The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1940
Page 6
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S'AGB SIX BLYTHRVn,LE (ARK.)' doTJTCIEtt NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 10'IO lOSt li B Today's Sport Parade By 1IKNRY Mcl.KMOKB • THE PAYOFF NEW YOniC. April 27. (Ul'l— j Tom from a sports writer's note- I book: from Sen. A. H. (Happy) i fICTCD ' HV IIAIiltV GK/IYSON Hi I I U NI;A S«ivi<e Spofls Kdllor Ml lull j' NIW/ YOHK, April ?.T. — Tony 11 Ip f I/ft fii III Gnlento coiUinucs to work :n inlLLKU Ul Hi Madame Bey's fa/nous tralnlin; HUl I I\ii 1 Hi <"" n P J1M1 ' S"'""ill', N, J., hut the llt-l.HU I llll jpincc isn't the same. n' i I '• '4 D ,,,^,-,e. Chandler of Kentucky comes word M,,.!,,,;)],, p./>tc F-n- Dickman Limits Champs lhnl lllc blllcl;ms hovs arc ju . sl { Ivasli vine uets LM To Seven .Hits; Brooklyn Continues Winning NEW YORK, April 27 (UP) — The RcA Sox's battle-cry of "we'll heat the Yanks" definitely emerged about ready to rate Colonel E<l Ilradley's Bimellch as the best thoroughbred llie state has produced since Mnn o' War. . . . "Fifteen or twenty of my friends called me up after Hiinniy won at Two weeks of Keeneland," the Senator said, "to j lion baseball t Of Pennant Fever In Southern Race Js'o Oali.'iilo camp ever . Uhe same. There is a missing link (n thc ATLANTA, Gn,, April 27, (UP) — f Southern Assocla- today left the staid (oday from the category of a j icll me Hint lie not only would win j old town of Nashville aglow will) graveyard whistle at midnight. ' ihe derby next week, but in record 1 pennant fever. In the first clash between the two; chief contenders, for llie American' League pennant, the Ked That'll tnkc a lot of running, Twenty Uiajid once imulc the mile and a quarter Sox' carried oil all the laurels. I irip in 2:OM. . . . Don Meadc's Tliey showed tlie best , pitching.; rctnstaicinent by the Kentucky rac- hlttinE and defense. Even without | ing commission leaves Illinois as their No. 1 siege gun, Ted Wil-1 Hie only stale Hi which he can't amazing chain of circumstances which put Galcnto, a fnt nnd fan- tiistio barkeep, In the ring with One Louis last summer. H easily conlrt be n vital one, for Joe Jacobs Is dead. Oalonto only supplied Die music. Uttlo Joe Jacobs wrote thc words. Jacobs parlaying Galento nnci a keg of bm- into n world he.ivy- I'eiC'hed on lop of (he league with i-iuiit victories and a lone; weight championship match mi- lass, Larry Gilbert's Volunteers questionably was the slickest rnan- weie firmly fixed In the driver's aerial feat in rlim history, sent and tracking a mean wliipj And Jacobs didn't, stop there, ovev the other .seven clubs. Al home or on the road llie team liams, getting a hit, the Red Sox blasted out a 8-1 victory over the world's champions. In fact, it was no. contest as'(lie Red Sox tallied four times in tlie first frame and ride Meade will shoot for his thai second derby victory astride Bash-' i [""' fill Duck . . .lie was iitop Broker's ' Tip when that colt came down In front . , . and how many know the Yanks didn't, score until the i that Broker's 'lip, v:hn hull never Gilbert i,.. ." > molded into a con- iifnth when lliey already were llek- cd, 8-0. Emerson Dickman, who was benene by Bob Johnson's homer In his first starl. handculfed the Yanks, yielding only seven hits. The Yanks' made two hits in thc first inning and three fn the ninth. In.the seven innings between they made only two slpgles. DIckman's magnlflceiit performance vindicated Joe Cronin's judgment in taking h'im out of (he bull pen to convert him into a starting pitcher. He walked only one man and fanned three. ' ,\fennwhile the Hcd Sox belabored Monte Pearson, driving him to cover in 4 1-3 Innings. Doc Cramer led the Red Sox's n-hlt attack With four singles. Both clubs made two errors but the Yanks made (heirs in the clutches—Red Jiolfc making a 2-run boot in the first won a race before he did the derby, never wo;i another one after that? Mickey Harris, the fled >Sox promising young Icfl-handcr, tried in vnin to get a job with ine Giants and Dodgers In order to be [evaluating the last week of the training season had won ball games with a. consistency rare for so early In Ihe .season. In Larry's own words: "We can't seem to do anything ViTCMK." Kashi'lllf fans were slow to take to thc Vols. Perhaps it was be- lle was not one to full lo capitalize on GalwHo JarrliiK Louis In UK- first round and knocking him down in the second. So It is not surprising to learn lhat Galenlo has for .some lime IMCKIITES on-1.1.1. iN ' rrrF ' Mississi'i'pr OOUXTV rn STATI-I 01' ARKANSAS nvl ik.^.P' •""'• 120:1 {'!>»« 'I'M Hull) I'M.llkQUr-.NT LANDS IN MISSISSI I'l 1 I COUNTY .,Yv.! ; i!\ KAWI1A "IKI'HIl.'T. I'OHKKITKJ) KOK XiYX. I.UMKNT 01' TAXKS ANJ> KOI,II TO 'J'HK .ST.VJ K OK AJIKANRAK COURT 1'LAJNTIFP Xotifn I lily n[ Hi.- Hi I'k-rk or Mli .liiin-.-.-i ,-nnl tf'itiX 'in lti<- All iicrs '•rr.],y a..,],,,,,, County NOTICE An Xo. 110 at as - 1,^,,, (j} ( ,,fl j M iln|r!uin ly l!li.inri'rv Co.ul II nirlfirrii in j.iri<[ .S(:iii- anj A ,i,|,. i,, ..,.„,,(„ la».j» turmfun,.,! .M,V,i.,,-,,|,i, <:l,[rk:,.alvl« l)i«,,i, ,| the district (rack Jouesboro yeslcr- Mosley, Douglas, Graliam Among Winners; Paragould Takes Meel Sonny Lloyd of Blylhcvllln set a iDtv district Tour record for the broad jump, 21 feet, 2.4 indies, but- | Porngould won meet held at, day. I'aragould wns first will! ffl 5-6 points, Piggotl second wllli 5li \-'l points. Klythcvlllc third with 3li iiml M.'«rm:uliil(c had 2 2-3. nob DrjUfiiis of BlyliiBville won the boys' singli;.'; in tennis by defeating E. T. Smith of Joue.sboro, 4-0,8-0, li-B, while A. J. Stsirnes nnci llruce Greenwood of Paraeotilct won the boys' doubles by heating Chniles Amide and Mclvin Ilalsell of illythcvillL', ij-l, O-l in the limits. tin , and ,„ i mill li-ii'l mill Him nnd). MI f.,if, in ly Clujrfn-ry C. mplainr i.f Arknii 1.1 nil.I III. nil runf ii.K l,i-. «l.y lli. f,. Ilic Kliili- -illl],!,: riir.'V firm or lor the team's chances didn't | ]n . l j t( , r been .signed to meet Louis again ;it YnnkM Smdltnn In September. All Old Tsvo-Ton lias to do is gel over Mnxie Adelbei't Baer In the nun: .score 01 84. i^con iviauiy aim Jersey City ball fiiu-k, May 28. I Calvin Wllcockson of Joncsboro dc- And if Jacobs, us smart a match- I rented Craliani and George Hub- Cotton Cirnhtim of Ulythcville won Hie golf .singles willi aji 18- liole .score of 84. Leon Mabry and there ever was, huiln't near his home in Urooklyn bill ncitlier team could see him. . . . Gene Snra/cn belongs to golf's old brigade in haberdashers 1 as well f»s age Gene .still clings to plus-four knickers for tournament wear . . . Bought them buck in (lie days when they were fnsh- ionable and, beinj; n man ot thrift, vows he'll wear them out no matter whnt the galleries think. . . . Wilbur Shaw's suggestion that pnri-mutucl machine;; be installed at the Indiamvpolls speedway for the benefit of those who would like to bet on the 500 mile race, never vyil! be adopted . . . The officials of Hie trncjj know what a howl of inning and Joe Gordon making >•; , , ,. , ,, wild throw in the fourth which , p - 10 , le _ s , 1 .,« ou _ l l_ n _ I _™.., ll .. n cost another run. V-Tlie Red Sox's triumph enabled them to go into a triple tie with the Idle tigers and the lienten Indians for the American League lead, all a game and .1 half ahead of the .500 percent Yanks. ., With Thornton Lee pitching 4- fiit ball the-White Sax throttled the Indians, 1-1. Johnny Allen was rapped for 11 hits in 0 1-3 innings. j Washington sneaked through to ^n 8-6 victory over the Athletics, making their runs on six hltV'Slx walks.and two errors. Al Hollingsworth, Brooklyn castoff, got credit for the victory although he had to • be rescued by Rookie Sid Hudson in the.eighth. heavily backed driver happened lo be killed. Along Broadway, where is many a good spender, Joe Jacobs was known as the "fastest man with n dollar" of .them all.. Joe always liked lobe paid In cash . . . said he didn't like to lose the time from spending that cashing a check . . . His elevation of Galento from a filth rate club fighter, with a record of defeats as long ns here to yonder, lo a challenger for Ihe heavyweight title will stand as one of the greatest managerial, feats of all time . . . The only modern rival was Joe Gould's work with clock-walloper Jimmy Braddock, and don't be surprised II Gould takes over the to rosy In the prc-scnson j beUcve(1 thc uurm ,ient signer could ins. n»t just before past-. (lo l)wl OM „(„,, more U)a)) com ._ time. Gilbert collared favorite catcher. Charley "Greek" George. age alone, he v,'ould not have accepted the dnte. who used to backstop lor him at, (;A , iEXTO V , E-H1 .; D JACOBS AS New Orleans; Lefty l*e Kogtrs,, , rAG 101AX, AND WITH REASON ivho pitched Little Hock to a pen- nanl three years ago. nnd Arnold Moser. (lie "Wan who made (lie Vol oiilficM. Young Mickey (Socko) Roccol Unt Gnlento, ,w!io is 30, liad been knocked out. and beaten innumerable times when Jacobs picked him up for of a better meal after several man- happily began busting the ball as, ng|!rS] i, lcUuling Jack Dempsey and the man who was snjiposed to l)lny; Max \\-axman, had given the sig- nrsl base, Sam Leslie, could never | J10J . as fl 1>fld , ol) have pounded it and the Vols were ,. u ,. cmn | lls to ,,,, SCCI1 how Ga . ready to go. They went, ami as , c:Uo wju vMwul hls Svell g a ii. lie victories began rolling in he. Ljke Maj£ g,,,,,,,,,,,, w i, om B j a . fans started strcamlni; out to the champion- l>nll_ ><0,<L- 1.1 !u/*.-/locj.ll. Dll.lllinvc ) ..^^ '•" L...i.i.|-iu.. jnll-uitrk in In the Vols' last few home this week they wore packin In by the thousands. Although the Vols were the class of the league the other clubs .ship as the Ferocious Frankfurter V',,',! groveled on the floor, led the ' ' ' "' The s ,, reml Jncobs f ,, d Uw onh , UUnk |Wc w(th aalcllto ' h|m ft llu . owbnck to the dft Rock, the weren't conceding them a pennant- nnc | 0 l!^!!'.?. 1 "™"?.-.,*"' 1 -. 1 " Mf ?m C ;1; «'»«' 'i" uTiimvan cowed bat- Mies. Litlle Joe put Galento on n diet of beer ami big black cigars. He marie the Orange Oval a comic strip character. If the signor had to be a joke, he'd make a joke out of the entire business, '' While Jacobs \vns ruthless 'in I building Galento, the Italian's bard Jr. of Blythevillc in the doubles on the 13th hole. Monk Mosley of Hlyihcville won the 100-yard dash with a mark of 10.1.5 seconds. Lloyd was third n this, event, Hie IJlytheville team won the SSG-yard relay with a mark of one 'iilnute, 32.2 seconds. Tlie team was composed of Trusty, Rose, Lloyd and Mo.slcy. Mosley of Blytheville was second in the 220-yard dash and Lloyd was fourth. Crosslon- of Blythevllle was tliirtl in the javelin throw. A Blythevllle team finished third in the mile relay. Cazort of Blythevillc was fourth in the 120-yard high hurdles. Lioyd of Blythe'/ille was third in (lie shot put-. Blytheville finished third in the mile medley relay. Cazort of Blytheville was fourth in the high jump. . Coppcdgc'of Blytheville was third in tlie discus throw and Ross of Blythevillc was' fourth In the -1-10- . fit; me tinii. ' went with highest hopes in their games l n lls far. Little Rock was in second place today with six wins nnd five losses nnd tlie Pebbles' top pitcher, Lew Kranssc, loomed as one of the best in the loop. In the prc-season es- ! "lion betwcm Jncote and Oalcii- thc Brooklyn continued its rampage against the .weak sisters by slam-1 ;;' c niing tlie" Pliillics clown, G-0. Fred-' the world? test of horseflesh in . . . My guess is tlie siiriii! their hitting scnsRllon in jficobs dy Filzsimmons' held the Phils to : Mnrylnfirt Hunt Cup, which will he seven scattered lilts, registering contested Mnr Bnlllmorc today . . . Brooklyn's third shutout. Cookie u ls cvei > »»rdcr thnn Liverpool s Lavagetto hit a homer with the rnmetj Gr!>n[1 National. ...Us , first-division cl' bolstered when their parent,, cinnati, sent down second ba: Runs Bevel. Hired the overstuffed u'luriclor more than ftny 'lie ever , handled, pcrhajis ,' because he was able to take him i so tar on so little. K<>|ili-lill;vr I'Jiri Ti-rm <)»>•'<jf ,SV|il|.|iili|. r , |.j.| (i,;r,'ii.,il lan,IK nluinlil i,,-.i li Arkansas tmd/iir ri-,]c. rn.'rs, | 'III^ ilmrrllrtlott of said tnu.l. nnd II,,. ii.,ii.,.,- rj f jnnon la.n jiayini.' I«M.> tK^r.nn- ar.i a« folLnvs- LIST Of STATE LANDS IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT 1'ORrr.jTBD ron 19.10 TAXES I'an or Tax, Penalty .Section Section Area anil Cofit 1'arl or . Tax, Penalty Section ' Keclion Area and Cost I'm of Tax, renalty Section Sctlion Area and Cost Township U Norn,, nango 8 East •',-'•• «laiifi«fl.l ,s\v XW 10 .lli A^ M!"x,"ini!r,'.:::::;:::::::::;;":::xii- NB SK " J 2 " Iii Whole Kame ASB«.Wfill In Wlmse Name In Wlio;e Name fliir'rift llnki.r II. A. ;Ulia>ir:, K. ].-, A. Kit - - l..-*< lli W. i SW XW - - wit xw HI; SW SU' - XK SK Towjifiliiu 10 n lil.ljl I 0.2 it III.Ul ft.'.'.-i -- TownsMii II Notlli, ....... --------- I .in ---------------- Lilt : --- 1.01 ;Towj, hl)i 10 Nortli. Si: SW Neuth, Range « Eisl KW si: :i x\v SK. Ungc 9 .N.,. X... -\'n. E:ist i:l,7!l 1 .'J I East il ,. Sll yard dash. , "'" over n four-mile courae through l country and the horses have solid oak timber fence., bases loaded ui the seventh. Homers by pinch-hitler Joe now- man and Deb Onrrns. each with two mates on base, featured a 7- :*"."«• , of w ' lllc " nr , c ( ivc fcct JD inn rally by PittsburBh in the }m ° hl • •- • ™* Ule "orses carry eighth inning and the Pirates lc5 l )oll » (is - • - • Prosperity note: knocked down "the .Cardinals. -10-4, Tlie bc'Ung »'lntlo»- tlial draws the j The Pirates drove Ciirf Davis out Ion 5 csl lille n( tllc J" n ">'™ last, year's pennant winners. tlicl'-OUIS STIM. MIFFED AliOUT 1 Chnttaimogn Lookout.'!, were a fowl •' OD<JE OIVINO GOBOY NOI> . points down In the second-division! LoK's 1 outdoor inogram now ibut had been playing pretty con-(Shanes up as Arttiro Godoy at sistent ball. Ontneldor Mike De-| Yankee Stadium, June 27, and Gajan, with four homers, promised loi lento in the fall, although neither make Lookout fans lorget Big Bill | the Brown Bomber nor his handlers Nicholson of 193,9. Mire exactly crazy about the Chil- Ncw Orleans and Knosville also, e!m were in .the race with n .500 aver- Louis likes to have the boys stand and had been getting some »P straight. Cubs, went'on to beat llie Deris, ti-a. Nicholson also doubled, dviv: ing in a total ot live rims. Claude Pnsseaii woii )iis first game, retiring the last- 20 men in order. The Bees, yet to win n game, lost their fifth straight, to the Giants, 5-3. Tlie Bees made all their runs ou" Car) Hubbell who looked far /roiu good in five Innings. Yestera -"'s hero—Emerson Dickman, tin Sed Sox's righthander with the "olion picture profile who held the /anks to seven hits as Boston tr'waiphed, 8-1. financially. And wouldn't it be a good idea for (he U. S. Ci. A. lo select seven or eight really great courses and play all their championships on them? . . . This would eliminate thc evils of tlie present system whereby the National Open am! the National Amateur often are contested over courses not worthy of championship play. . . . Thc bursllis that forced Bobby Jones j to quit the Masters' tournament after two rounds will keep him of! the first, tec for two or three months. . . . Ailrl similes: As important as the National Open tennis championship. set _ _ for courage must go to! ( ' x ''emely fortunate to get oil witli- n Hrarkprx in last, place' 0 " 1 t |ic loss of lus tllld °" tll(J but still trying. The Crackers one ' strength ot a spill decision follow.... of tlie pro-season favorites' i"g n eery bad fight, but John Rox- but injuries forced them to piny, borough and Julian Black arc still most of Ihe early games with two milled about Tommy Shorten, thc itchcrs In the infield. Manager[old lightweight and boxing instiuc- niil Richards keut his charges •• lor who was a judge, giving Godoy riving and although the Crack-J10 of the 15 rounds and Louis only Semi-Pros Bar Knothole Units For Girl Fans WICHITA, Kas. (UP)—The National Semi-Pro Baseball Congress is abandoning the sponsorship of girls' knothole gangs because loo many girls were disinclined to tell the truth about their ages. ;• "We thought It was a pretly good Idea last year," Ray Diimont, president of the Semi-Pro Con- 1 gross, said, "because we figured that we were assuring baseball a host of steady patrons in future years by establishing t;ir)s' knothole gangs." However, Dumont said, the problem of keeping girls who obviously were more than 16 years old, the age limit, became too great. "What Is there to do when a Woman you plainly can see Is far removed - from 'sweet 16' calmly tells you she comes under tlie age limit? Our stafl didn't know, so the women were admitted free. Rather Yesterday's Results Southern League Nashville 9. Knoxvlllc 2. Memphis 3, Birmingham 1. Chattanooga C, Atlanta '2. Night games: New Orleans at Little nock. American League Boston 8, New York 1, Chicago 11. Cleveland 1. Washington 8. Philadelphia G. Detroit at St. I^onis, postponed rain. National Lonpuc New York 5, Boston 3. Brooklyn G. Philadelphia 0. Pittsburgh 10, St. Louis -1. Chicago 6, Cincinnati 2. Most polar bears live pcnna nentty on the ice. often hundred of miles from thc nearest land. lions this season, we are J\ist. tlis ,,, , ..V...J iiua o\;iiavil, \*c Hie than j-un mto^ embarrassing sltua-1 banding the girl groups." were losing they were fighting • two. 0 the finish. . I For this "rank injustice," they The Vols launched a long road ] threaten to make Mike Jacobs take rip yesterday by smashing thc ] the second cdttion out of New •Cnoxville Smokies 9 to 2. Clctus York, but they'll change thcii Boots) PoiTtnbergci-, the Vols' j minds when the promoter once crcwball fast-bailer, tet. thc Smo-lmore reminds them thai Manies have 1C hits but kept them Jialtan is where the more impor- cattered. Uanl money is. Chattanooga defeated the hap-- Meanwhile, Joe Louis and Mike ess Crackers G to 2 with a 13-] jncobs will miss Joe Jacobs abnos! lit attack on three pitchers. Crip ns m ,, ch ns Tonv Galento misses wilt, veteran left-lmnder, held At-1 t , lc in(m w j, 0 made him, for— anla to seven hits. • Joe jncolw was such a natural In Birmingham. Babe Bnrna and snmvmim tnnt he couldn't help Frank Pict drove out homers to bcnt |,, g n, c tom-tom for proauc- -ive Memphis a 3 lo 1 victory lie-| ,,„„,. ([) whidl nc )|ad 1|o h • liiul Lyn Stout's seven-hit pitch-l |(l ng. New Orleans handed Kraussc his first defeat uy inishing over a run i the 12lh "to defeat Little Rock Stickler To Be Green's Opponent . Loyal Green, Blytheville's battling barber, - will liicet the challenge''01 Lee Stickler, another local product, in one of three matches on Monday night's wrestling program. Green made his -mat ricbut two weeks ago against "Gorilla" Duah, the ancient Irishman, but I ound thc veteran too heavy iinci j oo experienced for hinv,~ Following I he Grcen-Dugau match caine a | hhU.engc from Stickler and Green [ accepted. Now the fans will,have in opportunity to size up the ve- ipective abilities of the two local performers since both are about even in weight and experience. Stickler will be making his first appearance and Green his second. Another match is slated between 'Lefty" Williams, the Cabot plow- joy, and "Dynamite" Joe Dillman, Greek strong man. If these matches tail to provide sufficient excitement there will also be a free-for-all between George Thorna newcomer from Shrcveporl, and Floyd Byrd, Birmingham meaiue. t There will bo no lime limit on the Green-Stickler match, but Dillman and Williams and Thomas and Byrd will be restricted to 00 To'.vn.slitjj JO Nortli, Kangc 9 East "'"""'s - N\V xi-: an Townslilp M Norm, Ranss 10 East TownsWii 15 Hor'tli! Hai'ige 10 East J. \V. l'i-rry KW NT. :i .1. W. I'vrry >; w (ii: '.; \\l»it Milli'r - |.;u. SW SK .1 T. .1. Wil..,,, _ st; - sw 4 Cliioato Mill ,t l.lir. Co _N\V XK S Cliica K .j Mill J* l.l.r. fo :-..Orig. Sur. I'.x, KV. .V .SK .XW " K 1;. IV Iliiilp- .__. S\v" SW ' U K. K. Driver KM.-- X\V XW li K. K. nriv-i'r KI.I SK XW If, K. K. Driver Ksl - _-XW N'W I', nr«'iliiij!i. IliM. Xi>. 17 Krl. NW NW |7 Wil I'liirk XK KW 17 It. K. Kvans SK SW i7 l)rftin«i;i' Disl. Sn. 17 1,01 | 17 C. K. (IriOft XK NK 19 Druliingc, nisi. Xo. 17 NVi' .SK 1!> 1'l-ri-y Sliflliin -- NK SK. Harry Cliin-k .sw SK Ham lliict — W. nf t). XK K:tm Burk - |.;y- ,\\\ r XK W..P. llrnlro W'/. .SK iN'K J. A. liter XW SW ur. ,1. A. Dj-fr -— KK SW ^li ,(. A. I)yi-r . SW SW ' -2I> K. S. Klirllon 1.1,1 Xo. l XW :1U Township 1C NorUi, Range 10 East Dnvinapp Uisl, Xu. 17 rvi. SW SW 20 I.. P.. 1'nU' tVI. KK XK 21 It. 11. 1'iili) Krl, .SW XK 21 L. R. Vale Krl. SK XW 21 K.' }j. Yernnii S','. XW SK 21 Dminnfo Disl. So. 17 ^ W », XK SW 21 DraiiiBKC Disl. So. 17 y/, XW KM' 21 Dntiimgc Disc. Xo. 17 Frl. SW XK 52 Colloii Farms SV of U li -N"W SK 2:1 DrninlLKr Ilisl. N'o. 17_ X'^ KK XK 29 CtorKO .Miller S 1 ,'. S1-; N'K 2H .1. T. Ol<iv,-r xy. .NK SK 20 Draiirif,' Disl. So. I? 1 S V- XK SK 29 Dr.Vuiai;,. Disl. Xn. 17.__ Wil. SK SK 20 TovaisMu 15 North, llangc 11 East Jlu-ii- Cniio I,,,, :; NK I Mr/. W. T. ll.-iil.-y l l,,it Nn. :i XK ' 17. N.Ili,- .\l.\\iiinlfr l.ol 7 lia 1 N'i NK 21 Kiit.-nii\ ll:ilp Slinill/. _- S. of I). SW SW 22 Township 14 Xortii Hange 1^ Kast M. II. llol.imon ¥.. (i( I.. V.'.b XK SW -I K«ra Ifaniplnii _ K. of I/. SW SW I Towr.sliip l& North, Range 1^ East Kvplyn [liirknrr W'/. Y.\'. XK '.I Clsrar llnrliiii'r V:','. W',:. XK II Ciirrii' Hnlir-rxin W '/. W ','• XK '.< llnnil Hciillv C.i. S. 2fi A. X'i SK » Township 1G North, Range 13 East K/innii- llilffiiian .Frl. .NK XW :(2 ••BIC1 LAKE LANDS" Townslilp ift Nor^h, Eaiigc 9 East Ih.rrv firropiry ._ Fily. SK SK 1 Isailorc llnmrli ._ _ K. of l-'.ly. XK XK 10 Isivlon- Hrancli - .K. «l IMy. NW N i: 111 llnmrli _!•:. "f r-My. SK XK 111 (M, W.'M. K. of F.l'y. SK XK 11 iimle» _K. u( Fily. XW XK 11 Win.llirl.l K. of l-My. SK XK U Wulildii X'i NF. L!l .l! W. Kinnvl.-a .. ~~~~-~l~~~.I~I"~~S>& SW •• l ],. W. HUSK S\V XK . :i7.fi7 :17.9S 1IU1 lll.fll i <;. i :i ui. 1:1 n.i t lil.Ol 31.70 .11.70 1:1.01 1.1.01 m.o 31.10 1:1.01 s.:n 10.2S 6.78 0.7S 6.78 ^nknOTrh - - C P 16.1^1 Ktctiaids Addition to Blythe»ille t. X. (1,-Mfll 1 R ST.iri Edwin Koblnson Addition to Blylheilllo ' Inr.lnil Wri^l.l li l'i:104 :).!" I. K. Oliver It .'. lli.KI Albert Thinilii.1 uimi llov.-anl i.ii. Hurt i War.' n }K 10 X 1.8'i III 10.98 <;ni) p i ir> i,to f] ray i is :..7« Ktlddlo Ilcfgllls Aildltton u Blylhevllle Wnllui'i- 0 il 'K,.f,'l \1. M. J 12 :'..7li West End Sirt Addition to Elytheville Nunli l)»)la IC-n TOWN OF DELL Original Survey 1 I 7.L'I T.21 TOWJI OP. t.EAOHVlLLE tlhews 1st AdclLUou to Lea< T. AL-xaiulor « 2 1. T. Alrand.T 7 2 Kflsoni 1st Addition to leachvllle C. A. StiirV i Kon 2.21 10.f.r> Smith Addition to 11. .<; l.i-na Hums .1. II. I'c l.nia l!urii< 4 K Uichvil'.e illl :U I 2.17 '2.77 4.90 l.lii; Uliv.- A, l.inili'rvillK i:l ,1 7.22 ,Stuilcnjj:eyer Addition to Leat-livIJle Mrs. II. 0. li™ ... II 11 2.77 Mrs. ][. C. li.-iv 4 !i 2.77 TOWN OF MANILA Original Hnrvey .1. K. KtmiiMi! i« 2 ifi.n:: .]. K. III 2 I.Ull .1, K. Siirulllt.l 211 -2 l.r.ll 1.,-,- CarU-r 1112 1 I l.lHi 1.1.. t^urK-r i:i:l 11 1.90 LIT, f::irlrr i:il LI l.W ii. i,. Kim: 1:17 HA i.c<; U. S. Ilililsnn XVj. 170 III 7.21 J'arkv3ew Addition to Manila (V II. Stulhv 1 1 22.77 li. .S'tu-ll.j <: I i.«i; (!. H. SIli-llA 7 1 C. It. NMby 1A I (i.'Ori;.! Mallfiiiivs 7 i\ If. I.. C'lianilicrs <J f. Willis K. Urmvn 10 G Willi< K. Ilrown 11 G West Eml Adilition to Manila Murlin (iillien ;,A l.Cfi II.jin.-r Hall !>F l.M Witru-?* my l.anj and sc-al t!m 20 day of April, jyJO. 11AHVKY MOltlUK. C'hanc'-jy ClorV. . 27-.I-11-1S-2S-1 I.tiii 1 i;.l n l.CD 2.77 4.U9 Read Courier News want ads. li.78 , 0.-7S I Try Onr of Our DelicioUf PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across From Illeh School NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt" Laundry and Cleaning Service 10 •!;-, Is.iilori' minutes. All three tnlls. be two ant of STANDINGS Southern 4 lo 3. Al Jurisch was thc winning pitcher. The teams line tip in the same order today. Today's Games Birthdays Are Same For Family of Three COLUMBUS, O. <UP)—The ram- ily of Fraiicis Kuncc believes In observing its birthdays on thc same date. Mr. and Mrs. Kuncc both have thc same birthday—and to keep ihe record straight a daughter was born to them on that same date. Southern Ixague Memphis al Blrmlnyliain. Chattanooga at Atlanta. Nashville at Knoxvlllc. Only games scheduled, Nashville Little Kock Birmingham ...". New Orleans 5 Memphis 5 Knoxvlllc : 4 Chattanooga 4 Atlanta .1 American League W. 1-eaeue W. L. 8 1 G 4 5 5 5 6 5 6 ; 4 G 4 6 PCt. .889 .000 .500 .455 .455 .400 .400 W'ill .lfini-s l.i.l N... J r,m Cray __ ;.xw" x\v Township Ifi North, Range 10 East Hn«ra llranrli I-VI. Xo. i> Township 10 North. Range 10 East H. .\. Itnnrfi K.'.-j S\V hi Whose Name Tax, Pen. Assessed Lot Blk & Cost TOWN Or ELYTHEVILLE Original Survey Hill Olile . B7 21! G: Allison Addition lo Blytheriltc ll.tiry l>nvis 2 I 10.-1S rir.irii- Hill 7 4 4,4r. Kl.iri'nrc Lu, ; »- -I 6 i:i.r.S Barton & Lilly Ailililion to Elytheville " Ki-illi 0. '!'. H. S. 11, A- l.\,,i f Klln-rl Taylor .V. J. ll.ikor .Inliii Tlioinis Ho .Mm Tlioinm llon Anilr 111 f. 15 111 National Ix-aguc Brooklyn at New York. Philadelphia at Boston. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Chicago at St. Louis. American League St. Louis at Chicago. Cleveland nt Detroit. New York at Washington. Boston Rt Philadelphia. '.,. Pot. 2 .714 2 .714 Bccktuan Addition to Blytheville MiKRu 1 Collier 12 - -1.11 Blithe Addition lo . Blytherillc Mrs. K 1. K.-oilvr 1 :l 'JO :"'2.f'» Mr*. K. I,. H,.,.,l,. r 14 2rt lUU.'tl! Mrs. II. I., <l 34 iMI.liS Mrs. H. I,. Kpcilor 10 -1 39.rifi W. .1. llncfrj . KK 15 24 "-"'• Cleveland 5 Detroit 5 Boston 5 2 .fl4 New York 3 3 .500 Washington 3 4 .42!) j Philadelphia 3 5 .3751 K St, Louis 2 5 ,286| K. Chicago 2 5 .28(i! National tensile W. U Brooklyn 6 Pittsburgh 4 New York 4 Cincinnati 3 Chicago 5 St. Louis 2 Philadelphia 1 Boston 0 5 .000 i,'. T. 1.. Via 7 K. I.. ,S|.r!illiii T E. M, Bryutu Addition to T. • '. IHvi. 17 T. C. Duvis I. 1 * M 21.41 :12 10.9S Blylhevlllc :. . 5 I .fill I.RIi llcaril Addition to Blythevillc Henry Smppry y 1 10.93 Highland Place AdiUtioji to Blythcvlllt K. T. Klilor 1C 1 B.lli O. .Sliniij-.i K HI- X .-,o' l.> li 0. SlK.uvo N' ;,o' It; rt Knst Ark. l.lir. C.i. I >J l-:n»l Ark. l.l.r. IV. i !> Kvotyn I!. Vi'nnil :l 5 li. !.. n,:u,ii.,,- :. u Kllz.-ilirlli Tilluinn 7 II I), it. l'l.illi|i« SV- 7 1:1 I). II. I'l.illiiK K'.i S I'l IIoHiiieter Shonyo Addition Bljthcvillc Arllnir IC.xjrii.iui.M, II 2 Irregular Lots in Elytlicvillc Mr*. SI. .1. Is.-ibt-ll I...I Xn. -I I SK. I7-1.-.-I1 (OnO .">« Attt l);icn» l.iimli.T C... I .in .V... 10 xw c.r..72 Win. .Mrrirliin.l l.ol Xu. U:l XW Hi.13-1 I 13.58 Lee Sub-Division to Blylhcvilic SCanitii! Pool :, 1.8« Pride Addition 'Ont" to Blythcvlll3 Mr... K.I Mahan r, C IS.07 Mrs. Kd Mnlinn 0 C 1.20 T. C. Djvii 111 Bung Addition to Elytlicrtllc [Uw-i-i lUnvrln-r 7 i *-" " .1. lliiyd 1 7 *«.«•-' ,1 ]t 0 'j.,| -J 7 S.;l7 Clilcjgo Mill k Lumber Oo. 3rd Addition to Elythcvlllc . Mrr-.rlimd li I l:>-5S EarlvBird SPECIAL Complete 5,000 mile Chassis Lubrication. Remove, clean and repack all Wheel Bearinrs with Special Lubricant M-541. : Replenish Sleerinf Gear with proper warm weather lubricant. Rolax and Lubricate Sprines with Special M-W28 Lubricant. ' Clean and Service Carburetor Air Cleaner. 1 Refill and Adjust Shofk Absorbers. Clean Fuel Pump Screen. Sen-ice Battery and adjust Generator charging rate. Drain, Flush an* Refill Differential and Transmission (cos! of Lubricant INCLUDED.) Motor oil changed to summer weight IF DESIRED (Cost of Motor OU not in eluded). $4.65 ALL FOR.. Passenger Cars Only PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnot Phone .810 0 1.000 2 .007 2 .667 2 .COD 5 .500 5 .28G 4 .200 Win llrii' ChtckasjTJbi Addition to BljlnevlUc .'imp IUliin.,,1, r. ID' 2 in I.SO Mate Daniels Addition to Blythevillc Mallli- S,i-if ( 7 I l.mi Mullic Suit! 8 I l.SC Doiigan Addition to BlythfiVille 1.. S. ltri<f, n - »l. W 10' R .IS' (i 2 1S.I9 I,. K. llr!<f,i f f.«t S f.S' 7 2 l<i.1» K. ll,i>™,- K.I. K 58' S 2 IW-" 15 WRESTLING Loyal Green Joe Diiiman Floyd Byrd vs. vs. vs, Americnn I.cgion Arena Lee Stickler Lefty Williams George Thomas Monday 8 p. m. AUTO RACES Blytheville-Sunday, April 28th $175 CASH PRIZES Fairgrounds 2 P. M.—SO Mile Race ADMISSION 2Sc-FREE PARKING-NO EXTRA CHARGE

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