Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1936
Page 4
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p' ^ lj >* " "t* " iry Industry »o Previous I'uxaslo 11 Fillet, 12 Southeast. . ^^^^:^^: • ttOFESTAKjM B v,~.l,Aai"fet& ft $ftMUt»*,tt««l. t , fftl^ptatUon. eick. HHHH Banna 0 nn rarasia masa rail 14! 20 Fine breed of dairy cattle. 21 Harsh. 23 To state Again. 24 Squanderers, 2t tiny. 28 Mooley apple. 29 Brink. 31 Beret. 32 Vestment. 33 Pedal Wedged 62 Peaks. ' VEimeAI, 3f Another -Una daw. 53Fence rail. 1 Company. ^ J^*" 111 * system 54 fd glide. 2 Smell. 4l Verbal. 56 English coin. 3 Existed. 42 Saucy. 56 To liquefy. 5 Arduous. 43 Headstrong. £. 40 Thoftfr who run 5? Substance . 6 On the lee. 44 Fodder vat. ' ,' i* **»,.. gathered by 7 To clear. 45 To yield. bees, 8 Ham. 46 Tiny particle. 5$ This animal 9 Affected with 47 Moldings. , W Officers' Is our chief ennui. 48 Gem. ' 1V ^ assistants. Source of .10 To lade. 51 Noise. nrrs- l OUR BOARDING HOUSE Tokio Tom B., Thompson Tom B; Thompson, age 80, died at his home near Highland January 9 and was buried in Mt. Tabor cemetery en January 10, the funeral being con* ducted by Dr. J. C. Williams of Wash' inton. Mr. Thompson was a lifelong , member of the Presbyterian church ,,and -was a devout Christian and loved by all who knew him. He is survived by his wife and two sons and four daughters as follows: Robert and Roy 'of Nashville Route 1, Mrs. G, C. Mc- liarty of Tokio, Mrs. A»: N. YoungT b|oo4 of Nashville Route 1, Mrs: "W. J. ""Stuart Highland- and Miss Myrtle >, Thompson of Dierks, one sister Mrs. 1 - Lee Carroll' of Texarkana, by 22 grand '•• children and 14 great-grandchildren. Several from here have the mumps \ at,this writfog. , Mrs. R. C. Lee was in Nashville Friday on business. £>. W. Pool oLBingen was in Tokio ' Friday on business. G. C; McLarty was'a business visitor in Nashville Friday. We are glad to report that Mr. and Mrs, Sam Huddleston have recovered from severe colds. Miss Kathryn Holt has returned to " Beaumont, Texas, to resume her stud, ies in a business college. Travis McLaughlin of Nashville was a business visitor here Friday. 'Mr., and Mrs. G. C. McLarty -and : children visited Mrs. McLarty's par- i ents at Highland Sunday. ! Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Stephens Jr., j and little daughter of Blcvins visited Mrs. Stephens' aunt, Mrs. Tom Thomp son at Highland Sunday. John Thompson of Amity attended the funeral of the late Tom Thompson here Friday. • .. Rev. R. C. Walsh of Dierks attended the funeral of the late Tom Thompson Friday. The peach growers are afraid of this warm weather this time of the year for the buds will swell and then get Killed later en. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKEI PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For- consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, win. 50e 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3!&c line, min. $2.70 (Average SMs words to the line) NOTE— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 RosstonRt.2 We are glad to report that Mrs. J. E. Butler is able to sit up after a long illness. Faremsr here are hoping for a new | farm program this year. Floyd Lee is reported improved after an attack of appendicitis. C. H. Butler and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Sam Molar of Holly Springs. B. L. Dillard, T. H. Butler, wife and son William, of Rocky Mound, visited Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Butler Sunday. Doyle Reaves and Oscar Butler spent Saturday night with John Henry and Neal Butler. Christine Butler was the guest of Mildred Reaves Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Askew visited Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Butler Sutday afternoon. Borlcaw High School basketball team defeated Emmett High in fast game Saturday night at Willisville gym. Fish Bowls Emptied LONDON — (/P)— Italy's "counter- sanctions" have doubled the price of goldfish in England. S'o popular did glass bowls of these fish become as decoration for British parlors that for a time they had boom sales in the ten cent stores. In a good season an Italian goldfish could be bought for two cents; but that was before the sanctions. Imports of Italian goldfish have now j ctasecl and a domestic industry is being started, but the British fish are not likely to appear on the market in any apperciable quantity before next fall. FOR SAtE Fresh vegetables at Holly's Curb Market. FOB SALE— Good, well-cured Johnson's grass hay. Cheap. See E. S. H-10t-c. : litnoleum rug between Hope and Button. Dimensions arc 9x12 1-2. an Wdy, Phone 850. 14-3tp. Garden plants at Holly's Curb Market WANTED WANTED: I am buying fat hogs, any f- Vr Moore at Moore's Market. 13-3tp. '"I'iresh Fruits at Holly's Curb Market. BBNT—Nice front bedroom, in desirable home. Close in, flo ether rowriers. 505 South Walnut 13-3tc "*' ROE'S l HATCHERY Baby chicks for sale. Custom hatch- ifsfl a specialty. Call or write Mrs. L. Gordon, Prescott, Ark. ll-12tc Fidlcr crabs, by bringing up earth irorn their holes, have converted many coral islands into farm lands. FOB B8NT — Two nice sleeping thorns, rcasanable and close in. 413 Main Street. Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an eco- numicul, high quality job. What' ever your needs, vvv can serve 11)0)1). Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Mukcs an By AHERN OUt OUR WAY fiy WILLl wr WELL, THttfct YEA-fcS I VA\T /- *""' -w#)7 YOU OWE AAE, AN' I -OUNT SETTLE TOR HALF, »F TON\GUT COMES i ENT OT 1 - TH V VORLTf—^ £ HNVNV^fLL "WtWtS TO "BLU^I^ fAE X T-AVOI** "BOND rv\AN »stouft LAWYER) stater LONDON^ ^^^ ' ^17 MOD OWe „£ W»tW fvNY WILL TO TWAT YOU "tO It WVTW J C NOW ON/ LAVv^ER" X5^ A CLIENT^; S.ym» sv NCA smviet. IMC. T'/R j>ta'u.'s^'frofy I* N N ,<3Awsy pwer WAS CLQSS! YMey TfiLU ME TM6M FQRKyPlKlls VVILL SURS RJWCTUSe A TIR6. & i ;? ; :. «a. c ' \ %_X.' rpi <aM BY NtA OERVICt. INC, : THg RlfiMT OF WAV T.M. »W.U.'». PAT. Off. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Caution By MARTH '. Wt 6C3T AJAAY VOONi "We A\V2POV%V J \? rOOT /X 6>OOL V<£> EXIT! ALLEY OOf KO9E fl 6000 WOW ,1 \KTCO '. Hv) VOW COW69\COOl>b --JUH OH ,MlSVt^ X -1 VVO»0\Ai YOU CPsVi'T WtVP VT.T^ WKE: "We. VADW TWE.Y SOT -'"6S£ '. I OOWT YOO «.\6V\T \ VOO "VvVt VXOUi MOCH >^>\ VOO, COOK>T "% r , © 1936 BY NEA SERVICE. frC. T. M. RED. U. 8. PAT. OFF.' VVOMCPER WMV ALLEY/ COME. D06SMT IT;SEEMS AS IF HE'S BEEMOOME /T.FOR ME SAID/ FOR6VER- BE WHEKJ HE WENT OP, THA E ONLY OUT HE'D FOR A LITTLE i>.. ^ ••»«^ : *r OH, DEAR-MAVBE HE'S 1U TEPRIBLE TROUBLE EVEN MOW/ SOME AWFUL MOWSTER MAY.BETEAOM6 'HIM TO PIECES OH— WHV DfD 1 LET HIM CO OUT l ; MTO THIS STRAKIC5E 3UWSLE _ ALOMEf Yessif, fioys/Even a Million Years Ago By HAMUN7| '^"^^ WELL?, Hi THERE. OOOLA— >r ["0 193« BY fJEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. 8. PAT. to/vfif^ v WASH TUBES Picking a Candidate By COWA1 /£ 60T TO PICK A CAWOIDATE BOVS, IVWO'LL' WOTOMtV IkE SEAT EASSf BUT M/HOtL WOULDMT DO CJfiHT BV TM' DAMCg /KJN<S AN 1 / MALI-S AMD v JE'P MUSCLE IM THAT CH1GM50 V UUPOPULAC. Moe. Berrec? PIC^ PICE MEL-SOW. J BEEM WITH ACES UP HJS SLEEVE. JL/v L60T IT/YMMM,'A DARK Hoesi=7v\ 600-COO K >IMPL£T0M. KAR THEM, HOW/ XTOO TOU6H. WE COULOW'T I ABOUT TMO-,]HIM. >JO, BOVS, WE <5CT TOl W MAPlSONfijJP A SUR6-FIB6 CAWlC. ' /*» FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Hurricane Deck By CRANI !HE KIKJPA I YKAH...GOOD REMIWDS .JOLDUNDY! HE'S ME OF /GOTA NICE HOME: ^.R HIMSELF- 1 POMYYou( 'OUT. IH THE USEPTD > COUW7RY!.' HAVE .' UQyy (I'M AFRAID "YbU'D ABOUT 1 GET HURT - TAG •' ME... (V/AFT UWTIU VtoU DONT (GET A LITTLE I GET 4 HEAVIER...1HAT A ) COLT IS A TURN ? ) TOUGH MOWKEY .' 01V IF ONE OF US WOULD GET OFF, I'M SURE I COULD RIDE BETTER .'.' TrIATLL ALL BE TAKEN CARE; OF, OSSIE !/ Plf *• ^-v^i 'i \ HEY.'GET ME \ POWT GET OFFA HERE... ) EXCnED...TALK I'M SCARED.' ) TO HIM... TALK TO HIM •'.' I-I BEEN TRYIN 1 TO//S B-BUT I DON'T KN< V/HAT HE LIKES TO TALK t^S^- THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) ..M.BEO. U.S.PAT. OFF. , f.)193« By NEA 3EHVICE. INC. )ne Turn After Another By BLOSSER 1 CANT UELP IT-IT'S SUCU A TRAGIC STORY, ABOUT AN ANCIENT GQEEK LOVER-WUEW- EVER HE LOOKED AT VMS SUE TURNED INTO SALT / s «i ff , ** "^- i SMTP; w -CEL YEP, TRAGEDY UAS V THERE % WA=> UOUNDED LOVECS NOTWIN' TRAOIC IN RlGUT DOWN THROUGH / YOUR UFE,WMEN TUE AGES - IT EVEN) / WE WERE HAPPENED T'fAE y\ SWEE.TWEJVRTS •' TUEDE WASN'T; EW? SAY,' ( WUEN i WAS CUASIN' YOU, EVERY TIME I LOOKED AT YOU, YOU'D TURN INTO A RESTAURANT J NOW,WWEN SU CHASES AFTEP ME,NSY UEAD TURNS INTO A TARGET j i A . . •'" vv> ^t ' < •* '.. 1936 B> ME* SEHVICt. INC. T. M. RCG- U. S f*T. OFF. »

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