Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Hope |§ Star Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. ConaolldMea Jwrowy M. M* O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every •we^k-day afternoon fcy Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. S, Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building. Z12-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and P*trtlsh« (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise As8*n. Subscription Bate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week I5c; per month 6Sc; one year S8.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Milkr and LaFayette counties, 53.50,per year; elsewhere 16.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively en- Btled to the use for republicatlon of all neWs dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made tor an. tributes, cards oJ thanks, resolutions, or menforials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in, the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or ffie lafe-fceeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Turning Hatred On and Off Like a Water Tap Amonp the things that can I-P learned from thp European situation, and not the least of its unmitigated horrors, is the demonstration of, how hatred can be turned on and off at will by those governments which completely controls press and radio. There is something that makes a free man shiver in his boots to watch the manipulation of vast masses of people as though they were nothing but rows c;f, photoelectric cells, reacting involuntarily to whatever rays of light their masters, care to throw upon them. For instance, recall the press campaign in Germany just before the seizure of'Czeehoslovakia. All of a .sudden, and unison, all the German papers blos- orhed with stories about the abuse of Germans in the Sudeten areas by the dominant Czech. They were given no jobs ( they were left to starve in hovels they were subject to actual physical abuse, they were oppressed in various ways. The German people dutifully reacted with a wave of anti-Czech feeling, and were ready to support Hen- Hitler in any move he might make to remedy this "situation." During the present crisis, the German papers have been flooded once again with exactly the- same stories of Polish oppression of German minorities in Poland; the Corridor, OP Danzig. Whether these same old stories, with merely the setting changed, have succeded in inflaming the German people sufficiently, we cannot yet tell. But that is their deliberate purpose, and it has worked with stupefying sucess in the past. In the Rxissian-German situation, the same thing has been visible. For 10 years at least, the German papers have been filled with stories describing the bestail and blood-thirsty depravity of the Russians. And the Russian press has abused the German Fascits in almost the same terms. After Iz years of this, the head men in the two countries get together in a deal. The official Pravada in Russia congratulates the people that the obstacles which the nasty old democratic countries had been inter posing between them and Germany have at last been removed, and that now they can love the Germans just as they had wanted to all the time. Germans of official standing-hail each other, perhaps a bit sheepishly, with "Heil Hitler! Rot Front!" (Hail Hitler! Red Front!) Even the Russian exhibit at the New York Fair, which has been showing "Professor Mamloek." a violently anti-Nazi picture made in Russia, suddenly withdraws it and begins showing "Lenin in 1917." It ia just a coincidence, insist attaches. Much the same sort of coincidence i one supposes, as brought lha.Russian-German anti-aggression pact just at the most critical moment of. the. Danzig affair. Nothing is too ridiculous to be believed if it is said loudly enough and often enough. People brought up in countries in which the state monopolizes propaganda have been reduced to a gelatinous mental state in which an order, "You will begin on Friday at 2 p. m. to hate the Laplanders," would be obeyed without question. The hatred would be produced just like turning on the water in the tap. One glimpse of this state of affairs should make Americans cling to their free press, with all its faults, as an Alpine climber clings to his guide rope. HOPE STAR, HOPE, Tuesday, September 12,1930 • THE FAMILY DOCTOR] T. M. REG. U. *. PAT. Off By UB. MORRIS F1SHBEES MHor, Journal of the American HedlcAl AsMdatto*, M* Hygelfl, (ho Health Magazine Operation Will Cure Toxic Goiter,. Result of Overactive Thyroid Gland Serious ovpractivity of the thyroid § largment or change in the glandular gland, which may occur in women well past middle a«e as well as in girls and young women. In the past this condition was seldom diagnosed without a definite enlargement and swelling of the gland seen in the neck from the exterior. Now it is known lluit the amount of enlargement may be difficult to observe, particularly in older women. The doctor may have to make a most careful exumiiuilion, fooling the tissues of the throat, before he is VPH- smiabty certain that then. 1 is tiny on- ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Problem mi l'aj!c Urn- Dividing tho section into quarters and each of thesi 1 into quarters, we see that tin. 1 railroad takes the NE and SE quarters of' the NE quarter-section. These are both out of [''armer Jones' land. As he had \-'i of tj-ll) acres, or ;i20 acres, and soll.s two -ID-acre I rafts, he has left LMI) acres. The railroad then takes the NK and S\V quarters of the S\V quarter-section. Farmer Green owns the first of the.se. lie had a quartor- section, 160 acres, plus a half-quarter. SO acres, and sells 40 acres. This leaves him 200 acres. tissue. Amonj,' the signs by which the doc- CM- recogni/es overnctivity of the thyroid glnnd are tremors of the hands, projection of the eyes, wasting of the tissues, a rapid heart, rapid breathing and n high basal metabolic rate. Metabolism is measured by n special apparatus into which the patient breathes. The base! metabolic rule is n measure of the speed of chemical changes going on in the tissues. Younger people with exophthalmic oj- toxic goiter may have tin excessive or ravenous appetite. Among older llcople this'docs not frequently ocexir. Nor is the flushed, warm, moist skin and the busy, rushing activity, which are observed in young, people with toxic goiter, often present. Women suffer more with this condition than do men. being afflicted eight times as frequently, Tile presence of a toxic giiter is such a inenuce to life that it demands immediate attention. \Ve do not yet know just why the thlroid gland assumes sudden overactivity when the condition is discovered. It mny be necessary to put the patient to rest to give his tissues n chance to repair sufficiently so an operation cjin be performed. Portions or all of the thyroid glandular tissue can be cut away to bring about prompt imjrove- ment and relief of the Symplons. S'imtimos while readjustment ti loss of the gland is going on, it is necessary to give thyroid material in the form of Adopter Children Should Know Status CHICAGO — (/I 1 )— Adopted children should be informed of the fact Hint they nrc adopted—ntul ns enrly ns possible—the American Modicnl nssocin- tion advises. "Of course, 4 ycnvs of »gc is nn\ too young to do this," the A. M. A. journal says. "Young children so informed have no emotional reaction anil grow up just us secure in their the extract UiUen by mouth. It is im- sliitiis ns do other children." liorliint to do tho necessary .surgery J before there- has been such permanent chaiiRp in the eyes iind in the other tissues of the body as to make reversio to the normal impossible, Hero's how to make adapted children proud, instead of disappointed, of their status, the journal suggests; "Tell thorn that whereas most of their friends had to be accepted, their foster parents picked them out and chose thcr'nr from a group of children and liked them best. This usually pleases the child and helps break the ivo." If adopted children aren't told when ( they are young, llwro always comes a time when some one outside the fain* ily tells thorn, the journal says, and "in .such a situation later on in life, it is lilcrly to ciuise, considerable emotional reaction." Among the unclaimed articles in the British railways' lost property office are two sacks of soot, a cask of wino, a folding boat and ; board. Wanted WANTED TO BUY—Highest Prices Paid for Second Hand merchandise, Children's Women's Men's. Patterson's Cash Store, East Second St. 7-6tc WANTED—Person to go as passenger i to Springfield, Ma., Transportation j cheap. Call 17-F-13. Leaving Tluu-s- j day. Sept 14. A. M. 12-litp Fov Rent FOR RENT—Modern 4 rotfiir mi- furnishe dapartment. Corner Fifth and Pine Streets. See Chas. Baden. Utn West Sixth street. U-aip FOR RENT—3 room IIOIL.C and «a- rage. At Shover Springs. O. ,[. Phillips. 12-.'ilp FOR RENT—3 room furnished aparU ment. adjoining bath, new built in cabinet and garage. Call Mrs. Frank Hutchins, Phone 79. 12-Htc FOR SALE O!" RENT—Two brick residences, just worked over throughout. Call 60. 9-3tp Lost • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • . * You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time—3s word, minimum 30e Three times—3%c word, minimum 50c Six times—EC word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum "2.70 Rates are for continuous Insertions only. LOST—One Pekingese brown puppy, three months old. name "Fluff." Liberal reward. L. Holloman, Coca Cola Plant. ll-3tp STRAYED—Black horse mule. WL about 950 Ibs. 10 years old. Hair coming off on neck and shoulder. Wade McElroy, Hope Route 2. ll-3tp Notice MICROBE HUNTER HORIZONTAL j 1, 6 Man famous for his work In tuberculosis ; 9 Armadillo. 10 To place in line. 12 Silkworm. i'J Thin metal plate. 1-1 Part of eye. 15 Sinus*?:,-. 16 Roosted. 18 Copper. 20 Orient. 23 Misfortune. 2.7 Musical note. 29 He was a doctor or . 32 Ellv .'13 To entertain. ,'i.O Hops kiln. 36 Timber tree. 38 Wax. c&ndles. 40 Ragged peopi& 41 To steep. 43 Dower property 44 Grafted facts. Answer to Previous Puzzle 48 Started. 50 Domesticated. 53 Cotton separator. 54 Did wrong. 55 Long inlet. 56 He won fame as a . or gorm hunter. (PL). VERTICAL 1 Sun deity. 2 Musical drama. .3 Mineral. 4 Goddess of discord. 0 Mulberry bark. 6 Playful. 'I Great experts. 8 Meal. 11 Flannel. 14 He or found the tuberculosis germ. 17 Theater . , • guides. ^,. 19 Climbing "*. plants. 21 Church part. 22 Noun suffix. 23 Note in sc-a)e. 24 Stocking mar. 25 Era. 2GTubercuIosi:; is called "white - ." 28V/itu- cup. :iO Therefore. . 31 Court. •; 34 Above. ?'& 39 Earnest. 40 Cheerful voca] composition. 42 Fairy. 43 Combat between two. 45 Turkish o/fic^i 4fj Twitching. 47 Insect. 40 Cros:: (abbr.), . r )0 Three.-. 51 Sloths. 52 Picture bordei Washington Gin Company is ginning and wrapping up to 525 pound bales S3.50 All bales over 525 pounds, additional Ic a pound. Also store your Seed, A. N. Slroud will haul bales into Hope Compress for 25c each. A. N. Stroud, Washington, Ark. Sept 5-lm NOTICE--I am giving to school and would work every evening and morning fnv room and board. Nehemiah Doss. K22 S. Htixc-l .si root. 12-.'itp Service* Ot'fered SERVICES OFFKREI>-See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Oubb 6i58-J. August 26-lni SERVICES OFFERED—Expert Radio Repair Service and replacement utii'U;. All work guaranteed. Radio Si-rviee. Phone SflG. Ray Allen. 28-If Legal Notice CO.MAHSSIONEK'S SALK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order u( the Chancery Court of Hernpstpad County, made and entered on the 4th day ol September, A. D. 1U39 in a certain c;t,usr- <Nn. S2V1> then pending tlic-rtin bi.lwi-en £. A. IMI\«. Assignee, complainant, arid Laura Brown, Ad- ipiini.-.traU'ix of I he K.state of. H. C. BiTA'/n, Deceased, et til., defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner ot .said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue \n thu hitihoht. bidder, at the front di.or or entrance of the Arkansas Hank & Tnu-l Company, Building, in ilie City of li''pi', llwnpstead County, Arkan.it!.-:. v.ilhin the hours prescribed by law tor judicial sales, on Saturday !lu: 14lh day >^f Ocldi.fl' A. D. 19:53, tile following described real estate, to-vvit: The Sonthuaht Quarter of the South- •.vt-..t Quarter of Section I), the North- cast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter ol Section Sixteen, the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 19, all in Town ship 10 South. Range 25 West, containing 100 acres, more or less, in Hcnip- Mcad County. Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of thn.e month:-:, the purchaser being required \ij execute a bond as recjuired by luw and the order and decree of .aid Court in said cause, with approved ..ccuiity, bearing interest at the rate- ol 8 per ct-nt per annum trdm date- of :-;;i\c until paid, and a lien being rotairir-d on the prernise.1 sold to •ji'cnre the payment of llie purchase ift'iiie/. Civi-i] uiuJrr my hand this llth flay of St.-ptcrnbi-r. A. [>. Ite!) RALPH BAILEY C'ommi\sion''r MI r,'hancory Si-j.t 11!, 111. OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS EGAD, BOYS, WAVE 1 TOLD YOU THAT I AM THINKING OF CALLING /v\Y NEW -DEVICE FOR AUTOMOBILES THE "HOOPLE-IZER" ?—HAR-RUIAPH I HAVE JuST COMPUTED THAT WE CAM MARKET"MORE THAN IOO.OOO, OF THE CONTR\VkNCES ANNUALLY/^- MMfvA-"-^ SORRY. I 'DON'T FCEL V-RE-E TO DISCLOSE THE DETAILS AS YET, BUT PERHAPS 1 SHOULD SAY, IM Al L MODESTY, MY INVENTION WILL DWAW.V- THE INTERNAL COhABUSTlON SlGNlPlCAMCE./ X "COACH (v\? BUNG OF TlU Bi6 BLACK AMD BLUK 'CHARGES THAT SNEA.K'U-4' 6AM SLICK, SVMIVJEL- MlPPED BACK WHO WAG GRADUATED L/XST YtTAf, MAS MATRICULATED AT rAOUSEMOUTU U. , THF 'SCHOOL'S EORM THlRTV YEARS TOO 3COM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Back on the Island By EDGAR MARTIN XE'b WEV\. ,V\f., PV'SOO.''; \\vAt r" ALLE\ ilOP He'll Soon Find Out WHA.OVA MEA<N, ALL (BUT, GENERAL LOST? HA - E ' vil T WE^THE GODS ARE AS!N By V. T. HAML1N r-oin r> Q.c\ OUT " A ' TH ' CREEKS SlMCE VMINERVA NOW NO LESS A PWsSSIe* X TOOK ° VER? ^' '-^ TUF - /J LEADS THE.,-THAN THEIR PATRON GODDESS, MINERVA. QUICK TO SEIZE ANV ADVANTAGE IN HER SEARCH FOR ALLEY OOP AND PR. BRONSON OOOLA ACCEPTED ' .THE ROLE DOC...WHAT'S THIS]THE HISTORY OF THI9 PERIOD BUNK A8OUT A ) \Z> FILLED WITH IMAGINARY GODS AMP GODDESSES, LIKE THIS MINERVA ...PURE FICTION 1 NOW EITHER THESE GREEKS ARE RUNNING? A 616 BLUFF.... OR... ...THEY'RE GOINCb TO HAND SCIENCE .-•AN AWFUL -' WELL, WE SHOCK BY / AIN'T 60NINA PRODUCING ( BE IN DOUBT LONG: WASH TUBBS On With the Dance By ROY GRANE C1HE VOLCANO GROWLS, AND BELCHES u SMOKE TEN MILES H16H. HOLY MEN CAVORT AND D*NCE TO THE THROB OP TEMPLE DRUMS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SWELL. OBOV, THIS \S JUST LIKC: GOINt TO A HALLOWEEN PAR.TV/ ,- ' HOW ARE WE DOING, WASH? fpLASTERED WITH LI VELLOW LAVA F THE VOLCANO, WOMEN SWAN AND SQUEA.L TO THE THUNPERING WWTHM Go Prepared FZETURNIN6 ,| f .r-.i.ot/ [£3 JUNE ,1 WAYMAN) .' PLEASE see- •fs, Ti AREN'T TAKING THIS f I WMOl.~ "1VIIMG DON'T A LITTLE lOO ) FEEL HARD, MY ) LIKE- Bor ? ^ TALKIMfcj / ABOUT IT, MR. WAYMAN ' By MERRILL BLOSSER I THINK JUNE'S LETTERS I TH&Y IS A LITTLE / HAVE UNNECESSARY. J NO DON'T ANY MORE--SO 1 DON'T THINK WAMT THEM ' YOU? - RED RYDER r I'M JUST GONNA ( CRAVJL INTO A HOLE V AND AND X DIE! FAKE SANDWICHES ALONG — IT'S NO FOM DYING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH / Red Has the Upper Hand E'RE GOIriG ELOW AMD STOP VOUR 6AMOIt$ VJltH 'VOU , V(\QU1 JOE .' TURNING VOU OVE.R By FRED HARMAN U

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