The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1940
Page 5
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Y, APHJL2D, 10-10 Oslo Airport Where Allies Shower Bombs •'•'" :: ''"""'-- ' ' Mind Your Manners felwwl «i8e of cwrecl by uiiswcrlng the f * r Unsl the authoritative answers nil 1 ,-',..!" b " S "! <Sis letlcl ' '""Bungc Is or buy a bi-tter word? -. Should n business envelope bo WwuPrt simply j olm «rn. .uetter If n friend vvrlles n letter of , ;^j^^^ ^T^t::. 1 They Weren't Told It's a 'Phony War 5 >ou wile and || )mlk 5. bliouli! yoll Blv mmie „. „ rctfrnm Wl «t 'n'* 0 " " - V What would yo,, ((o ( ,_ Von lire a younj. 1)( ,,. sou w | 10 --j, cls n ob hrouBl, ,l, c help O f M °£™ H) Wiite , ll)( l U >!l ™ C h person who put In a word lor you o«- niuch you npprediito his his influence? <W Consider (lint your friend owe tlml mudi'lo you nn lot. It go nt Hint? Answi'r.s '• liny Is Iwiti'i-. '•>• No. Mr. John Wlulhroj) •I- Vcs, And yet nils Is nil lot often neglected. •I. YM. 5. No, "ost "Wlmt Would Ymi Do" K0 - lo '«-"». H »«l «til of courlosy i) for your own welturo, for vou »«V iwd Ilirlr help UK nln som, Coal Mi ne Erupts Near Pitt U. Stadium „,(,.., ' cl!u ' k onM "re Hie (JMves of British tro Receive Training Li Sale Of Electrical Appliance, 1 A. meeting ol all local malingers atuln sales representatives of. the Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation was held at, the Noble Hotel -Friday, April 20, lor the purpose ol giving all managers nnd sales representatives sales and service (raining and for the purpose of presenting plans lor H three-month activity on major clcctriciil appliances. The entire murniiij> session was devotee! to sales application on electric ranges, water heaters and refrigerators. Principal speakers for the occasion were J. i. Corcoran and C. J. Pra.shnw. Mr. Corcoran ' representative of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, gave n talk on refrigerator -sales nnd service application. Mr. Prashaw, district manager of the Edison General Electric Appliance'Company, Holpoinl, distributor, Dallas, covered the subjects of range and water heater sales and service training. The nftcn-.oon session of the Hireling was given over to the presentation, of plans of a thrce- uionth -.sales campaign on electric ranges nnd. waler heaters. The llicme of the entire afternoon session was "War On the Inconveniences and Drudgery of Oiil-inoded Inadequate Fuel-Type Kitchen Appliances." Dramatization of all parts of the planned activity was carried Abe Pickus— He-Tells'Em out. The afternoon session was dutmatically opened with ibc hiinlc call, "Assembly," after which" 1 n small package of firecrackers was scl off. After (he nois: of the firecrackers had subsided a "ncwshov" appeared with excited shouts of "War! Wai! War!" nnd distributed copies of a carefully laid plan of action. At this point, I,, a. Henish, com- iiicmiil mnnager, dressed in army uniform appeared in the role of colonel and proceeded to introduce the "Commander-in-chief" which part was played |,y Jas. Hill Jr.. president of the company After n short talk by Mr. Hill, in marched "Major" J. v. Oaics, "Captain" B. E, Jaggers, and Lieutenants W W. -Austin, J. Msn uroofci Jr . am { James Ncblnil, dressed in full soldiers 1 uniforms. Colonel Bcnish llicn proceeded to issue instructions' for the 3-month "war campaign" after which he dismissed Inem and charged them to return to their respective posls nnd carry out their rcspcctiv^ "military duties." ' During the afternoon session Miss C.-imllle Robinson. Home Service Advisor, appeared in Ihe rol- nf n.mother aUcinpting to c , lrrv on her household duties W ilh the" us- of oul-modcd kitchen equipment. A scries of "accidents Iliat inWit happen in siluations of this tvnc," were dramatized by Hi M nubhi4n First, she left her small "child" , a ' loll) sitting on the floor braid- the eg of nn old fashioned conkhi" stove. Next she started to lishl Ihe I old-fashioned water heater' wlii-h immcdialcly "Mnv up." MI,,,, ; , s j. rir.s of similar "kilchcn accidents" sha noticed that thn water whrh she had previously p ] aa ,,| oll ,,„, stove was toili» R . j,, ,,., ;,,,,.,„,,, t<) reach for ll,e boiling „,,,,.,. nilrt , lo two or (lirec other lhin«s al , hc same time she araidenMlv tipped he Kdtle nf l,oilln s w-aior over on her "baby and Balded il I'ir'-iiv Hie, cryinis "baby" up'h, i, c r alms she rushed from Die room .vr-cim me. As a srnnd fi,, a | c (o , hc sku j MISS Robinson returned to the scene holding her scalded babv in one arm and holding •„ ,, ri ^ Mv : l ' err < T K !? n '" '"c other whlci, read, "is n worth Any Price" Two full length f c . 1tm . c Inovi( , s , were shown namely "Blame It On Love , a highly entertaining turn in ihc' C ca r sl C fnc 8 ' "'^ " VMr ^^ full length lechtiic e oIor Ci filnf C cn- titled the '•Midtliclon i.-,i m ity at ' New York's World Fair." which takes everyone through the World Pair of last. year. Other persons who were present and assisted in the program were Ted Morlcy, representative of the Edison General Elcclrlc Appliance Company. Dallas, anil ' Paul c Miller, representative of the West, iugliousc Electric Supply Company, ot Memphis. •*?£ Here's Abraham Pickus, of Ll'tveland, Ohio, at his favorite sport of calling European big shots by trans-Atlantic phono to (ell them how to solve their ' problems. Pickus is smiling at tne 15 reporters, 16 photographers and assorted press agcnls who watched him when he te- "f.X lri « (1 ,j° «ach Mussolini to tell him h 'd be "better of! if he didnt talk war all the lime." Delivers Your BEftUTYRESTl iMATTRliSS FURNITURE CO: "Big Business" Scheme Too Much for Schoolboy BIRMINGHAM. En S . <W) ~ A l«-.vcar-ol:( scliriblljoy' bad a "big business" scheme. But he had no capital. So he stole $2fKI \vovth ot lorry id car tiros, rented a- shed and proceeded to sell hjs ill-Kottcn Bains, explaining to cn.itomeis thai they were part of (be stocV- of a firm which hud jjo.ic out ot biisl- Hc hail n .system }f rasli and I'liny. Customers tolioctcd the eoods ami left |], c money wit), a icar-hy coHcc house keeper. With the money the lioy paid nslallnicats oii orlicc furniture '\ -.vpCT-riter, business uoiepapcr ami :ash books with which to RC t his scheme ivcll started. "1 ivns ninnltlotis and wanted to (jet on." he told |li c court Bui. his ambition ], ns liatl to l,r curbixl for three ycar.s. Early Bird SPECIAL J'"»l'"-ic ,-i.OTO 0 ,,it c chassis l.lilirifatioii. JMwrl l!r:mii rs wi(ll s d , M-5U. lirplrnlsh Slccii,,jr r,n r „[((, proper n.iriii neather ful.rl- r.-int. lirhx ;,,„! T,,,l, r i r . lfo Sflrilies ni li .Sprri.,1 ai-MJg t.uhii- and Si-rvicc Carlmrclor An- (,le;inrr. Kflill and Adjust Shock Ah- snrljrrs. Hran I-,,rl l-iim,, Screen. .'.m-K-i- Hatfrry ami adjust (.c-urratnr cliarsinjf rnl r . llrain, Hush and K f nn ' 1)if . rcmitra! au,l Transmission ,',"*, Lll ' lrLca " t INCLUB- Mnfnr oil cliai, RC il tn wnn- nicr ntiqht IF DESIRED KOU.. $4,65 Taiscngcr Cars Only PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. h A Walnut Phoue All 101 y «• " of „,„! ,„!„(, W |,, dl IMIS been buritln K l>e"I H> Mio Oakland ,tis- i, •ini'c nol fm- from Ht( aiu- nwne Held of (he Pitt and rii'Bl* 'fech football Icnms, me surface eruption Is j'llls i the foumlalion ot new iiuinlcip;,) i lus|) | (< , In Hie III-OCMS of construclloi lty \vorks Dlivclor 1-ntnk M >f B """""^"l Ins Is scekln M A ttioiimilloii In m, mici.ipt il the 11,1,1... ,,,,,| (Illls h . m „ li- WKW, which for yenrs lin "'•'II « nu-niicc lu i'HIsbiirijh't civic ct'iilt'r. Power Trouble-Shooter Peers Into the Future KCMIKNKOTADY, N. V. (UI')-A ii-tcr-fneed cltctrlciil »lfk Triiey lint roiible-shoots Idllufcs and wlenlJnl | rouble by rwnole eon" '» Powfrlliu. nclwoi-hs of (•!«. _1« nil Illps },UK Ixwn devi-loiied by H'Ofnil Biretrlc engine™ Mio device, resembllni! nn <,l ( |- iishloncil dliil-.sliul.lcd niiilo wi i mi nUmuilhiK-L'iiMviii piivirirni ii'lwork iiimlywi'. with It OIIKI- "•or.i ini,y duplicate In mlnininre » "i- pm-t of ii utllltys iwwi'i- i'<'<lor system nnd e.stiiWIsli ciir- I'lH faults Ilkdy to occur lu (ho in in-o n,v well «.s (In- | )rt . K ,,m. Courier News Wftnt AUs, Emotional Pressure Found To Cut Down Life Span JAGE FIVB _ 1 1 ci 1 ,', 1 : 18 '^, cmoii °" ai hem , rt llllc ''f«'« wHli thtlr fwl iv P" , c f tab "*"«<l m riPi ;,,i Wlerl8 Lcnvltt of M M Cm " lty hos " 1111 ' physlclnns here ' BCVC » 'on nv n "" °'"> "' '•"".ovfMliengeof 53, dies ofll," ^ojlcehued, "^ y( ,,ir« doctors - --,--™. cuiu Jivt ruUf which caused the blood vessels to become tcrae, then to shrink and harden." > " Try On* of Ottr IXUck M PIG SANDWICHES Ofe Hickory Inn TO ALL COTTON GROWERS WO.OO PUR TON FOR YOUR 'SEED ,!% ' Ililistll BtrlDin-t RED TOP GIN NO,,,, „,„,„„, Be A Sponsor Of The First Annual NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST BUY A BUY A BUTTON! NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST JLYTHEVILLE-ARK-1940 SPONSOR WEAR A BUTTON!

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