Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 17, 1936 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1936
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday. January 17. 1936' 1 J '/ Star The Guy With the Gong e, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Ji*i'".' I" "' "".••• - r,.- ..... * • -- ••••• _ . _ Jotblisned every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. ******* * Ale *- H. Washburn), at The Star building, 212-214 South! ?»» { street- tto P e . Arkansas. ; ' 1 C. G. PALMER. President ALEX. H. WASHBUHN, Editor and Publisher ------ • ------ - ----- .- - ________ - __ _ _ i ____ ...,-ij.— - - ._. Entered BS second-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansas Under the Act of March 3, 1S\)7. ,peffl»lttea: "Tlie newspaper is an institution developed by modern eivil- , stioA to present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry, ''through widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon gn-ernment which no constitution has ever been able to provide"— Col R R McCormlck. " » : Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per .s*eek ISct per month 65c: one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada > Hr-vard. Miller and LnFayette counties, $3.50 per year: elsewhere S6.50. .. j Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exckuively •• entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or \ H nit otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. ! i^ ilt ' ona l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas -Dailies, Inc., Memphis Ptn.. Sterick BIdg.; New York City. 369 Lexington: Chicago, 111 , 75 E Wack- f r ,. Qr ' vei P* 1 ™'*- Mich - 338 Woodward Avc.; St. Louis, Mo.. Star BIdg. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards . $f jhanfcs, resolution, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers « from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Vv, -By DB. MORRIS FISHBETN ; he held them firm until Parliament i had granted their demands and the j kins had issued a blanket pardon to j all the mutineers. j The mutiy at the Noro was loss well | organized—and less lucky. It dragged I along for weeks, was finally put i down by force, and its ringleaders I were hanged or imprisoned. j But the effect of the two was to t Editor, Journal of the American Med- ' make the lot of the British sailor iri- T teal Association, and of Hygeia, i finitely better, from that moment on. the Health Magazine | Published by Harcourt. Brace and '- --" ; ' Co.. the book sells for S3. , You grown-ups, as a rule, don't need i * much vitamin 0 beyond that obtained -Jfrom eggs, butter, and similar foods, r j Thnt is, of course, provided you get jfllso a reasonable amount of sunlight., \ At that, however, miners who spend I *most of theJr daily life grubbing in | ^sunless subterranean regions don't. By Olive Roberts Barton Today I am net writing on children. '. , . , ^ i i » l - 1 •Jwcij i til 11 IIUL vv i i nite; un vin LIU i to show any evidence of the lack Let them rest for a while . Th is ls vitamin D Stil, they do got out- | dedicatcd to my bird who died yes . Moors some of the time, and it is pos- for the human body to store ex- make a business of getting it. Every woman needs time to bathe. I dress and groom her face and hair vitamin D. In the name of my little Dickie who ' p r0 p Cr iy before stepping out to face lived for nine years, and sang his own lne world and a day's work. To be ,* But growing children simply must memorial into our hearts, I ask per- | scrupulously clean a %->ve this extra amount. Especially is mission to talk about birds and pets [ you arc do ' cs a KOO cl /^is true with youngsters living in, i n —-• ' • ' •large cities, where the smoke screen ' •is ?o>dense that only enough ultravio- *!"* «!j«5 penetrate through at' midday j'i the summer months to be of any nd to know that deal to heighten sweetness of your disposition. These, too, are important to your beauty. Regardless of the perfection of their features and make-up, sour-faced women just can't be beautiful. Remember that it's easier to be pleasant when you feel good as a iv- suit of adequate sleep and exercise. Don't overlook the importance of a brisk twenty minute walk once a day and a few limbering and stretching exercises each morning. Washington Mrs. Pink Horton visited Mrs, Tom Ridgdill iu Little Rock from Tuesday until Thursday. Mrs. Joe Wilson and children of Columbus were visitors of Mr. nnd Mrs. Hob Levins and family Monday. Powell and Clifford Ilyers spent the clay Monday in Texarkana. Jim Pa^e and family have moved back to their home in town after two years on the Star route. Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Stlngley are visiting relatives in Blovins this week Miss Pauline Yarbrough of Hope was a week end visitor of Miss Jes- ,«ic Page. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hicks nnd Mrs. Bettio Griffin of Columbus were the guests of Mr. t'lid Mrs. Lee McDonald Sunday. Mrs. W. R. Orion of Hripe and Mrs Will Simms of Jefferson, Texas, nieces of Mrs. C. M. Williams, visited her Sunday. Mrs. Simms is the former Miss Eva Htirkncss of WashinRton. who was born and reared here, the daughter of Frank and Laura Moss llarkness. Mrs. Simms has the unusual distinction of having five sons in the United States Navy, one of whom is stationed in the Sumoan Islands as teacher in one of the government naval schools there. Mr. and Mrs. Sainmie Smith have moved la their country home in tlw .Takajones neighborhood. Lee Holt, of Rodessa, La., spent the week end with his family here. Mrs. Luther Smith is visiting relatives in Hope this week. Miss Ruby Mnxinc Lively of Mansfield. Ark., is spending the week with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Live ly and family. S. H. Boyett and family have moved to Nashville. Mi.ss Lillian Simmons was visiting in Hope Monday. Mrs. Jiminic May and Miss Letha fra/ier were shopping in Hope Frida>. Mrs. I. H. Garner of Nashville and Mrs. W. R. Pruitt spent Tuesday in j Hope visiting relatives. ! Mrs. L. F. Monroe was a Hope visit- I or Tuesday. Mrs. Bob Levins spent tlie day in Hope Tuesday with her daughter, Mrs. John James and little granl- claughter, Martha Jean. Jimmy May and Melson Fra/ier spent Tuesday at Beard's Luke looking for fish. Mrs. Susie Barrow wns a Hope visitor Saturday, the jcuest of Mrs. Joe While I believe that pet birds are better taken care of than the average dog or cat, still there are a few things that their owners may not know. , , , .. , Things that will keep them alive and And then, too. prospective mothers h for a ti ny creature so suscept- •d especilaly nursm? motaers should ; Mc to sickncss needs all the care and "ve vitamin D m addition to that, attention ht . can poss i b ly have. . 'Dolled in then- foods. In fact, they ' , . •• ould have, as well, surplus calcium , * n wmte f; cover ** c ^ c every nlght ' i You can buy a bird-cage cover or make one. A thick piece of cretonne or flannel cut circular and long enough to fall below the bottom will do. At the top cut a small round hole to allow for the brass ring. Make it big enough for him to get air. Wove Cage From Windows Take his cage away from the window, not only at night. bu,t during tlie day. unless he is in the sun ancl the room is warm. Even so. be sure the wind is not blowing, because locked windows also admit a thin breeze that may be just the thing to give him cold or pneumonia. '•• Boil his water and feed cup once in ' : a while.^ Always keep them clean, j Don't forget his gravet for a single day. It is the- only way birds can digest food. ^STRANGE CASE^TULTA CRAIG by Nard Jones Copyright NEA !«6 Today's Health Question Q,—Are ultraviolet ray treat- "nts for the scalp of any benefit •• retarding falling of the hair? I •n taking weekly doses of from " tor 20 minutes' duration, and ''-•ese treatments have a tendency V dry -the hair. • ->A,—Most dermatologists believe /'travidolfcrays are of service in ^le^treatment of baldness, although "To'd 'results are to be expected •"Jy ini cases, in which atrophy of 'he hair follicles* has not progress"d to a r 'hopelcss' stage. Tlie expo- •pres should be frequent and siu^- ficiently long to produce an in- *ense redness. It is questionable whether radiation is more bene- Hcial giaB use t of other measures i| thg.t j§r6{(uce .hyperemia (an in- creascj.'in the blood supply to the iffecte,d l -gjart),".but with- radiation tHiS ^B3 1s;obtained in a safe and convincing manner. • • HKGI* HF.KE TOI1AY .1(11.l<\ CIl.AKi. prclty j-ouns • rurrlnry ll> (il-'.OItfiE WUOU- FOIIII of I lie '»« >' r "' <" Wiiurt- furil anil I!rook*. I* mnlilfinU" lu lii'i'onu- 11 nielli cluli xlnKcr. A11Y SAMJI3HS. "illl \vhonl .lulln Kliiirrn mi npirtinpnt. «ll»- <-iiiirii.-.f.s her nlniiit mix. ulthniiKh niliiiillliiK Jiilln'n Tolfc l» liollcr limn mniiT |irnfi'»i»loniil'«. PP/rnn KIOMP. nl*o cmiiloyrd hr Wnnilfnril nnil nrunk. 1 *. l« In liivr viHh .lillln null lillx nxkril her to tnnrry him. linl .lulln illscimr- ti!ie.« hln iilionllonn. She Irlls I'rliT «hr l» ilHi'rmlned fo lie- oiiiiu- n slnei-r :in(I IIP siitri'i-.'" to clvc her n lollor of Introduction to I.I- frleiul. III3MII I.AMII, l.nna Irnilcr nt lite «roon Tlnli. NOW GO ON WITH THE STOHY CHAPTER III H AVING made his promise. Peter seemed to hesitate. Then be said. "If Henri Lamb doesn't glvo you a lob. will you marry me?" Ho saw the sudden dismay In Julia's Small booklets on 'care and feeding • eyes, and added quickly. "All right. can be had at most drug stores or pet ; shops. Diet means so much. Often ; the foods peojlle give birds, the little j tidbits they mean so kindly, are the ! worst things in the' world for them. Just pretend I didn't, ask you. t think it was the 13th time, and that would be unlucky." Julia lauglied. "It would be, at I least for this time. Peter. I'll try My canary was a "chopper," a wild j har(1 to persuade Henri Lamb I" •ad phosphorus. Most scientific au- j one ' born in Eome far -° ff mountain j t me Qut at Ule Green club. Hilt hwrTties'wiU;.teli you that "the Ameri- j re S lon . » ot » s so m » n y " f e now, in a i ev ; en Jf ]]e won - t _i don't think I'd |*can diet does not-contain enough cal- £ aae ;., TT , , & ^- he did. He had Incidentally, scientists still debate ] ^_ er ^.. vitamin D in milk is more "exercise" almost s your bird a wild one'.' He will do better for a flight from even se hls wn «? and qu lt trying so soon." qlu LI J""=> ° M Ik,* vtiuiiini u in mi ir» to i nut c . . , . .eficial, unit for unit, than the vita- door-tpp to door-top once m a while, Next day Julia realized that her Ideas about -breaking into night club entertaining had been some- i what vasue. In the cold light of ! morning she saw that It wns tier m > in. cod-liver oil. anci wiu return to his ea « e to eat Nor only' human beings, but ani- I ,,, u Let Expert Cut Talons .. _ too, suffer from a deficiency of Whcn taloils eot to ° long ' ancl twlst ' spirited argument with Amy which itamin D. Hens for instance I so that he has difficulty standing on, had crystallized the ambition so Nowadays henhouses are being I hl ; s bar ' don ' 1 cut them . yourself, but ] qll i c kly. (}uipped With carbon arcs or other |lltraviolet-'.jay-'producing apparatus. " nd some-.henhouses have been equip- with special window glass so the take him to a place where they un- dei-stand about it. Be sure he has sharpener'!, every day. ; the sun's ' Tepid but not warm water. Maybe he '( won't take a bath. All right, then. Don't worry. days. Amy and Julia never breakfasted in the apnrtment. It was their in variable habit to drop In at a small restaurant on the way to work. Julia'3 morning fare was oranse juice, toast, and coffee—but Amy. who had a tendency to curve In what she humorously called "the toJJiltfatJiplet rays. Jj—. Better "still, however, ror poultry is i ~ . lf£hicken feed to which the valuable i .. A ' s ffor ,, ^ and , cats S *fsubstance has been added. The best i f ' rst , of all they need war. Jchidken feed today contains not only i to slcc r j - Ncxt - tne y need re « lllar a '»' j wrong place, kept rig dy to a .extra vitamin D but al*o extra vita- clean foocl '" clean tlishes - W" 1 '-'" ! breakfast diet of orange juice only. .fniin A ' lnat 'heir water pans don't freeze up. j it WE *'-- -'— -• ~- ""''""" & And'fish oils arc- being added to ' When the >' come in soaking wet. rub j j lllc6 Ifjfoods for both stock and poultry as a ! tht ™ off ^"ghly with a towel ancl Ju]ia 'r-Jiheap source of this essential vitamin, i sei : lhat the y **y thoroughly before UAs explained previously, cows like- ' a flre - A tlo S gets flu similar to ours, i'wise are being fed with irradiated j ^ l "6 thing is to remember he is i'^yeast to give them extra vitamin D, ' here - Don l be so used t° '""king at 't-iwhir-h pvontnnllv r,nr,*»rc ir, ,hr. m ;ii, ! """ V°" <'&" t see him. All pets need our care. So do the wild birds that will starve unless we throw out bread and seed to keep them alive. f'if which eventually appears in the milk. I If* A Book a Day By Bruc« Catton • |.- If you saw or read "Mutiny on the; FiiBounty," and wondered why British ' fesailors of a century and a half ago; Il*didn't rise up ag'in 'em more often, if IS fCaptain Bligh was a fair sample of ; •;",? quarterdeck manners, you'll find the i "'answer in "The Floating Republic,"! ^jjy G. E. Manwaring ancl Bonamy Do- j .* The answer, as set forth in this !*|>00k, is: -They did. ££ For this book describes the two s;?- By Alicia Hart Even cosmeticians, primarily interested us they are in selling their It was over the rim ot an orange glass that she looked at now. "Well," she asked quizzically. Still want to be tlie female Crosby I this morning?" I Julia nodded. "Peter knows i Henri Lamb. He's going to give ! me a letter to him." j "Darned if you don't mean it!" j exclaimed Amy in astonishment. "I ! thought maybe you were just put- 1 ting on an act last night. Sometimes I feel like trying to crash the movies — hut then after a good i night's sleep I get over the Idea." * * * T HE two left eacb, other at the entrance to the restaurant— ! Amy to the gown shop, and Julia hurrying toward the tall building I on whose lop floor rested the dignl- :d offices of Woodford and Brooks was one of the largest law firms Julia read, "When you g\M her a try-out remember I'm in love D)i//i tier —" ||most fa/nous mutinies in the British j wares, tell one and all these days that In the I.*,; avy — those which paralyzed the j health is the root of true- beauty nnd " "?ets at Spithead and the Nore, in ' thai it is ridiculous to try to hide; sick T97, and. made the affair on K : 5aur.ty look like a boat drill. fine causes were the much like the of the Bounty's mutiny: low .'.kin under a blanket of beauty or to conceal stringy, drab hair with fu::.sy waves and curls. They recommend liberal dube.s of exercise, frtsh ..'•pay, unendurably severe discipline. | air and sleep, then suggest their com- RJ Tuel and capricious officers, lack of | mt-rcial preparations. K.-hore leave, and unhclicvably bad • You should, of course.-, rely 01 J»*5od. i* Tho sailors at Spithead mutinied W'irst—a whole fleetful of them, 'the ijiffaii- wa.s a strike rather than a mutiny, as a matter of fact; the sailors he.-.l- thy living habits to put .sparkle in your eyes, gleaming lights in your hair. Tlie girl who sluggers out of bed after getting four hours sleep though she needed eight, hurries much more complicated affair than the name indicated. Foi Oeorge Woodford and his partner employed a veritable corps of young attorneys—and for each one there was a secretary, in addition to the telephone girl and lilinK clerks. Theoretically, as WoorlfordV secretary. Julia Craig had the HIOPI env able fob of all Hie girls. Hut them was a stifling routine, about :ind what worrit-d licr most was the tho'iplif. of beiiij; paneled office for vcars fin Peter Kemp. He smiled his good! left the ofllce by the side door Into morning, and took a sealed en- j tlie hallway. velope from bis pocket. On Its face j ,„ „. ..._ . „_ — was neatly typed "Mr. Henri Lamb, |J)OWNSTA1US she decided on the | U)e (lisconccrtlng flgure of Laml , ^!nL!pi»h- T. exrav .? Ban "°.. n . to ?. i - After But when Jim started In at the prislngly tew steps she waa In a tiny ante-room which held only three things —a photograph ol Henri Lamb and bis orchestra, a scarred bench, and a very young man who sat on the end of the hench smoking a cigaret. He surveyed Jnlia critically and said, "You want to see Mr. Lamb?" "Yes," she faltered. More than onc.o sbe had faced irate Woodford clients and turned them cway harmlessly. But somehow she waa afraid of this very young man. "I —1 have a letter to him." "I'll take it In," the young man said, holding out bis hand for it. In a very short time Ue was facing tier again. "Come on In," ba said. "Air. Lamb'll see you." • • • 'T'HE qulclt magic ot Peter's let •*- ter gave Julia immeasurably courage. She found Henri Lamb a short, heavy, dapper Individual who lost much of his peraonnlltj out of the black Jacket in whlcli he led his band. But he seemed sincere, and Julia liked him. "Friend of Pete's, eh? . . . Rvei do any professional singing?" Julia had ro admit she hadn't, "Well, rnayno that's nil the better." He turned lo the door. "Jim . . . Jim. lurn tlie spot on the mike. Then go down nnd play for Miss Craig. Slie feels like singing." "Okay," Jim said. Then to Julia: "What d'you want to sins?" "I know most of the new things." She looked at Henri Lamb. "How about 'Accent on Youth'?" Lamb nodded. "That's a good number. Let's have It. And lenve your hat here. I want to see your hair under ihe spot." When Jtilla removed her lint he gave a little exclamation of approval. "Say, Uiat oiiKlit to look good!" As Julia wont downstairs and across the empty dance floor to HID platform, she walked as one in a trance. Tliq spotlight was blinding at first, but she was grateful for it because it hid the big emptiness of the room—and it hid, loo, Today's Pattern —, '--'-^ T IIK wide sailor rollar ui-.d l>"w jirc li'tiiinine and IliUtoring, a 1 ? arc the ICIIIK llai-iiiB sleeves. The pattern, however, is ])crforiilfd (o Dcrmit miikiiiK with short .sleeves if ili-sired. The wide trousci' 'poeltc-l and rrusli ^irdlo jilvo tlu> trousers a ••oinplclt-ly (Iressed looV •1'iittenis an. six.rd 1 L' ID ^» I :'.'» 1" -S hust). Size I-I VfMiuircs .1 yards of ::5-inrh silk, (olton or uulliiK ManiiPl, with 1 yard ol nlilxui for bow. To »efiirp a PATTKKN and STKP-nY-STKP SKWIX^ INSTRUCTIONS, till out tin 1 coupon hnlow. lu-inn sure in M KNTIO.N Tllh: NA.MK OK THIS NKWSI'Ai'KU Tho \\'INTHK I'ATTKUN HOOK, svith a cniiipli'li? selection Of Into drc.ss ilcsimiH. now is ready. It's IS rents when purclui.scil s(-piirati'ly. Or. if you want to order it with tlio pattern almvt-, sfiul in just an additioiiul in VMII.S with tlie coupon. TODAY'S PATTKUX 15UKK.U'. ll-i:; SU'i-liiiK Place, lirimklyn. X. Y. d I-; lf> cents In ffiiu lor Pattern No Name Address City ..., , Name of this new.fpaper i-- /'.<' ' i Wimberly. Mrs. W. E. Elmore, Miss Mary Catts, Mrs. R. O. Robins, Mr;;. MelKon Frazier, Mre. Paul Rowe and Mrs. Gladys Erwin attended <i Hope Demonstration club meeting in Hope Saturday. Miss Ella Monroe attended a county welfare board meeting in Hope Saturday. Mrs. W. I. Su-oucl spent Tuesday in Cclumbus, the guest of Mrs. Joe Wilson. The Womans Missionary Society of the Baptist church met Tuesday r.t the home of Mrs. John Card with six member!: present. The Bible lesspn * was led by Mrs. Card afler which the president conducted a business ies* sior). Two mom name* weer uilded tp f the roll, .making a total of 14 on roll.j Next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. pinis Johnson when the Royal Service program on Missions will bb curried cut. A full attendance is der ' sired at the next meeting. • > Since 1800 A. D., about 100,000,000 persons have been killed in wars. The Green "Oh, thanks, Peter returned his smile. "I really do \ appreciate this a lot." "That's okay," Kerap told her. "Jf you're sure It's what you want, then I'm glad II I can help. Henri's jiill," she thought, "I don't \vaut to Julia | | ]e out of breath when I get there." The taxi drew her up before the piano, Julia forgot everything but the plaintive, haunting song. And she sang It well. She knew she did. office !• on the Becond floor of Uej her co w the Eticklng , nli club. I think the best time to. , , f d t f H , L , catcb w hlm is about 3 In the after- jwh , Ifl u was stil , thel , e . nOOD ! .„. .. . , ., nr j i The pastel-green facade of the "Then I'll have to ask Mr. Wood- ! buildi wna ram ,,, ar to hor . B11(l ford to let me otf." Peter grinned. "At least you're not going to give up your job first." "Maybe I should. It—" Julia hesitated. Green Club some minutes before 3. | On the final chorus. Henri Lamb But Julia paid the driver hurriedly and walked briskly Into the building. She hnd managed to screw hut yielding to astonished at the sight that met her eyes. The big room was de, ,. rr * ,. j, , tii;i cyca. i uo UI& i uuiu ,»t*o u\j- "Nonsense, Julia Woodford a out | * and ,,, ura , nateU eer |i y of town today. Why don t you run , . . , , „,, tf Q n in.,tine ! °" u """ """""'• u " u 1 -"° """' ""*•• over to Henri's this afternoon?" i °'"rJ"' fe '',,""" .n?rt/" she remembered she had left her walked close to the microphone. When she had finished, he patted her hand. But he was shaking his head, too, and she heard him say: "Not quite yet. But you're coming along." "You mean I—1 won't do?" "I'm afraid that's it." He looked i a tough Why don't you forget It?" Stammering her thanks, her eyes (liming with tears of humiliation. Julia rushed from the platform She was almost out the door when ANNOUNCEMENT I wish to say that I will continue to operate STACK'S HAT SHOP 111 South Walnut I have worked with Mr. Stack for several years and • believe that I can give you the kind of work you : have a right to expect on your hat. I thank you for the patronage given us for the past/ fcur years and solicit your work in the future. Mrs. J. W. Stack REPORT OK THE CONDITION OF Bank of Blevins BLKVINS, HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS AT THE CLOSE OK BUSINESS DECEMBER 31, 19115 RESOURCES- Loans and Discounts Loans on Real Estate U. S. Securities not pledged Other Bonds and Securities, Including State Warrants, County and City Scrip ,. Furniture and Fixtures Banking House •'• Other Real Estate Cash Items Cash and Due from Approved Reserve Banks Other Resources "This afternoon," repeated Julia, thought. windows near tlie ceiling. Cloths were gone from the tables set on •'" • » » hat upstairs. She ran (or it, hop- confront Henri "Thanks, Peter. I'll need it." E#5imp!y sat on their hands and an- j mrougn dressing, grooming ana loreaK- , ,' ]eU offi( . e for veiirs f)] Ifncw.'xccl that thc-y would keep on .-it- ! fast with one eye on the clock, just j ", ' wp[ . c Q ,..,.,, .,„,, s min? until the- abuses of which they] isn't going to look her best all day.: ' (() )( for fl c| . j|||e () powplained were set right. I Every person requires u certain; - „ ?« tn thifi <-l,-iv no one knows iust who amount of rest and its up to the- in- i Ing she wouldn't Lamb again. Beside her hat on his littered desk she saw the half-open letter ^^ , ... i In the center of the platform she | W hie!e Peter Kemp had written to And"wben"uie"neat little electric ! saw tne llliu '"e' 3 ' standard with ! lja , I1D> p eter had typed it out In clock on ber desk told Julia it was "-s microphone at the top. "1 won c i ear capitals which even her 20 minutes until 3, she did feel as | dcr," Julia thought.^ "if I'D be the world. More nervous than sh,e| tuis i'ootn . . ." In Wnndford's ', had ever been In ber life, she fitted j Involuntarily, she sought the let- end— 'on her hat, glad that It was the j ter Peter Kemp had given her. . To this day, no one knows just who I amount of rest and its up them, but he was a wonder; dividual to decide just how much, then Kemp she com smartest and most recent In her , Holding it a:i if it were a talisman, nf which meager wardrobe. Then, with a {she went, toward the stairway linal and careful look Into the mlr- j which she guessed would lead to • • • — . ..'.- . - ..... -<i,._ within sur- iu tie reception ball sbe mel for. ahe pocketed Peter's letter and Henri Lamb's office. glance could not miss. It said: DEAH HENIU — THIS IS JULIA CttAIG WHO WANTS TO SING IN YOUR CLUB. BUT WHEN YOU GIVE I-IKH A TRY-OUT I WISH YOU'D REMEMBER I'M IN LOVE WITH HER AND DON"I WANT HER TO BB A SINGEH (To Ue Continued) TOTAL LIAB1LITIES- .,$30,880.10 ... 12,245.20 ... U25.00 79.84 450.00 .. 1,800.00 ... 815.00 .. 649.72 .. 38,196.14 .. 464.65 ,?87,005.71 Preferred Stock, Common Stock Surplus Fund, Certified Undivided Profits, Net Reserve for Contingencies, etc Individual Deposits, including Public Funds Time Certificates of Deposit .439,423.72 12,271.00 .... $10,000.00 15,000.00 5,000.00 2,769.74 2,541.25 Total Amount of all Classes Deposits as Above Shown TOTAL 51,694.72 ?87,005.71 State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead, st. I, P. C. Stephens, Cashier, of the above named Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to tlie best of uiy knowledge and belief. P. C. STEPHENS, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me' this 14th day of January, 1936. My commission expires Jan. 8, 1938. (Seal) M. L. Nelson, Notary Public. Atte-st: H. M. STEPHENS HERBERT M. STCHIENS Directors. "MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION"

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