Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1941
Page 1
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B^<®®$m!p$GPwz^ HfffK'f"^' '"riS^-TSMwSflwpl •*«Hft' \^' A *®&X'j*' V^T-ax• •u^r:*lilV' v - " -''---•'^'•\'. r f ••••"••••/. •-• .•• ••"• ^^Xpl WoKd-Wld» News Cov«rog* Given Impartially by Associated Prw* Star The Weather Fait- not quite so cold in the c west portion Wednesday night. »IMI 43 _ NUMBER 6! e« H«fM, , January 7 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1941 {ft?tr 5M ft jn * Associated Press NEA)—Means Newspopar Enterpris* Aw'fl PRICE 5c aps Threatening Manil «,A,i -.A . . A A A Jl i i ' . . '. ^^^^^^^ >< >f w ,. w w w -.-«• -A- -A- tv tV ' tV tV •& •£ H Keeps Guessing on Next Move of Germans Our Daily Bread MIA It f**HM»l I Sunwors I. S. Ship at Hawaii ir Die of S*o I « f i*t*t :cumb» AHcr Resignation of Marshall Retain Not Confirmed British, Red Army Forces Continue Onslaught in Africa, Ruisto ft.. «Ur 1*11*. wsvfif*' | V; ill- '. , if. 'Sfci. W,,. w -*«*..5 i. tu t-t , .1 * * **IJ>''W * f Jfc*f--J •tJJ | ("I ''V*** V k<k *« i. t ; J^j-w 1 J s-u-s- 4$*-M:vUtf- ***» **,»'* *i» Capital [Wartime tccordi Foil in iarriogc License lureau • that nl lltt'm t'lrkh fiirfwrt tv.uillt Jo oral A>i«!nan ttsf - I*r<n »'»n Vritinghnf/'ttjesrh A (VKreUry »t tlw fin man rm- hks r«tnm«n«i in p|it •wi.'s »' *f #t«*» fcjaM *» <r«* IS •*'!*$ JlMTft 4*mnri •* Sih nf WB- ftt»m ft* * can «*<>l) ««i* lx~- truwir tiw? ^' An <»* <«J jjps l»e inantr In <f> ^ailiftS t)\at .( hark intx an it» lt«t , ! ' ami RwKl-mill nt'ulii i»' w> allied vkUny. world tr>i«t klump hulrtxl mxl ilc<»- mil has started it mound here Uisincl HIII] other «UitrK, it i wrm't h.'far behind—tuting I il :niU>mii|>He plate* from now j Oirre no longer is any need to mel«ls. Instead of new plates, will ijunio litlJc lock-over IW2, IIM.H caused all sorts of little The District civilian defense Col. Lemuel Holies, hud to to the middle of two the day. Ciipitiillles hud blurted bliick clnth for use. in bluck- d adhesive tape to interlace ,<1 shop windows to prevent in air raids. The director als to stop buying, saying nets were needed hadly "for Thut must have been what niuns thought, too. At last runs still were going SVr »jw>tl fight Ml the Ix-tler <oi lite l"hfiMm«s vision of the multitude uf Uic hravnily host pruning C!<xl ami "Gli-o to G(H| in the highest, and on eaiUi jwac*. Rrx.Kiv.ill toward men." Ilirili Itrlpcd Hiifls hi'Iiwil in the discovery of America. Columbus lilteied his ronifrf.' to follow the line of flight uf migrating buds, Die sighting of which giivc he discouraged sailors heart to go attentively to an air raid 'outlining instructions at a a schoolhouso on Kalorama other night were Chief Jus- iVUnited States and Mrs. Har- tone, same air raid sessions was !row Wilson, who presided He House in another war ith from the sky on cities the lines was something boys dreamed.up to scare home. at the National Press club: is do change. I've only been years but I can remember of the most sought-after around here were to those at Kurt Sell's .German u) where every one sat drank beer and kummel ^ J 'Sclmilzelbank'; and to ''l >rtSfP allese correspondent) --it real suki yaki." Better Business bu- e officials are scamp- QVer town trying, to catch who are picking up loney drive for "District funds." It's the old :, A smooth voice calls, -pressure plea, gets gends around a eollec- ,c\als say it probably is over the country. { Ben fail, ttvim luiwn nf Jn ih«t t«*rt, Ihc «««. h«eh o^mmam! »i«n frojil—Soviet <iif|a!rhri. re- thai the Gerrmutt had |K>«I drix-en iwrk *t lr-»»l SO milo» in the L«nln- wttor, \vnilor-jwnchod rMnnmiU of Col.-Ocn. Hein? Gmlrnan'n "imce pmud" German lAiih uimicb were not retreatins Uiwaixi Or«-l, 100 mi)(*» tnulhwc&t of Tula. A ll«l anny bulletin snnovmcoil the recwjitvirc of GorUaclu'Vo, 46 mili-s west of Tuln, nnd rctH>rlc<) that Soviet vanmirtiils had driven nbuut 20 inilcs west Iwyimii the town, Krdskin Hecrullers Two of Cnnntla' Ixsxl recruiters n- mnnK the Indiiias for lurny .service lire two Piapol braves whu sei^vvcil in World War 1. They arc Chief Hurry Ball who lost leg nt Vimy Ridge, and Chief Abel Watotch who was gas- sod. Churchill in Washington Bjiujsler WUisltQjj ChurcluJI, left, yrrivcs at wuUi entrance gf the White Wtouse accompanied by president Roosevelt u,uU pant. J^hn JRcaidaJU, 50,000 More Enemy Troops Land Overnight U. S. Considering 1 Declaring Philippine Capital Open City Japanesejati' -'- "- Wake Island Lost to U.S. Marines Sink 2 Jap Ships in Final Battle WASHINGTON-^)—The Navy Dc- (parjment made public Wednesday what may be the final chapter in the heroic defense of Wake Island, announced that radio communications with the tiny Pacific outpoasl had been severed—that ctpture of the island is probable but added that Marine Corps defenders accounted for two enemy destroyers in the final Japanese landings. Occupied Tuesday TOKYO — (Official,radio recorded by AP)—Japanese reports said Wednesday that Wake Island was occupied completely at 1 a. m. Tuesday by Japanese naval forces, defying blazing American defense guns, raging teas and violent gales, to carry out a night assault. Cranium Crackers Cities of Wai- War in Europe, Africa and the Far East has touched cities beginning with practically every letter of the alphabet. Here arc some that begin with the same letters. Locate each and tell how it is connected with the war, J. Moscow, Murzuck and Minsk. 2. Tobruk, Tabriz and Taranto. 3, Rezegh, Rostov and Riga. i Hamburg, Hanoi and Hull. 5. Vichy, Vinh, Viipuri nnd Vladivostok. Ajjswejcg ojj Comic Star to Observe Christmas Day As in past years The Star will suspend publication on Cliristmas Day, one of the newspaper's three holidays of the year, the other two being July 4 and Thanksgiving. Publication will be resumed on -Friday. Forty Attend Duck Dinner Sen, Spencer Guest of Honor at Hotel Henry More than forty local citizens were guests of the Diamond Cafe Tuesday night at the establishments annual duck dinner in the dinning room of the Hotel Henry. Senator Lloyd Spencer, who is home from Washington to spend the Christinas holidays, was the guest of honor and the principal speaker. Roy Anderson acted as master of ceremonies. The dinner, which has developed into an annual affair, was started by Ralph Bailey and Buck Powers, owners of the cafe. Good Rations Napoleon fed all captured soldiers such excellent food that many of them preferred to remain with him after war rather than return to their own county's meage ations. Mwuy of them j willingly surendered to get the good food offered, SPG Employes Donate Work Patriotic Group to Give Government Days Work Major Werner C, Strccker, Area Engineer, Southwestern Proving Ground, Wednesday announces that while it has long been known and evidenced by actual achievement that the employes of W. E. Callahan Construction Company engaged in the performance-of constructing the Southwestern Proving Ground at Hope, Arkansas, have been a conscientious, patriotic, loyal group of workers. It is inspiring to note that this fact has been so forceably punctuated by in-? illation on the part of employes of the Electrical Department, Electricians, Technicians, and helpers of a movement whereby they will donate to the cause of the defense program, through patriotic devotion, a full day of their work, without reference to any remuneration whatsoever. This in no small way expresses their patriotism and reflects deeply the unity and loyalty of these men to the greatest government on earth. Colonel D. C. Cabell, Commanding Officer, has expressed willingness of the government to accept such patriotic contribution of their services in the very near future. Certainly actions like these coming from Christian workers of a Christian nation at Christmas time are expressive of the principals and rights as believed in by all and for which our government stands. Philadelphia public schools are establishing model airplane clubs in junior and sewer One Injured in Shooting Little Hope Held for Pine Bluff Resident PINE BLUFF—(/P)-Ferd Belligramp, about 40. president of a Pine Bluff botteling company, was removed to a hospital early Tuesday with a bullet wound in the head following a shooting affray in a residential section participated in by police officials. Chief of Police Met Gallagher opened an investigation. ' At the hospital where Belligramp was treated attendants held little hope for his recovery. Mixed English A dialect English consisting of Cockney, African and Oxford is heard more in Colon, Panama, than is Spanish. This English is spoken by negroes brought from the West Indies originally to help build the Canal. World War Map on Pages 4-5 - Save It A two-page world map showing America's battle fronts in both Europe and Asia appeai-s on pages 4-5 of today's Star—tear it out now and save it so you can follow the wire news from day to day. This completes your file of detailed war maps printed by The Star, a full-page map of the Pacific war zone having been published December 18, By the Associated Press With powerful new Ji. r , vasion forces landing only 75 southeast of Manila the U S. . headquarters Wednesday cons! the possibility of declaring the»PhU 7 * ippine capital an open city to Save|* from aid assaults. .ti; " A bulletin from General Doui. MacArthui's headquarters said">(h". greatly outnumbered American^anc Philippine forces were offering-,fiercet| resistance in two key sectors nortfri and 'south of Manila. , f ^1 The grave new threat against Ma-v| nila from the south materialized, d%.&p ing the night when Japanese troojn r from 40 transports—perhaps 40,000 tto' 50,000 strong—slipped ashore at, A\i3 monan on the east coast of Li "* Island. While Manila underwent a series'o: daylight air raid alarms a big fleet^p: American tanks sped through the 1 wr-' ital's downtown streets enroute tos undisclosed fighting front. ' r j Troops Are Cheered' ',,,. People ran frpm buildings andfcai^ raid shelters clapping and cheering them on. \-"~" Late dispatches from Manila si the Japanese'Wsh from Legaspi.1 miles southeastof'the capital ha&tii halted by blowing up bridges^ deep ravines and other Jap forcd, .,_ made no advance from AparriJ r250j? miles to the north of the capital, f *'* "Very heavy fighting continues the north and south front," ™ Arthur's headquarters reported/ "In both areas our troops arte>*-»«-< sisting stubbornly. The enemy' con-.f tinues to land reinforcemeits." " Other Developments .^ JVS , In other theaters of the l.S-day-'bldL battle major developments included: 1 * Figure 1. Hard fighting British JW rines were reported officially to ha\~,, recaptured a position in the ^central^ part of Hongkong Island. «-'- '*• ' Dispatches from Singapore said » v Japanese appeared to be feeling ith effects of Chinese attacks from'" rear on the fringe of KiwloonJ m land opposite Hongkong Island, - ' , Figure 2. A Tokyo broadcast pltj-v,' Japanese forces entirely occupied th'e}.^ » tiny Wake island where a garrison, nf i U, S. Marines held out for two-weeks* ( under heavy aerial and naval bom-,' bardments, •> j f J ^ Imperial^ Tokyo headquarters ads-i", £j nowledged that two Japanese destroy-? <* ers were lost in landing operations,V against the island, 'Ci s; Figure 3. -On the 'Malayaii fro^t A British Far East headquarters reported,* ^ "some skirmishing" but no other de-,5j velopments as British troops helcl a S line against the Japanese invaders, 300 miles north of Singapore* '' v " ** Figure 4. American and British 'aif,*,' fighters were officially credited with, shooting down at least 9 Japanese '\, bombers and one fighting plane m tfye/ Rangoon capital of Burma, - ' Malco Employes Paid in Bonds Theater Workers Receive Bonuses and Gifts Employes of the Malco Theaters, Inc., received bonuses and Christinas gifts in defense bonds and stamps., M. S. McQord, director, announced Wp4- nesday. The Malco company, owners o{ Hope's Rialto and Saneger theaters, employes more than 600 persons who received over ?20,0( u> this year. Every employe of the company re-* ceived a gift. *\ <A ^ 1$ & ^ CHRISTMAS Buy now and p«,t them on your hoJV, iday mail. They cpst so Jit* tie but do so mu,ch. Every citigejj should lend a helping hand W l|]j$ voluntary paaj,- payn,. ? Talbot Feild, Jr., County Ch,airmaji Rev. J. E, City p i

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