The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1940
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a Button He a Sponsor VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 36. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NO8TJUMST ARKANSAS ANIJ SOUTHEAST M1SHUUK1 "^ /?e a Sponsor Buy a Itutton Blythevilte Daily Newi Blylhevllle Courier Mississippi Vnllcy Leader Blythcvllle Hernld Nazi Columns Held Short Of Goal Is Norwegian Report STOCKHOLM, April 20.1 LONDON, Apr. 20 (UP) (UP)—Norwegian m i 1 itary — Public criticism of dip i/ov- lieadqiiarters said today thatjcrnmoiit's handling O l' HIP twin German mechanized col-i Nor weg i an cx|)cdilioiiai'y limns, driving for Dombaas - Sloeren tlie vital railroad, have Iiecn stopped in the mountains short of their objectives and that Die Allied position north of Tromlheim is vastly improved, force hardened today into demands for a secret session of parliament nt which members might, insist on a frank and full statement of the Allies' position and (lie steps planned to improve it. Farley Likely To Superintend Mull Bandwagon Loading, Is Claim Secretary of Slate wliile maintaining were allegations that Brl- As described by the Norwegian] M i|ii n .. u „ , military atlache here the sivift f,-a nk I, y ,hei, "' U °' S llankhig movement of two Qerman " k '" the " columns driving for the vital railroad line soulh of Trojidhelm has bogged down on the prcclpitious mountain passes. The columns smashed through to • within 20 to 25 miles of the railroad line Saturday but today 'were said to have made no further, progress. '' One is held up in a narrow pass at Kvlkne, where the Norwegians i MttM , ,„...,,, „„ , ,, .... , „ are resisting stubbornly the at- i "d faihire I I r % ^ . cormnnnHpi- arlmttKm, iu n , -.. j... n!i) lind underrated the power of the German bombing planes lo impede their land and Held opera lions mid tliat il would be ncees- jsary for the allied lenders to reorganize their plans on the basis of .a long campaign. Dissatisfaction over the nbse of (|e(aju , (1 -'lice I 28. IU> — Cordell Hull, Ihe position that he is not » candidate, was said today by close friends lo be wholly available for Ihe Democratic presidential nomination nnd will- Ing to take It. This Information appeared to be definitely better founded limn Ihe inlermiltcnt report In Washington thai Hull would not expose his family to the vicissitudes of presidential campaign. Hul it falls f«r short of clnrlfying t], c re mnrknblb clouded Democratic situ ation. ' ' President Rooscvell i mis t b -. ...ry commander, admitting that an important amount of stores had been destroyed in German air bombard- mcnUs of the British base at. Nnm- sos, northeast of Trondlieim. bcrlain public criticism merit. 11 w* believed that this fnce The attache asserted that previous frontier reports that the Germans had reached the railroad line nt Hjerkin were not correct. He declined to give the exacl spol at which Ihe column wns hailed for military reasons. < Tlie Allies he said continue to control the railroad from Dombaas to Stoeren and also hold most o! the branch line thai runs southeast from Stoeren to Roeros. Roeros is held by the Germans bul he said stilt Norwegian resistance had blocked them a few miles from that point at the head of the Oester valley. Reports indicated that north of ot _{ t ! • - 1 "•-'"- iv LI itiv II11 111 tu V illlU btemkjer a major engagement rosy nnra i direction of the war in Norbe fought soon between strong! way is competent. But u-hat I do forces of Germans and a French-1 not understand or trust is the po- Norwegian detachment. The Allies ntical direction" were reported to have 10,001) to 12,000 men in that area as n result of landings at Namsos. Of these 2,000 are British terrltorialists and the remainder the famous French Blue Devils. . The Alliei were said to be handi- c appeil .:• by/. $ -. shortage of-, art me, ry anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns. However, some reports Indicated that substantial quantities of these weapons have now arrived. The Germans still were reported as holding air supremacy in the district despite the appearance of July 15 will meet in comparali amity or engage in the bittcrcsl national political convention since prohibition, the Kii KUix KJan and kindred Issues staggered the parly 1924 nt Madison Squnre Oar- in den, New York. 3t appears here thai Mr. Koose- vell could renominate himself or j accept some compromise candidate ! such as Hull, Sen. Burton K. Prime Minister Neville Cham-1 Wheeler (Dem.! Mont.), o possibly' *nfim nrnmaprl f>niifn>- n .,„<>,. ...m* n-..,. _, _ ™ . . i^.j-nuij, lies A, Fertile parly Major clement Attlee and Arthur Greenwood, labor party lenders in said in a speech yesterday: "I believe thai military and British fighters. Brother Of Local Women Dies Friday Mrs. Ray Hall and Mrs. Guy Maxwell returned last night from Itta Bena, Miss., where they had been became of the death of their brother. Claude I,. Pittmaii. farmer of thai city, who died at the Memphis Veteran's Hospital in Memphis hYiday morning. Mr. E'ittman. who was 45, served with the Air Corps overseas during the World War and was n leader in the Joliff Cooper Legion Post of Itta Bena where he was buried with military Tlie first of a family of 15 to die, lie leaves his wife and son. Claude Jr.. liis parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. R. Pittmnn of Itta Bonn, two brothers nnd eight other sisters. agree without real trouble. Vice was Hearing its end. Greenwood 1 1™ wT,H c ^ouse^lac^'took 'ns "n conservative nnd, lately, because he was cold to extension of reciprocal trade agreements nulhority for three years. • A combination of extreme New Dealers and Farley opposes the nomination of Federal Security Administrator Paul V, McNutl. Attorney General Robert H. Jackson is one of a number of men classed as 100 per cent New Dealers whose nomination would jolt the conservative men nnd women. An effort either to force i)omIlla- tion, ot n complete New Denier on orders of Die president or lo name a conservative tignlnsl his will would invite political explosions. Assurances of Hull's availability, therefore,. leads some observers to consider him the most likely nominee if Mr. Roosevelt does not run again. Hull probably will go into the. convention with fewer than 50 first ballot delegates from such slates as Virginia and Tennessee. OPT1S1 ITE Tells Of Opportunities For Development In Southwest WASHINGTON, Apr. 29 (UP)— | Speaking at the annual conven- j lion of the United States Chamber of Commerce today Col. T. H. Bar- [ But if Mr. Roosevell would tap Ion of El Dorado, au Arkansas oil him for a successor, lines would executive, described the southwest |- form to the right, left and cen- Saturday afternoon rites. a.s a land of opportunity on the eve of a great period of development. "The entire southern section ol our great nation spans ns a- great empire, one of the nation's last frontiers which I have considered for many years the nation's ter to board the band wagon with Farley superintending the loading. Youth Arrested On Dyer Act Charge Thefts of local automobiles are ber one opporlumty-not Ihe mun- expected lo be on the decline in the ber one problem Barton said. r , ltun! w itl, the arresl of n second He cited figures showing that a youth wlio has confessed to steal- sounder financial condition exists ing the Edgar Boium car several in Arkansas today tlmt has pre- months ago, il was announced to- vailed in several years. Residential clay by Police Chief E. A. Rice, construction has increased 45 per ' Tlie youth, 15 years of age, was cent during the iirst quarter of arrested Saturday at Klrkwood, Mo., the yenr, he said, and cash and by Officer Rice and State Police equivalent assets ot Arkansas John W. Faulkner alter he had New York Cotton banks has risen 55 per cenl. avoided arrest here several days | Referring lo the pending Cole before. (Oil regulation bill,he said: i He was turned over lo federal 1 "We who live in the southwest authorities on a Dyer Act charge I arc still old fashioned i-nouyli to 'o make the second placed in ciis- May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open 1083 1055 1021 1008 998 . 9W; low 1077 1W9 high 1083 1055 1022 1008 1000 1001 998 992 985 prev. i believe in state's righls. close close 1080 1080 1051 1005 100! 988 1053 1017 1002 99S 084 jEmuneralion of All in Census . tody of the federal officers while a i third youth, also arrested in con- I ncclion with (lie case, wns turned over to juvenile authorities of Mississippi Counly after he confessed lo being au accomplice. New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mnr. open 1092 10S4 1025 1006 1003 992 prev. high low close close Is Urged Again ! Pupils Get Safely Maps I BUTTE. Mont. (UP) — Butt-2 school children hnvo been provided ; with maps indicating the safest " I routes from their homes to schools. A final appeal to tlie negroes, ns Eight moiilhs were required to well ns the whiles, to be sure they provide individual mnps for each are enumerated In the official 1B40 child. 1027 1010 1004 953 1019 lOOfi 1002 990 1021 1007 1002 993 1004 999 990 Stock Prices A T & T n3 Am Tobacco 893-4 Anaconda Copper 29 7-8 cmy by the Chamber of Commerce with Wednesday as the deadline for enumerating all residents. ures have passed the 10.098 figure ' Ma Chamber of Commerce "ana other Jl " y i Interested groups arc especially I I anxious to enumerate each single I person In the belief thai there are at least 11,000 residents ol this! Chicaao Wlieat open high '° 7:M 1M ^ low close ""3-8 Chicago Com Bclh Slecl 83 5-8 Chrysler 86 1-8 Cities Service : 45-8 General Electric 37 General Motors 53 1-2 Int Harvester 58 Monlgomery Ward 50 3-4 N Y Central 165-8 North Am Aviation 23 1-8 Packard 33-8 Phillips 383-4 Radio G 5.8 Republic Steel 21 Eocony Vacuum 11 Studebaker 10 1-2 Standard Oil ft J 41 3-t Texas Corp 46 1-t u S Steel 61 1-2 city. I Tlie negro population has not' been completely enumerated, it is said, and everyone is asked lo Please call the Chamber of Commerce. 291, nnd report names of any negroes living in servants I houses of. white residents or in; negro sections, whose names have not been listed. I The same Is true of white per- • sons. A number in one of Ihe most populated wards of the city were overlooked lo make this ward show less than for the 1330 census, wiilch is Impossible, It Is believed. Rupert Blalock of Jonosboro, district supervisor, \vlli arrive today to aid In (he final check-up, i' open G4 1--1 051-8 high low close G51-4 641-2 G51-8 GS1-4 051-4 CO m-YTIlKYILUC, AHKANSAS, JIONIMV, Al'Kll/2!) An Editorial HMO SINGLE COHES FIVE CENTS "bponsor lliittons" win. .'bloom" , ikf „ lleU1 of „,<,„,, ,„„ |(s lllythevllle clll/ens give nnniiclnl im ,| physical proof of ih.'lr .support or (he National cotton Plckl,,, pmitesl-an writ lhal may eventually do more lo plnce the name of this dly before I hi- eyes of iho imlloii than all other events In Us past hlslni-y. Much of (he SIICCPM or /nllurp ol lh<> pn-klng contest will be de- Icrmlned by the manner lit which ih,. hiaiisnral ,-ojil-st is CUIT|«| out. A sumrafu! .suiKlng of the contest this fall w lll give Hlylhe- I'ille n Bond start toward making tin- c,,u, m picking Contest as life nn event or bi^,,,,- Umii (In; famed C'orn Husking contest A failure or poor .showing lo begin win, wM | ,, mkl . ,„,„,„., ,,„, heult (.Ifons to promote Iho | h hituic ynu.s, Your purchase of i, "SpoasOr Hu'.Um" at one d ( illar will mean jnsl that much toward relieving lhc "llnanclnl pains" of curly pj'omotlonnl work so necessary 'to siu-li un event. H will einllli! you lo pvivllcgfs at lh,> s certainly commensurate! with Ifc cost. Uuy n lliillon! Wear n Unllonl The NHllo,,,,! collon I'lcklng Conlest deserve..; „ b, )os n( tin. ( ., )llt ,,u Early Success Reported In Move To Secure Picking Contest Sponsors Snle of the "Sponsor Buttons" n an attempt lo gain 5000 sponsors for Ihe National Cotton Picking REPOSSESS Contest begun (his coffcc-nml-doughinit 1 Ilic American Legion members of the LeiMon hut. Court Reverses Criminal Sentence; Sheriff's Scn- lence Is Also Reversed I-1TTLE ROCK, Ark.-Under Arkansas taws n.n Individual may repossess gambling losses; \ v hore cheating nnd fraud have been ner- pcliuled without Icnr of prosccn- ^.LM..™": lh » l «»"»»•• •"« «mrl a j llle supreme court ruled loduy are eagerly Inking i o the Idea of cd reversed nnd « Utrce-yenr sentence Imposed showing their support of Uic con- on Uuiey Davidson of Howrnl ea-ncd »"«"«"* b " U °" s ' ll ™«s ' county bccn,4T"orcMy ™ov- ,' ' ' 'I ""I funds he had lost hi n dice Sponsor Buttons" nre large, blue U'mie. and while badges which, when worn on the oiil-vlcic of a coal or masters nnd mini mail -currier,!, Ekron Community Dies! 11 '" 11 " 0| nryrjnlvin DnncniMvcIl known iV!', 1 ?' J er of the Ekron ccmmumllv.i ,, ': TRIM. DF Five Week End Fires In City; Arson Is Suspected In Some Georgian Accused Of Stilling Influence To Gel Small Postal Jobs April at). CIA1N1«VII,1,K. (.in, I UP)-The trial ol c JJ. Mimlt Well-he! on rt'di'rnVehii'rt'e's' of urnn opened today In hi.? home town with his constiuii'iiis from Hie North Georgia mountains imcklnij the smnll redi>rnl building. The morning session was dpvolul lo selection of n jury which was completed after two ,nnj „ ],nlf hums. Counsel for bolh side.i neiwd al the oiitsel lo Iry bolh Wclchrt nnd H. arady Jones, .llckens county commissioner, at Ihe sama lime. Jones was nwmed by the federal government of nerving as [he go- between lor Welcliel ami persons who allegedly paid iho eoiiKK'ssmnii for appointment lo smnll posloftlec rural Icller carrier positions. Judjte IJ. MiirVin 11. Underwood of Ilic northern C!cor«ln district provided for the selection of nn addl-, llonnl juror! of (lie Importance of the cnse. This Jmor will not dellbemlc with Ilic main body but merely serve <« n substitute In the ease of Illness. The federal prosecution, nn oiil- jrotvlh of months' of Investigation Five Ikes over e.d threof which are believed eeve have been of mcemlmi-y origin, completely destroyed one louse,, <(mnn K C(l two other*, slightly in jnrcd one man and dmntiml nn .mil and two K nni K 08 and other' oul- o n IIMWOI- extent-as well as keeping firemen on till! rilll. Sena lor Miller Fi "Poor Man's" Chance At Office , WASHINGTON. April W. <UI>>— sk'iintor John 1-;. Miller of Arkansas said today (lint he would nsk the specinl senale cominillco Investigating this year's presidential coiiBiesslonn! elections lo report, on the of campaign conlrlbu- llons on pcilKleal life. Miller, a member of Ihe five- man committee, snld It wns "high lime Hint the public becomes nc- tpmlntcd with Ihe full effect exercised by. money In political campaigns." „ . by postnl Inspectors In Welcliel's The senate commltleo, headed Hslvlcl, was dlrcclwl by A. Luwreiic Camp mid o. John RORKC. nsstslnut U. S. nllorncy ucneral. by Senator Ouy M. Ollletto (l)cm., fa.), already Ims sent Investlentors lo Nebraska, West virgin)!), MIs- noth Welchel and Jones entered st »i>''. Maryland mid ICansns 'to ln- The first, fire ,wns Saturday iilBhl, 8:30 o'clock, when the residence nt SOI North park street was burned. A Mr. mid Mrs. Banks who lived there were , nwakoncd by neighbors wlio ntitcd them In escaping. Value of the residence, recently purchased by 0. Shonyb, «'«s estimated at 440(1 by noy Head, fire ehler, who did not estimate loss of the furnishings mid other belongings. - . .,'' 'I'hls fire, origin of which,jjiight' have been nn overheated stove, also duciingcd the ndjacchl residence owned by Mrs. Oeraldliie Matthews' Clrecno to the cxlent.of ?£J50, It Is cstlinalcd. Her lil,year-old KOU, Qrcene Jr., who wiis-nsleep In the bedroom which first caught nflre. wns rescued by-John. "Wimpy"' Hums who entered. Die room, awakened him ami escorted him. to safety. He Imd no III effects from Iho smoke, <* -, • ... ; ; . ; A thief apparently burglarized the W. M. Scruggs: residence at. Park nnd Broadway, nnd then set fire to it, Fire Chief. Hcnd said. Some one nolldcd .police nt Oi30 o'clock Sunday morning thai smoke wns coming from the house. An- Investigation wns mnile nnd firemen hud lo brcnk In to extinguish the Ilnmes ns Mr. Scruggs wns out of not sillily ulons ns the Kovernmeiit •. vestlgntc complalul.s against per- Hie city. betinn Us attempt lo show tlmt the ' "lelous pnllllcnl prnutlecs. II, ulsn A clawt ,. ,, 0 nolc conijressmnn received n t least $2,700 ««s rcqucsled an additional $'15.000 kept, had been looted anil a fire set' for «l>l">ln(liiK .small town post- to supplement JIIO.OOO given It-to l» there nnd another in the front \vhcrc valuables were ' Inltlntc Its work, , • i bedroom, which wns badly damaged. | linger exists, Miller snld, that I Mtmate of, the fire loss had not in the current neal for political re-, teen completed todny. A porllon form an nliempl may bu mnde lo, of the Interim wn 1 ; bidly damaged, limit political contribution In such! nlong with the furnishings, but "'«' 'lie right of poor men j damage lo the exterior wns minor nnumlly i'" "'" for o!l>ce '""y to violated, i " Uio nliirm had not been given "Evcr,voac admlLs the Iden of n I Davidson forced- Shirley from the contest to determine the champion nulo nnd took, bad: the money he cotton picker of the United Slates lost .- . , , -^The/supreme court reversed and remanded a one yenr scntciico Imposed on Clarence Anderson, former Stone county sheriff, by a circuit court .liny on chart'?.? thnl he stole a county-owned rock crusher. Testimony In the lower court trial showed he hired n second party to remove the stone crusher, valued at $500, and deliver it to a Little Kock contending firm. In cx- clminjc he received n.. compressor, rentals from which Hie Wt'A paid $1,184.25. The tribunal said he had not had n fair trial because two jurors had juilil openly they would convict him before they had been selected to serve. A $],ir>o Judgment grouted J. D. Biib.-iiiks by n Ouachlta county 'circuit court was terrific. (.And J llilnk everyorii- rcnlizes the grcnl benenis H will Jring to niythevlllc and this see- lion of the country. Tlie 'Sponsor Buttons' we nrc ollering for snlc nre merely nn opportunity for everyone lo fee! he hns n part In :hls big event, and lo openly show his supirart of II." Proceeds from the button snlo 'ill go to help nny. the cost of staging Ihe contest, It was pointed out by Air. Crafton. Ft. D. Hughes, inanngcr of Ihe 100-acre tract of land on the contest Is lo' be held, Ihnt he is ready lo carry out Ihe Inaugural planting of the seed tomorrow morning, despite night's rain which further cued the ground. The King nnd Queen of last the Memphis Cotton Carnival are slill expected here for the event, unless more rain makes the ceremony impossible, according to n member of the association. James Terry, National Cotton Picking Association Treasurer, said conventional; nl the niiiiu nl meeting ol the National Cotton Shippers Associallon, held last Friday and Saturday in New Orleans, were all well Informed on Ihe contest. "I went there prepared lo tell everyone about the contest," Mr. Terry said, "but when folks found was from Blyllievlllc they began moist- trimmed to $1,104 by the supreme ' court. Enbanks won the Judgment from the Missouri Pacific railroad for damages lo his (nick when It wns hit by n (rain at n crossing in Pine Bluff In, December, 19TO. Funeral services will be hold Wednesday afternoon nl Ilia Ekron Nn/nrene church by tlm Hcv. llar- Cld C. Thompson, pastor, assisted by Ihe Rev, O. w. Ite, pastor of the Pilgrim Tnlicrnnclc Church of Dlylhevllle, with burial In Elm- \raod cemetery here. Pnllbcnrcrs will lie: Jim Alexander, Willie lilclinrclson, It, a. "Charles" Pnrllow, Snm Unck, Carl Wallace nnd Hussell liarhnm. Horn In Indlnna, Mr, Duncan came lo Mississippi County from that state 55 years ago nnd sclllcd near DlydicvillC' where he had since lived. He 1« survived by his wife, Mrs. Mnry Jane Dtincnii; (Iirre sons, Clilford Duncan of Tiiliire, Cnlif.. who Is. cxpeclccl (o arrive tomorrow, Claude and George Utmcnn. both of Ulyllievlllc; one daughter, Mrs. Ethel Oosn of Rlythcvllle; one brother, C'hnrlcs Duncan of Moticllc, nnd iwo slsicrs, Mrs. Mn- rle Thurmond and Mrs. Amanda Plokcy, bold . H n poor man Is iinnble lo secure political . contrlliiillons ho said, "only the rlcli will be nble to occupy lilgll public positions." Fire Leaves Young whcn It wns, the cnllre house nnd all contents would have been lost, Ohio; Head snld The next Alarm was Sundiy af- Icinoon, 1:15 o'clock, when an oil stoic In the Simon apartment, Mnln nnd Second streets, occupied A (Jesllliile yoiiiig local couple who expect lo be parents in, n month nrc today wondering the streels of Hlylhevlllc. without a home, furniture, clolhcji or money according lo a report released by Ihe local Hed cross office. In poverty ridden circumstances, the couple had been Invcsllgnlcd by the local office and placed under Us care. Saturday nlghl, ihey lost their lew remaining possessions ivlic'ii ihelr Imnie burned. They narrowly escaped with only the clothes they were wearing, Tndny. the lied Cross is making an appeal for clothing, bits of furniture or any Items which could be used by this couple. Anyone who has Items which they are willing lo ' • - - age It Is believed Hint some youth slniled two /lies in the alley of the 800 block between West Walnut and Chlcknsnwba Inter yesterday afternoon. This first was nt, 2:10 o'clock, when the wnll of the garage', of'the Hnrdntvay apartments, 800 West Wnliiut street, became Ignited. Walter Green, who lives nearby, received . minor bums 'on the. arm when he attempted to tear n storm sheeting from the building lo extinguish flames before firemen arrived. . '••'; • ; •, This fire wns extinguished' .with ' very slight dnmnge and firemen departed only lo park their truck In the same spot nn hour later give are asked to telephone" Mrs" i"'"" 1 "''" , WM cl!scov " ett in a coal of ciirulliors, Cnllf.l Hnluli I'nrrnr nl Ihe local office,' ! lso - nml gainsD dlrcctl y ^"^ Holt Funeral Home Is In charge.'ac:!. who will send for them. Opening "Sponsor Button" tellin me about It. Everyone 1 ', met showed tremendous enthusiasm ! over the possibilities of such an event." Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. April 20. Top. 6.40 170-230 Ibs.. C.30-0.35 140-1GO Ibs., 5.80-0.25 Bulk sows. 5.10-5.50 Cuttle: 3,500 Str.ers, 8.50-12.25 Mixed yearlings, hellers. 850-9G5 Slaughter heifers, 7.25-1060 licet cows, G.25-7.00 Cullers and low cutlers, 4.25-G.OO Ulley Is Accused In Holland Shooting Hubert Ullcy, ol Holland, lormcrj operator of a night club, is lo be i given a hearing sometime this j week following his nrrest Salurdny on a charge of shooting Into the place of business operated by Ken J Bailey, son of Hnrry Bailey. ] Utlcy. who was freed on Sl.OOo! bond. Is slated to be given a hoar- i ing before MnglslrnU; Lutlier Hnyes. of Holland, following his .11 rest by Bill Thomas and Tom Ward, sheriff's deputies, and Constable Dewcy Kenley. II Is claimed thai Utiey drove up under the canopy of the New Curve-In Service Station on Highway 61, "car Holland, nboul 1:30 o'clock Saturday morning and Itred several shots from a shol gun through the three plate glass windows of the combined service station nnd rcslnurnnt. One shot barely missed Mnrte Joyce, waitress, ns it penetrated the glass and entered the restaurant and Raymond Klfer, employe of the service station department, jumped out ot his way ns Ulley the alley In Ihe rear of tlie property nt 807 chicknsnwba, owned by Mrs. Minnie Leo McGregor. Tills lire resulted In more. damage than the firsl but the flames were quickly extinguished. '' > • < ,-.'-. r M\ It understooo that Bill cal- noun, also of Holland, assists lien BUt !T'," S!> '° ( ° r ' hb Na " onnl COUO " p "*"* co'" 1 *' «» »* way m.lckly this morning with the -buiious" going fast. Above Don 1WS , t ?' " 1C A " ier ' Ctm LC8i ° n ' whlch ls clllet *>««« or Hie event, < ^> organizations. W h,ch are partlcipnllng as co-sponsors. Left to right n Manila Physician !:;' Denies Federal Charge JONESBOfiO, Ark., Apr. 29.—Dr: W. I'. Hutchlns of Manila waived preliminary hearing on a-,charge of | having violated a (od'eraVunrcotics law and his bond wns set nt $1,000 Friday afternoon. He made bond mmedlntely. ,, •:. Dr. Hutchlns wns arrested Fririny by Deputy United States Marshal W. Y. Nash. He Is charged with having sold morphine hypodermic tablets without prescriptions. He entered n plea of not guilty. He will not be tried In the federal court which opens here' May 6 as ho federal grand Jury convenes .before . court opens. His cnse likely will come up in the November term of court here. Officers snld they were Investigating al least one other physician In this tcrrllory on a similar charge. Funeral Rites Held For Wayne Sigman Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon for Wayne Sigman of Htilf Moon, ten months old son of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. W. Etgman, I who died Wednesday al Walls JIos- I pltal following nn operation. ! The Rev. William Stewart Jr. assisted by the Rev. J. L. Newsom, j pastor of the Gosncll Baptist | Church, conducted the rites .with I burial In Hmwood Cemetery. '•• Holt Funeral Home w us In charge, WEATHER commander Arkansas—Partly cloudy, slightly formerly managed by Harry Bailey, Club. cooler tonight, Tuesday partly ___..',., > ' 'O "•* »-" »<l/iJiij\yiu, l-lClb tU llgllL- lllf. ' CtOUflJ. J. Pollard, president of the Lions Club; John Dcen, president of the Klwauls Club- James Terry ores-' Memphis and vlcinlly - Cloudy, nl t\t IK~ 1>l,,*\m.,111n /-,!.>. ..*!..*.. -r n~ - -_ . ' --««,,, p.-- _\.„...„-. l^ul^l.L Otffl^Mtf fl^fC 1 * t* trt , , , s Bailey in operation of me business ldc "t of Hie Blytlwvllle Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Edwards and Harry Kirbv uresldcnt rvf r~_, .,_«!.. M.I _>.«,«.«.) i... •¥_ ...... n. ITA.. f'liil* . •»«fi|»'-*»*«VWl Rotary [\W\M»/ sllowl;ts night, lowest temperature about 58, I Tuesday partly cloudy and cooler.

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