Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1936 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS • Thursday, Battle QNE GOAL OF TVA REVEALED IN PICTURES in Precincts Begun., Democrats Have Edge in; Organization—Repub- ' licans Have Money By BYRON PRICE Chief of Bureau, The As"r,clnie-;l Press. Washington With so many first-magnitude political bombs bursting in the air, major public attention has been diverted from the more laborious and perhap; rnofe important spade-and-bayone Work down in the trenches. It remains true in politics, as in war, that while spectacular ncnal demon rtrations may contribute to victory ii is the infantry which must be reliec i-ror. to t?.ke and hold ground, and th- infantry of politic.-, is going into action. Back in the home precinct.-, ur through the county and state organi zations. the skirmish lines are formin- and are trying to advance. The n? tiona! managers and those who aspir to be national managers are porin' over maps and largescale plans of operation. Not much news about the inner working of political parties eve- reaches the public, yet these operr tions are vital. It is tedious, sustain ed, detailed organization effort whic' delivers the voters at the polls, and i is votes which win elections. Democrats Have Edge At this stage, the Democrats unquestionably have the edge so far as organization alone is concerned. They start with a hold-over national set-up which won n sweeping victory four years ago. They are in office, and have, the patronage which is so powerful an influence in political organization. They know, or at least thing they know, who their candidate will be. | However important they may be j otherwise, the defections from Mr Roosevelt have not cut appreciably into the official party inner circles . The national committee is dominated I completely by Roosevelt men. | One other circumstance seems svor- I fby of notice. Conciliation of the large city Democratic machines, which I were suspected of lukewarmness four I years ago, has been a prime objective | of Chairman Farley. No one seems to doubt that he has made much progress. An evidence appeared during the recent meeting of the national committee when Frank Hague, who controls the party in Now Jersey, offered the resolution warmly commending the Roosevelt administration. Four years ago, Hague was Al Smith's floor manager at the Chicago convention, and he openly declared candidate Roosevelt never could win the election and must not be nominated. The always unpredictable Tammany may be an exception, but by and large Farley seems to have done his organizing pretty thoroughly. G. O. P. Has Ample Fund The Republican picture is much more confused, thus far, but certain evidences of strength are apparent. It is clear that, up to the convention at least, the work of organization will be in the hands of old party wheel- horses, whose experience and political sagacity is discounted by no one. Chariot. C. Hilles. national committeeman for New York, is far more active than outward appearances in- dv-att in seekinp to reform the ranks which were so badly broken in 193?. He is a veteran of veterans, and will bear watching in any man's campaign. Another old-timer whose advice is valued highly around headquarters is Ralph Williams of Oregon, vice-chairman of the national committee. There h^is been some infiltration of new blood, but in the main the hurden of the job rests on the older shoulders. Chairman Fletcher, while not greatly experienced in po'. - .,ics, has taken his responsibilities very seriously. His unadvertised missionary work, directed toward a united front whoever is the candidate, has reached into every part of the country. Most notable of all, however, is the prospect that the Republicans will have an ample campaign fund, than which there is no more potent factor in effective political organization. Viewing the battle line from either side, it appears Mr. Farley was right when he predicted that the hand-to- hand fighting would be terrific, and without quarter. Bef ore Aft er Typical of the impoverished families of sharecroppers and tenant farmers in the 40.000 ;:quare miles of the TVA region is the Alabama family pictured above eating lunch of broad, water and meat in their drab hut after arduous toil in potato and cornfields. TVA hopes to improve their lot with rural electrification, cheap power, cheap fertilizer for exhausted acres, anti - soil - erosion programs, and new industries. At left is a typical two-room cabin housing five, though only 8 feet wide and 18 feet long. Below is shown the young mother of the top picture back at her primitive "bull tongue" plow, for man and beast—and woman— provide the only power here. In striking contrast to the dinpy cabins in the district, with their cliscuragcd, ill-fed, and illiterate occupants, is this bright scene in the living room of one of the government-built houses in the model town of Norris, near Morris dam. The miracle of electricity is visible in lights, iiu;.o, Ueating grills beneath the high windows. At the right, two of the houses are shown on the wooded hills near the damsitc. Below, the water roiirs over Wilson Dam. built during (lie World war to furnish power for nitrate plants, and main unit in the TVA's power production program. Norris Dam, 300 mile.s upstream will even the flow so as to increase year-round power fourfold. Nashvijle Credit; Association Eli Annual Meeting of' nance Group Attend! by 700 Persons The Nashville Production Cr«l| sociation held ils nnnual sloe! ers' meeting nt Hie Nashville Tabernacle Monday, with 700 bers and friends of the nss prnscnt. Jay V. Toland, of Nashville, the board of directors' report, the report for the executive corn] tee, in which he pointed out the re.ts made in 1935. Kecrouiry-TrciHwrcr Jay V. 1*i reported on the financial conditi the association after which Dr. Not ton. vice-president and seen of the Production Credit Corpori of St. Louis, talked on the go development of production credi C. Sommotville discussed the rei fibllity of the bourd of directors. G'lher speakers on the prograrri! eluded Dr. W. H. Toland, Mrs. " Honoycull, Mr. W. D. Wesson, 1 Mr. J. C. Jones. Will Whitmorc " resented the colored borrowers speech. The two members of the bo directors of the association this meeting are: L. C. Sommei and W. 0. Hays. Other membci the board, elected a year ago. a N. Johnson. H. M. Coulter and Ba: Smith. It was reported at the meeting during the past year the ns: made 1.120 loans for $180,000, to ers of Howard, Pike, Hempslcndja yada, Clark, Sevicr, Hot Spring ties, the territory served by the elation. The South Amcriciui Goeldi frog" a dish-shaped back on whicn ries its cpgs. elects Musknits are sold for food in markets, under the name of tr. rabit. Stop Getting Up Nig] Make Thlv 25c Test Use Juniper oil, Buchu leav to flush out excess acids and matter. Get rid of bladder irrlj that causes waking up, frequcrii sire, scanty flow, burning and ache. Get Juniper oil, Buchu etc., in little green tablets kets, the blndder laxative. I, days if not pleased (Jo hack a'l your 25c. Get your regular sl< feel "full of pep." Briant's Drug and John S. Gibson Drug Co. WANTED-tlEADING BOt' White Oak-Wblsk,v and Oil Ovorcup, Post Oak and Hound Sweet Gum For prices and specification^ HOPE HEADING COMPAKJf'Y* Phone Z45 Tor All Kinds INSURANC! Sen Roy Andersol and Special for this Week B^s 5-tube RADIO Made by G-E Has Airplane Dial. Complete With BRIANT'S Drug Stratosphere Air (Continued from page one) distance an airplane and its engine •vculd be operated only half as long. This would cut casts nearly in half, with the resultant saving to the user if the service. In case of over-water flying, the hazard would be reduced in that the time spent away from land would' be cut in half. Wiley encountered regrettable and unnecessary difficulties through these significant months. i When he poised for h'm first attempt ' to fly from Burbank, Calif., to New i York last February, we all tluught 1 his equipment was in perfect concli- | lion, Ft.r months the country's finest t-n- ginec-rs and mechanics had groomed the ship, going over every nut. bolt and cotter key. Difficulties encountered prior to that j time had been of a minor nature. they were to be expected in any such research work, but they had been overcome. Test flights had proved to he' satisfaction of every one that the Winnie Mae was ready and, under ordinary circumstances, would carry ler master to New York in eight hours or less. But the next difficulty was not surrounded by ordinary circumstance. Less than an hour after his takeoff, after dropping his landing gear and climbing rapidly to 40,000 feet, Wiley was down on Murdoc Lake, lucky to be alive. It was hard to believe anyone would stoop so low as to put emery in the ship's engine. Why it was clono remains a profound mystery. It f'-irced Wiley to an emergency landing of a fast plane without landing gear, with the windshield entirely covered with oil, obscuring vision, and with a ton of highly infiamable gasoline around his neck. That was no sport and mining anyone with a love of life would enjoy experiencing. Other Efforts The forced landing {.purred Wiley on. When we had determined by microscopic analysis that emery had been placed in the engine, Wiley was more set than ever on continuing his experiments. His backer, Phillips, promised to stay with him as long as Wiley eared to continue, and in less than six weeks he was ready again. His forced landing at Cleveland on CAR GLASS CUT AN"O GROUND TO FIT ANY CAB BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street EVERYDAY HEALTH NEEDS —SPECIALLY REDUCED FOR THIS WEEK— Pepsoclent Tooth Paste, large size 39c Kleenex, 500 sheet package 29c Tasty-Lax, Choc, laxative, 2--25c pks. both for 25c 'McKesson Milk of Magnesia, 16 oz. .39c McKecson quarts of Heavy Mineral Oil 89c Rubbing Alcohol, full pint bottle 25c Developing and printing any size roll of films only 25c. 5x7 tinted enlargement only 25c John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps March 15 was, we have determined, a direct result of the original tampering, Post's declaration that he ran out of oxygen was due simply to his dislike cf an "alibi" he could not at the time prove. It was .some time before Wiley determined to try again. The constant labeling of his flights as "failures" brought discouragement. However, he did try again, on April 15, and this time the much depaired external supercharger went to pieces somewhere over Ohio and Wiley again was forced clown, this time at Lafayette, Ind, Still, he hud averaged more than 300 miles an hour. Fet-'liiig the trip simply had to be completed, Wiley took off again on June 13, after much reconditioning work on the aged Winnie Mae. His ship this time developed a bad oil leak while he was over the Mississippi Valley. Wiley throttled back his motor and returned to Wichita, Ka.s., : where hi; knew the weather was clear. 1 By this time the Winnie Mae was in bad shape. She had undergone four i .skid landings and, engine and all, had i taken .severe beating she never was ! intcrded to survive. Phillips was willing to continue and offered unlimited I backing, but Wiley declined to go i ahead with the Winnie Mao. I think | he u.secl very good judgment. i T< morrow—Scientific Uotilts of the ; Substratosphere Flights. ' The moon i.s above the hori/.on for •wo weeks at each appearance ;.t the ; poles, Between times, it remains bei low the horizon for a like period. I In Czechoslovakia, bricks uru now : being made of straw. (MOTHER DEMANDS A SAFE CAR FOR SHIRLEYTEMPC! mx Vz ON ALL DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland So Shirley has a big, new, Money-Saving Dodge Beauty-Winner 1 "fle's calling his broker again. He never gets his mind off 1 , his work 1'or a minute." Qt'AI-JTV SEEDS -- PLANTS Everything for Field and Garden including .supples, insecticides, spray materials, etc. For Heavy Yields Use SEMESAN Monts' Seed Store 111) K. 2nd St. "TN SliLIiCTING a car to tak.- Shirley to am! fi-.in ilir 1 studio we were primarily interested in but civ," says Mrs. Gcoi;;u Templi 1 , mother of the (unions child cinema star. "The new U.iij JjoiJ^i.- with it:; rugged stftl body ami aina/inj.; brake action priA'c-d a liappy t-.ului'iin iu liiix problem.'' The big. new 19.tb Dudgu gives you an :iina-.:ii.^ combination ot saicty teatuifs. . . llu.- saiety-bteel body ge/iu/'/ie hydraulic brakes . . . linger '.i|i :ie..-iin^ ;,i,d shifting •-immediately tesponsivu in heavy trallic. l)ud;;e. however, give:; you more than safety. Room- ler. more luxuriovasly appointed than ever, the big, new, M..ney-Saving Dodge is smashing all economy records—owiieisrepim 18 toil miles to the gallon of K'as and s-jving up to M'A- on oil. See tiiis bix, new lnn\ K c t,,day. Drive ill Enjoy the ama/.ing comfui t of its Airglide-Kide. And remember. Dodge is now offered at new low prices—only $640 and up, Irut piict-s at factory, Detroit —only a few dollars n.,ire than the lowest-priced cars! Shirley Tweniitt "r P ' e ' f S ' ar £'" S ' ''" " Ca l> t * i "J*»ut>ry"-D a r r yl F. Z anuck in c/mrge vf prod Century-Fa* F;/m Corpora^.--^,^ to ba shown ut your favorite

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