Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1941
Page 4
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jlaceOif Fertilizer Acute Shortage ft Anticipated County Agent Asserts fe ^ .. fJjjF.**- AjJams, count ysijwnt, *J- H«Wp»t«otl county (aftwer* tuihty V orders BOW tot- tft«. fc»f» intend to use tiuxtas th«t JiUli J^toa^'^j....^'a^a^ Aa,^^ IraRRttMlRIHiHlJIMlliBH •AVI . fer- «MKi«. Morale Problem : ahtatfc tmS»-^iSSa.'" -,.-- : ••- ..-r, -*--T. "-T^'. ^^^fl^P*.,. Wyf^ff •^WflBp^Bt: ,h?ny—TJB m I* W«n*»(*«>vw. *sfew I* ''INHMHiNMii ^^am«m »**siMw», ' •* :' ;*«», fe* ^ffft Sw Jfl Sift* . , Itf !«•* ft**Htt*Mjwfc to tMNCU SAM IMWOt —^._ an acute shortage ot fer* • maietials is not anikipitteti ib* r agent said an, unlimited jmouas ' & will not be available. 1,. he sold. there i*. a tUt*- ! thai a sudden demand fur fer- * Jn a locality- might t*mth to a . J toeal shortage. It is quite peufcabf* phat tfealerc wiU not be able £ DRS. CHAS. A. & ETTA E. " CHAMPLIH Ortwpattle Fhjsidw, HOPE, ARKANSAS i South Eta St Tilepfaonn «B I ALLIED BATTERIES .5i . A«L * A* ' *% A*- WK~~ KcciM*ft« Mel Oklahoma Tire £ Supphr Co, " " Associate Store . • • Elmcwe, Owner — Hop* IRON WORKERS LOCAL ji UNION 591 'of Sbrweport. La.. hoMs Hs official meeting at T:30 o'clock ev«ey Thursday night in banquet room jof' Hotel Bwrfcw, Hope, Ark. PHILLIPS, B.A- & FAT. If WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP s 73 Cents per Hundred , , Pounds Paid I ARKANSAS MACHINE V> t SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas WANT A CHRISTMAS PIANO? This Mo<t«t $361 ca»h » $36.JO Down S1»J« MontiHy* P 4 \ *^» 11 w- , ,ll>rop j us 3 card for Catalogs and f futt , information. Quality makes gby - 1 STEIKWAY, HADDORFF, WUHLTTZER. $75 up. Term* j(» R Broad Texarkana, Ark, #* e '-,**»>. 'K- Himrs ol %*«*<! !«<*, . . I"********, >,j -ia,. # Tlity f€l dkt flnl call on fill lit ftck if ,'r Siiwi:.. Japan Climax Lacked Drama w osn tngrof) ^rf os Shinned by Attock and Losses .»****», I, .„.*,.,„.»„ %%% § « '• «,****« Wemblej -^ NOli-EAST SI &y t\ that , is tm (t «hr«ui|h i»K ui hiijlh <lf»trwt. The tint tot sunn the oid-tiintft"? who stonny hi«h-tei«iit.n trmkd with fe« «Jtjch«-!«r««a W«plrt W aj ? I. 0y{ ttipy w only «m«*. ndy teptirts at es- frwn Psettic «Vcry one here any c<>ntin«en«y, wul km;>eh»a hr«wtt(- k-s« women taifUy b> tho fHsrew stitj- tieruiesa of those earij* hliiws, By the timo eemitrw* couiti not in swofv. cold, suber rkfUnttiun hmt wiped out any possibilitfes ot Shr Con<{resaion«l con»*o««rst«B which shorten tempers antt hrtna tegfa*b»ttv« eframa to fever pitch. In th» Mrt>««v. no routine jMiswion, couttl htivw b««n less exciting Sumi'itwr C«nnj»lty's jnint resolution. Number 118 ferw«iht f»r»h only one quiet torcvlul »p««ch from Senator Vandenbcrg. Th«n the vot«: 82 for war, none against. The &tl- leries were not BV»I» full. And without a pause, th* swn«t« witnt on to the mundane affairs of regular business. The big show, of course, was In the House chamber, for it was thorn that the President made hi* brief speech. There packed gutlerics, Kundptckied by members of congress, applauded the President's entrance, applauded hi* quiet, direct speech, watched soberly Japs May Close Burma Road A Hoe it on Ron^oo Th roof em Chino'i Ul«ltfi« CHARLES A. HAYNES CO. ***»*• **»**» ti^^y&tS_i'j^.^«£,Sji>W^i^SK4g' .,:..» *« >",.•->•>» V,i: 'i(» •»«)«* ,(• Kft V:ll(.l »f - *' V <( .-.«irtv- ,i<t.i.>,,!•.!. ™ .y,U -,,, ,*. -«.J-,,,,.n f , t),., ..(Jj,. ...v,,,. l^t ,t S , >Wt* ?•.„..,»(>*,,' • |U|. H*l •*! H'-ni.^.* "J'W> 'i|K* ,f . *^T 'i«H I»(i(l #** U<*M«'': -j" IIP : M ttt'-bur titty otMi- i»< »n iy '.,U.wtr -rttU i Chinw, V,'Hii!-tt* j SI trf >lut ; »«H|, tw... WARD & SON fumishm* ••«•( '. i shw '.if »!>,» i»'wif i, If she-fa* to kswp »i?f , *w«fi«8 of wo^lc . *"< You II find the right gifts for them at our store Come in today and let us help you with your last minute Shopping. For HIM Kqywpodie Pipes Y§IIO-Bole Pipes Billfolds Pen & Pencil Sets Cigors Shoving Sets For HER Dresser Sets Compacts Perfume Sets Both Powder Colognes Perfume Many Other items Not Listed Meet Your Friends at our FOUNTAIN WARD & SON The leading Druggist W. 2n<j WV*- fs ** Phone 62 «n«sc to unlinjii jMUmmtivn purts ««><l iwacmhUf lh«ro into tn«rk chamtw »nrt Bodies that wUl jpr«, e t ov«r th» tor. tuoiw trait to Chungking with th« supplies. QUna NWMTJI « !>,„,„ Barmu RoMd.1 For tack of other storage space. public parks ate fitted w »h trucks ready for the U*k. The marvel of it ait to that the Burma Road, "hjnd-taikured by « million cutters and fhter*." has stwxl up as well ,tj ii has, managing through tiv w»rP»n»t. If washes tjowft itp ami inlu>.-- w tnUfriMity at i it»j««« rt|f tfw. r* tr«i( fw>il»s Uft * riwudh at it !«fS rtJf the m«H«n(M«n v*i.<v*r>t *hw rmxl. * i ( Trs»<t« ail h'a departure and that at the Cabinet, the Supremo Court and the Senators. But there was no verbal firework*, great feclui« of tension, no hysteria] outbursts that ordinarily accompany such an historic event—cither from the floor or the galleries. Only on two small occasions did anything occur that would led an observer to believe that congress that day was voting on any more than » bill of passing moment. When Rep. Joe Martin, Republican floor leader, made his short plea and "hoped that every member of his party would back the President to the limit,' the House rose as one in aspontan- eous tribute to Martin and the evidence that democracy again had succeeded in uniting majority and minority against a common enemy. Martin's "hope" for his party was carried out with one single exception. Several times in the short period before the vote Rep. Jeannette Rankin, Montana Republican, a small, thin figure in a plain brown dress, and a thatch of unruly gray hair, tried to get the floor. She was ignored. At one point, when she called for recognition, some man more irascible than the others, called loudly: "Sit down, sister." There were few present who did not know what Congresswoman Rankin wanted to say. It was to say again, as she did when a member of congress in 1917, that she could not go along with congress and her country. Proof of it came a few minutes later, when one hour after President Roosevelt had entered the shabby, aging chamber, 388 members of the house had voted for war and only Rep. Rankin had voted against it. Before the tally was completed, and the names of the absent members called again, a dozen congressmen had gathered at the aisle row seat of the congresswoman in an effort to persuade her to change her vote before it was too late. With vigorous shakes of her head and wayyigs pf. her hand, she put them away. "" It was a little byplay—not drama. The gallery looked on only mildly curious. Three minutes after the last vote was in, the house, too, had turned to such routine matters as discussion of laws for the District of, Columbia. That's how calmly the United States officially entered World War II. j hit in a raid th« first of ihii y»«r. i for tusfcmee. and only 30 truck* eouM b« fpmptl *t*rrj*s i&r etay - up ovvr the Burma ftomi go nv.mitton.*. explosives, wme steel, anif oil and sfjs- o[in«T, Down the runcl frv>i?i China, thp less sUxka of wnocl-nil (nr shipment to America, This U lung-oil for the hc»l-resisting cn^mrU ariel varnishes of American manufacturers, anil repayment for some at lh« money loaned to China. These slocks of wood-oil in Urge drums pile up in every vacant lot in Rangoon. Sometimes the same ships which bring oil ,or gasoline from America Uike the wood-oil buck. Boats were already scarce before tho Japanese attack. Now. of course, obtaining shipping is even more problematical. So stocks accumulate. Ami Japanese bombs may destroy tht-m before it is possible to move them. Revenue Office to Stay Open 2 Nights The State Revenue department announced Monday that the local office in the Hempstead county courthouse would remain open from C to 9 o'clock on Monday and Tuesday nights for the conveniences of workers who are unable to purchase licenses during the regular hours. The local inspector announced that automobile owners have only eight more days in which to purchase tags. Married Aviation Cadets Acceptable The .U. S. Army Recruiting Officer has just received radio information that married Aviation Cadets are now acceptable and that the physical requirements have been changed to the standard for Reserve Officers on extended active duty with the exception of visual acuity and color perception which still must be perfect. The age limtis and educational requirements remain unchanged. Jose Iturbi, pianist and conductor, makes flying a hobby and is an excellent pilot. The American forces in Iceland, a land of Santa Claus weather but no Christmas trees, were sent Christmas trees fro mthe United States. S fi % S W Oy ? «! JJ V Gifts That'll Please Any Man • SHIRTS.. 1.95 to 2.50 * TIES .. 1.00 • PAJAMAS ... 1.95 to 5.00 • Boxed Handkerchiefs ... 1.00 • SPORTSWEAR . . . 2.50 to 9.95 Charles A. Haynes f\ WI kiAlk.1 ^^ IA ON MAIN

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