Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1941 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1941
Page 6
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Kir [«•••' "mm v$u tia THI qwtoaBi vmt $»&* Y«w ton hulk (^ cn»v «w rrxm Wbrrt Ad* talk tc- t»K»w»«|| StUt, HINT. §UY Oft SWA? ***** *#, ».(»,!, 'if _wiwft' oi'W' wit i^fwwH^Hiiif. am »*«U»MM«.M^« For Sat* at stnrma vss» : nuts*. ara urf Chafe* TaWw. Sto»««, and many othe» Item aft fe ro«Stion with rwuwtiaW* < Also tt«h«it jsttc«* paM Isr ftmtaMC nMSaeuDf- : ro» jKTTtTRR CO* South Ebft Str«t • . tHtlN* J9fc WBR BBSftCK, .•t criK Ftew tools, afl kinds. Flew r. See A, H, Slroud. tftahttttfton, jg. _.. ^ ..... !; > ' ' g-taap -HJCSfc 3*,. 1ft TOJ* tRUeK^OTAKS /hi fcood «andias»K':. a Wt|f.jm S * ^ for cosh. l.uck*s TCurist: Court tOtt PfCKtfPr -ALSO female mute colt, . Defense stamps accen * V, IW, a It* 'Hop*. ' liol Estate For Sale IACBES SIX MILES FROM TOWN. J JW« $25.00 pw aewv.' ' ' •.< RES THREE MILES FROM on good road, alt in fta* .. no house. PtJc* $30 per Can give possession January JET BY MS FSET TERRACE located in the twelfth block ftoa South Main street, with a fi«« set WiU sell on good terms _ possession at once. With ;rwsmall expense for repairs yoi» wilt '"buying a home. life. ACRES SIX MILES FROM TOWJT, hl»h*^ for general fawning, with fine ure and running water, aboat i80'acres open, balance in timber. ftSoqd road through the form. Four house, sleeping porch, fine f water. Targe stock and hay "illnder a good wire fence. 'e. and school bus lines near. fFor qukk sale win take $2500,00. _-, ,™.v^ FOUR MILES FROM |towu,'two houses, bam, potato house, r spring branch, fine pasture. A fine i combination farm for crops and cat- sjile. t Price. $25.00 per acre. ll-6te For S«!e Miscl. PADGfllTS * PEDIGREED PXTPPIES |for - ,Presents. Will hold for Christi f lrias.;deltvery if desired. Cockers, >i.f Bostons', Chows and Pointers. ^ sh "' Pidgitts Kennels, 20-lmp ; For Sole or Rent IMACRES, OF LAND WITH GOOD Tf-libuse, joins Experiment Station on $?Sbu1$,;|5ee T. S. McDavitt 'Token Up AND WHITE HOLSTEIN iiuly\cow. Weight about 800 pounds. 'Sid Jones^ 511 South Shover street. 15-lOtp Trailers For Sale j!$EE MY NEW & USED HOUSE pl^aOers. American Stage Coaches " "id Roy Crafts. Prices from $200 up, isy terms. See Thelma Stevens, arwin's Trailor Camp, Highway irth, Hope, Phone 22F-2. fi-30tp ON DISPLAY — FULL LINE &f Bros, Trafler Coaches. Call le we ^hate several models to ^ from. Luck's Tourist Court . > 21-tfc 18-FOOT TRAILER, WELL /constructed. Modern, reasonable ftcafcA at 215 North Elm. See J * Sutherlin. 18-3tp " Urt . '«>«. *M!" : For ROOM w»»i«» ,. 1 .l,,. w , 1B ,i, 1 .l,p,,, lw .g» J ,^«»,,»« n ^«g mfl ^^ r ^ KM ^ M 4^^ iJJ>a , A . aBM ^ S-ARM, WOTf. OCSOO- .fATOWKt: ft water. Two- htttute*, J*boii« ,Tjsi ffi» South 5«iw»» 'Mk3 McCask.ll Nofic« RAVE in town. A« .„,„ _ .„,„ Att work suarmtoiKt C. t. .-,, u .^»,», J ,,»,^...,,^. <H , ,, n&yaaws mess? I sK«,. *» Furniture For Sale IBEAI* FKRfrmmB J mov«4 n«a dwor to S for better yric«» en jfohf«ii« ft-.*' ? Wonted to Buy HIGHEST PRICES PAID rOR MKJTS and boj« suits. It SC Patt»ts«», • • t " Wle ARGE CLEAN 'coTrblTRT^rpo not bring work ttotheti or ov*rs»El», Hope Star. 13-tfc Wonted NEW OR RENEWAL OF SUBSCR1P- tions to any mitga/jn* pubt»5h«i. Charles Reynerson at City Halt. 2-14te (»;i with ,Vtr. .mi My ami SVtpt f ntttiw XU««n- Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE - WE repair anything Electrical, Wiring. motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Pave One 1. Jefferson City, Mo.; Carson City, Nev.; Oklahoma City. Okla.; Salt Lake City, Utah. 2. Little Rock. Ark.; De* Moines la.; Baton -Rouge, La.; Santa Ft 1 . Legal Notice NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the books showing the assessments of street improvement District number Three (3) as fixed by the assessors of said District are now in my hands subject to inspection by any person owning property within said District, This Uth day of December 1941. T. R. Billingsley City Clerk. Dec. 11, 18 WANT A CHRISTMAS PIANO? 1M. 10 0»w<« Drop us » eitrtt for Cdr4»t«>(Ss sOtl fxill ttilttftRstion, QxtiiUty nw^ps) by STKUfWAY. HADDORrr. CABLK. WURUTXKR.. Used Pbno*. 57*> up. Terow ieeiski ^MS«jS3SS?i£5l E. Broud Texarkana, Ark. Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut RENT/ WANT-ADS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with .., Major Hoople ! vou SPO\USPORTS QUESTION THE OF 30AN OF OF PROFITS T A POZEM Vou 8LAMB USPOR-1^ EVJER. WON VvJAG A PA\R OF SLBEME - ALWAVS ^| HOLDERS ON A. SERVING SOIVVE- ^> PUNCHBOARD K?R. INiA ^ *| 1,80 APIECE-«v FALSH-BOTTOM \> BUT PUSH BACK TKH TRHMOLO TRUMPETING, jCT7 ^TOP AMD I'LL AND X'LL, AND }( BUY A COUPLB } OF CHANCES/ «1 jy ME* SEHVII ONLV HIM TQ SEB IF HE WAS RB^U ww«3Ww IwwflPH ' '-•••'' !<<•*** f .i a* - - -»<- i|r »*Jt*-, "IF , '•( Crcn* ,mr€ r #&» w*w *i»«»fr ^ rf# <**%4* ^ *&« W^ v f. DONALD H L 1 •atr*nmftHff "+*w-«rt(ws t •f itONDIE CHk •>?•* ^"*»« I - BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES !' J ** } •> J-vV"^ t^* • ^rfr^'^%^ * "'"i** 'H»v£ -*.*^' V-'t .. ;i>v -.* -VI V^l* X^. '.A* /,, : ;"::1L \ ^,. 2? '• • *. V*t. W.t' By Edgar Martin RED RYDER Hand Quicker Than Eye J'vVs-rT-^r-y-, r—' •>f^^l\ ^ '> ' ^^ibx ; ' "* ^SL ,'5i|U>"rj».4*?v/ii yw ^'tv,*i • • -^^--'^f :m •*&.Jt^'-- ' S^".,.- '--f'-t By Fred Harmon • ALLEY OOP After the Battle {&; , /u .-__.. x JU£T LOOKIT VOUFl FIRST C3R&6CT f VEH...AKJ'I HADDA \ ITS A WOMD6.R f^oTTA^-rH'MATERlELN VICTORY OVEF2. \WINDUPCAUGHT \ >DU SURVIVEP... WE CAP- J K.IMC. JOHM... AMD \ IM WOPPO'STEKJT.'J WE SWEPT OVER TURED/ FALL DUE to youi ) i BETCHA A /THEIR. CAMP LIKE „,,. _.„ y^SKILL AMD BRILL-/ HUNWE.RD GUVS \ _ATlPAL- ^S^A^g^ JMT ^^-j- STKATEG.y.7 WALKED OM _,^^^^^UrWftVE.' .^ggias^^^sm^gaBMB^ ^ (^y PACE / '— *^^*-^^^' ByV. T. Hamlin i tvlAW, HE AltOT DEAD/ \ SEftGEAMT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Imposter A—k BLIMEY, sifc- wt SHOULD TAKE A GOME 1 OVER HERE, FRECKLES, AjsID DO SOWE EAR-BEMDINX5 / SOME 60SSIP STRAIGHT THE PARTV uwe / LETTER. FROM JINN/ WVNN? WWATfe -//^• 3 '' A BOY IN. LE6SBURG HAS BECK) POSING AS THE WWTER OF "HOW UQH& MAS THIS 6£fM GONG ON?" , f *HE HAD ^ HMMM—\ FUN poswe FAME is CATCHIWS. up TO we j J HAVE A STAND- AS A BIG- SHOT, AUTOeRAPHINQ PROGRAMS AT A DANCE-BUT I EXPOSED Ik I I i •*• tXPOSED IN •' , _y HIM AMD ME SLUNK HOME i* /« ^ IF HE COULD GET AWAY WITH THAT, HE COULD A CHECK D kr —i,- i By Merrill Blossef T

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