Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope ® Star Star of Hope, 1S99; Press, 1927. CoruelUlMed January 18, 1» O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald Fro-m False Report! Published every week-day afternoon By Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South rfalnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBVJRN, Editor and Putrtlsbet (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise AssTn. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per we«k I5c: per month S5c: one year $8.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayPtte counties. 53.50 per year; elsewhere J6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated rress is exclusively entitled to the use for repubUcation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for an tributes, cards ol thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a tetues of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the tafe-keeping or return of any unsBlicited manuscripts. Some Things the U. S. Can Actually Do—Now So dizzily move the events of Europe that it is almost impossible for tin United State's to have any policy regarding them. Until we know the lineup, it 'is hard to appraise the game. Will Russia now sign a non-aggression puct With Japan also? Will Italy sell the Germans down the river ;'.•; she did in 1914? What other quick switches and jumps are in prospect'.' We do not know, and until we know it is useless to speculate. But there are certain things that can be done now—things that i-nnnot fail to benefit the United States whatever happens. No pains should be spared to lo them and do them quickly. 1. The naval building program should be put on a 24-hour-a-day basis immediately. The most modern battleship in the fleet is the West Virginia, whose keel was laid in 1920. That of the Arkansas was luid in 1910; she was i omniissioned 27 years ago. The first of the new ships, the North Carolina, is not,scheduled for completion until November, 1941. If there is war and we hold to our determination to stay out. the ships will help protect our neutral status. If there is a peace conference, and some sort of adjustment, of world conditions is made, they will still speak loudly in that conference. Whatever involvements we do or do not got into, a modern, dominant navy is about the most valuable tangible national asset we can have. 2. The program of buying surplus stocks of essential war materials ought to be made effective immediately. Congress provided the first $10,000,000 of a S100.000.000 program of buying chromium, tungsten, manganese, tin, quinine, quartz' 'manila fiber, and the like. The purchases ought to be made quickly, from countries friendly to the United States, and in a manner to stimulate trade as much as possible. Here again, nothing can be lost, no matter what happens, and much may be gained. '3. The Panama Canal defense program should be brought quickly up to par. No one can interpret canal defense as a threat to them—it will menace no one. Every effort should be made to solidify closer relations with all South America and with Canada. No one in Europe can properly object that any measures of hemisphere defense threaten them. 4. The United States should make it clear that if any honest effort is made in Europe to set up orderly and sane means of adjusting differences, it will do its part. Few, even among American isolationists, would now go so far as to refuse to bear a share in any honest, general effort to replace with a regime of order and sanity the present mad scheme of naked force. Wednesday, September J 3,3930 THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. REG. U. S, PAT. OFf By OK. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical As Hygeia, the Health Magazine Give a Black Mark to Parent Angered by Poor Report Card When Jimmy •;'•<'* In .--clioo!. motluT a:ul daddy, try to remember thai you are not the pupil. Ho in:iy nt-i-er ill hi.s lift* come home with liiyh \\arks or he cla*w leader, but v.-h.'ii you lliink it over your disappointment may he purely per.--onnl. Your pi Me is hurt. He represents you, M. son think, mu! i; mok- es you nuM when .-•.our family m-ver SOlS to boast al,,,ut :. ;! ti!,l 'star oil Jimmy's card. Ilr.im* K \S'here t'raiiiMi! Kevins Jimim i-. I'ne pu'.-u. mil you. AIM! Jimmy is Jimmy, .ill 1", him-,-If He may be ilonm th,- hi..| lu-ean. May >:e lii.- i-r.'t. Kin i .In hnn-.v tfii>. that nearly all ehilihen has 1 " their own pride anil \vorU I'or an eii-l. They play a little. \y.-,..!.' [iiue and ol'icii preicml to hvlittlo II-..-ir .-tunics. Hut untler it all th,-s t-:,re. an,I i-ari- a lot. about .uoitim; plaees. ami they work I'.reity hanl ai.-..r.lim;- i» iheir er. Or. of eoiirse, on Jimmy, or both. The fact is that, home is where Children i;ro\v accustomed to trying or not trying. The spirit of home life and the child's attitude to work will almost invariably be reflected in hi.s M'hool life. The parent has the child before the age of six and that is the time he makes his pattern. The timid child has been needing more praisi: •mil pncoiirnKing. The .selfish and wayward one has needed more lessons in tolerance and generosity. He has needed wise discipline. And if a bully, he should have ben searched for the secret fooling of umvmllii- nos.s that leads to bullyini;. Hume And School Should Cooperate However, we cannot expect any teacher to make over Jimmy com', plek-ly. If he i f s j x S |, P can'slill do much. If he i.s ten, .she can only work put temporary problems in conduct, if she lias time, but she will need homo co-operation ; ii |hat. I think it necessary for loiiclu-r. principal and parents to compare not- es, unknown to the child. This is boint! useful in the right way to the child's best, iiitcrr-sls. Hutconstantly t o blame him through hurt personnl pride, nr to blame Ihe teacher, is beside tho> mark. • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS U'linl ever .von think of Diirnlliy TlioiupMiii, yen imisl mlinil she hi'.s iirodirtrd the Nir/.l moves correctly. I,<;MI; Mtfo she yiiid (In* Niil- innal Socialist i evolution would Indie im si \\iii Id-disturbing event of (lie rcndiry. Tin* stur.v (if (In* lns( tree yi-ars hours this out as Miss Tlii-iiip-'rin irrmtiil.s j| in "| j( .l (lit- liiriinl K-H'iik" Ilioiiglidm S2.75). Kxccr'itcd lirlefl.v here Is Miss Tbompsim's analysis nf AIIHT- Irn's |inrl In tin* riilTrnl world plrliiri*: A lurgc part of our population still npi'iirontly cherish (be illusion llmt North America is mil quite on (his planet: seemingly they think that the whole Kin-tipcat! world can collapse in war and ruin or become subjects of a dynamic totalitarianism without any catastrophic effect upon us. The hi.slory of the Napoleonic wars, of (lie World War, anil the • years 'since ! then do not furnish a .ilired of justification for such a hope Tin. 1 United States is not a forgotten Elysiim island. Our two oceans comu'ct us with the rest of the world. I hoy do not .s-eperatc us. They are cnrr.viii},'. at this moment, machine tools. automobiles, lam material';, and nil manner of manufactured unnds ti> the whole world. They arc hrin;;iiiit here other materials, such as rubber, lnni>- *trn, and tin, thai are al>; ohitelv es- M'tiliiil lo iho ciiiiliiiiiaiii r- of production at oven its nreseul level. "They protect us. stlii -.1,10 armed ntlaok upon our soli, Inn Ihi-y do not protect us from assault. 1 - upon !] our economy or upon the public mind. They in no wa.s relieve t ;. of the ruspunsihihly of doing ever. 1 ,| thing lhal a i;ieat nation can do t : .t mi.intam a world order in which tin inleicM.s of ils peopli 1 , and the value.s Ihal tin. 1 }' cherish, can survive and improve. —••»•«•»- Husl, and corrosion cause an aniuiiil direct loss exceeding lhat caused by fire and flood combined. OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR'HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY e "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time— 2s word, minimum 30c Three times—3%c word, minimum Me Six times—€c word, minimum 90o One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. MULTIPLYIN* ALL , s ' N MM .'.«<. IN FIVE YEftRS M.Y AUTOMOBILE J%#% : :: : : •'• ••f/'-'Ss, •••••- •• - - -T"\ -•.UV.VICE WILL GROSS PIVE TIMES 365 /X^-—-.'^'^u^ 7,~~- N <;- PAYS DWVO-L-D By 90 DAYS, MULTlPUF^/ "" •—' -^^ "'• • feN <;, BY 50,000,000 THE NUeABER QT= <-- AUTO,\\OB\LHS — TIMHS TFM CEMTS ' c -\ fa AD, I AM ALMOST OVERCOME "BY (, ITS GlGAMTIC fOSSlB'HTl'E.S.' T=VER> /. MOTORIST WILL HAVE TO-BUY. A NHW <: ONit lA'ERY 90 "DAYS-^--V .- ^;HY NOT SMOKTEM TWE -,. ^ ^ r , /.-V.i ICL-,-. TO GO "DAYS, AMD LIFT TP.i; 1 ;i S?.OVITS IfxTTO THE "BRACKET? By J. R. WILLIAMS GUESS I'D BE-TTKR KE SUBTKACTIM' l-OR 'tii': i. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER I'rimlem 1,11 I'liiji- Oue Thi; marbles i;,.nny had .,t fir-.l i „ plus :;. ilixi.led by 7, rnu.-l ''(|ua! . : , ' : '" : " to the marbles lie hud at I'ir-t | [. -* . -. . mind.-; ::. The nimil.cr of !h.' miirh- j i /-j les he had aHer In- found a mit-t ' \ ' K\ \ be one exaetls divi>ib!-- bv V. such ' [••""."tfSSfflk ~~ - , i .,, .... • i (j'-t-tS-W* f"~ as (. 1-1. Jl. J8. ete. Then 7 minus the t;(pials -I. \vlueh may bi*r ii • iiad al In -;. i-'inaiiy di- vii.io 7 hy 7 !n v.c-l I. iiln • ilu- .'1 he rni^hi ii,n-t lusi eijiid, -I. rheek ing lhal -! is tlu* numb«.'r of maih- les )n.. b;,d ,,i. j'iiv-t. For Sale TX5IN' WOW FlGURlt4 N FOR A "BA.LLOOM TRIP TO .IKii Koid t.'uii|ie I'or Sale. Al condition. A re:il bai'!.;.-ini. ,S<>c p'r;inl: Walters. :;nl and r.i.'nsi.ma Sired-; r.;-:;te BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES / IVE HA.D ABOUT ALL OF THIS I CAM STAMP--1 roNJ'T CARE IF THERE 15 MOMEV IS) RMS- ING FROGS -I'M TIRED TRY- IMCr TO COOK ALL OUR ANEAL5 ISO ONE mM / EMPTY "TWOSE TADPOLES IM 7HE CREEfcC. AMD BRIMQ ALL THOSE COOKIMG UTEMSILS BACU. IWTO THE HOUSE WHY \\OTHERS GET Wanted WANTED TO BUVT—Highest Price:! I Paid for Second Hand merchandise, | Children's Women's .Men's. Patterson's :' Cash Store. East Second St. 7-Otc WANTED—Negro boy wnnts job ' Before and after school. Arthur Nash 914 West 3rd St. U-:stp i — i WANTED—Person to tio as passenger to Springfield. Mo.. Transportation cheap. Call 17-F-l.'!. Leavirii,' Thursday. Sept. 14. A. M. l^-:;n, Lost LOST—One Pekingese brov/n puppy, i three months old. name "Fluff." Lib- ( eral reward. L. Hollomnn, Coca Cola 'Plant -i.; !tp For Rent FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, new built in FOR RENT—3 room Jiou.se and garage. At Shover Springs. O. J. Phillips. l2-3tp FOR SALE—4 Wire haired terrier? cabinet and garage. Call Mrs. Frank I p ups . See Mrs. Ferrell Baker, 303 Eas STRAYED-Bl.ir-k horse mule. Wl. l about OHO lb':. 10 years old. Hairj coming oft' on neelc and shoulder.! Wade MeKlroy. Hope R/,m<>;?. Jl-3ip ' fl tice Hutchins. Phone 79. 12-3tc Second street. -msT Washington Gin Company is ginning and wi-nppini; up to 52S pound bales S3.50 All hales ov-r a25 pounds, ad- ', ditional le a pound. Also store your Seed. A. N. Stroud v.-ill haul bult-s'into Hope Compress for 2.1c each. A. M. j Stroud. Washincfnn, Ark. Svpl 5-lni '' HORIZONTAL 1 Scientist v/ho discovered X-ray HSea, 15 Uncle. 16 Comparative of bad. 17 Skirt edge. 13 Rescues. 20 Humor. 21 To decay. 22 Mined product. 24 Opposite o£ bottom. 26 Noun ending. 43 Folrlin-; 27 Hooked 45Dorr ; ;r. projection. 50 God <•; 28 I am. 51 Rabhi: 30 Italian river. 53 Spar.','.! 31 Branches. c!ol!:r.. '',2 Short haircut. 54 S.;ok:^:, '.'.°t Glossy paint. '55 J' r-''.\~. '•-, To draw forth 57 E:r - ! _• .','', Contury plant :.n " :. fiber. 5" "-' •;. .':? St':rlet. 50 J-Io .;. .'s3 Rf-d cro=;s. i'i 40 Insect's egg. 60 • :• -.-.•41 Morir.din dye. t'.-•••.- ;;,. 42 Provided. p::x.-:. T" A PTElRiSMH^JR'AIG iTlAiC 13 Compass point 18 Pronounced \vith a liissing sound. ID South America. 21 He was a professor nnd a \vorkor. 22 Imitative. 23 Generous. ^J 25 Potent. 29 To° attitudinize. 31 Knock. 33 Unopened flower. 39 Athletics teacher. 4?. Silly. 44 Trunk drawer 4r" Knobs. 47 Three. 48 Instrument. 50 Barren. •'.. 52 Being. . c._or>3. 54 Rowing tool. 55 Note in '.-> r:calc. .:. " 53 Mother. NOTICE--! am ;>oiiu( to st-bool and i would work i.-wry i-vi':iiiii.; and morn- ', ing for room ar.d bo-u'd. Ncln'Miir-h i Doss, d'i'i S. Ha/i-1 -,l!-ei-l. 12-Ml l) ' WHAT? Y'WONT DO^ BATTLE TH' GREEKS - TODAV? , CHE 6OODE5S,, . , N THE ^ ONE BOSH'. IT'LL TAKE MORE'N OOP' «" WOULDN'T >........ oop - HAVE A *:HA,MCEi WE Boy, Oh Boy! ! By EDGAR MARTIN Calculated to Bring Back Goddess ' NO GOL-DAtMGED ) DAME \<=, GONNK N SCARE ME OUTOF WASH TUBES Ser«.nc«9 Offered SERVICES OFFFRF.D-See Hemp-] 5teacl Mattress 3iop. 712 \Vest. Fourth, ' for ne-,v nnd re-built. Phone P;mi ' Cobbi;58-J. Au</ii.-t 2«-lm ' SERVICES OFFKRED-nxpert Ra- ! dio Repair Service and replacement parts. All v.-oil: quarant^-d. K;idioj Service. Phone «()(;. Hay Allen. • "::x'i of the .SERVICES <)FL-'!:r;Kl) - |-',,,Hire n,!i.,i:.:hin» ;ill d .-),.„ v ,,,, k , e/ . Vestal Maxwell. 22-1 North Hamilton ' St: Piio! !t - 212. "All v/,,,-1-: a,,„;.;,,,r. L . ( .,|.K:-:;IP wo wmite \WHAT HAPPEUS, PODUEB, ALLV rn V.EEP coou AH VAH! AH VAH! THBICE WJOIMT WITH OIL OF ORAUSE JUICE OF THEM IM HOW LAVA FRESH FRCM THE MOUCAWO. The Beauty Secret By ROY CRANE FEWALE'S '. DA.MCE '. THEM VET -/Cup fUGUWESS Bt VJ ASHED AVJW IN Tr\£ LAKE OF ETEEMAU )-^ '—«Mir—r<.TFAvVJ^ i ' •Si WE COT \T, Por-ioEP. THCt-E DIPS »W OIL Aur LIMC JU\CE, HOT kAUD, AUV> A ^ T " " '' ^( BATH. 1 -/- OBt J / IH'PE, ( SECRET Or ._ v f Want It Printed 9 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS J UU qj as We'll have a printin.i; expert c:\ll on you, ant! you'll have an economical, hi^'h quality jnh. What- I'Vi'f your iict'da. ne can sent* them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Crinlii'g That Afukes :i» FRECKLES ISN'T IM HIS ROOM / r»!P \'s!f* WO, MOM AND OSSIE SAW HIM DOWN AT WALKER'S CRHEK/ To Forget By MERRILL BLOSSER M£= COULDM'T BE SWIMMING TMEf5.£ ---- . TME is DRY .' He WAS '.1 WAl_K.I^4G IN THE SAND JUST WALKING AND WALK/MS / His TONGUE MUNG OUT AND HIS EYES weee ALL. fi£D A.-JD His TMR.OAT WAS SO CJRY HE COULD HARDLY TALK i Gooo SfelEF, HAS THE BOY (SOME" OUT OF HIS M/MO? I. DUNMO, MOM / ALL. HE SAID WAS THAT HE WAS PRACTICING up To JOIN" THE FOREIGN LEGION I RED RYDER YAQUI JOES SANOVTJOS E. I*AY 60L-QERS SURROUNDED/ WE ARS. ALL TRAPPE'D--- CANNOT HELP THIS VJHUE FLAG -TlE/D -ID -<OL)R VJORK& FAST The White Flag reeT By FRED HARMAN

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