The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 1940 ( ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bally rate per line lor consecutive insertions: One time per line 10c Two times per line per day 03c Three times i>er line per day..OGc Six times per line per dny....05c Month .rote per line SOc Card of Thanks 50c & TOc Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged tor tne nuuiucr ol limes the ad appeared and adjustment of Mil made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of -the city must foe accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed from the above table. For Sale Arkansas Yellow Pine Lumber. Mill to you, Truck lots. Craig Lumber Co. nt, Craig's CCaic, Lcachville. Onc't)ioroughl>red registered Hampshire Sow. Bred to registered male. .Price $15.00. Inquire' Jack Samford, 3 miles Northwest of Holland. • 23-pk-M 5 tons D-PL-UA Cotton Seed. First ' year from originator. Stanley Frndenhttrg, Manila, Ark., Rt. I. Notice Shouse-Henry Hardware Company Case Cutlery Avon household products. Mrs. John Lonk. 113 W. Kentucky phone 057. • 3-pk-5-3 TERMITES Work Willie You Sleepl Wake up before they damage your properly. For Free Inspection Call 592-w. Walker and Archer State Licensed Operators MULES •Will trade for Mules, COHS, Hots, Catlie, C»rn, Hay and Lumber. Sec Floyd Simpson 3-ck-tf Weldi ng EXPERT 'ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING Urag line and heavy welding a specialty.- Barksdale Mfg. Co. rhone J9 or Hes. 101» Bargains in used oil -stoves. Coleman .gas stoves, oil water heaters and tised ice and electric refrigerators. Call-22 (lay, 839-W after 5 p.m. SEE W. SI. BURNS About choice buuumy lois in fastest growing section of the City, price $176 eaoh. Phone 2«-2l2. FOR -SALE:- Fertilizer, black dirt, cinders. Reasonable, phone 8!9\V. 75 Tons Hay ALFALFA & SOY BEAN EARL MAGERS licll, Ark., Phone 11)52 State certified aiso pedigreed Stoneville 213 anil !B Cotton Seed, ami DPL ll-A. Can treat with Ccrcsan. Stevens-Coppcdge Ciin Co., phone 4M-J, 331. 2-ck-5-2 Small electric refrigerator, good condition. Cheap. Phone 174. <•• • • 2G-ck-tf For Reut Mcderu 3 room furnished apartment, 1315 W. Main. 27-ck-lf Beautiful suburban home. Furnished or unfurnished. Thomas Land Co- 2C-ck-l 4 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Fnyidaire. 110 w. Ash, Dosha Mick. 25-cfc-29 4 rooms and bath. 207 W. Vine. -Phone 816. C. Abraham. 2-i-ck-l. 3 room furnished apartment. Frig- idaire. Private bath. Oarage. 1117 W. Ash, Phone 29-1. 23-ck-tf 3 room unfurnished apartment with hath and hot water. 412 Chlckasawba. 23-ck-(f Lovely rooms and apartments. Innerspring mattresses on all beds. ICO W. Kentucky, phone 1129. 23-pk-3D •\ room •unfurnished apartment. 122 E. Davis. Apply 313 No. Ctli. Call H7-J. 22-cfc-tr Five room newly decorated furnished apartment. 021 Cliickasawba. Mrs. Joe Wadcly. aii-pn-so Nice bedroom adjoining bath. 81B W. Chickasawba, phone 036. -dh Comfortable bKlroom. Twin beds. Adjoining ball). 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. Mrs. E. E. Hardin. 20cktf Large comfortable bedroom. Twin ' beds. 2 closets. Men preferred. 10th and Cliickasawba. Phone No. Expert Ekctrlc ana Acetylene WELDING Dragline and heavy weldins; our specialty. D. W. CRANFORD Dell, Arli. J'bone S-F-J) Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Rale*. We are equipped to handle biga or small loans on any sized tract Jf farm lana, bt low cost, and at. i luw interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & KtALTY COMPANY ^13 Walnut SL Blvtlieville, Ark NO MYSTERY WHY IU1SINESS IS GOOD HERE Bargains like these don't need selling—They only need telling! Week-End Specials! '39 FORD Deluxe Coupe ~. 5501 '38 CHEV. MASTER Deluxe Coach $Jol '37 FORD "85" Tudor' '36 FORD Deluxe Fordor '35 FORD Fordor Scdini '39 FORD $265 "«•' Tudor '38 FORD Deluxe Tudor '36 CHEVROLET Muster Coach ....... .. $141 $481 $399 PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT OI'EN EVENINGS & SUNDAY 5th & Walnut riionc '1121 Business Op'tmulies ELECTRIC PHONOGRAPHS Small ^vestment starts business of YOUR OWN. He first your section ; to .operate these standard Phonographs playing two times five cents from standard records si 000 cash investment will make you independent. Liberal Financing. Write Box "O", Courier News. 21-ykl Garages o When Your Auto Gets Sick BrhiR It to the Auto Hospital Next to Camp Moultric John Buchanan Phone 107 FOR, SALE—TRAILER Nnbcrs nll-sieet log trailer, vacuum brakes, lor cash. Phone 372 Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, woik oil the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour punk feelimj. Take one box of KIRBY'S ACTIVK LIVER PHILS Sewing Call 455-W-l for ottleis of milk, crcmn, or churned butler milk. All ^cows govcniment treated. Hnl- •sclj's Dairy. ia-pk-M2 Losi Rill vision glnsscs with yellow cold limn, REWARD. William O. fioss, 4N E. Main. Repairing Expert -tjun repairing. Sen E. M Damon at lite mythevlllc Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays- Shoe Repairing OPEN for 'business. Olck'st shoc- niaekr In the .county. When other* full, 'lry SI. Fix Vm vcp 117 so i R. R. ,'St, ' . '•> Simon P. Lee, Mgr. 3!hpk-4i29, Sale Minnows for Goldfish j\nd shlntMfi. Ic iin Oan-i pcdBC Gin. Hy-wji IB, pruie M- ] " ltlo "_- 3j*.;i-ii •Goldfish. Day jor night. Phone «00. O. C. Hawks. 300 K. Main. The Yugoslavian government furnishes n motor free to anyone who builds an iiliplmic body th •accordnnce with ll.s- s|icclricnilons. : About 70,000,01)0 tons of tngot.s a year, or nboitl 1,:I28.000 tons n week "re produced by (lie steel Indnslry'. Eight ; enllons a f spcc | n i ol | rcfitiired to give iu , "beauty bath." Kerosene lamps wcn , Introduscd .after ahc introduction of ens lights. BOOTS AND~HEK HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyds Lewi* CMi. IMS IV Hit 1UVICI. inc. T.M. «IC U.1 fit. Ml "Sjiring always liils me like this—iin nmliilioii, no i<leu», no con fc nl rii I ion—jusl ultcr uoiu'liHlniico." Boy Banks Stolen $85 And Escapes Sentence I'HOVHJENCB, 'll. I. (Ul')-Scx- itMii.yrnivold \Vllllam Onorato ccli'ttl a deferred sentence- In superior court for stealing $85 from u mnrkot wliun jiid Ke o. Frederick 1'rast discovered Die youlh hud bunked (ho money mid then returned It. "I wnnl. (o conmii'm! you for your Ihrlfl," Jnd K c -Frost ™W. 'lliore muni, be /iomclhliif! lo build on when u young mnn will start 11 bunk account," In Meolitaisk'ln, iho entire military equipment i.s kepi In a small one-room museum na an exhibit. Tlie sulary of n civil service em- ploye ciiimot be NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Without buying a BUTANE •«AS I'.IANT. ; - liiijoy tills |ilcii!>urc for C'uok- I"B, llCiillng, Hot Water anil , Gas llcfrlj-eratloii. I'or tull inrormalion write as or make Inquiry at our office. WEJS BUTANE GAS COMPANY Wlii'iUley— West Memphis Now Lornlcil lit (ikm'oc Hold'Blilif, ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KinVAKDN, l'ro ( irlelor II-JlakfK of Uolmlll :ryi».«rll,.r B . ,\i!<)l;> K Machines ami <''ulculu(oi-N--ltc|i:il|.!iur—I'url.s—Il _ & Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Blnckwcll, Armorel. Phon- 93G - 6-ck-5-l PIONEER AVIATOR I, Mrs. Sudbuvy. 5-ck-lt room furnished apartment. 1011 W. Ash. Phono 445-W. 3-ck-tf -'. room furnished apartment Albo bedrooms. 102 W. Davis. Phone • }85 - 1-ck-tf HORIZONTAL 1, 5 First famous French aviator. ''' 11 Organs of hearing. 12 Beseeches. : H To be ruled . by. ISEgyptraff liver. 17 Characters performed. 18 Snout. 1 9 Species of finch. 21 Assaults. 33 Gibbon. 24 River. 25 Scl down as items. 29 Joigon. 30 Antitoxin. 31 Short nose. 32 Artificial advantage granted in 3 contest. 2 room furnished apartment, 10S W. Kcmucxy. f none USJ. juprt-au Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. 1-ck-tt Nice bedroom convenient to bath. Steam heat. Phone 280 1-ck-ti Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on West Main street.. Call 571 or 107, l-ck-tl Business Directory ~~~FULLER~B~RUSHES~ ~ 8AI.KR AND SERVICE J. TIIOS. KENFRO, 1-HONK 304 V!8pkl-23 »r. A. I,.~ HOY?) Vctcrhiurian '•23 Sycamore—200 feet Kasl of Division '>•'»•, Night I'honc llll 5-pk-5-5 Kootn ami Board Room and board. Phone 803. 16-ck-5-l(i •11 He was an or discoverer o[ airplane devices. 46 To acknowl- _ crfgc, 4"* To sa^'or, •19 Ovcrlianging roof edge. 50 Ccnlury ,, - •- -.-- Plant fiber rrT',^-' 5 '^-^".^ 35 Male child. 36 To be indisposed. 37 Japanese cinncing girl. Brain. 52 Imitated. 53 Registered for appointment. 5-1 Cnlm. \J 15 Affirmative, 20 Scar. 22 His the most flight up to that time. 24 Tattered cloth. 26Bci'erage. 27 Eagle. 28 Mire. 29 Mug. VERTK'M 3ISkilIef ' >bKni'i\L Tar-,,,-., j 1 Beasts'home. *rT*,' 2 Parl ol a 34 G 'ondular shaft. organs. 3 Customs. 36To,pay one's 4 To dif!usc. -Part. STo fiuslriile. 37Clefts. o'Slrong caustic 38 Corrupt. solution. 3D Particle. 7.Court excuse. 40 To kid a fly, « Electrified 41 Distinctive particles. theories 9 Piccolo. '• 42 Not remote. 10 Experiment. 43 Ticker strip IJ ilc was the 44 Place for firsl person (o baking fly. the 45 wise saw Channel. 48 Form ot "be. 1 WAIININC Thf ilofcwlimls Mississippi coiinly, Arkansas, with , and Mnlile liuokne complaint of Die pliilnlUf. , •appear in lhc cnusc IHcil ngiiliist Witness m.v hand as Ilio Clerk ol this Cniirl and (he seal there- uf. Tills yU'i'll 2, 1010. I1ARVKV MORRIS, Clerk ity Ellzitboth idyllic, n. c them by lliiral neally Compiiuy cl al. against Jnmcs Uticluior, Mn- Uuoknor. Lulu ISuckncr nml John li. :Biickuer, cause number Chancery Court or (g cn )) WtAV HhUt 10 WOOV The Ik'itlh Wait'U HY l''fU>;n HA KM Aft TWose KNOCKOUT BUTHV BROTHER INSISTED AMD FRO fv THE CRAGS 8OZZARDS.ORCLE ABOVE REDS HE'LL TME M THIS T&RRIBLE •DESEPJT HEAT- A , , KWEWYOU-p BE \HAH.'l JUST USED ALLEY OOP.'KALL RIGHT.. BUTA-THE OL''8EAN . VOU OLDRASCAlftHOWoMEAEIH ARE WE GLAD .JDO VCXJ'HAPPEM TO "aEEItXJ .TO BE HERE-;/ HW£ GOT IMTO BUT CJUEEW HIPPOLVTA 15 EKPECTIWG YOU. SO YOU'D SSTTER. HLiRR'/ RIGHT OM ' ^.! SEEMS Hl=AR TtWcr ' HERCULES? wow.''isTHI A BREAH. . FOG. US.' /CMOW, LETS OH ' ft °.BOOM-'-THATBA6 of "' 'lOUKS^STAVS R!6HT OUTSIDE HERE .WITH ME WASH TUBHS BY ROY CRANK ITS YOUR FAULT, VOL BOOBV.' IT/XLVOU BEFORE I COMTEK IM VOU'lV TAKE 'EM AMD LIKE AUD FURTHERMORE, KEEP OUT OF THAT ICE-BOX 1 PicK.i.fwijERtao, MEVEB MIS5 ! YOU BOOBV ?• LtMS SCREAW ECHOES THRU THE SWAMP. THUMH5LOHE CRY Of A VIW- POORVMLL...AM) A MiW'S 6RUUT OF SWBFACTMH FRECKLKS AN!) HIsTliTKNTlS f.7 SHOULD SAY WOT.' WAVE we nx Bur THEY DIOMT STOP AT HORSESHOE 6END--- THE CUTS DEEP MEANWHILE,,,, UP HERE" IN A GSR / Vi/HERE DO YOU THINK WE'LL FRECKLES, I To TEU. -foui 7HING WHERE SYLVIA CANT HEAR fv\E/

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