Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1941
Page 1
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•if lf A Jl\^7rT Pf; f^<"Sv- ' S Ji, ! r ^ifnf*- n 0 New* Governed Gfvth ImfXjftfoJly by As*oelof«d Ptoss 5? 'S^^m^Kgm&arms&mtxssSimsxK 7<t; Star j ; ii^r« - t »!*, The Wither Fair and cooler in the horihwest portion Friday night. •'&£ ...Jt, IfWj Pi »»»d January >T ^ >•* vA^ ^^^^^^ • •-'-> — ..-.,>K«-K»I mieiytite ftii-n riMv^u. ^t, ^wr T jSQwg ops Renew Luzon Drive nMi+"u **„..? .*...? *_*.* * * * * * * M Our Doily Bread f «* it «>< Balances Bounty Funds Ji*rff« >*.. » J+I.H»j,t!,J ;*M,A «...{(» i ,;, .-.Smw- * Wa!l i ;••>»(• «. .iv.u.lff, vftii,,, ,. ,, i4llu w ^, uit i Tt'XD ..;*>>»•*<'* i**- &,rli<i*.4i'.«. r,<.<,1Wi •• •; *»W. ,l» ,,,., 'ft,,.*).,*- „„« «'lttt.l:,«- > »«»'."«; - Milt'.' 'WW »)! u ». ,)> »l»)M> •„.,,> . W=t|««, J S *,K.',; jNii*»i u i) -Sf ,„„ tt t ,,,tr,t t* .*<*£*«»;< V ilntii Sii-ai »>,» ,.•; ,<!,; a i( ,j ltvtlt j., ,",,. ; *' UHOJU* .. «< «.»« !'«,, (J <iHMM,)t »«l,mi,5 I,. . .fc-I'^lli* ; -«Hi..m t,vw:., .,». 3M3 ,„. »,,„,,, , a<s , i %».«!»• *-i-(t4:riii -iVMu? 'fcj*»**.^7- «i 'JHf* •* VM.-fuSM'ji . v«... •....,. i,,«,, : <„ ,.,..', t ,, lt ,, M »,i jlt „ ; W PI•-»,.« ,,,ni, .t, f « 5!l(<1 , Vi^l.tij • ww,... ,.«.'• i,i« iiHtu. «. *,,pi,. .„) j )i( . i w , m) ., K -»•«••>.:•.-„(,•;> ., *'.:- *,.••» -4,..,« W ',,,,,.,, „,, *>J, <( * ir< •'•*»'««" «•»' ;J.'»t. «..-«.,» 1( > ,,,,.> ,,,„.„,,., y, fc ,. % •}•<?»«.•.,»;.>!„. v »„,,,, 5 ,,,, H ,,.M, (J . ,.„*.; * *>J»:; |5fV»,i,m'V JW;: „„,} ^tA,,-,,„,.,. },„,» ;••••• -« | •V^.B-i''"'.!, .M»M,4i.l.it ,',>.;if. ,>>.) ,« ),,. «„ I "''*'"'»' ;; -StiC'V ?. C *'O' 3.i.^M^.'.' 4J I,« M ;,Jj* f '* ' "'-^ 1:; "" '•"- " «««•'« T 1 '"*' ' ji w( ^ ^- J '""* it *' " t " t •• *-«-' ?«••-* »'.*.•» r^ i1 ' *" ;;.*,».,;..! v<> .»<*«>: (*!.,)., ; *»'•'.«««>•.• '- ** *-| * * » ! It-* * •„*.*,.** i *r ^«ius THOHHT0H !2*"":r ! "' ! i A»,,>, Derna Airport Wrested From Axis by British Another 138 V'lflogec Soid Cop- fursd by Bunions Ncor Moscow \M <i'.itujiji,n,tst;i t j{ 3.tMK. : 19 '.,. i U t>r,\ . »»».'/«» r>i4*y tn hsvit 3» i-ifUjv* »n nrw n}wr») T -4*1 -..4/J i>nu3-,t*-r cif/fris. hy fif-if 'oshburn Leaves for 1st on Saturday /!*•;•/!,!!.g. (hiving l",.asj HP Flank Mu,M»> Gibson r.f Wash- fit the Uftpt's home in Hal- si Nc» Yc-»r'» with Ins |wr- ttf and Mis SV. O. WaUilturn. l-Hsut, I'a. Afler New Year's )1 lw> ;«iii<*l in the Kiitt hy Jol*-, nf 'Die Sl.-u'» m<X'h»n>cnl •ml, nml the lwi> will return liy way of Florida. (ritte Hepburn lift Uiyn Mwt to begin bcr f,kfit1j>gr f.f IP war cl((«t V,* »jr.». j-jr'rinrt JJ» toviT.t Thur»> *;* (<.«. ; **-Tru1 urniihMT.*! of K»iinln rfri-pitr *fv.> f^;tif> • *S v »Wv5i'vv ?rar£iifcrd rr>tiiiarMr- si t->\ U*r i *TJ*? (t^iiT'ifeMs ^i^rtttt^d Kfifiay that f./ f-jgsn , | Hu*n»n Int-ret had pmelsa\p;\ llirir i(»loii »li',l | *•""* Wiry w-rtr 1 quirkly divltwiRrd by r.ii. wtiMhS'"'" 1 r)?s ' Jt ' oMic-ial Grt-man new* ami wlm h I »««">• i in t/i r«n. i Snvirt flirti. r«, ihc lxcnmp.nl frt>nl r-u- thiisjji i (1 «""''"'' «!cM)url>mj ,,l f,,ui CniDfln •wilii pin- '<»'!<*•«>• l»-»»tn. (tlxiui aw tnirki au.| All 1-1 Nrw tin's nrc irwtiirlr-ii j ;iit. }Vii*kr the uM i»ncs KO ;«?i jK,v,;b!r, jrt! r;uliiirf if IH V C- !>>n't iliivr jiisl (01 ||ic wikc tton iAwrlnli'd I'rtM IHUEANS 16.53 IG.'.W 17.05 17.03 16.48 1G.86 17.01 17.0B $$& 17.03 Spot 18.08. sSSs*. 17.01 l&fe- 17.06 ftaS: 17.03 Ix-.un to walk uKain. it won't liiirt! y.m. f.iul it mislil d., .MHI H lot i>f 1'Al'KH: Dnn't bum it, KHVO it. Dun't di niiinil IMIXCS jind rlaburnlc j wi»p|iin|{ i,f you're going to n|>(.|i and j (cwnip »nywny. Save rinillxKirfi and I r-niTugali-d iMniril. Get lliis, stuff into j the Immls of ihc junkman. IRON: Scnip iron, which wo shiiipcil so froi'ly to Jiipan a few years ujjo, is now Ixxlly needed. Look around tht plnc-e; if you buve junk meUil st-c Hint it gels inld the junkman. He'll know how to gel it into the linnds of war industries which win use it. Cnrrying small juickiigcs siivcs K.ISO- linc and rubber on delivery trucks, und every extra mile that is gotten out of a pound of rubber or a gallon of gasoline is a mile gained for prose(Continued on Puge Four) A Thought All things wait for and divine Him—how shall I dare to malign Him?—Emerson. Homer Hugphumpf, the stingy hyena, Plans to give his dear spouse (name of Lena) Just a terrible scowl, , But she'll have the last howl, Giving him—can you guess?~a subpena. LI *V „*- •2i_^ ! DAYS Till CHRISTMAS ('In the Moscow front Prnvdn Kaiil \i'.c i-nrmy has ''i,i«rn forcfxl to »ban- iTlir Dntifch r.-xlin in ,i review of the fiKhtmfl on the ewstcrn front said tlic Germans were whhdnjwinK in the ilirix-lion nf Kiihigii. 20 inih-.s wmth- WT-.I of Moscow «nd iilxiut GO miles west of the old Tulii fiBhtiiiE zone. Snowstorms raged iilxnit the Gei minis in their retreat the nuiio saki, heard byCHS.) (On the Kinni.sh front northeast of Lcnintjiiiil KusMnn iJiock troo|\s and light tanks crossed Uie frozen Svir liver, NBC wiiil, throwing the Finns back at three places.) Claim S Urilisli Ships Sunk ROME — (Official radio recorded by Al')—Five British cruisers were declared by the lii«h command Friday to have been torpedoed in the Mediterranean Wednesday afternoon by Italian air formations and one by (Continued on page Four) Church Chimes 1st M.E. Church Ploying at 9:30 a, m,, 5;30 p, in. During Holidays Tin's year the Yuletide season is being heralded by the sounding of chimes from the First Methodist church, Fine and Second street. The Dcagan cathedral chimes, which were presented to the church by a local family on September 28, are being heard throughout the city over a four-way amplifier, also a 'gift. Programs pf great beauty and seasonal interest will be played on the chimes at 9:30 a. m, and 5:30 p. m. throughout the holiday season by Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, Jr., Mrs. Edwin Stewart, and Miss Harriet Story. Hen Are Photos of Japan's Two-Man Submarines, m the Sur P" s * Attack on Pearl Harbor ' ^*?£ : r d V l -Mi^vl ' ' ,**£•*• >' *$**>> *>*i,~ m*mm : * i^^^P^' 1 ®*^-: j W! *^ f' V '&*TI~>* «**»" f'**-^ j»f <*#«.> -afe 3 A'^ .jS* 4^ ^W* . RSSSrJr*: ~,-*%j)* ****** "' ^«M««PWf* Sf^JS^^ ^h ~ »"^« SL-_^_r- V----^' TOg*"(%»- , m ,,r- » %•*&,».- '«>'~* N «*"-i ^Trf--.- "* x(~ • Svx S* > f , ^jtf ^W*^^" * ^V»x*"^*> ^*«»»S»^ • •.«»yo« ? v .™*.^ -«>- ,^r^'* K^8f»> •r" 58 ^ «^_ — Mfixi^J^i ,1 *r« r t- * '<.' i t*. *N Vv» « ?<,\ * , > «'?*'» ,'^ . ?«£*»*«? k^! «*•'*.»*« "*H* vf *&ff *^ «<« *:-r *•?*» ; *£-HUt.% ^*-»% , v--% -assSBM^.:. , " '- £"tf?¥*^ i —U. S. Navy photos, by NEA Telephoto The top picture, an official Navy photo, shows a Japanese two- man submarine- beached on the island of Oahu during action with United States forces Sunday, December 7. Diamond Head is shown in the background. Pictures below show full-length and close- up shots of Japan's new miniature sea weapon. l V '«*, : <*,> 4V UVUPt' fc»N> H» ' 4«* *\ **s *ffc. PriceBillHit by Farm Bloc Parity Principle Disregarded, Farm Bureau Declares LITTLE ROCK-Dissatisfaction of farmers over provisions of the pending price-fixing bill is being expressed in telegrams to senators Friday by organized farm groups and individual members from every county in the state, Waldo Frasier, executive secretary of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, reported. The -principal cause of complaint, he said, has arisen over disregard of the parity principle iti proposed price control legislation which would regulate industrial and farm prices but which fails to M-.clude ceilings for the wages of labor . "Farmers are seriously concerned over the prospects of inflation and for months have opposed every proposal which would have contributed to rising price spirals, many of which were enticing to agriculture because they offered immediate prospects of temporary gain, and have submitted their own program for keeping all prices and wages at reasonable levels in order that the longtime best interests of the general public would be served as well as their own," Mr. Frazier pointed out. "The Farm Bureau has repeatedly gone on record as favoring price-fixing only if the parity concept for all groups is recognized because any legislation which fails to include an over-ail policy is doomed to failure," Wages of labor, he declared, are the biggest, single item in tha cost of finished goods and food products to consumers and if they arc permitted to exceed parity every one, including labor, will suffer serious consequences. The Farm Bureau as a commun- Ships • '..H British Base of Hongkong in Grave Danger Increased Air, , t Land Activity in Philippines; Wa Malaya Holding By the Associated Press , r ., Japanese seaborne invasion armies^ were reported to have unleashed'^ heavy new offensives against LuzonK/ island in the Philippines Friday whlle~V 600 miles distant on the North China 1 "-" coast the fall of the great British^ s stronghold of Hongkong appeared im-'j? 5 ' minent. ','/>•, A U. S. War Department bulletin,'; reported a marked increase in enemy V air and ground activities in the Phil- . ippine theater during the past 24-N hours. < The War Department gave no details '* of land operations but presumably the' * Japanese were striking out with new», fury from three main bridgeheads at ' Aparri, 250 miles north of Manila;'' < Vigan, 200 miles northwest and Legas-' *', pi, 250 miles southeast. >~/ "There was heavy bombing over • f Manila and over the city of IlouW' on the island of Panay south of Lii-'i'; zon, the communique said. Wake Island Holding A short time later the Navy De-V'' partment announced two new Jap-^4* anese aerial, attacks on Wake Island'>s about halfway between Hawaii and'^ the Philippines where tiny band "of j. U. S. (send u^. some more Japs) mar-* xines have been standing off assaults Wake Island continued to "counter these foes, the Navy said. "^ In the siege of Hongkong, a city of one million population and forti-^ fied at a cost of 40 million dollars, $ Tokyo reports said Japanese troops ,' in violent night assaults already had ' captured half of the 32 square mile''} island. . , v Tokyo reports broadcast by DomeiK* said British resistance in Hongkong , was collapsing and that capture of , the city was only a matter of hours." 1 Acknowledge Resistance Reuters, British news agency, later' announced receipt of a German broad-, 4 cast of a Tokyo dispatch acknowledg- ', ing that the British still held key positions on the island of Hongkong. " Other developments: Figure 1; Dutch bombers smashed at Japanese invasion forces in the White Rajah kingdom of Sarawak, north of Borneo, sharply contesting a Japanese thrust into that oil rich domain in (lie south China sea. Figure 2; British reports said the Japanese advance on the Malayan peninsula to Singapore had been slow-" ed down despite the isloation of Pen- ang Island off the North Malayan coast and the capture of the mainland province of Wellesley. The British garrison at Penang had been evacu^t-* ed safely it was announced in Lon-t don, Japs at Standstill SINGAPORE -(VP)— The Japanese drive in North Malaya has been battered to a standstill the British announced Friday but the nch island settlement of Penang has been abandoned by its British defenders. Presumably the withdrawal of the garrison from Penang was under, taken while the Japanese were thrusting their spearhead about 100 miles (Continued on page four) - •*»-»-• Cranium Crackers Sports Restrictions There are enough rule books in the realm of sports to fill anybody's five-foot shelf. Some of the answers to these questions about situations that can't occur in various sports would be found in rule books; the others are fairly obvious. 1. Why will the Cleveland Indians never play the Cleveland Rams? 2. Why will Seabiscuit never win the Kentucky Derby? 3. Why didn't the University of Chicago play the University of Minnesota in football this year? 4. Why is Alice Marble not likely to win the U. S. women's singles championship in 1942? 5. Why is Byron Nelson not hkely to win the Wightman Cup? 6. Why will Brooklyn never play Cincinnati in the world se- . Answers on Comic Page (Continued on page four) «-»» Bulletins WASHINGTON -OP)- A joint Sen.ite-House conference commit? tee agreed Friday lo make all men from the 20 through 44 years old subject to compulsory military training and to require registration from 18 to 61 years. MacArthur Promoted WASHINGTON —W»— Lt. Gen, Douglas MacArthur, commander of the U. S; army in the Far East, was promoted by President Roosevelt to be a full general. Six others also CHRISTMAS "SEALS Buy now and put them on your hoLt iday mail. They cost so lit-? tie but do so much,. Every citizen should lend a helping hand in this- voluntary c anj. Protect Your Home from TfJb,ot Feild, Jr., County Chairman. Rev. J. E. Hamill, City Chw- man.

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