The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1940
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1940 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVES, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale |)cr line lor consecutive insertions: One time per line lOc Ttt'o times per line i)cr day—03c Three times per line per day..OUc Six times per line per clay 05c Montli rate per line 60r Card of Thanks 50c &. "JSt Minlnunn chiirsc 50c Ads ordered tor llii'ee or six time; mid stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of titnc\i HID ad appeared and adjuslim'm of bill made. All Classified Advertising copj submitted by persons rosining oul- side of the city must be accompanied by cash. Kates may be easily computed from the above table. NO MYSTERY WHY WJS1NKSS IS GOOD HEKK l!ai jfains like (hose don'l uwil — They only ill-oil Idling! \ViTk-Kml Specials I '39 FORD Deluxe Coupe $501 For Sale TOR SALE—Two desirable building lols. George M. Lee. Plionc 329. M-ck-0 Arkansas Yelloiv Pine Lmnbcr. Mil! to you. Truck lots, Craig Lumber Co. ul Craig's CCafc, U'achville. 24-i>k5-2« One llioroiiyhbreil refjIslCTed Hampshire Sow. Bred to reRistcrcd male. Price $15.00. Inquire Jack Kamford, 3 miles Northwest of Holland. 23-pk-30 '38 CHEV. MASTER Deluxe Coach '37 FORD "85" Tudor .. '36 FORD Deluxe >'or<!or '35 FORD i FovdoV Sedan 5 tons D-PL-11A Cotton Seed. First year from oriainator. Stanley Fnidenburg, Manila, Ark., lit. 1. • Bargains in used oil stoves, Coleman gas stoves, oil water hciit- crs and used ice and electric refrigerators. Call 22 day, 939-W after 5 p.m. SEfcfw. M. I5UKNS About choice building lots in fastest growing section of the City, price S1'I5 each. Phone 243-212. l(i-pk-9 FOR SALE: Fertilizer, black dirt, cinders. Reasonable. Phone 819W. 75 Tons Hay ALFALFA & SOY BEAN EARLMAGERS Dell. Ark., Phone 41152 State certified also pedigreed Stoneville 2B ani) IB Cotton Seed, and DPL 11-A. Can treat witli Ceresan Stcvens-Cop))HlBC Gin Co., phone 4S8-J. 331. 2-ck-5-2 39 FORD Tudor $381 $265 $289 $141 $481 $399 For Reiil Modern 3 room furnished npmi- menl, 1315 W. Main. 21-ck-lf Beautiful suburban home. r-'mnlsh- cd or unfurnished. Thouuis Lund Co. M-ck-l, USED TRACTOR FOR SALE IMS Mtulcl liilcniiitionul 4 rooms and bnlli. M7 W. Vine. Phone 81C. C. Abraham. 24-ck-l. "KARMAU, lill" TKACTOK J room fiiniislied: iipitrlmciil, Frle-j \Villl Dtlllble Power I,if I & dnire. Private bath. Ciiircige. lin .. ... , ,, .. , ., , W. Arii. I'lionc m. 23-ek-tl ( 3-"'<»v M'Mli' Uusti'i-. Uxccl — r-- I lent condition. I'rictd 3 room .infumished upiM-lmrnt , , (l .. uk ,.j • willi bnlli and hot wntCT. •)!- Chkkasiuvbu. 23-t No I ice Shouse-Henry Hardware Company Case (Jtill«i'y Avon household products, Mrs. John ixink. ir.l W. Kenliicky. I'ljoi'f 85V. s-|)k-5-3 ix>vely rooms and tiparliiienls. tn- ner.sprhis iniUlre.ssi's on all beds. ICt) W. Kentucky, phone JJ20. 4 room unfurnished apartment. \'t'l E Davis. Apply 313 No, Uth. Cull 97-J. 22-ck-ll Five room newly decorated furnished apartment. 021 Chickasawba. Mrs. Joe Waddy. 2i)-iik-:n) Nine bedroom ndjolnlng biilh. 818 W. Chickxsawba, phcnc tJ'Jli. -illi Comfortable bedroom. Twin lierts. Adjoinlns bath. 1017 Wnlnut. Phone 102. Mrs. K. E. Hnrdiii. 20cklf Large comfortnblc bedroom. Twin beds. 2 closets. Men prefcrrc<l. lUUi and Oilcknsnwba. Plione No. ), Mrs. Sudbury. 5-ck-tl room furnishcil apartment. 1011 W. Ash. Plionc 445-W. 3-ck-tf '38 FORD Deluxe Tudor '36 CHEVROLET Master Conch PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT OI'KN EVENINGS ,t SUNDAY' 5th & \VuImil I'hone 1122 FOR SALE—TRAILER Nabers nil-jueci log inihL't', vacuuu brakes, lor cash. Phone 372 Small electric refrigerator, BCOI' comlition. Ctiea)). phone 171. 2i;-ck-tf J3us!iicss Dr. A. U HOV1) Veterinarian 1129 Sycamore—2nn Feel lias! of Division Day, Night I'lionc 1111 5-pk-5-5 Sewing Prwinn ^* Slincnvers. Mrs. Smith Mrs. Blnrt-n-nl). Armorel pl«m» G-ck-5-B WE IWITE HUT HK Sl!RK TO COSll'AKK WK VAI.JIK AS WEI. I, AS THE PRICE '39 Cbev. Snort Sedan Deluxe Model $579 ! 39 Plymouth Del. 4- Door Sedan, radio $.499 '38 Chrysler Royal 2- Door, Trunk, Only $419 '38 Chp.v. Sport Sedan Special ................. $389 '38 Ford V-8 Tudor Runs Like New $389 '37 Bnick Special Sedan, City Driven $4 19 '37 Chev. T. Sedan Deluxe Model ...... $369 '34 Ponli&c Sedan Runs Extra Good $149 '31 Chev. Coach A Fishing Car ......... $49 Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Thonc 633 room furnished -apartment. Also bedrooms. 102 W. Davis, Phone 85, 1-ck-t! 2 rooui furnished npartment. 11X W. Kentucky. Phone OK!. 30pM-30 2omfor(at)le front l)edrooi:i, outside entrance, phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. 1-ck-tt PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Telephone 810 TERMITES Wink While Von Klcepl Wnko up Mir l'ii'e"jhs|>«'lioii' Cull 5S2-W.' Walker and Arckcr Licensed Oprrntoi's Farm Loans l'Kl>ro.Si:i) CONtimu'l'lONAJ, AM>:NI>V>:NT NO. si> •n|iciM'il liy Hi,. ll,-n,T«l .VKH-IIII.I)- ami .--I III [In- .'III.. n| Hi,. S,-c,,-!.-,) u[ ill,' nil loili .In) „! Mnn'li, in: IT iiKwii,vi;ii nv TIIK IIIII:.SK 1 nv:i'iti;M.NT,M'ivi:s AND t;i-:.v.\, ni" 'mi; NT.vri-: or AUKANSAK AND M.l.lllliri'V l)^ iiol'H IIOIINi'.n .-t,!lli-.<. ''I'li.l ilM-' I,,!!,,,,,,,- i. I,,,,,,, ,,,,. ,»,-.! n^ i,n auirnilnifiil lit 11;,. Cnli»l|. lull I II"' Sinn- "I Ai-Kniii.ii>, nii.l MIIII,, Mil.null,-.I 1,1 Hi,, ,,|,, f . < nl ll»- .SlaU' f(ir II|'|,I,IVA| ,,r ri<;,v- > -" II" M t Ml i-lMlui, Inr mini-, «nil llr|,ii>M<nloii(i-i.. II n II) ,,f II/,' ,l,-.i,,n v<,«ll|! 11,1 n,lu|.| MII-II »iii,-ii,liii,.n|, n... h »m,, ,1 ; ,ll III,' Mali- ( ,f .ttl,iliiM». Imill: IM 'rilli CHANCHHY COUKT 01' CHICK ASA WItA DISTRICT Ol' MlHHISSII'I'l COUNTY, ARKANSAS. IClmer Klnin, I'lulutlir, vs. No. Tl'ja Eslolle Kliini. iX'Jeiidnnt. Tin di'lciiiluiii Kslelle Khun l.s wnrncd to uppenr within llilrly days In the colirt, named tu the million hereof mid ini.swer (lie complulnl ol (he iiliilullll Klmer Klum. Duled this Yi dny of April, IUIU. IIAIIVICV MOHH1H. Clerk liy Klfzitbclh lllylhe, u. C Jl:uiile K CoiiiK-r. Atty. for I'llf. 1'i'rcy A. Wrlflil, Ally. i«l l.ltcjii. 15-22-2!)-li .S«ils (orin me iji'i'nler p;trt ol he loocl of pohir Iwai's. fteati Courier News muni aiis The miikc tiolittln (he dried fins of shiults. NOW YOU CAN HAVES BUTANE GAS SERVICE i • • \Vi(li(>ut buying a JIUYAN'K «AS 1'I.A.VT. Kiijoy Ililv |>Ieiisure for Cook- Ing, HrnllHg. lint Water and (las Kcfiljjerall™, For full infilljji;i!l<m ivrlle -us «r make lii(|iilry ill our office. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY Wlicailry—Wrsl Memphis Itljllicvlllc Now l,ur»tril In (ilcncot* Hold Illili;. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON UIIWAItllS, iViin Idor All niiikrs n( Itrlinlll 'I'viii'wi ilers, Aililliijc M:ichii>':s ana lti>|i:ilrl!i|i—I'nrls—Kllihons VIEMOIMMIOIDS Cuwl Willionl Surgery, i\m\ Cm A wry sufe und hinmliv* nuilliod, wlthiiut coiillnoiuciil to Ix'd, joss .if HI,,,, .dom work anil with very Itlllo discomfort, All types o[ piles, Ussuies, ilsluliui, olc., treated tiy inir offlcn iiwlliods. lee bedroom convenient lo both. Steam heal. Plione 280 1-ck-tf Unfurnished apartment lu Shane Arouse Sluggish Liver, woifc all the bile lo rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour punk feeling. Take one box of KIKBY'S ACTIVE 1,1 VEK. TII.LS fi.idc for Slult't, t'ons, fl»ts, I'aHlr, Coin, Hay mid l.lnillxr. Siv I loyil Siii!|>-,iin 3-ck-ll or Small tfrcst Rales. iVIipn Your Anlo tirls Hick llrlns It to thtt We are cqulpucd to handle larga Auto Hospital Ni'xl lo Cnjij]) Moullric John Buchanan rllinic 1(17 or small loans on an of fnriii Innn, »t low cost, and low Interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY Wahiia St lilvllieville, Ark KM-JCTRIC Sinnll iiuc.stmeut Murts liuslness ol YOUH OWN, lie first your lo opi'iate these .standard phonographs plnylug two times live Room ami Board Room nncl board. Phone 093. lG-ck-5-lt stiiudiird records. $1,000 , cash Investment will make you In- Minnows for Sale dependent. Uljruil I'-liiiincliig. Bo\ "O". Ciniiicr News. 21-j>kl Gokllish Und shincis. Ic up. Cop |Kdge Gin. Uy-Wn 18, Pride Aii- 3-ck-5-a DKS. TN1KS & NIKS 1'luint! Its llljthcvllk, Aili. yield more (lllfiul. Golcirish. Day or ni(!lil. Phone' 1101). Cl. (J. Hawks. 300 E. Main. 10-ck-r>-l'J crul ImiKlred nillllun years. Apartment Building on West Main Slrcei,. Call 511 or 197. 1-ck-tf UY ICDCAIl MARTIN MOW Von (yj'^ OK «' -ion i-n.n ' HAS Ywt oow,v_ 'MVfe MOM; GO'. VJF EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENK WELDING i g H a e and heavy n't' specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Plmnc 19 or Rrs. 1019 KlcctHr and Acblylcne' WELDING antl heavy wcl< specialty. D. W. CRANFORD Orajjhue and heavy weldinu our special tv. »Y THICI) II ARM AW I CAN'1 THOUGHT Or PV-AfiS THf. HOSE DRlME, ROSE DRUGS PO.WE ^IIOS HORRIBLE for orders of milk, cream, or churned butter mllV:. Expert gun repairing. Bee E. M. All coivs government treated. Hal- Damon at the Blylhcvnle Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. COAT OF ARMS HORIZONTAL 1 Coat of arms of . 7 It occupies the Peninsula in Europe. 13 Liquid part of lal,. H Miles. 16 Gibbon. 17 Father. 18 To grieve. 19 Fowl disease. Answer to Previous Puzzle 18 One who mopes. ID Slimy neat. 20 This land borders the Sea. 21 Lays a street. 22 Its huge island colony. 23 Its chief exports arc products Wlial's in II, lioom? SORRY, BOOM, -\WHAT DO VOU MEAN^TOR. NOUR, INFORMATION, PUNK, I'M GENERAL IM COURSE VOU CAM / HERE ! LtT ME \ Mf) nrrsrt ,< pc t SUIT HERSELF,BUTVHANPLt THIS!/ ;^/A M . , ,, " KEEP AWAY.'DOM'T IM THIS.' ALL RIGHT, I'M UWiMG IT MTM VOU.., BUT MOtl'RE 'JOUR UMJD& OW- Of- IT, .' COMMAND OF 1HE THIS B*G STMiOUTl rt-L... OR VOU POM'T GIT THEIR ARBWW V WITH ANVTHIN& 1 WHO DO VOU WINK . P 1 :'?: .'l R _ R)VA t hi OON'TSiVW'/vnn IDC TO KMX PALACE 6UARO... AMD VifiKU G)VAN,Grr IN THESE BE FORE I Wl MIND YOU A.RE, TO GIVE I SAN 90METUW, IK] AMAZONIA. TO FIND ALLEY OOP 6UW.D1NG THE PALACE DOOR.! THEV ARE INDEBTED TO OOP FOR. THEIR PCACEFUL ENTR.Y INTO THIS SECRET ClTV AMD AM WJPIENCE WITH IM TO SEE THE MAGIC BELT.' ' seta. 26 Departed. 27 Stone slab. 28Flnl-bot- tbmed boat. an Hole. 31 To conform. 32 Burden. 33 Sloth. 35 Low lido. 37 Impudent. 34 Impressions. 35 Person of little account. 36 To telephone. 37 To throb. 38 Papa. 39 Small nail. 40 Musical note. 6 \ V |,ilc clay. •II Preposition ol place. •12 Plumbing device. VERTICAL 1 To accomplish 2 Church official 3 Orderly. 4 Amidst. 5 Form of "a." 21 Measuring slicks. 22 Cupidity. I ' II THE MYSTERIOUS QUEEN area. 2 5 Possessing flavor. 2G Wide tinilc. 27 Three plus four. 28 Epic. WASH TUIJ15S KY HOY CUANK JUST &3T A PHOME CALL FROM FREDDIE. WHO tUIOEUTLV HE AMD RODERI60 HMP AU AR6UMEWT JUST AFTER WRSor AMD 1 GOT AVJAV. THE TOLICE CAPTURED SPIKE, AMD RECOU- ERED OLD LADV PIPPIW&TOM'S , MECXLACE — -/• VMITH DUKE DEAD... ACCOMPANIED THE POLICE RAID CM THE DUKE'i PC»R DUWB CI.UCK! ME VJAA A LOT ^tORE HELP TO Ui THAMTO HIS ' 7 Diixordant sounds. 8 Koolcd vase, t) Shrub. OH, DM>DY! IT MEMIS 40 Legal claim. 41 Circle part. •12 Golf device. 43 Sound of disgust. THE DUKE IS DEAD WE RE FREE!! 2D Jumbled type. 43 Hand or arm. 30 Hag. 32 Crescent- 45 Piebald. 11 Hack of neck. 44 Spain (abbr.) shaped figure. 40 This king- 12 Doctor (abbr.) 45 Portugal dora's capital. 15 Braided. (abbr.). FRECKLES AND HIS KRIENDS H\ r JIERRILL iif.OSSEH 5Yl<'IA. YOU'RE A S U'OJI-O NOlJ OO IF PERSON LOSr H-3 HEAD AMD Te.ED "Ib Pou. FOR nis OWM SAkE . WOULDIJT YOU DO SOME- TWIW6 TD SPARE HIM A LOT OF 600D .' MICE . II. S'lb'S . 6OIMQ, JUMU/ / I UMCO.MSOOUS.' TrflsjUSr MAKES H' Aeou>-.wnnour

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