Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1941
Page 3
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00*«y Dorothy Heord, Editor **""" • i_ -i j__ 5oc*o! Calendar 768 it*», MOM, HIS CHRISTMAS CAROL By ADELAIDE HAZELTINE Copyright, 1941, NBA Service toe. , Mpt.yn,, h a 1 1 " r " Bl fc " p«" running f»r n«i 1 M d « " Ml In * Suff | «| OlMqfah W»M I B**llt M, ft,-,*.** U H5**S '• •>• X'.".- ..... /,„ .«..«,(rt,i H ,. v ,,jj J ' * ' J%««M** *>! 2, ""7" ••*""" *'••***' » M ' «* ij^ TtrT r*""'"' <* •*<• :« w . «„;,«„, j.u. .;•,„" ,^J4 ••'* «.if-*1.» J.M«tf *,„ •«*-•» ^-=«* •».,„,„•,, ..f,.-..,,.-,,,^ w^'* 1 *' ** * l » 1 w«'J**!V, V ^4*W «*»),«« »« mv »&»«» ft.i.jt.i.w*., ; _ ¥• **»>•(»,»«. ,,),„. 4tl(|1 ,' ' M * * 4U> '" '* '>»3'.'>!*n.,l *»t«*S«* ^<|f4 ht^'-**- *'.'<£ *.;?3 WH* v..,,, ,,.. ,. w «...,u.,n,.i,^ t},, *«»i,t. WUw, A<;«(V.,«. *••'***' «a»i.'u4it «.,ii«v -.St. i • ,,,i j^,, S,i*HO*. -uf "i,t«J,t, ,,,,,-, ,„,,,. .,,,,>,« ,,,, , **'«<*. ">•(.»!: »••,*'«» to »»w .j.., .,„,„, wltj.i. '"""' '''''"'I. *»/««< V'i'.< V#, 1W r , < r. *.* f »v>""« •»'•< ••*• "• kiw W 1.1.4 t« »rw*b«7 H» **« l« » w»««l «i«|tyt moult*, fc t »iit !„«,» j£ f «*'«»«•»<*'•• ul tk* J5'i . " *" '««**•'* »»» nw- «**•* f< **" •*«-*>»»'-|»l»rkl»* firr. r*'* i«««« 4«»« Hill »»«•«•, •• f*. , ,„ tkr tfc* CAKOl. MAKIfS AUJUSTMKNT8 'lr.H VII i'4. Mi, . CA*Mfii4tritt jr. ! »:«"«•,» ie r<- mas," bduglit for h«r Mile boy's Christmas. "Jfc wanted it more than anything fn Ihe wot-W," she told Andy. "We couldn't afford Jt but he begged so hard.'* "I'm sorry," Andy s« B rt«d to explain but sh* hurried on. "He was so sick," site told him. "The doctor stild U might help— just to l<*)k nt it." Cnrol pititd lier. "He was never able to ride it. Ho only touehfd it wilh hl« hand*. My little boy"— her voice caught •Tm wry," Andy (sympathized. 'Bui you see we have a rule. We tan't )rt lays be returned. You understand, of course.", "We'd only hurt U three weeks. JI*- never rode it. We need the money Kir clothes for the other children." Ca»x>l rlenehed her fift Andy, July. Jjc r humanity cried. Give ft the mcwy. H'» only justlw! But (..hp heard him Ray, "Mr. H«rrtcV U in rbaiae of that, Mrs. 'Jruvur. ymi'li have to *«• him," Tb<* wwman turned wearily >*sy. Csj-o! longed to stop Jirr. lires* the money into her hands! k-o H bwk in the name of Mr. 3<v» it b«ck fw Mr. Dearborn? The thought, ran »k.t in b«r jnind til*? wilj said Umt the name of srUun'* jnutl never otsnd "fur •'thing trtjt wrviee." )}wt» was iUjer fwiirsdK-tksn of the will. M Mr* MHligan, Now Mr*! .«W Tftcy were tw« of dorms o w«w bt'injf turned j»way her. "Mr. Her. I »«* ' ™ ""•^••••••'•••^••^•••i RIALTO 'SOUTH of TAHITI "HIGH SIERRA •»MM'-,i;J «':»,.,i,-v .,,» js,,, w « «H. .ii.soauwjr i,«,;.,i.,-j •"•l* J«ftfct'•<•!«. M»,^ J,,„„-:),, ;.«•.? W,-. V.r-> »s.,™,,,.,,j; ,, n,,. tf ,„ .!..„.,.( *,,. t ,J hl ,,., I,,,,,,., ,,„,.,,, ^.^ I . .•«(-„(,;. ; .,-.!„, v , .,. ,,„,(., 5 Vi< ; , , ( ^ ^ |, ... ».,:,-..,« »-•,.,„.« w , Ml , ,. ( . iw) ^ 5 >,(,-• ,«' .<„ ;..!,,„.: .•(„.,:, was ftn«,<j, , wast i4> the Ri* Jis-V* 5P u^.v w*t rlesr st last. For «,fe«", lor Andy's sake, for the 'jf «»k-(f tli*. Wttuld (tsvfl. Us . Th«*n whwj «!i» will was and Andy krwew ju U'rms he J<l >«iv<« ;, fii-hU«« char«-«s. write small Mii<iaI*. S ien^ wilh ht-r r»cv«»r abused Men i»on ,t,,. ;i , n *Ti.-« «U"*t V».» '•;*• >Ife^ V^-rtvi. «^ klt ^.. •>.< 1 ;v^*. v*j«!f- SK.i uwild not abuse it now. b«- wt-otf the first. rhrrJt, To Mrs. SiJUCitn Sor $3.95. in? jjrire of the *'x<)c jtf.il ti» j»'jirif» j i *.*»«, t.ta.' J v«M4 V ,'IJ, S, v » j« }., A K 'off, **« •*•«» J ,»„;[ •O A & t> SUPER RIGHT MEATS T , At,i!;V 1»'S» if> VH.-rw tils t';»r.vrr. JiiS <;fTi<V lj <m in , To Mrs C5rovt'r ^JJB f-onrrtcxj mnny timiiar cases it) the next day*. But she .-•rfft't Anticipated the most Bcri- u> of -Uirin i,jj. It c<3iu-c'r«c(J Miss JHie oM employe came to the ~ Uiskinu with rleppair. "it's Sink- IK«a»,'| Work Thrrr Carol. "He's laid me off. For good. He says I'm loo old to WOf K. ' "No, no, Miss Fanny!" Carot Protested. "He can't do that." "He hns done ft. I'm going to take it up with Mr. Andy, He woft't Ic4 him, will he, CnroI?" "I hope not," she said fervently^ Andy came. Miss Fanny followed him into the office Numbly, Carol waited. What irony this was! One of tho very persons who would pass Judgment on Andy was now asking him for mercy. What would Andy do? Carol was afraid to think. The door opened at last and enrol rend Uie answer in Miss >Hiuiy"s hopeless eyes. It wrung <"«i-or» heart. As she passed the w«h, Miss Fanny paused and laid H iiiind on Carol's arm, started to sp' v «k. No words came. Only a Bi't-p. Miss Fanny was too hurt lo taik. After she was gone, Carol ftamed nl Andy. "It's not right! Wisig Fanny's given her life to this *!««•! You can't turn her out!" His lips denied the doubt in his i'S. "Mr. Henick'did it CaroL J won't interfere." "But it's YOUH store," her voice rot* in condemnation. "It's Dear- Jwn's! Why don't you run it your, own way? You know this u.n"t right." Jte Hoarded her silently. Then, 'She wanted $500," he said evenly. "Santa Claus stays in Toy- land, Carol. Not in the manager's -"*•*." iu> tw!< his hut, "Keep . nvrouges for me. I'll be out «i<? r<»*t of the day." He was nnery with her, too. Carol lu>«w why siie expected Uie &um. U was whnt Mr. Dear- WM'ii usuallj' set aside for retirement. Five hundred dollars! Her mind u>}!?d with it until »he began to awjjt jts reality. She had righted 4'tln-r wrongs. Why not this one? True, t .hc had never written so iM-fie a clieck. It would be ccr- Jain to comt- to Mr. Herrlck's at- ttTilion ot t)x- end of the month, hut by then surely the will would )i..-vi' ix-rn found nnd both he and Andy would understand she did Ji in deference to Mr. Dearborn's wUbi-s. The Idler to Miss Fanny was different from Uie others. H ?d her long service in the M-cro nnd thanked her for her She paused a tense moment before she put Miss Fanny's name and the three figure sum on the check—$500. She signed it Dear, horn's with her own initials underneath. (To Be Continued) = 'into OH- habit of dwelling on a ser hvaijls .slwirtcomings and taking he •>V*V1 itomts for ' granted-«j long a ; tin- M-rvant is always on the job TURKEYS Mwl »*t 01UH RJ0HO QUALITY LOW DUCKS GEESE HENS 25c „ 2k ,,,33c PORK HAMS ^ L ? R ,„ , lOunut.A vntct OYSTERS ri ,,,,.,,, 35c y ,, l]J)e M> .\jr IUff« eif.MT MAOt IROM IMHUlOUl • v*-t*i HM*fii MAVt »«nM VHUUlOt HI PORK SAUSAGE S^ G ,,,27c lUNNTMHD OR CIMIIltD HAMS lUMHYKUO ** TENDER PICNICS A»I« rAMcr suNMvriao SLICED BACON HALF OR OO WHOLE Lb. ZVC MILD f\ir JUICY Lb. ZDC Four Devil Dogs in One Fomily WILLIAMSON-, \v. V;i. -.,-,!•,.. M r ""I Mi*. Jan-..-. K Mnynanl h;>vr (our .«,n< in thr I'njfcrl Stali-.s Miu-iiic Jiitir* H! iKi.ny |"»»t8 o( thr i;l..l.,-, all f'.ui an- M;,n<,ni-d within n f.-w Urrnl Btiuin n,nMimrs !im>mxi- niiitoly 4A,(XX).U|(| gallons- ( ,f j <( , ,., iinnuiilly. in noitnul tunes. , R> lit-TII Miujrrr ! ^T)j«- ir,.,,l,|r. that Mrs. Housewife • KM-pine !1 maid of u\\ wotk may Ifirt/ll in brtlo >("!;>tloi).s Ix'twccn rin- t'l«.vct j,nil <-mp|oypr>. Thf H\;;-i> K r woman is prt-tty quirk <i ftirqi-t juj;t htiw b.-crk-hrrakmf Ul M, ,.j,sy („ in th<. Kuslp-s "S|>clK" Explained After sho has found herself dog tii'xl :,t tho end of a day, during wliu-h sho did not "extras" at all but .'imply cleaned tho house, cooked three meaLs, washed Uie dishes jind un-swercd the telephone nnd dooi Ix-ll-Rhe bfgin.s to appreciate how -.ffr? l' i"" Ch , Sllsi<? -wh<j ),p and quit her ;"'" ";''"• » better job—had to do. I KiiKling herself short-temperetl af- s..m<- V" a lry '" s ' lny ' shc ^Bins to un.<• h;,s I ?'~ r ^ ! '"<> J"st why Susie sometimes liiiu her "sp<.'lls." OIKV .she |,:LS had the enlighteninE i-xperii-nce of getting along without any Susie ,,t all-Mrs. Housewife room ;in<i decide the curUiins simjily ' s lik «?l.V to be a more tolerant em- muM I,,, washed that ( l ;ly w ht-n ail I l )to . V(1 i' than she had become after one hns t., say is "SiiMc, 1 think - Vl '"'' K °f having had a Susie at her .Volt n Ill'l |r»r \if:»t,K *li.. _....!' . [ii'i*(f mid <••! 11 i,i P ,,,.., .1 _• . .. THE oi I BEST Lb. OIC FRESH FRUIT & VEGETABLES Grapes iblOc KKKSII Carrots Ilunch 5c YKUXMV Onions 4c iotatoes JO Lbs. 29c Delicious APPLES 72 Size Each 5c Calif. Navel ORANGES 216 Size Doz. 25c Yellow BANANAS Pound 6c Ix-tior w.-tsh the curtains to- Oiiy. Then run off to H club mcrt- n>K, li-iiviiiK Susii- to .striiKch- wilh thp i-uiUiins on a d:iy when .sho IKK j to do extra baking. And it's t . ilsy f OI . ; , woman to fall beck and call every day in the week And the next Susie to take the job Mimild find il an easier and more pleasant one than the last Susie 7, Texas ORANGES 216 Size Doz. 19c Arizona LETTUCE 2 Lqrge i *J \ Heads I/C Bleached CELERY Stalks 15c NOW "Charlie's Aunt' WEDNESDAY "Tuxedo Junction' About 250,000 acres are planted to sugar cane in Hawaii and about 78,000 acres to pineapples, the Department of Commerce reports. Not o Year to Let Any Holiday Traditions Slide IlyMRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE Al' Fenlurc Service Wrller This Is not the yenr to lot any of our holiday traditions slide. Although entertainment may be simple our old hnha of greeting old friends and new ones on New Year's should be carried on. Keep the banners flying and include some of the service men from nearby camps. Number 1 beverage for this occasion s Eggnog; Beat 12 egg yolks very thick, slowly beat in 2 cups sugar, 2 quart.? thin cream, 1ft quarts milk % teaspoon salt. Bent 2 minutes, slowly stir in 2 cups brandy, whisky or rum, G beaten egg whites. Pour eggnog into glass jnrs, cover to ripen swern! days in refrigerator/ Sprinkle with nutmeg gratings. If you want your eggnog non-alcoholic, add 2 cups more cream and a tablespoon vnnilla. This makes about 20 servings. Fruit Punch Boil 2 cups sugar nnd 2 cups wale* S minutes, cool and add 4 cups strong hot ten, 2 cups orange juice, !• cup each lemon, pineapple juices. Cool, add 2 cup* erapejuice. Chill until needed ncld equal portions iced water and gingeralo. Tart Drink Boll 2 cups sugar with 3 cups water .> minutes. Cool, add 2 cups each grape, grapefruit, apricot juices 2-3 cup each orange, l emo n juices, ] cup each orange, lemon juices, 1 cup cider Chill and dilute with iced water in equal portions. Paradise Island Punch 5 1-3 cups canned unsweetened pineapple juice, 2 cups (chunks or diced) pineapple. 1 tablespoon raspberry sirup, V t cup lemon juice % cup orange juice, 2 cups sparkling water. AU ingredients should be very cold. Combine everything but water Pour over block of ice in punch bowl,' :>dd sparkling water. To keep beverages chilled set the bowl in a larger bowl of chopped ice. Hot tea and coffee or just one will also be enjoyed on the refreshment t.-ible. Trays of simple sandwiches, canapes crisp crackers and cheese make fine partners for these New Year's beverages. You can make up ham relish tuna salad nnd cream cheese blended with minced olives and pickles, sandwiches hours ahead. Wrap in waxed paper and damp cloth and keep in refrigerator. Spread canapes'with minced sardines, chopped pickle and salad dressing, lobster salad and chopped broiled bycon mixed into yellow cheese. Reheat small plain, whole wheat and rye crackers to serve with your best cheese assortment. Crisp relishes make good tea-table eating. Stuff celery sticks with chicken salad, cream yellow cheese, diced punicntos and anchovy paste. Arrange crispy strips of carrots, cauliflower flowerettes and chilled cooked shrimps around relish dressing or cocktail sauce, supply woo d picks nearby and let the guests go to work THEATERS SAENGER Sun.-Mon.-Tues.-"Charlie's Aunt Wed.-Thurs.-"Tuxedo Junction." Fri.-Sat.-"Masked Rider" and "Night of January 16th" • RIALTO Matinee Daily Sun.-Mon.-"Caught in the Draft" Tues.-Wed.-Thurs.-"South of Tahiti," and "High Sierra" Fri.-Sat.-"Underground" and "Outlaws of the Rio Grande" • Afotion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! Eafmor CRANBERRIES Pound 120z. Pkg. 10e MINCE MEAT 3 Pk gs 25c ww^ CQCOANUT Pound 19c RAISINS 2 P L k b9 19c palish WALNUTS Pound gtan Spray [Cranberry Sauce Cans MARVEL BREAD HiLb. if* Loaf 1UC Eight O'clock Coffee 9 \ lb 30* IppkfiS If V W •HMMHMVBM. SHELLED Pecans u 55c P FOOD STORE — 2 BIG HITS — * FILMED BY THE R.A.F. "TARGETS FOR TON!GHT"ii — AND — "NIAGARA FALLS" With TOM BROWN PIUS... DONALD DUCK Continuous All Day From 1:45 lie - 25c - 30c THANKS to our many Friends in Hope I N ALL sincerity we pause to thank the people of HOPE for their patience and consideration during the rushed tfmes this year, and we assure you that this and your business was greatly appreciated. W E ARE truly thankful for the privilege of serving you in the past and we are hoping that you will call on us many times during the new year. A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Cooks White Star laundry ond Cleaners 'You Lick f he Men ind I'll Lick f he Kids' PUEBLO, Colo. — (/p)»i wanf io ^jf.'he navy," announced a 10-year- old boy Who crowded his Way through ?! 1 rOU , P ^ , h l? n "i*"'"* «P at the desk of Chief Recruiter Thomas GUy- nn. "Can you fight Japs?" Quynn d'emanded, "Sfoti've fot t tef that c&n lick the Ja^," && t "But they got kids, fe*. Afi lick their kids!" '"L Real property values !n have increased about 500 ffef 1 in the last forty years, according the Department of Cowtmere*. X ' t aggs*g^ifii»«"—— *** >*»! !2 Thrilling New I942PHILGO Beom-of-light Radio-Phonograph -rtfi * PHIICO PHOtO-IUCTRIC RE. PR DUCER.No needles to change; records last 10 times longer; new purity of tone. * NEW PHILCO AUTOMATIC RECORD CHANOER. Plays ten 12-inch or twelve 10-inch records at one loading. if EXCtUSIVE STROBOSCOPE PITCH AND TEMPO CONTROL. Enables you to play, records at perfect -recording-studio pitch. * NEW TIIT-FRONT CABINET with Interior Light. No lid to lift. * BUILT-IN SUPER AERIAL SYS- TEM.Just plug in and play. * iXQUISITt CONSOLE CAMNtT, gracefully designed in butt' and sliced Walnut. if MANY OTHER NEW FEATURES, including Complete Electric Push-Button. Opera- „ tion, Separate Bass aod^ treble Controls. A- PHILCO HOME RECORDING UNIT. Optional equipment at moderate extra cost. PHILCO 1010 Jffurirafed SOLD ON ''4 EASY TERMS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO. 112 S. Main, Hope - ,f -^^^^mm More Room for Frozen Foodi For Freezing Ice For Making Dessertt New Meat Compartment FRIGIDAIRE Sold on Easy Terms For the Kiddies Wheel Toys We have Scooters, Tricycles and Wagons that will please all the Kiddies. Get yours today. Electrical Gifts TOASTERS $3,50 W p WAFFUE IRONS $§,9§ wp PERCyUTORS $6.95 yp ELECTRIC IRONS •al . , GIVE HIM A HA-DEES CAR HEATER We have just the model and size to fit his car You II please_ anyone with one of these for their cor' AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLm

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