Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1941
Page 1
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! j i i c,r* < r " ( -*/ / * StVtH ImpOrtlolFy by Awocioted Pr**$ ;v •' ^v;:;^ w ^ ^-i/ »|Mmfr£v\ ;-\ ,;- Vtf^'j'jK'* agfci—mi* " x^ ^ " r;5 ' . - -•;.•'? ,, • • -._• - _ ... v-,^** , qiUBffll Mb A "T J^« ^_^ — ^ ' ..•••-'The Weather i' '<*{' ' Cloudy to partljr cloudy arid colder" ~\$ in the northwest portion Thursday ""•' night w't to* of HoM, tm; IHwt, IW, Genwi«M«r Jonuoty It. !»'/» HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 194f •• • - ---•'•- - i - • -. . - _ __. _ IfiKT.?"" ^«° el °wo Press (NEA)—Moohji Newspoper Enterprise Att'n PRICE" 5c COPY*} Axis Retreat on 2 Front -A * * •• * A '•'•''*'' '.•;•.;.: ,..-.• /fi^ Many Japs Killed As Invaders Lose Ground on Luzon Our Daily Bread ; -ij| _ ******* «!*»Wt6 fcttfl !*Mt i:*5 fc 44* } 9 I j , 1 ft W«f 'Big Army, Navy ^Expansion Bill Becomes Law '' Coll. for 800 Vmuli, Immediate Army I net* <. o( 150,000 Hard Pressed British Lose Kedah State Fighting Moves to Perok; Penong, tsiond and City Apparently Lost WA}v'JJ,A •••••«.*•»•- ii»vftdc>ri Plan to Set Up Supreme Allied War Authority British Indicate Council May Headquarter in Washington ; 1H* V'.t£MSa ; ;.;« i; s !s«Wit«'! t tjtxl Vt'WT LONDON -<•<£') >> far thi; AJIitnl M' high said DlWUSfciOtU BIC retubliiiiurxmt of n T authority to di- «ie«in»l the Axi», vf Hriu»,h P/«a As- Thursday night *nd )«<HJ< JllliMtlirnj *,( l,Hif?jM) JiJ'M *it I'Xwl » jn Ttiui witty *M fa?- «>>ftli dl, Uw ••)„ ,j,,. be- «» Uic Allied <»f the coun- mtnmmt of U»u British a«sociat- , 6 jsn.., be 5 *» 4* ito* »*****» ** „ (tin, U. S arwy in liw Ground XINOAPORR *A\-~ WitMiawal of An WiM* *}»»*(ly h** w«ar*r*4 of in(»nuy, M t> U. S. Officials Are Removed Af1?<*tltll <ti *j>ooi"h <*f ft* tufti kltow who could IT fur that high ami Own B>n>n Price. Crfteinly he tins thr Iwrkt'round of * jwli ii'tio »nd lilwi ly-loving Amci- irnn, nml tl»r AP trtiininif. (lilting n«r- nf mfttrni over warfare, 1 don't l>* » belter rhoici mal limpK, of "printing Ixitli Miles' Hut in wtn their is oulv onr hide. Army, Nary Heads ' S " ll ; 1tl|l1m « " hasl " '* ' Iha1 way *' ' (so thai in the rosier fiiluit! we mny .. *U«-tmjwrt««vi WwsHiTMfVws t»ji*»«. |w- jlti*u*h Mid Indian troop* south of the rws t«!i<«r fm lhf>;K»*if> nvrt «»•»& JimiOuMfd by the IK tMJ U* «»f I r-i>n«.h r<wim«nit her* Thursday m- «1 f»$>«-V#, \n<i, wvt «tl«"n<5*wj j<l)f«Ur»e (hat »H of the Hi nillet nf iotig ti»l* pj Keilali h»d V>CCJT In the J«r>«n6M invodctT'. 11>jnrfr.«> ifouixw deduced that I'rtjanic. 'I'r city and i»V»nd, rrtsly ta Sin|jaix»rc Uirmighoul M»lay«. I» tl)c J»|>ancis«.) in importance »> in effect lost Held Responsible for ^ Hawaii Disaster i * II)' llw Amocintrd Press WASHINOTON - The «rmy and nav}" rcfnovcd the rniikiitg officers of the Hawaiian inea from tbeir com- maiuJ.s Wetlnewlny night because the ' jJapawM; iilUick nl Peurl lln/bor *caughl United Sutcs di-fense forces by surpri.sc. Hu&lxind E. Kimniel, com- iTUtmlei in chief of the Pacific fleet, was ordered rcpliiced by Rear Admiral Cheiter W. NimiU, chief of tlie ['-iurcau <if Niivigation. Lt. Gen. Walter C. Short wns relieved of command of thu Hawaiian Department by Lt. Gen. Delos C. Emmons. Maj. Gen. Frederick L. Martin, in I/command of tlis Hawaiian air forces, I Was ordered relieved by Brig. Gen. C. L. Tinker. The Wur and Navy departments did not pass dujgment on the officers, or fix responsibility for alleged lack of alertness at Hawaii. That will be done oy a presidential board. War Department officials explained j it was doomed best not to have the [defenses of Hawaii under the com- |m:md of officers involved in the i board's investigation. k The shokeup followed by two days [me report of Secretary of the Navy EKnox that the forces in Pearl Harbor Iwere not on the alert when the Japi Continued On Page Eight) Buy now and put them on your holiday mail. They cost so little but do so much. Every citizen should lend a helping hand in this voluntary c a m- payn. \0avt CHRISTMAS \ Talbot Feild, Jr., County Chairman Frpfecf Rev. J. E. Ha- be * * * ] By WILLIS THORNTON ! Co-operation With ] > Canada The burdens of wnr rnnnot lie miiilo i> f;ilI with absolute iinpin tiiility on everyone. Every effort mutt be made to equnli/e them so fiir its that i.s |HU>sihlc, but only iippioxiinatinn.s ean l)e achieved, Fur inslunce, two men volunteer. Kor reasons which it i.s not given to men to vmdcrhtund, one i.s killed, the other returns. One bus made a costlier sacrifice, his friend* and family have paid more dearly than In the case of the other. It cannot be helped. The broad operations of modern war, with their effects on millions, cannot possibly be made to affect all equally. Large objectives must be aimed at, though some suffer unduly. Typical of this is the situation along the Canadian-American border, where many Americans, accustomed to doing a great deal of mercantile or travel business with Canadians crossing readily over, have been hard hit by Canadian restrictions oh such crossings by Canadians, and restrict- on of their funds in American dol- ,ars even when they are allowed to of tame fighting about Giik In nfitheasl Pcrak cunt of Pwnne indirMrd th»t the Japnnesie *ix".-ithci»<is hind already struck ncroi* UK- new frontier. % Jap Kuhs l/»\t TOKYO --</1V- (Official Tl»<{in bcimi li.v AI' 1 Hie JwpaneM- nnval cnmmaml Hiitinlie.l Thursday that five of itfi Hiorial l>'i>e subnuinni-s fiiihxl to return fruiii the IXn'omber 7 attack on the U. S, Hawaiian naval base at IViirl Harbor. (Apparently the craft referred to were Japanese 41 -fool 2-man sub- nit rines uf which one was captured i by the U. S. forces while another was destroyed. The small craft have a Hinge of about 200 miles.) Chinese Aid tu British CHUNGKING ~(/J';--Tbe Chinese are maintaining three counter drives against the Japanese in Kwangtung Dicing Ba-Jliilh Hongkong on the soutli China coast, the Central News Agency announced Thursday CHRISTMAS SEALS (Continued On Page Eight) of each of the already Indicated their authority for the direction which now tire pro* lx>tvn«trn service »nd poli- rxfvru »rr dmiiptcd to bring machinery into b«ring. Ramsey, O'Neal Both Are Safe Wires to Families Report Safety in the Pacific Direct mcsMBcs to families and friends, here have reported the »fe- ty of two local officers stationed in F/rst Pictures of Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor; the Arizona Burns ^;> x; '- : - > " —U. S, Army Sig. Corps Photo from NEA Tclephoto lUltlexhtp burns, rinks during attack on Hawaii— The U. S. S. Arizona on fire and sinking in Pearl Harbor after raid by Jnpanesc bombers on December 7th. (he Philippines. A radiogram wnt from Fort Stotscn- burg, P. 1., December 11, by Lieut. Percy Rnmsey, Air Corps pilot, to his parents Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Ramsey and to MUs Mwry Catherine Brunei*, wiid: "I urn nil right. Don't wor ry." Mr. and Mrs. N. P. O'Neal on December 16 received a wire from their son, Cnpt. Norris O'Neal, sent fitmi Manila, which .said: "Am still here. Not stationed at Manila. Don't worry." (Continued On Page Eight) Cotton l!y (lie. Associated Press NEW OHLEANS Jan A 16.52 March 16.89 May „. 17.03 July ! 17.09 Oct 17.23 Dee „ 17.26 NEW YORK Jan 16.42 March 16.80 May 16.95 July 17.01 Oct 16.97 Middling Spot 17.99. Trebreh Reklaw's wife dreamed up a stopper' When she asked for galoshes of copper. , Said he, "That will take years * And innumerable beers— My priority number's a whopper." Near Routs in Both Russia ar Libya Reported] Turning Point in War Seen as Axis Lines Broken Everywhere By the Associated Press "'>'"%'? A great, perhaps decisive, turmnfif!? point marked Europe's \ ' " " fronts Thursday as the ficiaUy announced that Axis fronls'Jinlj North Africa has been completely!! shattered and the Russians declared! that Adolf Hitler's invasion amuer*" were fleeing in chaos. ' »$• The Soviet broadcast reported4j>il ter hatred flaring among the' Axis; forces asserting that the Russian cav-J airy in the Donets Basin had captured,"! retreatinf Germans, Italians and-Ru-^ manian troops when they fell to fignf-T ing one another. Exactly one month to the day Britain's desert armies struck ,1 into Libya in the second North Afr offensive the British Middle , East^j headquarters announced: Full Retreat "Axis forces in eastern Cirenaica$ (Libya) are now in full retreat! Th"e| enemy front has everywhere been, broken. Wednesday our troops pur^ sued the enemy for a distance of he"'"' ly.30 miles." # ,'A Thus the British command foretold the apparent beginning'of the end?"' the African campaign while onf Russian front the story of the' ' disaster was eyen 1 greater, Japs attack under fire at Pearl Harbor-Enemy bombers (encircleddvon^^^ 7lh attack on Pearl Harbor. Smoke at left is from U, S. S. Arizona and at right are tiny clouds of burstimr anri aircraft shells, s High Officer on Missing Plane Maj.-Gen. Dargue, Airforce Commander, Feared Lost WASHINGTON —{/P>— The War Department announced Thursday that an army plane carrying Major-General Herbert A. Dargue, commander of the First airforce, had been missing since December 12 on a transcontinental flight. There were seven other passengers in the plane, five of them officers tnd two enlisted men. Secretary of War Stimson said the ship was last reported near Palmdale, 2alif., and it was believed that it liad crashed or been forced down in that vicinity. —«»-»•. Two Japanese newspapers have a circulation over one million. SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS Cranium Crackers State Capitals One of our youngest state capitals is Phoenix, for its state, Arizona, has been a member of the Union for just under 30 years. Now that you know that, how about answering these questions about the capitals of some of Arizona's 47 sister states. 1. What four states have capitals containing two or more words, the last of which is "city"? 2. Besides those, what five states have two-word capitals? 3. What four' states have capitals named for presidents? 4. What two state capitals are named for the same man, a famous explorer? 5. What four state capitals begin with "B"? What three with "T"? Answers on Cojajc Page iiiimimiiiiiiimiiiiiim CHINESE HITMP MAR IN ATTEMPT TO SAVE HONG KONG FORMOSA HONGKONG HAINAN JAP IASE "VIGAN U. S. IOMIIRS ILAST MP PLANES, SUPPLIES AT IEACH HEADS South Chtno Sea I*ITISH HOW UP OIL WELLS (N SCORCHED EARTH POLICY AS MPS INVADE EARTHQUAKE KITS FORMOSA, • IGJAPiASf Pacific Ocean f|> PHILIPPINE 9 ISLANDS MANILA SCALE Of MILES ^^ 500 JAP ATTACKS ""•—NEA Telembp Nature and allies hit Japs—As U. S. bombers blasted at Jap planes and supplies at their Philippine footholds; Chinese strike hard blows at Hong Kong and British wreck Borneo oil fields, a devasting earthquake rips Japanese bases at Formosa. Pacific War Map .. on Page 7—Save It The first of two big-scale war maps recently purchased by The Star appears on Page 7 of today's edition. It is a detailed map of the Pacific war zone, and on the reverse side of the sheet, on Page 8, i.re detailed maps of U. S. island possessions. Tear out the sheet Page 7-8 and save it. Next week The Star will publish a two-page detailed map of the globe, showing both the Japanese and German war fronts. By saving today's map and next week's, too, you will have all the vital data necessary to follow the war wherever it is. American Legion Dance on Thursday The Henderson Collegians, a 12- piece orchestra, will furnish the music for an American Legion Dance at the Club rooms in the old armory building, Thursday night at 9 o'clock. The legion announced that the band would feature a floor show. A First Class Private PALM BEACH, Fla. —(VP)— Priy. First Class John T. Williams, of the 49th Pursuit Group based here, studies readin', writin' and 'ritbmetic as a regular student at Palm Beach High School. Williams, 18 and a senior, was granted special permission by superior officers. Steamer Hits Mine, 500 Lost First Sea-Plane Carrier in History Goes Down MANILA — OP)— Approximately 500 persons were apparently lost in the sinking of the inter-island passenger steamer, Corregidor, in deep shark infested waters near Manila bay Wednesday, it was reported Thursday. Approximately 300 were known to have been rescued. Little hope was held for the recovering of many bodies. The 1,881 ton ship, once the Engadine and the first seaplane carrier in history, took part in the World war battle of Jutland. She received special army permission to sail Tuesday rJght and hit a mine before daylight Wednesday. as describing the ill-clad mans as "resembling the ^forces)!? Napoleon's retreat from liloscow 5 1812. "*flu<* Havas (French news agency) |d_ . patches said the German withcfrawajSpw in the Ukraine had brought the v greaty' ! * industrial city of Kharkov, the* Rus-^ sian Pittsburg, into the battle ?ibn" i? once more and on the central front A Russian cavalry was reported „ ___ r , f chased the German troops to witWnl 19 miles of Orel, 200 miles soul! Moscow. Rout in Russia 1 Everywhere along the 1,200 ' front from Leningrad to the the Germans were disclosed, to''? I™.« falling back in retreat, unparalleled* since Hitler sent his armies througb.1 • . a , Belgium, Holland and France, 18 ^^ months ago. * ' ^ f On the Moscow front the British.^,' ~ radio said the Germans had fled/ i-» Mozhaisk, a key center 57 miles-west^j ^« of the capital, and that helmeted'\' Soviet shock troops were reported'-v", threatening the recapture of German- l'< held Volokolamsk, 50 miles north- v " west of Moscow. \ Soviet dispatches said that the NazJ5\ 'J were offering only rearguard resis-"'i tance in their flight over snow-packed e", battlefields, sacrificing infantry and',^ motor detachments in a delaying a&r"^' tio nand there was no sign yet of any-" • attempt to make a stand on new luieg,' In the north around Leningrad tlia f Finns reported that the Red aimy Jiad ' shifted the weight of its offensive '« against them with Soviet shock troops attacking along the whole eastern seer' * tor north of Lake Onega. k f , Advices reaching London said tb,e> Russians had smashed the Finnish line between Lake Lodoga and Lake Onega and that the million defenders pf Leningrad were joining in the as-> sault on the Finns. < , This clearly indicated that Leningrad defense armies had been freed' from German pressuie on the south rnd west and possibly meant that the* Nazis were giving up the siege of thV old Czarist capital. —^PP 0 ^^Centerville to Hold Annual Xmas Party The second annual Christmas program will be held at the Center* ville Presbyterian outpost Sunday School next Sunday at 2 30 p. m. an.d, will be under the direction of the workers from the Fust Presbyter* ian church of Hope and the entile community is invited, especially children $nd young people. Singing Program at Shover Springs There will be a singing progiam at the Shover Springs community Sunday, night, December 21 at 7:30 o'clock. The public is invited. 4 A Thought Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is ta heaven.—Matthew 5: 16.

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