Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1939
Page 4
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ft! I PAGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS Monday, September 11, 1989 'Stars Continue in I Chesterfield Ads ONE WEEK OF WAR IN EUROPE Hollywood Celebrities r Illustrate Cigarette \ Theme Leading motion picture stars, including Ann Sheridan, Gary Cooper and Fred Astaire, are featured personalities in the new Chesterfield Cigarettes newspaper advertising released from coast to coast this \veek I by Liggett and Afycrs Tobacco Coin- pnny. . These stars, together with celebrities | in other fields, are used to illustrate "right combinations for more pleasure" —the exclusive Chesterfield blend of various tobaccos for mildness, aroma and finer flavor. The "right combination" theme is also carried out in Chesterfield's point-of-sale displays and in magazine and billboard advertising for this period. Supporting its newspaper campaign, Chesterfield is broadcasting Fred Waring's Pensylvanians nationally over the National Broadcasting Company stations each evening from Monday through Friday at 7. p. m... E. D. T., and the famous Paul Whiteman orchestra on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 p. m., E. D. T., over the Columbia Broadcasting System. Atnenio, Carrying of over 100 lives British blockades and war on subs Gernians enter Warsaw Polish army believed making stand between Vistula and Bug Women and cnifaren and aged evacuated Air raid warnings New Polish capital London and Paris ATUNT/C OCF4N RUMANIA Bucharest Border closed by Germany YUGOSLAVIA <'i _-^ BULGARIA Mussolini and Pope continue separate efforts for peace Reaffirms support of Britain-France Mediterranean Sea Derringer Beats Cubs f or20th Win Cincinnati Drops Half Game As Cards Win Doubleheader CHICAGO—('.TV—Paul Derringer, entering the charmed 20-victory circle. braced the retrogressing Cincinnati Reds Sunday by minimizing seven Chicago Cubs hits for a to 2 victorv before 32.761 fans. Despite the triumph, however, the Reds lost a half game to the challenging St. Louis Cardinals, who narrowed the gap between the clubs to three games by winning a double header at Pittsburgh. Derringer was never in danger after his mates got to Larry French for four runs on five hits in the third inning. Derringer himself singled to start the winning inning. Bill Werber and Lonny Frey, moving to third as Billy Herman fumbled the relay on his hit, also scored as Ival Goodman slammed a single off Rip Russell's "Above map shows land and sea action, developments of European war on all fronts since German 1 ' '•* ' invasion of Poland, started on Friday, Sept. 1. Bruce Catton Says: Poland's Isolation Gives Allies Big Strategic Problem By BRUCE CATTON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — Great Britain and France face a strategic problem of tremendous difficulty, in the opinion of army experts here. Going to the aid of Poland, they are up against a situation in which it is almost impossible for them to supply that help swiftly or effectively. For the simple and inescapable fact is that Poland is tucked away where the French can't get at it. The biggest factor, as the army®— men .here see is Hi tor's non-ag- gvession treaty with Russia. That isolates Poland, makes Hitler's eastern front safe, and tremendously increases the diffictuly of applying a blockade. Yet a blockade, in the end, offers the best way—almost the only way— in which the British and French Dr. J. D. Johnson I' jAnnounces the opening of offices^ First National Bank Building ^ Practice Limited to •• Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. i can hope to beat Hitler, it is be- I lievecl. | Meanwhile Poland and Rumania are i negotiating for reinforcement of the Polish-Rumanian treaty of mutual assistance upon which Poland counts shins. After Ernie Lombard! had been intentionally passed. Giodnum scored the fourth run of the frame as right fielder BUI Nicholson lost Harry Craft's short fly in the sun. The defeat, his seventh of the year against twelve victories, ended a five-game winning streak for French. If you should die tonight will youi family be adequately protected. TAJLBOT FEILD, Sr. District Manager Reliance Life Insurance Co. Life, Health and Accident I Box 44, Hope, Arkansas. We have a complete assortment of Home Furnishings. Hope Hardware Company to receive supplies and from Britain and France by way of the Dardanelles and the Black Sea. Siefricd Line Tough to Crack Tho Baltic at present is impassable. Italy—right no\v, anyway—is neutral. The only place where Germany can be attacked is along her western border, where the famous Sigfried line has been built. Current army estimates have it that a hastily entrenched line can be held by trained men against three times their number, a line which has been elaborately fortified (as the Siefried line has been) can be held against five or six times the number of defenders. France has the best army in Europe—but breaking through the German line on the western front will be incredibly costly and will take months, on the most fuvoriiblc esti- mate. What the rival powers plan to do with their air fleets is, of course, unknown here, American army men doubt that bombing of civilian centers will continue—if for no other reason, they say, simply because wars aren't won that way. It is suggested that French and British bombing fleet? may make the Essen munitions works and the Skoda works in Prague their chief objcq- tivcs. If they can destroy those plants Germany will be seriously crippled. Apart from those, it i.s believed that railway centers will be leading objectives for both sides. Early re- 1 ports from Poland indicate to army observers here that a prime aim of the German air force has been to cripple Polish train service. , Will IHtlcr Try to Call Halt? It is not believed that the German army will have much difficulty in forcing its way to the Vistula river, as that is the first strong defensive position met in an advance into Poland from the west. The supposition is that when, as, and if that objective is reached, Hitler will call a halt and will suggest a peace conference. If Britain and France reject any such overtures and continue the war, it is believed that the blockade will have to be their main reliance. Although this blockade will be leaky because of Russia's defection, it is still felt that in the long run it will be effective. Despite the fact that she can expect some imports from Russia and Chattanooga Wins Southern Pennant Lookouts Take Double Victory From New Orleans CHATTANOOGA., Tcuu-W'i—The Chattanooga Lookouts won the Southern Association pennant Sunday by taking both ends of n doublchcadcr from New Orleans, scores 6 to 2 and •t to 2. With « shotgun held at his head by President Joe Engel in a pre-fiajnc celebration, Manager Ki Ki Cuylcr stood at the plate before 10.624 cheering fans and signed a contract to pilot the Lookouts in 1940. "Down in this country when a president says sign u contract he meant it," said the joshing Engcl as Cuylcr kneeled to affix his signature. It was "Cuylcr Day" in the Look- iut park and Engcl presented the pi- lof numerous gifts on behalf of the fans. Speaking over the public address system, Cuyler said after expressing his appreciation "I have run out of words—all I want to do is just win a pennant." The Lookouts then proceeded to do just that. First game: New Orleans 000 001 001—2 7 2 Chattanooga 020 000 31.x—6 10 0 Maltzbcrgcr, Humphries and Klumpp; Lanahan, Williams and McAdams. Second game: Now Orleans 000 200—2 fi II Chattanooga 012 001—1 10 0 Pulford and Klumpp; Pritchctt and Polli, McAdmas, R. Hooks. Hitler Puts Germans on This Diet Crux 7, Barons (> ATLANTA—W;—The Atlanta Crackers defeated the Birmingham Barons 7 to 6 Sunday in a hardfought encounter that ushered out the regular Southern Association season for both teams. Birmingham 200110101—612 0 Atlanta 200 500 OOx—7 10 2 Lanning, Tubb and Luckey; Curies, southeastern Europ.c Germany's position is considered extremely bad in regard to foodstuffs and other raw materials. The fact that food-ration cards were resorted to before hostilities had even begun is taken as a sign of a highly shaky poi-ition. In the end, it is felt, a blockade will win. But that "end" might be a long way off. Before it is reached, Europe may settle down into a condition that is neither war nor peace—a cold, relatively bloodless economic struggle in which the military struggle is a talemate and in which each side Hatches its resources against the other on the economic front. «LSERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1930. NET A SERVICE, I'Mi-rilaj : Murhin recalls her in meeting Unit, their brief courlnhiii. Niillden milrrince. fhi- HIM) rri-nllx visiting 1)111 and Amy SniujK. Her own mnrriiiKc itiifchi have hern different if Mhc tuid nut s""e la the Snudfl' home. CHAPTER VI \MV .ELLEN had been one of . UJB Etenographcrs in Grant Xellcrwr orfice. A little more than » year earlir»x she had given up her )ou to .-narry Bill Sands. They !.\.>td n; a cheap little apartment ti>' to* West Side. Gt>ing to see them on that Sunday afternoon had put fear into Marian's heart, the fear that was to drive gladness out. Tho dark little flat became the symbol of "•'Hat it meant to face ri precarious /uture, even with the man you loved. The place was cluttered with tiiiby things, Bill's eyes were \vor- j ried even when ho laughed. Amy .Ellen v/as thin and haggard, her i'.s gone. In the bedroom, pitiful with its cheap attempts at beauty, she cried and told Marian that Bill had lost his job, that she was frightened for the tiny baby who needed so many things, expensive things like orange juice and cod liver oil and special milk. On the homeward drive, Marian had been thoughtful. At last she had said, "Dan, I think I'd better keep my job for a while—until »f:t a little saved." "Not on your Jife," D;.n had burst out. our house. "I'll do the doing at When I look at you YOUR BABY —YOUR DOCTOR AND YOU Advice lo mothers on how to raise babies is plentiful ami free in every community. From friends und relatives well-meant council is constantly heaped upon a mother's shoulders. Frequently the result ii confusing and often detrimental to the baby. The best advice to any mother can be given in three words: fit'E i'OUR DOCTOR! When prescriptions are needed tall . . . . The Leading DruggiM "We've Kut If PHONE 62 Motorcycle Ueljverj I want to know that I bought your pretty drc-ia- and your cute shoes, that J buy your food and pay for the roof that covers the two of u:;." ''I knov/ how you feel, but—but look r.t Bill and Amy Ellen. They can't be- happy, they're v.-ji.sling! the yciii i v.'hen they should he h;ippy, being frightened. It got ine, Dan. Amy Ellen v;uz so pretty, they were in love like we arc." for his wife, trying to give her lovely things, is the incentive a man must have to succeed. When he's at work he wants to know that his wife it at home, expecting him to make good. Can't you see it, Glad?" "Yes, but—" He put his hand over hers, "And babies, Glad—babies don't come to a couple who are both working. There isn't time—the right time—" She pulled her hand away. "A baby wouldn't have a chance—not on $35 a week. Babies need things —nice little beds and carriages and—and things." "A baby needs her mother, Glad. It's up to her father to provide the bed and things." Marian said, half laughing, "We're certainly looking idicad, Dan." '•But you want a baby—a little girl?" "Why a girl? I thought men always wanted sons." "I don't know—girls are so cunning—I think I should love my little girl best." The conversation terrified Marian. You'Xell in love with a man, you promised to marry him. Then, all of a sudden, you were considering other lives. She could not get past the drab picture of Bill and Amy Ellen. She went back to the first point of the argument. "We're young, Dan. We can wait a year or so. I'll keep my Dan gravely stopped the ear ar.d • money, you'll tvi\: nor- in hia 'inn.-;. "They are .still in Jove, Glad. Bill loves Amy Ellen a thousand times more than] way." i.o did when everything was ro.-;y. j "It you really loved me you'd lie's got something to fight for, ', let nvj do as I want to." "No." "Just a year!" "No." "You're stubborn and horrid." "How ;jbout yourself?" "You're riot the only one gellin inurried. I have a right to Kay something about it.' "It h;j.i to be settled one time or another. In a year you'll be u little more aecustomcd to having find an excuse to work another year. I've seen too many marriages wrecked that At last, one night in early October, they had reached the end. "There's no justice," Marian had cried angrily after a futile argument. "You are ambitious and s« am I. You plan to go on, giving up nothing, getting everything. I'm supposed to do all the sacrificing." She had stopped, miserably unhappy. "If that's the way you feel about it—" ; Marian would never forget how she had flung back her head. "1 intend to work for a year at least. If you cure to marry me under those conditions — " It had been her last card, she had held it back, certain that it was the high trump. Dan had looked at her, his eye:; like cold steel. He had done with coaxing and persuasion. "You've made the rules," he had said, Amy Ellen ond the baby, lie's thr; he- ad of a family, jfc'l! i_orne "And wouldn't if .you loved me, you rnc-asurc our life with a through, \-j'f.t; my word oho Imnyj on and Ij-.-lie-. iit-'il como out sidling," for it. If j dollar sign." Their two voices had s in him, B l .nhin hadn't been able to become high-pitched and hard. Miiriiiu said, "We're quarreling, Dun." "Oh, no—" They elung together, i.ct- ;i, ...iic could ice only the i hon-ifitd by the fiiit clash ol wills. pc.-.tity i,;,cl fear. She had said, "Plea.-.o, Dun, be j-cjjsonublo. Jf we both •-.: oii.—i£ v.r; both ttirn—- : ' He bioko in. '-u. Bounds all right, but ;t i:.n !. Thr/ie's a fundamental I;,v/ tibout riiMriiagc. The rn;jn pjovidc.. the- home and the \vorn:.n koepi it for him. Trying to mrtVe tViin;.'.; ea '{':( and plc-fi.anter In 'm agony of love they prom- jjcd never to disagree a JJIJT th'.-y had disagreed. The difli•relief- would not rtay in the background. H cropped up like an ugly weed, crowding out the ucitiit-y, forcing itself between them Neither would givj ;n\ inch. D a few hours of scornful pride, then days of waiting, finally numb anguish. Marian could never remember those days when Dan neither called nor waited, for her at the building entrance, without a spasm of pain. The agony had been so real as to carry across the years. Ten days pjissed. Marian's flag of independence fell on a Saturday morning and she called Dan. He waited for her at noon. Without a word, she slipped her hand into his and they walked along LaSallc street, unmindful of the hurrying crowds, unaware that another living soul existed. They walked straight to the courthouse. On the way, Marian said, "You win, Dan. I can't stand it." He said, "Thank you, dear. Tniot me for u little while. I'll make it up to you." Marian found glory in defei.f, pride in Dan's strength of will. After the short ceremony which made her Dan's wife, she had called Grant Fellows. She would not be back to the office any more, she had been married. They had spent a beautiful week-end at Michigan City, returning to a tiny furnished apartment. There had been an interval of .such complete happiness that Marian, sitting in the cheap little car beside a strangely remote Dan, could not remember the time without a quivering ache in her heart. "Want anything for dinner?" Dan asked as they approached a market. Marian came back to the present with a thud. When before had s- he allowed herself the uncertain luxury of day dreaming? Memories shattered the defensive wfdl t : he had built around herself. She would never look back again — never. (To B£ Continued) SUGAR o/. wccklv CEREALS 3 ox. weekly VECJETAIJLES No linxit s Sing Fontbnll NEW YORK — Johnny Law, Notre )amc cnptnin and guard iiv 1929 and rmcr coach at Manhnltnn College, at- cntion » fosv ycnra ngo when he dls- 'vercd Alabanui Pitts, who built a national reputation by bnllcnrrying pci formalizes on Sing Sing teams. Law coached tor three years at Sinn Sing and then moved to the New Yurk Slate in.slitiilion at Woodbounic. Comparing the institutions, the form- r Sniilli Bond star snys: "I like Sing Sing much bellcr. U van a liifthi.'i- type." , Th<- lar(4r:sl f"llcc((;d pirc-e of the Ari/.una int'leoritp, a MOIi-pound stone, i;; in tin.' Colorado Museum of Natural llii.ltuy. .Several other museums have Ainu's weipliiiig more (hail 1000 pounds f i DIII this same rraler area. I JUST PONT KNOWWMXT X \ TO DO, HELEN. SOMETIMES I \ \THINK HE LIKES ME,THEN FOR HOJ 'REASON HE \~.-^^^^=^-^ ^FORGETS ME./^THERE IS^ ntASOW^ . k MEN DON'T LIKE ? _. v (WOMEN WHOHAVEN1 /*Jf?V \ P£P AND ENERGY., Germnn stomachs go on a wartime basis as Nn/is ration out foodstuffs and limit menus to umuunts of. food shown above for each person. Additional allowance is made for tho^e engaged . in "r heavy work. Gabler and Richards, Smith. I'elis 10-fi. Smokies KNOXVTULE, Tenn. —(/l'i— They celebrated "Babe Young day" here Sunday and Ihc brilliant Knoxville first baseman demonstrated his appreciation for the multiiid,.' o( gift* by liamini-r'm™ out a Frank Mcrri- \vell Hume run in the Ui.st \\M «( the seventh inning of the nightcap to give the Smokies an 8 to G victory after they had dropped the opener to Litl:L' Rock 10 to •!. First uaine: Little Rock . CT 2ni) .11)1)-1C lli I) Knoxville . 0(10 2000 020— t K 0 Rra/.le and Kerraoli; Mallory, Schrocder and Kies. Second game: Little Rock Knoxville Prendergast nnd and McDougal. got revenue Sunday by spoiling the Chick's slim hopes for the flag with | a 11 to 3 victory. I It ended the regular season for Ijnlh teams, l>vit (hoy clash IU-H- Tuesday iu ! tlie first game of tin. 1 Southern Association Shaughnewy playoff. Tin- victor then meets Ihe winiter of ihc game between Atlanta nnd tin- cbamuion Cliat- lanooca squad. oio mill n:i!i :; !i 1 i or ."oo nox Memphi.-, Nashville Doyle. Henry. K; o Sloiil. flad'lv and 121) OHO 0-li 12 1 200 002 4—S 9 1 Ferraioli; Swigart Vois n, Chicks :; NASHVILLE. Tenn.—(/Pi—Tim Nashville Vols knocker) out of their pennant chances by Memphis Saturday, I^[IJ)N; Marts'iiil'. .uid (ic<nge. At Money Uei-urd LOS ANGLES Si-abiMrnit is Ix'itip galloped daily in an attempt to patch him U|> for at. least, one UKHC i-vack at S'un Beau's all-lime moni:y winning record of &!7(i 7-M, Aijjiuiximately 530,000 shy of the mark. Seabisciiil will gel. his chance in one of the rich Santa Anita rmrsus this winter. Tlie United Slates built tbi.ni.rand.s of airplanes for use in tin- Work! war, but very fev.' actually wore used, since hostilities ceased soon uf'cr their con-'ilruclion. _ &/^ Helen Is right. Men don't llko women who nro dull and listless, who look us tired and worn out an they sny thr-y nre. Sometime.-, UK; lnt-k of spnrkllnK pop nnd energy, v.'hich Is :;o attractive to others, j.-i cine to simple anemia, n, condition brought on by a deficiency of iron in l.lio blood. Men and women who aiv overworked, spend lone: hour:; indoor,! nnd lack suflirieni, :,iin.';hiue nnd exercise, off.en find (.lint, II. I:; Mil-, condition which \'.> capping Ihrir pep and enemy. Sat'KOti, the fuiuoiu; tonic. \vi',h iron, is helpful in m-ereoniinrr irwi deficiency in the blood. Lending to nid niUurrj t:i imiWimv ml blood cell.-! nnd hemoglobin! Thi:; accomplished, you fe<;i like ;\. new person, with ,iew pep ami vitality nnd ;i belter apprtile. tic I, n. hoi tie of SarRon l.oflay a I mir risk. If you an: not enl.irrly fifilisfii'd, after inking a'-cnrding to direcl ion.',, the full purchase price will be returned without nuesi.ion. Ward & Son Moderni/.u Yotir Home With A NEW RATIIKOOM! KASY FHA TERMS HARRY W. SHIVER [•LUMIJ1NO PHONE 25J *- GARY COOPER whnse combination of personality and acting makes him the star of Paramount'* Current Hit "BEAU GESTE" HERE'S THE mm FOR YOUR PLEASURE When you change to Chesterfield you'll find a combination of mildness, better taste and more pleasing aroma, that you can't get in any other cigarette. This combination of smoking qualities comes from Chesterfield's RIGHT COMBINATION of the world's best cigarette tobaccos. There's no other like it. \ your pleasure... •fi the world's, best ciVarcltc tobaccos

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