Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1941
Page 5
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#""*•*) v ?f 1 '/; i S;; *' V,,'3' ^"i "'_•"', »-# J^M* f, Hope Sf of «tHt MOKE mi tm. tws tefli to sat, MI*?, wiv o* SWA* \AW \&wt AA cash Jn octane* Net ^k*n * ** ForSaU r* tor mmctq tjsxo nmwt. ftoro u»? Chute* Tsbtet, Sfttv*** tuny **h«r IteHM »ft j* ditkx* with Abo highest j»ricf» pafaj CO., South Km cribi Row toot*. aU kinda. Row See A. N. Stroud, Wa»WrMlt«w v USKD 'BED8OO» Suic«, Chtsap. , AUTOMATIC SWCXT 0«J» r Two. barrels. 2tt uwh eytm- bore, » in«b fwtt «hok*. Siw Pentecoat, Phon* 481 «>«• 3W \»it*. TRACTOR. MOOEL IT, ji h ««•*. implements, Run oniy <m« ,;. season. Account of w?4 w*?u*.h«r ^ru» -very Httte. Cost JJ230, WiU j jll'«J, R- Reyenger, Emmet. Route t i GET REAL ALASKAN B»PPy. F«r dvMrtroas <fW* i-tttf anybody. We have seven* at rw«« stmabte prices, ancf r*a<ty to go _i' Mrs. Jack Bet-Mar. Hi««a<on Twl- SA''«r Camp, a rnftes East on 87- 2J-3tp ,1 < ~j" r __ ^, T f3T CHEVROLET, GOOD CONDmOM H at 709 W. Tth, after S r. m, 2f«-8tp ,,, /BARGAIN! ! t COCKiR~SPANliL ^ nappies. Ideal Christmas gift for t?il v , orour child. Phone S08-J. Mw, Ouv't! "Jt'F ,Ifevis» IOOZ Eaat 3rd. W~«Sr Taken tjp 'BLACK AND WHITE HOLSTTEIX u^T cow. Weight nboat «1« powndtt ^" Sid Jones, 511 South Shaver gtr**t Trailers For Sale fFOR SALE-NEW ROYAL, HOT floors, permanent bet{. air conditioned. Also n«w American Stage , Coaches. Roy Craft used traitor*. # Buy on two years, as low as $10 70 down. Can or se«, Thelma Stephens Camp, Highway 4, North. 24-'til Jtan 8p 6!Si"tM f*^*** tt >** <*•*.««». i-ivk.Uk *«\JV* VfC^V 5 •« «s5?C VI* 7 i n JR ' TlftK \#» WHXJCt. JCOK i'Hl ' U For Sole or Ren* MBS oF~ i^o wrrn >;.•) MWt, K>in« JC,*!S;cI'lll'BCif HI.('(.,« ifh ff^f T St W !**« "tt Notk* ft* SttWrt, All wojftt and Mr.te Wonted Mi ffl" Notice rew OR KENEWAJ. or tioos to any nvineiJSinc pt(feitnft«xi , Charles Rwynertoo at CHy Will . ""' w MtNtVt, ottrwcK ' . .... I-)U(-' jj o ^y !it , „. t !.,,,,, fl ,v r „,< ; DISPLAY - FtTLL LINE f'TSrps. Trailer Coaches. Call we ha-ws several modeli to select from. Lucfc's Tourist Court 21-tfe For Rent ^SUALEr FURNISHED COTTAGE, IN '\- _cfty, on old Fulton rood. For couple "only., R. E. Brown. 17-Jtc 'PRQNT BEDROOM, ADJOINING J' bath. Two gentlemen or working couple^ Call 73 or come to HOt W. 7th after T o'clock. 15-3tdh FONE ROOM FURNISHED APART- ifienL J19 a month. Two miles on <?y Spring Hill road. W. H. Bryant. 20-3tp :0 ACRE FARM, 9 MILES FROM Hope t on Spring Hill road. Apply Middlebroolcs Grocery. 23-3tc Z-EOOJf. FURNISHED APARTMENT. Private bath. No children. Apply at i/v.,506 North Washington. 22-ltp LARGE BEDROOMS. NO chil- ty drem' For couples or gentlemen. N Convenient to bath. 322 South Shov- l,," er Phone 825. 23-3tc I ROOM HOUSE CHEAP. 1 MILE north of Hope off Fulton Highway. ^Mrs. W. A. Price, 24-3tp I WAITRESSES ClfECTKKD CAW • ' Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE - WE , repair »n,ythw« Electru-af. Wtrtnif, motors. KeJljf lUfrtiWratioiii S»>i?vte«r. 112 Main. Phon* HI, Ift-lm-c Services Offered UNDERGRADUATE NURSE OE- sires work. Specialr/ps in O B cases and care of eWorty people. References. Mr*. Delia Galbreath. Phone 34-W-3. 2N-fttp Furniture For Sole IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Soenger Theater , for better prices on furniture sec U3. 21-3CU; For Sale Miscl. PADGITTS PEDIGREED PUPPIES for Presents. Will hold for Christmas delivery if desired. Cockers, Bostons, Chows and Pointers. Padgitts Kenneh. 20-lmp Health expert says the only safe place to kiss a girl is on her photograph. Can you picture that? iw {t«wai.'(t,. in thirty iSuy 1 ) ,»mt rtori'wwf th«.» wnw- iilit ill nid l'Ut!!'i?f, J M-h H«iw:'»rlf, WHnrsf* «^y h^ir^i v«n{ sfrw (jt«^ -4/ <uitt i't^urt tin's 10th ^<ty u^ r.Vrpn^.H'T' 1941. (SEAL) ,;. P. BYtRS. CT>Tk W. S. Atkinn AHy. f k >r plft E. F. McF.)i.l.iin Atty. a«l I item. D»x. iO. 1J. 24, ,U WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cent* per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hop*, Arkansas RENT/ WANT-ADS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with ... Major Hoople I MBfAORlZ^.0 Al^P MAW/ SM-B1T 6PEBCU; ^ UG-AWK/ MA30R ,TO THANK 1^ ^*- fV\V FOR US .jBOTTKE WORDS WOM'T OUTA MV KISSER//CHRISTMAS Sy Roy Cwmt ^fc'WW^ W 46 i> i ' <•* TKimble TK*«t*- | r, A«/ CUPWBO * 4 H* •*>, •f *--# v:^ «iNW •v«* T J j, * HW. v l 'S 'T-V *^, - , M^iBt V* 1«J£ * S- i % - ^ > t t iLg.. ^ * » *^*^. A ^" J^ 3K ,, •*" 1 , * * -1 > *- i-* ri» "V» it ». * r ^.vl: fft- f ' ^lv*:i ? f f r j*. •"• * 4v.-J H ^j ? r I * .*- , ^ ^rV, f r^ -M ,4' ( * *t I *»t . i * " ' * v * ^. ' ^ # > #**.....• '^li'-wi ** i • Jf: -' I «^J SLOHDII H ChU < m* f * fttj.t.,** 4 "•M^. ' #! -tt ^ A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES f Lofc Than «,«;* '«6M fc»-*^"< ! l(K».kfo •*.''« *r 'tlr« ' •* i 'i-.. *I* 'I V6*- '**„ ,, .. By Edgar Martin N^l^O ^;*v ^ RED RYDER Speak Up, Man _, ^s— 1 • ^•5P»*H'-i'*^) 1] "MANKS RDR. VitLCOCMNO U TO 1H£ ,'2-iy 'i. fjUS ALLEY OOP WAlT'LU KIMG JOHNJ HEAfZS WHAT WE'VE DOME TO HIS BLACVC GUARD.' HE'LL BE FAIR. WIUD WITH RAGE LAUNCH HEAVY OFFEMSIVG Start of a Man-Hunt -••^ "A' ^Ou-a AfiCA yy VS By Fred Harmon --r-— • ~•-— - ByV.T. Hamlin FRICKUS AND HIS FRIENDS Merry Christmas to All! = U TOO KHLIMG UMARMED IS WOT IM / / - 1 . Iff.! »Y MJA StRWCt, IN 1 THEY'RE DANCIM© THAT NEW PANICS ,TMB *SHADYSIDE SWA 4« WILL YOU PLAY IT FOR us, PLEASE l.'i 'i i. L dJ»' IS ME GOIfNJG TO 'HOW LONG HAS TMIS BEEM eoiNs ON"? Trie SONS- YOU AND LARD WROTE P By Merrill Blosser /vTo ALL OUR FRIENDS, BO TM NFAI? AND we Hope THC SHIMWG STAR <A -j WU BRING YOU HFALTH, AND Joy AND THROUGH THE COMING Ye/ ei •(*

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