Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 17, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1936
Page 4
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k e Died After Failure Set -But Valentino Died in Glory L " By BOBBIN COONS .Associated Press Correspondent iOItLYWOOD.—"Being an actor is ffebelhg a sunset. Darkness quickly ws to "make may for dawn and a Minset.' r fetjn Gilbert—or his ghost-writer— that several years ago in a jo£ ,his life m the films. ie quotation seems peculiarly apt, .that the mantle of romance that his career is turned into a jBd; JFor Gilbert thus became his ^'prophet of doom. It was one of we tragic aspects of his bright ;-starred life that) he lived to see By WILLIAMS By AHERN OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE yew, BUT NATO RE. LISSEN, WORRY WART-Prima Donna MAKES MISTAKES/ IP NATURE INTENDED SME MUST, E-R VOO'P WAVE A NOSE U KE A ELE.FUNT, CUT! ALLU5 GOT IT IMTO SUMPN .' YOU TO SMOKE, SHE'D WAVE. PUT A LITTLE Sf/OKESTACK CONMNi' OUTA TM' TOP BACK OF VOUR «•. HEAD Born. 16 She is —-^ as a vocalist. 17 She is throughout tfte world. IS tfegatlre word 19 Tiny vegetable 20 Chum. 22 Lair. 23 Still. 25 Sun god. 26 Branch. 27 Attic. 29 Quantity. 30 Thick shrub. 33 Pussy. 35 Insect's egg. 37 Living. 38 Yeasts. 39 Metal mixture II Divinely supplied food. 4.1 Half. 41 Mongrel. 45 Salt. 47 Hammer head. 4!) Curse. 50 Corded cloth. Answer to Previous Puttie IS AN UNT-SttOKBN LXNEs TROIVN TW ' OLp, WOW SW*OV itchboard compartment. Eftfergy. tntiiart. retard. To hoast. House cat. -RETURNETD VKRTK'.U, 1 Aperture. 2 Excites. 3 Pitcher ear, 4 Note in scalp 5 To line a vessel. Odoffee pot. 7 Railroad. S Fiildlng bed. 9 Metal. .13 Sesame. baskets. Woven string. •IS To soak flax, Thief. 5t Tennis fenre. 52 Mother. 5:? Armpit. 54 Northeast 55 She was born in • . Italy. 56 Eye tumor. 57 She studied playing. * > 1 Constellation IVou ami me. $7o peruse. J2000 pounds. SMhter. flfanner's teasel. Sheep's cry ut bright. ntrance. Wooden By MARTIN He Can't Fool Boots BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES vovw v\t V\\V\ TO \ I OONi'T V\\K>0 . VO\V.\_ 6\V)t Mt T\V\^ TO \Jt:\ V\\M "b^t V\OVO 'M WOT ONVE. VOOOVOKi'T «t A.VV. -" I'M CoVMPW OWV.-'tV'c.'C) ..... _ - His Was Done It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! 'in the Hope Star ARKEI PLACE pr f the more you tell, the guicker you sell. lOc line, min. 30c to rconsecuiive insertions, minim- t& mum of 3 lines in one ad K 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c g 6 tim.es, 5c line, inin. 90c P26 times, SHc line, min. $2.70 Average 5% words to the line) -Want ads will be accepted i 'the- understanding that the payable qri presentation of ement, before the first publi- fion. Rhone 768 his own "sunset" make way for new. Began As An Extra He began in Hollywood as an extra. The early film community of Ince- ville knew him as one of- the nonentities of the mob—cowboy, roughrider, Indian, soldier, sailor, just atmosphere. It was W. S. Hart who gave him his first "bit" in 1917. Gilbert did not think he could act. He tried writing, then became a director. He considered himself a failure at both. He went back to acting because it appeared there was nothing else he could do. At Fox he made "The Count of Monte Cristo." "Cameo Kirby" and lesser films, but he still was dissatisfied. He signed at Metro because Irving Thailberg thought he had possibilities. There, within a few years, he had made "The Merry Widow" and "The Big Parade"—and there was no brighter star on the screen. A few years more, and there was no star in a more ironical situation. With a million-dollar contract in his i pocket, he saw the talking picture wreck his future. The contract had been signed for a silent star. His first talkie, "Redemption," spelled his fato. Married Four Times He collected on his contract, but his succeeding films did nothing to retrieve his glory. Even "Queen Christina." in which he was reunited with Garbo, was unavailing. "The Captain Hates the Sea" was his last picture. To match this professional mockery, his private life was equally checkered. Four Marriages that ended in divorces marked the path of the "great lover" in personal romance. Impulsive, sensitive, restless, now gay and now deep in gloom, he was doubtless ''difficult" as tho divorce- petitions usually implied. Gilbert might have been happier if death had come earlier, for his career meant much to him. Valentino, whom Gilbert succeeded as the "great lover," at least died on the throne. ©1936 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFf. ALLEY OOP Oh, That's Different! By HAMLIN ' DAWCr THAT FOOL ALLEY OOP AW' HIS FLY/W COMTBAPTIOW/ IF IT HADW'T BEEN FOR HIM AN 1 HIS CRAZY IDEAS ,1 WOULDN'T BE ALL BUSTED UP.'/#0<i> OH, IF I COULD OK1LYGO HUNTIN7 I'M DARMED WEAR STARVED FOR SOME MICE, LUSCIOUS DIMOSAUR MEAT/ HEY, GUZ/ LOOklT WHAT ME AM' \ OOOLA ANT FOOZY JUS' BROUGHT) IM.' A MICE, TENDER, LI'L EATIW / PIKJOSAUR/ WHADYA SAY WE THROW A FEED, EH? FOR SALE vegetables at Holly's Curb SALE—Good, well-cured John,hay. Cheap. See E. S. 14-10t-c. 3R SALE—5 acres with 7-room and garage. On pavement in !frnm"y« No paving tax. Call 412 or . •" A&ry Hawthorne 15-3t-p. It is estimated that there arc 30.000 radio receiving sets in PortiiKnl, al- th-jugh there are no broadcasting stations in that country. During tlic last 12 years It;ily shown a population increase of i than 7 per cent. The greatest incj lock place in Genoa, Rome, Naples, and Milan. V*. ROE'S HAPCHERY chicks for sale. Custom hatch- a specialty. Call or write Mrs. ,. Gordon, Prescott, Ark. ll-12tc SALE—Modern 6 room house, j features, 3 large lots and new . $1250.00. Pete Shield, 621 Fulton St. 16-3tp L.OST '—Red hound, male. Slightly legged. 6 years old. No collar. •era to name of -Rock." Call 840 17-3U- (jrden plants at Holly's Curb Mar- ;RYJCES OFFERED your films to The Shipley '*In by nine and out at five.'' seven oil colored enlarge- 16-3tc FOR RENT i Fruits at Holly's Curb Market. JJENT—Four room furnished m$. Private bath, garage. r refrigerator. Phone 132. Mrs. 15-3t-c. -—Furnished seven room remodeled. Phone- 783. 17-3I.C Want It Printed We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes aa Impression" ALLEY, M'BOY-WMAT WOULD I EWER DO WITHOUT YOU? LOCKA THERE, MOW.' LISSEW TTH 1 GUSH.' IO LIKE T'BUST HIM RIGHT IM TH' JD193C BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 6. PAT. Off. By CRANE Another Candidate WASH TUBBS THAT D/ZZV SOME OF WHO SAYS I'M A Ve MAUGY PACk^A POODLES, I'LL, WALLOP you, TOO. I'LL—, I'LL LEARN VE TO SCARE A LAD% PI6-EAREP BABOOSh PAME IS THE TALK OF THE \KIOMIMATIM' HER WILDCAT <i we CHAMR c. *v ..a !: '/jm-lL C'" 7 / BELLE 6IVE5 MR. DAPPER VU0.4 WORTH A CLASSV WALLOPIM6.7 7 X tflVICfi. INC.' T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. Q By BLOSSER Helping Hands FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HAMBURGER? \ OF COURSE MOT; OSSIE/ ,A HORSE ISMT A HORSES DOW'T f / CARMIVOROUS.AM""< A ' ' THEY DOM'T LIKE , - ^x MEAT.'/ /GEE,DOHT FACT, MEAT PROBABLY 15 j THEM OME OF THE < MAYBE LASTTHIMGS ) "THAT WHY war s "WATS IT'S THEN....AMYWAY EAT MEAT// QANT BLAME A HORSE ,EXPLAIMS 1^© I»3C BY Ht* SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC.. U. S. P*T. 0 By COWAN Playing Safe THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) BEAT IT .' I'M NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTUING FOR TWIS HOUSE THAT CAN BE THROWN / YOU M&NG TI-IEfA ALL OVER YOUP HOUSE —ANY PLACE V4A.Nt>Y- IN OF FIRE,YOU THROW THEM AT TUE BASE TUE m ' EXTINGOISHERS SPECIALIZE IN IT TITS INTO THE HAND of wliicn 'ear wt.,— «. [and careful look into the nil:-

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