Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1941
Page 4
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J^M J"4 "s** >«''",'i 7 j •'''"'^'' \ ' *"''"" • tVVJ • * ; - 'V'XV 4 / > M , wife l.i' '. \ '• *v.*-» ..*».'' .*-v^ -< ._. *-. —--< - i irilihniiAriiiiiiniriffr^ 17 : fit tww way afc*Mt of its . ! War Uaifi&Mt »« todwiteiat to «»*&* Wls* 8, ft Tutaw 08 fe«««<lH «**!* *»**» 'j the wwWhi was**! fr«i =w»n-Js«4 ^Mt| >, "W '() ''" 11. " its. , i J^V.£K 6.t£ ^ "^ 7 riiJ 1 - W , ^ _ r tJ , ? ^ '-. I.*!.,... J ^ i 'yS.^.''. Jl-»t JA-. J ^/L- t *L..JjkiM^.. .^j^fLtLajnvfaittiairi-ii -^^—^iiJiiiV-flitritf irffitft tiit^-^^-^^e^t-^-fc tepoffcj «» o< No*. aft*, !,«*,»» f*d ti: I^n i DAY THOUGH! •T; The Yuletkte 5**«>» fcafnpt witfe. it &# pleasant thoughts el ffxmttfy J »««.»i:i,mH%o« the past. U ramit patronage lfc«l baa- the manifest most of your tt» »f »h« *$>fe*»*!tf w »«** fc> wn^wy *wf in oi* fey uW W*' swwpetely trw* may continu* U* «ni Mtrty th«r HOPE BASKET CO. CIIHISTMVS REETIIVCiS U is the goocfwitl created by this joyous Christmastime that Inspires us to send you o >*ord of Cheer. May the spirit of the Yute- tide season spread throughout the "fy coming year and make this community o better place in which to live. The Season's Best Wishes to ^ each of you. REPHANS "The Friendly Store' S'WE ENTER INTO another Holiday Season we wish to extend our profound thanks for the gracious friendships we have enjoyed. May you enjoy ihe best of everything, not only this year and next, but during those to follow. May your hopes and dreams be fulfilled and may you enjoy Health, Happiness and Genuine Contentment, »# •*** May yt>u Havt no Roy Anderson & Co. Insurance Phone 810 Hop« ORLD AT WA PACIFIC OCE/ AUSTRIA WICHINO YOU HAPPINIM AT MKIfTMAS AND EVERY JOY IN THE COMING YEAH HOPE CONFECTIONERY Louis Andy ALLIES .Nation Area (sq. mi.) Population UNITED STATES 3,738.395 150,215,000 BRITISH EMPIRE 13,539,113 United Kingdom 94,279 Canada 3,694,863 Australia 2,974.581 New Zealand 103,934 Union of South Africa 472,550 9,980,000 Nation BELGIUM CHINA COSTA RICA CUBA DOMINICAN REPUB GREECE GUATEMALA HONDURAS HAITI NICARAGUA PANAMA Area (sq, mi.) 11,775 2,906,475 23.000 44,163 19,332 50,257 45.452 44,275 10,204 60,000 33,667 Population 8,387,000 457,836,000 616,000 4,228,000 1,581,000 7,196,000 3.045,000 1,000,000 3,000,000 1,172,000 468,000 Nation Area («q. mi.) POLAND 50,470 NETHERLANDS IND. 735,207 EL SALVADOR 13,173 U. S. S. R. 8,819,791 , FREE FRANCE 959,256 TOTAL 31,104,074 GRAND TOTAL INVOLVED IN WORLD WAR 33,170.828 r Braner- Ivory Handle Co, HOPE To you, whom we serve every day, we send a Christmas Greet- in MAY CHRISTMAS BRING YOU JOY ... AND PEACE . . . AND THE NEW YEAR HAPPINESS AND GOOD FORTUNE Leo Compton's Service Station Telephone 666 Hope May the joys of the Christmas occasion remain with our cuslo- . mcrs and friends throughout the New Year. Our thanks, too, for your patronage and kind courtesies in the past. Perkinson's Jewelry ^ K A'S,7' * • ; - - i "'jv -'. L', cean Is Involved eedom for All v* r ATLANTIC ***** OCEAN RIO OE INDIAN OCEAN ADAGASCAR (Fr.) UNIO^ OF VY SOUTH U. S. Bases U. S. Caribbean Bases ^ Other Hemisphere Defense Bases Axis Bases (Germany, Italy, Japan) pfe Nat1 ° n •TALY mM JAPAN llpQ HUNGARY MANCHUKUO MMOJ* SLOVAKIA FINLAND RUMANIA Wm ^&/Z DRi TOTAU AXIS Area (sq. ml,) 225,258 790,158 260,644 59,830 503,013 14,836 131,588 72,452 2,066,754 Population 79,375,000 45,445,000 97,697,000 13,508,000 36,950,000 2,450,000 3,835,000 14,099,000 293,379,000 AXIS DOMINATED OR Nation Area (sq. mi Albania Belgium Bulgaria Czechoslovakia Denmark Estonia France Fr, West Africa • | • Jugoslavia Gr«acft 10,629 11,755 42,808 38,190 16,575 18,353 212,659 1,815,768 AC CC Q 95,558 50.257 CONQUERED .). Population 1.003,000 8,387,000 6,550,000 9,807,000 3,805,000 1,134,000 42,015,000 14,945,000 •4 £i O/"V/"V f\f\f\ 16,200,000 "7,197.000 Nation Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Netherlands Norway Poland Rumania Indo-China Thailand Total § Area (sq. ml.) 25,402 20,390 999 12,704 124,556 150,470 72,425 281,174 200,148 3,200,820 Population 1,951,000 2,910,000 301,000 8,729,000 2,937,000 34,776,000 14,099,000 23,584,000 14,976,000 215,306,000 mm This organization is happy 't extend its most heartfelt Christmas Greetings to the people It serves. May continued success and happiness be yours in the NeV Year, '~~~ HALL BROS. Friends and Customer* of This Firm And a thousand thanks for your patronage. Jt FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. PquJ P.'MsLouth, Owner E. E. Mobley Arthur Boss Cecil Stephenson, Mill Man As we come to the close of another year, it is our sincere hope that' the friendliness that has marked our associations in the past will continue and grow stronger as the years go by- Best wishes for a Merry Christinas and a Happy New Year. JACKS NEWS STAND Mind Your Manner* Tett your knowledge df cofreet social usage by answering the fol* lowing questions, then checking againtt the authoritative antwert below: 1. ti H necessary (or a-man to always keep to the curb side when he is walking with a woman in a city and they keep crossing streets? 2. Does the man or the girl with whom he has a date make the suggestion that it Is time to be going home? 3. If a woman is riding on a bus with a man, should she ring the bell when it is time for them to get off? 4. Should an escort tell his date her slip is showing—or let her find it out for herself? 5. Should a girl who is with a man hail a cab, or let him do that? Answers 1. No. In such a case the convention is often ignored. It is awkward for the man to keep changing sides, especially when the sidewalks are crowded with hurrying people. 2. The girl. 3. No, she should leave that for him. 4. He should tell her. 5. She should let him do that for him. May the happiness of this day be maintained each day of the approaching year. And a hearty 'thank you 1 for your loyal support in the past. Alien Electrical Service Phone 806 Mount miles hlghet titan the epth in the ocean. Golf Passport The ninth green of the Nrrth Portal, Saskatchewan, golf ,corns'; is in the United States. Cnnbrlian players due to present regulation.*, must havi a passport in order to play it. A Merry Christmas and o noppy New Year with sincere appreciation f o r your continued patronage. A A-&P. Food Stores C 0 R D I A L We have a host of friends in this area whom we would like to see personally in order to extend a personal Christmas Greeting. We may not get around to every, body so we ask that you consider this as being-a genuine expression of good wishes to each of you and a hearty thank you for past courtesies. CITY BAKERY "The.Home of Blue Ribbon Bread" A JOYOUS CHRISTMAS CAN think of no finer Yuletide sentiment than the old familiar "MERRY CHRISTMAS." \Vc never grow tired of saying it to our friends nor do we grow tired of hearing it from others. It is the one univej> sal greeting that carries with it the thought of others and the appreciation of fine friendships and associations, .• t It is this sentiment that forms the background of our thinking of you all this glad time of the year. \Ye want you to know that when we say, "MERRY CHRISTMAS," we include! our thankfulness for all past favors. The_bcst of everything to each of you. , Charles A. Haynes Co. ON MAIN ' % ''frjS* '$' / 5*J~: '-WV f r Sf i cf t* f?'- -kl >/ uy ' ' I*!.* i ^'^"" '- -H. ~ ^ v **/- ,$

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