Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1941
Page 1
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News Given impartially by Associated ^^w - ._ ....-...-•..!,! • . ;."""* •*-*T*t*vt^si Kfucrprisg /\SS n r r\ IV*. C. ^/^ V* Vyf^ T v r jPjf! ongkong Forces Holding ••••• •• • -• ••—-—-—-.-- ,.,,,_. +,,,..-, . ^^ ^a^^^^^m^xk ,-. „„„ _. f * ~~™ ————— ..._ - ^•I^^F'oaif .„ ._.-____„—_— •*.... ^ i i /- X-N/V ^ . -I~~~ — o ^^^*7t«rc f Hope Star The Weather Fair and slightly warmer in „.„ north and central portion Saturday night. W liVI '£Sfa HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 20 1941 Our Doily Bread »r **••>• "-t^o *™ •** ****** f 'Ian Downfall (f Mussolini to Conclude Peoc« British Rout Axis Forces on Libyan Front Demo Captured; Imperial Troops Within 100 Miles of Bengasi L/. S. Off to Good Start on Plan for Farm Defense Program, Says the Secretary of Agriculture VA7' I I f . .. . " : -• - *~ Wickard Sees 'Harder Work — Fair Rewards' for Agriculture ? < I.AfW: It. M'ICKAIW tlljl WiJ.J, , . tv ut.ii>ult wtwh. f«T in «jy for m' «(£ *«'v>t if* ,,. '< u * *' lft -''* ! 'Smi'n'Mi£ t-Ijt'trti^Jv tfot- ("ij.-i M cm). JI.HII in «,,. t.% !».»•!.« ,it : «„- j.v.atf fam j MjV.ii, W til-- tJ'H? W(JS»-!St bltlM-11, t>V<»T nui fair Khare t»f ivi^, t ( j o b Hie un- -rinViMi. (>ir ««- l»uf.(Jwtt*. wf J V-^.M"±, v-*j ,^ -' « j->"'-:MU<*.l.<l>V, *.i *.A«if: t^« ,i 4 . '« it-' «. -'IS'./^ ll-tntf! 'mi') »..»*: fc .--,,»>•) «..,d 1,1 «• )tAK ; « v .ij« ». i. (..«.»-..,.» .4 j<,J •*~k ?}>r Jf't'/'fH*.f.UrK:JM 1-^,: t tl.t'1, stsif'i |.K.;£:Vtt Ui , »1wr it. Ol.J»tM nslitwifc, $umni will) us ' it. <«« i\j-uu£lt*, nci-d Amwiwtn foud; | wt thuc.1 j>it*kjci' trinrt> u> wi|»}>! ;. <«*»<». Wr (ujntiot full \i'i i .. * , *^ c ;jij* r A l.iVtf) r.t«M ftfj |j*r J< : iK'fc'w*! .jlii *uh»lri|.'| ti.» jftiO] i* tillr'li<rf4 ill 3**4i'.. 1<,i JtM-C'l th* x fo ttifckt. w»mr :*r.fyu*.U*' |.iti«Ul<-1i<tn In :MiCr! 1 TM't vrt U> tbti to ID out J.M2 and Word From City Proves Report of Japs False Dutch London ' ; Sara wok; New 4 Attack on U. S. - i Mindanao Island on top of in- tete Paper Nfeto Begin toy Scouf i fo Conduct House to Houto Compoign , AJi HiihC- runwil fir*fi$i^(! Ui \ti f.Hiurp Uftf'j W»!.i*i4,'Vi> *t!TVCi tor .*-. Thr picture, tai the American fwmcr look* forward lo 1912, is bath komtitt! M«h war's darkness and bright with the promise of victory. J (Vi hools Spend f ^9 for Seals lHhristmas Seal |Campaign Continues in Hempstead " » wr«!i turnrd in In Cnumy office of lh.- iilni>s !is,WM-i.iti(in Kii- * wric u-|«u|rd. id J. K. llamill, city I of tin- drive, announced lh.il ) ...Indent..; ux-eipl.s lo0: lirookwood, ^9; Paisley ' ' l.y, JI1.20. Ihe I'Kvd coinniillee. the . urged all people who ie- |)c Chi istnuus seals to send lo Ihe office of tlie tan, TallK.t Feild, Jr. etins NUTON-M'j-The Navy »'"t U. S. sub- sunk an additional s » >orl - Tllcrl! WITC no plljjiinounccd earlier in the Ittjjftl U. S. suliniarines were " g In Japiinese tvatci's and JjCoyed one transport and " ' i destroyer. Thus the 01 led \\-ux the second (o ^. Jy U. S. submarine ac- TKt r»»1 lw> h;fl4>' laic*) . . - r»>>»i)n*Hj «rn>>-. tht 1*^! K«n>|v knew. ,Si,IJiir.|; lu.i| failuir all( j tr | rrw j . n< ,it,. ing Nil J»ihiie *n'! <riir*\~nnllning th»t i». t, l( i T,, m IVit.c'iu defiant r «nil ao.i WasJ.-.neK.n'jt indomiUhlc cvur- *ff, and ll«- rt»(UfnI MuMxtninr** t>l o fi.iij.lr <>! Umtjvand pJam, ordinary r^.plr whn hlrw ihctr ffnirn luralh • •n ll-.nr tiuckit) and M<H.vi,v finsett.. and nullified, mid wrnl forward lo win the. Hat HP ( .( Tunlnn. In *.> |j«r as i| M-rvrx to pi event ic|>rtitliin. let us fn,d (M1( w |, y wc 1'iM I'Mli.y's Korl I,ep i.t llawiiii. Ilut Ifl i« H« f<iiw,,i,j (,, v,.,,, i.Hiay-j. l'»tlle of Trenton, lumonow's Yorktown. 300 Attend SPG Cage Games Friday Night In the second round of the- SI'C! league played at the high school Friday niKht the Ciinliiicior's GUN imd Oil team proved easy for the Engineering department of the same firm losing 21 to 13. The A & E office team lost to the War Department 2!) to 13 whik the Contractor's Accounting department walloped the A & E "field department 25 to 18. More than 30U at tended Die games Coaches Ifammons and Brasher refereed and E. D. Lord was timekeeper. District Singing at Garrett Church Here The Regular District Singing will be held at the Garrett Memorial Baptist church on Sunday, December 20 at 2:00 o'clock. Public is invited. Said Santa, "You never can guess What presents I'm planning for Hess—, „ Scales and a tail, A terrible wail, a ticket (one-way) to Loch Ness." MYS TIU, CHRISTMAS A tii Auto Accident Fatal to Two Cor, Bus Meet Killing 2 Youths, Injuring One PORTAGEVILU;. M». -^~ C ; ,,l Bumrnih, 17, Mar plo.vrr on the Port, «KPVI|! high N-bwl hiukctball lci,m I and Hiunr* Giivin. 17, student in th;,t JK.-|IW»|. WCIP lulled and f.evci«l IK-I- JKirm on the Memphu-SL Louin Grey- h-uind Bin, wtce injured when the aiiUmiohtlo U,r two boy* cn-cupied i<nd the bur, collided hradon nc«r here shortly U-(,,ir miihnghl Kriday. The kludcnl.s \vrrc rrlurninj; home from M.-ildcn where the two teams met curlier in llx- nishl. I'M! HOKI-I>, of Memphis, driver of the bus. WHb slightly injured. Kinser Is Member of U of A Orchestra KAYETTKVILLE - Tommy Kinder, llope, student i.t University of Ar- kiin.v.s is u member of the Varsity C-lub, university dacne orchcatrii which is makinj; its sixth annual Chi i.stmi,.s lour of Ihe state. Kinser I'lay.s the .snxaphone. Itecord Kain World record rainfall was in July, 1J11, when 4G inches of rain fell in the Philippines within 24 hours, and 88 inches within 4 days. The Australian national bird, the emu, cannot fly. »«» lv u> • , we? found wv cotton, wheat, (JtiKJucf mots milk j >'w. rvi»j.MM Mcd «nd dri«l milk; j >"K» !>i> irtt'st 4«nd lard; more !.H <-»!iri!ng Wr rxr*cte<J thai P<*ij*. fjf VPfirt-Rblt? oiljfc would. s'Jv ;r<hut<) by 0>e war. and jiitmitrd f«»f tiig ir>er<?iu*j* in >f tn/jbt-aiis and peanut* SPGProject 75% Complete *,. Workers Endeavor to Keep Pace With Defense Speedup Endeavoring to keep pace with the ftccclarslcd national program of defense conMruction, workers at the Southwestern Proving Ground are bending every effort to bring the project to completion at the earliest possible date, according to Major Werner C. Streckcr. C. E. P. E. The Major stated that every employee seems conscious of the fact that his job is an integral part of the total duc'lion for 1942. The report* win- pfforl and '" a n'f<*ls an apparent milted by your neighbors who did i „."'," to co »"''bute his bit in as the furm-to-fann canvass shows, that j c f' lclc "t and rapid a fashion as pos- your loial production plans meet the! 5 1942 gn;.ls with margins lo spare. i Work in the field has been some- You know there arc difficulties what hampered during the past few nheud before Ihc plans on paper be- days due to inclement weather. Con- come foid on Ihc table. We're not | sidcrable rain has at times almost coins lo lw able to hire as much i precluded extensive dirt moving oper- Klullcd farm labor next year ns we'd j nvions .but full advantage is being like, ll may be that we can trwin | tiikon of every minute that (he mach- Tbc lota) r«™hirti<m ttx-n , foi 1»C rr|u ntrtitrd « net mrtruse of Ahn«i( tw<> jxrr cent nvrr the rocord iiiKTi production of 1M1. but the job (•<.>nl<! IK done without plowing tip any mnrr l»rid. In gc-nt-r^t. the 1942 pro- dijrUnn giial* a* planned still l»old C<«»d We may hnvc to rcvifcc them upward in t*omc lincik, and as this is written, wo arc Eoinc over them. \Vc iJvjtU nnilfy farmers of the revisions wrl! in advance of pluming mite. You farmers were as,kwl to plan your individual production to have a pinportinnate part in Ihe adjusted pro Ixiys, and young women from the cities to help in farm work. Hut regardless of Ihe kind of help we got, 1 can't .sec any sure substitute for loiiKfr hours and harder work on . Ihe part of every member of the farm 1 family. You're not going to be able to buy Cranium Crackers lioo's Wlio Wintertime in the zoo finds the bc;ir curled p for a long winter snooze, and other animals quarter ccl indoors. Let's take a trip over there and see how many of the animals we recognize in this snowy setting . 1. The animal in the zoo with the longest neck cun't make a sound and it isn't because it has laryngitis. What is its name and why isn't it in good vocic? 2. One of the birds in the zoo dotes on winter weather, and looks like it's dressed formal for it. What is it? 3. While it's winter here, it's summertime back home for a certain jumping animal that carries its young in a pouch. Name this one and tell where it comes from. 4. Biggest of the zoo's birds flaps its wings in the summertime to keep cool and has a kick like a horse. It doesn't need to flap its wings now, but can you name it? 5. A certain animal thinks this is all very funny, and laughs quito hysterically. Name it. Answers OM COMUC Page much new farm machinery as you'd like, because the metals have to inery can be kept moving. On n basis of a stale of completion at which all facilities may be put into operation, the overall picture shows the project to be approximately This figure complete "turn-key" job, but - dicaics that 75 per cent of the work 75 per cent complete. does not represent a into war production. We ho|K- there will be plenty for repair purls, but you should cerliiinly get as many spare purls as possible ordered early in the year. NII "Wur Boom" Prices You're not being asked to step up productio nof Ihc vital farm products and lake a risk on the price. The basic crops, cotton, wheat, corn, rice, and tobacco have a floor under them at 85 per cent of parity, established by the loan rate. Cheese, dried skim milk, evaporated milk, hogs, eggs and chickens, are supported at 85 per ccnl of parity by purchases. There is reason to believe that the demand for most farm commodities will hold prices well above the supporting level. Supplies of feed are adequate and the ratio of feed cost to the price of livestock products is favorable to increased production. 1 don't think farmers want to see farm proccs skyrocket, as they did in World War I. Too many of us lost our shirts and our farms in the crash that followed the last war. We are anxious to avoid it again. We want parity prices, but we'll not push for more than parity. That is my interpretation of the sentiment of most farmers, and it is the basis on which the policies of the Department of Agriculture are founded. Abundant production to meet urgent needs is the request the nation makes of you; the reward parity prices for farm products. go necessary to putting the entire job in such Mate that it may be used, has accomplished. Forty facilities on the project are 80 per cent complete, and to dale there ar« thirty-one facilities which arc between Gl per cent and 87 per cent completed, with eighteen «ddit- ional^ facilities between 31 per cent cent complete. Prelimin- tion has been accomplish- on the remaining facilities, bu i'l'c yet under the 30 per ccn $ By the Associated Press h In the first word flashed frL,, siege-bound Hongkong in 24-houW Governor Sir Mark Young reported that the Biitish Far East strongholds, was still holding out Saturday while/ Japanese dispatches pictured the is-" land Malaya capital as in flames and declared the Jap flag was flying over Hongkong harbor. *"5*?' The official Japanese news agency, Domei, acknowledged, however that the expected fall of the colony had 5 been staved off by their stubborn* defense. f < rtt Far to the south seaborne Duteh"S troops were reported to have made a*" sunwise attack in northern Borneo and captued some Japanese invaders who landed earlier in the week in British Sarawak. Dutch Inflict Heavy Blows j <","' Dutch bombers also were reported to have inflicted smashing blows on, .. Japanese warships and troop trans-V** ports off Sarawak. The siege of Hongkong, a TokVo?' broadcast said, the British garrison' was encircled on Mount Victoria, ih<" the heart of the city, and that Jap- 11 , anese troops had occupied the restX- of the city. Victoria is the capital. o£ rv the colony. * \* •> ^ Tokyo press dispatches said trucks f, were carrying the disarmed British "troops through the city's streets from the fighting zone and reported that fire largely destroyed the main office of the Hongkong and Shanghai? Banking Corp. and large Cotton By the Associated Press January March May Close 17.02 """" 1747 17.21 October ............................................ 17,35 December .................................... mark. Construction of the sewer and water systems has reached the point whore ail lines are in the ground and completion of tho entire systems is progressing on or better than schedule. The electrical distribution system has been pushed to the extent that il is now approximately 70 pel cent complete. With favorable weather, seven or eight more working days should sec the runways at the airport poured, and probably the most tedious end of airport construction thereby accomplished. All employees on the project are responding in a most gratifying manner to the invitations to purchase defense bonds and stamps. No effort toward promoting the sale has been taken on the project other than having them available on the reservation. Arrangements were made with the post master of Hope, whereby the stamps and bonds could be sold on the project, and many employees are taking advantage of the convenience offered by this arrangement. In the past four days personnel employed on the project have laid close to $1500 on the line for purchase of these defense issues. With only four more shopping days -intil Christmas, employees of the W. E. Callahan Construction Com- iany went into town this week with nore than ?228,000 in their pockets. (Continued on page four) White Xmas at 1st Methodist List of Items All Departments Are to Bring The First Methodist 'church wil hold a White Christmas at the churcl at 5:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon December 21. Mrs. J. E. Ward, who has charge of it, has announced the following Hems which the various departments of the church are requested to bring: Nursery and Beginner's Department—fresh fruit. Primary Department—canned fruit and oatmeal. Junior Department—canned vegetables. Junior High Department—Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, and meal. Young People's Department—sugar. Mrs. Lester's class—sugar. Mrs. Graves' Class—sugar. Mrs. Thompson's Class—lard. Mrs. Arnold's Class—flour. Men's Classes—money. ••»••• Fine mechanisms, such as watches, use whale oil for lubrication. A Thought One thing thou lackest; go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up thy cross, and follow me.—Mark 10;21,' Dealers Warned to Register Registeration Form All Business Houses Must File Many merchants and installmen dealers have not yet filed form FR- 563 which is their registration to do business. These forms must be filed ith the Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis, Mo on or before Dec. 31, 3941. There is a penalty of 510,000 fine and a pen- Uentary sentence for failure to secure a license to continue in bus- after December 31. This applies only to merchants, banks, dealers, loan and finance companies who do an installment credit business. The forms may be obtained, without cost, from the bank above named. Postoffice to Stay Open Three Nights For the convenience of Hope citizens the postoffice will remain open at night until 8 p. m., Robert Wilson, postmaster, announced Saturday. The parcel post and stamp windows will remain open until 8 p. in. on. Saturday, Monday and Tuesday nights, it was announced. Children in Grand Rapids, Mich., primary school direct their own study periods. Governor Doesn't Flee" • •, «•« The governor of Hongkong repor#-|M ed by telegraph Saturday -that otfer- v ations were proceeding on the is-"' land, the British Colonial Office in London announced. "The governor wishes it to be i known that the Japanese story tnat „ he left the island is false." T „ A Berlin broadcast Friday, quoted '•* Tokyo reports that he had fled the • colony, alUeady half overrun by Japi--* anese forces. ,/ TT In c the . American Philippine theater U. S. Army headquarters reported heavy fighting developed at the pre- > dormnately Japanese city of Davao k -' on Mindanao Island, 600 miles south ' of Manila where four enemy trans- Ports landed swarms of troops at dawn Saturday. i An official Tokyo broadcast said the invaders were smashing the resis^ tance of U. S. army forces and that the situation was rapidly turning in avor of the Japanese. Chinese Attack CHUNGKING - Off) - Chinese army icadquarteis announced Saturday hat Chinese forces were pressing along the Canton-Kowloon railway m an effort to lelicve the British on the island of Hongkong. Chinese forces weie on their way into Shumchum Friday on the mam.-' land border of the Biitish colony. « Official repoits said the Chinese de- 1 suoyed the Japanese defenses there' and burned the railway station and blew up an amumtion dump. The assault had immediate effect m foicmg the Japanese to msh rein-- foi cements from the Hongkong and fighting developed northeast Shumchun, the Chinese said. The Chinese now are attacking Jap*» anese positions 10 miles northeast of Shumchun. Negro Xmas Seal Committee Organized As the seal campaign nears an eud Hope negioes were uiged to buy Chiistmas seals to help further the fight against tuberculosis. ' Undei the duecuon of Rep. Talpot Feild, Jr, chauman of the Hempstead drive, the negio chamber of commerce organized a unit for sales among the negro citizens The workers aie R C Lewis, K. J. I. Blake- , < ley, Eaily Mae Poindexter, Ora La,f 'S cour, Floune Simpson, Ellis Brown, Jim Jones, and Peuy Joshua, Ten thousand printing operations are needed to produce the oil com- lany road maps distributed today. CHRISTMAS fro/erf Home frooj Buy now and put them on your holiday maU. They cost so lit-; tie but do so much, Every citi?ei* should lend a helping hand in th~is voluntary c^sv,- payn. Talb,ot FeUd, Jr., County Chawmajg, Rev. J. E. Ha. mill, City ChaJr- •• I Is I

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