Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September M, .1039 Hope 9 Star Star of Hope, 1899; Press. 1927. Conaolidirtefl January 18, IMS 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Heruld Prom False Rep&rti Published every weeX-day afternoon By Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. 5. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn. at The Star building, 212-214 South •Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. tVASHBL'K.V. EiWor and P^bllsber (API —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterorise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week (5c; per month S5c: one year 56.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayptte counties. 53.50 per year; elsewhere J6.50. Member o( Tl\e Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republieation of all news dispatches credited to it or not 3therwi?e credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be mane tor an tributes, cards of •.hanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their renders from a ieluee of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the tafe-kreping or return of any unselicited manuscripts. Eyes to the East—And South! *' " ' THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. REG. U. 3, PAT. OFf By UK. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Jonrnal nt the Amoricnn Medical Hyjieln, tho Health Magazine British Teeih "Rotten" Beenu.se Isles Lack Good Dental Facilities vision fin- dental trcnlinent between (ho time when n child leaves school and the time when it becomes a worker 1'iipublc of receiving such benefits ;is lire ;iv;iil;iblo undor British heiilth insurnnce lows. The Britain mini.-u-r i'f hc.i'ih of ('.runt; to thuir neod fur dental service, ll • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Kussin Comes Out of Her Slu'll srrllies the Russian flip-flop tif 1KII. doubly interesting In vie\v of tlmt of I!K!!I. The sympathies (if Soviet Russia, however, were no more drawn to (he conservative and bourgeois character of post-War France than those of the C/ars had beon to the seeiilari/ed and democratic Republic of IH'.l.'i. whieh al thai In as n di'pi-aveil rem ne. In hull then 1 wore million . ) , lrsl of a s(ii . jt>s ((f ))(i()ks H , hi(i(i (are and d.-ntal >u,v,re in Great Bri-l """ "' l ' 1 " 11 '" slll-h "«>rvu-o..hiit about ( wlll trueo lho rm , |lt ftmv , K11 p() , it . y tain. | Millf "f these faded to Bel any under j of k'mling nations, "Krmice,'' hy At the oj.-enir.,.; of -in annual con-1 thy exi.stiiu; arrangements. ; (''Unit \Vll)<Hmir U'Orint'sson iires-; on pnbln- ,'ieaJtli ict-entlv hei , ' (Luugmans-Ciieen: $2). tells sym!-:ml. "The teeth of this o-unlrv are I u ''.'' ls "" l"'"vision of dental treat- : iiiithftleully the stor yof Kreneh bad. Yon mi-l-.t ;'i:n.'~>. -.i\ the' tivth | ""'"' '" Il '"' s «-'''y schools and no pro- loreiKii policy since I91S. lie de- i-.f tin; Ci.um-y :,,-•• iniu-n." He point-I '.-m-_-": • • '"'".--. - • ed out. that :< dental .--rvieo ( ( , l,e| r\i in nt-i "'""" ' - 'Vnir,';;;: n..;;''i; n hea';;; v;":;;.;:;;;;i , ^??A^!. N ^ OUSE • • • with • • • MAJOR HOOPLE plan, ill" ..inonni el' iiiiii.il -e! vii-e de I I'--/ .... .,,~ . \'?'~'~ " " " I.end, ,,„ ,he a,,:,,,,;,t,,,',,,,,!,,-, nu.nev ' ^i ^O, , jO, RLVltJ-— TMIS IS MOT ^ SALT CHL LAP >' ' ' left in tl,e s, il: beni-h; ,-,;',,;-,,^nation | i--A Orv A ^U-bNJCER FOR A, POLICEMAN'?, Pl'VlOL- K-oj;!.'wlie. m.-ed der,L:l iiea't!:H--iH most • fgV HU r ^ M IMPORTANT IMV£NT\OK1 — -~1 fo inn (if (ho Law nnd tho spirit of Con- soi vati.sm, and now it was this vory ..pit-it of Ijiiu' and Conscrv;ilion Ilia! \\ r as lioconnn.^ (ho Soviet's bost safo- HUiinl and vantage ground. With tho utmost coolness, tborot'oro, tho Hu.ssian government proceeded and to despite what they had once adored The outstanding political event of the year 1SK1-1. one whieh was tects on the development of the Knrop- ean situation, was this re-entrv of Ttus- aiMiiiM the danger that threatened her' troin lierinany. t j Thus \\e IK held the Soviet Kepuhlicl ' tnrninn her na/e toward Geneva. slioos of the folk they had as,sasinal- Tho star cluslur in lliu cnn.xlcltll- . ion lieiele.s is inucli 1 ti|> of more than "I Nations a butt for every >:ui'l of ll'.O.IHKIIi sons, many of them hundreds ;.'ibe and insult as beini; the ineanr.it- of times larger than our own sun. The Dog Stayed By His Master RF.GINA, Gin.-.(/Ti--Trucked down by a Knyal Canadiiin Mounted Police <!(>>;. Nolson SJIDI'/II.V. an Indian, shot and killed Constable W. Iv l)hodonise. v Sammy Wiis sliot in the breast and hip; j but will I'ooover. His ane.sl not far The police dos' lay liosido Hhodenr ; cr anil would lake no I'm Iher interest in The 19J!) boar census in Yellowstone National Pmk di.si'li.ised more bears than for any year since lllilfi. The estimated number of black bears was •IH3 and of t!ri//lies 'i'tl. , OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS pie iiniier l!\ den!;,! Ci'ti- ,,n elH'e of |,;,;n. The atillu-rit lactic and emi -ei Which 111 It! • I ":t,!e. leal. Kit'h'.y f'M- ;.-el!i ..in,!,.,- ih, H'c.-.ltil Itf,ur;.'.!ce ,\( War U; reality. It is a t'act. not a theory, once tho .suns licuin to roll. As war sweeps Euro 1 ,:*, it presents the United States with a set of facts. They are facts not primarily of our making. Their roots go far back into the past, their immediate ancestry is in the World war. for which we had no re- .videret sponsibility. Our comparative reluctance since 1919 to join in movements .Ttneci at a decent world today's blame, but primarily a new war is not of our making. One of the facts inevitably resulting from another widespread war in Europe is this: Germany is almost certain to be completely shut out of the ! '"" . amtici.d p!a;South American market, both as buyer and seller, for the period of any war. j '- M " h '' "atii.n -];••,•,.! Brirairi may buy- there, but her sales are certain to fall, since she will not be a •'' e ' u a !' ; ' 11 ' able to fill orders. Italy's trade must also be adversely affected. Japan is already hub-deep in the war in China. This forces upon the United States an opportunity Io be the provider of goods which South America can get nowhere else or get only with difficulty-, '," u , '?' t !i,,,,j'' .,',"' ,".' ,' Such a war will literally drive the American nations in upon one another as j childrer' i [' ,.,,,.|-i' nothing else could do. I , vev The United States must prepare to accept this responsibility, and to make I [ u the most of this opportunity. It seems heartless to plan thus to profit by the ! ,,, u . ..<•>,,;,)! ( | ( .•.(..,• misfortune of others. But there is no other way. | childn-n in M;;Y ii .., This challenge must be picked up promptly, and handled effectively. The airplane industry has already taken steps to supply the ships which Europe cannot spare. Builders of autos. tires, and many other products are preparing to meet the demand's that are certain to come to them. The situation must bo met in a statesmanlike manner. If it is fritted away in a more orgy of quick profiteering, nothing will have been built for the future. But if proper credits are extended liberally, if excellent goods are provided at fair prices, further reciprocal trade teaties made, and purchases in tho South American market raised until the increased trade is not a one-way proposition, a foundation can be built for inter-American trade and co-operation that will be hard to shake in future. Che may well regret the circumstances which create a situation like this. But to refuse to'meet its challenge would be unforgiveably stupid. When Europe returns to peace, if it ever does, the scramble for the favor of South and Central America will be resumed, probably with ruthless ferocity. Time and chance have given to the United States tho opportunity to build in the Americas meanwhile a structure of mutual trust and interdependence that will be unshakeable. * "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sett" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man c Want Ads Talk to Thousands' SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All W&nt Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone . One tiir.o—2; word, minimum 30c Three times—3%c word, minimum Me Six times—Sc word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 • Rates arg for continuous insertions-only. RACE OVER MIGHT AMD TAvi- ' niv , ..... half (H \-\V. 1MTO Y WOUSEMOLD -( W V. I A " 'A'OMDGR V-JF- '• <-n- '-,i EVIL: i BUDDIES 1935 Ford Coupe for Sale. Al condition. A real bargain. See Frank Walters. :vd and LoiiLsiana .Streets- WHV, Wb.S.I \ NEVtR. THOT \ AMJCt-l OF- THIf, J BEFORt. J MoreTlian Me Bargained For By EDGAR MARTIN FOR SA Pups. See Mir. !•'.••>«•!! {Jaiv-jr. :):D Ka.-l Second i-tive V/anted ALLE) 1OP W ANTED--Nuijro b.Tv~w;;nl.-; ~j,,b ' before and after school. Artlvir Na*h ' 914 West urd St. "i:i-:;t p i On His Way r V. T. HAMLIN | WANTED--Person to v ,, ;,s pa-,.•om.'LT i to Sprinyfii.-!,!. ?,!'.,, Ti-aiv^iuriatioii i cheap. Call 17-F-l:;. l,,,,,, m |, 'rir.irs- ,.day. Sept l-l. A. ;\( IL'-lii Fov Rent FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, new built in FOR RENT-3 room house and & rage At Shove,- Spnngs. O. J. rfllll 'P s - 12 - :it P FOR RENT — Five-room hou.-e cabinet and garage. Call Mrs. Frank Magnolia addition .Mrs. J. E. SchooU-y Hutchins, Phone 79. 12-3tc phone SS-F-U. M- (itp. Naticc Washington Gin Company \:; ginning and wrappint; up to rf>-, pound bales SIM) All bales uver ~\>\, pound.-:, additional Ie a pound. Al'-ii store your I ; ' Seed. A. N. St.-ond v-ii! liiiul bales'into I V/ Mope C'omtinr--:: for j'",- each. A. N ' \"'\ Struucl. \Va.--l.;nnU.n. Ark. Kepi :,.{„', .' I ,. SONG WRITER,- ANYTHING TO\ NOW &i TH' TIWE I GET THIS THIS MINERVA BUNK AMP/ MESS Of^ TIN KUN& BA.CK CM, HER LIGHTNING SPEW?, / I OUGHTA BE QITT1M . ,.,-'!'^ &E MIGHTY SOON rVSOME ACTION ,^V- --* !,' ^^- •*•* 7- PINOIN' OUT.' --^.^t^auj •"^SS^^fe 1-1OL.Y O?Ai-tMy CATFISH 4 7 \ ~ ~- V/ASH TUBES Face lo Face • HORIZONTAL. Ans\vsr to Previous Puzzle 1,6, 9 Pictured [y^ 1 , i^"| song v.Titer. 12 To classify. 13 Work of genius. 14 Fatal mischief 35 Changes a gem setting. 17 Goldfinch. 19 Before. 20 Floating mass of ice. JD Eon *.-. J~i*J-l. f t —-^ -i- •; • y~tm~~ 23 Grain food. [PHy,S' IJCIS 25 Rich. 23 Ill-bred person. 1 31 To vex. 32 Senior. i-i Toilet box. '1-J Encounters. i V> Boil. .iVRail (bird). ;'30 Light blow. • 42 To depreciate. *5 Snow shoe. 48 Slender. 50 ftelative. 51 Amidic. 52 Mineral spring.' 53 Lukewarm. 54 Pistol. 55 She was a famous or writer of verse. 56 She was to the of peace. S She was a or advocate of social good (pi.). 1C Scrutinizes. 17 Railroad. 18 She wrote the song "Tho Battle Hymn o£ the Republic." 21 Requests. 23 Decays. 24 Foments. 26 Pastry. 27 Rubber tree. VERTICAL 29 Indian. 2 Enjoyment of 30 Your and my. property. 35 Turf. 3 Not to win. 38 Lacerations, 4 Wrath. 40 Too. 5 Dress. 41 Bagpipe. 0 3urmese tribe 43 Corded cloth. 7 Arabian. 44 Tart. 8 Right. 45 To yield. 9 Owned. 40 To blacken. 10 One time. 47 Cows. 11 To use up. 49 Door rug. 14 To implore. 51 Since. Serv!r..?B Qi f f-r SERVICES OFFi-.fir.'.lJ-h,.,.- !:,-..„,-,.', stead Mattress Kl.op. 712 V.'est founh. i for new -.nr( rf-i,ni:t. f'li.-.n" Taul C'obb i;58-J. Aii.-ii -t :;i;-!ni SEHViCEeTrjFFfTiiiaJ-.-'i ••.•. :] ~ l . r l "u^,[ die; Kejiair .Servi'.-.-; r.n.i rv;.l'ir(.i,.ent Paris. All v.-ori-: ;.(,,r,.-ai.te-d. H^hu : Servii'O. Pi,one ;-.i|«. K,.v Alien. ' 28-tf I SKKVICKS Ul''Ki-:i!i-:iJ -K.,i lure rul'irii: liin^ ,iinl >i,.-n v.-.' V..v:tid Mr.x-.•.-.-II. :«! ?;.,,',1, II;,..,,ill,,,, •Si: Phot--'. 1'L'. "Al! v.,,,1: -,,;,,•;,,,!.-,.,|.- | Want !t Printed if I il Plj ^ L'.» B '---.i L d i IWt iT-j \--AW.'.,K'i:- C By ROY CRANE V1V OMH OF . HOI ', K\F.W V ', OU, WA'iH, •iUWiV.jklF. fl'DLC'VEKt) \\IHO VWl: WtALLV A«V:. We'll have a printing fxpsrtcall on y(iu, nnil you'll luive an eco- noniicii!, JU'KII rjiuilily j';l>. V.'hat- tv«r your neotls, ue eaii serve tlu-in. Star Publishing COMPANY 4l l'rijitii-K That M:i!v< •. Jui FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Some Imagination ALL DA.Y By MERRILL BLOSSER . THINKING ME PACES BACK Al^JD FORTt-l--- / MUST HAVE ---- THIMK.INI3 ---- Tl-;iM',-:iN(.5 ---- j B£P'N A KING / , J BITAUTIFUL- —-' WOMAN, MA.Kt= A MAM A MAW JOINS TME LB3ION To FORSET BUT TMIS CURSED SlLEMCE, THIS E'lCRNAL. SOLITUDE. ONLY MAKES RED RYDER I J HI AMD FORCE9 TuirtiNS \AQUI JOE , RED E.S -TIES A WHITE Pedro Is Next By FRED HARMAN NOW--- r'U WAIT HERE —GOT A HUNCH WE'LL HAVE PEDRO TO RECKON VJITri WHEW FIR i NS

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