Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1941
Page 3
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* ^V^j 1 '"^"?-'..^ ,f V^» ijfw* V .^i^'t* ^li?-' 1 -, t ^ 1 \ ', '*'; '"'* tftft**-' v /pgwirl, 7-j , * v , ,l /, *•• f J? •.'/"*!.-. ,'V ' •'' f OCIETY , Editor T»ltpho««768 Social Coltndor ffc-W-wrtv.* •4 Ms**, A. fc iiM***, *«,** •*".«**, «fHf»>, '.'R t « Mwho- mim S, AftSt'ANSAS OUT OUR WAY OAvT WHY AH UA.K TER F5IP6 1 A MUL6 DE &6ST/BH6 SEE , „„,«-. DAT DEER FUST.,. VOU CAINJ'T I VOU WITH GST A MUUE TKR GO (KlTER / NO THINKING NO auiCki'SANp BOGS 6R • 1 AT ALL TO ONTO THIN ICE,,.OEV'S XM DO FOR DAYS. 5UR£-R-FOOT£O IN PE /^ V OKI END, EH, ROCKS... DEV J6S' ipMT y V ICK? DON'T OVERLOOK, v ^™^ ' ^ MUFFIN, A 9* MULE oow'r/ By J. ft. Williams OH , I£K'S O.K..—\ M£ DIDN'T STAftT • fclDlN' MULES YlLL HE WAS MENTALLY DEVELOPED/ NJOW IF HE'D STARTED, SAY, AT SIX,WHY, HE'D STILL B£ SIX' <<H>—.— f^X;? $» 4 , wn --'• A./ H !i tit* SAENGER HOW ,., "I WAKE UP SCMAMING •*t fill. & SAT, "Down in San Diego" PLUS... Bill EUIOTT •,-.,•... ;,», ,.»„. ''Return of Daniel Boon' „( \ML ** *** 11 * . THE MIND IMV* RIALTO Fttt & SAT, tot nta "8tUY THE KIDS RGHTING PALS" Bury Me Not On Tlt« Lo«« Promc ItOWH KNIGHT ,, * e'j »«• <V*»f hf t ,j 4 t»« ) a UriieJiiJj' JiE»««-d tnw.j Blu<- f-yt-s »nd black eyes have the _ ;«am«' pifttwnt. In blue eyes, how- Personal Mention &?* pig " w " is * p ""* d less M) «n4 Mrs J«-»*?i Muttb tif fV- •«»« MttH,, *«- sj'."D(j«ig l.he holiday* ttw- ray- *>tli H».V.ni tr ? Many Christmas Long Distance calls will be delayed We simply do not have enough long distance lines to handle at a moment's notice all the calls that flood our offices after important war broadcasts, and after 7 p.m. on almost any evening nowadays. It is as if thousands of citizens in every community appeared at the railroad station at the same hour, hoping to catch the same train. Even before the outbreak of war we had foreseen that delays inevitably would occur on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Now it appears the volume of calls will be even heavier than we had anticipated. We have done and are doing all we can to make ready for these big rushes, but they are setting all- time records. Thousands of conversations vital to the Army and Navy—vital to the defense of this nation—go over the telephone lines each day, each night. Some of them may delay your calls. We are sure you understand. We appreciate your co-operation, your patience. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TIUPHQNf COMPANY A Suggestion: If you will call by number whenever possible and try not to talk too long, you will help to ease the delay periods for yourself and for otfiwa. New u»der-arm V-*Wi.-fc*3<*' ttCJ 1 " *fi I3t*'" 3,?<li' 1 <titif Wrt tfftacwJ-i.ii'S.lJ', ; »**Cj«™- i j^ M^ I • i *v4w«**«>, *^»>««M« MH*P» DJ*J,J»S,j MJWWS. M*.M»« vfj.iu-. }\,ii>< Tujj*-. | Crcoin Deodorant i -.. — «i- -;.. *t i i f k» ii i._, i. ..' ' j MilGljf 3. will nrrivv j * * . s. c w, tvn. | Stops Perspiration Mr* Js.it.cs: O '«« >" (>,.i",«-sv u«t.uvc it ! i4tne, U, i F>-»m l)> a».t»i* fct will «»»*«• will nw will l,r 1 > (UJj by I C. <>! C. to k M*. *mj MCJL, ot. KsyrUrvillr *. M»'y Wilwm, N«rn->- . T»»ry at* «-K". nJiglit for ihr- an? it* IJfcit.iHnM., , jiOrtMif H•?»<•» U frtrtl l>»i 4lli |lU1tiil»^ : Mtt1< i Jinmru' }Js> 1 nr- nit* Mr. fcnj thl* «-j|y. Mtnptr V vrt y . that y wht-rr rrlrtvtitni J .lid wwi) it.." *ys.1oiniUic wurVt f>n i)»c fjmi wha1<«vi'r il by if you 1. Doc* not rot drcMes or meo't •iiins. Docs not irritate skin. 2. No wiiting 10 dry. On b* turd riclit ihtt shaving. 3. Itunntly slops pctspiratioa for I to ) diys. Removes odor from pcrspimion. 4. A purt, white, prcuclejs, imnlcss vanishing cream. 5. Acrid hu been awarded the Approvil Set! of the Arocrion Inuiiuic oC Liunderinp for bfing harmless to fabrics. Arrid it <h« LARGEST SEtLINO DEODORANT. Try a jut today I ARRID Al all Mom Mlll>>( lolUl goodi lUt.nd59>j.r.) ST, i>3 ihri kiivl<*i cm • !y rlMT.ri.lmt TJiO CITUtll ltri»lHi!j(> f»lsr li> i <"»«i)y ChrMnui* hrid a U -«rt with ( candir r-rti ;o<il SUt UISJM- foil ujlh a si»win , Joe Nnllian Homilux), Gait* C(«iK. Can.Smr SUP Tuffrp, D«)P Xinn, i Fttmk ntxi M»rj' Clv«linr llortun. •; D«vi<l McKc'iujr, Jam«t ^^^Kr•n^il^ , Bobby Jcfsns, Kay fttul Anne Han- | jkins, Dick Broach, A! nnri Gin.innc Clrnvci, Kyniitn Arm!«tr<»HK Jr.. Judy ! WutkinM. Vnn Mixwc, Jimmy Lewis. * Riifus »nil Ginny Ix>u Hcrndnn. Billy IVx-. Hill n,oni»s, Bill \Vray. Ix>u NVll Cox. •Jud/'Brth-'Arhord; Sxic dhd Judy Miw.cs, Caroline Uowellyn, Krcd- Hao. Uctaty Hoss S|M»«rs. Palsy Ruth Wcaklpy, Sonia Somnicrvillc, Larry Morton, Ddimld Hobhs, Roberta Howard unil 1hc hunoroc. Tlit- boslt-ss, Mrs. Henry Haynes w;is assisted by Mrs. Gus Hnyncs in <Jis|X'iising hospitality. Ice cream and cake were sin-wed to the giu-sts, who received us (u- vors wrist wak-hcs »nd whistk-s. Mrs. Clyde Mouls I'reslde.s at UnuikwoiMl P. T. A. Meclinc Brookwood P. T. A. met Tuesday aflurnixitt ut Uio school ut 3 o'clock. In the absence of the president, Mrs. C. W. Tarploy, Mrs. Clyde Monts presided ut the meeting. All matters of business were postponed until the January meeting. A program of Christmas Carols was presented by the pupils of Mrs. M. A. Brooks, and the November minutes Were read by the secretary. Mrs. Wherry read the national president's message. A most interesting program was presented by Mrs. Ruffin White. Miss Mary Claude Fletcher gave an illustrated lecture on "Decorating Our Homes for Christmas." In the count of mothers, Mrs. J. M. Andrews' room received the dollar. Thirty members attended. Annual American Legion Auxiliary Lunclivun at the Hotel Henry The Yuletide season, which affords much opportunity for effective decoration, was the motif for the annual Christmas luncheon given by the members of the American Legion Auxiliary at the Hotel Henry dining room Wednesday. The club in its holiday entertainment featured a beautiful Christ-- mas stoj-y given by Mrs. Jack Sullivan. She was mtroduced by the president of the club, Mrs. C. P. Tolleson. Luncheon was served on a large U-shaped table decorated in the chosen theme. Red tapevs glowed from mounds of holly and corsages of the same greenry marked the places of the 25 guests. Gifts for each, guest were djstri- Phone 871 We Deliver EAST THIRD STREET HOLIDAY SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY • ORANGES TEXAS i c 252 Size Doz. 1 DC BIRDS EYE FRESH STRAWBERRIES -/„,,„ ''' f r i'Jtj Bo£ itOGJ Fresh COD FILLETS Boneless I Try It Pan 1 Ib. Serves F l t t 4 people Ub. £CC • APPLES DELICIOUS ^.CL- Size 72 Doz. ^r3C Texas 150 size OQ*» ORANGES Doz. £3C Texes Seedless 80 size 4 f> n GRAPEFRUIT 3 for 1 vv •'li'ircious- '"'ift lize^" f ? OQ«*" APPLES Doz. C**C GRAPES 2 Ibs. 19c California 176 size OQ*% ORANGES Doz. fc3C RIRDS EYE. Finest you can buy. Box equals 3 Ib. fresh peas *)O( GREEN PEAS Box serves 4 people .ZO Mrs, Tucker's LARD 8 £,1.34 4caJ;68 c Light Crust FLOUR 24 Pounds 5 !. 00 Pite Pels PEAS 2 No. 2 cans 2/C Powdered SUGAR tm Pound Bag 1 1 C Produce Specials BANANAS Ib. 6c FRESH 1 Q*% CRANBERRIES Ib. >vC LARGE 1O*» CELERY Stalk I CC FRESH OC*» TAMATOES 2 Ib fcPt3 We can save your money on your FRUIT — - See us PETE SHIELDS. Mqrket Monqger EGGS FRESH COUNTRY 45c PACKING HOUSE VEAL STEAKS ROUND — T-BONE — LOIN Pound 10 Ib average. Plump Grade "A". E*tra White Cleaned, Prawn, ready for oven Ib. TURKEYS Government Inspected 49c W| WltL HAVE A FRESH J-OAP OF FRUIT RIGHT FROM THE VAUIY THURSDAY NITE &&&&&%^^ Only 5 More Shopping boys Repnan's OFFER MANY fc'e/cut You'll find hundreds of gifts for every member of the family at REPHANS S Come in now and make selections for all on your gift list. You'll like our prices. Gifts She'll Appreciate — CHENILLE ROBES 2 She'll love one of these beautiful chenille robes. All sizes and in a complete range of lovely shades. Get hers today. OTHER ROBES to... $5.00 98 SLIPS Exquisitely tailored and with Nylon seams.' All sizes. 1.29 Others 69c to $2.98 GOWNS Give her a smart gown. Soft shades in all materials. All sizes. 1.29 Others 69c to $2.98 | Chenille Bedspreads They'll appreciate a Chenille bedspread. We have a complete selection in assorted colors. SI.98 She'll Love : HOSE Every girl wants lovely hose. Full fashioned silk hose in all tho newest shades. All sizes. HOSE .... Pair 59c NYLON $1.79 HOUSE SLIPPERS 39c to 1.98 Complete 1 Line'of "V- GIFTS in our INFANT'S DEPARTMENT OTHER GIFTS BELT SETS HANDKERCHIEFS SHAVING SETS DRESSER SET TOWELS BLANKETS LINGERIE TOYS A Few of The Many Gifts You'll Find For Him S *. -1.W— *»*>nftri . Give him a new robe and he'll appreciate it lots. Wqrrn" and sturdy with fitted shoulders. Smartly tailored. All- sizes in assorted patterns and colors. ^ **** $1.98 to S10.00 MEN'STIES Give him several new ties. 'Hotany and Manhattan. AU colors and patterns. Gift SHIRTS • Wings • Mork Twain • Manhattan You'll find a complete selection of smart new shirts that any man will want. All sizes in colors and whites. $ 1 Other Ties 50c up $| $«% 1.00 to / PAJAMAS 1.49 to .5Q to 4.95 ortune Shoes 4.85 Jarman Shoes WP ^r IHRNI m ( ^B • mi JJI^^^^B^ "Tht Friendly

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