Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1941
Page 4
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prr "W* < l '<V ,v r ' m Powers Ian Future s Cordtnate Economic, Military Iflsources ' '' v,. < - . Af; What "HoUing a Bridgehead" Really Means ^SNAPSHOT GUILD Britain and Ruwtia are , t« take tcading part* la- itnc* of »nti-Axis power* ' In Washington m the i t future, it was teamed author- attempt to eonflnat* alt and economic resource* to ttt German, Japanese and on fronts which extend ; the world. in t^ — P«esUte«6 asserted IViday that a con*had been S» progm* tor a -time— for weeks at. least— among com b« ting the Axis. ..would not discuss the meetlo* conference, h<*w««\ ** tity of an iater»aili«d comma/Kit etlng In Washington to work out a strategy or conduct 08 hu«- litters Now JtBaftle Woshington to Try Prevent Wide- Jfspreod Hysteria W^ yfr JACK STINNETT (KfllSBlNGTON — The biggest wor- •rf official Washington in these ettf- pav&ore- ° f war ** feor °* widesr"""* ifeysteria throughout the nation. L A was the chief reason 1 Eoosevelt took the air the olh- ,t—to try to create calm ift « who were giving: every evi- ™, " of letting war jitters laud ;ihem into panic. a Seattle episode of a nwb T— King lighted windows wa» tine jiwrtbarst The near panic on the New «Jrk' Stock Exchange was another. ...he blackouts and bomb scares *v sflw'5'west and east coasts were all £*complfshed with evidences of over mght nerves. ; in congress, where not so „_„., hours before, war had been roted with calm deliberation, some -' lators and representatives went rbaliy berserk. It was these re- scattered, but steadily pil- ip OR the desks of govern- fueui. "officials that gave them, even [greater alarm than the reports of £enous damage to our fleet in the officials already are trying annulate rules and regulations which the people, self-impos- Pedestrian Protection- T«',Deduce Traffic Deaths Let* M Jr* TH/S YfAR CLEAN RECORD: Since pe- :' ! destrians constitute two-thirds of ^ those kflled, and half of those in- Itlujred in cities, major attention to ^ safety of those afoot will pay big «dividends in lives saved! . r V —AAA Safety Features ng .them, can »vo«! the hysteria 'resulting confusion which the enemy would s<> much like to see sprtudinit over the land. Among these, the first 1* pay no attention to rumor. The theater of war is a thousand miles and more away. Communications are disrupted. News will come ba«k stawty and will even then have to be filtered to be certain that none is given to the enemy by beipg made public.. Naturally, this leaves the door wide open for all sorts of concocotions that have little or no basis in fact. And the worst and moat damaging of the fabrications will be planted by the enemy. Federal officials say it is not impossible that American cities will be bombed and that every city should have its precautionary plans drawn and ready for instant action. BUT, they continue, without enemy bases nearby, there can be no large-scale bombing in this phase of the war While there has been no concrete evidence of Fifth Column activity yet, almost any of the cases of hysteria reported could have been touched off by enemies within. How to keep the people on guarc for Fifth Column activity without setting off a witch hunt is another one that is putting grey hairs in many Washington heads. The prime activity of the Fifth Columnists, before the armed forces arrive is to create distrust in one's Mfy un.# »•• ] sftrnw ih« i I rs. thw t-hi»< j ohuwrtist in up mew hatrwte; *< flxisi*; !o turn * Hw lUMdhhitr; '" cututUy tout c««f>«U'>n, AccwtirsB U> LnvKstiiia nstrumonl: \*t !h+j Fifth this country (nf « whi-iw ntiw <it Wust ! will bt? telS.-'/'i.'it pUtn ctmvwrsatioii ; that will h»v«? a» its phjecUvt? th««e i thinH3 mentioned m the psn'twaph .»•• ; c»>ve. And that is th<? fcini'f "f ton- j that will hav« (o be giuuni«<i ! Here again, tumor wtii pUy A part — rumor by word fit mouth, letters, and pwrruips in eireuUri folclsrs. There in one certain way of around the B'ifth CoUimni.ste. [niwt on facts. Demand proof and don't believe anything until you have if Thut.'iit least, Is what some govern- raent officials here say will curs tin- war jitters and keep them from returning. If they can be held in check for a few weeks, nntinn-wltle plans — probably through the Office of Civilian Defense — will be wwkcd out to keep them there for the duration. New Ideas for Xmas Dishes ideas That Should Click With Your Yulctido By MRS, At.e.XA,Vt>CK GfcORftK PresidenJ Fails to Attend Meet lllncst Keep* Him From Pr«$$ Club Dinner ,,,,,'V »"'i -m.*!"- ,*.v.rti- >•«• 1-..WH ^,ivj.» \'<<->-\ti-:; *' rM^'^'vn {":.,,),•„-,,,!,l'-^4 !.t:-'-~\ •< -Ml.,,1* :::••• ,v!>.VIl '* '''••> ¥•-••• sfl.i;. f *'•!.»* :: -.*>'• . ' i V.^rft * V'3''« *'') l^Vl ' ' * -!• i t <-l':l''f l-'t.«l.! >'•>•>• }>"" . ,,,, ..-,-( V I » ? i-J >:*.:t:<f <«V 'II- |i. .:- . 1 ..,J V. 1 l-.'.H « ' 'l.i.)"•»'-.»'* .. .; , '.Hi 1,<I-. -i,»-l <•!.{ ?f; f. ,-t'f •:.,,,.-, l.t,' 11,11 .1 S t *•»'.*. Jl'fU'ff' 4>*t» • !."!* ".V "t . '-tu*-. 5» <~M "t *'" ?'*Mvi : °V T 'l^ ti.t-l ,•:, '«>-'..! ' »!.! ' ' *"'»-1 -""!•' 'I'!.'' •f'l 'i.t's .1,1 V «C »->'» ?•"!'.. «•'•>»< (?,!Jl;;J>V""« --Ui'H '» ,.»'*''• '."!»* «?*•«>!(. -.->•* *,l4 t M-'j! W «••••* ii,".tj;"!!«,.|»*fc.* £ Ml »• *.-t,t ; ^U &-^ifeti? ""' Emergency Call "• 7.XW5'.\ f,.i .!- JTt•.,-..',» •:{• ?«•>*.. •;,t •''•.,"•:!, i I*: ,v.v; ^V'/.'V;' -\:^. v £'.'->i.tu M : if h i tU.y :Sp»?V'iT*l*i»S W1 , with the nwny ' Herns .'iris «)m«> numbers lrw»'. «jv>u'-l click with your m«;iU cm truit '.'eativv ;• tiity T i Holly Cotttf Brirsd i Holly Coffrv Brrarf cars he roado « ! day Mhend. Mix 3 cups fi.-iur. 6 tru- t? rnigh? no? rtSfiiinK not**, spoons bak.nss powder. Stilt, 1-3 cup stig;u, n,»nntr>. Mix in 2 v^gs. hc.<tcn. I cups milk and -I tablespoons fat. melt- ! <><•«• t-'wr niic ihi! «i!|v It V •? w ,15 it «e*«p««)n | lle , vt , r m<irp ytnsrut trwn 000 eln ;|n.«hl. When i( h*-t:*irru - knowtl (hit the • | -'»">'- S Boston Tea Party American colonists carried out the Boston tea party in protest against a British tax on tea, despite the price of tea being lower after the tax than before it was levied. I «1. Bake in greased mold. 33 min- ! f ' r f s " 1 ' ;llt '• volll 'l "'" '* »*'!' utes in mcxlerulc oven. C«)l. front i the cluh nu "'° Arv rt n«.- mt -i;t s to h.iv,: with thin c..wlinB of confectioner's | « r e«« ln *' "'>•' »ne bri.-f skit "(Ut*.! iting. sprinkle with chopped ruiU and f lnto " '^« Wiulc House to U« -frl- •F9« f •• ~ • T.%. j] * . .»- «, , j>-_- ti-.^" ..t.l ,. • 1—,. ., 1 .»„* f>. OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams jrt.tog*>t5wr* with U . I'utrnviU.ttic tnetvU ^''.4 f'< . th-^n "feilow m<;rrii«r. F, 1) H who f ; « .;,;<«* Nofhtng Too Good For Our Boy K 5"T^ 'IUJ A *i. \'- *.;'*.ra • V". 'A' >•-*•-••* pi.e*.^ r-i'»tUi *•.•;-• •* '*i- *»;*>•* n ' ^ % :f ^jfi-'v • j? f--7 ; * ; i 'l.;j Hi £; ;-;l * f\ $*'it-"-, J '-'-'•" 'V ~ *;*'#, ? -i' : '* : • f^ Jf'".*^ sr. 4 fc-w -r- *n*Kj w!-* * %*1 a .- n-^ruwry f^-.c t>t:>-:\f H^- 'Ii-ln'l *.4rEt' h'.'t". h»-Vet*" -S" }-«" !:-^'h'-*-'i v*r;,l *;H,'*? t*-'5 * -' C'l a^ .-.irvU^-r Aiu-1 f ; "'i^ (v:t-;u-. ^.^ t;^ , '•i-'>Ji; - ^-t-- Sri-Si* •W-.-t.' 'i' :' ; ii-*( ^•v.tf' 1 ! ^.t .:- «:..,? ^W f -'-y-^r '*: ^ •:*• -&\ '. .?,:'•.! T #>.? • ^»- i' >^| *• «.-5'' i?'M >• •*; iw A !i?i, IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 TV, .;.-=•!•»•« a'-e*>» ..< H.-'-'S lU?:.-*-. ArV H II MCU. !.!!•:•«. 11 A & F HT I»w membvr" could »t Icust dates and f^hion citron "holly" strips for stems and leaves, and halves of b "* f " U ' a " f * hilt " .« fMxl " inc K< : candied cherries for the berries. Serve; cold or reheat 5 minutes in paper sack or covered pan. Stuffed Cranberry .Molds: Pour cranberry jelly into cups or FOUND OUT TODAY WHY IT'S SO PER ©OLDIE TO BE SUCH A AM' STUPP—HE IT/ Hl^ MA NEVER <SlTS EXCITED ER- WELL, HE'S J>S' UKE HER/ WELL, JT A»h4'T MUCH TROUBLE FER. A <SUV THAT DON'T HAVE TO J=|£>HT OFF-NO— WELL, WAIT NOW — WAIT-I UH~ THE PIPLQMAT, small baking dishes. Chill until serving time, tlnmold on shallow tray, remove centers and pile full of chilled crushed pineapple mixed with finely diced celery, broken English walnuts and salad dressing. Garnish with holly or cress. How about a noodle rnig or rice mold in place of the usual mashed potatoes? The family might welcome the change. A sprinkling of crumbled bacon on top of broccoli, brussels sprouts, on- ons or cauliflower, will bring favor- ble comments. Fill the kitchen red mixing bowl with salad greens, chilled and marin- ted for an hour or longer with tart 'rench dressing with a "whisper" of jBrlic and horseradish. Top with a ooinsettia of pimientos cut into strips. Eggnog Dessert: Beat 4 egg yolks, idd J /4 teaspoon salt, V-> cup sugar, Vfe up boiling water, Vi teaspoon grated .range rind. Cook in double boiler until thick and creamy. Stir constant- y. Add 1 tablespoon gelatin soaked i minutes in Vi cup cold water. Mix .horoughly and cool until partly thick. Beat 4 egg whites, add Va cup sugar md beat until creamy. Fold into gelatin blend, chill until firm, add 1 .ablespooij rum and pour in'.o baked _jic shell. Chill until firm. Spi inkle with 1-8 teaspoon nutmeg and spread with whipped cream. Hot Wine Sauce for fruit Mix V> cinf butter with a cup sugai arid cup boiling water. Cook slowly until syrupy, add an eyy yolk (beaten ) and 3 tablespoons sherry. Stir and cook a minute, add .speck o salt and serve hot. Sway back Hogs The Chinese consider the belly the . w«s missing. The grrcling wms on by club Prt-xKleiit MclcKiurno Chriaterson. The little skit, in which the club kidded itself for the cm-thc- record nuture of its weekly of f- the- record luncheons witli high government officials and prominent world figures, was put on. Then the club lid its guest of honor 'Adios" with a musical toast, written by two of the icmbcrs. But the President would none of it. He made the club stay "on the air" or its absent member and throughout he evening kept up a running fire of messiiges that probably added up to nore wordage than the President ever .as spoken at any of the annual dinners which are strictly informal and nclude no long spechcs from any nc. At one point when Speaker Sam iayburn, who represented the Pros- dent, was referring to as "rattling around in the Presidents 'chair," the President sent up a message saying, 'There's nothing in this rattling, around business; how can there be any when we are both in the same Hitler Addresses Reichstag At another time Marvin H. Me- Intyre, the President's secretary, backed by Hayburn, Cormnercc Secretary Jesse Jones, and Rep. Percy Priest, of Tennessee, led the parly in singing "Home On the Kange," which was associated with one of the President's campaigns. The President showed his approval with a that read, "Tell Mac thai since 1935, nobody except Mae could be found to lead in 'Home On the Range.' The copyright has run out." Probably climax of the messages, however, wa.s that onu that came up right after the singing of the toast. "I am deeply appreciative of Bill Coylo's toast." said the Pi evident. "Did llu; mi'inhers ever play the game of furfcils? Hoc is my forfeit for nut Citing there tonight: 1 will WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cent* per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, ArkfUfuis WANT A CHRISTMAS PIANO? Thit Modtl J34 S coih or Icrnu: $34.50 Down $19.38 Monthly. Drop us a curd for Catalogs and full infm motion. Quality makes by STEINWAY. HADDOKFF, CABLE, WUKUTZKH. Used I'hmos, $75 up. Terms 10. Broad Ti-xm kana, Ark. DRS. CHAS, A. & ETTA E. CHAMPLIN Ostcuputliic HOPE, ARKANSAS 404 South Elm St. Telephone 459 J. 11C V-IAJ-lJ 1 -*"^ WV**>J *«-»*•* •.tf^, fl tl ' I .. y most valuable part of a hog, .so they sins a .sons at the next il.mier. I ma.v pmvosely breed sway-back hogs with get expelled from the club but it correspondingly large bellies. | might be a popular skit, lor that NEA Service Toiopnoio The moment when Adolf Hitler, addressing the Ueichstajj in Kroll Opera Ilrusc in Berlui, Ueveiuber HUi, declureU war against the (j'nileU States. The declaration, incidentally, put an end to ladio Iraiisiuission of pictures from Berlin to New Vork, Uujs plioto beina radioed from Berlin to Buenos Aires and then speeded to New York by <iijrmuU, ALLIED BATTERIES As low As $^.4'J Kx. (Batteries Kcchurgcd 50c) lOklahomo Tire & Supply Qp. Associate Store Bob Etoore, Owner — Hope

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