Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, September 13,1939 Investigate 21,420 All Are Innocent Flicker Beauties Outclassed by Modern Misses, BUTTE. Mom.—i.-Pi—The department ! of justice has investigated '-'1.420 per- ' sons suspected of a part in the kit!- I nap murder of Charles Malison and found them -.\!l innocent. ! i That information was contained in I a letter from FBI headquarters in Washington to W. Guy Banister, spec- j iat aeent in charge of the Butte field I office, recently. ! Tips eonccrntni; the cose have comi > to KB! £ij;ents from .111 p.iris of the I nation, the letter said. .Kach tip had j to bo investigated thoroughly on the chance it might oe 'the riaht dope." Charles Malison. U. >viis kidnaped j from his home at Taconvi. Wash., and I was held for Sl^.OO'l ran.«'n\ on DC- \ ccmber 27. 1P?6. His bixHy was re- | covered near Everett. Wash., on Jan- i nary 11. 1!)37. The disc is one of two unsolved kidnaping on FBI records. The other case was '.hat of Peter Levine j of New Kocheile. N. Y.. kidnaped Feb- ruarv 24, I9JS. i If small indentations are counted.'' Maine has more ;K :\ twice as much i coastline as Florid,. i "My Skin Was Full of | Pimples and Blemishes" says Verna S.: "Since using Adlerika ' the pimples are gone. My skin is ; smooth and glows with health." Ad- j lerika helps wa«h BOTH bowels, and i relieves temporary constipation that often aggravates bad complevion. John S. Gibson Drug Co. In old-timo dicker comcdiiv. ?,L>.ck Sennetl introduced the bathing bounty (o the world, along V.M.H the custard pie and bearded villain. Three of his original swim-suit girls were Harriet Hurm'iC'p.i! Piiyllis Haver and the late Mario Provost. But early-day moviegoers never saw anything in Ix-.'.ii- ir.g grcb like the current Mi.-s America candidates. Doris Geisingcr. Miss Atlantic City; Bctlye A>v:y;, ?.-];-. o;-.ira^.:r..i; and Louise Fleteiilner, Miss Sun Valley, show progress in beach styles. Lii>-j ].v2(j bail-sins beauties, these .still get no nearer the water than the beach. Bruce Catton Says: LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs. White Oak. Overcup. Post Oak. Reel Oak. and Ash Heading Bolts. Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 ;Ne\v Dealers May Curl) Wor! Board of War Resources Hy BUL-CE CATTON NEA Washington Curr&pniuU'iit WASHINGTON—Don't be surprised if the nuich-puhlici/.ed War Resources Board is quietly and penmintntly sidetracked in the near future. An intra-N'ew Deal backfi.'i against', •-- • ~ the board ha.s taken place. One cab- ; f ;uim;i . and consumer representation. i •. i_ . t. .-1... * inel member is on record with the flat assertion that the board is "out." as far as New Dr-al plans for wartime industrial mobilization are concerned. Principal complaints are that the board is unduly weighed with bis league industrialists, that the House of Morgan is too visible in its background and that—in view of the far-reaching controls which are programmed for industry, finance and labor in case of war—the body chosen to handle those No Need To Allow Malaria To Put You In Poor Condition T!ti-i Slimmer i already have r.'.alaria. chills and fevers !.Na=b'.- i;; just the thing you need. It j is positively auaranterd to kill malaria £ct"nu: and quickly relieve con- Con't suffer the agony of chilis <>nJ i.stipation ;<nr! biliou.-ness. fevers caused by malaria. H you arc j Don't ,| e u y until you arc really ill. tired, so tired you can hardly breathe, j fj as h\ cust*"only a fc-w cents and of- if you are achy, run Uown, we^K, | j cls s uie relief. nervous, sleepy, dizzy and if your legs i (il'AIIANTEED TO FIX feel like lead, get a bottle of Nash's get C. & L. Tonic right now. Most likely this simple, economical proven method is all you need. Nafh's C. & L. Tonic is made in the Eouth for Southern people. Nine out of ten persons in the South have malaria, biliousness or constipation. Thousands use Nash's regularly and avoid serious illness. Whether you are suffering from the first lymptcms or YOU II' Xa-h's C. & L. Tonic is guaranteed to make you feel worlds better in one week or your druggist will give you back every cent you paid for it. to your druggist now. Don't wait, clrucgist .sell Na.-h's C. & L. Tonic only fifty cents. Fr.r sale in Hope by John S. Gibson Drug C<i. And all other good drug The War Resources Board \~*~ set up some tune ago by joint action of the War and Navy Departments. It convened here comparatively recently and had a general discussion of its program. Nothing very definite came out of it. largely because it was generally assumed on all sides that the board's biggest job would begin only when, as and if tne nation went to war. Steel .Man Heads Board Head of the board is Edward R. Stet- tinius. Jr.. head of U. S. Steel. Other meml'fcrs arc Dr. Karl Co'inpton, president of Massachusetts Institute of ; Technilogy: Walter S. Grifford. presi- I dent of the American Telephone and i Telegraph Co.; General Robert E. ! Wood, president of Sears and Roebuck; , Harold Roulton. president of the j Bronkings Institution: John Lee Pratt, a director of General Motors, and John Hancock. New York banker. Although the exact duties of the board have not been clearly defined, it was assumed that in case of war it would play the part which the '',' lamous War Industries Board played :n 1017 and 1918. That was the intcn- Windsor Returns Home;_Will Fight Duke and Duchess in England — Duke Is to Enter Service BULLETIN LONDON, Kng.—'/Pi—The Duke c.f Windsor who kept his promise to return to England if ever needed, will take up a war appointment, it was announced Wednesday. LONDON. Eng.-i.-Vi- The Duke of Windsor and his American-born duchess, the former Wallis Warfield of Baltimore, have come "home after nearly three years on alien soil. Expectant Britons learned from a terse announcement by the British ministry of information Tuesday that their former king Edward VIII and the woman for whom he renounced hi.s imperial throne December 10, 1936, are now in England. • Where the duke and duchess were not even high officials of the royal! household knew. Fort Belevedere. favorite residence of the former king has been kept ready. Secrecy surrounded the journey of. the couple from southern France although their return had been ex- peeler daily since the outbreak of war. They were met at a channel port and whisked away in a motor car. The duke who celebrated hi.s forty. l e .1 ,i; i *t i ' tilth birthday in June, is a field imr- uon of the War and Navy departments, ..,,„„ ,,„ (hc nctive ,;.., ;mff js co|oncj . THAN YOUR PHOTOGRAPH They <>tiy rr.o-J priotorjrisphi fkrtc-r Ihoir subjects But If you went to do juotice to your ov/n bo-3uty rjc-t C«rd Mornc Aid',. Yoj'll be- 'fir. ,inr] p!.-..r..-d *• orno bring Beauty prised way y f-Jo i'no cut NOT MEASURED in TERMSjf MONEY Tlie trust you place in us in filling prescriptions ha.s no dollar and cents value. It is something priceless, which ue en- dwivfji- tn earn at nil limes. Only quality ingredients, compounded ''.V experienced (tliuroiiicists, shall ever iftt into a prescription filled licrc! Cascade Alarm CLOCKS 40 Hour Movement which set it up. It wa.s that which disturbed the New Dealers, in and out of the cabinet, and .started the Go j backfire. All I The program which the War Dcpart- for mem has drawn up for industrial mobilisation in case of war—the program which this board was intended to administer—is extremely far-rcach- mg. It would put finance, industry, agriculture and labor under the 'most complete government control. If adoptcd—unc'l the War Department j plan.; to pros for it;, adopt'oi. the mo- I ment war comes, if it ever does come j —it would mean a dictatrship of almost incredible extent and power. .Morgan Ties Worry New Healers Whether Congress would approve ,-ueh a program may be another mat- tei. What bothered the New Dealers was i| lf , , ( | Cil ,| Ult if , hc . prom-i.-.n were i approved, its direction would be in , of a board whose members tty largely on the opposite -side- , : ( the fence from the New Deal-] and .....me of whom were identified ""ire or less intimately with the Morgan banking firm. -So the fight begun: iuK | (ilc . ,. llcsl tj|) i.-' that the War Resources Board will I".- gently steered away fn,m the role v.hich wa.s originally planned for it. The administration lias ;, good out. j 1 ". want., to do this painlessly. The board Was officially set up to serve "i '"' advi.sory capacity, and the un- ''--islanding i.s that it will continue '" 'J- tins. Offically. then, there will '«• no need to rio any beheading or to K-verse any policies. It can .simply | JO ; '"""ur,ced that the board has bee,, ""ing advisory work, that as advisory '•'-oik wa.s from the start intended to '•'-• I'Uiely temporary , . . and .vo on '['•'i. accoiding to the latest dope. •-•""-• ta.,-1; that will be taken. Present ""-'" - that if there is to be a real •'•'•" mdn.-ti ;<_.,, board it will "•pre..,enlatives of other js in-chief of the Welch Guards. Some thought the duke might enter active .service with the armed forces. Labor Lashes Out at WPA Project Asks Permanent Construction Be Taken Away From WPA ' FACE POWDERS COLD CREAMS CLEANSING CREAMS ASTRINGENTS COMPACTS BEAUTY KITS 3 TVPES ..!• — Supet — Junior 2 DRUG COMPANY Phone 63 — Fret Delivery l-'lm Kticc-l II'in- BULLETIN LITTLE IJOCK W. B. Hot-oft, Little Hock crchcslra leader, wa.s clcc'tcil president c:f Hit- Arkansas Federation of Labor \Ve(lnesda,v, siicci-ding Vic Woosls Fort Smith. Other rfficers incluileil: J. E. Cooper, .Miilvmi, liflli vice-|iresi(leut. LITTLK ROCK, Ark. - A resolution uskintj (hat all permanent construction work be removed from Iho Works Projects Administration and other governmental agencies and turned over to private agencies wa.s adopted at the annual state convention of ihr: American Federation of Labor :.t the Labor Temple Tuesday. The resolution said WPA activities had caused a terrific decline in Ihn amount of work available for skilln'l craftsmen not on the relief rolls. It asked ihe Arkansas delegation in Congress and WPA officials to .seek the i.ccessary changes in WPA regulations. The proposal, sponsored by all Ihe construction trades in the organi/alioii, contended the- ne wWPA regulation had "pulled Ihe price of labor clown." The American Federation of Labor's efforts to unite union labor, were approver! in another resolution. It asked Ihe officials not (o yield "|o include- '' minority attempting to disrupt th " ional orKair ked of thr n-tt- CLUB NOTES Outn '[hi.- O/.iin-St. Paul H. D. C. met Sep- '..luoer ij. I'MJ Hi the home of Mrs. R. 'I oil,..it with 17 old members and ::-i new members present. ..i: C. K. O.sboine gave the cle- •.•'.tioind on "Love." "Rocked in the . i.i'Hcj i.i tiie Ij.-ep was the song loi this month. i!oll call and minutes, were read. Walker were appointed by the pre.si- -ii-ii. to or. i.o.stc-.-.i j'ii me iie.-;l qua* tt-r- ;-. ,'.c:al .\n:. Cecil V/aikei v/tis al'. .<!-;,<.iiiteil home I. )i.'.- l:ll:lii If.": • ,- -'..n by Mi-, i :i. ..'"ii al lc.L-li.ire by tigeiuent lend- ,jl;c,.i c,i Mi... 'i'ollctl. ciii dollar strutchiriy :ltt! tdicj a hc.'r- Mr.- W Join-... I lor Arkansas were inn 1 urgani/.aUon. Henderson Well Supplied With Ends and Tackles ARKADKLFHIA - There arc 1-1 men available for the end and lackle position.', on the Henderson State Teach-j crs College football team. 10 of them They aie: Karl Kisscll. Dick Moore, Kd Confer, Freeman Stone, Pat Pat- i.ersoi^ vettran tackles; Udell Buncc, Russel Peek. Tymon .Stephen, Hugh Reese ai,.l Percy Ramsey veteran ends. Kre.-.hmen ends anrl tackles are; Wilson of Hope. Walker nf Ben Lomond, i C'hainpinan of Smackovcr, Milligan of Smai kovci. and Cn/J/ee of Goodwar- ter Ala. 1 n,.I , IM.'.II ,.ill li-adc-is were given. a!l moetiiig v.ill be held Si-'ptem- ; I'M final I.II.'[I;M tit'Oti. 1 for fail. A Pacific Coast couple were inar- iiifl after a thirce-yc-ar courtship by amaleiir ladio. Everything will be j i.acfiu) if they conliuc- their mar- It's Easy to Pay the Robison Way Select .your new full suit and shirt wearing It at once. You pay only lO'i down and Imve It) WEEKS TO PAY THK BALANCE. It's so CHS.V (o pny y<iur clothing hills on Koliiscm's Payment Plan because it cuts lliciu into 10 small pieces. You're in Line for Some Real Surprises The 1JKJ9 Tall clothing- stylos will hand you sonic real surprises. Shoulders are broader, chests fuller, fabrics come to life with color. But, "seeing- is beliving." Come in and have a look 1'or yourself. There's no obligation to buy, but if you do decide to be one of Hope's best dressed men and select one of these handsome new IfKW models, you may arrange to pay for it on a convenient Robison Payment Plan. Curlee Clothes These suits have every quality (o make (hem the best buy of (he faH season. They're slylcd ia llic mixicrii tempo liy America's leading designers— and tailored only from high quality, selected materials. $ 25 Merit Clothes 20 85 Outstanding c|ualil,\ in tailoring anil material . . . enduring value anil style. Clothes that arc limited in price only, and completely unlimited in meeting suit demands. Only the very newest fabrics, styles, and colors. $ 85 SEWELL CLOTHES 14 75 ^ 16 Geo. W. ison

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