Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1941
Page 1
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$IVeh Impartially by Associated Press ope ' '' ' ' > ' RaJn Monday night and somewhat cooler in the West portion late Moti* day night, v ftl • • - ^'' , «•*' NUMBER if. m* HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1941 Enterprise A«i'n PRICE 5e COPY Japs Take Part Battle Philippines Our Doily Bread MfA I* If »e IT-IP ?-.«•-.*• lies Meet to iHe Action linstAxis Tripolitania Surprised by British Troops Axis Garrison Hard Hit There as Rout in Libya Continues C-'I.JJSifi 31 Survivors of U.S. Ship Land Safely Monday Navy Department Reveals Scries of Jap Submarine Attacks i>ii «J! Hid- ! Murxfi-}- k ««!«>(< WJBK I1U1*** V>*5f nvn (ill Uir N»v> IV-i^trtinMtt v ah wi«4 tjiht 30 mr- »"<-»i ifwtird and (trtir lii l^c tsinktfitf *if liw !.i. t.itlut^-11 )ii4WttH W3iJ >. l-ti l.hc i(l>l tt'«*r'k uf »«fft Confer* Rut»ian, i* t Dutch 3 < yt-^i ihcii ftii K n>MKuMcaii>>>i|i alisq IJ'icr Siirt by Tli fivr in :«••».'**>, *S»- . . fit-*i!l . :.-,.tt1s) UJ, «>!}; tfU't'alif.C i M'M'l'ift* T»|M»( llir VI tW U'f » f A 7'1-J 'f! «t!ft.i ii. l*J*nr t'witod ,*iaid Sunk HK1SUN - t4Y-<oni<iul H (ow.J.v.1 !•>• Al"« The Gin | (1-iMlii KDfMAIfHVli 111 H «W com- POtll- Vo ihut a Hi4UiJij.tr- m,l\ {«i-tirr had bctn in Uic W>»U ! TJ.r *],.* «=« A*(i, f aste Paper (rive Delayed pad Weather Mon- ? |day Forces Delay ISUntil Tuesday i'- ."..-..fe'i* * i>ut the t\et. l»i«ii wriidicr nunli- it im- 1)1 r to I.!.M!. btit Sctiiit;, will ciui- of thr l»wn Monday ufter- ,;<( Uio wrathi-i" |R-riiut.v. ; Scuulx iiii' i«|iii'jstt*(l Id !><• M| ?ily H,-i!l «t 9.00 «, m. TIICM|;I.«. (flic Kwi-iii-iniitti, Field Seoul Jltivf, |MtinU-(l out tliiil over 7.') RpfjttiS*"' "f ll'ir |>»|H-r inuilc was ilc- s^»_i-i-_ , y^ (i a jj,.,.,^ Wilstt . O f ,„.,. 'Uilly needed In curry on thu foil c.-ni <lo your |«rt hy s;iv- BIU piipcr and having it ii-iul.v l«/ys cu;nc to collect it. I*»t- lh» <h«fvtc ill the offr1>wvc Hut the -jf)^ run iK-ff-TiM* .v|>rMa|]y this Mi" 1 . r^vct >• AITH-III. *n r>'r. cATI y Anirr- tuur wlxi'i II will IK- r*i<*j|>li» t" i'»i- ly ((»• war Ui JHJ«IH, *<• ilioji tin J«)>;<ii 3> Ixmilt* t<it cvcty «nc thiil frll >u> I'i'Mil Hnrtxir, t<i tnikli (Mice diul tot nil thi* niilit.iiy |«»w<i- wli»M.- Hi 11' t'xi^lrucr iv»ukrs ini|M>,ssiblc any future (H'ucc in the I'.ii ific. Woodmen Elect New Officers for 1942 ,'HlU IlK-J.I ill it icci-nl int-'i'liiin of Ulf W. O. W. 'ii the fi>l- Itiwint; iifficeis f»r the I'li.suing year. Hay Tin HIT, Ci>in>ul C'mnmaiKlcr; Vir- K\] Booth, Advisor Licuti'iiant; Y. C. Ci'lcniiiii, bunker; Jiilin W. llidydill. A. D. Hussell, uscurl; Marvin Watlcrson, wiitchinun; T. D. Huney- cutl, sentry; J. T. Crosby, auditor. ArrinigciiiimUi were comiilcU-d to distribute Cliristmas packages to thu und their families, a custom of thu local lotlgu cuch Christniasi morning for a number of years. Members taking part will meet at the W. O. W. hull ut 8 o'clock Christ- iscwivcs will tie newspapers and inaga/ines in an- it will greatly facilitate of thu*t>;ipcr. is Carleson Is rt in Fall Monday Carleson of Hope was believed sustained severe injuries i'ofter noon Monday in a fall ^establishment on Main street A Thought 411 his injuries could not be . immediately. Gentle to others, severe.—Rogers. Doubtful if problem Jennie Giraffe. _it in the crush minute rush she can't stand n Ijiir <t| Hntam't. »wt<t ftftrij, HolJv |-'ttifuprl Gm<-t«i Ji<.>n»m«>i t U-.»ttn-c«J African ivrvi h»*i drivrrj l>r) mid thr {•iiultnns. cast of Rrngati. llnriimrl'k IBM hie »(iv»ncr liaxc c«s.t of Tiij«>li :lar!(. while oti>ci» were oitciating ftgain.nl rnrmy <Wrc» which WCID with<iraWii)jj wr.Jtliwmd Inward A<c- Lemley Hears Court Monday Comparatively Small Docket Disposed of Tin 1 following; cJiws wt'i't* heard in miniriiutl cuurl (it tlie Mope city luill Moiuliiy ninniiiig wilh Judye W. City Umkrt T. ('. Sullivan, disturbing the peace, forfeited $10 cash bund. Elie lliek.s, di.sluibing the peace, forfeited $11) cash bond. The following forfeited a cash bond of $10 each on a charge of drunken- One of Japan's New Invasion Targets Is Dutch, British Island of Borneo WILDS OF BORNEO 2 SHOPPING PAYS Till CHRISTMAS E:ivl Gulden, Duvid Philliiis. W. E. Putlcrsun Li'ster Lee, C. R. Yoager, Jolinniu Wheeler, Irie Williams, D. 13. Russell, Sr., Alfred Cox, John 13ur- ton, W. C. Johnson, Joe Moody. The following entered u plea of (Uiilty on u cluirge of diunkeuness uncl were usscssed a fine of $10 each: Edgar D. Pierce, Jess Atkins, M. D. Nelson, John Steinheimer, Joss Blackwood. J, H. Diffce, drunkenness, forfeited $15 cash bond. L. E, Woodall, running a red signal traffic light, forfeited 51 cash bond. Walter Taylor, running u red signal traffic light, forfeited §1 cash bond. Marshall Cook, blocking mi alley, forfeited ?1 cush bond. Charles Green, blocking an alley, forfeited $1 cash bond. Horiice Horton, operating a with no brakes and no driver's license, forfeited $G cash bond. The following forfeited $1 cash bond on churge of incorrect parking: Manal Nix, C. P. Belcher, Jim Martin, A. E. Slusser. Monde Jones, disturbing the peace, tried, dismissed. Joy Yates, assault and battery, dismissed. Edward W. Yatcs, assault and battery, dismissed. (Continued on page four) Urgent Call for Shipbuilders Local Employment Bureau Calls for Experienced Men ATI uiRi-nl call lias just born rc- ccivrd by Iliirnry D. Harris. Managrr IP( the Hiipc Employment Office, from P Palmer I'iitlci.sui). Dilector of llie Aiknnsns .Stale Employment Service, ralliriK altentinn to tlu- extreme im- I»n l.-inc'e of recruitment of qualified ciitflMiien for >hi|» building. "For bevei al months," said Mr. Pat- teiMin's call, "a critical shorUiKc liu.s bet 11 evident in the supply of craftsmen needed by the ship building industry. With our country now actively enjjafjcd in tile war with Japan ant having formally declared war on Italy anil (ierm»ny ,the need for increased activity in ship building has mude these .shortaKes more critical. "Three different ship building yards have open clearance orders distributed thnuifth local offices in this Slate. As indicated by these clearance requests we mast devote an all-out effort toward recruiting every individual with experience in the following classifications: ' Ship Kilters, LofUmen, Chipper* and Caulkers, Coppersmiths, Tool Makers, Marine Pipe Fitters, Arc Welders. "Every individual in the area served by tli'j Hope Employment Office," added Mr. Harris, "who has training and experience in any of the crafts listed, who has not already registered such information fully at this office, and who is not using those skills iu national defense, is urged to register such information immediately lit the Employment Office." Cranium Crackers Holland in America Dutch Guiana has been added to tlie list of bases on foreign soil where U. S. troops arc stationed for protection of the Americas. Let's take a quick trip southward for u look at this hot bit of Holland in South America. 1. What type of mines will U. S. troops protect in Dutch Guiana'.' What vital defense metal is produced from their ore? 2. Do the Netherlands have any other possessions in this hemisphere besides Dutch Guiana? 3. Where are French Guiana and French Guinea situated? 4. By what other name is Dutch Guiana known? 5. What are principal resources and products of Dutch Guiana? Answers on Comic Page BRITIS0, NORTH op.: #02* , BRUNEI. _ (Po f .:M,\35 (~ South Chirta Sea WHITE RAJAH, Sir Charles Brooke, whose thr*« fabulous daughters put Sarawak in the tabloids, recently ended his absolute rule, turning •ovemment over to British officioli Mufca^fffntulu SARAWAK r Tondjoengsclor /ran Alts. (Pop.: 442,900) CLIMATE hot, damp; temperature overages 78 to 86, rarely goes below 70; rainy teaion: November to May Kohong ••'«'"«»« WILD ANIMALS include rhinocerotei, elephonrt, op«t, M»okei, crocodiles BORNEO (DUTCH) j 2,194,533) Comparative Area WILD MEN now rather tame; headhunting tribes in hills decapitate enemies only, use heads in tribal ceremonies BORNEO 290,000 «q. mi. •ANJERMASSIN Many or island s minerals not yet worked commercially SCALE OF MILES TEXAS 265,896 sq. mi. •SJS Barges, Ships Try Landing at Lingayen Gulf All-Out Invasion Being Met With Stiff Resistance, Report Soys WASHINGTON-(/P)-The War De-$ partment estimated Monday that from 1 n. 80,000 to 100,000 Japanese troops, com- / fi prising from 6 to 8 divisions were tak-^ $' ing part in the new onslaught on the^ island of Luzon in the Philippines. *? A communique reported heavy" &s fighting on Lingayen Gulf, 150 mines ' / north of Manila, where the Japanese " >a, are attempting to land in force. j \ t After a fleet of approximately 80,',!* troopships under strong naval and air I* escort appeared off the Luzon west * i* .coast a large number of 150 man- barges attempted landings in the vicinity of Agoo and entered the Lin- if),, gayen Gulf. , ' V J "Some of them succeeded in get- ^ ting ashore," the communique said, '* adding that the attempted invasion "is J seing met with fierce resistance by l H American and Philippne troops." - ") M Fighting was reported continuing ^ near Oavap on the Island of Mindanao^-, more than 500 miles south of Manila. - One of Japan's newest targets o£ invasion is the great island o£ Borneo, familiar to sideshow fans as the home of the wild man, important to the allies as a source of rubber, sugar, oil and spices Map shown divisions and resources of this British-Dutch domain, and its position among the islands of the East Indies. President Signs New Draft Bill Senate Hears Demands to Halt- Recruiting WASHINGTON - (,1>) - President Roosevelt signed thu bill enlarging the selective service plan while the senate Monday heard demands that all recruiting be halted and that tlie nation rely entirely upon the draft to build up a war machine of 6 million men or more. Under the new law all men of 18 through 64 must register and all from '<iU through 44 are liablt for active military service. Bulletins WASHINGTON — (ff>>— The Navy said Monday that its last message from the island of Guam— received (wo days after the attack on I'earl Harbor— reported that civilians in streets and a native hospital in Agans— the capital— had been macluncguimed by enemy planes. Shipyard Strike SAN FKANC1SCO—(/P)—Soldiers with fixed bayonets, flanked by armored cars mounting machine- guns, guarded two Richmond shipyards Monday as independent welders threw a picket Jine around S bay area yards in an inter-union dispute. Soldiers guarded two other plants also. 3-Point Proposal WASHINGTON—(/P)— President lioosevclt's labor - management conference was reported Monday to have received a 3-point proposal from Senator Thomas, (D. Utah) Associate Moderator. The three points were: 1. No strikes or lockouts during war, 2. Peaceful settlement of all strikes and Uie drafting by Iloosevelt necessary machinery to insure peaceful settlements. Blasts Heard Off Maryland Explosions Shake Houses 8 Miles From Ocean OCEAN CITY, Maryland-OT-Loud explosion off shore rattled windows and slightly shook houses in this city Monday and were heard in Berlin, Maryland, 8 miles inland. Henry Burbage, garage owner, said the explosions began between 8:30 a. muiKi 10 a. m. and continued at intervals for more than an hour and a-hulf. O'lher residents said there would be three or four quick explosions then silence followed by other outbreaks. Coastguard officials would not comment. 1:31 Inches Rainfall Up to 7 o. m, Monday Up until 7 o'clock Monday morning 1:31 indies of rain fell in Hempstead county, the University of Arkansas Experiment station announced. A heavy downpour continued throughout Monday morning. Cotton By the Associated Press NEW ORLEANS Close January 1G.68 March 17,05 May 17.18 July 17.23 October 17.38 December 17.43 NEW YORK January 16.62 March 17,01' May 17.13 July 17.17 October 17.20 December 17.23 Middling Spot 18.2$ Hongkong Still Holding , '„•!' LONDON— (JP)—The Japanese were "being held" at Hongkong up ,to Tatel afternoon Sunday despite furious asV| saults, the Colonial Office announced^ New German Thrust Seen Signs Point to Drive on Gibraltar or Turkey By the Associated Press Adolf Hitler's "intuitive" of firing his army chiefton Field Marshall General Walter von Brauchitsch with thp fuehrer himself taking personal command invoked a flood of spcu- lation Monday on what the German army might do next. The least will be a strained effort to check tlie headlong retreat in Russia and the most may be a new German in another sector of battle-torn Europe — perhaps a drive through Spain against Gibraltar with the view of establishing German power in French North of Northwest Africa or a smash at Britain's Middle East via Turkey. An attempt at an invasion of Britain was also a possibility. Tlie 1 brief announcement' was on s message from Sir Mark 1 Governor of Hongkong, which was issued from the island stronghold^at 5:30 p. m. Sunday, Hongkong tune, f / With all the resistance that weaiy! Stilish empire soldiers can put against '* overwhelming odds, however, no hope * "j was held here that the crown colony^ 1 could be saved. , i Jap Planes Destroyed • RANGOON, Burma—(flV-The RAF , attacked a Japanese airbase in eastern > Thailand destroying grounded planes 1 and gasoline reserves Sunday hi the first aerial smash at enemy forces" there, it was announced Monday, How many planes the Japanese had on tlie field was not disclosed but the report said they were machinegunned from a low altitude and none escaped destruction. Nnzsi In Grave Danger NEW YORK-(/P;—A Russian break through German lines in night attacks with tanks 14 miles southeast of Leningrad has put the Nazi troops around Lake Ladoga in danger of being cut off, said a British broadcast heard by CBS Monday. The British said the sudden onslaught was cordinated with continuing Russian pressure westward from Tikhvin, 110 miles southeast of Leningrad. The German forces around Bozhaisk, 57 miles directly west of Moscow is in danger also of being cut off by Russian advances from Volokolamsk, to the north, it was added, A German division has been completely smashed in heavy Russian pressure upon Stalino, northwest of Rostov on the south front, another broadcast added. New York City has opened 15 tracks for bicyclists to keep them off the streets. Housing Group to Come Here Judge Luck to Handle Applications for County i The Southwest Aikansas Regional Housing Authority has designated Tuesday, January 20, as the day which the executive committee will meet in Hope to take applications of local persons who want to build a new home, according to Fred Luck, Hempstead county judge. The group will visit at least 14 towns and cities in southwest Ar* kansas during January, taking applications. • -, Any persons wanting information on, how to construct a new home are' advised to contact Judge Luck at • tlie courthouse or write to J, H. Shaw, executive director, Arkadelphia, Ark, < Prospective applicants will be given i all the information desired. Application cards can be obtained from Fred Luck at the Hempstead" county courthouse. The Philippine Islands were discovered by Magellan in 1521 under commission from the King of Spain, according to the Department of Commerce. CHRISTMAS SEAIS Buy now and put them on your hoj- iday mail. They cost so lit? tie but do so much. Every citizen should lend 9 helping hand in this voluntary cajn- payn. Talbot Feild, Jr., County Chairman Rev. J. E. Ha- null, City Chairman,. -I'

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