! sweater. yet nrw and unusual) ° ,"° tbn " r:l!> ' ni " ""'" ar "» 1 " 1 a "" I'"*— tt ,,, u^ Class1r '!" l » '"" (ils - '«''"' <»><• ai left include al ' blush . c « l W1) <" .uii-: ami a slim skin of amia tweed.' 666 f»«* •>' '"il'K'-st wool. Tin- (op is palp priy a at neckline and mils with bi ;u . k and red plaid to match the tlai-cd skirt. - be ,?? C ° f the «"o S t utlitarian items inl |«uir Miutuatst diesses The shirt under the jacket is lighter blue! tie silk with V neck. Bruce Catton Says: ' Capita] Hears Reports of Anti-Hitler Moves By BRUCK CATTON NBA Washington Correspondent j taibcr Studies j NEW YORK - Hank Leiber, Cub outfielder, is completely a physical education course by correspondence but must return to the University of Arizona where he started, lor six. weeks of study before he gets the degree. WASHINGTON—Sensational reports from the "underground movement" in Germany have been reaching here, unverified and impossible to verify that a movement within the Reich to overthrow Adolf Hitler is now well enough organized so that followers of the movement in Germany have sent 10 their American contacts these predictions: 1. That the war will be short. •, Mich programs and declared that Nazi party district leaders were the first line of defense against .such "traitors." . This, it is asserted, was first of all an gue players, it is a wonder that physical bureaus of some sort haven't been set up before. ut before 'i. That Hitler will be Christmas. 3. That neither of the two men he named as his successors—Hermann Goering and Rudolph Hess—will succeed him. 4. That "responsible elements" in Germany will gain power and make peace on a basis of regaining Danzig and solving the co-.ridor problem without strangling Poland. 5. That Heinrich Himmler. Gestapo head, is far from sympathetic to Hitler, and is "the man to watch" in Germany today. These reports come here from in- .<ide Germany to a rather mysterious, highly-secret group calling itself the International Leagu? for Truth in Germany. This organization claims to have membership in England. France. Poland, the Scandinavian countries. iBt;lgiuln HolhJnd an itthe UiTited States. It has an office in New York, address unknown. As long ago us lust April, it was known, and this correspondent wrote, I hat this organization claimed to be active in disseminating anti-Hitler propaganda in Germany. U is regarded as non-Communist, and primarily as- a peace group, acting on the theiry that the bent way to peace in Europe is to get Hitler removed tram power admission that the habit is growing and .secondly an indirect admission that the Gestapo is not doing its job properly. The League's sources within Germany add that a prime reason for Mussolini's failure to fight is his knowledge that an anti-Hitler coup is in the making. Italian informants of the League re- i port that anti-German sentiment in ! Italy i.s growing rapidl\—at least part- ' ly because of Nay.i tactlessness in fore- ; ing a number of Gei'man officers into responsible positions in the Italian WONDERFUL PLENTY OF It emphasizes that it not Incidentally, those informants assert that upwards of a dozen of these German officers have died mysteriously while on duty in Italy, and that news f'f their deaths has been .suppressed. Physical EXUJII NEW YORK. - Every rr.ru, signing with Brooklyn Dodgers or their farm clubs must submit to a X-ray of all his teeth. This winter Larry Mac- Fnail. who is responsible for many baseball innovations, intends to extend precautionary measure to in- a complete physical examinat- al J<,lin £ Hopkins Hospital of about S30 a man. 15y MAK1AN YDU.Nd ! NKA Scrvid 1 Staff Correspondent ' NEW YOliK - Classic sweatei I .•kii't.s which are durable but dm I look it, simple wool dresse.i. leversihle jacket;- are still first She bko. novel" swei.i and S'-.u fs. of course. Ijut . hr u.sua IK savings to , v |j,-vs these one at a lime th'oi.nlmi t ll.i- vear. A', the monioe; •,lie's i; nv'v,,,! in assembling a \v,n -.rnhe t el: ssii-s the kind of clot'.e, whii will \vi : i anil wear an l v;-ar ai I lo, I-- , \ en .'nailer as ' i -\ :.'. n-, ( ,i- , . puMel ah!" In '.vealcrs and rku I:.. l-...si 1 , l.olli c-lc-ar and du.'.lv . al ,• i., -.. in 1], : calc'^niA . Anlninii !i-.-,!' M-|. uln v.reen. vivid blue and lirc.v.-n are il mos' p-'pnlar of 'I. liiiL-hiv: c-..l,,i (Urls l.ilu- In !'-,i\(. f.'i'V.'ial I Outt'ils 'i'n wear v.-ilh ;, inc.-.'.... ':',- -,iai, Ian I .iai-liel in e.!,-,!. \l',-t\- • a .' luiinil dark linnvn. lu'lii \vie.hl v.n'il ho. V,' 1111 ideal l\ r ' i < li -1.1' • t - i' 111 I' i iv • ^ l-.erause it', MI.,pi,- ,•• ,, .|, |,,, ,,.,;,![ STATION Diamond Cafe Phone 363 5 GRO. and Market •IOME OWNED—HOMTo"PERATI£D iir.i-: on SI.(HI or Phone 871 within the Reich against his regime The reports of the possibility of active revolt simply comes to them from contacls within Germany. Us own activities have been limited to fomenting general "whispering campaigns" and radio broadcasts agSinst the Nazi regime within Gei'many. Some of its broadcasts go into Germany from European point: outside the Reich, some even from within Germany itself, via secret station" The League, entirely a private activity oi anonymous civilians, believes that the radio campaign aimed di/ rectly at the German people is tit-inn I increasingly successful, and i|, :i , it reaches regularly a million Germans the elaborate and stringent >y Gestapo you buy anything else you make ; '•t its .soundness, don't you?" With millions invested in major lea- Women of charm and popularity are usually full of sparkling- pep and vitality, which makes them attractive to others. i Often—and especially in the case of those who are overworked, who spend long hours indoors and don't get sufficient sunshine and exercise and who have no appetite—the lack of normal vigor, listlessness and "that run-down feeling" may be due to simple anemia, which Is caused by a deficiency of iron in the blood. Sargon, the famous tonic with iron, is helpful in overcoming iron deficiency in the blood, tending to aid nature in building- red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you feel like a new person, with new pep and vitality and a. better appetite. Set a bottle of Sargon today at our risk. If you we not entirely satisfied, after taking according to directions, the full purchase price will be returned without question. Ward & Son Druggist Pure Cane —Paper Bag I P & G ang C. W •*"""*• M - 10 CT- I SOAP—Yellow i & H«ft <Tft -7 bars for eLf^i^e SALT HBOX SPEGHETTI & MACRONE 2 for 5c 2 pkg 7c Sour and Dill PICKLES 6 Quart 2 Jars >! SALMON Pink 15c CHUM «{j Tall can 2 for sto^b CORN — Country Gentleman No. 2 3 cans 25c PIE CHERRIES No. 2 can 10c FIG BARS NBC Ib. PET MILK 3 lg. or 6 sm. Tomato Juice 24 oz. cans 3 for PEAS - Petit Pois No. 2 Can 2 for SHREDDED WHEAT NBC Box 10c PEACHES New Crop Dried 2 Ib. 25c TISSUE 1000 Sheets 6 for 25c BANANAS^ LEMONS LL Size Dozen. BREEN BEANS 21b. Home Baked HAM Ib. HAM Center Cutf Ib. STAH BACON Armour Sliced Rineless Ib. GREENS Bunch APPLES Delicious Doz. TOMATOES Fresh 2 Ibs. LUNCH MEATS All kinds Ib. HAMBERGER MEAT Ib. SAUSAGE Mixed 2 Ibs. Sweaters and skirts—perennial favorites of the average college girl. And she still wears pearls u'lUi tljfjji. Typical of her choice is the ensemble above. The Scotch plaid s.kirt, in gay colors, is lilcated all around. The long-sleeved, classic sweater.is light, rosy beige. "In the past two years the people have co'me to distinguish between Gestapo agents who are working for the regime and those who are working against it," says ., Leugue 0^^;.,^ Safer to Hear "Bootlegged" Broadcasts It is added that il is actually safer in Germany now to listen to these "bootlegged" broadcasts than it was two years ago. Ai an illustration of the wide growth of illegal broadcasting, there is cited a recent speech in which Hitler warned ; the German people not to listen to ALWAYS REMEMBER ue Ribbon Bread '-^*"- sr - >*. ua i M ^z "At Your Grocer and City Bakery ISJZJ'—1'.'_T?^?^- ——i ^^ n:..; \tt tlii-^.y rM.>U!'.h l.i wear U';i d;im iuu nfu-r ihc- HIL; Garni' I In div.- .-(•.•, for the rn-cd. ;•.- in those j for her older :-i--ler- i'lid mother, two i -illi Mielle:. iHWill. One is definitely feminine shin \vaiMed ;-.nd hif,li-bos- I omed. ',-. lib .-Ichil.v roundede hi]>- A FAMILY I«]ven 1're-School Child Is "Father to the Man" line. The other is .Innly streamlined, i Dear Mrs. Adams: \ ny, through these attributes. He may with ever-popular vaiiatiou:. of the y,,,), t ] u . n.,,,,1 man - m ,| the devil ' want lo give away valuable things. .•kn-lv.-ai.~ler out in front in Ibis ("He- -erm to he in tile child of four. 1 g'. 1 ! : Unless il works a real hardship on gory, so manv letters from mothers about you, permit him lo be as generous as i The avciage college girl, according . children of this aye. ^ po-ssible. He 'means to feed his grow- In u-pnrl • nf some r.eeiilly gradual- To me. il is the mo.-l interesting age , ing ego. Belter (his than to go out , t-d ones, likes in hii.v lluccor four mil- ,,f all. because it is ihe lime of rebirth. | and puiu-h someone or destroy things. ! fits which ran he mixed, matched ami's,) i o .say, when the "baby begins to Destruction is often merely a bid for ' ethrwise junnled around al will. II'she j ix-ali/t 1 he is not an auU.'iiiaton but a j attention. He now demands much heuins with a tailored suit she linds person. He loses the habit of thinking .looking at, much praise, much i a skirl which may be worn with the | u , j s ., |jn| t , | V | it . molded from pla.-lic the center of things. -"» .laekei ami a se|'eraie plaid or ( .|., y t . x;H .(] y ;|S |,j s mother wants him. He Kirm, Vet Not Too Harsh | i hee'r. jaekel that \vdl he nice with ., ndfinds himself, instead, a creature: Instead of making him the center I : '•"''' --kills an.i .".e.' her lavorile ^.^ ilnnks. invents, feels and possesses of wrangles and mistakes, of punish• v - ; -''' '- "'" ^ .'elf-imporlancc, ' menis and .shaming, you 'may be able , M " '"''" ' ' ''I '"""' /'''i',". .'"'|"'"T The prc-schoni child seems to have '" 1 ' < -' ill ' h his lx ' Ut ' 1 ' sido through praise - 'H'""",'' • l'l' „ iev'i-''.ri'e "l, m',v ' i'hnoM Ihe wh.de Mage when it coniw : " f lhi »K s (1liU h '- 1 ''"^ ™ lht ' 1 ' well. 1., I 1-li ',',', i.,. v ,,,'vcn or blue to child-handling. And rightly so. he- Pl ' a '- se ;it lllls 1IMK> Ls P''".'c'los!i. It; Bn, ' Vhau-v,, ,. I,,' hiv hems like ''."iso wl.a. the child is before .six. and ; ' »." lkcs him _fuel important through the ,-,als. M,,ls. csnen.no skirls, shoes 1 would put il at four or five, lie will : "B hl agencies rather than the wrong "PROTECT ME!" WITH THK TIHK 111 % I , TO he for the rest of his life, more or Tin.- \eai. .-he is ,,.-- fond of .short. ' Icsv. !>"-.., ,.,,-KOI-- ,,-, of n,inly filled one.-, jj | s .-| t -ui,-,lly true that the child i.s Sht v. ar.i. a slni'l.\ tin coat or jacket father to the man an dmnlher to the o.ii', , ,.;,... j |,,.,i,. ,,i,,., u i it. If U( ,,„.,„ i--,,,,,,.,^ ai, il. :.',",., lo ,| V,"!,:;,,,.- College, she -.\, . i - :-.•' in !;, .- ! 11 ,i .-. :-ni i ak let •- lo inaleh hi r - v, oa',,-1-. all o! '.'ii' lime t'.\rnl on \\'e,_-k-enils II noi. >in.- hu.\s sho- s a.-. Inu'-lieeld and coiilfnrlable but a -'.real »ii a I 11 ioi. ,i r, - - \ looking lor He has to bt- disciplined. But in no j '^ ^V'" 1 ' 1 'l is Punishment cut too ^ y '" l " I":" linclc ' Don ! ""« l °" i "" >1 '- Keep him very, very busy. sel. 'my t!ear, -.vln-n the child is young, ihe iron nial- ieahel. an ,i{)K' ll'eattneii! no\\- <4i\-C'll makes an nnplesslon that will last Your Sammy is not in the leasl nn- rlc>nl " f 'he National Billiard Associat-| ii-nal. Me is both "bad" and "good".''" 11 - -mnoniK-es plans for the world! NK\V YOKK - C. A. Slorer, presi-' e KO,«|. p t .,.|, : ,p f . l, u l i pocket biliard tourna- ^ n,,- i .,. i u 11 i n,i.- o o: 11 - l u i n o , ,i !". .1 o , • • -,., -x ..•..[.,-•.... u,-ar lo, dale-. " '^ 1| -'''' "^ will he impress,,I bv , unl " J' 1 ' l ); '- v , c ' 11 here between Ocl.i Saedc l-'lats Will lie I'op.dar >"", little talks and stories. He will | |^ fi 'J] ( /,i^ O A M drt ^""L^Tvm''^ I Nev, and,mar, fo, collet a,e:-ne,h. '- ''"•'">"''"' -yinpalhy ,f you can , E^.^ 'Vudolph!" Wi'lTii.''ftSni 'and i flats v ill a hratoi hoc- and lips. '<>'-'. " out Me \vill he Verv affeetlnn- \ .1 i~, t • i i n • o , I , . . -. i i i i r ' Aruthr Cranfu-1,1. all nalmnallv rank! o.\.\ oiaid l;,cK.-l-. V. -.Ill hood.-, dale a!" ..., ..-,, , , U.S.ROYAI MASTER Comelu -j. u . ttl y! i' ry a s i mp i e one-minute demonstration . . . learn how U. S. Royal Master's hundreds of gripping edges give you life-saving control of forward and side skids . . . stop your car quicker . . . safer . , . straighter on the slipperiest of w«i pavements. <-Ask far a Free ^Demonstration^ *Tesls Prove Royal Masters Scop <i to 223 Feet Quicker That I'ur.M'niional New Tires. 'YOUR FORD DEALER" -., i I'.u-l: in - ^i ,- . . ' . -.._-.-.-__ ....... Aloie .-peeimi n.*. ot nn lenric iron | '.' x '' ' u '"" ' hi.ve been found within five miles i ll ' 1 M-ei"wne.l ,,.,..i,,|,|,. rlo-oly separate -.weal, rs of Ari/on'.s meleo,- crater than all '"'..•I. natural , m d ,,i,.,-,. kmt:- wh.ich re.sembleeln.se- that aie known over the i CM of the 1 knil,- which ly -eie.alc .-.wealers and skulls earth | J i HOPE AUTO CO.

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