Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1936 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1936
Page 3
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Wednesday, January 15, 1936 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGfi Mrs. Sid Henry * FRIENDSHIP- Gold cannot buy It, Poverty try it, Thrift may not cheapen it, Sorrow must deepen it, Joy cannot lose it, Malice abuse it. Wit cannot choke it, Folly provoke it, Age cannot .strengthen it, Time only lengthens it, Denth cannot sever Friendship forever, Heaven's the true place of it, God is the grace of it. —Selected. Tlie Clara Lowthorp chapter of C of C January meeting will be held at Le^Lu, Telenhnna R«1 V»X Telephone 821 All members are urged to lac present nr January planting hints are the most important ones toward a spring harvest of beautiful flowers. Lieutenant H. J. Lcmlcy, Jr., of Ft. Sum Houston, San Antonio, Texas, William Powell's New Picture Here "Rendezvous" Has Rosalind Russell and Binnie Barnes in Cast Hope Wins Over Prescott 77 to ricotuii n lu Prescott Squad Is Overmatched by Veteran Bobcat Squad , The Hope High School basketball Deep-dyed .secrets of the famous tcnm opened its 193G campaign hofc "Black Chamber" of World war fame Tuesday night by smothering Ihc arc unfolded under the analytical p r< . sco ft Curlcy Wolves, 77 to 10. genius of William Powell in his new , TJ,,, visitors' presented a medicore spent the week end with his parents, picture "Rendezvous," opening Thurs- ' ou tfjt t) ln { j n no wa y could .scope with Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lcmlcy. having . day al the Sacngcr. ! Coach Foy Hammons sharpshooters, made the trip in company with an j "Black Chamber" presents Powell Paced by Turner, Bobcat veteran nrmy officer in a government plnne. | in tho most unusual characterization ' { t . nvi , r ,| tj, c | ocn i team took an early —I"" , 0 . •--, of h . ls ™ r ': c '\ Wicrc ijcforc he has l c; ,d and was never overtaken. Mr. and Mrs. Earn Taylor, Sr., have * confined hi.s knowledge in crimmol-i A fair-si/.ed crowd turned out for as hdu.se Kiiosts, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ellis j ogy to physical detective work, in hi.s I 1nc . n |' )( . n j n) , R;l ine Moss nnd little ;;on of Lake Charles, La. The Woman's Missionary Society of 4:15 Thursday afternoon nt the homo i (|, c , First Methodist church held its of Miss Marian Smith on South Elm ; first meeting of the new year on M->n- newest role Powell graduates from a newspaper pu7/lc editor to the outstanding trapper of International spies. I'ridny night the Bobcats arc scheduled to meet the Tcxarkana, (Ark.) High School team on the local floor. Icxarkana, district 10 champs last street with Misses Audrey McAdium flay afternoon at the church. A most ' nnd Francos Yocom a.s associate host- inspiring and helpful devotional on esses. i "Trust mid Hesponsibilily" was given t— ! by the Rev. Fred R. Harrison, wh > Mr. nnd Mrs. C. L. Hi nfru had us .,J 5O installed the new officers. Full price of one downstairs scat. On the \veek-cnd iniest.s. Mrs. licnfro's mother, Mrs. W. B. ll.do of 1'rcscott and .•istei, Mrs. W. J. Ciriffitli also of Prescott nnd Mrs. John Terrell of (olden Meadow, La. Through the web of counter-espion- < , IC|)( ,rtcd to have a veteran age ,s interwoven a three-cornered '* A ' U)1 ,, b; , uk js t , x , H , ctc d. romance involving PowelK Rosalind Russell and Binnie Barnes. Wednesday night is bargain night, when two will be admitted for the , T , I lllc starts al 7:1)0 p. in. reports were made from tho vat-bus ."nine program with "Charley Chan's " crmniitlecs closing up the work of Seerr-l," the feature attraction, is the the past year. The outstanding fea- first two-reel subject of Major Bowes' Hire of the program was a vocal duet Amateur Hour now so popular on by Misse.s Joy O'Neal and Mary i tlll; Sunday night radio program. — -i•-- | Louise Keith, with Miss Harriet Story The Hope C5arden club wil meet at | : ,| the |,i;mo. .' Friday afternoon ;it the homo of Dr. | _. |.— s Etta Champlin on South Klin street, j M, p :m ,| Mrs. Alvin :if Pine Bluff Mrs. E. E. White- will lend a must in- ,„,. ,;ue.-ls of relatives and friends in tort'MiiiR pr luram that will include the j] u , t .||y discussion of plant names, their meaning and origin preparation of Harden beds, and events in tho (lower world. ON ALL DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. f. l». Holland Fallen Monthly Schedule 'Ihc January meeting of the Ogles- i . . by P. T. A. was held on Tuesday aft- ; bt'lCMltlSttf P U Z Z 1 G d Because Showers Always Come About the 22d IOWA CITY, la.-f/n-Just why ;ard to the .school of instruction, that , metenrs have taken to falling about th '.ion at the Ofik-pby school, with vkc piesident, Mrs. D. L. Bush •irr.Mding in the absence of the presi- rlc-nt, Mrs. Huffin While. Mrs. C. D. Lester addressed the meeting in re- The Centennial Homecomings in all Arkansas counties (luring the Centennial Celebration will be more far reaching than at first anticipated, for former Arkansans will not only be urged to return, but to bring a guest with them. The Centennial Commission is now assembling names of former Arkansans. and preparing attractive descriptive matter which will be sent them, .with the request that it be handed to someone who might become interested in Arkansas. A file of names is being prepared, and citizens of Arkansas are requested to send to the Commission the names of is being sponsored by the City P. T. , the twenty-second day of each month A council, beginning next week. The i :is an astronomical puzzle which miRram was prrsenled by Mrs. Finlcv , Prof. C. C. Wylie of the University f , om Celebration headquarters. Ward and included talks by Mrs. J. , of Iowa has set himself to solve. C. Carlton, president of the Friday I Since last Febumry 22 spectacular all former residents in order that they be communicated with direct Mjss p, ms y wimbci-ly. Shirley Temple comes Sun. Mon. and j l mothers present. . , MUMP i-lub, Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp and , displays have been observed in vnri- Tues. with a matinee, every afternoon j Wylic's room won the dollar, in "The Littlcsl Rebel." i —t— • friends will be gliid I') know i little Rose Mary Dowell. who j been ill at her home for the • week is reported as improving In the count j our sections of the midwest Mrs. Nnllon j about that date each month, soys the Iowa astronomer. 'We have no idea why this occurs, that bul the fact that it happens regu- has , larly leads us to believe it is not pasl i merely a coincidence," he says. Wylie has enlisted the aid of observers throughout the midwest and 'Ihe Woman's Christian Temperance \ i.s receiving reports from them when- Union will meet al 2:30 Thursday ! ever the phenomenon occurs on thai afternoon at Ihe prixl Uaptist church. p dale. All members and others who arc in- j On October 22 Dr. C. P. Oliver of tcrcstcd arc urged lo be present. ^ ) the University of Pennsylvania re— 1— i ported a bright daylight meteor. The j The many friends of Mrs. W. O. ! tobwing night a meteor was seen in c bipley wil bo glad to kmw that i-hc I Chicago and in Iowa City. 1 has recovered sufficiently from a two- .. „. week';: illness to return to the studio. Mr;.. R. A. Young of R-jwlhoiisn, '!., is spending, the winter with her daiiRliter, Mrs. C. M. A gee and Mr. Agot- in Washington. More lhan 5000 words have been added to Yhb: .iiewest dictionary of medical terms, which contains 1573 pages, as a result of the progress of |ADIES = Helen Wolshiracr Major Bowes Amateur Hour THURSDAY & FRIDAY Matinee Thursday POWELL It is Leap Year again, as all mar- *m*»-**- — | riage aspiring young ladies know. The color of a flower, or any other Love, once more, is a free-for-all. II object, is nothing more than the col- i.s Ladies' choice for a span of months. 01 s of the spaclrum which the ob- Speak right up and ask your fav- ject will not absorb. Thus, a ycl- ( rite young man the question—if you low flower is one which absorbs all want to lose him. the colors except yellow, which il re- You must expect no for an answer fleets. a Cold Threatens.. Timcly use ! if you speak. It will bo a nice no, softly padded, for all men are gen- jtlemen in the art of refusing a lady. .Rut it will be a N->! Cowrit on that, | trusting daughters of Adam. You will l hi. 1 a mile or two behind the place? from where you started. F.ve's bashful Inys may need bclp- ol this f"' bints during the promotional stage, Arkansas artists are appealed to by the Arkansas Centennial Commission to send in suggested designs for a Centennial postage stamp. Such a .stamp has been authorized by the Postmaster General, but Arkansas is expected to furnish the design. The stamp should feature pioneer history and development. Drawing for an insignia to be used upon all official decorations and literature are also asked for, and somewhere in Arkansas there must be an artist capable of earning the honor of having supplied it. Submissions should be sent to Col. A. R. Rogers, Director of Celebration, War Memorial Building, Little Rock. Gov. J. M. Futrell has joined with the Arkansas Centennial Commission in a request to Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, of the United Slates Supreme Court, that a couch in the recently vacated chambers of the court upon which former Attorney General Augustus H. Garland died, be presented to the State of Arkansas. A former President of the United States also dit-d upon this couch. Judge Sam M. Wasscll of Little Rock, who is now a member of the staff of the Department of Justice in Washington, and a lumber of the Arkansas Centennial Commission, will represent the slate in presenting the request. Should the couch be delivered to the Commission it will furnish th nucleus from which a State Historic Museum will be created. especially designed Dllt tlu -'.v nmst believe, marriage with• .,ut end, that they did the selecting, Ihe CL-nrling and the proposing. They must rest secure in the fickle knowledge that they went hunting, and lo. aid for nose and upper throat, helps prevent many colels. 30< nnd 50c VICKS VATRO NOL your Here is your chance to get RELIEF! Dr. ScSioH's Representative from Cliioag®, will b here SATURDAY, JANUARY 18th HuRTING Corns, Cillouses . . . Painful Tiunions, ScTt Conib, "Athlete's Foot," Tired, Aching Feet, Weai; or Fallen Arches . • • J!1 '- i o'hcr common foot troubles . . . can be relieved . , . quickly . . . inexpensively. How you can enjoy foo'. h'jalth . . . how the proper Dr. Scholl FOOT COMFORT Appliance or Remedy provides relief from they-- foot troubles . . . what type, size and width of shoe you bhould wear ... all these matters will be clearly explained and demoiv;! rated en the above date. Be sure to atunU. Bring yuur friends. MITT'S Brown^ Shoe Store County organizations lor carrying on the work of the Arkansas Centennial Celebration were completed in ten additional counties thi;* Week, making twenty that have appointed by Mary CHAPTER XLIX pvANA Had entered the hospital find was rnaklnp tier way to the tnformnilon window The girl clerk looked at ner curiously. It was only a momentary curiosity from her post bach of the crlll, she hart looked Into iraglc faces many UniOB before. "1 want to sec Dr. Stanley!" Dana gasped. The e;lrl hesitated and Dnna cried Imploringly. "Please. I'm Mrs Stanley. He sent for me." "Oh. Mra. Stanley!" The slrl'a rolco changed. "Or Robertson left word he was to be called when you arrived." Dana whispered. "Please hurry." "JtiBt n moment." The alert young woman went to a desk and i lifted the receiver of a bouse l phone. \ Dana's pleading voice reached i tho clerk again, "Oh, won't you ! hurry!" j The young woman at the phone j frowned slightly. Sbe thought. i "She's hysterical. Maybe she's n mental case. Anyway, ebe look? like one with her wild eyes and hair flying that way." Someone on the Qflh Door was answering, and she said. "Dr. Rob- crlBon Is either In 614 or 536. Please tell him Mrs. Stanley Is waiting here." She felt relieved when she saw Dr. Robertson coming, his face wearing tho professional calm which might mean good news, or news that was vory bad Indeed. "Right this way, Mra. Stanley," Dr. Robertson said. , He was feel- Ing an immense surprise. He hadn't expected her to show up. And here she was, looking ready to collapse, Thero probably hadn't boon any truth In tbo report that she was going to marry Ronnie Moore tonight. They got off on the fourth floor. Tbo pungent smell of elher filled tho long ball. Through open doors there wero glimpses of wan faces against pillows. In other rooms, relatives and friends grouped about convalescents. In another room, Dana saw a haggard woman keeping a lone, watch by a bed. T}R. ROBERTSON had brought her to a sunporch. "I'll come back for you." he Bald, patting her hands reassuringly. "It won't be long now." "Can't I see him now?" Dana asked brokenly. "It Isn't allowed," he said. "You couldn't go to the operating room." Then Scott was in tho operating i'oom! "Everything's going (o be fine," Dr. Robertson said. "I'm betting on Scott." He was betting on Scott! But be didn't know. No one could know until—until later. Dnnn shuddered. »nd sank down In a chair. From her posillon she could watch iho hall, could see smiling, serene-faced nurses coming and co Ing. How could they be smiling and serene? Patients were wheeled out on the porch and back to their rooms. The long minutes «ii-c.sa«d while Dana N B A "You thought I was hurt, Dana? Didn't Robertson tell you?" "H« must have Mplalned to Nancy, but I didn't wait to hear. I thought I bad lost you—" her voice broke. Scott snld gravely, "I was driving In town like the devil, on my way to you, when I met this young chap on a curve." "You operated on him," Dana said wonderlngly. "Ho had to Hvo," Scott answered grimly. "He's nil right T" Dana asked. "He will be." Scott eald. Dana sighed suddenly with tre- imondous relief. She was staring Prescott News in Brief The Prescott Garden club will meet on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. W. T. Hart. All members and other persons who would liko to join the club are urged to attend, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Turberville of Macon. Ga., are visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boswell of this city. Mr. Tuberville will be remembered as coach of the 1932 Curley Wolves football team. The Sweaters which have been expected for some time arriced Tues day and were presented to the 193536 Curly Wolves by Coach Huie. The Prescol basketball boys IDS' T O L-E-T E X OIL COMPANY Spedfll-5 Oal. Hi-Orndc 41 CA **"* w Lube Oil Phone 370 Day and Ni * w Ice cleam sundaes at first were sol' only on Sunday, which gave therr their name. committees, with chairman, and are ready to actively co-operate in the movement. this week Lawrence. Cragibead, and Cross. The counties organized are Woodruff. Jackson, Randolph. Clay, Green, Mississippi, Criltunden, Director of Celebration after many days they bagged their gallant game. No man ever boasts ol a deer that trots toward him and .'.-ays; "Here I am. Now what are you going tc do about ilV Nor docs a man ever confers with ma.'.culine bravado that his wife has easily w-.in. Ah no! To his confederates and even m;>re, to himself, he mu.sl ;i| IK ;ir as the mighty warrior who (hn'bcd Ihc glass hill, stole the golden apples, rode lo the lists, and won th',' prince.''.-, that all knights desired. 'Irue, men br-ast of women who hav. 1 finny themselves at their startled bends. That is the main reason why a woman can't propose. A man's wifc'.s name,' never appears on his publicity list! 'Iheie i.s one occasion when a woman may IK- forgiven for seek ing a man's name and checkbook in marriage. II J-he; is confident he loves lu r but knows of a definite r.bstach: that is keeping two verbs and tko pronouns out of his mouth, an obstacle thai she dicsn'l mind, then she isn't speaking out of turn when .she alters the usual course of pro- i-e'dure. Leap Year is a bad year for the marriage minded. Men arc on the de- len.Mvc. The calendar is calling attention to certain feminine wile.s and artifices that are better left covered. It marriage is the result—a.s il often i:i-of cleverness on th part, of the w-iinan toward a man who has found her interesting enough lo loiter in her hunting preserves, she should be hiib- tilc enough tn gel what she wants without asking for it. Her wedding img will fit better if it comes a.s a I live will cffcring. If the marriage is iii'pp.v the husband's ego will glow I with pride at his own choice. If the ! marriage is unhappy, he will blame , hiiii.\clf, only in part, of course, for making the select! )il. Hi.wevci, if his wife fir:-t mentioned | miniMcis and license.*, he will sum- m in thai fact to her memory even a.-; Adam once blamed live, for Miy- ^e.'tiii). that they divide the apple. Men must believe that they are the atM>••-•'""'.••. They tu dress up in their new hunliiiL' Miit.s inly to learn lliat tin game i> bafely in the pen. Me'ii do nut want love a.s a prof- lere-il gift. They waul lo ask for it. To light I'll- it. if need b They will -if they want it bad enough. U i.; a woman's place t i put Ihc man in the general notion. Don't propose', It shatters the man's illusions. Lea]) Year, let us repeat. i- iv.ii u friend ut' women! A. R. Rogers is giving three days a week to county meetings, and will continue this .schedule until all counties have been orpiinizcd. sal tensely, anguished, waiting. A woman in front of Dana, middle-aged, gray-haired, was tapping her cbair with nervous fingers. "Someone sick?" she asked. "My husband." Dana answered It didn't occur lo her that It wa? strange to be calling Scott her husband. "Is be real sick?" Ihc woman pcrslsied. "I'm afraid f-o." Dana said. "It was an automobile accident and Arkansas will celebrate not onlv its j tllc V "ad to operate." Her voice Iddth anniversary of Statehood in irctnblccl. 19;ili, bul the 400th anniversary of ihe The older woman nodded sym first religious .sc-rvice within what is i pathetically. "1 wouldn't worry so now the boundaries of the State'. Col- ' much. He'll probably t>c all right John K. Ford.vee has been added to ! My daughter's I" lll e malrrnily Ihe Centenni.il staff lor the purpose; ward. It's her third She always of locating the histoiic sites of Ar-j comes lliroupli beautifully, but I kansas that will be marked by the . ran 't help tmi worry. We women ore made that way." Tho restless tupping of tier lingers continued. MarUinp lime. Dana thought wiili n flash of understanding nnd .sympathy. Men wandered oil at times like these Hut women stayed on. keeping anxious vlplls. Mark ing time. Smiling, ns ihl* mother was smlline. as thefe nurses were smiling. Playing a courageous at Scott. Scoti wbo was so won-j their game here Monday night" to th derful. Who was a wizard with a Cnle High School team. The scor' knlfo. Who bad so much magic in was 33. to 21. Harley Cauldwell am' his strong, skilled fingers! His Clement Broomfield starred for Pres face before her adoring eyes bo^coti. came a blur, part of a whirling It is with regret that we learn tha' panorama. She saw the amazed Dr - N - B - Nelson one of Prescoll' blue eyes of the nervous woman, foremost citizens, jeweler and oplom Then the blue eyes were souc. too. ctl ' ist , is Ic » v . in 8 soon with his family Scott felt Dana's arms about him to ' nake .^ h ° mc in Little Jtock. relax, and then sbe was a dead' Married Saturday night January 11 — i u. i i i i Miss Ins Honea lo Fay Gordon, botr weight In his arms. | of Prcaeotti the brlde ym cmp i oyce r * * * | the local Goo. W. Robison store, the T^ANA opened ber eyes Slip was groom being connected wilh Ihe "M". in a hospital room. In a tins System slorcs of this city. pital bed. Someone was holding | •»•<•> one of her hands (irmly. What If It should be a dream- only a beauilftil dream? She utrnecl her head slightly and looked at Scott. 'He bent and kissed her gently. "Take It easy. Mrs. S." "I'm not dreaming," Dana paid j "You bave been." Scott said, j squeezing ber band. "But you arp; awake now. Thai's you and ibis is mo." I "Not grammatical, bul wonder-' ful," Dana smiled al him. "1 fainted?" "Yes." He sat on the bed. pulling ber up to a sitting position be side him. encircling her closely with his arms. "Didn't know you liked me that much," Scott said in a low tone "But 1 guess you do. you yoiitip idiot. I guess you love me as 1 tlo you—like hell." "Liko hell." Dana laughed out suddenly. "Oh. Scott, angel, what a way to describe the heavenly slate we're in!" "Speaking of heaven." Scott grinned. "I've sent for a minister and a license. We have an awfully accommodating bunch of fellows ,around here." "We're going to be married bere at the hospital?" "Just as fast as we can. So 1 can hurry you home with the sane- i| lion of ihe law and begin laking care of you." > "It will be forever and ever this time. I promise," Dana said, In a low tone. • ' i "Thai goes for me, too," Scott said earnestly. I "It doesn't seem fair for me to bo so happy, when I've made Ron nie unhappy," Dana said thoughtfully. "Ronnie will thank me some day when he marries a girl who is a? big a fool about him as. you are about me." A nurse put her head In the door "Dr. Stanley, that young girl in 122 has bad a nervous reaction. There's nothing the matter witb her, but she's frightened and insists on seeing you." "All right." Scott said. Tho door closed. Dana smiled at Scott, "Don't worry about me. I'm all rlifht." And I'm remembering you're a doctor. I forgot it once, but I won't afiain." Ho bent and kissed ber. Dana lay quietly, smiling happily. There bad been another quality in Scott's kiss. It bad held love—ob. so much lovo. There had been, too, a new kiud of respect. Y11E KNU. AN INVITATI0 N YOU////^/ACCEPT H ERE is a personal invitation to try Chamberlain's Lotion without cost. You must see for yourself how, because it is not sticky or gummy, it is absorbed in only 37 seconds, how it smooths and re-beautifies arms, hands and face. The dainty purse-size will reach you promptly when you send the coupon, but if you prefer, get Chamberlain's at any drug or department store. USE THIS: ,C O U P OiN Chamberlain Laboratories, 151 . t)e»Moines. Iowa, j] Please send Ireo trial sue of your lotion. Name. __._ j Address- 1936—ANOTHER PENNEY YEAR! PEN NET'S for Quality and Price Men's 17x17 'Kerchiefs 12 for 39c Double Edge Razor BLADES 50 for 49c Men's Fast Color DRESS SHIRTS 14 to 17 49c NATION -WIDE? 81 x 99 4 year wash tested Sheet Now Save Boy's Dress CAPS 4Sc Fast Color PRINT yd. Men's Work PANTS 98c 18 x b6 Bath TOWELS Men's Work Shoes 1 $•1.29 42x36 Pillow Caees—2 for FEffl-AID Sanitary Napkins 12 pads to a box Week End CASES 81x99 Wizzard SHEETS Federal KoviTiimmt. and his first as- Mi-'.mm ill is lu locate the exact :-po' where Ferdinand De'Soto, after crn^.s- iiip the Mi'-siw-ippi river, erected a cross and conducted thanksuiviiiK MT- ; vices. This is in the vicinity of Hoi- j cna, and Bislmp John H. Morris, he,id : of the Catholic church in Arkansas i has given the Centennial Cnmmissidii assurance that its recration will be ; one of the foremost functions (if Ihe Centennial period. This service is expected to attract not less than 10(1.0011 people and will he attended not only i by Cardinals of the church, but other ; di'.-'nitaries lo make it. a national event ' •if the year. President F. D. Roosevelt i.s expected to be in attendance. Visilors Id Arkansas in Centennial year, though they are not \et aware of the fact, will include Henry Find. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Anrcw Mellon, Pie.Treponl Morgan, .several of . the DuPonts. and do/ens uf other ! men prominent in the financial world. ' Harvey C. Couch, clumman of the Arkansas Centennial Commission, i.s ! di tcrmined thai. c\Vry i>utMjind.ing charactcd in Ihc United States who has business dealings in Arkansas, shall make a visit to the State during the Centennial Celebration, thus retting first hand knowledge of Ihe people and the natural resources that arc pcssihle: of development. Hospital Notes .loscpluiiC Mi>. J. W. Cunningham and baby Daiuia I.uii, were removed to their hoiiie Wednesday from Jose'l'hine h;>N- Mr.s. W. A. Mar.Miian of Le\\isville lias leturue'el home following an op- Du "' 1 Wun ' y ' lCI ' ; nu'"frien,ls of Mrs. W. S. Atkm> will be gtael to learn that she it ivM- j ing well at Josephine hospital. j Miss Dallie Ward of Little Rock has i joined the staff of the hospilal as , surgical nursiv A DOOR bad opened somewhere £ ^ ami l\vo nurses wero coming down the hall, rolling a stretcher As they camo nearer Dana could sve thifc tbc pallout wns s young man. A bloud youth of about IS. j A wave of ether drifted through \ the dour and bhe closed her eyes, physically and mentally sick. Xlie woman who had spoken to ; Dana said. "That niusl be the boy who was hurl in a dreadful acci- clenl. They said Ihe bt^t man in the hospital was operating on him. One ol ibf uursos e-;iid hu was a wizard with a knife. It was bis car that wiis-hed itilo the yotiii^ fellow's automobile, and they eaid he was liKo somebody crazy. Wouldn't let anyone else operate, although bo was pretty badly shaken up himself. Ho—" Her i voice ceased suddenly. Dana opened her eyes ;>!ni stared, | uv/eil. up inlo Scott's face'. : \\Xhout a wonl Sl ' ott lift(?tj lncr in liia arms, holding her elore .ipuiiiht him. D;-na. could feel his heart racing. Could feel licr own heart, leaping wildly lik« roine- Ihing released from long iiuprisuii- IIJCIll. Her hainl tra.'lied up lo loiuh Scott's face incredulously, almost fearfully. "/ died." Dana whispered, "many limes. And tlien I looked tip and you wore here by me." Boy's Fast Color Dress Shirts 49c lYz Ib. Quilt Bundles Ea. Childrens HOSE 3 /4 29c 19c 80x105 Seamless BEADSPREADS 36 in. New CRETONNE yd. 39 in. Fancy SILKS yd. 36 in. Curtain SCRIM yd. Fast Color WASH FROCKS 49c Children's Tuck Stitch PAJAMAS 79c MEN'S Spring Felt New Colors Ladies Cotton HOSE 27x27 Nursery Diapers 6 for 49o| 12x12 WASH- Cloths 6 for First Quality Full Fashion Silk Hose Special Pr. Men's Heavy Work Socks ea. 40 in. Brown DOMESTIC yd. 39c Bleached Mill Ends Yd. Begins Thurs., Jan. 16 in Hope Star PENNE C. PENNEY COMPANY, Incorporate* WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES

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