Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1941
Page 2
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;^ veu ttu, tm con tefc toorty inn* Won* *fc toik «»> stuu tittr. MIT on Ads ecah tn cdvons», Ntof «afe*»* S*** if** ForSoU USED €&ait%, Taublw*. Slav**, and many eftet it»m« »B ia whh e«a»un«W* *»* CX>., South Elm is* PER cribw I^»« ttwta, A. J TRHOE, ^ in good eentfitrtw, Witt &« ftto t-ash. Luck's TOHTW{ Court SI. AtwoatAte SHOT oy Two bamfcj. 28 IncH 28 ineb. 8ull Pejifecoat Pfeone IS! o« 213- DEER TRACTOR, .MOOEt IS, implement. *£tm unty «rn» Accwunt ot \»tt very littte. C&aS $ESa WiJJ .tafc« $900. L«svcctes;a hay. cut tarlj ' jr. Emmet, Boat* t. For Sole Miscl. PEDIGRSSD Ppeseab. WiE fcaW t&t Ewflryt tf duatewt Chtrara and Padgitts Kenneia I i COCKER SPANIEL Meat Chtistnwa, spft f«a one SQ8-J. JBra. DuvUi l«}^ East 3ttt. B-«tc > ^ t For Sole or Rent fSQACPES OF UVKD WPTH GOOD : house, joins Experiment Station an. , See T. S. McEtavitt 'Token Up CK. ANI> WHITE HOLSTECt cow. Weight about 300 pouads SUt Jones, 5H Sbuth Shover atseet Trailers For Sole NEW 8s USED HOUSE American Stage Coaches |and Roy Cralfk Prices from $200 up, s^^See Th^bna SMm Vaflor Camo, Highway f Hope, Phone 22F-2. 8-3Qtp oir iJisFLAy — FULL LUCE T Bros, l^aaet Coaches. CaU -while we hairs several models to select from. Lack's Tourist Court 18-FOOT TRAILER. WELL , constructed. Modern, reasonable. Located at 215 North Elm. See 1. r Sothertni. 18-3tp For Rent , FURNISHED COTTAGE, IN •>, city, on, cid Fulton road. For couple K. Brown. 17-3tc- I'fRONT BEDROOM, ADJOINING ftlvbath. Two gentlemen or working f: ! *coaple. Call 73 or come to 1101 W. "s & tth. after 7 o'clock. 15-3tdh ROOM FURNISHED APART- private bath. Adults only. One mfle east of Hope, on hJg fU way 67 near overpass. C. G. Coop**' 20-3tp M^V^W/t^ --„*••' * r >V ]^ ?*'Vi ^ *«. » J *«**«*«»•>» * %*** < ! »l* >*«,*, ^ "fl"™ thtttmr rwwi ourt ^'uifs.a' BLONDIi i*"'v nib Solcsnton V/ont«J '< J "'' •'"<»' "t'tf UK BOOTS AND HfR BUODIIS , , a*!- Ct«uiti.y. Ark^nwrn. ! Th« jwojH«ift)i will for •«!« u will b« r»(a-.]'t(fU to thp Court f-.»r i aiaiorv ;ui«t apyroviil. A! :jtt i!n«-hiiif r,f chw mineral rights will RED RYDER ROOM FURNISHED APART- J19 a month. Two miles on Hffl road. W. H. Bryant 20-3tp PEQROOM FOR COUPLE, OR GEN- ttemen, three blocks from town, 6 West Ave. D. 19-«tdh anew, Rawte)«h'<» D«pt AKA-US-AJ, Mumphis, Ttnn. Answer to Cranium Crackers QIWH&MV* on fvtt One L GnraCfe haw no vocat , 2. Penguin Uwk* t»k» jtV ttrts- Md formal. 3. Kangartvo, ft-om Australia. carries young in pouch. 4. Ostrich is •itw.'s bi|(g»sl! bird, 5. Hyena is toughing anirruit, Bring us your Skk WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair servic* very reasooahle. PERKISON'S JEWEURY STORE 238 South Watonl RENT/ WANT-ADS TilR.MS OF SALE; On a criwlit «f tttPee niytttjxs, tii^ pUJrc^ui.^r b*Mj\jj F*- (tuureci to by Uw and the fjrdsr ami rlecFsu «>( said Court in said CAUCW, with jg- provtd security, bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, ami a lien being retained on she premises sold U» secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 5th ,J ;i y of December. A. D. mi. J. H. BYEHS Commissioner in Chancery. Dec. 6, 13, 20. SWf OUR BOARDING HOUSE wit b. '_!_• M?j? r Hooole // QUlCKj DOM'T NAB IT'S OUST TOO SAO TOR THE STUPIO/ TKEV RUN LIKE: WILD *\x-' WMAT'UL T DO ABOUT MV CHARITV WITH NO TURKEYS T COULD HAPPEN* —- ^ ^ '* "^By NEA SeSVlCf. INC. J. M. REO. W. 9. PAT. Off. _.u^TT^;Y-3£. v^ < y-^:'-r 0 ,^5-^, ^ ? • KXl &i ^ ^^^l^c?^^ ^^-^-^^-c 3 ? ~s. ED TD !<i^u ng;?' Poge One Ncv/s By Fred Harmon L Sig.ViA « T> -».;- vj \v -"* / R,r: O* «%>..*..'„ -,-.^"-'. .C. ALLEY OOP Two Minds With a Single Thought W MEN IMTQ FOLLOWING HIM TO THEIR / Of ALLTH£ LOWDOWN), DIABOLICAL. INJ SPITE OP WOPPO'S- MAD PASH TO REJO1W HIS TROOPS, HE ARRIVED TOO LATE .-THE ENGLISH FREE MEM HAD PpWE- THEIR WORK WELL ^ JOKJIHILATED.'.' BLACK <5UAED.., . WAIT'LL KlMG JOHM WIPEP OUT TO A MAW/ OH.OH.' SO THAT'S WHY THAT IvttJGWORE MV .i^m.-aTjj- .,»/gr. ByV.T. Hamlin »f- ; v5" r ' "5 ^ o-i .;^;F I'VE GOT TO GET BACK V'fc&>Ci^^^^E' „ Jl S TlMfc 1 c?,^ . TO MEADQUWrrERS QUICkC.' " •'* f ™™*< l *'*( BACK. To ALLC-V AMD^T-i , .?% ' I'LL TAKE A SHORT CUT /A I THE BAROMS.. III. V*'^ .r^d. THROU&H THESE / / flEAWWHlLE. \ JUST TAKE A SH^ WOODS/ >da ' OODLA, V^CLTT THRT-UGH -Km&m ^*«»«» THE EKJGLISH COUWTRYSIDG, HAD TURWED HEE. PRE- ^fZKUM'J V b 0 HISTORIC STEED H '^ W^XP^'^V • BACK TOWARD •• : f ^Wl,f< T\V-^ '• > v HEK STAfcTIMG ^K "'-'^ '''' \ ) A'v? POIMT, 8VOOSH ^T / •'"'-'W ^'i MAKJOR. ^™ x • .- • JvW -> ^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS COPS. 1941 By HfA 81 BEC. U. 6. P*r. Off. Like Father — Like Son m* ^U-^g -M^rd^n'- -^ ^ *-'A(.H"^»" n -* o ••= I WWY ARE WE STOPPiMQ HER? , FRECKLES ? I WE ARE—-BUT POP THoueur WE WERE eowe THINKS THE BLUE To THE RIVIERA BLUB ; POOM ROOM .' HE SAIP TO ME *YOU'RE' QOIHG TO COMMUNITY HALL, ARENT YOUf" AND X SAID^ "^ ws ^ '^.^ife '/U-^Ht,' ''I • By Merrill Blosser ( WHERE J DID you LEARN i THAT Po^ FOOLED MIS FATHER THAT WAY- AMD WpAT'i GOOD ENOUGH FOR. POP, TRICK ? / is GOOD EMOUGIH FOR ME / THIS MAKES IT LEGAL. AND SATISFIES MV

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