Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1941
Page 5
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l!?l " (ft Pacific Clash H««d Men o* the Jnpanete-U. S. Novol Fleeti ., Mttrt fw 10 yMrt. Ad*. CUutfo Churl** BloeJi, hand ef ttw P»*rl Harbor, Htw»ii, n«val baw, *** w**'* 1 ^ fw *** nwy an the day *»* He«rd hi* first Ule of th« ««* M a ^ Kwiwky-born Admiral Block taw Msltlnrt »Hton under 'TiritiUni Bolt" Kvant ami w»» decorated for roacuinc Sf*n:*nif from burning *M|W *t the Uttle of S«nU*ta Ray, H* WM fl*mM (a M* piv*ent fob »ft*r dofn* * t*w-»»-«M- hit as «xsnMn*j*Iw-in-ehief Thorn** C. Hvt, «*»m- «* «»(? U, S A«UI*r W***, i* IU»B»*» t» M* f *ll»w Kidmen *> "|«*(. hi* A HIS CHRISTMAS CAROL By ADELAIDE HA2ELTIN6 >i V- Copytlgtit, 1141* NEA Service to*, TUB afOHTf Wfc*n Dm r bom ttrm at lirart altftrk, hi* •»»r»IBrr Cur*) rffn«f« to n4ml( to anirrnpulnu* Mr, H»rHrki ••• »ur**f munaB^r «f l^mrhorn'* filar*, that »W» keavri Ik* f*rm« ef the will, Having t»pM M, fcotr- rtrt, ukr knan-i (hut the n«4 Mr« Blfcfr ttnflojrm nr* IB Judge whether or Mat ulufbor inn AnO •!**« Carol much," p!ead with *oin«jn« els*, Mr . I'm iwat capable of make « dwltjon Jikc <J«k at Fwr J' . rtwe, *e« the i>\y eye*., I would alone \a d*- KumfuJly," h<? hwl- » dampness "I t»t»f»(j with «!! my lh*l Andljf will carry on l.»U».iflt)*i hi { JiSV* it b )u»t to U) fiJttsr-r he become. <?«*» !»ft JhStatf for You'll Au H wr!J," Ho 1»-sM»J» >-,<• hail ViT)I1«^J wilt "I in»1 you very <»\-cr »>•««• li*l -w-rre with her >i> HnA)<r Sn jntUonti. Melhlldc in »i<x'k room, M«Sort iii UM? ntrrrhandlMnm t»ffV»-f, Mis* Kanny Sn hosirry. They \jtvft Joistrc*! in the t THEATERS * SAINGIR WON WMKC1S tOCAt WANTED CAST It ON AJtKAHUS MACMIMt Sf fOALTY CO. Salad D roiling 29 Pumpkin FruitCake BREAD 10 C Cocoanut Cake Flour Right Coffee Pie Cherries FRESH FRUIT & VEGETABLES Fancy Celery Stalk 12c Lettuce Carrots Texas Oranges 216 Size do/ 19c Apples Largo 88 Size Oranges Yellow Bananas Grapefruit Apples — A&P Super Kight SHOULDER ROAST Sunnyticld PICNICS Sumiyflcld BACON Super (light STEAK Brisket or Plate Ib. POT ROAST Fre^h Side BACON Wisconsin Full Ib. Cream Cheese Fresh Meaty Ib. SPART RIBS FRESH PRESSED Poultry and VIAL STEAKS or CHOPS SPRING LAMB CHOPS PORK ROAST 419 SOUTH MAIN ST. P FOOD STORE w " »** of l>r*rb«r«, rurhllnff vrtlk ].ln4* Jntlmi, m*> Ik* rarrilH* in kU tnlkrr'i "•rrrle« l« tk* •rnjl*." If k« full* fk» *tnr» U t* fc» mil* f»r rkurltr. CMr«l** rntr U Ik* marc dinrnH Mt**** • Mofkrr falfkfal »m|il«r*> HIM H**r», It I* I«T« wllfc krr, . wkll* *k* km l«t»* An*7 •!•<•«• rrmrMMrliMt * (Imf kl* t*gvr*»M la mm* |nt» tk» •lore w»« •*! •* kf kl« «»tfc»r. » t • SECBETAItY—* CHAPTER HI on the Jury to „,„,„. .„, . ywmg Andy were not *i l\ ItatniiviiHl' "usually nain«l, Tlie will simply wi*f,t«».« f«^«i»i > tjwflfi^ Uiat they would bo U»e Uk.e ' Cv«> who (»n the day of hU de»th Sho had gone to plead with him. "Name someone else, Mr. Dearborn. I'm not capable of helping make a docltloti like that." "You'll do it well," he had said. "I trust you very much." to* Uic ti ralrodcir, I><-r»nljrr 18. She (flfirw » Martini hrealh. Annual the M»nday »f Krw Yctxt'**. Scvcntc«> days •way, Far too *hort Yet Ihptc 11 was. Mr. Dcarboni h*<1 Wioujiht Inventory the right to clO*c the store, U ck Uvcy mu»t. He *urely hadnX ex- Ui dfe within I CM than w«*ck» of It! Every d»y, every minute was too much for her young . She dropped down a her de*k, flung her head on the typewriter und through sheer baf- let the tears come. Thnt'K why the masculine fee had stopped beside her before she became aware ot them. They jitlrrod impatiently, A pair o women's i>hoc* with ridiculously high heels joined them. Carol took n quick dab at he: ryes, smoothed her hair and looked up. » • • r)AZEDLY, she rose and Bald "Oh, you've come!" Andy Dearborn and Lind Julian stood before her. voice sounded strainec "I'm tarry your cable didn't reach us sooner, CaroU With the funeral j and nit—you must have hftd a lot on your hands," "We managed. H we'd known you could come *» soon—" "I left, within «m hour utter J Bol your cable." "They couldn't find you for two day*.*' Her tone was an acru**- Mon. He fwtii^d it and stiffened. "We were cruising. We didn't hit a port for » wctfk. I had no Ides tny father w»« 111." A shadow of pain crt<i,«xJ hi«. face. Her sympathy went out to him. "She knew ho had loved hi* | »ther. You must have known he cx- an ttttnck any time." He- looked KtcBdily nt her. 'No, 1 didn't know. Ho never mentioned it," After 8 moment addfd, "You probably knew note abuul him than 1 did." "He lovod the ttore. He kept ijalrij you'd be here more.** "Yw, 1 know," A one-sided smile embellished the mpaning of ti* word*. "Well, you know how we (joi along, Carol. Tlie time 1 was here he was always pushing me to «*ttl« down—to keep my now? to Ib? desk—" He stopped. •Of course, you're not interested m that." A cool voice cut in. "Why should sho be. darling? After all she was only hi* fcienographcr." Carol drew back. Linda II with »n amazingly clear skin under her cruise tan.: Her eyes were a contemplative yellow- green. Her mouth now wore n derisive smile.-; "Let's t go in the offlcxr «nd got <?ut of noi»e," Linda urged. For the first time Carol realized the footsteps of hundreds of customers might be called noise. She had thought ot them as music, It meant business was good at Dearborn's. Andy's eyes continued to hold Carol's as he said absently to Linda, "Yts, of course," He turned and touched the knob ot his father's office, paused. Then quickly, he turned it, opened the door and went in. TT was Linda who closed the •*• door behind them. Carol, busy at her desk, triec not to listen to the rise and fal of their voices or to speculate about the silences between. She must not let Andy's presence arouse all her old unhap- pincss. Now, before she had to carry out the terms of the will she must harden her heart agains him. She must stifle her love. When Linda came out she sale to Andy. "You won't be long, wil you, darling? You promised me u drive you know. I love to ride in the snow." She swept past Carol's desk and through the doorway to the balcony. Then she pulled up abruptly. She had collided with Nicky. The impact scattered his papers over the snow-wet floor beneath the feel of the crowd. "You careless boy," Linda scolded. "Why don't you watch where you're going?" "I'm sorry, mam," he said rc- beUiously. He ducked between the shopper* to retrieve his wet papers. Clutching them in his mall brown hands he came to Carol's desk. "Jiminy-gec, Miss Carol! That dame comin* out of your office hit ne like a truck. Then says," his boyish voice mocked hers, " 'You :areless boy.' " Carol slanted a glance at the nner office and saw Andy stand- ng in the doorway. He was bound o hear Nicky's words. She shook her head to silence the boy. "She's friend of Mr. Dearborn's, Nlc- y," she said desperately. "She came from his office." Nicky grabbed off his hat. •Jiminy-gee!" he exclaimed. His mouth gaped. His face turned an embarrassed pink. "Better be more careful, boy," Andy's voice was annoyed. "What arc you doing up here anyway? Can't you sell your papers on the street?" Nicky twisted his cap. "I—you sec—" he stammered. "It was jis* —well, Mr. Dearborn al'ays bought a paper from me and he wanted it In a hurry. He'd be standin' there jis' liko you, waitln* for me. Now—well—I jis' keep comin'. la a hurry. I like to think—" Carol couldn't look at Andy. The boy began to back away, Andy stopped him. "Here, son," he said gently, "how many papers did you spoil?" "Oh, that's all right I can lose 'cm." Andy's mouth was firm but his eyes were warm. "How many?" he persisted. Nicky surveyed his armful. " 'Bout twelve, maybe. But it's all right. I guess 1 ought to have come slower—" Andy fished some coins from his pocket and pushed them into Nicky's hand. '"You can count me a regular customer, too, Nicky. Every day." The boy grinned his thanks. "Jiminy-gee!" "And Nicky," Andy added quietly as the boy turned to go, "I'll want my paper—in a hurry." (To Be Continued) Defense Front State Board Call for Increased Production Absolute defense on the Arkansas [arm front has been called for by the late Defense Board. Treacherous action by Japan fol- owed by declaration of war by Germany, Italy and other Nazi satellites make it more necessary than ever be- brc that farmers of Arkansas and other states Of the nation keep on iroducing food as it is needed, when t is needed and in the needed quan- Jties," J. 8.'Daniels, chairman of the Stale Board, said In a message to Earl Cing, chairman of the county defense ward. "The results of thn sing-up of farm plnn sheets shows that farmers of the itslc have met the goals assigned to hem by the stale defense board in :he Food and Freedom campaign^ Secretary Wickard recently slated that it may be necessary to revise the goals for certain crops due to the recent war developments. The state board and county boards are ready to make any revisions that department of agriculture officials and farm leaders of the nation deem necessary," Daniels continued. In addition to producing food, farm- t ih6 cdlmty 1 were advised to 1 'rel double their efforts id repair farm ftia-' chlnery tot busy times next spring. Farmers of the ciuhty have been asked by the county defense board to check their machinery, order necessary parts now and notify the county defense board if parts arc not available. With congested shipping facilities anticipated next spring because of the all-out defense program, considerable delay might be experienced by farmers if they do not order parts early. . • "We've entered this war equipped with more food, feed and fiber than at 'any other time in history. We'll need to produce still more in the total destruction of the enemy," Chairman King said. Texas Technical College has made uniforms for the members of its 70- piece band from wool woven in the school's own mills. ALLIED BATTEftJI-S As low A« ^$149 (Batteries Recharged Oklahoma Tire & Supply Associate Sior*, - ' Bob Elmore, Owner «•* COULDN'T BI MUCH FRESHER IF IT FLEW TO YOU . BLUE PLATE Mayonnai. •• • • '•• "• -.' ' ' '• : ; , .:• J t ^ .^ DEMAND the turkey with Points of Perfection! K Raised in best sections Individually selected ' 3. Specially fed for, . tenderness 4. Handled with' extreme SIRLOIN Choice Cuts NOTICE Prime Rib Rolled Free Sausage Pure Pork PORK CHOPS In order for our clerks to spend Christmas Eve Night with their families we will remain open late Tuesday night, close at 6 p. m. Wednesday. nclion quickly. Admirftl O.sjitni Naguno, Japanese ntivat chief of stuff, must regret tiiu turn of fnt«- tlint steered his ships «K«inst tho&Jniled States. In 1913 he went to Uo,ston tu study Englisli, living with a family named wheeler. Years Inter, oil duty in Washington, lie spent every Christmas with them. Busliy-browc<i, olmost bald, 61-year- old Nagano is bigger than most Japanese, Hiulw his iffiCL'rs call him "the elephant." Gen. Gen Sugi.vania L Japanese chief of staff, was one of the "big army" men who helped r-ush his country into the costly war with China. He was war minister at Die time. He loathes 'liberalism and was influential in pushing through the fascistic national mobilization bill of 1938. He was active in sabotaging liberal cabinets. He probably is less powerful in inner army circles, however, than Gen. Jiro Minami, leader of the hot-head "Minami Clique." Pedestrian Protection- Deduce Traffic Deaths PfOE PRQTICTIQN YtAR A CLKAN BEQOBD: Since pedestrians constitute two-thirds of those killed, and half of those injured in cities, major attention to safety of those afoot will pay big dividends i» lives saved! —AAA Safety Features Misconstrued Mr. Townscnd, our office messenger, don't hear very well. One day Mr. Hirsch was telling him about a store that closed up, but Townsend didn't jet the name. So he says—who?—and Mr. Hirsch says—Thompson's Shirt Store. Too bad, says Townsend—who tore it? Junior 4-H Club Holds Meeting December 9 The Junior 4-H club met December 9, 1941. The meeting was called to order at 11 o'clock. The opening song was "America the Beautiful." Then wo had the 4-H club motto. We sang the "Star Spangled Banner" followed by the Flad pledge and the Citizenship ccrced. Miss Harris gave a demonstratior on making walnut belts while Mr Chambers gave a demonstration on feeding dairy cattle. MEALS TASTE BETTER BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and CITY BAKERY NEW CROP I BIG, MEATY KERNELS I KROGER- SELECTED CUIFORNU DIIMOND BRtXO OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce 2 Country Club Sifted PEAS 2 No. 2 Cans MIXED NUTS Lb 23c EatmoreOleo 2i_b S 29c Dl ITTCD Country Club DU I I ILK Prints Lb. 37c FRESH EGGS Doz. 41c I ASSORTED I Chocolates KROGER'S BAGGED VEGETABLES ORANGES TEXAS CRANBERRIES TENDER CIWRY Bunch l_ I FRESH Ql_ 02C COCOANUTS | K. J, CAPLINGER Jr. ; Mkt. Mgr. CECIL W. DENNIS, Gro. Mgr Hard Fancy Christmas Candy Dozen 12c Pound 17c Each Timely Tall can FRUIT COCKTAIt Enriched BREAD 2 20oz. Loaves SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 1 Pound 19?C 3 Pounds 5/C KROGER THIS 4«A4¥IN@ 6M4**NTfft Buy any Kroger brjnd item. Like it 9* W.ell »». or better Uijin any other, or return unused portion in original container and get FgES item in any brand we sell, regardless of price, I

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