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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 15, 1936
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A THOUGHT The voice of pnrrnls U (he volrct of (toils, for to their chit* dren they nre heaven's llmtrn- Hope Star Arkansas — Partly cloudy, somewhat colder in cast por- llon Wednesday night; Thursday <-loudy, probably same- what wnnmcr Iti wesj and r. ntral portions. VOLUME 37—NUMBER 81 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1936 of .hi unary 1 PRICE 5c COPY NONE ESCAPE IN AIR CRASH Here and There • Editorial By ALB*. H. WASTTBURN- A RKANSAS i.s shaken today by news of a tragic accident on the American Airlines, transcontinental system which runs over Hone, on the way i'rom Memphis to Fort. Worth. Several times a day, year after year, these jjiant «hii)« have winged across <Air sky, carrying mail arttl pass- enge'rs safely—and then it happened, the first major dent, I believe, in the history of this division line. ace i- i America's 9 Hauptmann Nears His Doom .Though Reprieve Rumored Federal Court Refuses to Grant Prisoner Writ of Habeas Corpus HITS AT GOVERNOR Attorney General Wilentz Says'Hoffman Will i Grant a Reprieve j THKNION, N. J.--<;V)-<Copyright Associated Press)—Governor Hoffman announced through his press aide Wednesday that he i;, still studying the Hauptmann ease and i.s undecided en the mailer of a reprieve. llrlica 1 . Corpus Lost TRENTON. N. J.—<3>i-Bnino Richard Hnuplmann moved another step nearer the electric chair Tuesdny night when n federal judge refused to grant him a habeas corpus writ or lo stay his execution set for Friday night. But the man condemned to die for Ihe Lindbergh baby kidnap-murdcr was siven. hope for a few more days of lifc"W'V rr'port 'iltffl trov.'Harold G. Hoffman would grant " reprieve. Rejecting .'ill the arguments of defense lawyers that Hnuptinnnn's trial at Flemington was surrounrled by prejudicial influences. United States Circuit Judge J. Wnrren Davis said thnl lo grant the writ he would have to overrule both Ihe New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals and the j United Slates Supreme Court. "'I hat is the end." said one of the five defense lawyers. "The only possibility in the world is the United Slates Supreme Court," said Neil Burkinshaw. a Washington lawyer just added to Ihe defense staff in ,-i final effort lo .save Hauplniann. i Will Grant Uerirlevc? Bofure j'oini; to the lu-avinu and branding the writ application signed by Hauptmann. himself, in his death cell "a subterfuge and fraud." Attorney General David T. Wilenl/. sc.id he had "reliable information" that Governor Hoffman would Want a reprieve. ihe chief prosecutor of Hauptmann made the statement to members of the legislative appropi Villon;; com- miltee and added lhal if such action was taken he would need additional funds In fight the case. Governor Hoffman cave no hint as to whi'llier he would prolong Haupl- mann's life. He could only granl a •reprieve of mil excc'cdiiu' !IO days, the stale Court of Pardons having denied a pica for commutation of sentence. tVe 'Hrilliantly Tried' In ri'jeclin;; the twu molion.s. Judge Davis said that for him to overrule the highest courts of the stale and the nation "would seem to me In be ) sheer inexcusable judicial t gotinin »n ' uy part." "I happened to be in court at Hcm- inglnii a couple of days during the trial." he said, "and in my judgment it was tried brilliantly on both side: hv very induMi ious and capable counsel. remedy known to law has nlinucd on page : i>:> K FANNY SAYS= a a u b PAT. cr r. of Fliers consider the Missi (Tippi plains fiuntry lac safest territory in the world. There arc natural liaz- Ihc Hope Strategically Located as Site for New Industry A. Albritton, of Bruner- Ivory, Tells Handle Company's Story Congratulations Pour in on 50th Year for Gibson Robinson, Mrs. Caraway Futrell and Liggett Send Telegrams Type of Liner That Plunged 17 to Death COURTS IMPORTANT;HOLD OPEN - HOUSE! ardr |r> be reckoned with in mountains, and the mountains lake their toll < f the air lines, just ;is the rocks take their toll of ;.camnn. But accidents are few in the plains country. Tills i.s the exception, with the largest los* of lives in American c-im- 'mercial flying history. H is a great tragedy, and a mystery—how a multi-motored [with Ihe latest equipment, and in constant radio communication with the | ground, could be snuffed out instantly. But so it was. One minute the radio had said. "All's well"—and then something happened, so quickly that the operator Industry Must Have Pro- Elm Street Drugstore'- tection of Workmen's Compensation Act Founded 50 Years Ago by Late A. A. Gibson j Hope's strategic value as a location j One of the happiest men in Hope j I for industry, and the importance of ! Wednesday was John S. Xtibson who j I industrial development to , hadn't even time for an S. O. S. The answer i.s left to your imagination. . Perhaps there was an explosion. Certainly somelhiiiK happened aboard ship lonU before crashed. On another line, .the United, about two years :IRU. n ship was destroyed in mid-nir between Gary. Ind.. and Chicago unde, equally mysleri-ius ; irciim.stanccs. It ctimc down in two pieces-evidence of Mime internal disaster unconnected with the natural ha/ards of flyiny. W K. Dyofs. Arkansas WPA istrator. heads the death list. ROCS cut to him as a recrcttablc tim of the nation's newest transport sy.stcm. But this transport system will l?o on rcnardless. Shocking though this accident is. our generation's 38,000 automobile- victims a year would, be still more sh;>ckinSf't"o 1: W' Melioration just left behind. n Hgricul- gri-at lural stale like Arkansas, were outliner, | lined in a speech before Hope Rotary club Wednesday noon by Aubrey Al- hritlon. assistant sales manager of Bruner-Ivory Handle company. "We like Hope as a manufacturing site." said the representative fif the Hebcr Springs concern which purchased the old Ivory Handle company several years ago and concentrated its offices and plants here. "Hope has favorable inbound freight was celebrating his golden anniversary in the drugstore business here. '* Congratulatory telegrams, messages j nnd letters were pouring in from coast j to coast, including telegrams from I Senator Hatlic W. Caraway. Joe T. • Robinson. Governor Futrell and i Louis K. Liggett, president of the | United Drug company. | The celebration was being held in j the Elm street drugstore, where SO | years ago Wednesday he started in i business with his father, the late A. j I'nclo Sam's millions ivcro a bij;factor in the growth of the V. S. airmail .sy.slom to the point Avlicvc letters can bo whlxkrd from coast lo coast by contract llycrs in such Klnnt transport ships us this in less than 21 hours. rates, lerials We are able to ship raw ma- j A. Gibson. admin- Tribute vic- from as far away as il i75 miles north of Little Hock. "lAirthermorc, New Orleans ha.s be! come the second largest seaport in Ihe i United States, and this fact encour- | ages industry to locate in the South. I "It is vital lo the South and lo Arkansas that industry be encouraged to establish itself here, fir Arkansas doir not obtain enough of the wealth which results from prr>cessing our own raw materials. Col. House Broke Up U-Boat Parley (Offered (Jounter Plan Which, Failing, Meant War for U. S. WASHINGTON- I/I') - Chairman Nye of the .senate munitions committee asserted Wednesday Hit Woodrow Wilson "falsified" in chronicling sonic of the circumstances surrounding America's entrance into war. Attitude of Courts "Certain things, of course, discour- • ages industry, make it afraid cither I to establish plants or expand plants i aln ady established. One of these | discouraging factors is the threat of] politics in trials before the courts of the" state.' Corporations can scarcely hope for justice in personal injury cases. I "Arkansas must have, sooner or la| tcr, a workman's compensation law to i eliminate many court abuses. Tin: Back in 1886 a drugstore was literally a drugstore. The proprietor's principal business was compounding drugs and dispensing medicines. The Kerosene Ijimp One of young Gibson's first duties as a partner with his father was to carry water from a well nearby, and to fill each day with coal-oil the j seven-pint lamps which served to il- •' luniinatc the store. Ambitious and hard-working, after a few years he entered the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and was grad- i unled. becoming one of the first grad- , ,uale pharmacists in Arkansas. j Later he bought Ins father's inter- j cst and has continued to operate the ', store at its some location for 50 years, j Time has made many changes in the i i appearance of the store. f It is no longer necessary lo carry j water from the well. Electricity has, replaced the dim glow of the oil ' lamixs. In 50 years, time has trans- Tile TWA air liner pictured above is of the same general con• truction as the huge ships flying over Hope on the American Airlines system, whose luxury liner "Hie Southerner" crashed near Forrest City, Ark., Tuesday night, killing all 17 persons on board. Southern Battle ! 9 Grass Fires Are Bar to Eliminate Court 'Vaudeville' New Code Proposed to __ T . ¥i i» ; ri i. J * O Fk INCW ^uue riupuseu L Won by Italians \ Reported in o Days! End photo, Radio work J \ i in Court Trials Crushing Victory Over} 2 Ethiopians by Mar- ! shal Badoglio j More Calls Made on City Fire Department by Noon Wednesday Ita By the Associated Press ly claimed Wednesday that her armies had crushed a gathering Ethiopian drive on the Dolo '•fi-unl, I'rey/tilshvg and pursuing" the enemy. A communique from Marshal Ba- loylio, Italian high commander in Africa, said the Somab'land forces had driven back Ihe armies of Ras last legislature had such bills placed before it. Twice dates were set for public hearings on the bills, but on both dales the entire time was ni'in- i poli/ed by Iwo attorneys. No law- was pas.-ed. "The owners of Bruner-Ivory Handle company have established residence in Hope. They subscribe to the common welfare of the community i to help and slate. versary. One of Ihe Ijirgcst i formed the young apprentice into " j 1^,^, in " a viRor ' ous iic ii on ," but add- man rich in experience, respected and i honored m his commun.ly. The drugstore today is owned by Mr. Gibson and his three sons. Cnr'er. Sccvn and Charles Dannn Gibson. The latter two sons are actively enga in the business. Carter Gibson owns and operates a drugstore at San An- gclo, Texas. He has returned to Hope celebrate his father's anni- that "fighting continues along the entire front; our los-.se.s so far havc not been serious." jW.Y. Lingo Dies at Murf reesboro /Two more grass fires Wednesday brought the total to nine in the past three days, the Hope Fire department reported. , • i • *There were four blazes Monday, three Tuesday and two up to 1:30 p. m. Wednesday. None of the blazes caused serious damage. Most of the fires started from burning trash. The fire department reported that it had sent a crew or seven men to various sections of the city Wednesday to burn grass in an attempt to eliminate fire hazards. ! CHICAGO—(/P)—The American Bar j association Tuesday night made its 1 first definite move toward the establishment of a code of etiquette for lawyers, press nnd public at future trials. The organization's executive coni- W.R. Dyess and 16 Others Killed, in Record Disaster "The Southerner," Crack Airliner, Crashes Near Forrest City, Ark. RADIO IS CUT OFF Communication Cut Suddenly at 7:18 p.m.—a Mysterious Accident LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—National WPA Administrator Harry Hopkins notified Arkansas WFA authorities Wednes- lay that he and Colonel Lawrence Westbrook, assistant national admSn- stratbr, would attend funeral services or W. R. Dyess at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon at Osceola, Ark., Hearses Reach Memphis MEMPHIS, Term.— (IP)— One after inother the hearses arrived in Memphis Wednesday bearing the bodies of he mangled victims of the American Airlines' plane crash near Goodwin, Ark. The first to arrive brought the bodies of two women, one elderly, the other much younger. None of 17 Escape GOODWIN, Ark—(Copyright Associated Press)—The remnants of IT bodies, victims of America's most disastrous plane catastrophe, were recovered Wednesday from the Arkansas marsh country where they crashed to death Tuesday night in "The j mittee spent two days considering a lengthy criticism of the "atmosphere" surrounding Bruno Richard Hauptmann's trial. The report, drawn up after nearly a year of intensive study,of cverj aspect of the Hauptmann case, was snid to have included the followinj recommendations: Limitation of crowds to the capacitj of the courtroom with sheriff's attaches barred from using legal pro cesses to get politically connecter the "Tin 1 eempany considers itself to he one rf the lar.nest handle maiiufact- | uri-rs in America. It inake.s a wide I variety of handles, rnnRini; in length 'from ii inches up to 2fl feel. Col. House Attacked I "The company .springs from two WASiflNGTON—(/I'l-Kxpnsins! the j som . CL .. s: F ro m Hope's own Ivory Stale Department's war-time files. I Handle company, founded here I!,") Ihe ..enali 1 Munitions Committee i ^. L ,. u .... ,, K1| . . m( | from W. E. Brunei' & Tiii'Mliiy revealed that Col. K. M. tj ons ,,f Hcber Springs, who have op- Housc, confidant of Woodrow Wilson, lM .. lU ,,| j n that city for the last 'in disrupted ncgotialions for a solution i y t .. M ._ s . |1K | | x .f, ;1P that had plants at of the German submarine problem by i Cotton Plant and Almyra in this arranging a secret understanding with j,., iUc , The Brunei- concern was ae- Gru»l Britain. i Umtly founded in a small plant at While ,1. I'. Morgan and his partners I Cora, Mo.. 50 years ago. sat sili nllv before it. the committee ' •'nruner was incorporated in 11CT. disclosed thai the negotiations were ( | u ,t December 1. 1935, reverted to a abandoned at House's urgent request. | partnership, it.s original form. ' ! "We employ about 25 mem Father of George Lingo of Hope Succumbs at Daughter's Home First prescription The first prescription 50 years ngo was filled for Tom Roberts on an order from Dr. C. M. Case. The prescription blank is now framed and j may be seen in a front window of the — store, alone with the drugstore instru- MURFREESBORO. ^ -k. -<3')- W. ments that were used 50 years ago. > V. L'mgo. retired merchant, died at Some of these are: A pill-cutter, | the home of his daughter. Mrs. Walt- powder block, ointment pot. perco- ' or Cummings, here Tuesday night, lator stand. The book Pharmaeo- I Long one of Murfreesboro's lead- poeia. an 1881 edition, is also in the j ing merchants, Mr. Lingo retired from window. • active business three years a:.'n be- As part of the celebration Mr. Gib- i cause of ill health. son was giving away to friends anil ! He is survived by two sons, George customers Wednesday 1,000 boxes of ' Lingo of Hope, and Horace Lingo of souvenir candy for the women, 2.000 j MurCrcesboro. and Iwo daughter. cover most of the. town. Dr. Jim McKinzie on Hospital Staff Joins Josephine Staff After Two Years Work- at Wynne, Ark. Dr. Jim McKin/.ie. for iwo years as- The crew of men will be employed ; CU rj o .sUy seekers into the trial, approximately two weeks and will ! Taking of pictures in the courtroon • should be held in contempt of court, i No telegraph wires into the court house building. '. No radio broadcasts, no movies o ! the trial, nor vaudeville appearance j of jurors or principals after the pro | codings. No poll of jurors or other attempts' to anticipate verdicts. No interviews with jurors after u trial. No radio discussions by figures in any trial, such as witnesses or relatives of defendants. No more "trials of the case" in the .dated with Dr. Thomas Wilson nt j newspapers, with both sides giving " " interviews on evidence they intend to offer. bars of candy 1,00(1 cigars for id | Mrs. O. J. Laster of Gladewater. Texas, and Mrs. Walter Cummings Murfreosboro. .if .„"» j-'nIUs Willl a lull a l\v,i> - itcut '.'I n k (n while he and Sir F.dwanl Grey, then .British foreign minister, worked mil ! a peace plan. If rejected by Germany | this plan conditionally committed j America lo participation in Ihe war ' on the side of the Allies. 1 These and other revelations were interpreted by Senator Nye, Uepuhli-j ican. North Dakota, chairman of Ihe i committee, as indicating that while I professing neutrality, the Wilson ad- j | ministration was caught in a web of i commercial circumstances which •. threatened the country with financial | disaster in event of a German tri- j uinph. I French Fear Arms In Rhine Valley But It May He propaganda to Spet'd Up Treaty With Russia PARIS. France —i/l'i—French newspapers expressed apprehension Tuesday night lest recent attack.-, on Franco-British mutual assistance plans fnreshadosv a German rcmilitari/alion program in the Hhineland. Diplomatic sources expressed doubls nf Ihe sincerity of these "fears." Some snspeeted Ihr "scare" nver the possibility of Adolf Hitler's remilitarization of Ihe Rhinelaiid. which was prohibited by the Vei s.iill'-s trealy, was raised ;i.s pail i't llu' French government's campaign to ' hasten parliamentary ralificalimi nf the Franco-Soviet mutual assistance pael. The French Atlantic fleet prepared l.o sail Wednesday from Brest for Casablanca. Morocco. for manenv.-iv which officials said had no political significance, although Casahlama i- only 200 miles from Gibraltar, at tin i entrance to llu; Mediterranean. at the Il'cbcr Springs plant, and about 100 in Hope." Appearing on Ihe program with Mr. Albrilliai was L. Carter Johnson, wh-i spoke on a topic from the Rotarian maga/ine, "The Thrill of Book-Colled in|.;." The priujram was arranged by the Hcv. Thomas Brewster. J. E. Kinti. of Shrcvcporl. was a guest. New Taxes Loom Before Congress Sentiment Divided, Some Quarters Asserting Hike ''Inevitable" WASHINGTON - - I/I') - Assertion;; that congress may be unable to escape cnnsidcrulinn of additional lax legislation at this session were .-oundcd Tuesday at the capilnl. In the House. Hepresenialive Bankhead. Democral. Alabama, tin- Democratic leader. told nc.'W.-papivmen -(•','.• |:,\ leiiislalinn "may be inevitable." He did lint elaborate. Senator Geornc. Democrat. Georgia, i lumber nf the Finance C'nmmiltce. 150 Ford Agents Japan Rebuffed, Convene in Hope Q uits s ea Parley Dealers and Salesmen' Meet at Hotel Barlow ' Tuesday Night Approximately ISO Ford dealers and salesmen i,f Southwest Arkansas held a di.'triel meeting at Hole! Barlow Tuesday night ill which Ihe principal discussion revolved around the Ford Motor company's new S2, r >-a-month paymi.nt plan. W. F. Duckworth, manager of the Ford Motor company at Memphi.s. was Ihe featured speaker. Other talks were made by L. B. Schaffcr, manager of the Universal Credit company, : and C. T. Crutchficld. /one manager. Sale and promotion plans for 1!KU> were outlined to the dealers and managers who attended fi >m Tcx.irkana. Slamj-s. Bradley. Magnolia, EIDorado. C'linden. I'Y.rdj c«'. Arkadelphia, Prc.— colt. Gurdon. Nashville. DcQuecn an 1 Ashdown. Mr. Duckworth told the group that l!).'i!i wa: i xpceled to Ix- the uivatcst year in the history of the Ford cnm- pan.v. i'.-.iii'il he fell Ihe Supreme Cnurt's ' r,11 piir: nt' Ihe AAA wnuli! rcf|tiin new levic.-.. Tln'ii- u '.• a nntii'i-aljlr iuurras'. 1 ot pli\'ali' il i.-i'llssinn (if the Sllhiiv! a: w'ni'd si'i'i-ad that £ecrelar\ .Mnr^^n than, appeal ini; before a Ornate Finance Cnnmiiltee bonus hearing, had reported thai the government mi'-ihl raise SII.IilMUIOIUHllI in the next 17'- iimnlh.s. Chainiiiin Hariisnn. Dcmncral. .Mississippi, of the Senate Finance dun- •ni'ili.".-. icpealcd thi.s ]iiv(!iclion ilia • in new laxc.s wntild he nn/essavv. Post's Story Tomorrow (.win: to prt. mat in c release if th. lii- 1 Iwn iiL-lallnu-nls nf the Associated Press's co> pri«hl story nf Wiliy l'n.-t. Tin Star is fcirceil to , mil publication nf the third in• tallinenl today. Thai installnu'iit will he publi.-li tnwnrrnw. and the loin Ih and final chai tcr Ihf day loliiAS ini; C itlU'l milt'j, In (III' A. P. chedule. Yellow Empire's Delegates Withdraw After Norman Davis 1 Statement LONDON. Kiif.-i.-Vi-A flat refusal to discuss .Japanese demands for equality in naval strength was read lo the international naval conference Wednesday by Norman Davis delegate to Ihe eonfi rence. Coincident with this. Ihe Japanese delegates announced their withdrawal from Ihe conference. Nail-Picker Saves Millions of Flats South Dakota's Road Magnet Removes 52,000 Pounds of Metal riKHKK. S. D. i,Vi --Motorists avoidi d :;.:-illO.XS."> flat tires in S-iiith Dakota last year. Frank D. Kriebs highway eoin- ini-'Mon secretary is responsible I'nr the figure and arrives at it from the Si.."!).") pniiniK- nf metal Ihe road ni.u- ni-l i p.-raleii by the department pick- Wynne, has joined Ihe staff of Josc- pliine hospital, il was announced Wednesday by Dr. G. E. Cannon. Dr. McKinzie is the son of Uric McKinzie, former superintendent of schools at Prescott, Texarkana and Hot Springs. Dr. MeKiiv/.ie is a literary graduate of the University of Arkansas and a ivedical graduate of Tulane University, New Orleans. He later served hi.s internship in DesMoines. Iowa. Dr. and Mrs-. McKin/.ie will soon be located at their home here. 'i2\ West \ Sixth street. Hearing Refused on Nevada Contest Elect ion Commissioners Will Not Review Prohi Referendum Stewart Files for Prosecutor Again 8th District Official Is First to File for Re- Election LITTLE ROCK—(.-Pi—Ned A. Stewart of Tcxarkiina, eighih district prosecuting attorney, filed the first corrupt practice pledge as a candidate for office in the August primary Tuesday, announcing he woujd seek reelection. Announcements havc been made by candidates in mo.sl of the state's counties but Stewart was Ihe first to formally "break the ice pledge with Secretary F. McDonald. ' bv filing his of Stale Ed e up "In le. (i say', I D27 miles uiting cAcr a nf :ili p 'lllul.s h wr i-i-nsiiU red lacks. MTl'W:|. Lllij .' Mill I tlll-l uouml: or .-in & possible lire pieci s u hii'll ha/.ards nail-, .••taplo.s. Rule il wcitrht of ^1 Miiuati'il a\e,,>«e "f a/ards per pound cf PRESCOTT. Ark. - I.-T. - Nevada ; county opponents of prohibition lost | two moves Tuesday to prevent clos- ' ing legal liquor stores here. Following refusal of the county board of flection commissioners to consider a contest of the election. County Judt'c E. H. Weaver orderer the rcsulis recorded and directed liquor .stores in the county to close within GO days. Nevada county Vote.I to return In prohibition status by a less than fill- vole margin December 1(1. Wets filed their contest of the election wilh . tlu- commissioners and Tuesday morning Judge Weaver refused lo accept 11 n. % election certificate. At a formal hearing, the eoimnis- .-iuiiers. Fini.-h Murrain. J. K. Pi\.-colt and Sche Martin, sustained a tlemiir- ri-r (•> the contc.-t. rulini; they had no jurisdiction t'> hear Mich action and dismissed the petition. Judge Weaver then aeccptdl the record. II was indicated the contc.-l \\ill b. carried in circuit court. Baptist Meeting TiMchcrs and officers of I hi: Fir.-t Baptist church will meet Wednesday uiulu ,it 7 o'clock. Player meeiiny 1 will begin at 7:4.V Kveiynne i.s urged IK Ii" present Hope Gets District Agent of Lion Co. John D. Mcli ill, Company Supervisor, Moves Here From El Dorado Ji-hn D. McGill, disir'ict supers i.-c.r in charae, of Lion Oil company's wholesale .iiul retail '.inlets in south- WLst Arkansas, has moved to Hope I'l'i m EIDorado and will make his headquarters here lY.r Ihe cmniiv: Mr. McGill'.- lerril >r\ lYllowine citic.-: EID Smi'ickovfr. CaiiuU-n. ailclphia. Murfivc.sh, i Vrescnll. Mau-nnlia. Tt Southerner," American Airlines' luxurious transcontinental ship. There were no survivors. Coroner J. C. Crawford, following an inquest held on the scene, held that the 17 passengers— 12 men. _4 < women, 1 child — died "by an accidental airplane crash." .. , The last-of-the indies -weft brcm«ftt. out of the swampland area at 8:^5 a. m. on flatbed wagons drawn by mules which had difficulty making the trip.' The victims included State WPA Administrator W. R. Dyess, 42, arid R. H. McNair, Jr., 30, director of finance and reports for WPA in Arkansas. Chief officers of American Airlines and district airline inspectors for the Department of Commerce arrived here Wednesday morning to investigate the crash. But the federal agents said no announcements on their findings would be made public until a full report had been sent to Washington. Dyess Among Victims LITTLE ROCK— f/P)— W. R. Dyess, 42, one of the 17 killed in the airline crash at Goodwin, was the instigator of the federal government's subsistence program under which relief colonies were established at Dyess, Ark., and in West Virginia. He had been director of relief activities in Arkansas since 1933. nncl at the time of his death was state Works Progress Administrator (WPA). A planter at Osceola, Ark., Dyess had large land holdings in the area in which he met death. He was returning from Washington at the time of the crash. Mysterious Disaster LITTLE ROCK— W. R. Dyess, WPA administrator and R. N. McNair Jr., director of finance and reports, were among the 17 persons killed when an American Airlines plane crashed near Goodwin, St. Francis county Tuesday night. The plane crashed in four or five feet of water in the middle of a swamp about two miles from the Little Rock-Memphis highway. The plane was found in » dense swamp by searchers headed by Sheriff Jim Campbell of Forrest City after a four-hour hunt, started when the ship suddenly halted radio communication while flying between Memphis and Little Rock. Flying westward from the Atlantic seaboard to Dallas, it carried 14 passengers, two mints and a stewardess. Members of the sheriff's party who caivo here for aid said 14 bodies were found in the ship and three others in the four or five feel of water into whi -.'h the nlane had plunsed. The sheriff and several others remained by the wi-ccl-'. while men on foot brought word of the tragedy lo Ibis little e-istern Arkcn-'.-is town. Other Passengers ' Other.s listi'd as pa.sscn^crs on the j plane were: I Mrs. Samuel Herowit/. Mrs. B. Hnr- j-iwil/ and Seba Horowitz all of Chus.- inil Hill. Bii.-ton. ! Charles Altsehul. Glendale, Calif. 1 Julius C. Ci.bn. Los Angeles. i As sunn as word came to Ihe I iille I Ruck Municipal Airport from Fort ; Worth. Texas, th.-il Memphis had re- pnrtcil t-hr westbound plane down. We.-t. American Airline Mr. McGill staled that 1!A> w,i- L ion's me.-t prosp-crnu.- year .ind frr.m I resent indicati >iu lft:i" will be muc! bc'llcr. With (lie compan.v'.-- pel-- mission hi.' wolcomcil Ihe opportunity to live in Hope due lo ils einlial !•>• ciitioi- in Ihe si.mihwe.-t Arkunsa trailt- tcrrilnvy A .j. ll^ecil \\CM. .-\mericaii .~vn mi"?, ivp- 1 '" j usjnialive here. !e f l for Bvinkley. "ceil. | JTJ,..., i, u li v . ; .|j,,,•,.. were that the ship '"'" ! was nut fur from Brinkley. but shortly afuv this Was reported, a farmer. George Joins, livins; a ir.ile east of Forrest City, said that he had beard a terrific crush which he was certain was an airplane falling. Radio communication was maintained with the piano after it k'l't I'lltlUlH 1 '-

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