Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 5
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Wednesday, September. 13 , War Is a Dismal Prospect for LI S. IVrsonal Freedom Would Vanish in the Next U. S. C'onflicl l!y JOHN Sl'.UJY Ass<iriiit«| I'rcss Ai-fs Kililor NKW YOHK - What would you do. individually .should war evc-r lome tfi the United Slates'.' Mostly, you would <|ii what you wen- loh^ think the five uuthors of a bunk called 'VVlinl Will Happen and What l,i Do When War Comes." The five. Klmer C. Wal/er. C. Nor- nian .Stabler, .lack Kosler. W. W. Chaplin anil Malcolm Logan, all news- , .papernii'ii. are pretty sure a dictator- wi uld ire. ' In case of war, they say. you'll l.n.v i;oveiMinonl bond-; on a rationing system. Yi.u nei.-il not he afraid ol Ibe bank.i; if you've only a thousand or two, keep it theie an don't Your insniancc policy will lie ,-i.s s.'di' as the nation':; credit, they he- lii'vi _ and tin- same with your endowments. Don't spei-ulale in .stocks '"' n '"l eslale although if you've' moil than S'^.IIOH you can i isk a little ! '•I tin- surplus m plants cx|;andmr. on Wartime orders. ' If >ou'ie a CD;,' in Ihe industrial machine, tb-.-.v -ay. you'll t;o right on i lii.-ini; a cog. only you may turn faster. ,' If you're a big caphalist. you will • U'ork for id,- government and not even i '!''' ;i flollar a y. n'. !>,,,fi|.., will be , heavily traveled, and dividends limited. ' Outright price fixing will be adopted ••il Die outset. I You won'l be out of a job although you may he .-hanged forcibly to another job--chance* arc you will probably gel a small bleak out of it all. financially. ! 1'ul \i-ur i-cnl will ii:.c. anil your i IIOIIM- or apartment will lall inlo'dis-1 repih Ciolhi-s will he more expensive j "lid not so ,;,,od. Travel will he cur- ' tai)ed_ .-in.l /.as an,) ,,i| hijiher. Your ; heal ;..nd h,.',hl m ay be regulated by 111' 1 government, and your food will, I" lev; m ipiaiilily. probably chanced in kind. I'l-rli.-cps this will nut worry von; >ou may be dead. Civilians will he < "i dangi'i Many believe civilian casidali,--, will outnumber military lasii.diies. althouuh the percentage will be lower hec.-iti.se Iliere will be more civilians. There will be new li-uois; more planes, more gas. pro- lably germ warfare. You will he -.ill.-.--;! il -...a In-,, i,, ()„. country. You v,-i|| ,,..nI v.-hat the government '•'-•'I"'- you In uad; the school will In- I'l-up.uMuda agencies: the draft u-ill pick up your children and you. You will lose your independence and IM rhaps ileniocrat-y will disappear. About those tiling. tl K , v -s . iy . you '.•ui rlo nothing—except help keep out of war. STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saenger Sponsors Character Contest PAGE FIVE Ihciitcr, aniioiiiii-cd Wednesiilfi: in which Ihe winners will igrr thi'iilcr. The conies! will Itcmmul Young. day n I'oulusl for i-hildri-n under 12 years he Riven fivi- dollars and passes tn'ilu IK- held Saturday. • Mere arc Ihe rules: All you linvi- ID do is In climisc one of Hi "VVI/jird of O/.," and masi|iicradc as llu- one yon pick. 1'icliires of llu- characters arc shown above, and also may be f m ,,i<| i,, imilufioii ' ""' S " l '" Bl ' r ' • lll(l « t ' s " i!l '»' I'hosi-n to si-lccl (he best The first award will lie- a new five-dollar bill. Second, third and fourth awards will be a month's pass ,„ Ilic Saeng,-,-. Tlu- film "IVi/ard of 0/. will (ipi-n at a prcvii-w Saturday HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Holly BARBS _ f.i.-rmauy's w:-i~' foe. .science says is the p,,tal<. bin:. N UW ,|lere ' is M.methinn I" arm 1.75(1.0110 men about. The Virginia lad that's had 18 operations in three ;. eais really has somc- tbing to I ,-,!k about. Michigan police have captured the trombonist who o-capi-d from prison '-''•'•I .'line. The band can now carry on with ".Sextet from Lucia." A suburban New York county charg- 1 '•• a HI Per cent tool on its roads. At WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhoul Calomel—And You'll Jump Out of Bed in Ihe Morning Rarin' (o Go Tlio liver should jjonr out two pounds of liciuid Into into your umvcl.s diiily. If this bilo {'"'."llluwiiin fivi'ly.yuurl'iiuUdoesn'tiliiffst It just ilc.-uys in UK, l.uwi'ls. Una Mimts \ n > your Htum.-u-li. y m , ,.,.t «msti|mt<.<l. Yum win,],. »yst,.», U IHiis,,,,,,,! .,„,[ yuu f,,,.! „„„ wiiik 1.11,1 (I,,. V.-.M-M innka punk. A HUT,. li,, Wl -l movi'iiu'iit ducsn't Ki'l at i'm'T'- Il , l '.'f;'"' """" i: '"" 1 ' uld Curu-r'» .1 ii .', V ''''- • '" l ''' t th ''"" '"'" l'"«»<l* •'„ , '""''.V'Vr' r " UV '""'' '"" k " >'">' f<'«-'l . uj> iiinl iu>." ir«iTO <•!«, ri-nlli. via ninii-- |nK-in .nnklnif Ml., (low fr,,ly. 5 ,UT,r ' irli-i- s 1 ,((!,. l.,v,. r Pills by „„„„.. '& L vnU. - s WorJd Trrnibles Past and Future' With Films of By 1'AUL HAIW1SON NEA Service Staff Corrospoiulent HOLLrWOOD-Short takes: A movie fjiieen wilh a short memory was , trying to play a .scene with a veteran i Character aclor. Ho had a rather long | speech and went through it perfectly j each lime, but she spoiled each take' by muffling her simple lines or moving out of position. Growing more \ jittery wilh each failure, .she finally looked accusingly at the director anil stormed. "There's something wrong hfrc. Somebody is messing this up!" "Ye.s." said the director. "One of your actresses i.s lousy.' The chain-letter disease ha.s struck the movie colony again, but the favorite appeal i.s funnier than most. II reads: "Drop Ihe (op name on this list and add your name at Ihe bottom. Send a copy of this loiter to five male friends, then bundle up your wife and send her to the person who hc-ads this list. When your name reaches this t«P, you will receive ,'Jir, women." We're in for a cycle of Tomorrow pit-lures, led by Uinvcrsal's "When Tomorrow Never Comes" and "Life ihing called i.s just about get from the which people Shearer, ••l.OOU.OUO B. C. which iis gar as the flickers can contemporary things in are interested. Oomil Will Team Begins Tomorrow." Wood is luj-niiifj back llu with "Quo Vadis" Dialed for Bob Taylor and Hal Hoach preparing somu- Niirma Shearer's next will'be "Pride and Prejudice." and definitely with hobcrt Donat. If he won't come here, the production will move to England, j But don't line up at the box office' just yet: this one ha.s been in discussion and preparation more- than five years. ... In "Wo Are Not Alone," Paul Mum broke hi.s own record for the monolog marathon by talking nine and a half ininuti-s in :\ single take. This required moie film flian a camera ordinarily holds; they had to prepare a special spool for it. Marquee sing-of-the-week: "Captain Fury -Donald Duck." Cobina Wright, parly-pel of eastern society, tells everyone that only her tinus trouble brought her and her ; deb-daughter. Cobina. Jr.. to Holly| wood. The cinema'.'—don't be silly! ' Junior has been taking those clra- | malic and dancing lessons just for fun! . . . The first modest job applica- on the life of Marie Dressier is slated for Grade Fields, British favorite and the world's highest-paid actress. For some reason it is tilled. "Marie Blesser." . . . And the Benny Goodman autobiography, "Kingdom of Swing." will be purchased any day now, probably by Warners. They'll call il "Clarinet." Seek UiKlil Man Through Handshake I'll never forget the first time I shook hands with Andrea Leeds. After some sort of conventional greeting she held on for several seconds imcl looked off iiito space with a questioning, trancelike expression. She said she did that with every man, hoping that some day she'd encounter a certain sym- palbelic vibration which would identify the right one. She must have found it in the handclasp of Socialite Bob Howard; so far. I haven't had a chance to ask. Snicker-ol-the-wcek was the mid- Vnorning frolic on ihe lawn of a Beverly Hills estate-in plain sight of a half dox.cn neighbors and even passerby. One actor, happily confined by illness, has been lurking at his bedroom window with a long-range camera ever .since-. . . . Writer Dwight JayU"' explains his absence from Hollywood activities by saying, "1 just got tired of the .same old interesting laces." " " Carson Kanin's suspension al RKO for refusing to direct a saccharine lit-' le item called "Ann of Windy Poplars, would be.less puzzling if the new head of production at the studio were not George Schaefer. Schaefer is he man who has been .'applauded for jdanng lo give Orson Welles an utter Mranger lo movies, a free hand in Wioosmg and filming a .story. Kanin hjis proved himself one of the lown's ..blest directors,'and he is no, objecting In \UOfLr n-nv liT-m i . J O mes legal. using plastics foi l.'isl p.-mh.-idlinj; he Now thai Ibey're U'.lf tees, we need only unbreakabl rubber clubs lo keep costs down for Ihe easily aggravated player. And Holly- j (ion on record has been received. A ht! calendar i Wisconsin girl doesn't expect to be a movie slar; she wants a place as a waitress. The life story of Peggy Hopkins Joyce is being offered the lAajor studios. Ami the gal hasn't been married f,n- seven \oars! ... A picture •M , - ™« Jgu bo tokl me that he had begged the S ud,o ,„ let him siay in Ihelowco i bMckc, and try to make 'more films as S»od and ; ,s successful as "A Man to Remember" and "The Great M S WE, THE WOMEN If money i.s none to plentiful, whether or not a son or daughter should join a fraternity or sorority becomes n point for family debate about this time of year. Is association with a fraternity worth the price-? Better than try to decide it themselves, parents should let their .son.s and daughters figure out the answer. Say to Miss or Mr. Freshman: "See here, you can have exactly .so much unless something very unexpected comes up. "If you want to make it cover Iraternily expenses-even though that mjght mean that you have to do •some part-time work, or have a Job m summer, or buy fewer clothes, or cut down somewhere else- go ahead." 11 il i.s put that way, a boy or girl can get down to some business-like figuring self. If he is very ill-at-ease socially— or if he was always preferred those his own age-fraternity life may be worth almost as much as college classes to a young man. Campus Life Is a Problem Or il a girl hasn't quite managed to put herself across with boys chances are a sorority i s exactly what she needs to get her started It will see that she gets dates at the beginning of her freshman year, and il will sponsor dances and oilier parl- ies to which she will have to go. Besides that, her sorority sisters will be blunt in making her over so that dates. No on work it out for she does click wilh afford to have duds sorority can its hands. However, if a boy or girl i.s a leader, self-assured and not afraid to Corset Argument of 19001s Revived Effect on Woman's Body Bitterly Debated by the Designers By JOAN DURHAM A!' Feature Service Writer To corset or not lo corset ha.s become the question before Now York fashion world. And it looks as if wo. (he women, might get ourselves all worked, up as we did when Irene Castle bobbed her hair. Miiinbocher, in Paris, is credited wilh having crystallized the- controversy. Adaptations of one mainbocher corset, a black waspwai.sl .store window before the orginal ever saw these shores. The original of another, a pink satin corset lacing tightly down the back .set off some fireworks when it appeared in another window. Doctors Dubious The last time we women went in for whalebones and piano wire lacings. I lie doctors had a lot to say about il. Mow do they react today? "Big women with lots of fat around the- waist," said one doctor who would not allow his name to be used, "may be able to stand slightly tighter waists. Cut little women who are already (piite small will suffer .seriously if they lace themselves in too tightly." •"Wo'men. will begin to breathe like men." said another doctor. "Most women, you know, have an abdominal typo of respiration, while most men breathe through the chest. "All this will push the abdominal viscera against the diaphragm imt | embrafs the heart." In 100-1 a writer who signed her«clf Arabella Kenealy said this in an article for the Nineetcenth Century Magazine, called "The Curse of Corsets." "Womanliness is not a thing of inch- e.s. ^noi- of muscles, nor of ;:ti'eiigth. "The capacity of the constricted stomach is so encroached upon when a woman encases herxelf in an abnormality of steel and whalebone . . com- prctsing vital organs in unyielding trip . . . that it will not without pairi or discombort contain enough material for the needs of nutrition. The abnormal pressure prevents the natural .'burning movements essential to assimilation." What do women think about cor- .fets'.' "Women who take part in sports have good muscles and don't need them " toys Helen Wills Moody, the tennis i'tar. "Tenns is particularly good for the waist, anyway. Women who play a lot of tennis have very small waists you'll notice." Sure Thine; Says Jean Spadea, designer of smart mannequins: "Indeed I am going to wear one of the ne^v corsets. This new silhoueto is a much more natural one for women than those awful nar row hips we-vc been trying to get I can t see how we'll be any more unhealthy ,f we pun our wnisu . n little than we were when we wore fi'«lles that .squashed in our fa^nie, diet '' tht> A " "" ''"'° Und our mid - ( "I'm just waiting until they make em cheap enough so I can buy one " Carmen Mirdanda. "Souse" ' Amer ican chateusc who has captivated the-, RAISING A FAMILY Heart Condition, Environment Affect Man's Chances of Becoming Athlete Many a man who is capable of , climbing to the top of the highest | mountains cannot live satifactory under the conditions of the city. A man who is c-ipabl" of running a punch press all day long may be unable to row a boat for a mile. For physical fitness is somewhat of an individual proposition having to do with the conditions under which one lives 'and works. Experts in physiology have tried to work out tests of physical fitness j which could be applied as a routine I to all human beings. We can measure ' the blood pressure and the pulse rales, but what we need to know is the abilty of the heart to respond to unusual concltioiis. Many tests have been worked out. Jn one. thy .subject bends over HI limes and the puJ.-e is recorded to .'et how long it takes the heart to return to its normal rate. The ability of (he circulatory system to respond promptly to except-' ional effort and to return to normal in the proper time, therefore, is the l.i'.sis of most tests of physical fitness. I he British Royal Air Force use.':' the "^0-millimeter test." The man who is tested sits with his nose .slopped by a clamp. By treating annul through a- .suitable mouthpiece.; he maintains a column of mercury at a height of -10 millimeters as long i.s he is able. The- doctor takes the' rate of hi.s pulse every other five seconds, i II the conditions is Satisfactory, the pulse rate remains almost unaltered lor a minute or longer. If the condition i.s not satisfactory, the pulse rale fluctuates promptly. Sir Adulphe Abrahams, who is a phys-ician speeiali/.mg in the care of athletes, does not believe that this if particularly a good test for athletes. He believes thai the best test of pby.'-icalw film*?, i.s the relation of the rale of the he-ol to exercise. Among some of the common tests are lifting of a weight over a measured distance for a t;iven number of tim- f-. running up and down .-, flight "f stairs in a fixed time, raising and lowering the arms! and operating f stationary bicycle. Sir Adolphe believes the best index of physical fitness is the rate at which the 'heart returns to normal after exercise. As ; rule, slowing of the heart begins 10 to 15 seconds :ift-;r the exercise stopr and continues regularly will] '••• re-turn to the lestin grate wilh 45 seconds. 'fiierr are many athletes, particularly long distance runners, for whom this lost will not apply. Th:-y deve- I'-p an automatic!);,' or routine of conduct which takes them outside many ')) the rules for testing physical fit- n ess. What makes a super-athlete i.s not nf.L'C.'-si.rily a normal condition of his hear!, hi.',- blood vessels ',r his muscles, bin a seme of co-ordination that is difficult io measure by anything except the performance in which the super-athlete excels. This Deer Was a Good Himtel fraternity isn't II may not be speak up, joining n nearly so important, importanlat all. Wise parents- don't decide one way or another for a son or daughter. They realize that they don't know what their child i.s up against in trying to. make a place for himself on a campus. CLARENDON. Tex. — I/PI — W. Ada'ms. foreman of the .Shoe lanch. says Micky, a six-year-old pet deer that recrntlv disappeared from Ihf ranch, "was the greatest rabbit runner ever .seen in these pails." The deer, he said, ran with a pack jf stau hounds that followed the feed wagon on the range. "When the dogs flu-lied a jackrabbit the deer led the chase," said Adams. "Running, well in front, ihe big buck made it his business lo keep Ihe rabbit in open country lo to act as a . guide post when running through tall j ;age. The dogs never lost track of a rabbit. If they couldn't see it thev jusl followed Micky through. "It was different, though, if the dogs flushed a coyote. The deer, whose 'i natural enemy is a -coyote, followed '• the pack at a safe distance. I "But he never failed to catch up in time to deliver the death thrust with his broad antlers." Bear-ing the Facts . . . in Yellowstone Park YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. Wyo.—f/f'i—There is a court in Yellowstone park, complete v.-itli chief jus- lice, prosecuting attorney and defense attorney, that weighs Ihe guill or innocence of bears. Evidence concerning the miscliic- vousness of bean-- frequently is so conflicting the chief ranger decided the bruins, favorites: with park visitors, were entitled to hearings before being convicted uf viciousnoss. ]\1i/:-.! prevalent charge against a bear is biting a human being. When a tourist, -makes such a charge a ranger is -vent to capture ihe bear, his case is placed before the- court and the chief .justice and a jury of rangers decides lus fate. First offenders usually are given probation; second offenders arc sentenced lo b- hauled off to a remote corner uf the park and the "habitual criminal" type Mneli'mos faces a fii inrj .s(juafl. .William Harvey, discoverer of the circulalion of the b|^,|. WU!i born April]. 1578. tcr audiences, dismissed the subject ! with a shrug. "For what?" she asked whc?!« she saw photographs of the stemtorso. Then there's the office girl. For instance. Ray Hanger, Virginiaborn young woman who directs activities of New York's largest news photograph library. "Never!" she exploded. "Can't you uiiagine me all laced up. stooping over the cabinets gelling out pictures of Hitler and Stalin and Chamberlain and Roosevelt'.' I'd be a pretty sight, now wouldn't I?" Get Relief-From Chills and Fever! Don't put up with terrible Malaria. Don't endure the wracking chills and fever. At. first sifin of the dread disease, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tastclcvs quiniciine and iron. Gvuv..-':; Tasteless Chill Tonic actually , -i!;:Us iWalaria infection in the bit-... Relieves the awful chills and 1'evjr. Helps you feel better fast. Thousands take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear by it. Pleasant to take, too. Even children take it without a whimper. Don't suffer and sufi'cr. At Ma-' lana's first sign, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. At all drugstores. Buy the l;u'Bc size as it gives you much more for your money. In England. .|f,BO public roads crosn railroad lines; only 200 of these crossings are without gates. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson ,, *•»> at car for next year as an air-conditioning system that not merely warms the whole car but gives you fresh air at "breathing level" to awake, alert and refreshed? STORE UP WATEPa I(N HEADS^ WHICH ENABLES THEM TO BREATHE THROUcSH C5ILUS EVEN WHEN TRAVEL //NJ>3 OVERLArsJO. CDPB. 1939 BY NCA SERVICE INC. T. II. REG U. S IMT. Off WILL EAT ALMOST ANY K//XJC> OF VEC3ETABLE AAEAT.. . INCLUDING . ANSWER' There are nuiiy bird;; nanicd for their calls. Some j of the belter nowu are: bob-o-linK. chii'kaUe<.\ bob-white, whip. I pooivwilj. killdecT und plioebe. XEXT: Convicts anil bluortJioumis. The right approach to thirst...ice-cold Coca>Cola In any game whether you get high or low score, you are sure to get thirsty. So when you meet thirst, enjoy the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola ... the best friend thirst ever had. HOPE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. L. Hollamon Phone 392 114 W. 3rd Si.

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