Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 5
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«» •••*». .,* J* COLORED VOTERS Fir Wit. Traniportation 10 th« polls coll 7 3852 Pol. Artv. pilld fw by Murihafl Ix<wl* Society Continued from PM« Three end jrue*t« of tf. P*fi»nl», Mr, and MM, H, Jl. Cope, fund. John flrook* of Orwnvllle, Ten- si, wan the wpek end gueit of Ml** Mr*. Joo I(o»« nnd Mr», UwU |8mlUt vl»lt«Kl relatives in Toxar- over the week end. •*• „ . . '• «*• J. f*wrtne«. of Ho*», Mr*, JT. L. Arrrrnoos, ftt. i, 0l»ch«n«J; Mr. Don*Id Decker *tr, and MM, j! L. Amman*. Rt, l, Hop*, •nnotmce the »rrlv«| of » daughter MI AiifuK it. Kirk Juim AdmUtedt Ml«« EUle D. Hope, Penny Tlppitt, m. 4, ¥>".. fV-v-*, rWJ?; r v , , v 'i • O t,W* ,'*•••; <"^. _ J ,,,^_ Q MOST IMPORTANT PASSAGE for you the Voters of 59.A* >£ i'Mtif^Ji* &i ' mf i " ' §!' It means everything to you and J^Jti the future of your state. f-jNear What I have to say to you ©NIGHT MONDAY OVER m-J". iAR 8:30 P. M. Pol, Adv. null] for by Henry Woods M«r, for Hid McMflttV Mr- urns Mr*. C. A. YoWU nnd daughter* of l)«il«s, Texiu, »re guc*t« in the home of Mr. and Mr*. J. C. -Curium, Kn*t Third. Mr. nnd Mr«, Henry C. Murphy. Jr., »|>«nt the week end with Mr. nnd Mm. M. C, Murphy and Mr. and Mm, S, Oudnt-y of Washington, Mr. nnd Mr*. Hoy Button had us w»>t!k end giiMi*. Mr. nnd Mr*. Joe Ounn «nd children. Dlatio, Joo Kdd, nnd Joan of Hmnckovrr. Mr, mid Mr», E, D. Button have ft turned to thtilr homo In Houitqri. T«xnri, riflcr attending thj» Sutton rrninfiHijSunday at Knlr Park. Mr. nnd Mr*. Curl flahcrta had i BnUiMuy guests, Mr. and Mr*. E. U. Suiicm of Houston nnd Ml** Murthn Ann Sutton of Bloving. Mr, uncl Mm. A. A. McDowell «u>fl chlldton, Johnny Glen, Carolyn, flnil Rnnnltr, of Fort Worth, TCJXIIK, (iff- KiiendliiK tholr vuciition With Mr, McDowell's pnronU, Mr. mid Mrs. J. 8, McDowell, nnd Mr«. McDowoll'n brother. Glen Clenionti Mri, ClcmenU. Kilty Don nnd Vlrwlnln Dmignn «Pe vlsitlntf tliclr aunt In St. LouUt, ^Hospital Notes Brunch 1,- Hypo, Franks, Jl.t. u •«.' ' ' »P». Mow.rd Turner, Rt, I, Hope, Mr« .CM«m. l. Hope. MS; W7s Hookahs. Hope, Mr*, L^n Vine* Hope, Orsydon/ Anthony, ~ Joe Willis. Hope. Waymond Hope. H Discharged! Mri. Truman Ar- rlngton anrt daughter, Lanettc ot nt. 2, Hope, MM. I. j. Button and «on, Steven DenriU, Hope, Mr», Lllc Calhoon and daughter, Det>- rn Ann. Little llock, Mr*. W. M Orovjw and »on, Wm. McDonald. Jr.. Hope, MM. Nell E, Crow and son Nell Edward Crow, Jr., H ope Mr. nnd Mm. Lynn Vine*. How. announce the arrival of a son. When men dig Into the earth they find that temperatures rlic about one degree Fahrenheit for every 80 or 70 feet of depth. * Chonncl Swimmtr Goot Strong AVALON, Catalina Island, CaUf. f/h — Roy Sutler. Texa* chicken rancher, was sj,lll going strong to-| d*V an he approached the halfway mark In hi* attempt toawlm the normally choppy Catalina channel. At dawn he had covered 9!A ml)p« of the Zl-'mlle grind, aver- gtnK 1 mile* per hour. HI s t»ckcr« said he U sllfchtly behind Mheclulo but plan* to make It up I in daylight. He plunged Into the water at 10:50 p. rn. He hnn to roach Cabrlllo beach by nbout «:30 p. m. to beat the record of 13 hours 33 minutes gel In 1927 by Byron Summers of Los Angeles. Aided by ttnumially calm water and clear weather. Suiter, M, and a purple heart veteran of World War I! occ«fon«Hj, to to old court*, Jfnoke a cigarette .ajwl to drink i ofleftW*Woiftei» *hd'«*tmiin*<I bottle of special bitty formula. Hhe fasrts with wisecrack*. fiv ild u ive* your child unplrln! Or*nfc« fla- vorsrt, tnblet* >i adult don. Buy It now I iST.JOStPH] ASMII • roi CHIIOSO Joiephlnc Admitted: Mrs, J, B. Cnldwolt. FRANCIS CHERRY .^JJ^People who supported Attorney General y » * • Congressman Tackett . , . and Mr. » . v and me, in the first primary, had a ,- * ^> n P ur P' os « > •. to restore Integrity to our X«5totft Government. TO THE VOTERS OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY Tuesday, August 12th is election day. If you Can vote for my son S. A. Speedy HUTSON for CIRCUIT CLERK I shall be forever grateful. Mrs. Wash Hutson For Transportation to the Polls Call... 7-3726 Pol, Adv. Pnid for by Mrs. Wash Hutson. EXPERIENCE Your CITY COUNCIL is a very important unit of your CITY GOVERNMENT/ The ALDERMEN, elected by your vote, admin- > ister the affairs of your City. 'Ordinance's are passed under which you live and conduct youV business. , t •' • Elect a business man to handle business affairs. t (Qualified - Ask any Mayor under whom he has served)' EXPERIENCE COUNTS VOTE TO RE-ELECT ' JOE JON ALDERMAN WARD ; • -\ •'.,'.-'•' ,-..'; •';...'Y^v t.','.:"'"% V For Transportation to Polls Phone >-2l6i or 7-3170 This Adv. paid f61* by Joe Jones arid other! business men. TRUTH FORUM (Evil Power Trust l! • .,'•...'' - . .i. '..-.••'.' At Ozark recently, and in most of his speeches, since, in a seemingly sincere .manner, McMath told of the huge power plant R.E.A. and other agencies want to build near Ozark. He said they were getting along fine, when all of a sudden they were blocked by a suit filed by the evil Power Trust. This suit was filed by Four power companies interested in Arkansas. ... , • ", <• 1 • • - . \ • •'. Just Who IS This Evil Power Trust? > « I , , ... ' '•..'•-•• !-'-• . , r ; ,t"5* '.'''•• !•' • As usual McMath, attempting to divert attention, points tpbnly one'of these Four power companies. The lead off man of these Four companies was named in the suit. -It was the powerful Arkansas-Missouri Power Company., Just Who is ARK-MO POWER COMPANY? *| W. R. Stephens, through his company and his associates, has be'en interested in the control of The Arkansas-Missouri Company for the pdst.three years. r Mr. Stephens and his associates'have handled most of the bond sales in the State of Arkansas during the McMath Administration. .> v How Have The Four Power Companies Gotten Along Under MfcMath? others, who have previously sup. wn* Governor, nowVeali/e that which we are waging is based upon higher tr\an the personality-of the •' ^^" SU • fcsoy to oil of you who shore this com.» « ' n?«d your continued help ^ Wtaft , . . and tht » » so that mmay not only in the election, but also that we, to solve the problems of our None of the other three power companies have even a.s^cjb^c g0y rate crease. W. R. Stephens' Ark-Mo Power Company, however, ^ke^ for an4% quietly granted a substantial rate increase. They weren't even-required |4giyei% bond. We suppose that is only because McMath says he is opposed 'to utilities giving a bond to get an increase in rates. Fort Smith Gas Company, qnpther $te- phens company, with gas properties from Fort Smith to Clay County, ql§b got;a rate increase under similar circumstances, without giving a bond, •'..;.> i -.':':.':''• • -'*•"• r.. . " Ark-Mp Power Company is thriving under McMath, Just'recently they'Were given permits to build new gas lines to serve Northeast Arkansas on a ca^ pigs 15% basis which, of course, increases the cost of gas to its customers,, This WQS very neatly done by an order permitting W. R. Stephens Construction ^ — a new one — to build these lines at cost plus 15%. , •»„•' *, . teffe-'T " J-' '' •*'"•> v-» 0 dtep mm of yow h«v* placed in me, Toll th« Truth Sid — Tht Truth Will Mokt You Frt«ondS«rve th« •«•{ Inttrttt of Hit Ptoplt of TMi Start, Whom You ProftH to Uvt! We ask you Sid, do you have any interest in the Ark-Mo PoWlr Do you have any interest in the W. R. Stephens Investment Company? PQ you own any jnterestMn the W. R. Stephens Construction Compgny? K yoXi hove any interest in Fort Smith Gas Company? *. I Signed: w. D. HURJ.IY; F *#*• Our Doily Bread »Slk«d thin by The Uitor - ...,, Alw> H. W»«hburn I Your Vote It No. 1 The Copitolistic Fox and the Red Dragon Today's Quotation That thcy may be considered wise they rail at heaven. —Phaedrus Have you voted? In a democracy every citizen's vote is the special one that good government is counting on. The polls close at 6:30. If you haven't, you'd better get going. Hope Star 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 257 Mar •! H** lift. C«nt*IM«ud J«n. U, HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1M2 M«m»*n Th* A*. N«l P«M A AMlH •»«•« t» Ctrtl. } M»«. tMHfl* M*Nh 11, Wl WIAtMMA ARKANSAS day. tonight widely definow«fs tn ttulh. Jffr teperature PRICE 5e High l , . I,M» 'Bach new day that a Teletype ralor opens his wire he runs a (test line through to make sure his achine is working on all 26 let<vs of the alphabet, the punctua- tVon, and the numerals. In the United States the tost line is this: "The quick brown fox Jumped over a lazy dog's back 1234567890." In Germany the test line used to Dividing Lines for Schools Are Announced James H. Jones, Superintendent of Schools, announced today the new dividing lines for elementary schools for the year 1052-53. All patrons are asked to cooperate by sending their children to the schools designated. The dividing lines arc worked out according to the pupil load in each school. School officials would like for all Sen. Fulbright, Not McMath, Has Best Chance of Being Named to Stevenson's Cabinet be- "Buy your wife four good| so as to navc a balanced load in comfortable lurs every week, etc." | a " schools. Where there are two _ i or more children in the same fam ' Bui limes many. The Memphis Commercial .ppcal reports: Tho Easl German Reds re- cenlly changed the lesl sen- • lence. Obviously it smacked of Wall Slruet and capilalislic doings. It may also have been fell lo suggest Ihe relationship between mink and a certain rather well known American adminislration. It was regarded as devialionist and counterrevolutionary, let alone using up paper wilhoul any propa- | ganda. So now Ihc test sentence in East German newspaper offices reads: "Ridgway the past general and Adenauer Ihe national traitor. There is a sardonic humor in Ihe slrained rhetoric of Ihe effort- ridden Reds — but also, the inci- denl of Ihe harmless lelegraph test line illustrates a fundamenlal difference between the Communisl and democralic ways of life. To Ihe Communist every utterance, every aclion, must serve some particular governmenlal purpose. But we of Ihe free world be- lievo Ihc newspaper or inc radio is a servant, duty-bound lo bring us news or enlerlainmcnl for its own sake; thai our aclions are our own — and government is quile incidenlal lo Ihe prosperity and happiness of the individual. All of which is jusl a long-wind»£°<J • way of • repeating • a -very, -old nrulh: Government is made for man — nol man for government. By HOWARD SUTTUE Washington Bureau WASHINGTON. — While there is an apparent lull in the battle for the presidency and the big guns arc being brought up into position by each side, a serious pastime in the nation's capital is the selection of cabinet officers for the two candidates. Investigation of "selections" so far advanced indicate that most ofjf them rest upon rather flimsy i pupils to go to the school that is | grounds of rumor and surmise. I most convenient for parents, but) For instanco the ,. ort Uial Gov . sometimes^ a shift has to be nnade | crnor McMalh of Arkansas wouW be Adlai Stevenson's Secretary of Agriculture, in the event of his election, was found to rest largely «y. Ihey can The school will try to assign them so school, assures Ihe parcnls on the pat-on-the-back Truman gave McMath U. S. Seeks More Dope on <|t. Escaped Gl WASHINGTON (#1—The parents of John Hvasta, an ex-GI who reportedly escaped from a red prison in Czechoslovakia, have a promise from the State Department that it will take "definite action" to try to get more information about their son. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hvasta and another son, Steve, 22, came jaere from Hillside, N. J., yester- 'day to ask State Department aid. The Czech government reported last Monday that John Hvasta escaped from a Communist prison near Bratislava Jan. 2. At the time he was serving a 10-year sentence on conviction of charges—denounced by this government as baseless—that he was an American spy. that in case a child has lo be transferred from the school he attended last year lhat he will soon adjust himself to his new friends and surroundings. Dividing lines are as follows: Paisley School 1st Ihrough Glh grades —There will be one division of each grade in Paisley School. All pupils from the firsl lo Ihe sixlh grades, inclusive, residing norlh of Ihe Miss ouri Pacific Railroad and wcsl of Ihe Frisco Railroad will allend Paisley Schooli All transporled pupils on the Washinglon Highway and Ihe proving ground area will atlend Paisley. There will probab ly be a shift of other Iransported studenls to Ihis school. Oglesby School Isl Ihrough Ihe 6lh grades: There will be one division of each grade at Oglesby. All pupils from Ihe first through Ihe sixlh grades residing north of Ihe Missouri Pacific railroad and easl of Ihe Frisco Railroad will allend the Oglesby school. All Iransported sludenls on Old Highway 67 norlh toward Emmel and Ihe Providence area will also allend Oglesby grade school, and sludenls riding Bus No. 2. Olto Sisson, driver, will allend Oglesby. , Brookwood School ,. j .. 1st through Glh grades: All pupils residing soulh of Ihe Missouri Pacific Railroad and easl of Soulh Main Slreel will report to Brookwood School. (The following applies to 2nd and 3d grades). All 2nd grade 'children easl of the Louisiana & Arkansas Railroad will report to Brookwood School. All 3d grade children easl of Soulh Walnul lo 13th Streel will report to Brookwood. All Iransporled stu- denls' from Rocky Mound and Cen- lerville will allend Brookwood School. One bus from Shover Springs area w\ll probably bo shifted lo Brookwood. Garland School 1st Ihrough 6lh grades: All pupils from Ihe firsl through the sixth grades residing soulh of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and west of Soulh Main will allend Garland. President when he was in Arkansas lately, celebrating the completion of two multi-million dollar dam projects and reminding the South of her "deep obligations to the Democratic Party." There isn't any question about the fact that both the President and his secretary ot the treasury, John Snyder, would be pleased pink to have McMath in the Stevenson cabinet. But the grandson of Grover Cleveland's Vice-President has been manifesting a growing amount of independence 'of late, and does not relish having his cabinet selections made for him in advance. The McMath story came out of the hat of a well known Washington correspondent and» publisher who privately admitteS later that he merely put two and two together and made a secretary of agriculture. A much likelier Stevenson appointment, in thai opinion of those close to the .situation, would be Sen. J. William Fulbright as attorney general. Fulbright is of the Stevenson type, an intellectual, liberal but moderate and a pretty good investigator on his own, as some people in the RFC and the White House found out. Fulbright has the advantage, too, of knowing his way around in the Department of Justice, Stevenson knows well enough the part the Arkansas senators, includ ing FuLbrigh.t, . and the Arkansas delegation had in his nomination. He is not apt to forget about it. Union Compress Receiyes First Bale of Cotton Union Compress Co, hero has received Its first bnlo of cotton from tho 1052 crop, H. O. Kylcr. munngcr, announced today, Tho cotton was grown by Ti-oyeo Endslcy of Brndlcy and gtnnod out at 510 pounds. Mr. K.vler snld tho bale had not as yet been sold. Mercury Bakes Big Section of Nation Voting Here Less 2-Weeks Ago; Spoi Still on Governor's Hope Holt, Tackett, Murry Visit Cherry's Program; Governor Sees Clear Cut Victory STEVENSON'S CHOICE -~ Gov. Adlai Stevenson, Demov cratlc presidential nominee, hai chosen Ste'phen A. Mitchell, above, Chicago lawyer, to head the Democratic National Committee. He will succeed Frank E. McKlnney, retiring chairman of the Democratic National Committee. All 3d Walnut grade children on South and South Walker below 13th Street will attend Garland. All transported students in the Shover Springs, Patmos road, High way 29 south and Spring Hill road will attend Garland. One bus from Shover Springs will probably attend Garland. 'Hope Junior-Senior High School 7th through 12th grades. All stu- No word has been heard from I dents of the Hope School District er, a 1-A from the seventh through the him since. Yesterday, however, .'zech refugee named Jaroslav Durec said in Munich, Germany, that Hvasta escaped With him and four other prisoners, and he was confident he was still alive and is hiding in Czechoslovakia. Rep. Rodino (D-NJ), who accompanied the Hvastas to the State Department, said later officials promised "definite action" but did not say what this might be. will attend Hope Kfc Youths of 19 May Receive Draft Calls WASHINGTON Wl — A Selective Service spokesman says increased ieds for manpower soon may force the drafting of 19-year-olds into the armed services. JMen 20 and older are now being used to fill draft calls, but an of ficial said the need for more men— as indicated by yesterday's call for 47,000 draftees in October — may mean dipping into the lower bracket. The October call was an increase of 17,000 over the September call, and there are indications quotas the last two months of 1952 may be as high if not higher. The Selective Service spokesman, who asked that he not be Quoted by name, could not estimate when it may be necessary twelfth grades High School. Fulton School 1st through 6th grades: All students in the Fulton district, first through sixth grades, will attend Fulton School. The seventh ar«i Eighth grade students will be brought to Hope along with the ninth through twelfth grades. It may be necessary to make other shifts after school opens such as moving the lines of streets or shifting of buses in order to balance the load in the schools. The dividing lines for the Negro schools that will attend Yerger Elementary and Hopewell will be announced by Will V. Rutherford, principal of Yerger Schools. The seventh and eighth grades from Fuiton will attend Yerger High School. The Negro elementary chil dren in the Fulton area will attend the Fulton Elementary School. lip to now, no move has been tp by " ge ttie order issued Pocking Contracts Expire Todoy CHICAGO tfh- With 3,750 members engaged in wildcat strikes, the CIO United Packinghouse Workers' contracts with the last ot the major packers expired at 12:01 a.m. today. Workers left their jobs in four Armour and Co. plants yesterday after the union's contract with Ar mow ended Sunday midnight. The contracts with Swift and Co. Cudahy Packing Co. and Wilson and Co. ran out today. Negotiations are continuing. Union officials said they 4ld not toe wsJJwwJw, but that actiwt by The Wisdom of Babes The nation's capilal has just had an example of the wisdom of babes that has lefl everybody still guessing whether or not Ihe "grealest deliberalive body in Ihe world"— Ihe Senale of Ihe Uniled States— mighl nol profilably lake lessons from Ihe younger generalion. The Boys' Senate of Ihe Boys' Gallon, sponsored by Ihe American iCgion, composed of Iwo boy "senators" from each state, look only one day for hearings and one day for hearings and one day lo pass Iwo pieces of "legislation" lhal would slall the U. S. Senate for hat many months. One was a bill creating an Air Force Academy lo ank with West Point and Annapolis, and the other giving the House of Representatives equal power and right wllh Ihe Senale in Ihe ralificalion of treaties. The Iwo "senators" representing Lhe Boys' Slalc of Arkansas were Eugene B.'Henderson, 18. Fayelte- ville, and David Railey, 18, Ft. Smith. Railey was Boys' Slale governor of Arkansas for 1952. Nol lo be ouldone by Ihe boys, the girls followed with their place on Ihe Washinglon scene. The Girls' Nalion had as their represenla- lives from Arkansas, Joy Hagood Cox, Dumas, and Judith Elinor Smith, Magnolis, both officers of the Arkansas Girls' State. Politics Can Be Fun The boys and girls evidenlly came up lo Washinglon lo show how much fun there can be in politics. Besides passing all their "must legislation" with a snap and vigor thai might well be the envy of Rayburn and Barkley and Iheir House and Senate organizations, the two "Nations" held nominating conventions and elections, visited every shrine in and around Ihe national capital, conferred with the joint chiefs of staff, visited with top Justice and State Deparlment officials, and "met the press" at luncheons in their honor at the National P.ress Club. And to climax their model political demonstration, they were received —and fed— at Ihe While House, where everything was "just lovely" without a single "palron- ege" club on the horizon. Easier Said Than Done ; Extreme leftists and "civil right- j ers" have already opened a, determined drive here to "srnoke out," as they say, Sen. John J. Sparkman of Alabama, on the civil rights issue. Led by the negro congressman from Harlem, Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Waller White, secretary of the NAACP, they plan to keep on prodding the Democratic vice-presidential candidate until they get "satisfaction." So far Sparkman has contended himself with the declaration that be "will work wholeheartedly tor the Democratic program" and the sUtemenJ, "I W%| inlunately By The Associated Press An Aufiust heat wave bnked most of Textis nnd parts of thu Southwest todny while relatively cool wcnthor spread across tho central portion of the nation. The mercury vaulted to 100 de- gress yesterday in Presidio, Tex., nnd Phoenix uncl Yuma, Ariz., und the U. S, Weather Bureau in Chicago siiid more 100-plus heat was in store for thu same areas todny. A puny cool wave pushed Just across the Texas-Oklahoma border and then stalled. Cloudy skies and possible showers offered the only hope of relict for parts of Northern Texas, Continued hot was in prospect for the rest of the state. Dallas hud its 10th consecutive day yesterday of readings 100 degrees or higher. The heat and dry spell in Texas have damaged pns- lures and crops, Including cotton. Cooler weather'covered the upper Grunt Lnkos, the middle and upper Mississippi Valleys and most ot the Plains slates. Wanner weather was reported in New England nnd Montana. Showers sprinkled the lower Lakes region soulhwcstward 'through the Ohio and middle Mississippi Valley to Ihc Central Plains stales. There also were scaltered showers along the Gulf By CARL BELI. JONESBORO, Ark. (*»—Francis Cherry, Ihc soflspokcn country judge who lins boon a surprise throughout t h c Democrat 1052 Arkunsas C HUbcrniitorinl By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK («--A confident Sid McMuth snld lit si states nnd in the Southern Rockies. Central and campaign, kept going right up to today's run-oft prlmnry. In succession nnd three dltfor- t-nt Arkansas cities ycslerdny nnd last night, tho 43-ycurold Jonus- Uoro chancellor dropped t h o s o political bombs: (1) An accusnllon Unit his op ponent, Gov. Sid McMuth, would mnkc an unsuccessful effort lo steal tho election. (2) An affidavit which no snld proved McMath himself Injected n personal tragedy Into the blttct cnmpnlgn to "piny on tho sympa thy ot the voters." (3) Appenrnnco on Cherry's state wide broadcast In Jonesboro Ins night of the three cundidntcs who were eliminated from the gover nor's rncc In tho preferential pri mnry to urge tholr supporters to vote tor the judge. U. S. Hep. Boyd Tuckett, Little Rock Attorney Jack Holt nnd Atty. Gen. Ike Murry marched onto thu stage at 0 p.m., four hours lifter Cherry had started his 5-hour election eve talkathon. Their appearance -- before n crowd estimated by Police Chief Holman Mabry ol 3,000 lo 0,000' persons — was Iheir first on bo- half of Cherry nlthough all hud nnnounccd previously thcy would vote for him in Ihe run-off. Said Holt: nipht ho was assured of it third term nomlnfltlon us governor nt odny'8 runoff Democratic prlmnry uul dccjiirod thnt opponent Francis Cherry alrondy wns "prcporlng nn alibi for his coming defeat." Churry, McMath added, "Is slat Inn now that nil tho election of llclnls arc Indecent people who nro lining to steal tho election." Tho governor asserted thu Cherry was getting ready to any "I was robbed." McMoth spoke over a stntewld rndio network, but only port o thu 30-mlnuto program was devot ed to the governor's speech. Approximately half the time w« occupied with transcribed tclophon reports from McMnth leaders i vurlous sections of the • state nn recorded comments made by poi sons nt previous McMnth spucche at Proscott nnd Helena on wn IS HE ALIVE? — Czechoslovakian Foreign Office oficials have reported that John Hvesta, 25, above, has efecaped after four years of Imprisonment as an alleged spy. Date of the escape has been given as January 2, 1952. American officials, who have been trying for four years to fre'e the naturalized American, hold hopes that he may be alive, and In hiding, somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. Cotton Parleys Scheduled in C6unty Wednesday Three cotton insect infestation determination and control recommendation field meetings will beheld Wednesday announced County Agent Oliver L. Adams. Sharp increases in boll weevil numbers have occurred in some fields of cotton. Showers have been just right to give the second AllMcMath's Opponents Against Him LITTLE ROCK UP) — Gov. Sid McMath's three former opponents lined up solidly behind Chancellor Francis Cherry last night in an election eve move to defeat the governor in his bid for third term Democratic nomination. The three candidates who were defeated In the preferential primary two weeks ago appeared on Cherry's radio "talkathon" to urge their supporters to vote for the soft spoken country judge in today's runoff election. McMath, recently endorsed by President Truman in his re-election bid and supported by both tho CIO and AFL's political league, said earlier last night in a state wide broadcast that Cherry was "preparing an alibi for his coming "We're of good all here in the interest Cast 512 m by 10a.m. Voting In Hope was BliahU^ Tuesday ferontlul obsorvora believed the , period would bo from «wtlht| until closing tlm«.'. '.i'^ A check ot eight i>recii Hopu t\t 10 u.m. Tu*)8day ; *iii they were Koing to vote tor th governor. Onu of the telephoned reporl wns from Gurlund Arrlngton Jonesboro, Cherry's homo city, wh declared: "The change In Cnityhcnd County nnd Jonosboro is hard to bellovo since the governor en mo hero to spenk lnH't week, Tho people hero feel like they must have someone with a program, NOIDOIIO on whom they can depend. Chorry (who carried tho county by a big majority In the. first primary) Is in for u big ourprlno when Craighead County's vote la counted." a total ot B12 votes. pared to 640 tn the two weeks ftgo. , , Tonight's tally should ed about as quickly •» election although, U race«r» ed on the city ballot asjC to only eight on rural p» there ore fout nldermon:rii one commlttcoman' ^6 be* r There lire, A total of on the ballots ns com nemos' on tho first, ba tally tho largest" vote, " weeks ago was 4,053, in't nor's race and many observer llevc this figure will be today. government..H Is move Others who forecast victory for defeat.' The appearance of U. S. Rep. brood the moisture needed to livei S£ »s history Boyd Tackett, Atty. Con. Ike Murry and former Atty. Gen. Jack Holt on Cherry's talkathon — a marathon question and answer session — climaxed one of the most bitter campaigns in recent Arkan- Important that we have u changeiMcMftth In their areas Included: in thjB... state, administration than Mrs, Johnrilc'Mao Mackey, that I or .ahyVathev, pneyn«{>.,JjB SgflnjW school toaeher;.SttttaSRe,ni elected. By their vote t th«i "ipoc- " of Arkansas have chosen Francis' Cherry to make this change." Murry declared that the ISHUU to be decided In today's election is "whether decency and honesty is to be restored to the state house." The attorney general described McMiith's attacks on Cherry as "vicious and insldioun misrepresentations to try to make the people forget the real Issue." Murry charged that the McMath administration was one of "dishonesty, extravagance and waste." Tackett said he never would have been u candidate for governor "had I been in favor of continuation of the activities of tho present administration." He added that he would not dictate to his followers but that "I am casting my vote for Francis Cherry." The congressman said the "special interest" charge McMath has leveled against his collective opposition "is Just a phraso borrowed from Hurry Truman," Cherry has said on numerous occasions that his only special Interest Is In the people of Arkansas. Child Brides Angry qt Parents TUCSON, Ariz, W) ,— year-old girls faced Indljti cnta and mnrrlagc anriulrrji day nnd their youthful one Isslppi County; Vqrl Hudspeth of Harrison, County Judge William Enflcld of Bentonville, Dr. A. S. Buchanan of Prescott, and Attorney Dave L. Ford of Ft. Smith. McMuth BU id "those are the kind of reports that have been coming In all day long. .the tide of this campaign has definitely shifted In our favor,. tho citizens of Arkansas have lYHida up their minds definitely to continue this program that is building our state and Increasing the prosperity and well-being of all pur. people." After declaring that Cherry would charge that he had been "counted out" of an election victory, McMath predicted "they (the Cherry forces) will try to pull something else out of tho hat be fore this election Is over In a last desperate attempt to rally their demoralized forces," McMath reviewed the two-term program he has cited often before In the campaign and said he needed another term to complete faced poggtblo" i ••TO ; . lopeniont, " V* old enough," Judge Fr«d Allen plea signed sworn they wewo.ver the Bt»te*W| Imum oM8 t and 18, tfo statement on recordl ' through. Boll worms are making appearance in some fields. Insecticides should be used only when conditions warrant. The volcanic word battles erupted following the first primary, when Cherry garnered some 01,000 votes allowing McMath only about a 9,000 vote margin to lead the The Shirley Robins farm north; five-man field. of Ozan on highway 4 is the site I The governor switched campaign of the first meeting Wednesday tactics and in fighting, shouting morning at 8:30 o'clock. Mr. Robins has very early cotton as well as an acreage just beginning to boll. At 11 a.m. Wednesday the second farm meet will be at the VV. fist waving oratory, accused Cherry of having m) program, hiding behind "shyster lawyers" and "Florida promoters" who screened talkathon questions, planning to abandon farm to market, road Santa Cruz County Cour Far tho baby-faced Tucs their return ,was un unhaj; One sobbed , loudly, «* h«e old husband was arraign charge of contributing to quency of a mlnott.HovW bound over, to the Juveni All four s«ts of parents i it. to fight for double WOU1A.1MK T. Yarberry farm east of Blevinsi building, referring to McMath's private life by "innuendo" and being supported by "special inter- eels." on the Prescott highway. The final meeting Wednesday will be at the T. S. McDavitt farm east of Hope on 67 road. Gordon Barnes, University of Arkansas Extension entomologist, will be at tach field meeting. All! cottpn producers, educational work FRANKFURT, Germany ers and insecticide dealers aru in- u - S ' Secretary of the Arrny Frank Poce in Yugoslavia "I shall continue your program, "he said, "and I shall invite the assistance of everyone to help me do this job Including those who may have op* posed me In this campaign, "I harbor no resentment and feel no bitterness because of the personalized campaign that has been waged against me, even up to tho last minute. "My one and only Interest Is in the future development of our state and the prosperity and well being of our people." On today — election day Hsolf — McMath planned an additional radio appeal and ft trip to Springs to vote, • An official ol the Arkansas Radio Network said last night he had been advised that two scheduled programs for today immediately,- Both _„,„, „, signed criminal complai^tfc the boy«, ono .», sailor teo! D!P«O. , The mothur of one ot snid she becamo alarr her daught«tf, 'hjfl ,;i; home lute Saturday friend's h,orne, whore .„„.., hove stayed Friday nlghf. | deputies chocked and " girls mlasng. beei: cancelled. vited to attend Pace left by air grade to witness today for Bel Yugoslav troop i maneuvers and to study the results Four-fifths of the world's datusjof American arms aid to " are grown in Iraq. i slavia. J» Biennial Election Party to Be Held Tuesday Night at Star; Broadcast Over KXAR The Star, whose Election Night parties in South Walnut street have drawn as high as 4.000 people, will put on its usual show to front of the nespaper building Tuesday night, August 12, in callsb* oration with Radio_ Station KXAR. County and district returns will be tabulated at the newspaper office, and, along with complete returns trom state races tar tte Associated Press, will b# projected OR a big screen in Walnut flreet Simultaneously fa return*, both local and ttate, will be broa&sjt over JS.AAK. Tbe ™ * Wiu Cherry's supporters read the explosive affidavit on thu air from El Dorado during his talkathon there and again at Jonesboro. In the written oath, L. E. Isom said McMath's (forces had gotten him to ask McMath tho question whick injected the governor's por- Continued on Page Two Conference to Be Open to the Public The Industrial Development Con Jerence to be held in tho City Hall is open to the public. Any one interested is urged to attend,. The Hope Chamber of Commerce la sponsoring the meeting with the Arkansas Economic Council- State Chamber of Commerce anjj the Arkansas Resources Sc P«v«l- opment Commission. It is expected that this will be a very inform,, ative meeting and one the citizens of this city should be ' ' ed In. . .. Appearing on the program «i4j »,urvived bjr en? In the discussion pane) are: Char-i end a son. le» ft. Bowers, executive Dlrec of the Arkansas Resources and @$* M». GfllMVa Mflntlloit vetopment Commission; Frft^ ****** WWW« nVfQPVI| Cantrell, Managing Director ft{ the Arkansas Economic Coun^Dk {State Chamber ol Commerce ' J. P, Tuoaey, Djjre«tb4r o| I rial Development, Arkansas Hope Chamber ^reii4ent open tfee meeting and Mayor fe. WU«>o wm serve . *4 mmUxn.J&te nukmnAPc and ttll clni Father of Hopt Woman Succumbs W. C. Elam, ag«d 82, **«»<: Mrs. Alvtt WiUfcnU Qt Hftpe, ( at hi» Tenn. following &,: services held at 2 p.m. Tupi JS5? witt Token to f^ocheittr Mr. «nd Mrs- 8. V, left yesterday by ebu» toy twr, Him. w will uodergo ii !«>

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