Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1941
Page 3
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1 I f'rmj ;prlrlwll?ff-•"!»*!'> 7 4 ",, ** OCIE 4ty Dorothy Htoid, Editor ColcnCJOr 5 ArkwM«» St*w T«-a<H«r* fuilcgf, t*i«n- . Jl».# Uiuvwfity at T«--*:ss.. AaMin Ilj. K*« S*»« ** **•**• "*»•*•' ***** **«•• <> 1, „ a • ' • » • *•*''* •*f». »***'•' * JMMl.UII-i iM ttir ****** * T ^'"' f 1 Per$»rval Mention HIS CHRISTMAS CAROL By ADELAIDE Copyright, IMi. MIA Servie* Ino. *r»w l>FRrl>nrn'« Still iprrlfflnr Iknl hi* mfftftntf enrol, anil nv« «(kvr rmyiurt*! » h it 11 indr' \ntf U rnnnl*r (hr bnilni-ii Br- r*mi«( <n hli furktr 1 * policy of *»*nif« to tk* M*«pi*," MI I'oroii «!IB lm« latM AB<|T *lnrn> Rlrl* li««Kl, IN * 4|fflrul( •»»(. \llhdiinh Ik* Hill k*i n«l b»»n loan*. Carol • «l*r4 nllh *l»rlt ),l»<l« Jullim, lur«« M»«a«rMr»l o»fr lo UH- »r>B|,ii|nw> Mr, llrirlrk, tiknir «wl» Ur* in fa M*k» Munrf. !»ke Mw *f tkm H. »r*l, inimi Hwcff k* k«* Mill ««B* (bit »l..rr In *«!• •( lki> •lf*n«« l«ie tsiktr 1 * nil) pr«- lll| llri-rr, In |t>«r nlik ht-r k» %<i»l> l« »rf ik* t#f***t tlr\»t*r r.|M*rkU« Hrfrttk «IU put klm * • » NICKY TO THE RKRCL'E \{1t HF.1UUCK * - V * "Mf t nil! off Monduy old Wjiw ptwnls,i? HP i ju*1 tj-id Sif Andy »>.!» • ft.*- )J'-Vtjtit'<> l^ttri! s U'JUi lii»». Of tiJi-fi'l e-lr-i-*VM : wiit.l 5) Hwl taftf t« (hey walka'd down (h« italrs. "I remember I have a 4ate with you," said Bill. "Yes, you have," Her Jlpj an- twcred, but her heart raced back (o another holiday when Andy's father had brought him to the party. Andy w«» Just back from military colltgn then and had Only-danced with ell the girls once. But ho lind danced with Carol twice! She could ptiH ted the warmth of his arms. She had been weftrltiK n cornflower blue dress, the tx>lor of hor eyes. He'd ittid, but of cour M it was only his line, "You're the prettiest girl in tha itore, Caroll" * * * 'T'ltEV found Andy In hlf offlce. ''Oo right ahead," )»e agreed. "T«!J the ermimlUee It's all right," '•You'll be there, too?" Dill ashed, Andy smiled doublfuJly. C«r«l felt let down. Mr. Dear- ba«i ft)way» tame, Andy *)ioulrl i-«m«tnlxrr that. He'd enter into tlirir f'.iolisJi gsiety, and as a eli- thttv »f U»e cvi-ning Jie would np- j3«#r jn 1i><* hoU-n-hBlf c*»«lume, Jt hhd lw-m fidginute'd by Mr. Dparborn'* own sense of humor. T'ht* b»<H «f it wa* red velvet «ivJ •»'}}it«? fur }n Use' traditional SanU» Claus m«n»«T, but the front Jn- rJucJrd Father Time's flowing robe «)j(5 (i K>'Uie. S>w ihou/jJil «f sb« psrty again •»%«!« fh* *sw Nicky ctime wiU» *'H*lf.n.h(ilf fay, Kicky. H* l«r B next Satur- Yuu'rtt irivH<»d, of hoy'* eyf* tw-amcd. i*t Andy^ who was jn Oir rfont way KT. "V«u be the ft}}*, Mr. Andy?" Andy kxslusd Kutprlwrf, "Hulf .) i and !;»!}'?" Thrti, As If n-ttittfijber- 12US, "Oh. you mean nrn ! BriintZ j r t« -WTBI iJisi i>!d mil w«} pa** oui RIALTO NOW "CAUGHT in the DRAFT" ufrt • Wfrij Thurt "SOUTH of TAHITI" »..-,.'( J, \f.- . ft , u>p jMi't." N*rk>'» f»f Ar>d?\ The r)y'ii no go&A Hboui 1 can get Hill to play "Aw, no, HT, ettiu be Mr. raucM Ctrcl'i and bi«kc off. " HIGH SIERRA" ''3 fw*» ii'V »t5 H«ht tor ] Carol hrip ', I'll dejwni me eolk'cl I «x»uld help you," 1 Linda lilLJ* 0 '?!! l ?tl them. "Uut you can go for cocktails first, can's you, darling?" Nicky recognized her and his face clouded. With 8 llttlo dart he was out the door and gone. "Why don't you take my car and flo on? I'll try to join you by 4:80." Reluctantly she accepted his keys and left, nweeplng past Carol's desk as if she owned the atore. She had dliappeared Into tho crowd before Andy exclaimed, "By Jove, Carol, 1 left that pup in the cnr again." He rushed after Linda. She went to the office window. From there Bhe could seo the street below and the place where Andy parked hit car. Linda was ju«t unlocking tho door. She climbed In. Carol could sea her hands pujsh the keys into the Ignition lock. The hands paused, then angrily switched on the engine. The car whirled from the curb as Carol's eyes followed it. Suddenly Carol gasped. She could sop one of Linda's hands reach toward the back seat. The door was thrown open and Cinder wns hurled to the street in the midst of traffic. Cars honked and skidded to tivoid tiit* dog. He ran back and Inrlh cnizlly, dated by the rush of wheels. Then Carol saw Nicky. He wa« running toward tho dog, dodging In front of cars. Finally he reached Cinder and clutched him to his wnall breast. Miraculously he returned to the sidewalk, unharmed. She &aw Andy now. He was still pushing his way through the crowd. He reached the curb in lime to mp«t Nicky, put his arms .if&und the boy's (shoulders and draw both him and the dog close. Then he stared after his car, tousling Kicky'* hair. They came up to the office together. Andy'i lipj were a grim Sine. Nicky was half embarrassed i»y Andy's gratitude. "He- didn't—fall out, Nicky." Andy's voic« wu* hard. "He was (jUBhc-d out. I saw tho whole thing but 1 couldn't get through Dtp people lo stop it. You might havr been killed saving him, Nicky." "Jjinlny-gert I never thought nf thai!" "I ran't repay you for risking your life. But just as a sort of thank-you, how would you Jlke- un electric train? As o gift from me?" "Jimlny-Rec!" "It 1 * yours, eon. The biggest one in the toy department. Go pick it out." . (To Bo Continued) Edson in Washington Hong Kong Epic May Equal Cuftcr Stand a :-:•,!• ir> 11,r. IViilK'. '"|1 !r,'iTi die '••! i.'.lcJi ;! ;,i,.fi ll.ir H/vry ,,( a ijt-n. iTK-'/^*1* isEtlt V Jib ^Vi Shn UrrtiK r^Uf.l- THEATERS !• SAENGER US.,- -f'.trt . t"K*, RIALTO ttn .M<<n . O-itM ^ :V IV.-v "AV,! .7V,<('-. - S-,«ii!i. ,,( Tahiti." .«!,•» ireh Si, ITS" Yotir 1hc if-- ff/»m M) n?its>»>Jil in *"Hm». W, V'W)fn by ],M}<i, i»y w*« wnd liy air, Hunt KIJUE tiuliU vip Vnii dors, not IwuWlp Its tbvimhi ami «w:<m iu {»tr It lian form likp that (01 tlicw throe yrsi* that On- Jsjw have tx-tn in t'anlcm. Y< t life un this jwiwdc-r fcniu'd M>.*i!ffl miii the ijUi«ti«n WHK m»t what, init Vihcn. T7>u (vitiularn Delaying lilis* Murphy: "Was your bachelor par- ly M KUCCCKf?" Moody: "Was it? Man nlivu, we had i« jxiKtponc thi* wwWin^ for a whole Week." Parents make kids uot up on week day mornings and the kids sol even »n Suniiflv. Should Start Cooking Xmas Dinner Now Many Cakes, Pies Improve With Age County Agent Says "Although It Is still a week until Christmas, it is nlroudy time to start cooking Christmas dinner," says Miss Mary Cloudo Fletcher, county home lernonstration agent. For Christmas dinners, according to Miss Flelcbor, it is always the last course that must he prepared first, and, if the /ruit cakes and plum pud- lings being planned for the final course am (o obtain the desired point of perfection by Christmas, they should go into the oven right away. Both plum pudding and fruit cake mprovc with age and should be nl- ow<?d several weeks to ripen, Miss Hetcher, says. Olhtr pointers suggested by Miss Iclcher for making belter fruit cakes ind plum puddings are as follows; Pick the fruit over, wash and dry it. Chop it in n bowl; do not grind. Cut rltron with a sharp knife. Candied grapefruit peel mnkas a good substi- ute for citron! candied cranberries for ramlied ' cherries. Cut up nuts with 1 knife. Look out for bits of shell nnd be sure the nuts arc fresh. The liquid may bo cider, grnpe juice, tort 'jelly, sour cream, molasses, honey, or maple sirup. Honey helps to keep the cake moist, but only mild-flavor* cd honey or molasses is desirable. Sift Hie flour with the leavening and pieces, and mix half of it with the fruits and nuts to keep them evenly Jlfltributed throughout the dough. Use he hand to mix well. And egg whites "sst. Fruit cake scorches easily, so line he pans with well-greased paper^ Cook slowly at very moderate temperature about 300 degrees F., a G or 6- ,)ound cake takes 3 to 4 hours to bake. The 15 and 16th of this month will -incl up the district cooking schools hat have been held over the county. These cooking schools have been aascd on using home grown products n preparing holiday meals with future planning for the use of home grown products in making appetizing meals for the farm family. We hove :i:id a fine attendance at these cooking schools with as many as five clubs meeting together. This type of work will be continued through 1942. On anuary 8th a district meeting will bo held in Hot Springs fir Home demonstration agent"! and county Icad- ,en;, Meetings of this type will be planned for 4-H club groups with homo demonstration leaders helping to conduct the schools. Was He Surprised , f AMP A, f]a. ~(/P)~ An auto driven by a feeble-looking old gentleman rounded a corner. A« it passed, a kid standing by the Curb reacbad out and whammed it loudly with his hand. The old gentleman stopped his car, hopped out with surprising ogility, grabbed the amazed urchin by the collar and gave him n violent, teeth- rattling shaking. Then he strode back to his car and drove off. Sweet Slick Commonly used in Spain, the ozu- oarillo is a stick of hardened sugar candy, which flavors, stirs and sweetens a drink at the same lime. Hunt the bright side! If you're broke nt least ; you can't loso nny inoney out of the. hole you didn't, know was in your pocket. A psyfcftdf^' W\ . the average • fo-ycar life « 25 years of Work, 20 years ,£ years of sports and walking, | of shaving and dressing, f pleasure, 3 yenrs waiting, 2 eating, 1 year telephoning, 3fli annually looking ih mirrors,*/ 4 hours annually wiping *'S?1 WOfflD'SJ GENUINE PUKE , Alxiut the Moon The moon, about one-fourth the sue futile earth, is not large enough to attract an atmosphere. There is no air or water surrounding it and, since it has no weather, no change ever lakes place on its surface. The island of New Caledonia boosts of a peculiar large bird which barks liko a dog. The species is found nowhere else in the world. XMAS HOUSE SLIPPERS For Every Member of the Family fii Men's Ereretts r x Golden.Brown Kid with genuine; hapd turned soles and kid lined, for year around „•> service. $1.98 1 and Women's HI -LOWS Soft lined Elk skin in blue wines, etc. With fleecy sheep skin trim. 1.29 Children's HI-LOWS & BUNNY TYPES Elk skin HiLow. Just like grown-ups wear and chenille bunnies in Pink and Blues. Sizes 3 infant to 2 misses. 59c , 0 $ 1.00 CHAS. A. HAYNES CO. HOPE ON MAIN ARK. Ja^t o, M.,jv t f<«l t^ Hi/ VjKi-.r a Ihr (:t\ .> Sirs. M'» Flunk O»11i.h'"> Ki«r"i» ••( ! ' MI : fi«Hi*h("f will Vir 'lit"' i *".!> <! in ' j Mm ]f»np On-rnr. a ".Imlrjil M j Oiillirolhi! IJusiitfA". (iilli-|!r. Imi M.. liinii'fl In ),rr Iviiif in Ihr tjly f,,r tlip ClirUUn:)!) li(ilnl,.y.i Sho is the it ;.)! ihr vn.'iV, >i-;|;> ( ,( ,,1,,. ,,( ))„• r|>if l^sltl* «. <,t this w ;4iiy >»thci w»r. j MrtWrtM, \)tf I'litbl.'Hlltr 1 , SltiU''!''''*^ ,'11 ; hit*. <• :* i iviini'v. Tn* i y h;i^,' thi it nwn .,ir -iildiMi. UK ir flinti. thrir Mrong (.'.inifiHix. To t(, t :i( them. lh<> Ja]r, h;ivr Id CIOKA hun'lii i it.<< nr tli'iiifciiiui.s j i>l inilrs of *t-a. At Ilunc Kiwig. Ihc | Ji>l>» were less tlum W inih-s. awny ! in C'nntun. llmii; Ki>n(.', )>CI-;IIIM' of its mutmuiimiiu ttTinni. lins only one ftri ryr on j of two milli'tn, tK-rhiip* nimMrnths (inly OtniiinU. |m* not Ixi-n dittinu idly j }>y wvHlmc for this inevitable unig- Hong KIIIIK h.-irtxir. one of ihc hus- iril in thf Mutt anil oni' ttf thi> must jilduiTukqur in the WIM Id, Jinx IHVII biavily mined. The hill.s briMlc with coaxt ili-fi'iiM- guns, an(i-:ilrcriift )KI|- U'rtwi, muchinr' (Sims. Hurhrd wirp i-nlan^!tinc?nts line ovi-ry juissililr loiuiinu jHiint. Civilinn di-fcnw ha.s bn^n <Mjlani/c<i ;us nnwhrro rise in tliH world. EVIM.V man has « joii. The ii*ks iire hunvyccunlied with air raid From Charles A. Haynes Co You'll find hundreds of beautiful and appropriate gifts in our store to choose from. Gifts that every one on your list will appreciate. Now and Tucs. JACK BENNY - in CHARLEY S AUNT with KAY FRANCIS IJAMES ELLISON *&j£||GINAlD O WEN . IAIRD CREGAR IUSN WHEIAN • ERNEST ;O5SART • RICHARD HAYDN Ouidfd by ARCHIE MAYO '"?" P'oduted by Williom feilbt'g A JOlh CENIURV-fOX CICIUR6 ALLEN ELECTRICAL SERVICE House Wiring, Industrial Motors, Appliances, Repaired Complete Line Fluorescent Light Fixtures Estimates Cheerfully Furnished JUuy or I4igbt Service Licensed and Bonded Electrician — Phone 806 — iiirlu<ld. Us flc-fl iicKlt|til>lf uncl VHKtly infi-rior to wlutlrvcr OH- Jajvs may core lo luing ;u;.iinM it. The HOUR Kong (jiiirison is niYcssnrily limttrd in si/.i\ 'IliciT is no place for (lint lo i-i>lri-at. Clostwt frli>nilly tmiloiy i.s (In- Philippines, 700 mill's away. And iho orders of Ilio HrilLsh uni i ison at HOIIK Kong are to di'fi'in) it lo (lie la.sl man. Half M1U' riiim China To «('( llie real mental picture of what KOOS on at Honu Kony you inusi n-call Jlong Kong is mi island 10 miles long throe mill's wide. It is solid rock, rising sharply from the water line to Victoria peak, 1700 feot high, crowned with the British sovc-rnment house. On the slopes is tho city of Victoria. Half n ile to the north across channel straits is the mainland of China. But here the British hold under lease from the Chinese government Ilie famous KfJ\y!oon pc'iiinsulu, which with Cheung Ghau and a few smaller islands to Hie west of Victoria, make up the Hong Kong crown colony. Kowloon peninsula is crossed by throe ridges which form natural defensive barriers but beyond those ridges, just 30 miles from Victoria, i.s a Japanese army us much bigger than the Hung Kong garrison as the Japs may want to make it. This army has been there three years, in full control of Ilie situation, amply prepared for its assault on tho luckless Hong Kong. Open on all sides to attack and in- daughter of Greene. Mr, uncl Mrs. D. H. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert O'Steen arc (he parents of a little daughter. Dawana Cathryn. She was born in a local hospital December 19. ' — O— Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Lipscomb have as guests Mrs. A. J. Harlan and Mr. and Mrs. Coulter kipscomb of Oklahoma City. American l.lnk In till (his period of defense ]ire- paiedness. Hung Kong has been the most direct link for coimmmiiMlions between the Chinese nnd the United ir'tiites. Pan Aineriean clippers and truns-Piicifie .stciimshlps from the reit uf tlui world have touched at Hans Kong nnd dropped their cargoes of passengers, mail and express. By sen, Chinese smugglers have run tin- Jap- une.se hlockade up the China coasts to obscure ports where contact was kept with the Chiang Kai-shek forces in unomipied territory. 13y air, daredevil pilots, flying only at night, only in hnd weather nnd entirely without tho usual aids to navigation, have hopped over the Japanese armies und made Chungking with unbelievable regularity and with only two planes shot down by Jap aviators during four years of the Chinese war. Even one of those was saved, repaired, and flown out under its own power. That, briefly, is the setting for the, battle of Hong Kong. And Hong Kongs defenders—the handful of British regulars, the contingents of Anzncs, the native troops from India, the Chinese militia, the homo guards, the few combat pilots, the crews of the small flotillas of gunboats and submarines— these men will go down in history as heroes among the heroic. By last reports, there were a couple of hundred Americans hanging around there, too. Killed About 75 per cent of the sponges in the sponge beds of Florida and the Bahamas were killed off by n deadly eqidcmic there during the winter of 1939. Japanese Orbs The "Lido eye operation" is becoming popular in Itokio, where one surgeon is prospering because Japanese women want their eyes to open wider and give them a "soulful look." It takes two to make a bargain- mother falls for it a,nd da pays the bill, i SATIN GOWNS 1.95 to 2.95 Lace Trim PANTIES . 69c tp 1.25 SATIN PAJAMAS ... 1.95 to 5,95 Lace Trim SLIPS . . . 1,19 to 1.95 NYLON HOSE 1.79 SILK HOSE 98c and 1,25 FANCY TOWELS . . . 25c and 49c LINEN SETS 1.00 to 2.50 BLANKETS 4.98 to 7.95 PEP SPREADS .... 2.98 to 7.95 Novelty SWEATERS . . 1.95 to 3.45 FITTED CASES .... 6.95 to 10.95 COTTON HOUSECOATS . . , 2.95 COSTUME JIWELRY 98c BEAUTIFUL BAGS .. 1.95 and 2.95 • Dozens of other wanted gifts to choose from. m *^ i i I : • — \\\\\\ L Open Evenings CHARLES A, HAYNES CO, OH MAIN Open Evenings

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