Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 13
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^Uh. |^ya j^Vfc^^k|' ^gBtei ' DUfeffrl » our Attention wi-i « ,*« ON tiftt THRKK rwwn •jwrtmtnt. MMJ, ItactfW hot. Bfl 304 BonnarY Iff I. A, n. PolM VACANT now. 3 room furolnhed •jMrimmt. Clew-to, Utllltlw p«W, Oifaxa. Phone 744«* 4 ftOOM furnlihftd «p«rlm«nt, , RcMoriAbk rent. Cull Nolle* HAUL and iproad itnd 11.30 y»fd Gravel ftVaflablt, fox Hammanf Pllon* 7-2fl50. JB-IM Woodland Watermelon Garden; INT THB3 COOL, cool, cool of the (ivcnlnK, let'* drlva out and fint a slice of real cold watermelon, 3^4 mlMii ea«t oft 07, Dick JCrwIn, 0-flt TCl^iMtii"'^ publla otfos tft« ietien of the «i«ti«M{ Po> Oaunty jutfM CLAUD H. SWT&rt U, O, ONK Indy for dining room .„„ Apply in person, Hotol llnrlow, j ^^ n-at j ___J^g>t^ ~' GOLD wnlch, with leather band nnd mined crystnl. Lout In tho vtalnlty of Wont Bros, If found call 7-3386 or 7-2304, Wanted Htaf] ,M|M (poyobl* In ad. H«p* ond ntlflhbof ^ H,,..,.,«,,™,I.,,,,,I,,« .39 ,i..t((tfli)ti.,,,i. „,.„„„ 1 1,00 Millif coun- 3,25 M>(t 4,80 ...t U.OO Jets Offtrtd er RV"' ONK moro experienced Wo hnvo five of the finest In lh« »tnt<J, but n^ed on« wort. Wo nny Ihe beat unlnrlM m the umitli nnd furnish m»ni» too. Apnly Mrs, Carroll, Diamond Cftfo, a. Aldarman Wsrd 1 R, C, (Bob) CANlELS JOE JOKES Far Aldarmsn ward l '• B. L; RETT10 > .1 ._, Chancellor (First D vlilon, 6th OlttrlotI WESLKY hoWARD ' A. P, STEEL TWO good Ktcufly dlstiNvaiihor* nnd ono oook'ii helper. Apply Mra. Cnrroll, Dlnmonrt Cnf«, 23« MugT be oxpcriencp work. Good pny. Lithn Clonnora, COUPLK to live in mmnll holme. Rent freo. Until April l, 1088, Wntor, «««, olcctrlclty. 400 H, .'»•« For Sol« quality ItoUteln cr», »7(j up. Mutation Mink, $39 up. Volght Fnrrnn. Lomlrn, m» ~Atlont«, QENKRAL Eloctrlu Q ctin nllk cooler, doorf aondttlon, $IO». Doylo Sllvcy, »| er k«, Arksngn... 11-31 Chninpton welonn from «0 tq lpound 1: -Cnniw South on wlHlnvfiy 80 ^n«ar dirt . D. The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-W4 Or bring Hemi to Mlit Turner •t Hloki funeral Home Mr», Mftbel Fields of St. Louis, find Mr. and Mrs, Jim 8umnern Mr». Clark of Crumlen all wero dinner HUOHIH of Mr, and Mrs. Bt-r- nice Himhey, Sunday, Aug. 10. Lonnle Cheuthain left Friday to Visit his dttUKhter. Mrs. Ruth Burton and son, Sylvester Taylor in Kansas City, Mo. Tom Mnlane has returned to his home In Milwaukee, Win., after n visit with his parent*, Mr. and Mrs, Willie Mnlone and family. . Mini Etta Douglas l.ns returned to her home In Milwaukee, after spending »ever«l days With her ftutit; |fr*. Lou Daniels,' nnd frl- GionhShow No Signs of Repeating By JACK HAND AP Sport* Writer The time I* now for the little miracle of I0r>2. Dawn of this fateful day — Aug. 12 — again flnd« th* bewildered NPW York Giant*, rocking ond •<-(Mlng. for (In the wake of Hie 'ront-runnfng Brooklyn!, .Once more the pennant In being Conceded to the Dodger*' boom-i hR home run power, Once more he Client cause In a forlorn hope °nd ft prayer. Nine games back — Uulend of •1 or J3'4, no they were last year- rho OfnnU show no signs of an August-September drive such as hrllled the nation In '51. i Sal Maglle is ailing. Willie Mays j In the Army. Monte Irvln still i s below par. Lurry Jonson Isn't! Tl »c outlook for another! 1* even darker g»rj»' f >t ' "t Vg. [^Vi^^^^V^, 4 i D -^ Mineral Springs Tops Legion Team 6 tot hi bchind the hft hur)Jn« of Jack McCIendon. "9**'*™* *c»re com* in the H op , on rf "Kong, lmm«J, a «cre» IntMl, 3 ncreen- yountf oreh»rd. Cfl " Tl Nl it BED complete with ,„«»,« and boxiiprlngs. Phono 7.3984. ___^ ^ 13-3t Fish Bo¥ 8HIN&R8 at Skolly Servie7 St«. lion. East Third, Highway 67 _*«d No. 4 Junction, Phono MW». i96t MoU Help WonUd WOULD YOU Like to represent MS In Nempstead Couhty? ThU Is what you do. Wttr thu t'cqviesU from ple who wa our 7!30 Sloy of Dr. Klldnrc; 8:OS Of- fnolnl Detective. Wwlncsdny: NBC— 10 n.m, Strike It Rich. . .CBS— 0 n.m, Godfrey Tlmo, ABC— 8 a.m. The Brenkfiui Club. NBC — 10 n.m. Ladles Knlr. . .Baseball— MBS Oamu of Day Network— 12:25 Now York Giants at Brooklyn A fronli of the schedule — or Is fnto? ~- brlnKK lh« aiant* t,,i irw.klyn Tuesday night for «! mtc-j»nme s«ries. A swoop for thn' Jinnl.t l« almost H must. Two out I thrijo by the Brooks would open I' n I0-gnmc loud with loss limn ">' to BO, The BrookH como Into the bl« •rk'B with nit guns booming. Gil odRos, Hoy Compnnella nnd nclcif- Hoblniion hammered home linn last rilKht In a bl« six-run »lly In the sixth lnnln« nt Philn iflphln to c-nrn nn oven bronk foi he night. JRobln Roberta pltchod the Phils n 7-2 victory In the first half f n Iwl-nlRht tlmibluhondcr for hh ith win. The Phils were out fronl i the Hoconcl Kurno, too. on Bil icholaon's three-run pinch homci t the fifth until the Ooclucr homoi i>rr«no stnrtcd. When It was over Vooklyn hud the second Kami' ii H' bng, 9-i. Double disaster wns the story >i the Gliints In Boston, whoro u>y followed two shutout dcfeuU III) n donblftheack-r loss to thu Ixlh-plncu raves, 11-10 oml 4-2. St, Louis uldo lost 1,'rouiul to iitUliilJ by tho Chicago Cubs. Allie lU>ynolds'. two-hit shutout iul 150th major tongue victory (is the blK news In the American l.pn«uu as the New York Yankees blanked Boston, 7-0. opening up n aiv-gamo lend on idle Cleveland Mickey Mnntlo hit his 17th and Kith homers plus a double in the attack on Sid Hudson and two sue cessors. Cleveland nnd Detroit were ruined out. So were St. Louis and Chicago In the American. Washington split two with Philadelphia, the Senators taking the i first, 8-5, and dropping the other! i Jn the remaining big league , Maine, Cincinnati drove Pittsburgh oven deeper into the National League collar with a 10-4 romp. The Communist Party of America was formed In September, 1919, M Chicago and had u program for the conquest of political power, the overthrow of capitalism and UIP destruction of the bourgeois .state. and Bcailey. Mineral Springs actu- a ly won the game In the game In. ning when Lewis Carpenter slap. *co I 0 *'* * '"•We-the.park homer With the nld of Sonny Nutf* homer in the seventh the Flyers tallied four more. fMsel Nix wns the losing hui-ler giving up only seven hits but two wt.-rp horncrw. Hope p|«y s the Tomlcs here on '--'—-• night. AB R H 4 1 1 300 4 0 0 402 4 0 t 5 0 0 400 3 0 1 300 32 I 5 AB R' H 3 1 3 1 3 1 2 400 4 0 1 3 1 0 3 1 1 3 1 1 200 SOUTHfiRN ASSOCIATION W L Atlanta 60 54 Chattanooga SO 54 New Orleans 85 58 Mobile 62 60 Memphis 82 62 Nashville 58 64 Llttfe Rock 56 68 Birmingham , $4 70 Last night's results: Little Rock 4 Birmingham 3 Nashville 8 New Orleans 7 (Only games scheduled* Tonight's games: Memphis nt Atlanta Mobile nt Chattanooga Birmingham at Little Rock New Orleans at Nashville Pet .530 .523 .508 .500 .467 .452 .415 OF DOORS with """Hfr-X m No Tollt on the Bear Highways By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor up in high- !>;jve rnaiM- Filogtimo. If fk'fiKley, Ib Hunter, 3b Thomas, c Rons, B., If Nix p Total Mineral Springs Null, ss C. Bell, c Carpenter, 3b Morton, 2b Peek, If L. Bell, Jb Phillips, rf F. Boll, ef McCIendon, p Total COTTON STATES LEAGUE I M ,„, W L PCl ? Meridian 72 39 $w\ Natchez 67 45 !s98 Greenwood 00 51 ,S4li Monroe 50 34 | QO p 151 Dorado 50 55 .303 Pine Bluff 53 57 482 Hot Springs 40 09 .;i07 Greenville 39 73 34H 28 0 7 Beasley Best Batter in SW League Gordon Rensley of tho T.cRion- naires continued to lead the league batters through August 6, grimes with a fat .-148 average. Beasley has made 87 trips to the plate, scored 18 runs and hit safely 39 times. James Miller of Hot Springs is second with .418 average followed by Lonnie Bell with .409. Bob White is the next Hope batter with n .341 average on 29 hits out of 87 trips to the plate. Manager Filognmo nnd Horace Thomas o|-e batting at .333. Filogamo has 31 hits |n 93 trips to the plate while Tjhomss In 21 tries 'has seven hits. i^Tht>{f\rldes of Texnrfcann continued to hold first place with u 17-4 record. 1 - Nashville Is second with 18-6; Mineral Springs next with 16-H; Hope with 10-14; Tomics with 0-13 and Hot Springs 1-21. Stevens has Hope's best hurling average winning four against one loss. John Curtis and his brother, in 1848, cooked up something on their •Frujrikllu stove which they called "State of Main Pure Spruce Gum" the. father of chewing gum. HQMfST . AMfttf iWS . BONOABL5 Owr ^1 flM holt CHAPTER NINETEEN Thoy.,••• wer« rowdy for trouble When they rod.* Into Calubtuau, where Uv»y lenrned of Uio ahootinjr In the Bttloon. Swiftly U\ey reached the aaloon, Mid lined up against the bar. "There wop a nhootlng here," Blulw Mid to the Urman. "Tell m* about It," The bartender described the •Wlft attack. "We burled the vlc^ Um next morulruj. No one knowed hln»." "A ntw Scorpion rider?" ••No, we didn't know any of 'em, but one . . . Va«que»," ,"Va»que»?" HUls« demanded, •MrprUed, He Anally vltook his htKU. '"Th0 iitory won't ntlck, "Jjft»U».« Allen aatd auddenly, "ovuM»n«r'» conUnjf ln.»* Tht batwlnf* bunt open and *—'• Uonta stepped In. Three rtdera preaied clcwe behind "*onl« «*w Blalae and „ »hort, hU eyea awtnfing la ^* oifcw ftve. Hla heavy tlptt Mt HIM) BlaUe oouia «e« the uttel WMi Into hla eyt* "I toW you never to come back toJhU town." he «*i4 heavily. aotwerea evenly, clowly "-,» Wf man. "You dWn't .....« Leonla, after you my friend an4 rod* off? w '" Tr»p»edJ »teoutt" 'They took this ffent'a friend off Ingt You could have killed any after Vanquex shot him through J the arm. They cut for the hllla to the south," "Vnaquoa!" Leonis turned on hla hc«l to the man directly behind him. "Double our riders on the south range." Blalae stood puR*l«xl, uncertain. The big man's anger was open »inU honest. Leonis glared at Blatae. "You come to help your friend, h? I con understand that. Now you learn that 1 have not done this thing. You will leave town then In peace. You have a season to come. I respect It." Blaise spoke carefully. "Did you know SUm Starling?" Leonis cocked his big head to one side, "I do not know him,"* Blalae trted another angle. " of your boys over In answered. Impatiently. notl I have nothing In valley, nothing that I want "— U enough. Why do you Slml?" ask?" ^*?_ SM.««»?W4 « • - «hot ta th. awl sow* rtdera took him of? '» LeonU studitd BUi w , considering the Information, "Jt Is easy to SM i why >s>u blame me, What has happened betweeii now Slim *> mi tov« tor you, *nd *MW *w* Uk* yowm«nd* But n4 «« me to aet » trap (or *S* vvwdd Into Values kid ^rrwr^vi^Acau^S here where I have He turned to l«av« but Biata* halted htm. 1 "Som«thin« Uottlfc You may M w^ A chanp H ooming to U»« man and I would have done as I did. You kept those others fighting me, and I saw the chance to send you away for good. It could have been anybody you killed." Hit blazing eyes swept the five men ,at the bar. "These are your friends; men who want to take Valley land. You think you bring new enemies for me. That Is your mistake, Randell. I do not care, like in the past. The drought taught me much. Scorpion is large enough with beef prices as they are, and this will never be big cattle country again. Let your friends settle. You look somewhere else for your land grabber, your killer, your kidnapper. It is not Hercule Leonis." He jabbed his thick, blunt finger at Blalse's chest. "But I also warn you. You have always been a brave man, but a hotheaded, fool- tah one. In the old days I hated you. Now you are only a trouble, trying to start old fights again. You want war. Sh Men, you push me, I give it Come to Calabasas on business, I do not mind. But come with five men ready to shoot and kill again, that I will not take. You do It once more, 1 meet you with bullet* ... not words." lie turned aftd pushed open the batwlnga and was gone. Blata remained *t the aaloon after he had further questioned take a «Wu»'d tooV?«"l;hTWk«*per **•?*». "Hta hldtout, X rtckon," "ll'd be close. Any We»T» "Just talk...and fueu**, rv« heard It's beyond th* pan and Into the bill* to the southwest Some - a Uddea v»U»y. f Lost night's results: Greenwood 4 Meridian 1 Natchez 11 Greenville 1 Monroe 1 Pine Bluff 0 Hot Springs 10 El Dorado 0 Tonight's games: Greenville at Natchez Pine Bluff at Monroe Hot Springs at El Dorado Greenwood at Meridian There's one set of ronds Alaska that the territor'.?! way commission does nut to worry about as far as tenanco is concerned. Thul'a the network of bear highways .ilong antl between the salmon creeks.' At just about this time, wil'.i the first full runs of salrnun darkening the tidal pools and j;un- ming the riffles, the biggc:; centration of bruins in th:? Is trumping up iu id down paths, beating moss down an inch or two deeper until some ;>f foe trails .-ire smooth enough to ride a bicycle over. The black bear is ratic clown, but the the coastal gri/zly, of a serious-minded When he leaves one up another where the often an er- brown bear. i s something conformist, riffle to look., dog salmon j TUESDAY'S BASEBALL By The Associated Press NATIONAL LEAGUE _ , , W L Pet. GB Brooklyn .71 33 -683 New York 02 42 .596 9 St. Louis ; ;G3 48 .508 11':, Philadelphia ..57 51 .528 10" Chicago 55 53 .509 18 Boston 40 00 .434 16 Cincinnati 47 04 .423 27'.';, Pittsburgh 32 82 .281 44 TUESDAY'S SCHERULE New York 'nt Brooklyn (night> Corwin (2-0) or Magilc (11-5) vs Erskinu (11-4). St. Louis at Chicago Miller (00) vs Rush Ul-10). Boston at Philadelphia (night) Bickford (7-11) vs Drews (U-1D. (Only games scheduled). MONDAY'S RESULTS Chicago 10 St. Louis 2 Boston 11-4 New York 10-2 Philadelphia 7-5 Brooklyn 2-9 (twi night) Cincinnati 10 Pittsburgh 4 (night) AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Aew York 65 46 .586 Cleveland 62 48 .564 2'.', B °st°n 57 , 48 .543 5 " Washington 58 52 .527 O'i Chicago 58 54 .518 7|A Philadelphia ....54 51 .514 g " St.' Louis 47 65 .420 IS'/i Detroit; 37 74 .338 28 MONDAY'S RESULTS Vow York 7 Boston 0 (night) Washington 6-1 Philadelphia 5-2 :lwi-nii>ht) Detroit at Cleveland (night) post joncd, rain Chicago at Et. Louis (night) postponed, rain might bo a little fatter, or cuts through to the next crook to investigate the humpy situation, tho brownie follows a track made bv hundreds before him. Padding deliberately along with a ponderous disdain for the goings on of minor critters, there being nothing in the northland I save man to threaten him, he plops each paw into the dents printed by the whole family tree of bears that walked that trail bo- fore him. The end result is a path pressed smooth along the lino of easiest travel. This is no clinkv slice across the: forest floor such as doer leave, but a broad-gauge rond of marching- paw dents worn a foot or more into the moss. Grizzly highways aren't marked by printed signs, but even ii' old Ursus isn't handy with the loitering brush his road is itself n warning sign. Two of them, in fact: one to any puny 300 pound black to scram back to his own bailiwick, one to any man-critter to keep his eyes open at all turns and intersections lest he bump into half a ton of brownie trucking along in the opposite direction. The road carries other sisjns any woodsman can read. A tutt o'r hair rubbed off on tho underside of a windfall will toll you whether the brown boar whose prims you're straddling was blondish like the Yakutat grizzlies, a near- black brunette like the Shims boars of Admiralty Island, or just plain chocolate brown like husky old Ursus Silkonsis from Baranof, The coastal brownies como in all manner of colors', from the shade of dark honey to silver-tipped black. The width of fresh tracks along- the road can toll, you something about the physique of the hump- shouldered character who inadu them. A clear fore-paw print in a patch of mud which is moix- than eight inches wide was probably made by a fair trophy bear. ono that will square out eight feet honest measure after the hide ia tanned. A good brownie also hns longer legs than you think. Even at an amble his stddo will bo all your own pace can stretch unless you're an adagio dancer. But the real pay-off Is In t width of the trace. A big bear brood-beamed at the stern, ai walks with a washerwoman wa dlo. If he plunks those hind pa down over hisf toed-in fore-pE prints so that ho makes a m of two-foot gauge, he's a go one! Along the highway you'll ii young trees snapped off a head height, larger ones bl by bites or clawed freo of higher than you can reach. The are bear signposts. The late Ernest Thompson Set felt thai the bigger bruins mark< up young spruces to show th( own size, as a warning to brownies of lesser reach or bi ( h;it this was tho boss' priva road. This could well be. Aft many clays of hunting and watc ing tho big coastal grizzlies, convinced they're more human' many ways than people. (Distributed By NEA Service) Baseball By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Kansas City 6-1 Charleston 5-6. Milwaukee 6-5 Columbus 2-10 Minneapolis 4 Louisville 3 iSt. Paul at Indianapolis postpones lain. • - ^ PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE | Seattle 3 Portland 1 | (Only game scheduled) TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 2 Shreveport 1 •Beaumont l-o Fort Worth 9-2 Oklahoma City 0-4 San Antonio 2 Ttilsa 7 Houston 0 WESTERN LEAGUE Dos Moines 9-4 Denver 0-8 Colorado Springs 10-9 Lincoln Sioux City 8 Pueblo 3 Omaha 4 Wichita 2 the barkeeper. "Where would CHAPTER TWENTY BLAISE knew that Vasquez would have cut south of tho high way soon after leaving the town plunging Into the broken hills ant canyons. He found trace of severa horses cutting away to the road toward the south. He followed the tracks. They followed the curve oi the lower hills for several miles akirting the fringes of the valley Then they suddenly turned sharply and led Blaise into a cleft between two low hills, circling the base of one and plunging into a narrow canyon that writhed deeper into tho mountains. Blaise rode with mounting hope No honest working crew would take this torturous way. Blaise followed along, knowing no rider could scale «je -sheer walls, certain that he would find the tracks somewhere beyond. But the canyon opened Into a narrow grassv meadow, bounded by a rocky streanj bed. There were two canyons leading out of it and In the mouth ot neither one could Blaiae find any sign. So he picked one of the canyons at random and set hl« horse Into it. It pinched in huge rock walla hanging silently and ominously over him. Finally Blaise came onto a meado\v that •loped upward to a transverse ridge. He *et the horse at the slope and drew rein at,the top.. «. H V* W th * t he had *lmost threaded the mountain range. He could aee the ocean, very close now, only three lower ranges in- tervenlng between himself and the narrow beach. He rode buck down the slope, choosing a canyon that veered off at an angle toward the north and east. U should: bring him out somewhere on the eastern edge of the ConeJO or. possibly, just beyond the pass above Calabasas. He ro«|« disconsolately. About midmortUnf he came Into a cup* like depression In the mountains cim*d by ft Ja«g*d W»U of Jumbled rocks. Hallway across the rocky floor a rift* cracked sharply. Blaise Jerked the rein* and his hand slashed down to his Colt, his eyes lifting to the f weed rajnparta far above. A rifle spoke from wwttier dtrtc- Uonandthe -— - Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Boston — Georgie Araujo, 135 1 / Providence, R. I., and Johnny Gor salves, 134, Oakland, Calif dre\ tlO). Chicago —Jimmy Martinez, 15' Phoenix. Ariz., outpointed Ch Foster, 145, Omaha (8). »la tit your ears to the man who hired me." "Show yourself!" Blaise challenged, and Vasquez laughed. "In my good time, and my place. You have been watched since last night. We did not think you would find us." "Where's Hal King? If you've killed him, I'll climb those rocks after you!" "You'd die within a foot of where y o u stand," Vasquez an- ssvercd. "Your friend is safe in Calabasas with a message for you." "You've turned Hal loose!" "Free as air, scnor. Free as you are ... at the moment." "Is he hurt?" "A flesh wound that is healing, no more." Blaise. slowly lowered the Colt and shoved it in the holster. "What message did you send with Hal?" "Very short, soior. Leave your rancho. Get out of this country. Go -vhere you will, but ride far and never come back." "You kidnaped Hal for that . . ." "Next time there will not be a kidnap. There will be bullets, maybe in the night, or maybe In the day from a distant rock." Blaise felt baffled. "Why do you want me out of the country?" "I don't care if you stay or go, except for that little matter of the stage. That I would like to settle someday. But I have a patron, senor. He has paid me very well. I give value for his gold. You do not leave, I see that you stay in these mountains, where a bullet catch you." Blaise waited. There was silence. He carefully scanned the ramparts, :ould see no movement. Ha called, there was no answer, Vasquez was gone, his men with him. It was close to sundown by the me he had cleared the mountains, rode through Calabasas and threaded the last canyon to the rancho. Lights biased a friindly welcome and Blaise wearily dismounted, turned his horse into the corral. The door opened and Alen's big bulk showed against the ight "Blaise T , , . Hal's here." Altej moved aside and es&«4 the bunkhouse, " aVO P romi8cd I BO. about a mile from here. Tm to n tell you to get out of these parte and stay out, me with you. If we don't, then we can figure on a bushwhack any time, any place, "Where's his hideout?" Blaise asked. "They rode me over the pass from Calabasas and into the 'mountains, helpless as a roped dogie Then they blindfolded me. Next I- could see, I was locked in a shack.'** "No window?" "One, with a cliff wall maybe fifty feet away. I couldn't tell nothing, Blaise. They blindfolded me when they took me out. That's all I know. If I had an idea where it was. I'd sure ride in and clean me up some bandidos. I want crock at those gents," Blaise looked up, half smiling, "Then we won't leave the coun- "For a bunch like that!" H-. gasped. "Vasquez is tha gent who tried to rob tho stage. He holds that against us ... said if he hadn't been hired, he'd start ning us right away." "Who hired him ?" "He never said. I tried to pump him but it didn't do no good. Could be Leonis." Hal tugged at his ear lobe. "I figure Leonis would use his own i crew for any dirty work. But whc£* " Blaise, if it wasn't him?" "I'd give an arm for an answer to that one," he growled. Someone was riding up to the cabin. Blaise moved to the door palming the gun from his holster! He edged it open. Four or five riders came down the slope from the ndge above, making no attempt to conceal themselves. Blaisa stood within -the black shadow of thi building, watching the s i 1 y e r- horsemen. Blaise . shouted an answer, not moving from the siSdow*. Tb» men came on, drew rein and thtfe hastily dismounted. Hal spoke from the darkness just wi f* ttf stepped back, relief show. MS face. "Vftso.ue* trapped tbft mo room. "Thatcher?" Blaise called. "It's me, Randell. Rennie "Beanie!" Blaise halted. «w» to **f* around M b* expected to find his * » . . thought she mJg *<» Mr 11 A »gag «M /: ' •VOU DIQ BUT VOU I PUT ON S ? PUT THEM BOTH TWO SOCKS ) Vi- ON THE SAME FOOT-I i> n L JUST PUT ANOTHFPJ SOCK ON THIS FOOr « I PEEuAvwaikl: 5IUV WITH SOCKS ON ' VJ f / l2H -'-j- a " 2 **»»4^£S^^ OUT OUR WAT ly J, R. WillfeftM Answer to Previous Pun?« WELL, ITAIKJ'T Screen Comedienne RUSHIN' TH'SEASON pRerrv FAST WITH FOOTBALL > THIS EARLV, AIM't lt» TH6 OIL KffB*ft WITH MUSHY. SHALL WB. COTP Puu. THE SNATCH f^- vou VV*NT TO wtv TO BULLPOZe &fU& OFF OF EVEM A BALL DlAMOMO, SO WE JDS' PLAYIM' FOC BALL. AMONC. 'E TILL THEY -LEA HORIZONTAL 6 Compass point 1 Screen 7 She U an comedienne, performer —— Hutton 8 Her 6 She Is in "The usually Greatest Show includes singing HOlly ketones 9 Allowance 13 Repeat for waste appearance *0 Olympian 14 Remote from goddess point of 12 Laths attachment 13 Eaten away 15 Staggerer J 8 From 16 Abstract being 20 Anointer 17 Bustle 21 Cylindrical 19 Greek letter ?? Handles 20 Deposes 24 Lifting / devices 27 Type of fur 31 Pointer 32 Diner 33 Greek tombstone 34 Set up 35 Doctrines 37 Perfumes 38 Quell 40 Florida (ab.) 43 Swiss river 44 Tear 47 Burden anew 50 Form a notion 53 Empower i> / A_± —*-»~.j-j. )|-..»-,ff 26 Prayer ending 41 Smooth 28 Shrub genus 42 Winged 29 Approach 30 Mukes mistakes 36 Shovel 37 Eagle's nest 39 Egyptian sun god 40 Unfettered 44 Proportion 45 Roman road. 46 Person* (ab. 48 Kimono sash 49 Malt drink 51 Dibble 52 Point of the compass 23 Stings 24 Toss 25 Ceremony WASH TUIBS ORRV YOUR FWHBR HELLO, 8ILLV... THIS \& SHE IN5ISTBP GOING OU STAYING UP •TO GREET VOUl B1LLV ^PPRBCI HERB! THERE'S ATB5 YOUR HOSPITA.UTV EVER SO THINGS TO PIN/1 TOMORROW I'LL. SHOW) VOU A MEW ' NEST IN. . NOW COWE AtONfi, ME PIP WftS <fCOWlT< MWU THINK * OUR BOARDING MOUSE L- H <vo A FAST FILLVJJff MftRTHA/ LIKE: SATTL&-AX —~- <M YOU ARE A LOAFED ir4"TH& AFTER-^3EvNEL.'WE'UL/p 0Lk3HT Tc? HE MADE HeR. VN LAUNCH ^> BE ROMA \NlMlOER BV 6\MlTCKlNi& /' I THIS AI Ml MS FOR 54 Church 'festival 55 Weird 56 Equals VEBTICAL 1 Tarry 2 "Emerald Isle" 3 Hurl 4 Powerful explosive ' 5Amr«iatlve vote H& KEPT)> WITH •Sq//£ATTL&-Ay SLEPT AVDRKMNSO, \i AT OMC&/ AMD SHE GOT ) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ., BREAKFAST / / Ib AFTER A ; \0 OVO \\OOSt 1 CARNIVAL UOO GET OUR VOT&, OG5 BUNNY TOO ft»«P VOO CA.N'T BAT NONE O'THI* 6TUFP,., T „- CHOMp FUNNY BUSINESS By H«nfib«r|«r OMPLAINJT DEPT. ALLEY OOP 5O OOOL/X AND/ PLEASE,,.IT6 NOT FOOZY THREW /A CARPET, IT 10 A YOU OFF YOURI MAGIC TUPBAN OWN FLYING V A ND I MUST CARPET, EH? HAVE ,,AND ONLY J ME? YOU CAN S DON'T EVEN HELP, /KNOW WHERE IT WENT/ BUT I POJ.ANPYOURr FRIENDS WlTrt ITi.. AND AV UWE THAt IP VOU HOPE, TO EVER CV EH I., ?;..; SEE THEM A(3WN,W i ™* ^ T. M. Rig. U. S. Pit. OH. C»pr. 1952 by NEA Sirvlct, Inc m through explaining that you're a shipping expert! Co look for a job instead of waiting for your ship to come in!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbralth "There you go. ruining my whole day—-I carpf \n h»r« W [ argue about it.und you e«t poHtf|"> ^;L FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS lyjltntf CHRIS WELKIN, flonereer t AV/ WBV, VW 6OHHA CATCH It FKM SPEEDBOAT? AO THE LAKE? veAH.^ . IF YOU DONt WANNA KMON WHAT THE »AAN WITH TME SCAR. SAIP/ < " EVEN TALK / SHt-S SURE IN A &»P WAY. NUTTY/

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