Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1941
Page 4
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%si r : ,m-fj £*%>, , •. v., 3 t -<V Play Sunday Saenger Mony Loughs ^Promised in the ^r j^Oth Century-Fox \'*; Production « ' Ttfecfc Benny, the gieatest ««n«d ^SL **"** m9 * p! * k* 3 '* ow ** .BWM*^ * Thomas' tmmorfcil sonwjrfy; "Char- Sr, AunC* which 20th Cent prfa present on Sunday at th« • ' Benny in Immortal Comedy, 'Charlie's Aunt* New Japanese Attach on British j Brewsttf Ij PuWfc Warned Our DoiiyBreod; f|jer$Search !<&«&. lias been cast in the titte tot* F,lhJ3 JoaR-time faugh favorite, aswl ^ promises to be th«« most hi!ar»«» |4ndmost unusual of his career, t story is that of the fellow wht> .., out two college: pals by maa- ^frlerading as his friend;',* aunt. Wtote i as the aunt, h« chaperons two j, ladles and receives two yea- i ot marriage..Then, at the height i :f 5«K» impersonation, th» r*al ! nes upon the- scene. How he Jfriends get out of thei? " makes for one of the climaxes. ',Ereview audiences haiteti Jkek'l SURMA nuru * «^AW4M. ! "M* «*«»»»*»] 'Mu*ft« «f& ON>*<» f#e? j-w* LffNANfe MAUY KiMM*Mlt. STATIS N*A?§«h*,4 { SINGAKHtf MILES V L jS.^d it i A r, IO****IQ **„,)» "X*/"^ V*' '* f DUTCH EAST INDIES "For Now ond Spring Wear 14.95, 8'. him uy at ElUson. is the ewa{ The: BrtiBcltfli Ttitmvui t which this <tt;r(t»!«, *n>.n».'«iy 3 Auto Wrecfo inCilyFrkJay '"V*ft*rt^ '.f'« r > M.r;) 't."*.f *-v)>'' f ; V '.(4 tl.n I'fll'-fi '"'t?il ..«,•-,~i, ,4 .(' .J,»,,J.'K . y .,,,;,f .-,,,„,., .^.^ : ••..4'-<5».r(K»' ..iVJW,, ,f *,,.,, ,,,i nr , i .,iji, ) ., i; . , »fK,v# !i,U-. VVMi'K ••'«»»,„ i«) .-It.*,- .*, ,,^,il sihowa o.f all E (it/,/.i ! with, thw c<v«r,t:ou | different [ hit in e\ ttt B«by N«gra Broken teg Hurt, it Is* S\'550 ,_ v v whife, detachable, pique N collar and fine pearl Y, buttons freshen fhis serv* ^iceable"two-piecer" styled I* in fhe besf career-girl man- |>er. RAYON CREPE in ,,f)avy, brown, green and i black. Zipper placker. Sizes 12 to 20. Charles A. Haynes Co, ON MAIN London, (h«c« !«n»slt on* company Aur.t" soroewhwrw, An iTOprcswiv* cast «£ faaHh pr«- vtjters hav« ptacmi s r s fhw oth*r «uj>- porting rotws to m»k# this thw funniest ctwneti at th» y*ur Amonju sh«? others rn th* cost are IWmuiwt C,w«n. Anne Baxter, ReiptwUt Ow«n, Af!«wn WheUw. Luird tVaisar. Ernsatt C<«-- sartv Richarti ftaydn ami Miir;on Lowry, Archie Mayo directed "Chaffey'j Aunt" from the scrven play by Gt-urip Seaton. It was prtxiuc«d by WiUUm Pcarlberg, IRON WORKERS LOCAL .v UNION 591 $f jShreveporf, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room el Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. •^ H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP ' 75 Cents per Hundred Pound; Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY co. Hope, Arkansas Sunday School Lesson Old But Ever New Christmas Story .Vwumcs Added SignlfUwnce This Year Text: Isaiah 9:6, T; John t:l-4. 10-11; I John 1:9-11, By WILUA^I E. GILBOY, D. D. Editor of Advance The Christmas story never grows old. We have read it again and again, but we read it ever with new interest and with new thrills. Thousands of sermons have been preached about it; thousands of articles have been written upon it; it has been the inspiration of innumerable poems and stories; and yet, the theme is still fresh and it will stimulate thought and literature and graphic and plastic art for many ages to come. Here in our lesson we have the story in its varied aspects. We have, first of all, the prophetic hope voiced by the prophet Isaiah. The very names in which Isaiah expresses that hope are enough to stimulate human interest, and it is no wonder that this passage has stood with the Christmas story throughout the centuries. Isaiah listed these names centuries before the birth o£ Jesus, yet how aptly and truly they pertain to the life of Him, whose birth as a babe we celebrate! "His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince, of Peace." How clearly did Isaiah see the details of that Messianic kingdom? How definitely was it fixed in his mind as a historic event? We cannot know but we do know, after Jesus has come into the world, how gloriously that prophecy was fulfilled. Possibly Isaiah foresaw Jesus as an earthly ruler. Jesus did not set up an earthly kingdom; yet is it not essentially true that "of the increase of His government and o* peace there shall be no end"? Government of the Messiah has increased, but not to the ending of war and conflict. Yet, even in a world that is torn by violence, we can see how the thoughts of men today are more than ever of peace. If we were not thinking so much of peace and hoping so much for peace, the outlook fro the world would indeed be gloomy. From the prophecy of Isaiah we turn to the words written, after the life of Jesus on earth, by John UljUffftl, "•' " MIT U. JfcC.UiiH, Fu-Jhm iiwatn, ,at)"i«'k ; ' 11 , .1! ' dowft ,W«i:iis<i« g"lnhwi- UIIIM, nan-.-., ""'' ,^.-,....-. « i.-.(f«.*' t irl4*|^4« n^B.i^t '> 4 , .a.j_, f- f \iil \i Ait :!>«(• !it»'»*t fwher .tuffarwd w McC'Uin 'tin* arrystv*) &y AJito«i«bil;«» «wn«Hl and A, r. T«bi», fc«m **\ U*t£, Pftf« Men . IC«p«. Wi>ro at Walnut ami Occupant* w« *tt'««fcs. not tn]ur«d. WO i.i*''' *'*»« -'( PriceMHit hill. (Continued |*rom wi»,-j|,i On*> ity. county, state, and national. («*»«- ixation has vigorously j)pp.»«fl lejfU" tulion which would have (roann «i>v- *mm«nt-iwTiod supplies o< f«rm cow. mtxjitics. rcfiu^d to participate fm-th- er m a so-called fir meonferencw in Washington last month once it twearoe evident shat mflalionary objective l CnC ' ed%an 1 m0rS reCBntiy h '' s the proposal to ri.-csubt.sh the s in i.^f sans ft-> Derna Airport ALLEN ELECTRICAL SERVICE House Wiring, Industrial Motors, Appliances, Repaired Complete Line Fluorescent Light Fixtures Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Day or Night Service Licensed qnd Bpnded Electrician — Phone 806 — in his Gospel. Here is an interpretation of the meaning and significance of the divine life in hurrun form, of the Word made flesh, of the Son of God who came to mingle with men. to share their sorrows, and to die for their sins. And then comes the final word of the lesson in St. John's Epistle, which reveals all this as the expression of Gods Jove. This is the heart of the Gospel. This is the meaning of the Gospel story. And as Jesus brought heaven to earth and God to man, so John tells us we must incarnate that love of God in our lives with our fellowmcn. Tile greatest exhortation to men in all history is founded upon solid fact and solid power. "Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another." This is the peace toward which the increase of the government of the Lord Jesus is moving. His work on earth will not be acomplished, His kingdom will not corne until love becomes the dominating power in all of human life and the wilt of God is done on earth as it is done in heaven. J Gprnviri !]ifft. I <Th* Ovrrrun high command «i- j nouncvd that a Briti.th cruiser of »nt j 7.270-fon !><«><:)«H- cJ*ss h^d tiren junk by a German wbrn-tnrsr off the Ale<- Of !h* five cruisers rcpnrUM hit f in itvijor n.iviil formations tiff the coast j of eastern Libya th« comnwnd British Base (Continued From Page One) into northwest Malayu. The garrison was removed without the loss to another zone defense. Possibly the Krian river line where the British hope to halt the Japanese for good. Pedestrian Protection- Deduce Traffic Deaths PROTECTION YEAR A CLEAN RECORD: Since pedestrians constitute two-thirds of those killed, and half of those injured in cities, major attention to safety of those afoot will pay big dividends in lives saved! —AAA Safety Features Spain Ncutnil MADRID -</!>- The Spanish government announced Friday that Sp;iiri was non-beligcrent in thu Pacific war between Japan and the United States, Britain and other powers. A brief decree signed by General Franco and foreign minister Suner said: "In view of the extension of the present conflagaration through the state of war which exists between Japan and the U. S. and the participation in the same of other European and Hispano (American) nations Spain maintains as in the earlier phase of the conflict her position of non-bcl- igcrancy." The decree was dated Thursday. Government to Handle Employment Agencies WASHINGTON -(yP)— President Roosevelt said Friday that he had asked governors of states and territories to transfer immediately to federal employment services all separate state and territory employment agencies. He added that the governors were giving full cooperation to the war effort. The request for the transfer, the president said, is designed to bring about utilization to the fullest possible extent of all man and woman power to increase the output of war materials. Thunder and Lightning Lightning causes thunder by compressing the air and leaving a partial vacuum. Other air Brushes in to fill the space and forms the wave motion that produces the noise of thunder. Rotery Speaker on Sales Tax Ctwfr a* "71* ; * wfc iJttlt in S**t«r for Official Ma) -Gert, Dongu«, $*¥tft OtHtn '"•.-,. fe,tt''.'.t.tf «,•„_. -JM i».)»(4»<». ,» #fff«.v.«H' '$**j ';»;.•. <"",.-... f »m*.. ,"^ •.•(V* : ^f *..,;. . .. i"'ii. ^n,; ..^ftij:*;*'. k$ •»<^>9 *.'i*--*>*<r.-i;*>* t.- ?*.!<*!-. .-J"..',*i> • .'M?* >:*• ,*•*•> '*Iu*i> I"'*M n4.*ii!*<V -j'iiMtv^ ^l':'.,s^*ft'lw ^v,oj.,;^ '.V* 4-i'M ¥^'irt' ! « •i? *' I, "*1. ?H»y < ,"*«.»V,»,S.B< is t ( .j :,.n,ji ,-jj.j.-. .(. j t , x .i,;.,,,iH. i i;,,t «. lit , 'A ,.., JV , . v ,,,;,.n *%>* vw>.s.>K« 1 it: wrti- ..-'.. M .t.."} j';^ •i.^i*,*,,;..,-. ^'t .u'Ks^tv '* '** +i*J.y t ..i^ B ^7.j;vv ? '.7!^. :,, «<>^*W4 ^..'iltf^a fk4- ,.,.,.,-,i .!». ....*<«. nHi.N^-.u, «;>,.(( «, .t»,,i,.!.;u, «.v,,,.;Mi«i»(«* 4 -.-.in^i : >5v;l,..,rf^ (,,i,i i, , i ,.; ri .>i.^« 1 ^.ijtViiv ..,},;»»•-.•», .i, lf »i, -\t, ,^ f, B » •v..:..'-^** f^ if.^ V'V ••*!:• .'MHtU •|i*.-.;t. ^^-.-^.1.^ V. «j., fv-iiTi..-. , i,,.|.J:,, K ., v A rt ,,,,n f*>« «.*«» ,v: sv Hi, ^iPWHBpt. Xmas Cantata -f*? .^vii ,jrif,. V(-i *c..i«,! ; i.^M'^.'«»' ; ;tkl(tH'f *>(r<6fr»^' ?f.#' ^ ^;.J.^*. *»,'.JJ* Wjf,,*. •'\',l*x,l*.*-:tt S^»^»f#*4* .*, ';;.**.-' i'f.-t StM? JW* 1 .'^.!' .x'rt^(^^f«tl*»t»* ttf'4-/.^'i^>' '.,. ,,.U.»..»i :Ml, JJIJi «t; »«»«»-»« tf Jfr ,"^M..-V •!•-..:(.^ i-jy, ..-v-4.ai>j " ; . »^<*;»ii,«itW.. *,'j. -,'.-,. <»\ *...•;* .-WM.!."'-'*!-.'!-'-. V 1 *^ -tfuft*^ («„•,,;. »< ^ «,.(,!.».ij«,.» », -Vv,.*.» "I***!, f»* 'Vivi •*?.*-,• J. ^.'iV^'i.i i. :«*t*^ -*f**f^ .»' «.»-'*.,>..4 li -irt.-.,. ...ti- V -.!> «t *•(.«.. n, ^.l.^ !,/ <,, r 4 >. *---.».,,«y V'.*»,*(-„ A, ....,-, U. .5 Anif Now 5P6 Cagen to - ,ji. i'j. .*• ^ ,,.-j, ; J,-,.4.^,:,. K . ; t , ( . v .. ;i j ( . (•-''In *,M,,-fi- V !S'.l vi «•(!,„•. .... f«i $***«! PIANO? . mt E~' : s;w V V " •I,,.,*,,, ;. w^ ^ ... <sn» *'('? ':•»< °0 '>>0 • j r.- s .,„-; w , v..,,,,,,, ,, , ,„ ,, •;„ •ll« il TO .. V '«/!«« :-(, M,M J,;,,. ., u : K.H, v •-•„„.. .;,„ ..„,,„,,;,,, S i s , ,,,. f( . i-^u^r.-^^^v^v^rH^i^i;^^^^;^^:^^^^^^ .^.•.s./.-j^.^..-^.-. ••*•-• -^^^^^^^^^ ?lr ,~ Tho 12 Ford is the ll<\sf Looking, Ilosl Hiding. lt<>sl Jlmmiug Low I*ri<'<Ml Cur t?v«M- llnik of Sixes or Eiuht* l», '*'!•, The FORD Is New ft for ~^J?,. FORD DEALER ADVERTISEMENT «*• •isl, y n V U

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