Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1941
Page 2
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'ar Today lorthern lusts Ate >mbfng Distent* IF torn Tokyo . *W>& fettdi vjattjNMt Jfcf&t */ (A* Aicutfeft «te|«**f #»* ^mnm^,^^r:f'::i^' ^'$&L<$'*'*.•> it»>t,ifi^iiife^liig^» ' •'••" *' . *'<; : < r '4w*itf,ii^j^ii_^^ m*** **%£* . ™^W fV «• V nipt,: i *t •£» .mum w*r H***** to JACKSON *l4ei«t A&$fijt tttid S$tetik Asiw&icfttr » In the WB* betwwft Jfa. tofh* United States and o»«at Bet. of *u«h hug* ar*aa a* anil CalifocnJa find It hurd to the immensity o/ Ataniu aiui Columbia and th» YuJtai. #»a » Tenrttatfes. lor an » Th«y rival and yomibly t. th# ancient i««ntln« baste at '«• Ha3l t& which ttat NVptxa^ ua- *> f At hsus dirwted h«r (m*t»i*s, constinit* a gr*»e frontier, cam- bte io Uwt which Am*tk»n pic«»- ^ found wh«m they inv»a<rd th« tit* {hat AUska ntuf »««t- or« bkak, , moderate the tempvriituro.. mvtch of the coastat ar«« a cli- Mc siittitnr to that of Ow thw wlnl«r* art sevtt*. But L timers comment (bat one* th« dropi to Mro U do»sn.'t much practicsl dUt«rctte« if it .'to 40 to 50 twlow. At r»lrbank» the Arctic Ciicl», 111* go»s on lortably ««d nortnalty th« y*ar s; riches of this Sand consists of i, • timber, various minerals, ami & Under American owner-ship the riit, attractions arc valuable. A '•hungry nation, like Japan could 3p incalculable agricultural and wry* J f f the conquest and defense of and western Canada prw»nt probably unique in war- of the populaticn la confinet g» few small, widely separated M». nenta. Outside of these t wilder- Aia»ka ha* about one inhabitan \y teti »quare miles,, and near- the population Is Indian^ The , sprawling area of Canada's North i la virtually nnhthsbtt- _ . faction V plolcct fcep positions tn Alaska '''•"Navy has established powerful ex at Dutch Harbor, situated on distant Aleutian island of Unites,- and at Kodljk and Sitka. The has hastily constructed air- at Anchorage, Fairbanks and .ette Island. ' capital of Alaska, which has illation of only 5.748, Is virtual j^jiktfenseless in Itself. However, i f'bulwarked by rugged Baranof t«- tjn* where the Navy has construct' _J-a ;iShould an enemy succeed in tak- " "'such ports as Seward, Juncou ay and Ketchikan, it woulc fi'troi Alaska. Through them move »e fish .gold and furs that America jya and back through them mov ieifood, oil and manufactured good Vt Alaska requires. 1*9 what extent the Army and Navy rd Alaska as a base fo roffensiv itres has never been divulged itch Harbor Is a gerat deal close j'Tokyo than Tokyo id to Honolulu * e Japanese capital is, in fact, In y range of a modem bombing Brte, ether we merely defend Alaska ; yse it as a springboard toward Ja' / would seem one of the major istlons of current mill tar ystrate* >aratoga ligh School News • Grade School Honor Boll student* in the Okay grade who had no grade lower than , were neither absent nor tardy the third month are:, |Jprt grade—Jerry Hargis, Inland Roscoe Nelson, Don Smith ey Spates, Dorothy Chaffin, Jo Shirley, Virginia Lou Toland Sherry School ey. rid—Coy Boharnion, Charles W kins, Betty tanton, Susan and Letlta Smith. ^ ilrd—Pauiette Rosenbaum, Elma ['a./pnea, end ojan Goodwin. fbVirlh — Clara Mae Tolleson and me Sloan, -Jane Smith and Alva OBrlen, -Murnhal Thompson and Peg- , ri-Bobby O'Brien, Charlot- «t Blwkwoyd, and Nina Da Lony, atli—Caryl Smith, Beulah Sut- Edwinlw Coley, Ella Louise Pel , and Kloiiu Hester. 4-H Club Meeting Held t-H club met at Saratoga, ay, December 11. Officers for n«w club yeu- were elected. They President-Mary Elizabeth'Guth- "]3^ili vlcii-presiUent-yirginla Jones eecj'ctury-flarbura O'Brien. Saratoga Bulldog* played Uieir game of basketball Friday December 5 in the Saratoga he girls won Uieir game by e of 48-30, but Smmet boys ietwiyav by « wcwe of 39-21. Bulldogs will go to Emmet to the game, December 16. ;; §9f«Jk><« vs. North '""* " ui«lit ; DeceBibw 9, NorUi 1 •Uid SwaloBa played hvre. j **«t <«*£«»« *^ ^tm^ n^st^Biw^;^^ j^,^ ^ ,i-i f.» ,S«t||«A< rm -tt-vw »ifcj» i- »fir.* «tt>t til *v* AS* f 1*1 Rot) Out •«»,« in ,*( , »< •»* IN irt i« f« »». •'^^^•'^frstiMlc^K^fcuilr^^ .-4*. ,** ;«* i**^fc*r2*fc *-*-* ONLY 5 More Shopping Days Only 5 mc^re shoppy. dop befort CM*»mai. The tesr mmute rush will b« on ami it** it CHR5TMA.S, It find QiH» for Shimmering Satin Hoysecools lu* wrytnnwq . f'itf -tn* n ChjriU *v#fj A mmm ~ ^jj^ . ' ' v^ ^^^^g jgH^k J^T^H rtmw ?h* puK it en. f«r w«-',»-..rfrvi ^ v \ M fm^m. . '" ' J M ^^0^^^ Ct.irfMH ^f jg g| ^^f ^^^r Quilted Satin Housecoats v* - Shirtcroft Shirts !:«h J ? ?i. *.i» ! ?. i? r . - f ; H ; ,- •;,- J ;,- f<iVf jfMf-* |«sf • fS"? ( <?»' ^>.?v| ' i ;v.*; 1 -i.J •*•*'!•.i ?«*•", ***'if ? i *tJ"''.J'flJ^ rt ^:,it ••f f! itt /** .M ^4^';',I.--?!!- -ij>•••£? *jf'j,:.!*| I?*',* *'jH #<w,^|y- M> H^.?v f ,«*-' sk i ( *.: *•.-.•.;••*•. IK Ch^n? ff<.j?^ $1.65 Thick «* »h# Chffstma* Off Jaysort Pajamas $12.50 »r K Vi ,**"S Flattering Gowns There ore many rwjw t«l«<j,-i in gowrt% season, On« n th« pftnfetf cotttw brlggan Many arc lacy armj frilly, of luxuriou* sottn, Also among rh« ftiv> orite? is the long sl*»«v» knttt«<t rayon n.98 to $ 498 52.49 Silk Pajamas SJtnKjr.it 1 j'virn »h*« Rich Unffn '<.»•;. :*,( h.Ktt tt.v jJifur.'... Unit wt Lace Trimmed Slips Lustrious rayon satin slips with camisole style top and wide lace trim at the bottom. An elegant gift that will thrill any feminine heart on your list. $1.98 - $2.25 HOUSE SLIPPERS A pair of lovely slippers will delight her Christmas morning, and here's a group at a popular price that will just fill the bill. A large selection of styles in all colors. Medium or low heels heights. 98< 1.98 if 1fir\f i $*>.98 SJ.98 to *).98 $J. z » 4 ROBES Silk, Brushed Rayon Gabardine Handsome robes, in rich warm colors and broad stripes. Truly o luxury robe to make him feel optimistic about his leisure time and give him the impression you're out to please at any cost Styled with a neat balance of smartness and comfort. $ Neckties $A.98 9 Silks and Wools A large selection ot patterns and colors to please the most discriminating. And you would never guess ties as beautiful could be sold at this price. Silks or wools in hundreds of patterns. $1. We Give Eagle Stamps Geo. W ison The Leading Department Store Co. Nashville

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