Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1936 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1936
Page 3
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v»,- i , if," • O •' s< '>'•:;>' v ,v>V v *•• ^ X. j-'V" 1 - ''"' .' Janulttv.14, 1 R, HOPE, ARKANSAS . flffd Henry Telephone 821 I live n life Ihnt is clean nntl square And I love my fellow man Ami I lend him u htuwt to help him boar His burden whenever I can I need not feat- wlint the future holds, Nor what the reward shall be, Far the mighty love thnt nil enfolds Will most purely cnrc for me. —Selected. The Bay View Rending chib will moot at 3 Wednesday afternoon nt Oio home of Mrs. .Fanny Garrctt. with Mrs. Wallace R. Rogers as joint hostess, nnd Mrs. C. M. ARCC leading the pro^rnm on the First Notional Period of American', literature. Mu __ i ( f Mrs, W. T. Franks nnd Mrs. Frank Walters were Tuesday guests of Mrs. Frank's mother. Mrs. A. I. Cox in Prcsebtt. ved delicious refreshments to 16 members nnd four visitors. , j \ Mr. nnd Mrs. C, "D. Dickinson nnd daughters, Ruth -and Mary Jo were Sunday iniests of relatives In EVDo- rado. ' \ I \ Mrs. L. C. Becker hns roturnnd from Highland, Ul., where she was ctdled on Account of the .passing of her father. Mrs. Meeker wns accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Leto H, Becker and children of St. Louis, Mb. j_ „ The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. H. Wade in Blevins. ' The Pro-School Study group will meet at 3 Wednesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Mac Duffle on South Elm street. Mrs. Jack Sullivan Will lend the program on '"The Child 1h:it is Afraid." ._.. L -__ fHlo Woman's Auxiliary of the Garrelt Memorial church met on Monday afternoon at the nttractive country .home of Mrs. Riloy Lewiillen 6n tlje Shover road. A most interesting ffjiicl .instructive program wns given by -Iflrs. J. W. Frith, Mrs. 'D. M. Bniley Mrs. Charles Taylor, Mrs. Holis Purtie, Mrs. Grady Hirston. Mrs. Eugene Moore and little Miss Arlue Hirston. Folowlng the program, the hostess scr- The members are requested to meet Muskrat Proves to Be Good Food But Gentleman Is Still Afraid to Break the News to His Wife WASHINGTON- </P) -The U. S. biological survey has an offical who'll tell how to make muskrat a part of the family menu—tell anyone, that is, except his own wife. Returning from an inspection trip ill Delaware, the biologist introduced muskrat to his home under the name of "marsh rabbit," Ho says the results were fine, but he's afraid that "mnrsh rabbit" by any other name might not be welcome at his house. daughter, Bcttic of Monroe, L:i. nt tire home of Mrs. A. Arthur Swankc East Third street at 1:15, cars leave for Blevins at 1:30. • Mayor .and Mrs. Albert Graves were Tuesday visitors in Little Rock. —t— The beautiful home wedding of Miss Mary Lee Bnrlow and Ned Allen Ford of Jefferson, Texas was solemnized at 8 o'clock. Saturday evening, January 11, at the home of the bride's grandmother, Mrs. M. H. Bnrlow, North Hcrvey street. The Barjow home was artistically decorated in Southern mnllox and a quantity of lovely spring flowers, making an appropriate setting for the improvised altar banked with smilax and ferns. Floor candelabra holding lighted white cathedral candles nlternatecl with urns of white chrysanthemums/ shed a soft glow Among the delightful pro-nuptiaX will parties honoring Mrs. Ned Ford, a bride of Jasl week wns the beautifully appointed dinner by Mr. and Mrs O. A. Graves and the Tea of last Wednesday by Miss Mary 'Sue Anderson and Miss Elizabeth Evans at the home of Miss Anderson on Soutl Main stree.t „ i , \ Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Carter and little daughter, Betty Ann, have returnei: to their home !n Monroe after a week end visit with Mrs. M. H, Barlow nnd Mrs. Elizabeth Prilchard. —.{.. , Mr. nnd Mrs. . D. Northorp of Hot Springs announce the marigc of theii daughter, Edith to Sam Wright, son of Walter Wright of this city. The marriage ceremony was said at. Benton on November 27th with the Rev J. A. Baker of Benlon. reading the </2 PRICE SALE ON ALL DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland I'll be here next Sun. Mon. & Tucs. in "The Littlest Rebel" snys little Shirley Temple and there'll be a Matinee EVERY afternoon too D S JOE * P E N. N E R JACK OAKIE FRANCES LANGFORD —and 100 lovely girls "COLLEGIATE" , MI • . i u, r\. .uurvvi \n MVI ivun, j.u«v**iij5 u 11, over the entire scene. The bride, ccrcmony . The bride is a graduate of lovely in her traveling suit of green | Ho , Springs high school and attendee trimmed in black fur, with blnck accessories, descended the stairway into the living room where she j.vas mfit by the groom. The ceremony wan impressively snid by Futhcr Grorge F, X. Strnssner in the presence of the Immediate families ond a few intimate friends. The nuptial music was played by Mrs. Clyde Hill using Lohengrin's 'Bridal Chorus as the processional and Lisxl's Liebestraume during the saying of the vows. An informal reception was held immediately after the ceremony. The guests were invited into the dining room where a three tiered wedding cake in a bed of sweet peas adorned the dining table. Extending courtesies in the dining room were' Misses Mary Sue Anderson, Elizabeth Evans, Hnt- tie Anne Feild. Mnrjoric HiggaKon and Kuby Owen. Mr. and Mrs. Ford left immediately for a honeymoon trip to New Orleans. Out of town guests were Mrs. Maurice Latimer, mother Doti ftie Spot B Hot Springs business colege. Prioi to her marriage she was conncctcc with the FERA. Mr. Wright is a graduate of Hope High School and attended Hcndrix colege at Conway for two years. He is the present director of the Hot Springs Transciont bureau. They are at home at 408 Haw- ' thorne street, Hot Springs. CARD OF THANKS For the kindness and sympathy shown me by so many folks during my recent bereavement, I want thank you most sincerely. Mrs. J. W. Stack. Redheads Barred From Television Their Flaming Locks Wreck Apparatus, Say British Engineers LONDON— (JP)~ No "redheads" need apply. It is not a personal aversion—so of- ficialii of the British Broadcasting Company hasten to explain. They don't even prefer blondes. But russet-tops are banned as'tele- vision announcres. "They simply don't televise," art official said. "Red shows up badly in television." Airtight Suit Had (Continued from page one) to of the bride, Mr. Ford, parents of and the Mrs. W. S. bridegroom. WED - NITE ONLY Vance Ford,. William Ford,., and Hoy Ford, Aubrey Brashear, Mrs. Elbert Wise nnd Miss Virginia Wise. Rose Mary Wise and Jess Wise, Adelaide Wise, Katheline Ramsey, M. Lavillc. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bower and Mr. Chastino all of Jcff,erson u Texas, Mr, and' Mrs. v Thos, Carter and little 3 — SHORT UNITS — 3 Major Bowes Amateur Hour Cartoon "Lust Chick" ' Varieties "Shorty Goes South" STOPPED-UP .NOSTRILS U»o Menlholalmn to help open flic nostrils and permit freer breathing. Give* COMFORT Dmtly .If you prefer none drops, or throat ftproy, call for the MEW MEMTHOUTUM LIQUID in handy bottle with dropper WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade. Ovcrcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. Hound Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, Sec HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. Fashion Favors Suits for Spring Those who want to be chic will grt-ct (lie first robin in a new spring suil. Our early showing includes tailored checks, and plaids and mixtures and soft crepey wools wHh (Uossutakcr details (hat will make tlu-m "suitable" for all occasions. Rvmfiubei, your spring wardrobe must include a suit. $ 16 75 Others Up to $24.85 \ These suits arc shown in the smart new spring shades of browii, tan, navy, grey and blue. Their distinctive charm is accentuated by flatterinu accessories. The Leading Department Store ©eo. W. Robison £K Co. Hope Preacott Nashville Shover Springs Sunday school was well attended last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McWilliams spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Allen Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Recce spent Tuesday afternoon with J. W. McWilliams and Mrs. McWilliams. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers of El Dorado spent Thursday flight and Friday with their 'mother, Mrs. Charles Rogers. Mr. arid'Mrs. John Recce called on Mr. and Mrs. Allen Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil England, and son and Leonard and Miss LaVeta. spent Sunday with their son Joe and •family. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Walker and lion Thomas. Mrs. .1. B. Beckworth and son James, and daughter, Juanitn, wro bedtime callers at Roy Rogers. Hoyett Uisater of Shrevcport, La. is spending the week with home folks. Burn to Mr. and Mrs. Lelman Rug- miles Saturday morning the llth, a lO'/i pound son, mother and baby are doinH fine. Mrs. Hoyett. Laseter has returned home after spending several days wilh her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mitchell of Mt. Nebo. J. W. MeWilliams called at the John Reed home. J. S. Reed and Elbert Jones called on VirHil England awhile Sivnday morning. Mrs. Hugh Lnsetcr called on Mrs. John Recce Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Philips spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Charles Rogers. Howard Collier and wife were dinner guests of their sister, Mrs. Elbert Jones anil Mr. Jones. Miss Esti-rbell Jones was supper guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier. Wallis Phillips spent Saturday night with his aunt, Mrs. Charles Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Gifforcl Byers of Providence spent Saturday here. That Junglish costume Is the latest thing for folks who are look- Ing for a spot In the sun those wintry days. Betty Cook Introduced the Bilk leopard skin print on the Surf Club beach at Miaro) Beach, Fla. French Dubious of Civilized Natives Fearful of Teaching Them French, Citing British Colonial Crisis _.- ~. Human Mites Face PARIS — (JP) — French opinion is divided as to how far the teaching of French should be extended among the GO million natives in France's widely scattered colonial empire. Many Frenchmen, especially in the literary field, think French culture should be extended to all persons under the French flag—no matter what shades their skins may be or how far in the jungles they may live. Such an undertaking, these Frenchmen hold, could not fail to benefit both Franceand its colonial subjects and would weld the colonies to the Special for this Week 5-tube RADIO Made by G-E $Q.98 Has Airplane"Dial. •• Complete With Tubes BRIANTS Drug Store parent country. Many colonial officials, however. say that introduction of French among the general population in the less ad- anced colonies should be carried on cautiously. These officials attribute the unrest in British India in recent years partly to the widespread teaching of English in India and fear that a too rapid transition of the natives from their old manner of living would work difficult problems. the moment due to the time and pense involved. He approached the problem from the standpoint of a suit into which oxygen could bo pumped and which not. only would give the pilot sufficient oxygen for normal breathing, but also would maintain a body pressure comparable to that near sea level. In designing this suit, Wiley gave to aviation one of the finest contributions it has received in many years. Even though the sealed cabin will make its appearance soon in transport planes, such an arrangement would be impracticable for military work, especially in one or two-seater pursuit planes. With the Post suit, it will be possible for a military pilot to fly just as high as his ship wil' take him. at no personal discomfort. The Supercharger If the suit should be puncturec during aerial combat, and the pilot is not seriously injured, he either can fly to lower levels or use a parachute without experiencing', ill oKocts, thanks to an arrangement worked ou by Post. While Wiley was designing and building the suit he also was having many other pieces of equipment constructed to enable the Winnie Mae to reach stratosphere heights. , Most important of these was a supercharged for the engine which woulc enable it to develop its sea leve horsepower at greater jelevat'ionp The supercharged when finished was indeed a marvel, for it enabled the motor (Wasp) of the ship to develop 450 horsepower at 50,000 feet. Without it the motor would not have delivered enough power to maintain flight, even at much lower levels. The controllable pitch propeller, without which stratosphere flying would have been impossible, already had been developed. The old fixed pitch propeller would merely slip and spin in the lighter air of the stratosphere. However, new problems crept in as Wiley started his test flights. He ifound that, due to reduced pressure, the ignition system of the engine would not function at higher levels because the electricity in the ignition cables failed to stay within the insulation of the wires. Dropped Landing Gear With his resourcefulness, Wiley cooperated in designing an ignition system consisting of airtight, boxes around the magnetos and corresponding flexible tubing the full length of the ignition wires, into which system a mixture of oxygen and thin stratosphere air was pumped so the entire unit functioned under sea level conditions. After Wiley had made several promising test flights, Frank Phillips of Bartlesville, Okla., who had a group of research engineers perfct- ing a fuel for stratosphere use, noted what Post was trying to accomplish and took him under his wing, from then on .financing the project. Books are tain tribes ttt pie regard books Bfi the" knowledge and so*o far as to them , ,*' Two handled rosepmk bowl, with lacy Voces! ettbwd" pattern. 9 in dio., 3 in de^x t two to CUSTOMIU HOPE Here s Swift and Direct Action Relieve That Modern External Treatment Helps End Colds Without Constant "'Dosing 19 to Upset Digestion. JUST RUB ON AT EJEDTlME ^ (From Publishers' Pfrofro -Service,"Wew\York) The features ot Thomas Jefferson dwkrf the men who carve them out o£ the solid granite lace-of Mt. Uuslimorfe,-S. -D. The-web outlined against the st6ne is forinea, by compressed (air, ;water and 'electric cables used by .the carvers. In the suspended ,'qar at right, -ere tfutzon Borglum .(right) and Ms ion, Lincoln, inspecting progress before liaUing operations for the w'inter. How Italy Looks (Continued from page one) This Chinese Sees His Fortune Grow Marshal Yen Keeps Silver Melted Up in One Lump in His Yard NANKING—(iff 1 )—Literally .watching his wealth grow has been -enjoyed for nore than 20 .years by Marshal Yen Hsi-Shan, noted .as "model governor" f Shansi. Marshal Yen is reported to have accounts in several banks abroad, but n a courtyard of -his official residence at Taiyuan rests the solid and visible symbol of his earthly accumulations, a round mass of.molten silver. Easily guarded, difficult to steal, for 'a new world altitude' record for airplanes, and possibly accomplished this, although it never was proved But he realized 'the limitations of the Winnie Mae and felt if he could arrange to drop the landing gear the increased speed from lessened -weight and air resistance. would result in performance sufficient to hang up a record for America that would hold for some time. With that idea in mind, Phillips sent Wiley and a crew of. mechanics and engineers to the plant where the ship was manufactured, and an arrangement was worked out whereby with the movement of a lever in the cockpit the landing gear would drop away This, of course, made a "belly landing" necessary, but the danger involved did not disturb Wiley since he knew he could obtain added perform- I a nee. this lump, of , white metal represents icusands of silver dolars 'and pieces '-silver melted down and added to e main lump at regular intervals. Wiley originally had planned to try I Tomorrow—Flights that "Failed." Stop That Cough WITH CHERROSOTE The best remedy for simple coughs and guslric fermentative we have. 8 oz. Bottle 60c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 63 Hope, Ark Established 1885 atnari apparel 'mutt be expertly pressed after cleaning —our presiing it qua is our perftct cleaning. conservative "night life" are closed and their lights extinguished before midnight. Sunday Auto Rides Stopped The Sunday automobile ride has been eliminated for most families by gasoline at $1.15 a gallon. A few motorists have installed charcoal burners in their autos, which, while expensive- to purchase, ai'e extraordinarily economical to operate. Another diversion, the Sunday "popular trains," of which many ;> middle class family took advantage, has been banished. These low priced excursions which Mussolini introduced to familiarize Italians with their own country were abolished along with half a hundred other trains when schedules were curtailed to save fuel. The newspaper the Italian reads today is smaller—reduced to six pages to conserve newsprint which Italy imports. The wedding rings Italians wear, if they are loyal, are iron, replacing the gold ones they gave to the country. Women Fight Sanctions The women in particular are earnest in their insistence that only Italian or aon-sanctionist products shall come i.Ho the home. Their fervor is reinforced constantly by flaming "buy Italian" and "destroy sanctions" posters displayed throughout the kingdom and by an unceasing propaganda campaign in the newspapers. The stone-walled and stone-floored houses which Italians inhabit are colder than usual this winter. "Sanctions" is the invariable excuse for chilly rooms. There is, however, sometimes occasion to believe that for many an apartment house owner or hotel proprietor "sanctions" is merely u handy euphemism for thriftiness. T O L-E--T E X OIL COMPANY Special—5 Gal. Hi-Grade $1.50 Lube Oil Phone 370 Pay and Night New Footwear Newness Freshness is the story of shoe fashions for this spring. We laid plans for it months ahead now we're showing the latest ideas in footwear for the season. Do come in to see them they just sparkle with smartness. The New Shoes Displayed In Our Window r\3r Star brand Shoe The Broad Strap Sandal Here's one of the smartest of the swart new spring shoes a cleverly styled saudle wilh broad strap and tlasliing buckle. Either brown patent or blue kid. $ 3.95 DUGGAR'3 Star Brand Shoe Store 111 W. SecoudSt. 666 Liquid-Tablets Salve-Nose Drops checks COLDS and FEVER first day Headaches in 30 minutes For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sf&a Roy Anderson and 'Company mothers VicTss most effective ment for chU colds. VatfoRub is fbt- -ternal-snd safe. ara.. use avoids the rifJks 6f ccfftstofc , internal '"dosing" which *p *6Jtetf V< upset digestion and appeal*, ttfiw lowering body resistance vrheximfer needed. , ' . Just rubbed tin throat ana Chest at bedtime, VapoRub starts to"fc<wk immediately-two ways at dnce: 1. By stimulation through the skin* like a poultice or plaster— 2. By inhalation of its penetrating medicated vapors, released by body heat and breathed in direct to inflamed air-passage-s. Continuing through the nignt^ this poweiful poultice-vapor action loosens phlegm - soothes irritated membianes-eases difficult breathing-helps break congestion. A Practical Guide for Mothers ^ Each year, more and more families are being helped to fewer colds and s/wrtcr colds by Vicks PlanJor Better Control of €olds. YicksPlan has been clinically tested byjiracJjic- ing physicians, and further proved in everyday home ase by jmlliotM.i Full details of the Plan in each, package of Ticks Vapollub. Vlek AWt Uted Dearly/; r B«tUr<ontrOl pfColdr- Out they go to make rtfom for the new spring styles. All Fall and Winter Dresses and 1 coats are reduced for quick selling. IN VALUES to $7,95 $Q99 f Everything ^Lg Included Wool's - Velvet's Jersey's All Better Grade Silks and Wools Values up to $12.95 All Fur-Trimmed Winter $499 4 COATS Choice of llouse$ A r Final Close-Out &v These Coats Were Priced Up to $69.50. They Must Go! Ladies' Specialty Shop

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