Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1941
Page 3
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Telephone 768 Sociol ?<***» M. HIS CHRISTMAS CAROL By ADELAIDE HAZtLTlNE She went to it and peered airVlce Ing. fittftti W.au. IT v* f f jt !»,»SM ttf W , ( ******* , n^ r*l HrHril hi. ftrti., Kr^Kiut vtlih hl« «rr»-t«rr < »r«l. »imll Jtldgr itln-thrr or nnf tilnjlia, .i, n »nrt; I* niiitjlMi fbr itinf, «»r<ir<li|i|C to the »ld Hi'llfJ *,. »«ritli* (o the J.replf." Jf J«*» k« k *»»,,! ftr ifcr »»-») In »t,tutf d«l» Bfdr hlii l*lh»T'» tt-ulk, n.irr in (« I.,, .old *T r JWf- '*'* •"*!">« < (.r»l'* »*I* dlW.Mtl. l,«it-HI by- fAUhfHI »W|ll Hr «. || || Hf,,,. ,|, p ),„, ,,,,,.j A«*/ >Ur» dtii)*^,^. rr ,.i,,« tic i « » tltuf nlim hU (•Aiir «*»••« la *»trr iVr Mi»rt> ii3>» i* m nil I,} lil« l«ik.r, I »>,•! d»»i>,» to nu>*rr»pt!- !«.»» Mt. llt-iilrli. mHH»i, i .«,>!,. M"< »»> t>»o«< !*•«»<• «lf !».«• will*!) t«-»»», tn«| (Ttum. «-(„», * B , sj , * ttlt{ KftV l«lfc, r . n iv o ihe *.»m<« t.he 'I've bw-n t« IP «,V iftslde. interior was tiiiffe li s«5- of anything lull bl.irk iriohdfr boxes «hd bugs of flianpe. Tne logical plnco for it was in the bank or ai home. She Said as much to Andy when sh6 returned \v>'li the pile of papers for hia inspection. **'J'LL look at home." ho prorri- is«xl, aitw tncy finished with the papers, "Would you lll;c to go over the mail ntnv?" j..he a<<ked "Theie are a frw Dungs I havfn'l tended to." ]\e agcwtl wuj she brought a static t«j Mrn. "Vuu kjmw whal (o Jo and how Hi do it." be complimented her. "You tlon'l ir-alh wed nit' around hrr<", do you?" "Of tours* we do," she denied. i n* j'uiir fuiltci %i»hi*l" "My father gave his life to Jt. P dMn't have much fun." "His i ah Uif> i.i) is s from the 1 *he *niit fprvenUv. "He we for i! , itutnUJu! i f Ucai- didn't \uint """• ' "' ft' >.-.«». ., " * * "• -" « »,. * *« I* /((* i V *•• "' • •* ..»» , , . HP <ttv<,'t«J gr><«| ),hr fad uf u bank atrotirit. t.f'ijM tit Jus J( Itt-'ll KPT. Ant* SAENCER 'Down in Son Diego' PLUS ,.. §»u citiorr "Return of Daniel Boon // Thr Uthrv*- Out, 1<»u, «Jon't ullisiion (filled hw Ant!y was A mot-feme them. .1 Carol (w Jt !nt«?n upthd t<.-r In !Jtnt» Julian IT* m Seniit Claut*' tistufjgrtj. "HrUo, in., (."ami and ! vcns, da-hnu" k>}>? jlill Linda. JUJfl luncheon rhf ».ttd *"'"'' W '' ''•'•<• S -!.•••'. ,,! '«*,..|j.,.,. "<»-...• .,.,j; WM n,.;,,«. v., >,,.,„ !.-"'--,','"» 1 'V- *•-.'','.*"'* r '" "»« J lV,c , "1 wstjt li !i» tin. Hotel out.. and \Vi uJ<J She said mofe calmly, "f'ni sure ho expected you to run the store." His boyish rnotith formed a half wfsUul smile. "When do 1 start?" * * * gHE called Herrick Hrst becausa he Mnd the most responsible IKIJ/UOII in thb store. His big bulk filled the doorway as he entered, cornplainirig, "Couldn't get ah elevator. The crowd's Over-running us." tie went to the inner office and held a hand to Andy. 'Hen It k," Caiol hpard him soy. Her desk was so near the oflke door thut she Could sec ahd hear evt'rythihjf thnt took place unless (he door was closed. II wasn't closed now. Andy feigned recognition. "Yes, of course. You haven't been around long, havfc you?" "A yefir," Mr, Horrick replied. "An infant ih an orgnniration \vhcru tlu-y count service by dec- ndi v" jj e ]i, U ghod nt his own thrust, Andy smiled, loo. "Maybe what's wrong with "the More" "I didn't know there was anything wiong with it," Andy taid "You haven't bfefcn around itiurh," Mr. Hen-irk i-hided him. 'Otjwd<! don't make money " His -hujp eyes iij.jJi.iis-t-d Andy. "Ar» you soijifj to run the store lik« 5<nir father did?" ' ' Thut depends," Andy cotin- l-.r<'d, "'1 don't expect to spend HlJ my Umc here. J'il linve to look to the orKantotion to carry on." Mr. Herrirk's voice quickened. "You can do that all right," he him. "Now take me. I'm 1o be ssMstant manager bur I've ni'vw really had a chance to run things. 1 could show you how to make the store realize n mi} jMom if you'd be interested." "Guess we're nil interested in nwe monry," Andy conceded. seimons Sunday niorning, oh tnft fol- owirtfr StjbjfeBt. "Why We Are, U,. at We Are" He will preach on thfe above rtamed subject nt both the morning and evening services for a ew Sundays. Is (here a reason for «,ur existfince, as a relgiious body? B'ble Study, 10 a m and G p m. Prenchlng, 11 a. m. rind 1 p. ;fi. Come and be with us in these services. rrrtsT METHobisr CHURCH Second n( Pine Kcn'nclh L. Spol-e, Pastor Sunday. December 21 Organ Meditation, (chimes) at 9:45 a. m. Church School si 10:00 a, m. Morning Worship al 10:50 a. m. Special Music: From Handel'; Oralorio, "The Messiah" Air for Alto, "He Was Despised' —Mrs. Kenneth L, Spore. Air for Coprnno, "How Beautiful Arc the Feet of Them" —Miss Harriet Story. Chorus. "Hallelujah!"—the choir. Sermon by the pastor: "Chrislrhai Is Come" The annual White Christmas Ob- fervvnnce will be al 5:30 p. m. Mrs Brmts McPhcrson is in charge of the pageant The Senior-Young People's Fellowship Group will go caroling after the White Christmas program. bert »! Little Rock, Jack, John, and Ctirry df HdpBj 4 ilstett, MA. g<Jna Scat-borou'gh of Ldulllana, Mrs Ed* May of Ozan, Mrs George S Crews and Mrs Sid Coffee of Hope Active pallbearers. Paul Reaves, George Crows, Jim Reed, Nick Jewell, George S. Crgws Jfm Reed, Hick Jewell, Syd McMath and Earl Dudley. fMfak B. Robfitidrt ," VlsfH Parenfs Nflrt Atrifitlbft Cfa^et FfariK fi. g6 son, son of Garland B Robinson Hope route 4, spent Wednesday Thursday with his parents and relatives in Hdpe. Cadet Robfft being transferred from gan Art Texas to Oklahoma City. , With sifh&uiH. I d pa-Art rfcort |«weti lof o thtp Te bring me bad or) Art«mi» slip. PENTECOSTAL ClIUftCH 4ih nnd Ferguson Hev. W. P. Graves, Pastor Sunday School at 9:45 a. m., with -acie Rowe ns Superentendcnt. Morrtlng Worship at 11:00 n. m. Sermon by pastor. Evening Evanuelistic Service at 7:15 3. m. Rev. Thurman Sweat, speaker Wednesday Evening at 7:30, Christmas program. HOPE GOSPEL TABEfWACLE (Assembly of Ood) North Main & Avenue D J. E. Hamill, Pastor 5 '*i'urnSpi? j vv il.h Ahdv "* «'» I':if) 01 HI* »n< hoe >r)tijt«»nfth if .m hour would >ou sh.nge „. Tut out unnr-u"-^nij expcn-scs; Hun our own business instead oj >K the customers dictate to »i v " He launched hilo an expltinn- t':>n of hit methods. He talked for his \\-ork? ."Tire 1'!,!' J\1i. JJrsjix.J'n Ml Amly rctuniH »( 3 o'clotk, "} h<- f«''(t n'l fsnd H, Linda t to k»u.-w whin be- liidiicn t:1)iir, "WMl. i', 11 ail i his i to me anyway," "Tulit* i-rntimc-n! out of busl- n«s." Mr. Herrick concluded. "Huy and sell. Get money jn the bank. That's what counts. I can put it there for you." He paused, ihcti said fmoothly, "Frankly, Andy, I know you don't want to tic yourself down to this business. I don't blame you. You're too youjifc* to give youi- life to it. Why don't you turn it over to me <md /oreel it?" (To he Continued) „„„„„ Mr. nn.l Mr«. • SUNDAY * MONDAY TUfSOAY TH£ ORCATEST COMEDIAN OF OUR TJME...IN BRANDON THOMAS' IMMORTAt COMEDV/ Mi, :t ,l dinr.,- «'«. A Aunlu,(jr Ou.i-1- Mr .»nd &?.». Chn.Jc* fk'b or our Christmas bas- euf»t»jin'ls fv.r ihr nwdv of the town 10:50. Morning' Worship Service Personal Mention !T«-i"T,t f Gentlemen's Gentlemen f Hollywood No, 1 parly !r-r! nJ holly a»fi iflnllrti* wan. B Jnrgc Jigbtrtl Cl-.riUnja!, tsr-r. Hiiliilay fiirniji-t wfi-r x-ivrxt through no« thr evening , 1m j «( t|)r rcnrliu- inn of thr gaii-iM the hoMrfM-t wrv- 1^1! .1 <JHiri'iu». <)rsD( fimr.if. Kiijoyiug (lit. oc<"i*loi> with the hon- utiH- am) l-mMniH-N M'rir: Mt^ Dojil Kins. MIM Minearrl riunter. Miss Maty Sue Hffti.li.n, Miss, Sue Doug. Id*. MIK. W H Mcrniiim. Mrs Hurry Fox. Mi»>? Evelyn !>N»vlrl|p, MHs Kililh Boynl. Mr.*. Jivin Rnhblns Mis, n V. Herndfin. Sr.. Mws Hull, O'Dell, MUs Hotly Ix)ii Ala-ri,, nml Mi.«* Kvc Hat i is. Gifts from ihe guests It) the htmuw were distributed from the tire Preeeediny the binao party. Mr. and Mr.s. Fritrhe were hosts at a In- ! " lt ''f >t >' i '. Flidny, K, s .,,rncl the Ch ll '' il » varwlion with her imienl.H *h'l MJ*. J. C. Brolcs. Ark. "MI RIALTO MIDNIGHT SHOW SATURDAY 11:15 "Charlie's Aunt" Sunday - Monday BOB HOPE -in 'Caught in The Draft" at the THEATERS • SAENGER Sun.-Mon,-Tucs.-"Charlie's Aunt" Wcd.-Thurs.-"Tuxedo Junction." Fri.-Sat.-"Down in San Diego," and "Return of Daniel Boone" • RIAILTO Matinee Daily Sun.-Mon.-"Caught in the Draft" Tues.-Wed.-Thurs.-"South of Tahiti," and "High Sierra" Fri.-Sat.-"Billy the Kids Fighting Pals" and "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" • Motww Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! 13111 Hivf-nt i» bmm- from New Mcx- ic-o Miiitaty limilulP. HONW.-II. with J»rJt Mrynn of l)ilo. H:>w«ii ;i:, hi* Rur'l IVilh iin- nluylnij with rus t.ft- rwilft. Mr. Biul Mr?, T, G. Fiivtr* T30 WVM Avc C. Mrs. Hiv.-. and Mt», Rt.l«-n Iju-son im-t \},,- boys j n Dnllax Thursday nnd .ii-c,>iii|.iinierj them home. -O- ArrivitiK by plunc Tui-«!ny from WailiinKion, D. C. will bo Mi'ss Smn Ann Uolliind. who'll spc-nd 11 t l a >.< with tier parents, Mr. and Mrs. il. L. Gosnell. and other relatives nnd friends. In Washington. Miss Holland is cmjiloyod by the War Dfjiortmenl —O— John narrow of Memphis \\as ;i Thursciay visitor in Uie city. —O— Miss Nancy Hohins will reach Hope Friday afternoon from Conway, whcti- she is a freshman at Arkansas Slate Teachers' College. Slip will be the Kuc-st of her parents, Mr. ami Mrs Leo Robins. -0- Mr nnd Mrs. G. W. Loohado of Arltadelphm were Tlmrsday dinne- gucsts of Mr. nnd Mrs. Royce Wesicnl berger. Mr. and Mrs. Tully Henry of dishing, Okla., will spend Christina* holidays with Mrs. J. A. Henry. • c» ••M«»J««»JJ *JlTIVil.l. ihe Pastor's Christmns mwsKifte j on "T)u< Jo>-.s of the Christian ChriM- I mas," i 6:15. Tniming Union wilh programs in cadi union «ip|)ropriale to the sea- I 7:30 Evening Worship Sot vice with | iht Cantata, "The Nativity Song" by Roy K. .Volto, sung by the Choir. A pordinl welcome nwniis all who Kirs) Baptist Church. CHURCH OF CHIUST J. A. Cnprlnnd, Minister The minister will begin a series of A Christmas trcnt will be given to 11 the children who attend the Tab- rnacle Sunday School Sunday, a? HE been done in previous years. Sunday School begins al 9:45 a. m. The Spirit of Christmas" is the title of the Christinas sermon to be delivered by the pastor in the li:0l o'clock service Sunday morning. Spec- ihl Christmas carols and songs wili feature the musical program, under the direction of Mr. F. L. William. The Immediate, Junior, Primary, Beginners and Kindergarten departments will present a Christmas program during the Sunday School hour. The program will bo presented in the main auditorium. Sunday night the annual Christmas Piny under the direction of Mrs J. E. Hamill. and presented by the Senior Young People's department will be given. The play begins ]jrompt- ly at 7:30, and if you want a seat you should come early. It is expected that the Tabernacle will be packed as it always has in past years. The Christ's Ambassadors Union will not be held this week, due to preiiorntion for the Christmas play. At the Tabernacle you are a stranger only once. Funeral Services for Native Hope Resident Funeral service for Charles Craig Allen, lifelong Hempstead resdient, who died in a Little Rock hospital Tuesday, were held at the Herndon- Cornelius funeral home here Wednesday. Burial was in Rose Hill cemetery. He is survivved by a son, Charles Lee ^Walter, 6 brothers, Walter of Oklahoma, George of Nashville, Ro- ll! the PERFECT SL1 With Laion inserts '. .. by RRTEM1S At lost! . . the slip that keeps a welcome sheath ot Rayon Satin over your knees, beneath tweed skirts! It s straight-cut, with a fit that's smooth as paper-oh-the-wall . . . thanks, to Laton inserts that stretch as you breathe. Tearose white or black; sizes 32-44; petite $•» >%i- sizes 291/2-37V2 1.95 Advertised in HARPERS BAZAAR, VOGUE and MADEMOISELLE She'll Love ARTEMIS GOWNS $ 1.95 Charles A. HaynesCo. ON MAIN Mr and Mrs. W. B. Rugglcs and (laughter, Lucillo, have returned from n two-day stay in Little Rock, whero Lucillo went through the clinic. Mr. nnd Mrs. L. D. Springer and son left Friday for Tipptonvillc, Tenn to spend the holidays with relatives. Church News UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH /. W. Swufford, Pristor Sunduy 9:30~Junior Choir. 10:00—Sunday School. 11:00—Preaching. G:45-B. T. p. 7:45—Preaching. Tuesday 2:30—Ladies Auxiliary. 7:30-Singing and Prayer Meeting. Because of Christinas our Prayer Meeting lias been combined with our Singing on Tuesday night for next week only. Celebrate this Christmas in the right way by attending all church services. Start it off right by being on hand early Sunday morning, you will receive a blessing. FHJST BAPTIST CHURCH R«v William R. Hamilton 9:30, Sunday School assembles by departments. Each member of the Sunday School is asked to bring a NO SWEATING WALLS NO FRIGID FLOORS REQUIRES NO ATTENTION Install a Gas Floor Furnace IVDW Before Winter Really Strikes! Gee, but it's great to get up in the morning and find your room—your whole house-warm and cozy, free from chilly floors and frigid corners ...no more shivering while you dress... no more sniffles and colds from unevenly heated rooms. And, best of all, no more worry and con- cerh about whether your house is too warm or too cold, because a gas floor furnace maintains the correct temperature AUTOMATICALLY! You will be amazed how easily and how inexpensively automatic gas floor furnaces can be installed. No basement is necessary-no space is wasted. All that shows is the attractive ornamental grille. But your biggest surprise will come when you find how efficient and how economical gas floor furnaces are. Why not.call one of our heating specialists today? A*K4lliti LOUISIANA CAS CO, „ (~j

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